Once and Again (1999) s02e10 Episode Script

Love's Laborers' Lost

l've spent a lot of time alone, and l've judged people who couldn't be alone, like my sister, as if she wasn't brave enough or as evolved as l was.
Lately, though, l'm not sure alone is such a great thing.
you know, the older you get, the harder it is to bring people into your life.
lt feels lt feels like they just don't fit.
[bell rings] - Hey.
- Oh, hey.
- l brought Greek food.
- Aren't you clever? yes, l am.
That's my teapot.
No, it isn't.
you gave me that teapot.
l didn't give you that teapot.
you put flowers in my teapot? you handed it to me and said, ''lf you like it, take it.
'' l wouldn't give you something that nice.
l'll be right back.
Here, let me help you.
l can't get over how good this looks.
That guy did a really good job.
what was his name? will Tuck? Gluck.
what ever happened to him? l think he has his own talk show.
do you still have his number? He was cute.
- Lily.
- Oh, Judy, l'm not gonna ask him out.
my house is falling apart.
l've got paint peeling and faucets leaking.
There's a closet door symbolically hanging off its hinges.
- why don't you get Rick to fix it? Hmm? - He's too busy.
He's up to his eyeballs in that Atlantor project.
Unless you just don't want me to call him.
l don't care if you call him.
why should l? l don't know.
- you're the one who likes him.
- Oh, shut up.
- This is a big shipment.
- Booklovers' night.
- l can hardly keep up.
- Really? - mmm.
- Hey, you're up here.
l met someone, too.
you did not.
who? Paul.
Paul? Anything else to be known about Paul? He's a commodities broker.
Tonight's our third date.
That's a lot for you.
- Hey.
- what's he like? Very handsome, very funny, articulate, educated - don't say anything.
- This sounds really great.
you haven't mentioned him.
l just wanted to make sure things were really real.
- l'm so happy for you.
- don't be happy yet.
Be cautiously, apprehensively, optimistically skeptical.
Let's eat.
l'm starving.
- mmm! - Thank you.
who's this? my grandma.
And who's this little guy in the football getup? Guess.
l never thought l'd be with a jock.
That's ''ex-jock,'' okay? Ever go out with a cheerleader? Guilty.
why? l thought l might put on a little uniform for you, - get myself some pom-poms.
- Really? But l guess somebody beat me to it.
Let's go upstairs.
what? my dad's going to be home any minute.
That's why they invented doors.
you l'm hungry.
Uh, that's great.
we'll we'll get something to eat.
Hey, l'm home.
[carla] Hey.
Hello, uh carla, Eli's friend.
you must eat out a lot.
- Actually, we we order in a lot.
- Hey.
where's, uh where's Jess? At some mom-and-daughter thing.
She'll be back by 7:00.
we're gonna go, okay? - where are you going? - Get something to eat.
- well, what about studying? - l will.
yeah? when? dad, after l eat.
E, can l talk to you for a sec? E, the agreement is, you don't go out on school nights unless you've studied l'm not going out.
l'm just going to get something to eat.
None of us are going out.
we're all gonna eat dinner, then you're gonna study.
carla's welcome to stay.
what does it matter where l eat? There is no argument here, E.
we have a deal.
you may not have dinner outside the designated eating area.
lf you are found outside the designated eating area, your brain will be removed [laughs] Put me down.
call me later.
- you did not! - Apparently l did.
l don't remember much of it.
- At 1 2 years old, a concert? - They put the violin in my hands.
l played it.
l didn't know what l was doing.
And this whole money thing where did that come from? - The money thing.
- Oh.
After college l started a business headhunting for lvy Leaguers.
And the Olympic gold medal was that before the Pulitzer or after your bid for congress? you mock me.
That's nice.
The third date.
when l grew up, young people had respect.
- Oh.
- mm-hmm.
He's so normal.
How does he do it? ln my life, a third date usually turns into some sort of 1 2-step meeting, lots of purging and confessing, which, in three more dates, turns in on itself and sends us running in terror.
The headhunting business was a wild success.
Actually, it was for about two years.
Then what happened? Nothing.
l, uh l had this partner And, uh it's a long story.
l like long stories.
lt's a very long, boring story.
l like long, boring stories.
you, uh So, are you the kind of girl that l can count on to split dessert with me? Afraid not.
l want my own.
- l'll take her.
- Oh! - [chuckles] - [giggles] For you.
who? Give me that.
Hello? [Carla] Hello? Hey.
Hey, uh what, uh what are you doing? Hanging around.
yeah? where? I don't know.
Look for yourself.
what? [giggles] - And what are you doing? - Hanging around.
where's dad? He's downstairs working.
Uh So, um, do you want me to come down there? - You can't.
You're working.
- you wanna come up here? - I can't.
You're working.
- what are you doing? I told you.
I'm hanging around.
l'm gonna kill you.
l hope not.
- Bye.
- wait! I gotta go.
- you can't just leave now! - Bye.
Thank you.
[doorbell rings] - Hey! - Hey, baby.
How are you? Fine.
l'm buried beneath a slag heap of homework.
- what's this? - your mom threatened to kill me if l didn't buy her a new teapot.
For all the tea she doesn't drink.
[laughs] Exactly.
- Hey.
- Judy.
[both] what are you doing here? Uh, Lily said she needed some work done.
Oh, yeah.
well, sh-she said you gave her my number.
Oh, y-yeah.
yeah, yeah, l did.
will, like, fixed my sink upstairs which has been broken for three years.
yeah, the valve was just rusted through.
Oh, great.
So, how's the fountain? Oh, well, it is such a great fountain.
Everyone who sees it tells me how beautiful it is and what a what a what a what a - what a what? - what? you were talking about the fountain.
you said when people come in, they say - Oh, right.
Um - Hey.
- Hey, sweetie.
- what are you doing here? well, l am just replacing various stolen items.
you didn't have to do that.
l was kidding.
Hey, will, you need any help? - you can help me rehang your door.
- cool.
Oh, Lily, by the way, l saw some chipped tiles in your bathroom.
l was trying to ignore them.
- l can pick some up tomorrow.
- Thank you.
come on, zoe, let's go hang that door.
- zoe, dinner's in 1 5 minutes.
- yes, ma'am.
will, do you want to eat with us? we've got so much.
Uh, no no, thanks.
l don't want to stay too late.
- lt was good seeing you.
- you, too.
do you like him? No.
you're the one who likes him.
- what are you talking about? - ''Oh, we've got so much.
'' Oh, ''l brought you a new teapot''? lf you didn't accuse me of stealing all the time why don't you guys just flip a coin? well, l have to go.
And don't worry about inviting me to dinner, l have plans.
do you see me inviting you? - Goodbye.
- Bye.
- Talk to you tomorrow.
Bye, sweetie.
- [Grace] Bye.
- Hey.
- Hey.
l'm sorry.
l didn't mean - l thought you went upstairs.
- yeah.
l tried to call you once, but l didn't leave a message.
yeah, and l just wanted to call you again.
well, should l do that? Um l guess that's really complicated.
why? Oh, l'm so sorry.
l really have to go.
why is it really complicated? can l think about it? About whether or not l should call you? well, it's just, uh yeah.
Oh, God, l'm so sorry.
lt's late, and l-l should go.
you look so beautiful.
well, it was really nice to see you, too.
[bell rings] Hey.
- Hi.
- Hi.
l-l thought maybe you could help me find a book for book club.
well, l would love to.
ls there any particular genre? Of course not.
That would make it way too easy.
Here, let me put these down.
Oh, wow, look at this.
How does it feel to be the epicenter of singles life? l feel like the guy who invented Viagra.
lt needed to be done, but still - Have you met anyone? - well [gasps] Tell me.
He's, um very together.
That sounds good.
yeah, l think l really like him.
- But? - [clears throat] Two weeks ago, not a man in sight.
Lilith Fair.
Now, all of a sudden you mean there's more than one? wait, wait, wait.
what happened? l don't know.
lt's like One of them is really smart and funny, he dresses well, my friends would like him.
Bachelor number one.
And then there's this other one will.
Bachelor number two.
He's not right for me.
He doesn't read, didn't go to school.
l don't know if he dresses well 'cause every time l look, l see him naked.
wait, uh naked is-is good.
l've done a lot of naked.
lt's a fact eventually, you have to get dressed.
- who said that? - Plato.
l've missed you.
where have you been all day? Buried.
do you believe in reincarnation? - why? - l think miles drentell was a pharaoh.
- Let my boyfriend go.
- Oh.
l can still fix your closet on Saturday.
you can repay me with sexual favors.
The girls are with Jake Saturday.
How about we go to a movie and l render sexual favors just for fun? What about your crumbling house? you've got enough on your plate, what with the pyramids.
l should go.
l'll call you.
- Okay.
- Bye.
And my imagination Will make that moment live So give me what you alone can give A kiss to build A dream on l approve of this place.
you better, or l'm in a lot of trouble.
l'm quitting my job and joining the band, as a matter of fact.
Okay l think l've restrained myself long enough.
Hey, l usually get the romantic history on the second date.
- No, please! - All right, let's see List all dating situations lasting no less than one year, all cohabitations, marriages.
Throw in a celebrity infatuation, just for fun.
All right.
you asked for it.
Puberty we won't discuss.
High school we won't discuss.
college was, uh much better.
- l should plead the Fifth.
- Uh-oh.
After college, l lived with a girl for two years, and then l fell in love with a litigation lawyer.
we were together for three years, engaged for the last six months.
well, what happened? Uh, she had been married before, and, uh, you know, she wasn't over it, so Oh, that must have been hard.
She just told me.
Took three minutes.
No, l meant for you.
well, she was a lawyer, so what do you expect? l know what it feels like to find a person you want to spend your life with and then have them walk away.
you knew her, too! Oh, my God! Paul l want you to know, you don't need to hide with me.
you know what l mean? yeah.
l-l-l, uh l think that's really cool.
l like that.
you do? [laughs] who made you so funny? - what do you mean? - you're just you're so funny.
you constantly make me laugh.
what did l say that was funny? lt's not what you said.
lt's just you.
you're you're very funny.
don't worry, funny's good.
That's great, l guess.
So, how's the new customer? Am l gonna see this one again? Actually, this chicken wasn't heavy and greasy like mother used to make it.
- l'm very disappointed.
- when you come back, you can have your chicken any way you want it.
l will personally overcook it myself.
How's that? Have a good time, okay? Now, that's service.
- yeah.
- [chuckles] [bell ringing] Hey.
Hey! where were you second period? cut it.
where were you? - come here.
- what are you doing? where did you get that key? come in here with me.
l dare ya.
Oh, l don't believe you.
See? we have it all to ourselves.
- Look, we can't be in here.
- But we are.
This carla Hey.
Hey! No! This is the teachers' bathroom.
They sure have it nicer than we do.
we're gonna get suspended.
what a reason to get suspended for.
what are you two doing in here l didn't - And how did you get the key? - lt was open.
lt wasn't locked, so we tried it, and it wasn't locked.
All right.
Both of you, get outta here.
And consider yourselves lucky you're not spending the next week at home.
That was good about the door.
well, l think l'm going to class now.
yeah, you gotta regain your composure.
l'll see you later.
l'm sorry, we're - will.
- Hey.
Um, l was just locking up.
l-l just decided not to call.
l thought it would be easier face-to-face.
what would be easier? Uh, to-to tell you that, um l-l want to see you Listen, will and, uh, just hold you.
- Listen.
- l'm listening.
what? you keep saying ''listen,'' and l'm listening.
That's because l l don't know what to say.
well, maybe that's good.
No, l-l do know what to say.
lt's, uh, just hard.
Um, listen l don't think we're a good idea.
why not? Because well, to tell you the truth, we have nothing in common.
People do this all the time.
They're attracted to someone, and they invest themselves in that person 'cause they want it to be more, but it isn't more because, finally, it's just what it is, and, um l can't do that anymore.
well, how do you know? - Because l've done it too much.
- No, no, no.
How do you know we don't have anything in common? l just do.
l think you're wrong.
And l'm seeing someone else.
[Will groans] Someone that you you have more in common with? yeah.
l'm sorry.
you are so nice.
Oh, well, they're all coming to the book club anyway.
why not save them a trip? - $1 05.
- Okay.
So? [chuckles] No news.
- Jules and Jim.
- Oh, cut it out! - lt's great.
- lt would have been when l was 25.
well, so pick one.
That's the weird part.
lt's easy to pick one.
He's funny and smart.
well, you know.
l told you, he's the picture, the guy l always thought l'd be with.
Ah, l love this.
why am l so attracted to the other one? - The first one - Paul.
- Are you attracted to him? - yeah, l think so.
l mean, yes, l am attracted.
lt just He seems really cautious about opening up.
- Unlike the rest of us? - Oh, l know.
l'm putting too much expectation on it, aren't l? l'm analyzing every moment that happens between us.
- lsn't that the worst? - lt's just fear.
- l know.
- l'm being just as cautious as he is.
l'm afraid of risking really being my God, l just realized why l'm so attracted to the other guy.
To keep yourself from getting what you really want.
[bell rings] Thank you.
Thank you, doctor.
yeah, well, now if l could cure myself.
[bell ringing] - Hey.
- Hey! How are you doing? Good.
And, uh, you? Good.
How's carla? She's good.
She's really good, actually.
- She's cool.
- yeah.
yeah, she's cool.
you know, it's, uh it's kind of weird that you and she are, like, friends.
why? l don't know.
Because you're both so different.
Oh, really? yeah, l guess she is a little out there.
She's definitely out there.
well, l know, and that's cool, you know, because she knows what she wants.
l can only imagine what she was like before rehab.
Oh, l thought everyone knew.
Oh, yeah, l knew.
She tells everyone.
She's not shy about it.
we talked about it.
lt wasn't a big deal.
Her parents found her pot and lost it and did this whole intervention thing, a total overreaction.
well, yeah, that's what she told me.
'cause l think she's really cool.
She is cool.
And it's good that you two are, you know yeah.
Um, look, l'm gonna go find my Oh.
l'm telling you, l can help.
lt's much too much fun messing up someone else's kitchen.
l cannot believe the number of utensils you have here.
l don't even recognize the things l've found.
what is this, some sort of medieval torture device? Stop.
l'm a believer in the haphazard school of cooking.
whatever falls in your path, you make use of.
That way [chuckling] That way, if you succeed, then then you're a hero.
you are very distracting.
l hope so.
The best thing l ever made was when l ran out of milk, eggs and butter.
That was triumph out of disaster.
Uh, Paul, c-can l ask you a question? Sure.
- Uh, no, l need you to, um - Oh.
don't worry.
we can get back to cooking in a minute.
well lt's not a big deal.
lt, uh, l just l don't really connect to too many people anymore, and when l do, l l guess l'm surprised.
Surprised is good.
Oh, yeah, it is.
lt's really good.
l just wonder Oh, how do l say this? Um Are you surprised? l am always surprised.
But do you know what l'm trying to say? 'cause l don't wanna wanna talk about this while we eat? No, actually, l just want to talk now, just for a second, or have us, um, look each other in the eye.
would that be bad? l can look you in the eye anytime.
you can? Stop.
Um, l thought you wanted to No.
Uh, yes.
Um, l'm sorry.
l l just wanted to talk for a second.
Okay? we can talk.
[chuckles] you are amazing.
l, uh No.
Oh, man, am l hungry now.
l realized early on that a woman can just have sex, and a man has to have a reaction in order for it to happen, and l've always been in awe of that 'cause l sure wouldn't want the situation reversed.
Some men worry about it, and they talk themselves into the worst happening.
Others it never enters their minds.
And it's all okay 'cause it's real and it's vulnerable, and you know, it's between the two of you.
The only time it's not okay is when the goal becomes so important that the other person forgets you're even there.
you're not even dressed yet.
don't ask, and, yes, l forgot the check.
lf l can get it in today, mom's present might not be late.
- That would be a first.
- wouldn't it? l got a special edition of The Hobbit for zoe, but l left it at the store.
l can come by later and give it to her.
don't bother.
we're going out tonight.
l forgot to leave will a key so he can lock up when he's done.
He's still there.
you're the one who likes him.
Oh, excuse me.
you like Paul.
How is Paul? ls he still the number-one contender? who asked you? - what happened? - Nothing happened.
Oh, l don't know.
Something happened.
- l'm just not sure what it was.
- you slept with him? l've gone out with him, like, a million times.
- He's not still here, is he? - No.
He had an early meeting.
l wasn't criticizing you.
lt sounded like you went to a new level.
A new level of superficial, disconnected, noncommunication.
- l thought you liked this guy.
- l do like this guy.
l just He has no interest in talking about what's actually going on.
maybe that's good for you.
you analyze everything to death.
- No, it's not that.
- So? what, you slept with him and it didn't go well? lt was really strange.
He was probably nervous.
Of course he was nervous.
l'm not talking about that.
He just He didn't connect at all.
you know what l mean? Judy, l've seen you do this so many times.
''will Gluck is a flake.
'' ''mark Browning is too interested in money.
'' ''Paul can't talk about his feelings.
'' - what do l do? - you're too critical.
- l'm critical? - yes.
People need time to warm up to each other.
- you're always diving in too fast.
- That's not true.
- you jump into bed - what did you and Rick do? you didn't jump, you flew.
- That was different.
- lt was? yes.
we're still together, aren't we? you amaze me.
we knew we wanted each other.
we knew it more than anything we have ever known.
Judy, do you even know what you want? [knocking] - Hey.
- Hey.
where have you been? Oh, uh, l've been around.
Around where? you haven't waited for me after classes.
you haven't met me at our spot for two days.
Dos, count 'em.
yeah, well, l've been busy with some stuff.
Stuff? School stuff.
Are you blowing me off? No.
you are.
Because of what happened in the bathroom? wait, what? The most they would have done is suspend us for a day.
- lt's nothing to do with that.
- you're afraid because of your dad.
- why do you let him control you? - He doesn't control me, okay? who's trying to get you to give up music? who's all over you about school and college? carla, he's my dad.
your dad who hates me.
- No.
He doesn't.
- He'd love me to disappear.
No, he doesn't even know you.
- Trust me, he doesn't have to.
- Look, l don't get you! what is the point of looking for trouble? There's enough of it as it is.
Aw, he's getting mad.
The only way you can be happy is if you're fighting somebody.
- wanna make something of it? - l don't wanna fight anymore.
Stop acting like l'm a chicken when l don't.
- l don't appreciate that.
- you don't? And stop taking stuff out on me, okay? Sorry.
what? - l'll go.
- No, wait.
wait, what is it? you have people watching out for you.
No, you don't have to fight.
Look - come here.
- No, let me go.
l'm sorry if l'm bad for you.
l'll leave you alone.
l don't want you to leave me alone, okay? [Eli] l'm sorry, okay? Hey.
- Uh, they're not here.
- Oh, yeah.
No, l know.
l wanted to, um, explain about the other night.
Uh-huh? you know how, um, sometimes you you see yourself with someone, or you don't see yourself with someone, and it's not about anybody being better than anyone else? - lt's not? - No.
No, it's about how how you see yourself, and how, if you don't have that, it feels like you don't have anything.
you have all these ideas about how things are supposed to be.
l don't want to anymore.
[Judy moaning] why did it have to be good? [sighs] There are times in life when bad sex is the right thing, like bad sex with your ex that's good.
Bad sex with people who are wrong for you, who you are not gonna be with.
who do you want to be Somebody who doesn't think about that question.
- [door opens] - [Lily] Hello? Lily's home.
Hello? Anybody here? Judy? Hello? - Aah! - Oh, hi.
- God.
l thought you were - yeah! l had to - ls that Judy's car? - yeah.
- yeah, she stopped by.
- Oh.
l'm just gonna, uh, finish up.
where's Rick? He had an early meeting.
you slept with him in my bed? what if the girls had come home? The girls weren't gonna come home.
- l was more worried about you.
- l can't believe you.
you and Rick did it in my apartment.
l invited you.
- That was different.
- How is that different? That was a relationship.
l don't even know what this is.
why, because he works with his hands? No, l think he is great.
He is totally sweet.
- why don't you marry him? - l have Rick.
Oh, exactly.
The big architect.
ls that what this is about? Are you competing with me? 'cause that is really stupid.
That's a wonderful fantasy on your part.
Judy, wait.
Oh, God, you're like you-you have so much to offer.
l don't care if it's with will, or Paul, or George or Ringo.
Are you gonna keep doing this, just jumping from one person to the next because you're disappointed? l mean, God, Judy, you gotta decide.
you gotta pick one person and just stick with it.
make it work with Paul if it can't be will.
you said he had all these qualities you really liked.
Just make it work.
l'm telling you, you walk funny.
No, l do not.
But you do.
See? That's because you keep bumping me.
Friends of mine are doing a thing at their lake house.
A bunch of people.
you wanna go this weekend? - Really? - yeah.
lt'll be like a two-day party.
lt might be nice to do something, just the two of us.
we can go off.
They're gonna get obnoxious anyway.
well, what are your friends like? Bander's the idiot of the group.
l've known him since college.
The designated swine is Josh mcHenry.
Avoid him after the second day.
The guy doesn't bathe.
you'll like Linda.
She's in arbitrage almost a normal person if she were a man.
These people's idea of fun is to drink a fifth of bourbon and then run around naked in the snow.
l'm just kidding.
They're They're really nice.
They're nice Paul, l'm the kind of person that needs a lot of intimacy.
So, you don't want to go? No, no.
lt's not that.
lt's just, l need you to what? l'm asking you to go away with me.
l'm seeing you all the time.
what do you want? l know.
l'm talking about something else.
you want to have a therapy session? can we get through a single date without some giant inquisition? you know what? you're right.
what do you mean, l'm right? Paul, you have no idea how much l wanted this to work.
you're kidding.
we're very different, and l'm sorry.
you want to stop stop seeing me? No, l actually don't.
l just don't think there's any point.
- Oh, man.
- l'm sorry.
l absolutely cannot believe this.
l've been trying to say something to you, and l'm sorry if you see it as an inquisition.
ls this what you do? Tease people, get them to like you? - what? - l asked you to go away with me! l'm sorry.
l can't.
Look, um l guess l should go.
l'm l'm really sorry.
Okay, Paul? you know what, Judy? you're not a nice person.
you need to think you're a nice person, but you're not.
Oh, good.
That's good.
you know you're gonna call me.
Judy! Go ahead.
walk away.
Go on.
keep walking.
[phone rings] - Hello? - [Carla] What ya doing? - what are you doing? - Hanging around.
[chuckles] Look, l can't come down.
l have to work.
I know.
It's cold down here, anyway.
All right.
Just knock on the door.
l'm sure my dad'll let you come up.
I never climbed up a fire escape.
Is it cool? l have to work.
[gasps] What's gonna happen? Will the two delinquents be caught in his room? Will the boy be grounded until he's 30? God.
[Eli] come on.
[Rick] Hey, Eli! - Um Right there.
- [knocking] - Hey.
- Hey.
- what's going on? - Nothing.
Just studying.
- Standing up? - yeah.
yeah, l'm l'm memorizing.
lf you need any help later, just call me.
- Okay.
Thanks, dad.
- Okay.
you know, l do have to work.
And so you shall.
[Judy] l was always a believer in romantic fate, the notion that, where love was concerned, people weren't in control.
l guess l wanted to believe something bigger was at play.
l didn't think you'd come back.
No? lt's not easy to change the way things are.
you know, some people never do it.
will, l do have to change the way things are.
- And that's why - That's why what? l can't do this.
l'm sorry.
well, that's changing the way things are.
l have to take responsibility for 20 years from now.
For my life.
And you already know that l don't fit into that? For a hundred reasons, and none.
To be swept away by passion was the greatest truth, and nothing else really mattered.
l lived for that.
[door opens] - Hi, Judy! - Hey, sweetie.
- Guess what.
- what? Lizzy Hefner dyed her hair pink.
Oh, no.
you're kidding.
At ten? what did her parents say? - They were not happy.
- [Lily] That better not give you ideas.
l finished everything except grouting upstairs.
l'll be back tomorrow.
Oh, great.
Thank you.
lt's no problem.
No problem.
w-why don't l-l walk out with you? Uh, no, that's okay.
you don't have to do that.
why don't you just you know, stay right here? we'll see each other again.
Uh, give me a call if you need anything done at the store.
[zoe] wait, where's the pasta? All right.
At 35, though, fate has a different meaning.
l made choices, you know, and one of those choices was time.
l used it, and l may run out of it.
And l may be alone for the rest of my life because of that choice, my own choice, to believe that what l wanted and what l needed was out there to be found.
And l can't help it.
l still do.
[Lily] Okay.
Judy? do you want zoe and me to go upstairs? No, sweetie.
l want you to stay right here in your own wonderful kitchen.
[Lily laughing] did that get on you? [zoe] my nose.
my nose.
[gasps] God! - [Grace] we can't make our own? - Aah! - [Lily] Sorry.
- [zoe] lt's bubbling.
Oh, mom.
mom, mom, mom.
There's this thing, okay? - Aah! zoe.
- Fine, l'll stop.
- [Lily] ls that cocoa? - [Grace] can l make a salad? [zoe] l like sugar l had a brand-new thing of glitter and it's gone.
do you think carla could've taken something from Jessie's room? you think l'd steal? - Just put it back.
- Put what back? do not be my enemy.
Tell me about karen.
ls she corruptible? [Lily] They hired a private investigator.
l'm talking surveillance.
with transcripts.
l'm in there.