Once and Again (1999) s02e14 Episode Script

The Other End of the Telescope

[alarm clock buzzing] [alarm clock rings] Grace? Grace! Honey, it's 9:30.
What time does your father want you at the restaurant? - l don't care.
- Grace.
- What? - l shouldn't have to get you up.
- Then don't.
[groans] - [beeping] [Lily] What in the? Oh, my God, Zoe! - l'm sorry, Mommy.
- You know l told you you're not allowed to cook without help.
- l know, but - You could burn yourself.
l wanted to make Daddy's birthday cake.
Daddy likes German chocolate cake.
l don't know how to make that.
Get outta my life! Zoe, l told you l would help you.
But l didn't think you were ever gonna get up.
Do we have ribbon? l have to finish Dad's present.
Kids, you have to get dressed.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- What happened? - Zoe decided to bake, by herself.
l'm sorry.
l got every kind of bagel known to man.
What is that? Whitefish.
l have no idea why l got that.
- l didn't sleep well.
- Neither did l.
- l had the strangest dream.
- l had the weirdest dream.
l dreamt that this huge truck just drove through our living room without warning.
No train in the tunnel? - Stop it.
- That's all right.
l dreamt the world ended, only l was somehow responsible.
Well, you are, aren't you? - Oh, my God.
- What? lt was a moving company truck.
And how is Rick? lt's completely awkward.
Look at you.
You look beautiful.
- l'm working at the restaurant.
- As a hostess.
As a person who seats people.
Can you hand me the tape? Wow.
Sunday brunch.
That's a fun crowd.
- l don't even know why l'm doing it.
- You made a commitment.
l know.
l just have so much homework.
l think l should just give him his present and leave.
lt was your idea to work there, not your dad's, not mine.
l'll go.
- Ooh, what's this? - Whitefish.
- Grace.
- [door opens] Hey.
Your, uh, paper was in a puddle.
Mom, l-l really have to go.
Dad wants me there an hour before we open.
- Honey, your hair.
- l'll do it at the restaurant.
You know, l can take you.
l have to open the store anyway.
Okay, um All right, Gracie? - Bye, honey.
- Have fun.
[Rick] Bye.
Want something? - Whitefish? - Oh We've got bagels.
No, thank you.
l'm not hungry.
l should have something.
l wish l wish we could get back to normal.
l would like that but you changed the definition of ''normal.
'' Only if you accept it.
l guess you need to know the answer to that.
Not if you don't have one.
Rick, l didn't know what to say.
l'm sorry.
Well, you could've said what you felt.
l felt like you blindsided me in some way.
- Blindsided you? - l'm sorry.
- By asking you to marry me? - You didn't ask me.
You kind of asked me.
Well, l-l didn't exactly have a rule book, you know, for the - Hey, Rick.
- Hi, Zo.
Can we do the cake now? Yeah, honey, just in-in a minute.
l think we need more eggs.
l'll take this.
When you see a check ready to be paid, you just grab it, okay? - We want a fast turnover.
- Okay.
See all those people waiting in line over there for a table? They could decide to go somewhere else.
We don't want that.
- No, we don't.
- Do this for me? Yes, sir.
Dad, when are we gonna celebrate your birthday? Later.
Much, much later.
[man] Oh, hey, Grace.
- Hey, Benny.
- Your dad has you working.
You, uh You doing a good job? - l think so.
- Oh, l bet you are.
Benicio! Get me some plates from the kitchen.
Okay, l just have to clear table 1 9.
l'll be right back.
l need the plates now! Wh-Why Why do you talk to me like that? Just get me the damn plates! Benny.
Benny, table 1 9.
Let's go.
Come on.
Come on.
- Giancarlo, what are you doing? - Nothing.
You're gonna pick a fight during a rush? - l need plates! - Go get 'em.
l'm the chef.
What are you, 1 2? How are you doing? Great.
Uh, it's not working.
You've got it right here.
- Oh.
- l'll get this, all right? - Why don't you seat the next party? - Okay.
Table 1 9 is ready, okay? Hi.
Um Lewicki, party of Lewicki? Hey! l didn't know you worked here.
Yes, you did.
You heard me telling Julie.
l saw you eavesdropping.
You're delusional.
- You're not actually gonna eat here? - Yes! Taking Nana for her birthday brunch.
Big 7-5.
[chuckles] Oh.
Oh, uh, this is your nana? She's my grandmother.
Her name is Nana.
Hi, Nana.
Happy birthday.
lt's my dad's birthday too.
Well, then, it's kismet, isn't it? l guess.
So, is our table ready? Absolutely, sir.
Right this way.
[Spencer] Nana.
[dishes shatter] - [Giancarlo] Look what you did.
- [Benny] lt wasn't my fault.
Excuse me a second.
- [Giancarlo] Get out! - [Benny] Stop! - [grunts] - Don't push me! Come on, you freaking moron! You wanna throw down? - l'm warning you.
- ''l'm warning you.
'' You stupid little retard! Hey, hey! Get outta here! Giancarlo, get out front right now! H-He pushed me, M-Mr.
l was just doing what he asked.
Just Just go home.
Go home, okay? - But-But it wasn't my fault.
- l didn't say it was.
- Jake, customer 23 - l'll be there in a second.
Benny, go home.
- Am l fired? - We'll talk about it tomorrow.
Just go home and cool off.
[sighs] Everything's fine.
Everything's under control.
[Grace] Enjoy your meal.
So, uh, l see your friend Lewinsky's here.
lt's Lewicki.
Spencer Lewicki.
- Yeah.
l know.
[chuckles] - Stop it.
[laughing] You're bothering me.
l have work to do, you know.
What? Hi, Jake.
- Oh, Grace, you look amazing.
- Thanks.
- Manning, do you have birthday candles? - Um They're in the top drawer of the baker's pantry.
l think we're gonna need a lot of candles.
Come on.
Ooh, and some singing! Do you have a good voice? [Jake sighs] How are you, Tiffany? You You look great.
l'm good.
Did you come to wish me a happy birthday? Oh, yeah, actually, l, um l wanted to give you this.
Oh? l mean, l got it a while ago, and it's monogrammed.
l'd written all your important dates in there.
l mean, the ones that l could think of, anyway, - and so l figured l'd give it to you.
- Thank you.
That's That's really sweet.
- You're welcome.
- Hmm.
Happy birthday.
Would you like to stay? You want something to eat? Just stay for something to drink, at least.
Um, well, the The thing is, Jake, there's something l want to tell you.
- [woman] Ooh.
- [Jake] Oh, um Um, wait.
Just Just for a second, please wait.
Benny? Benny? l thought l told you to go home.
Please get out of my way, Mr.
l'm not gonna tell you again.
- Turn around now and go home.
- l'm sorry.
l can't do that.
l'm gonna talk to Giancarlo, then l'm gonna leave.
Let's go.
Benny! - Whoa! - [screams] l want to see Giancarlo! l want to see Giancarlo now! - All right, Benny, just - Wait! Wait! Wait! No! Nobody move! Nobody move! Stop! Stop moving! Benny.
Okay, okay, okay.
Benny came back.
He-He pulled a gun on Jake.
- We gotta get out of here! - Where's my dad? Look, l want to see Giancarlo.
l want to see Giancarlo now! Okay.
[man] Stay calm.
lt's okay.
Benny, put the gun away.
l will.
l just wanna see Giancarlo.
l wanna talk to him.
[Jake] Put the gun away.
- l will.
l wanna talk to Giancarlo.
- Benny! - Where's Giancarlo? - He's not here, Benny.
[people chattering] Benny.
Benny, what are you doing? l don't want anybody to leave.
l wanna find Giancarlo.
- Where is he? - l don't know! Stop! Wait! Can you tell 'em? Can you Can you tell 'em to stop? Stop! [screams] No one's going anywhere! [gasps] All right, now, just listen to me.
- Where did he go? - l don't know! We'll call, we'll get him down here, but this has nothing to do - with these people.
- l know that! Then put the gun away and we'll call him.
Okay? Just Just put it away.
Benny, come on.
We've gotta talk about this.
With Giancarlo, okay? ln my office.
We'll go down there and we'll call him.
- You can call him? - Of course! Just give me the gun, all right? lt's gonna be all right.
- lt's gonna be fine.
That's it.
- [sirens wail] - Oh, no.
Oh, no! - Benny, no, no, no, it's okay.
- Lock the door! - That's not a good idea! - Just hurry up! Lock it! - All right! Just take it easy.
- [sirens continue louder] - [clicking] Benny, what are you doing? Just be quiet.
l need to think for a second.
Okay, um Okay, um Okay, l want everyone down on the floor.
- Benny.
- Everybody get on the floor now! Get-Get down now! Not you! Not you.
Tiffany, go get me a glass of water.
No, no, no! O-Over there.
- Benny, listen.
- Just shut up! - Listen to me - Shut up and let me think for a second! Okay.
l want you to go and lock the back door.
And l'm gonna check it! Go! All right.
Excuse me.
That's okay.
[sirens continue wailing] [phone ringing] Hello? What? Hi Karen - [man on TV] Breaking news,,, - K-Karen, slow down.
,,,hostage situation in Evanston, - What? - ls that our restaurant? ,,,is armed and holding several hostages, [woman] Police believe there are 10 to 20 hostages inside, Sky-cam reports that the whole area from Concourse to Jefferson has been blocked off, [line ringing] - ls he there? - He's not picking up.
Let me listen.
[ringing continues] Doesn't he have an answering machine? This is so bad.
This is so bad.
l just wanted to talk to him, you know? l don't think that's so wrong.
l mean, you gotta understand something.
Things happen around here that you don't even know about.
l'm not the only person that complains about him.
l know that, Benny.
He doesn't have to be so mean to me.
lt's like, every Every day, he has to find the one thing that l do wrong.
You know? No matter how hard l try, no matter what l do, it's always wrong.
This wasn't supposed to happen.
You know, now you're gonna you're gonna fire me, and you're gonna keep him.
l mean, l-l'm supposed to move out next month.
How-How? Who's going to rent me an apartment now? What are you talking about? How am l gonna get another job? - l understand.
- [phones ring] Ben, you gonna answer the phone? Well, l don't want to talk to anyone.
You want me to answer it? - Fine.
- [rings continue] Hello? Yeah, this is Jake Manning.
l'm the owner.
Hold on.
- They want to talk to you.
- What do they want? Benny would like to know what you want.
They want to know what you want.
l want l wanna talk to Giancarlo! l want them to bring him here! Okay.
Listen to me.
He wants to talk to a Giancarlo Messina.
Yeah, he's the chef here, okay? His number number is 555-01 29.
l called him, there was no answer.
Oh Okay.
Okay, hold on.
They said that they'll try and find him, okay, but they want to talk to you, Benny, about what you're doing here.
Find him and bring him here! [phones ring] - This is stupid! - [ring stops] - [ring continues] - Crap! - [ring stops] - [sirens wailing] Damn it.
Benny, l know this is kind of a mess right now, but l l really do think it would be easier if you let everyone go.
l don't know.
l l don't even know why the police are here.
l'm not a bad person.
This is Like l would do something? No, no, no! Of course not.
l know that, Benny, but they don't they don't know you.
That's why you have to prove that you're not gonna hurt anybody.
Let everyone go.
l'll stay here, okay? We'll work it out.
Police are not gonna like it if you're holding children hostage.
l'm not holding anyone hostage.
l l wouldn't do that.
That's why you gotta let the kids go.
- What are you doing? - Just the kids.
Stop! Stay away from the door! Listen to me! - What is the matter? - Nobody's going! - Daddy! - Whoa, whoa! Easy! Easy! Easy! Just Just leave me alone.
Give me a second! Just don't don't say anything! [people crying] [man] We're working on it, people.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
l need to know if my daughter's in there.
- This is my family's restaurant.
- Ma'am, step back.
Let her through.
- Mrs.
Manning? - Yes.
- l'm Captain Patterson.
- ls my daughter in there? She was working today for her father.
- We believe she is.
- Oh, God.
We're gonna have to ask you some questions.
Lieutenant? This is Lieutenant Saticoy.
She's a crisis negotiator.
- Hi.
- Oh, my God.
Manning, this is a delicate situation.
Our priority is everyone's safety.
- ls my daughter okay? - As far as we know, she's fine.
Now, l need to ask you about your husband's temperament.
ln stressful situations, does he keep his cool - or does he fly off the handle? - l don't l l guess he keeps his cool.
He-He's always been good in emergencies.
[groans] - You okay? - Yeah.
This is the strangest thing that's ever happened to me in my life.
They're not gonna let Giancarlo in here.
What are they gonna do? Probably just wait till Benny gets tired.
- l'm already tired.
- Oh, yeah.
Tell me about it.
Do you think he's gonna shoot us? - No.
No, no.
- [groaning] Dad? Yeah, sweetie? Spencer's grandmother might be sick.
Excuse me.
Her angina's bothering her.
She's sweating.
- What's wrong? - Heart problem.
She shouldn't be on the floor, Benny.
Nobody should.
Listen, l'm gonna put her in a chair.
- [groans] - Here you go, Nana.
Thank you.
You know what? Everybody should be at tables.
Okay? You know, just until Giancarlo calls.
Okay, listen.
Just grab a seat, everybody.
There's plenty of tables.
[people groaning] [phone rings] [woman] Over here.
[woman] l've got it.
lt's okay.
Should l answer it? [sighs] Yeah.
Answer it.
Hello? - [Saticoy] Jake Manning? - Yes.
This is Lieutenant Saticoy, Chicago Police.
ls everyone all right in there? Yes.
Everyone's fine.
ls Janetti aware that you're speaking to me? Yes.
Benny's right here.
ls Benny feeling okay? Fine.
Will he talk to me? They want to talk to you.
lt's not the same guy as before.
lt's a woman, okay? Sounds pretty nice.
Maybe she could help.
[sighs] Hello? - Hi, Benny? - Yeah.
This is Ruth Saticoy, l'm calling to make sure everything's all right.
Can l get you anything? Get Giancarlo down here to apologize.
We're working on that, but we haven't been able to find him, Why don't you all just go away until he comes? l can't do that unless you do something for me.
l need you to unlock the door and let those people out, Why can't you all just go away, and l'll promise to let them go? - Why can't you do that? - How about l come in there, and we can talk about this in person? l know what you're doing, okay? You're not trying to help me.
You're trying to trick me, because l told you what would help, and you don't seem to listen, so why bother even asking? Where's the ''end'' button? Turn this off.
l got it.
Okay, okay.
[woman whimpering] There.
lt's off.
Okay? Wait.
Just give it to me.
l might want it later.
Give it to me.
ls that better? [Jake] lt's fine now, right? - We got ears.
- [man] All right, let's go.
[Lily] She didn't want to go to work today.
l made her go.
So this is all your fault.
lt's like l had to show her that she was irresponsible.
[chatter on police radio] l'm hungry.
Well, l think we could all use something to eat.
Tell you what, why don't l, uh Why don't l go fix us up something? You know? Maybe a little carbonara or something? No, no.
Grace go get some of that birthday cake.
Anyone who wants some can have some.
- Sure, Benny.
- l'll go with you.
No, no, no.
- You go with her.
- Okay.
No ice cream.
[sighs] l can't believe this.
lt's so unreal.
lt feels oddly normal to me.
l'm surprised it doesn't happen more often.
l always think people with guns are gonna burst into wherever l am, tornadoes are gonna come, or my parents are gonna be killed in a car accident.
l have trouble believing the world can exist without a catastrophe.
l'm really scared of tidal waves.
lt's a particular danger in Chicago.
l mean, l know her.
She's a strong person.
Like, when they say ''grace under pressure,'' that's who she is.
You gonna eat that? Jake, there's something that l have to tell you.
l mean, l wasn't gonna tell you l was going to tell you, but l kind of chickened out, but now, l know that l have to tell you.
What? l'm pregnant.
But l thought you couldn't l You know, that-that you weren't able to Yeah, well, l-l couldn't, but then l did, so apparently, l am.
- Pregnant.
- Pregnant.
Police say the situation inside is volatile, lnitial attempts to communicate with the suspect have failed, Judy, l want to go down there.
No, sweetie.
Honey, we can't go.
l-l want you to just finish this cake for your dad so you'll have it for him.
Honey, we're not going.
Okay? - We can't just stay here.
- l know.
Listen, honey, l know how helpless you feel.
- l don't care.
l'm going.
- l know, but you can't.
We're not gonna Mom doesn't want me there in case they get shot but she's there.
[doorbell rings] W-We were worried.
Hi, Zoe.
What are you doing here? We just wanted to see if you're okay.
Oh, l'm sorry.
Please come on in.
l'm so sorry.
This is so horrible.
- lt's awful.
[sobbing] - Oh This one? Thank you, officer.
You want to sit in here until you warm up? No, no.
l don't want to sit down.
Oh, God.
When she ran across the street, or she left for school, or when l would leave 'em with a sitter, l'd think, ''Okay, this is when it's gonna happen.
'' lt's like l knew, like it was only a question of when.
l'm telling you, it's gonna be okay.
How can you know that? - [groans] - Nana, are you okay? l'm just a little dizzy.
Dad, l think Spencer's grandmother needs an aspirin or something.
Hey, Benny l'm just gonna get the first aid kit, okay? No.
The kid's grandmother doesn't feel well.
Well, he can get it, then, He doesn't know where it is, Benny.
You can get it, Grace.
[man] Tactical unit, first position, We have an elderly hostage who's ill, lf her condition deteriorates, we're gonna have to go in, Two team, secure the perimeter, - Sharpshooters into position, - Lil! Lieutenant, what's going on? Don't worry.
lt's just the tactical unit.
You mean like a SWAT team? l thought you were still negotiating.
We can't have you in this area anymore.
lt's not safe.
He's right.
Let's get outta the way.
[Patterson] This officer will show you to a much safer area.
[Rick] Thank you.
[officer] Ready, go.
[weapons clicking] [chatter on police radio] [man #1] This hostage situation is going into its sixth hour, lt seems that negotiations have come to a standstill, and several SWAT units have been deployed, [woman] We can only guess that it's just a matter of time before action is taken, [man #2] Still no word on the condition of the hostages, Emotions are running high as the waiting continues, [man #3] The primary suspect, Benjamin Janetti, remains a mystery, His profile reveals no prior arrests, no history of mental illness, and nothing to indicate a propensity for violence, Here's some water.
Thank you for being here with me.
l don't know what l would do if you weren't here.
There's nowhere l'd rather be.
Oh, Rick, my little girl's in there.
She's in there, and there's nothing l can do about it.
Oh, God.
[sobbing] Jake, l hope you don't think that l want something from you.
l mean, this may be the only chance l have of ever becoming pregnant, so it it's kind of a miracle, in my opinion.
Yeah, l guess it would be.
l mean, we're clearly not gonna get married or anything.
l just l just thought you should know.
Yeah, that's fair.
- Dad? - [shuddering] Hey, you okay? Okay.
All right, Nana.
The older woman, she's really doing worse.
What do you mean? She's sick, Benny, She needs medical attention, So? l mean, what do you want me to do, you know? l mean, l'm sorry, but it's not like l'm l'm in charge.
- [groans] - Dad! She says her chest is really hurting.
We're gonna get help.
Benny, we gotta do something.
l mean right now! Grace, in the kitchen is oxygen.
You know where it is? - Uh-huh.
- Go get it.
Spencer, go help her.
- What? - lt's right here.
Right here.
- Come on, damn it! - Dad, it won't come off! You got her? - Break it! - No, no! There's a latch.
lt's okay.
lt's okay.
Spencer? - She's gonna die.
- No, she's not! - And l did it.
- What are you talking about? Spencer? C-Come on, we'll go sit with her.
- No, l can't.
- She's not gonna die.
She didn't feel well, and l made her come so l could see you.
l know.
lt's okay.
- l've never seen anybody die.
- l'm scared too.
No, you're not.
l should've beaten him up, gotten the gun away.
You're not gonna take his gun.
Even my father wouldn't.
- l was right next to him! - Spencer! Excuse me.
Give me the phone so l can call for help.
This woman is in trouble.
[woman on radio] ETA; five minutes, Keep me apprised, [helicopter whirring] Stand by to breach, enter and secure.
[chattering] What's happening? Benny, she can't breathe! Now give me the phone! - [Patterson on bullhorn] Janetti! - What's happening? This is Captain John Patterson Will you give me the damn phone? - Can't breathe! - She can breathe.
She's gonna die and it's gonna be all your fault.
We are aware that one of the hostages is seriously ill, lf you do not allow medical personnel to enter the building, we will do it by force, How do they know that? lt doesn't matter! Let her go! Benny, l repeat; You must let the sick woman go.
[beeps] - This thing's on! - Let her go.
Okay, you're in trouble! All right, everyone move to the door! Move! Get up! Get up! Move now! Get in front of the door! - [grunts] - [man] Easy.
- Go! - Breathing okay? Careful.
They wanna come in now, let 'em.
[Jake] Put her in the chair over here.
We have movement inside.
l repeat: We have movement inside.
Stand down.
Stand down.
This is ridiculous.
This has to stop.
- Shut up right now.
- Oh, you shut up.
You shut up! l'm sick of this! lf you're gonna be an idiot, - you're gonna hear what l say.
- Stop! Look.
They are scared to death! How dare you involve them with your problems? - ls that what your father taught you? - What? These people, they did nothing to you.
l did.
Okay? Fine.
Keep me here, but the rest of this lt's irresponsible.
- l'm not gonna stand for it.
- You can't talk to me like that.
Why not, 'cause it's the truth? All right, look at me.
Look right at me! [woman] Oh, Jesus.
Son, it's time for you to wake up.
There are police out there, and they are very angry! l am very angry! And it's time for you to do the right thing.
Benny, you know what the right thing is.
All right? You've known it all along.
You're a good boy.
So come on, do it! [Nana coughing] l am telling you, when this is all over, son, you have got nothing unless you can look back and say that you did the right thing.
Now, come on.
- l just want it to be over.
- Exactly.
Ho! Okay.
Everybody out.
Everybody out! Everybody.
Everybody but him.
[Jake] Come on, get her.
Go now.
You got her? Hold her now.
Hold her.
[officer] Hold your fire! - [people gasping, chattering] - [man] Come on! Spencer, you got her? - [Grace] No, l can't.
- Grace, go.
- No, Daddy! - Grace, go! Now.
Benny Benny No! No! No - Get off me! - Go! No! No! Daddy! - Daddy! Daddy! - Come on.
Take her.
- Grace! - Mommy! - [Lily cries] - Daddy's in there! We have to do something! Please, we have to! Oh, my God.
That's good, Benny.
- Yeah, right.
- No, l'm proud of you.
Sorry l yelled.
That's okay.
Benny, l want to help you.
l'll get you a lawyer, okay? l'll help you do that.
l mean it, now.
You can start your life over.
Things like that don't usually work out for me.
- They might.
You never know.
- l know.
Benny You should leave, Mr.
Benny, come on.
Come on.
We'll get you some help.
Huh? No, l don't want that.
Please go.
Benny, please.
Come with me.
Get out! [officer] Hold your fire! Coming out! Please, Mr.
Manning, if you'll wait over here.
ls there anybody else in there? - No, just Benny.
- Daddy! He's gonna give himself up.
What are you guys gonna do? He's just a kid.
[Patterson] Two team, stand by to breach.
Wait for a cue.
- [officer] Roger that.
- Benny! This is Captain Patterson.
l want you to put down your weapon and come out now! Stand by.
- [gunshot] - [officer] Shot fired! Shot fired! [woman screams] [reporter #1] A tragedy tonight at Phil's Restaurant when a disgruntled,,, [reporter #2],,,harrowing experience for 1 4 hostages during,,, [reporter #3],,,a 7-hour siege, Most of the hostages were released, [reporter #1] Proprietor Jake Manning diffused the situation, Police are crediting Manning, who took over the restaurant three years ago,,, [reporter #2] ,,,Benjamin Janetti, the suspect, who took his own life before the SWAT team could get inside the restaurant, Janetti's motives remain a mystery at this hour tonight, [door opens] [footsteps approach, door shuts] Hi.
Are you okay? Yeah, l'm okay.
What's that? lt's a, uh, present from Grace.
''Dear Dad.
What's so funny about peace, love and understanding? Love, Grace.
'' [sighs] You're a real hero.
l don't know why l ever thought l could make this place work.
But you did make it work.
What, you think people are gonna come back here now? ''Oh, yeah, yeah, that's that's the place where the busboy blew his brains out.
'' [groans] [sighs] All the work l put into this place.
ln one day just like that.
There's nothing left.
There's me.
[weeping] How's Grace? She was afraid to fall asleep, but she finally did.
Well, l'm so sorry about all this.
Oh, Rick.
l'm not letting you go away.
- l'm not letting you go away.
- l am staying right here.
- l just want you to be with me.
- l don't care what you say What? Oh.
Oh? Thank you.
You're welcome.
Let's never tell anybody.
- We're engaged! - So, you're getting married.
- Exactly.
- They're moving in here? So, am l sharing the small room with Grace? Lily and l are getting married.
What are you doing? lt doesn't feel like my house anymore.
l come in this house.
l feel utterly like an intruder.