Once Upon a Time s02e11 Episode Script

The Outsider

This will only take a moment.
Don't push me over.
If I cross the line, I'll lose my memory.
It's a cruel fate.
A fate you were more than willing to bestow upon Belle.
Uhh! You've had this rag since the day we met.
Why is it so important to you? My grandmother made it for me when I was a boy.
It's always brought me good fortune.
What difference does it make? Oh, ho ho.
All the difference in the world.
It's your only chance.
What do you mean, my only uhh! Uhh! Aah! What's your name? William Smee.
And who am I? Rumplestiltskin.
The Dark One.
I remember everything! How can this be? Well, it seems our little experiment was a success.
Now go.
I have a trip to plan.
Once Upon A Time 2x11 - The Outsider Original air date January 13, 2013 Some of us knew him as Archie.
Others as Jiminy.
But we all knew him as a true friend.
And though he may not be gone, he will always live on inside of us, reminding us to be our best selves To do the right thing, to always fight for what we believe in.
So we shouldn't think of today as good-bye, just as a way of saying "Archie, we'll be listening.
" I miss you so much, my friend.
You are at least You are in a better place.
Wait! No, please, don't! Wait! Please! Please! Hey.
As your patient, The Dark One must've told you all manner of secrets.
Where is his dagger? I don't know anything about a dagger.
No, you don't.
Do you? It's his weakness.
Now tell me, does he have any others? Very well.
I've always wanted to dissect a cricket.
No! Wait.
Wait! Please.
That's more like it.
Now tell me, cricket, what is his weakness? Hey.
What, uh, what's wrong that you couldn't tell me on the phone? I did it.
I can leave.
You can cross the town line? Indeed I can.
When I pour this potion onto the object I hold most dear, that object becomes a talisman that allows me to cross the town line and still remember who I am.
And who you're looking for.
My boy.
What, um, what will you enchant? Well this shawl is all I have left of my Baelfire.
I don't suppose I could come with you? No, I I I truly wish you could, but I only have enough of this potion for one object.
This is my journey, Belle.
This is my journey.
I'm afraid it's something I have to do alone.
I know.
There's a fearsome beast ravaging a faraway kingdom.
Its eyes burn with fire.
They call it the yaoguai.
No man has been able to kill it, but we will.
There's room on our wagon.
Now who's gonna join us? Here.
I will.
Now prepare our men.
Looking for an adventure? Dreamy, right? Yes.
I came to thank you.
That advice you gave me last night? It worked.
Nova and I are running away together.
That that's wonderful.
Why don't you sign up? I, um I've always dreamt of heroics, but I think it's safer I stick to my books.
They're the only adventures I know that have happy endings.
Well, maybe this one'll have one, too.
Well, yeah.
I doubt it.
Last time I faced a beast, you know, it didn't end well.
What are you talking about? Men, follow me.
Yaoguai awaits.
Get on that wagon.
Take a chance.
Thank you.
Wait! Belle, wait.
It's fairy dust.
Might come in handy.
No, no.
Thank you.
I I've seen what magic does to people.
You've seen what dark magic does.
Fairies use this for good.
Now go be a hero.
Uh, sorry.
The the library's not open yet.
Oh, I'm I'm not here for the books, love.
You're the one who broke into my cell at the Queen's palace.
Ah! You wanted to kill Rumplestiltskin.
Oh, I still do.
But right now I'll settle for you.
Uhh! Uhh! Hey, Belle.
Rumple, I'm I'm in the elevator.
There's a man here.
He broke in.
He wants to kill me.
Belle? You're you're breaking up.
- Who's in the library? - Pirate.
- Belle? - A hand.
Missing a hand.
Belle? Hello? No.
Belle? What's that? Uh, a book.
I trust you've seen them before.
You expect to defeat the fiercest creature in the land with a book? Maybe she means to bore it to death.
It will tell us how to find the yaoguai.
These are just scribbles.
It's called another language, and one that I know how to translate.
What? Um, I thought it was just scribbles.
We're here to protect the land, girl.
If that book tells us where to go, you shall share it with us.
It says we'll find the yaoguai by the lake.
The lake, you say? Yes.
You heard her, Claude! We're going to the lake! Uhh! Ow! To the lake.
Wait! Don't forget your book! Enjoy the lake! - Hyah! - Mm.
"The yaoguai prefers mountain habitats to all others.
" "The yaoguai hibernates by day, hunts by night.
" Please be asleep.
How ever can I thank you? Y you saved my life.
And you ruined my hunt.
It took me weeks to track the yaoguai here.
I found it in a day.
You had luck on your side.
No, not luck.
It was this.
I could, uh I can help you find it again.
You've done enough damage already.
If you really wanna help, stay out of my way.
Oh! It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Where where is he? I don't know.
But you've nothing to fear.
I'm here now.
Hey, kid.
You hungry? I managed to wrangle up a pop-tart.
No, thanks.
Well, that went well.
Emma, you're doing all you can do.
That's what makes me feel awful.
Ladies the dwarves have been thinking.
We have to ask.
When do we go back? Back? Where? The enchanted forest.
Our home.
You wanna go back? We fought really hard to get here.
But with what Regina did to Archie, Storybrooke ain't as safe as we thought.
We're gonna find her.
There's only so many places she can hide.
We've dealt with her before.
We'll do it again.
But it's not just her.
The curse is broken.
There's a whole world full of people beyond the town line that don't know who or what we are.
Ever think of what might happen if one of them were to come pay us a visit? He's right.
What if they see, you know, magic? Like a girl turning into a wolf, for example? Folks weren't exactly understanding back in our world.
Okay, let's not worry about "what ifs.
" No one is here.
Maybe they come.
Maybe they don't.
But that doesn't change the fact that while we might enjoy things like penicillin, we're a bit homesick.
Where are you going? The shop.
Why? Well, let's just say there are many wonderful things in there that I could use to make sure that pirate never comes near you ever again.
Rumple, no.
We we need to report this to the sheriff.
They'll take care of him.
You're so close to finding your son.
Please don't let your hatred for this man get in the way of that.
But he tried to harm you.
But why? W what what happened between you two? Belle This is really not your concern.
He attacked me.
It most definitely is my concern.
Many years ago, I was married to a woman named Milah until Hook crossed our paths.
She was Baelfire's mother? Yeah.
And because of that marauding cur, he grew up without her.
He took my wife, he took Bae's mother, so I took his hand.
That's why he came after me.
But, uh, what what about her? What what did he do? Rumple, you can you can tell me anything.
She died.
That's all that matters.
What happened here? Hook.
This is why he attacked you.
To get you out of the store.
What did he want? You have it, Mr.
Smee? What is it, Cap'n? It's the end of the Crocodile's hope.
Now he's trapped here.
Rumple! Rumple! Stop it! Stop, please.
- No, you're right.
- Hey.
I'll have to retrieve what's mine.
Let me let me help you.
This is my fight.
And this is my fault! If Hook had never attacked me, you never would have left the shop.
How do you propose that we get the shawl back? Have you dueled with a pirate before? How exactly are you gonna help me? Well, I'm not just gonna sit here and do nothing! No.
You're gonna go back to the library, lock the door, and wait for me to dispense with this problem.
And if I don't? You'll you'll cast some spell that gives me no choice? No.
I trust you'll do as I wish, as you trust me to be a better man.
Belle, please.
Hook has maybe cost me the chance of finding my son.
I don't want to lose you, too.
Here, look.
I want you to take this just in case Hook is stupid enough to come after you again.
Point this, pull this trigger, and the gun'll do the rest for you.
All right? All right? Yeah.
W wait.
Promise me that you going after Hook is just about getting the shawl back.
- Aah! - Uhh! - Aah! - The yaoguai wasn't at the lake.
I'm, uh I'm sorry.
I I m I must've misread that one.
See, you know what I think happened? I think you sent us in the wrong direction on purpose.
Uhh! Let her go.
This isn't your fight, solider.
Aah! Aah! Uhh! - Uhh! - Aah! Aah! Uhh! Wait.
You're a - ow! - Yeah, I know.
Aah! Go.
I didn't expect to see you again.
Thank you.
I had to put up with brutes like them when I served in the Emperor's army fools who think we have no business holding a sword.
I only wish there was someone there to stand up for me.
You're, uh, you're bleeding.
I'll survive.
The sun should be setting soon.
We need to move out.
What what what do you mean, "we"? You tracked the yaoguai in a matter of hours.
It took me weeks.
You track the beast, and I'll kill it.
I'd be honored to help you.
Hook came here on his ship.
Leaving town, Mr.
Smee? I spared your life and this is how you repay me? That object you stole from me I want it back.
I gave it to Hook.
- And where is he? - I don't know.
We we met on a rooftop.
He didn't tell me anything.
And why would he? Hook knows exactly what you are, Mr.
Smee a sniveling rat.
Now scurry off.
Where is it? Found you.
Hello? Uh h hello? Down here! Belle! Oh, thank God! Archie! You're you you're you're okay?! Yes, I I I am.
I I can can you, uh Aah! Go.
Find Mr.
Tell him I'm here.
Bring him back to the ship.
You're not coming with me? Go.
Go! Go, go! There's no time to argue.
Who's he calling? You've reached the office of Archibald Hopper.
I'm sorry I can't take your call right now.
I'm either with a patient Or dead.
It's okay, buddy.
Things will get better, I promise.
You just gotta hang in there.
Doesn't feel that way.
I know.
I know.
Pongo! Pongo! How did he get in here? I brought him.
Marco and I had a chat.
Archie knew how much Henry loves this dog.
We decided he should have him.
That is, if you're up for taking care of him, Henry.
Yeah, I am! Henry, why don't you take Pongo outside and clean him up? Okay.
Come on.
Come on, boy! Come on! Let's go! Come on, boy.
All right, look.
I know that there's a lot to work out logistically, but No, no, no.
I think giving Pongo to Henry is a great idea.
It's just, four people and a dalmatian in this loft things might get a little cramped.
I know.
We'll get creative.
Or we could get our own place.
You wanna do what? You wanna move out? Whoa! I it's just a suggestion.
After 28 years, isn't this what we've all been waiting for, to be together under the same roof? Yes.
I just imagined a bigger roof with turrets.
Being here in Storybrooke, we have a chance at a fresh start.
Let's take it.
You looking for this? Uh, that doesn't belong to you.
Oh, it does now.
Ahh! Ah, ah, ah.
My dear Belle, you should've stayed with your books.
Real life can get so messy.
It's just ahead.
You found it.
Your books serve you well.
Mulan, your leg's getting worse.
I have to protect my village.
- Hey! - Ohh! You can't even walk.
How how are you gonna kill the yaoguai? I'm not.
You are.
Me? I I'm I'm I'm not a soldier.
You have good instincts.
You tracked down that beast faster than I ever could.
Uh, tracking it and killing it are not the same thing.
There was once a time when people didn't think that I had what it took either, but I proved them wrong.
How? By showing them that I had the warrior spirit.
Once I found something worth fighting for, I fought for it with everything that I had.
I never gave up.
Belle the fate of my village depends on you.
Don't be afraid.
I'm not afraid of you, and I'm not leaving without that.
Well, I admire your loyalty.
But helping Rumplestiltskin? I'm afraid you're fighting a lost cause.
He needs that shawl to find his son.
And what makes you think his son wants to be found? Hmm? I'm doing that boy a favor.
Have you not hurt Rumple enough? Oh.
I've hurt him? You stole his wife.
Tell me something, love.
If a woman comes to you and begs you to take her away, is that theft? Why would she leave him? Because he was a coward.
And because she loved me.
I should have burned this the moment I acquired it.
Why didn't you? Because she made it.
I'm sorry she died, but vengeance? Vengeance won't bring her back.
Died? Like it was some kind of accident.
Is that what he told you? He well, yeah, he didn't say.
No, of course not.
Of course he'd leave out the most important detail of her passing.
And, uh what would that be? He killed her.
He ripped out her heart, and he crushed it right in front of me.
- No.
- Oh, yes.
- No! - Yes.
He will do anything anything to hold on to his power.
Why do you think anyone who's ever gotten close to him has either run away or been killed? Now what makes you think you're any different? Tell me something, darling.
Why would you want to fight for a man like that? Because I still see good in him.
Because I believe he's changed.
Because his heart is true.
And yours? Yours is rotten.
Uhh! You have no idea.
How the hell did you Oh, I know this ship like the back of my well, you know.
I'd suggest you give that back to me now.
Or what? Ah.
You look different in this world, Crocodile.
Like the coward I met so long ago, limp and all.
And yet, you still can't kill me.
Let's have it, Dark One.
What magic are you gonna hide behind today? Oh, no.
Not magic.
Uhh! Aah! Rumple! Hey, let's go.
Let's go.
- Uhh! - Let's go.
No, not yet, Belle.
- Aah! - This this is what you came for.
This is what's gonna get you back to Bae.
Ah, you're wasting your breath, love.
He can't resist.
He has to prove that he's not a coward.
You may want to turn away, Belle.
This isn't gonna be pretty.
Aah! Aah! Uhh! Over here! Over here! You you're writing something.
Jiu wo.
"Save me.
" You need help.
Let's, uh let's give this a try, shall we? Ohh! The curse you broke it.
Come on.
Someone someone did this to you? Maleficent.
An evil sorceress from my kingdom determined to do everything in her power to keep me apart from Aurora, my true love.
So she exiled me to this land and turned me into a monster.
I tried to warn the villagers, but no one understood what I really was.
Except you.
Well, you're not the first beast I've faced.
I am forever in your debt.
Please, tell me how I might repay you.
My friend's hurt.
She she needs a doctor.
As do you.
Help me bring her back to the village.
It would be my honor.
Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Do it! Kill me! He has to show you how powerful he is.
Rumple, this this is what he wants to destroy every bit of good in you.
Rip my heart out.
Kill me like you did Milah, and then I'll finally be reunited with her.
He has to die, Belle.
No! No, he doesn't! There's still good in you.
I see it.
I've always seen it.
Please show me I'm not wrong.
You take your little ship and sail until you fall off the edge of the world.
I never want to see you again.
Let's go.
I really liked this one.
I don't know.
The yard looks kinda small.
You gonna say that about every house we look at? I grew up on a farm.
This isn't about the houses, is it? We buried a friend this morning, Mary Margaret, and it made me realize I don't wanna die here.
But our home, David, it doesn't exist anymore.
The ogres are back.
Cora's in power.
Which is exactly why we need to return.
To make things right.
To fight.
I'm tired of fighting! That's all we've ever done.
We have a chance here, a chance to be together.
But what if we don't belong here? Isn't it worth it to fight for what we really want? Unless we don't want the same thing.
You plotting your escape from Shawshank, kid? No.
They're blueprints.
I had some ideas for what to do if David and Mary Margaret move out.
You wanna make Mary Margaret's room an armory? Yeah.
You know, for weapons and stuff.
To protect us from Regina.
She's not gonna hurt you.
I'm not gonna let her.
She hurt Archie.
- What if she wants to take me back? - That's not gonna happen.
Pongo? What is it? Archie.
What happened? It was Cora.
She kidnapped me.
Archie? Henry.
Oh! Oh, it's all right.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Henry, we were wrong.
- Regina didn't do it.
- I knew it.
Maybe we should let her know.
But something tells me either way, we're gonna pay the price.
This would have been lost if it wasn't for you, Belle.
I would have been lost.
After everything you've learned about me, after everything I've done why haven't you given up on me? I learned a long time ago that when you find something that's worth fighting for, you never give up.
My my friend's over that ridge.
There she is.
You're alive.
I, uh, I did it.
I defeated the yaoguai with a little help.
Who are you? I was the yaoguai.
He was cursed.
So I helped him.
Now he's going to help you.
You're not coming? I have another beast to face.
Good-bye, Belle.
We haven't been properly introduced.
My name's Phillip.
I'm coming back, Rumple.
Isn't that sweet? Still fighting for true love, even to the bitter end.
How did you find me? You really should be nicer to your traveling companions.
Right, Claude? Take her to the tower.
What? No.
What are you what are you doing? I I can save him! Just let me go to him.
I I can break his curse! You already tried and failed.
That monster's beyond saving.
I'm sparing you a lifetime of pain and misery.
You you can't keep us apart forever.
I'll fight for him.
I'll never stop fighting for him! Okay.
Here we go.
Belle It it worked.
Yes, it did.
It did.
Now you can find your son.
Oh, Belle, I so wish you were coming with me.
As do I, but It doesn't matter.
And why not? Because you'll find him, and when you do, I'll be here waiting for you when you get back.
Ohh! I wouldn't count on it.
Belle? Belle! Belle! Who's Belle? Oh, no.
Oh, no.
No, no.
Oh, fear not.
She'll live.
She'll just have no idea who you are.
What you've done cannot be undone.
Well, now you finally know how it feels! Well, go ahead, Crocodile.
Do your worst.
Oh, I intend to.