Once Upon a Time s02e22 Episode Script

And Straight on 'til Morning

Milah was quite beautiful, wasn't she? Don't worry, cap'n.
You'll avenge her.
No matter what it takes, I know you'll find a way to kill Rumplestiltskin.
Smee, what news of the day's catch? The boy we yanked from the sea.
He's still asleep.
A bit waterlogged and smells of catfish, but he'll live.
Where do you suppose he came from? Hmm? There aren't many other ships in the area, and his clothes are certainly not of this land.
What if the boy belongs to him? The ones he kidnaps from the other world.
I-I'd bet my rations on it.
But could we be so lucky? Lucky? He'll be looking for us.
He knows this land better than we do.
Smee Are you not a connoisseur of rare and valuable objects? If we return the boy to him, it could be the very key to our survival in Neverland.
Ahoy there.
Aren't you lucky to be alive? Lucky? I'm a prisoner of pirates in a land cursed with magic.
Well, most children think they've found paradise when they lay their eyes on Neverland's magic.
Why else leave home the first place? I came here so a family I loved could live.
Well, aren't you quite the hero? What would you know about that? Pirate.
A pirate saved your scrawny bones from the curse of the mermaids.
A pirate killed my mother and tore apart my family.
What about your father? He left me.
He's a coward.
What's your name, boy? I don't have to answer you.
Well, I can make you.
But to prove that not all pirates are as you fear, I'll simply ask again.
What's your name? Baelfire.
Welcome aboard, Baelfire.
It's a pirate's life for you.
Once Upon a Time 2x22 - And Straight on 'Til Morning Original air date May 12, 2013 Gold.
What are you doing here? Well, my son made it clear I'm to stay away from him, so I'm spending some time with my grandson instead.
Emma, it's okay.
Why don't you go talk to Henry? We'll handle this.
- Emma.
- Henry, hey.
Gold, we have some news we need to share with you, and it's not good.
Not interested.
It's about your son.
What about him? I have something really Tamara shot him.
What? He's dead? They used a bean to open a portal.
Neal was hurt so badly, he fell through.
He's gone.
Bae wasn't supposed to die.
Greg and Tamara they took something from Regina a magical trigger.
A fail-safe in the curse that can destroy Storybrooke.
If they activate it, it's a self-destruct.
Everyone not born in this world will die.
I know this is hard, but we need your help.
They killed your son in cold blood, - and you don't wanna stop them? - They didn't kill my son.
I did.
I brought magic to this world to find Bae.
And now he's dead.
Magic always has a price, and this this is it.
But I'm prepared to pay it.
But we'll die.
You'll die.
No, I've made my peace with that.
It's just ahead.
You sure whoever's in charge of you guys doesn't want you to die in a mine collapse? Just keep moving.
Who is telling you what to do? You know what? That's not your concern.
It's not ours, either.
Not your concern? So you're telling me you don't know who commands you? Unlike you, Hook, we believe in something.
We have faith in the sacredness of our cause.
We're here.
So your sacred cause is pilfering a dwarf's pickaxe? Regina had this in her pocket when you turned her over to us.
It's a trigger, and this axe, according to our people, is what activates it.
You're going to destroy an entire town and kill everyone in it Yeah, including your enemy.
Rumplestiltskin won't be immune to this? None of your kind will be.
Once this thing gets activated, nothing can shut it off.
This whole town will revert to the forest it was.
So tell us, Hook.
We're willing to die for our cause.
Are you willing to die for yours? Absolutely.
Uhh! - Oh! Henry.
- Mom! Oh! Regina, was that Yes.
The diamond was activated.
So we're all gonna die.
You were born here, so you'll live.
But I'll be alone.
- I'm so sorry, Henry.
It's gonna happen.
- I'm not gonna let it.
You did this.
Now make it stop.
I can't.
There's no way.
Well, figure it out.
It's your fault.
Stop! I already lost my dad.
I don't wanna lose anyone else.
We have to work together.
From the mouths of babes.
I'd say the lad has a point.
That's for the last time we met.
Bloody hell.
And tell us why you're here before I use something else other than my fist.
I think threatening to kill me is a bit redundant when we're all about to die anyway.
No thanks to you.
Regina just told us you were working with Tamara and Greg to get your revenge.
Well, that was before they told me I had to die to get it.
We don't have time for this.
We have a real problem.
Which is why I'm here, 'cause staring death in the face has made me realize if there's one thing I want more than my revenge, it's my life.
So should we start this thing now and then resume bickering? There is no stopping it.
And the best thing I can do is slow it down, but that will only delay the inevitable.
It'll give us the time we need.
The time for what? Steal back the beans.
Use them to get everyone back into the Enchanted Forest before Storybrooke is gone.
How? We don't know where Greg and Tamara are.
Well, I do.
I can help.
Help yourself.
You'll take them and leave us all behind.
- Why should we trust you? - No, we won't have to.
I'll go with him.
If he tries anything, I'll shoot him in the face.
- Quite hostile, aren't we? - Just being clear.
I'll take Regina to slow down the diamond, give you guys time.
Mary Margaret, take Henry.
Gather everyone.
Make sure they're ready to go as soon as we have those beans.
Henry, before you go I'm sorry for what's happened.
I tried to be the person that you wanted me to be, and I failed.
But I won't let you be alone.
You just know that I love you.
I love you, too.
The things we do for our children.
Captain, you have to give them the boy.
They've killed for less.
The sooner we give them what they want, the sooner they leave us alone.
I can't part with him now, not when I know he's The Dark One's son.
Can't be chance that brought him here.
Providence must be at work.
He is the key to my revenge.
I won't lose him.
Do you know who we are? You're the lost ones.
You work for him.
We're looking for a boy who was seen adrift nearby.
A boy he has a particular interest in.
Then I'm afraid I have to send you away disappointed.
As you can see, we're only men here.
Then you won't mind if we search your ship.
Be my guest.
Told you, no one here but me crew.
You're new to this land, which means I should warn you.
Do you know what he does to people who lie to him? No.
But I gather it hurts.
It does.
He rips your shadow right from your body.
R-r-r-r-rip! If you find him, you know who he belongs to.
Good-bye, captain.
I thought pirates only cared about themselves.
Well, you have a lot to learn, boy.
A sure sign of impending doom.
It ain't looting if the stuff you find's already yours.
We need Sneezy's drinking stein.
We can bring his memories back.
Oh, can you? Mother Superior finally figured it out.
He needs to drink this out of his old stein something important to him.
So she found a solution to the memory problem? Today? In the nick of time before we all die? Die? Who's dying? She's been working on it all along.
Then when she had to transform August back to Pinocchio, she found the ingredient she needed.
A hair from Pinocchio's head.
Someone who returned to who he should be someone who wasn't cursed.
So you're gonna wake your friend up to tell him he's about to die? - I don't want that.
- Shut it, Clark.
He wants to know who he is and be with his family, no matter how much time he has left.
Not if I'm gonna die.
- Let's take him back to Granny's.
- Do it there.
- Hey.
- Hey, guys.
If I don't have a family, will I still die? You know, I really don't think it's necessary, you know, to go through this.
I asked her to make a second dose.
This is for you.
Well, what am I supposed to do with that? Belle once helped remind me who I was.
I've never forgotten.
I wanna return the favor.
Don't let her die as Lacey.
What what was all that about? Oh, that was nothing.
Over there.
Let's go.
Time's running out.
Oh, is that what that means? Your sea legs aren't bad for a landlubber.
Yeah, but I still get queasy.
Oh, it'll pass.
Just think of yourself as an extension of the ship.
Do you care to try a hand at the helm? I know nothing of sailing.
Oh, once you get your bearings, it's as easy as pie.
Now The left side is called "port.
" And the right side is called "starboard.
" Now Go two notches to port.
Well done, mate.
You were born with the sea in your blood.
You spoke of your mother's fate, but your father what became of him? You say he left you? It's a long story.
It's one that I know well.
When I was a boy, my father and I boarded a ship with plans to travel the realms.
One morning, I awoke, and he was gone.
Turned out he was a fugitive.
He had fled in the middle of the night to avoid capture.
He abandoned you? Aye.
That he did.
If I tell you something, will you promise not to tell the crew? They might become frightened.
My father the reason why I don't speak of him is because he's The Dark One.
He once was a man, but when I got drafted to the ogre wars, he wanted to protect me.
So he went in search of The Dark One's dagger.
And once he got it, he grew obsessed with the power it gave him.
He draws his power from a dagger? Yes.
It's the only weapon that can kill him.
And the only thing he truly cares about anymore.
He chose it over me.
My papa abandoned me, too.
So, tell me, Hook, all this time, it's been about revenge for you? Why is that suddenly so important to you that you survive? I know what I'm fighting for my family.
What are you fighting for? Myself.
That's plenty of motivation, I can assure you.
The beans give 'em to me.
You mean these? Ohh! Oh! Ohh! Aah! Aah! No! Come on.
We got what we need.
What are you doing? They've got the beans! Not all of them.
I snagged one.
Where are the rest? Who cares? All we need is one.
Hey! Live to fight another day, mate.
I'm not your mate.
I can feel it.
It's like the oxygen's being sucked out of the air.
Not the oxygen.
The magic.
There it is.
Once it stops glowing, its destruction is achieved, and then well, then we'll see the real carnage.
I'll try to contain its energy as long as I can.
It won't be long.
We'll have the bean soon.
Then we can get the hell out of here.
Slowing the device It's going to require all the strength I have.
You're not coming with us, are you? When you said good-bye to Henry, you were saying good-bye.
He knows I love him, doesn't he? Regina, no, there has gotta be another way.
You were right, you know.
Everything that's happening it's my fault.
I created this device.
It's only fitting that it takes my life.
What am I supposed to tell Henry? Tell him that in the end, it wasn't too late for me to do the right thing.
Regina, please Everyone looks at me as the Evil Queen, including my son.
I may die as Regina.
Regina To the end of the world.
Come on.
It'll help numb it.
I'll, uh, I'll drink to that.
I'm I'm so sorry.
Uh, here.
I got it.
I got it.
- Sorry.
- S-stop.
- Put that down.
- It's just an old rag.
It belonged to someone very important.
You wouldn't understand.
I said I'm sorry.
That cup again.
What is it? It's something from my past From our past.
And I'm sorry.
Let's not fight.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
I didn't wanna wake you up to die.
But I needed you.
You lost your son.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
I've failed.
I've failed.
We have the beans.
All right.
You did it? Yeah.
You okay? Oh, it's grazed.
It's fine.
Okay, let's get going.
Henry? W-where's my mom? Regina can hold off the self-destruct device long enough for us to escape, but But what? She won't survive.
Henry, I'm sorry.
I promised her I'd get you to safety.
But we can't do this.
She's family.
We don't leave family behind.
I know, but this is what she wants.
We have a way out.
We have to take it.
We saved her from being killed by the wraith.
How is this any different? The wraith.
What? We sent it through a portal.
Why can't we do the same thing with the self-destruct? - Because we don't know if it's going to work.
- It could.
It's too risky.
No one will go along with it.
Yes, we will.
Because it's the right thing to do.
Look, Snow White and The Prince have always led us before, and we've always won.
- So who's willing to let them lead us again? - You can count on us.
- Me.
- Me! - Always.
- - Me.
Thank you, Archie.
- Oh, this is what we should do.
- And will do.
I know we haven't had a lot of chances to be parents, but give us this one.
Let us do the right thing.
It's not too late.
I just don't want him to be alone.
I don't want him to grow up the way I did.
Ohh! This plan could fail.
If we use that bean now, we can get away for sure.
We will survive.
But it's wrong.
Emma, I killed her mother.
You did that to Cora because you had to.
I did it because it was easy.
It was a mistake.
There were other paths harder paths, and I wish I had taken them.
So please, Emma, honey Let's take the hard path.
Because if we don't, we will be building a future on Regina's blood.
You're all mad.
- I can live with myself.
- Give it back.
If she wants to die for us, I say let her.
You and I we understand each other.
Look out for yourself, - and you'll never get hurt, right? - Worked quite well for me.
Yeah, till the day that it doesn't.
We're doing this.
It might be stupid.
It might be crazy, but we're doing it.
So you can join us and be a part of something, or you can do what you can do best and be alone.
Quite passionate, Swan.
Why are you really doing this? The kid just lost his father today.
I'm not letting him lose a mother, too.
His father? Who's Henry's father? Neal.
Baelfire? Yeah.
Captain Why is Baelfire still aboard the "Jolly Roger"? The boy has given you a path to revenge, but you can't walk that path if you're dead.
Careful, Smee.
Captain, you know quite well that he is after the boy.
If you don't surrender Baelfire to him, the the lost ones will take him anyway and kill you.
I'm the captain.
I give the orders! And anyone who disobeys can walk the plank and pray the mermaids take pity on his soul! Face me, villain? Uhh! - Captain! - Whoa! - Whoa.
What's this about, Bae? I found this on your desk.
It's it's my mother.
How'd you get it?! - Bae - How?! You're the pirate that killed her! I didn't kill your mother.
We fell in love.
And we ran off together.
Your father lied to you.
He was too much of a coward to tell you the truth.
He tore her heart out and crushed it in front of me.
And I've spent every moment since then wanting revenge.
She abandoned me? Not a single day went past when your mother didn't regret leaving you, Baelfire.
We talked about going back for you when you were old enough.
Perhaps fate brought us together so that I can make good on those plans.
We can live the life that Milah wanted for us, - as a family.
- No! Stay back.
You used me! You wanted to kill my father! Yes.
I did.
You tore apart my family, as sure as if you'd ripped her heart out yourself.
Bae, don't.
Take me back to my real family, the Darlings.
Uh, I can't.
It's not possible to leave Neverland.
But you could stay here under my protection.
I'd rather fend for myself than be with you.
I want off this ship Pirate.
What are you doing here? You were willing to die to save us.
That makes you a hero.
And now we're gonna be heroes.
We're gonna open up a portal, throw this thing into a void.
You don't know that it'll work.
We have to try.
Everybody, step aside.
Emma? It's empty.
Eager to go, I see.
Just drop me off anywhere.
You really think you can survive on your own? I've never been given the choice.
Well, you have one now.
Anywhere will do.
I get you're angry.
But it doesn't have to end like this.
This ship can be your home, your family.
Just say the word.
It's not too late to start over.
I can change, Bae for you.
You say that.
I know you'll never change.
Because all you care about is yourself.
Thank you for reminding me what I'm all about.
Killing your father.
You're not letting me go.
How would that help me? You hated my father so much, you didn't even realize you were just like him! You have the boy.
He will be pleased? I can't contain this much longer.
Mom Dad I love you, Henry.
I only wish I was strong enough to stop all this.
I'm just not.
You may not be strong enough.
But maybe we are.
We're alive.
Emma? Oh.
We did it.
Yes, we did.
Gotta hand it to Henry.
He's right about a lot of things.
Yes, he is.
Isn't that right, kid? Henry? Henry? Henry? Emma, what is it? They took him.
Relax, kid.
We're not gonna hurt you.
Just everyone I love.
You tried to blow up Storybrooke.
True, but that was never the point.
It wasn't? We came here to destroy magic, Henry, but then we found something more important something that changed everything.
Emma, you don't even know where you're going! Doesn't matter.
I have to find him.
I'll track them down in hell if I have to.
The last bean.
They've opened a portal.
Henry! Henry! No! No! No! We have to follow them! There has to be a way.
Not only do we not know where they went, - but Hook stole the last bean.
- I don't care! - Without it, there's no way to follow.
- There has to be.
We can't let them just take Henry.
They've taken Henry? Yeah.
You're The Dark One.
Do something.
Gold, help us.
There's no way.
I spent a lifetime trying to cross worlds to find my son.
There's no way in this world without a portal.
He's gone forever? I refuse to believe that.
What is that? Hook.
What the hell are you doing here? Helping.
Well, you're too late.
Am I? I thought you didn't care about anyone but yourself.
Maybe I just needed reminding that I could.
Enough waiting around.
Let's go.
Go? Where? I thought we were saving the town.
We already did.
We need to get Henry.
Greg and Tamara took him through a portal.
Well, I offer my ship and my services to help follow them.
Well, that's great, Hook, but how will we track them? Leave that to me.
I can get us where we need to go.
Then let's do it.
Belle, I-I-I have to go.
You have to stay here.
W-why? I-I wanna help.
The town is no longer safe.
- What? - What? Well, Greg and Tamara weren't working alone.
Others will follow.
We can't leave people in danger.
After we've gone, follow these instructions.
It's a cloaking spell.
It'll shield the town, making it impossible for anyone to find.
Well, then how will you find your way back to me? You're not coming back, are you? The prophecy.
The boy is my undoing.
But he's also my grandson.
I must save him.
I must do this to honor Baelfire.
He's gone.
And I didn't even get the chance to say good-bye.
I understand, but I also know that the future isn't always what it seems.
I will see you again.
Baelfire would be very proud of you.
Who is he? I don't know.
Is he alive? Barely.
We have to get him help.
Help me get him up.
So are you done trying to kill me? I believe so.
Then you can live.
Where is that? Where did they take Henry? Neverland.
Is it the boy? The one he wants? No, it's not.
It's your lucky day, boy.
You get to live.
Put him with the rest.
So who are we up against? Who are Greg and Tamara? They're merely pawns, manipulated by forces far greater than they can conceive.
They have no idea who they're truly working for.
And who's that? Someone we all should fear.
If that's not the boy he's looking for, you think we'll be able to find him? Of course we will.
May take time, but Peter Pan never fails.