Once Upon a Time s03e10 Episode Script

The New Neverland

Previously on "Once Upon a Time" Pan's shadow.
It's the only way we'll ever get back to Storybrooke.
Let's get the hell out of Neverland.
The one who's in trouble is Henry.
Pan? Let's play.
So if the name Rumple gave you's correct, he works here.
Is that him? - Is that Eric? - Yes.
He must really hate me.
Go on.
Go talk to him.
Go! Ariel.
What's that? He's back.
Once Upon a Time 3x10 - The New Neverland Original air date December 8, 2013 All right! Yeah! They're back! Emma! Oh! Snow! All right! Yeah! How's it feel to finally be home? Better than I ever imagined.
I told you I'd see you again.
That's the last time I don't listen to you.
- Yeah.
- Hey! Hey.
Welcome back.
Thank you.
I, uh found this below deck.
Thought you might need it.
Thank you, Bae.
I do as a reminder of the man I was and shall no longer be.
Huh? Who are they? Hey.
Wendy! Michael! John! Is it really you? You have no idea how long we've been waiting to see you.
You remember Baelfire? Hey.
So? Now what? I think it's time for the Darlings to go home.
All of us.
How do you feel? Pretty good, actually.
I think the water must be working.
Aye, it 'tis.
Dreamshade overtook my brother the moment we left Neverland.
Gold will find a cure.
You'll be okay.
I have to admit, there was a minute there I didn't believe we were all gonna make it out of that place.
Well, we did.
And we owe a lot of it to her.
Regina helped save us all.
I shall destroy your happiness, if it is the last thing I do.
Hey! - Snow, listen to me.
- What can you say? What can you possibly say to make me feel better? We just got married? That should be enough.
Regina found a way to ruin it.
She always does.
We have to do something.
- Like what? - I don't know! Storm her castle? Steal her magic? There must be some way to fight back.
She can't hurt us.
You know that.
I know that she's determined, and so am I.
Snow, she wants to take away our happiness.
We can't win that fight on a battlefield.
No? So how do you suggest we win it? By going on our honeymoon.
- What? - That's the only way to show Regina that nothing she does can take away our happiness.
How can you even think of leaving the kingdom now? After the kind of threats she made? Threats.
That's all they were.
I mean, for all we know, that was just bluster, that She finds a way! She always finds a way.
And then we will be ready.
But today? It's just a threat.
Let's not ruin this moment.
Let's not ruin our honeymoon.
We can go anywhere you wanna go.
Anywhere? As long as it takes your mind off Regina for a few days? The Summer Palace.
It's where my parents spent their honeymoon.
I always dreamt of going there with my husband.
Well now you can.
I'll make preparations for our journey.
Mm! Castle's secure.
Evil Queen's not getting past a single dwarf.
Thank you, Grumpy.
You know, I couldn't help but overhear you and the prince.
Thin masonry.
So you're really gonna go on a honeymoon now? He thinks it's the best way to send a message to Regina.
Yeah, I heard what he said.
What do you think? I think there's something at the Summer Palace that will help us defeat her once and for all.
So what about that shadow? Don't worry.
It's trapped, just as it was in the candle.
The only person that can free it is safely in here.
What do you have in mind, Peter? What if someone decides to open that box, let the real boy out? That's not the problem.
Trust me.
What's the next step? You need to be punished.
Hey, mom, dad? What about Felix? He's still free.
- What are you doing? - They need to trust me.
Henry's right.
Can't just let Felix walk away freely.
Oh, don't worry.
We got plenty of cell space for this guy.
You're safe now, Henry.
Once I seal the box in here no one can break the spell but me.
And you're not gonna do that? Believe me, I want Pan trapped just as much as you.
Don't worry, Henry.
He's not getting out of there.
We won't let anything happen to you again.
I promise.
She's right.
You needn't worry.
As long as I'm alive, that boy will never see the light of day.
- Perfect.
- Thank you.
And you're welcome.
So what now? Well, that's a question I haven't had to ask myself.
I didn't think I had a future.
But you do.
The boy wasn't your undoing, and neither was Pan.
So now you can stop worrying about prophecies and start thinking about your future.
There's endless possibilities, countless paths to take.
But there's only one of those paths I'm interested in.
Which one's that? The one where you and I are together.
Well, don't be too excited.
Neal still had it in his room.
We thought you'd want it.
Especially since you just lived a fairy tale of your own.
You okay? Yeah.
Why? I don't think they serve rum at Granny's.
Don't worry.
I'm not here to pursue the lady swan.
Yeah, you're just here to throw back a few with the dwarfs.
I made a decision when it comes to Emma.
I'm gonna back off.
Back off? For the sake of the boy.
Let his parents have a fair shot.
Without a devilishly handsome pirate standing in the way.
You serious? Yeah.
I am devilishly handsome.
Thanks, man.
Oh, don't thank me yet.
You see, I'm in this for the long haul.
You've already walked out on Emma once.
I'm not so sure she'll let you back in.
Are you? Green.
Her name is Tinker Bell.
I know.
- I just didn't think that I would ever - You'd ever see me again? Likewise.
Give Tink her wings back.
In case you forgot, I don't take orders from you.
She helped us.
She's earned it.
She even got pixie dust to work again.
Really? Let's see.
Well, briefly.
I mean, sort of glowed for a moment.
It's not something I can do at the drop of a hat.
Well, then, there's your problem.
What? You don't believe in yourself anymore.
How can I believe in you if you can't even do that? I need a drink.
How's he doin'? As good as can be expected.
So, uh, Emma, can we make some time to talk? Isn't that what we're doing right now? Yeah, I I thought maybe just the two of us.
Are you trying to ask me on a date? - You know, when you put it like that - Neal I don't know.
I Hey, listen.
Henry's back.
And he's safe.
We all are.
Okay, look, I'll make it I'll make it easier for you.
Tomorrow, I'm gonna be hungry around lunchtime.
And so I'm gonna come here, I'm gonna sit in that booth, and you're welcome to join me.
And if not? I'll quit buggin' you.
- Don't say it.
- Say what? That I owe it to Neal to go on a date with him.
You don't.
You owe it to yourself.
I can't think about myself right now, not after what Henry just went through.
Now who does she remind me of? Snow, this this is amazing.
It's been so long since I've been here.
Since anyone has.
Oh, I miss this place.
I'm so glad you talked me into doing this.
Oh, oh, not so fast.
Between breaking the sleeping curse, taking back the kingdom, and seven dwarfs breathing down our necks, it's not like we've had a lot of time on our own.
I know, it's just I have something special planned for tonight.
What's wrong with right now? Trust me, what I have in mind is worth the wait.
All right.
I'll go stable the horses.
So what exactly am I waiting for? How did you know? You had that look on your face.
What look? The look you have when you're up to something.
I'm guessing this little excursion has something to do with Regina's threat? When I was a little girl, the palace servants used to tell stories of a fearsome creature that lived in a nearby cave.
What kind of creature? The kind that if you were to look into her eyes, she would turn you into stone.
They called her Medusa.
And what? You thought we could turn Regina to stone, how? - By capturing this Medusa? - No, no, no, no.
By cutting off her head.
And what? Sending it to her in a box? I hadn't gotten that far yet.
But if I have the head, I just need to make Regina look at her for a moment to turn her into stone.
And I can figure out that part after I have the head.
Absolutely not.
I'm not letting my wife venture into the woods to chase a monster.
At least not alone.
You mean Yes.
I'm coming with you.
You're obviously not gonna relax until we find a weapon to use against Regina but, Snow, you have to promise one thing if we find this Medusa and figure out to use her against Regina, you have to at least try to enjoy what's left of our honeymoon.
Good thing I brought this.
Ahh Sorry, kid.
It's time for something you didn't have in Neverland bedtime.
Oh, let's say good night to Regina.
Good night? I didn't realize it was getting so late.
It's gonna be hard to let you out of my sight.
Maybe you don't have to.
Maybe I could stay with you tonight.
Of course.
Yeah, just call me tomorrow and let me know what time you want me to pick you up.
Come on, Henry.
Let's go home.
That's okay.
Probably just wants to spend his first night back in his old room.
Yeah, I'm sure that's it.
Lights out, young man.
Mom your vault.
Did you bring that over with you? Yes, Henry.
You know that.
With all your magic? Why are you asking all these questions? Because I might need that stuff to protect myself from Pan.
Oh, honey, he can't hurt you.
He's locked up in Gold's shop.
But what if he gets out? What if he finds a way to come after me? Magic isn't the answer.
My vault is sealed shut for a reason.
It's dangerous.
I'll protect you, no matter what.
Now it's time for you to go to bed.
Good night.
She's wrong.
Magic is the answer.
It's time.
You aren't mad, are you? I fell in love with you on a troll bridge, after you robbed me and hit me over the head with a rock.
I knew what I was getting myself into.
According to the legend, Medusa's cave shouldn't be much farther.
If Medusa can turn her victims into stone, is there any way to lift the curse? Turn them back into flesh and blood? The only way to free Medusa's victims is to kill Medusa.
And no one's figured out how to do that? She's immortal.
- So cutting off her head - Well, it won't kill her.
It'll just make it easier to turn Regina to stone.
Snow are you sure you wanna condemn Regina to a fate like that? So you're on her side now? No, I'm on your side.
You know that.
Doesn't sound like that.
It's just, when we imprisoned Regina, you stopped her execution.
You said killing her wasn't the answer.
So how is turning her to stone any different? Last time, she threatened us.
This time? She threatened the entire kingdom.
We've protected the kingdom from her before, without a gorgon's head.
There's something else, isn't there? Snow, why can't you put Regina out of your mind for a single moment? I don't know! Because I can't.
So you coming? What, and miss all the honeymoon fun? Well, come on.
I never thought Granny's lasagna could taste so good.
Perhaps, you'd like to wash it down with this.
- Is that - Yeah.
An elixir.
This will cure your dreamshade poisoning once and for all.
You really found a cure? Already? I am a man of my word.
And I owe you nothing? No "price of magic"? No On the house.
But we are family now, so I'm sure should I ever need a favor you'd be more than receptive.
Thank you.
What are you waiting for? Drink it! How you feel? - What are you thinking? - Well, I'm thinking, maybe we can finally start on that baby? Okay, I didn't mean right now.
Emma didn't listen to us.
I've got this.
Isn't Granny's that way? Did Neal send you? No, he has no idea I'm here.
But when I saw him sitting at a table alone, I wanted to make sure you were okay.
Are you? Yeah, I'm fine.
Emma It's not Neal.
It's Henry.
He doesn't seem like himself.
He barely recognized his storybook last night.
- He went through a lot in Neverland.
- I know! And he asked to spend the night at Regina's.
She did help us save him.
And she did raise him until you came into his life.
I know she did.
Look, he probably wants to stay with you tonight.
I wouldn't worry about it.
You know, we're all recovering.
I know.
I just can't shake the feeling something bad is still gonna happen, and that I need to do everything I can to stop it.
Emma, you can't think like that.
Why not? Bad things do keep happening.
And so do good things.
But if you think like that you miss out.
There's more to life than just looking for the next fight.
You know, you gotta look for the moments.
- Moments.
- Yes.
Life is made up of moments good ones, bad ones, but they're all worth living.
Well, I seem to be a magnet for the bad ones.
Well, then all the more reason to look for the good moments in between the bad ones.
And you think having lunch with Neal will be a good moment? I don't know.
Does he eat with his mouth open? I'm not sure I'm ready.
What's the harm in finding out? Come on, I'll give you a lift to Granny's.
Sure you don't have other reasons for pushing me toward Neal? - Like what? - I don't know.
Keeping me away from Hook? You think I'm interested in Hook? Emma, I'm a married man.
Hook! You okay? I'm fine, luv.
The question is are you? Why wouldn't I be? Well, I know that Storybrooke can be a disorienting place.
You're not used to it.
Perhaps, a drink to help settle you in? We both know you want more than a drink.
You want me to help take your mind off Emma.
Emma? Who's Emma? I only see you.
I may have lost my wings but I haven't lost my dignity.
That's never gonna happen.
What the hell was that? We had the same question.
Wait, were you two - No! - Perhaps.
There! Blue! Come on, come on, come on.
Come on.
She's gone.
Why would the shadow kill her? No idea, luv.
But I do know the shadow only takes orders from one person.
Come with me.
Something's happened.
Keep your eyes down! Well, how are we supposed to find her? Oh! I don't think that'll be a problem.
Stay here.
I'll draw her out.
When she passes by I'll do the rest.
But remember, whatever you do, don't look into her eyes.
Hey! Now! Snow! Oh! That wasn't part of the legend.
Fantastic development.
How are we gonna cut off her head now? Yeah, well, we're not, Snow.
Maybe you were right.
Maybe we should've stayed in the palace.
It's fine.
We just need to find a way out of here.
Go! Go! Snow! Don't look back! Aah! Charming! What the hell happened? The shadow.
It killed her.
Pan's shadow? I trapped it on the sail.
Yeah, well, it got free.
Hook, let's go back to the ship and get the candle.
If it strikes again, we need to be able to capture it.
Pan's behind this.
I know it.
He's trapped in a box under the floor of Gold's shop.
Who else would be doing this? So Pan can still hurt me? We don't know that.
Well, we have to assume he's still a threat.
And that he's after Henry.
Then what am I doing here? Henry's right.
He's not safe out in the open.
You'll protect me, right? Well, yes, of course.
We'll take care of the shadow.
Regina, wait.
What? Keep a close eye on him.
- I already said I would.
- I know.
He just doesn't seem quite himself.
Really? You mean because he asked for me? No, I didn't I didn't mean that.
That's exactly what you meant.
You can't face the fact that I'm his mother, too.
And maybe, just maybe, he wants me when he's frightened.
You forget, I have ten years of soothing his nightmares under my belt.
He's fine.
It's not about you, Regina.
I just have a gut feeling.
Well, maybe you can use that gut feeling to find the shadow, instead of obsessing over who's gonna comfort our son.
So where are you taking me? One place in Storybrooke the shadow can never get to the place where I keep my magic.
Promise you won't touch anything? I promise.
I won't leave you! And I won't let her scare me away either.
You're going to have to do better than that.
Enjoying your honeymoon? Well, I don't remember inviting you.
What's the matter, Snow? Cranky because your prince is now a statue? I can barely tell the difference.
You're really enjoying this.
This is all your fault.
No, dear.
It's yours.
Oh, and I have to thank you, because you saved me so much trouble.
I didn't realize I could just sit back, and let you destroy your own happiness.
She's right.
I did this.
I defeated myself.
Wait! Come and get me! Snow! Oh! Are you okay? Now I know what Frederick felt like.
I thought I'd lost you forever.
How did you do it? How did you Defeat her? I didn't.
I let her defeat herself.
I'm sorry.
I was so focused on finding a way to beat Regina, that I almost lost the thing I could never live without you.
You damn well almost did.
How can I ever make it up to you? Well, now that you mention it I've got a few ideas.
No, I'm afraid, we're closed.
Whatever crisis you're dealing with, - I'm done for the day.
- Rumple.
Pandora's box give it to me.
And why would I do that? We need to open it.
And let Pan escape? What are you, crazy? Somehow he's controlling the shadow from inside the box.
Henry's life is in danger.
And you think letting Pan out will change that? Yes, because we can stop him, finally and forever.
All due respect, Miss Swan, we barely succeeded in apprehending him the first time.
If I've learned one thing, it's not to tempt fate.
I am not looking to apprehend him.
Wouldn't you rather be sure that he's gone? Well, what do you have in mind? There's no magic beyond the town line.
If we release Pan outside Storybrooke, he'll be powerless to fight back.
I'm doing this.
I can cross the line and retain my memories.
It's not about that.
There's no magic over there.
All due respect, the real world is my expertise.
I'm gonna deal with Pan on my terms.
He is my father.
My hunch.
If I fail, you're more than welcome to pick up the pieces.
Emma, be careful.
Mom? What? What are you waiting for? Shoot him.
Don't! Please.
I'm Henry.
Pan, he he switched our bodies.
You expect me to believe that? Don't listen to him.
This is one of his tricks.
No, it's not! He did it right before Mr.
Gold captured me in the box.
I swear.
Ah! Don't come any closer.
Shoot him! Maybe he's telling the truth.
Maybe that's why I can't shake this feeling something's off about Henry.
Maybe that's what he wants you to believe.
If he steps over this line, we're all dead.
All right, if you are really Henry, prove it.
Tell me something only Henry would know.
I I got trapped in the mines.
I tried blowing up the well.
I like hot cocoa with cinnamon.
This proves nothing.
He's right, Emma.
Henry could've told Pan all of this in Neverland.
Pan might know facts, but life is made up of more than that.
There are moments.
He can't possibly know all of them.
The first time you and I connected.
You remember that? Not met but connected.
- Where was it? - In my castle, right after you came to Storybrooke.
And what did you tell me? That I knew why you gave me up.
Why? Because you wanted to give me my best chance.
Henry? Mom.
It is Henry.
Promise you're not gonna incinerate us when we step over the line? I'm sorry I doubted you, Henry.
And I'm sorry I put you in this box in the first place.
It's okay.
I would've done the same thing.
Come on.
If he's all the way out here, where's Pan? What is it? I was just thinking how lucky I am, to have you protecting me here.
Oh, Henry.
When all this is over, I promise, I'm finally going to be the mother you always wanted me to be.
I love you.
I know.
That's why this was so easy.
I'm sorry we didn't find a way to defeat Regina.
That's okay.
No, it's not.
I I know how much you needed this, even if you didn't know why.
I did.
What? When you asked me why I wanted to turn her to stone, I said I didn't know why.
But I did.
I was just afraid of admitting it.
Admitting what? I wanna start a family.
So do I.
Wh why is that to be feared? Because I couldn't imagine bringing a child into a world where Regina's always a threat.
That's why I was so obsessed with defeating her.
How could I bring something good into a world, where there was always something bad out there? Well, then we'll find another way to stop her.
No, that's not the point.
I was wrong.
Losing you made me see that.
We can't wait anymore.
We have to start our family now.
I don't follow.
Regina? Regina will always be a problem.
If not her, there will be someone or something else.
There will always be something else.
We can't let it define us.
We have to find the good moments in between all of the bad ones.
What better way to make a good moment than with a child? Then a child we shall have.
You've reached - the voice-mail box of - Regina's still not answering.
When we find Pan? Remember, he's still in my body.
So if you have to throw a fireball or something, at least avoid the face.
I'll do my best.
Is it really you? Dad! Did you find the shadow? Not yet.
But we'll be ready for him when we do.
It's Pan we should be concerned about now.
Why are we still up here? It's locked up tight.
Really? I told you.
Fair enough.
This is gonna take some time.
It's gonna be okay.
You know, everything's going to be okay.
No, it's not.
Even if Pan's down there, I can't use my gun.
- He's in Henry's body.
- And we'll get him out.
We'll save him.
- Will we? - Yes.
And because of you.
You were right about Pan.
Just like your mother was about Regina all those years ago.
We'll stop him.
And then live my moments even though, there's still terrible things out there? Exactly.
You're great parents, but you're wrong.
I'm the Savior.
I don't have the luxury of having moments.
It's just not my life.
Every time I think I'm gonna sit back and enjoy myself, I can't because it's never gonna stop.
I used to think the same way.
It's different.
My magic has a price.
The price of being the Savior is I don't get a day off.
Shall we? Regina! Pan's gone.
We're clear down here! Mm.
What? - What happened? - It's Henry.
Somehow, Pan switched bodies with him.
And I fell for it.
We all did.
Oh, I wanted to believe what he was saying so badly, I missed all the signs.
I I just wanted to believe that he still needed me to be his mother.
I still do.
Henry? So what exactly did Pan come down here to get? What? Please tell me you didn't keep it down here.
Where else would I keep it? What is it? What did Pan take? - A curse? - No, Felix.
The curse.
The curse that tore everyone from the Enchanted Forest, and dropped them here.
You broke me out of jail to tell me how everyone got to this town? I broke you out of jail because this spell is gonna give us everything we've always wanted.
Why would Pan even want the curse? I already cast it.
And I broke it.
Well, that doesn't mean he can't cast it again.
And this time, without your parents' true love woven in, even you would be powerless to break it.
I don't understand.
We're already in this land.
What exactly would casting the curse in Storybrooke do now? Everyone will forget who they are, time will stand still, and, Felix we will be in charge.
Of this whole place.
And when we're done with it, it's going to be the new Neverland.