Once Upon a Time s03e19 Episode Script

A Curious Thing

You've gathered the entire kingdom for this? There's a wicked witch out there just waiting to pounce.
And pretending otherwise would be dangerous.
There's nothing dangerous about rallying our people.
You're announcing you're pregnant.
It's not like you invented the wheel.
What's this? - Belle! - Are you okay? When you and Neal disappeared, we feared the worst.
We went off to see if we could revive The Dark One.
What happened? Neal was able to resurrect him at the cost of his own life.
Rumple's alive.
Neal's dead.
I think so.
To which? Both? You see, when Rumple saw that Neal was dying, he absorbed him.
And, uh, Zelena got ahold of the dagger.
Now she controls Rumple.
Maybe now isn't the time to announce the pregnancy.
Regina is right.
It's too dangerous.
No, if if we don't, we give in to fear.
But if we do, we give the kingdom what they need hope.
We don't even know what this wicked witch wants.
Actually, we do.
She wants your baby.
She came to us when you were gone, threatened us and our unborn child unless we told her when you arrived in our land.
She thinks your baby could be important.
I'm so sorry.
She said she'd hurt us.
And I make good on my promises.
What do you want with our baby? Calm down, sweetie.
You don't want to go into early labor.
Stay away from my wife! Ooh! Someone's testy.
Enough, sis.
This is between you and me.
Now let's see if this was all worth it.
Oh, yes.
Yes, it was.
This child shall do quite nicely.
So take good care of it for me.
Don't forget to eat well.
I will be back for your happy day.
And what's yours will be mine.
Once Upon a Time 3x19 - A Curious Thing Original air date April 27, 2014 Grumpy, tell me you found something.
I've been to Blue, Tink, all the fairies.
They've been scouring the forest for enchanted items to destroy her, but they got zilch.
They say she's just too powerful.
It's happening again.
I'm about to give birth, and an evil sorceress is threatening the future of my child.
To be fair, the first time, I was threatening you.
Everyone else just became collateral damage.
Remind me again why we forgave her.
Because I'm helping.
Frustrating as it is for me to remember, Snow, you had a head start to defeat me last time.
How? We were warned.
By Rumplestiltskin.
Well, maybe he can warn you again.
You want to sneak into Rumple's castle, where he's being held captive by the Wicked Witch? - Name's Grumpy, not stupid.
- Mm, you're right.
It is stupid, but for our child - We'll do whatever it takes.
- Heartwarming.
He's trapped in his own castle.
Belle, you were prisoner there.
Yes, but breaking in? I I I would have no idea how.
Luckily, I do.
I broke in there once before.
Why are we even listening to him? He's a thief, which means he's not to be trusted.
What are you even still doing here? What I'm doing here is saving your ass.
The castle has traps and deadly ones.
Not more deadly than my magic.
They are if you don't see them coming.
Well, maybe I'm okay with taking my chances.
All right, you may be, but we're not.
He's coming.
What do you see in me? Hopefully the same thing you see in me a second chance.
And you're quite a good kisser.
Just wait till I actually have my heart back.
What is that like? - I mean, can you - Feel? Yes, I can.
Just not fully.
It's difficult to explain.
Then don't.
Use mine for the both of us.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
E excuse me, Madam Mayor.
Are you all right? No, I'm not all right.
But they're waiting for me.
I should go.
Good luck.
If I didn't know any better, I'd say you look smitten.
Well, if I didn't know any better, I'd say Haagen-Dazs is smitten with your stomach.
- Can we get started? - We were waiting for Hook.
I don't have time to wait for the handless wonder.
We have to figure out how to destroy my sister.
For once, I agree with Regina.
Stopping her plan is the priority.
There's one thing about this plan that doesn't fit Regina.
I'm the point of it.
So she can take my life for herself.
But why bring you back to Storybrooke? Why bring any of us? Well, no one's ever succeeded at traveling through time.
Perhaps something from this world makes it possible.
But what's almost as troubling is that she was able to cast the curse - to bring us all here in the first place.
- Why is that? To do it, you have to give up the thing you love most.
From what I gather, Zelena doesn't love much.
Neither did you.
You managed.
Zelena's smart, strategic.
Perhaps we discovered something in the missing year to stop her.
And then the only way to stop us from interfering was to bring us back here and wipe our memories.
So if we get our memories back, we might already know how to defeat her.
We just need to break this curse.
Well, thank goodness we have a savior.
I would love to, but there's one problem.
Last time, all it took was me believing in magic and kissing Henry.
Since I've been back, I've done both and nothing.
It's the belief.
Henry he needs to believe.
In this new life he doesn't.
We have to get him to believe again.
So, what? We put on a magic show? How did you believe? The book the storybook.
That's what started Henry on his original path and what got you to believe it's the key.
In him believing, in him remembering remembering everything.
That's not necessarily a gift.
He's been through a lot of tough stuff.
And some good stuff.
Either way, it's our best bet.
She's right.
I know.
Let's find it.
A rose.
How lovely.
Have you earned it? It appears you have.
Aah! We're in Storybrooke.
You've never heard of a telephone? Such pretty lips.
They're so wasted.
Why haven't you used those luscious lips and kissed Emma? Well, a fella likes to be courted.
This isn't a joke.
I need to have her magic removed.
If Snow's baby is born before your kiss, I'm going to have no other option.
I'm going to have to start killing people people that Emma loves, starting with her son.
Take away her magic, Captain, or the next rose will be for her little brat's grave.
Your Majesty, I wouldn't.
That arrow almost took off my head! Well, that door almost took off your arm.
Where I come from, a simple "thank you" would suffice.
Where you come from, people bathe in the river and use pine cones for money.
Come on.
Let's go.
Rumple Bumple isn't here.
Rumple Bumple Gone, my dear.
He really is back from the dead.
So much better Dead.
He's lost his mind.
On the contrary! Now I have two two minds! Mining time.
Digging deeper in the grime.
What is she doing to him? Nothing that can't be undone.
Rumplestiltskin, we need your help.
How do we stop Zelena? Round and round, the circle of time, racing towards the finish line.
This is pointless.
Let me try.
I know you're in there.
I know you can hear me.
How do we stop Zelena? Light.
W what? Light magic.
The Good Witch of the South Glinda.
B but south of what, Oz? No! Banished! Here! The Good Witch of the South was banished north north of the Dark Forest.
How do we find her? Rumplestiltskin, in the Dark Forest, how do we find her?! Through the door, step inside If pure of heart, then she won't hide Gold's was a dead end.
That was Belle.
No book in the shop.
Regina, you said the last place you saw it was Henry's room.
Yes, but it's not there.
Swept away by the last curse.
A book can't just disappear.
But it can just appear.
The first curse.
It just showed up in my closet when I needed it - or more accurately, when Henry needed it.
- What do you mean? He was going through a rough time.
He was realizing he had been given up.
He didn't feel like he had a real family.
He did.
That may be, but, Regina, he wasn't feeling that way with you or with anyone.
He needed to believe in happy endings again.
That's what the book gave him.
Well, he needs to believe again.
In fact, I think we all do.
What do you say we go check your closet? Hey, kid.
I got to run.
I got to check on a lead.
You okay to stay here longer? Call you later.
Where are you really going? I told you.
I'm following a lead.
What lead? It's my job.
It's complicated.
Is this about the person who killed my dad? Yes.
Then tell me.
I it would just be easier once it's all solved, Henry.
You've been lying to me ever since we got here.
I deserve to know everything.
No, you don't! I'm your mother, and I know best! So you're just gonna have to deal with this for now, okay? Understood? Yeah, I I think I do.
I I need your keys.
I left mine in the room, and if I'm gonna be a prisoner, I'd like to have my game boy.
Where you off to there, mate? Uh, nowhere.
You're in quite the rush to go nowhere.
I'm going home.
You're running away.
So you're planning on driving all the way back to New York.
One lesson and you think you're ready for that? No, just to the nearest bus station.
I'm afraid I can't let you do that.
It's too dangerous.
I don't care what you think.
Well, you should 'Cause I've got a better way.
Why do women keep their shoe boxes? Because after true love, there is no more powerful magic than footwear.
It has to be protected.
Any sign of the book? No.
I don't think it's here.
You don't know that.
Maybe it's in this thing.
Some winter coats, some scarves.
The book is not in here.
Hang on.
Let me check.
I don't understand.
Can I see that? I know there are chapters on Oz in here.
I want to know whose heart Zelena crushed to enact this curse.
Because if there's something she loved, that's her weakness.
Did you really not see it in there? - You think I'm lying? - No, of course not.
It's just Emma, what is going on? You have been anxious since we left Granny's.
- Nothing.
- No, it's not nothing.
You yelled at Henry.
That's not like you.
None of this is like me, at least it never used to be.
What are you talking about? I am talking about wicked witches and time-traveling holy wars.
I'd forgotten what it was like here.
I don't want that for Henry.
So you're taking him back to New York after this is all over, aren't you? Your father said you're thinking about it.
Yeah, I am.
And that is why you looked relieved when we couldn't find the book.
You don't want his memories back.
If getting his memories back is the only way to break the curse, then that's what we're gonna do.
But I don't want it to be any harder on him than it has to be.
Our life in New York was really good.
I'm sure it was, but it wasn't home.
It was for us.
Well, that's because you forgot about us.
Let's go get Henry.
For luck.
What? We're at the edge of the Dark Forest trying to find the one person who can stop our imminent doom and save your unborn child.
And you two stop to smell the roses? Snowbells.
I don't care If they're dancing daffodils.
I need to destroy my sister, and so do you.
And if that babbling mad man sent us on a wild goose chase, I swear I'll what's that supposed to be? Well, it appears to be a door that leads to nowhere.
"Through the door, step inside.
" "If pure of heart, then she won't hide.
" It's Rumple's riddle.
It's Glinda.
No! A portal with a cheap cloaking spell.
I thought she was supposed to be the Good Witch of the South.
I was.
Before I was banished here.
Uh, where's Regina? I'm afraid your traveling companion has a heart heavy with vengeance.
Only a good witch may pass through my door.
I'm not a witch.
My name is I know who you are.
I've heard many tales of your bravery, and now you hold not one pure heart, but two.
I sense powerful magic there.
That's why we're here.
We were told your light magic could help defeat the Wicked Witch.
We've come to ask for your help.
I'm sorry.
My magic is not powerful enough to defeat Zelena.
It never has been.
You know her.
We were friends long ago, when things were different.
But she made her choice.
She gave in to her dark magic.
I tried to stop her.
I failed.
There must be some way to defeat her.
There is.
She was born with great power.
Long ago, I gave her a pendant to help focus it.
Her magic has resided inside of it ever since.
So if we can remove it, she'll lose her power, and we can defeat her? Yes, but only a purveyor of the strongest light magic will be able to accomplish such a feat.
Light magic.
Magic created from love.
Our daughter.
She's the product of true love.
She's the Savior.
If she is as pure and powerful as you say, then yes.
She, and only she, can defeat Zelena.
But she's not in this land.
And we can't get back to her.
Well, then, I'm afraid your quest is futile.
Actually, there is a way.
But there's a steep price.
- No, Snow, you can't mean - Yes.
We must enact the Dark Curse.
Are you out of your minds? Even if I believe this Glinda, which I don't, to cast a dark curse, I'd have to destroy the heart of the thing I love most, which, for me, is Henry.
There has to be another way to enact it.
If there were, do you think I would have killed my own father? What about a a magic bean? If we had one, we could open a portal, or Jefferson's hat.
There are no more portals.
Not for us not for anyone the curse brought back.
When I undid the first curse to escape Pan to bring us here, it divided our realms.
It placed a wall between them.
So the Dark Curse is the only way.
Haven't you been listening? I can't cast it! But someone else can.
Who? You.
It's the only way.
You can use my heart to cast the curse.
We have to think of our child.
Our child needs you.
I need you.
We'll find another way.
We always find another way.
He's gone.
What do you mean, "gone"? I mean he's not in the room, he's not in the parlor, and my keys are gone my car keys.
Give me something of his.
I'll try a locator spell.
I'm way ahead of you.
I've got GPS on his phone.
He's at the docks.
Henry, this is a friend of mine, Mr.
Like from "Peter Pan"? You you remember? I've seen the movie a million times.
It's quite a common name in the seafaring world.
As luck would have it, he's making sail to New York and would be happy for the company.
I am? I mean I am.
Really? Where's your ship? Um there she is.
You're stealing it, right? You want to go to New York or not? Why are you helping me? Captain? Mr.
Smee, we need to get the lad to the boathouse.
Why? What's going on? Killian, what is that?! Now! Ohh! What now, Captain?! Take the boy there far exit.
Find a new boat.
I'll stay here to deal with our winged friends.
Henry, go with Smee! Don't stop, no matter what you hear.
Henry, go! Go! Aah! I never liked pets.
Henry! Are you okay? Yeah y what were those things?! Why does he have a sword? It's all gonna make sense in a minute.
- I promise.
- What are you talking about? I'm sorry I was keeping things from you.
You were right.
You deserve to know the truth.
About fairy tales? I don't understand.
Do you trust me? Yes, of course I do.
Then I need you to believe.
Believe in what? Believe in magic.
From a book? It's more than just a book.
Do you believe in me? Yes.
Then take it.
Mom? Mom! I remember! I remember! Do it, Emma.
Break the curse.
I'm so sorry to interrupt.
Now, who wants to say goodbye first? Who are you? You can call me auntie Zelena.
Enough of this.
Let him go.
He had nothing to do with this.
Don't blame me.
The Captain failed me.
Damn you, Zelena.
Hook, what's she talking about? He knew what the price of that failure was your son's life.
Mom! Run! No! Enjoy this moment together, 'cause you don't have many left! Henry.
- Are you okay? - Yeah, yeah.
Mom! Mom! Mom! It's ready.
There has to be another way to get to Emma.
There isn't.
You know if there were, I'd have gone back to Henry.
This is it.
This sacrifice.
Snow, we have to do this.
You have to do this.
I can't.
I can't crush your heart.
I can't lose you.
You could never lose me.
But this this is our only chance.
Think of our baby.
Think of being a mother.
Our child will never know its father.
Of course it will.
Through you.
We have always shared one heart.
It'll only grow stronger when you look at that baby's face and see the love I have for you in its eyes.
I've loved you since the first moment I saw you.
And I'll love you until my last.
Do it.
I won't lie.
This is going to hurt.
But it will work.
Charming? Don't say goodbye.
I love you.
I love you more than anything.
Which is why you have to crush it.
This won't be in vain.
We will get back to Storybrooke.
We will defeat Zelena.
Did you really think you could enact Rumple's Dark Curse and I wouldn't know about it? No, but I didn't really care.
You're too late.
Actually, I'm not.
I'm afraid you sacrificed your charming husband for nothing.
Regina, he can't die in vain.
She's bluffing.
Once the curse is enacted, it can't be stopped.
I may not be able to stop it, but that doesn't mean I can't spice it up a bit.
How does a forgetting potion sound? Mm, sorry.
Did you need your memories in the new land? Were you planning to stop me, or or, for that matter, recognize me? Without knowing any of this, I doubt it.
You'll be too busy looking for your husband.
You won't even know about his sacrifice.
Just endlessly wondering where he could be, always fearing the worst.
Pay attention, sis.
This is how you take away a happy ending.
Mom! Mom, please, wake up! Mom! Mom.
- Mom.
- Ohh.
Oh, Henry.
I will never let you go away again.
I promise.
I love you, Henry.
It wasn't me.
It was you.
Mary Margaret, David, did it work? Do you remember the missing year? Yes.
How did Zelena cast the curse? She didn't, Emma.
We did.
You cursed yourselves? Zelena's weakness is light magic.
I mean, it's clear now, more than ever, you are the only one who can defeat her.
That's why we paid the price of Regina's curse to find you.
The price of the curse is the heart of the thing you love most.
If one of you cast it how are you both still here? Regina.
I need you to rip out my heart.
Charming's right.
We have been of one heart since the day he woke me from the sleeping curse.
If you split my heart in half, we can both survive! Snow.
I know your love is strong, but this isn't like plucking a flower.
How do you know it will work? Faith! Belief! I believe! I believe my heart is strong enough for both of us! But if you're wrong, you'll die.
Please, Regina.
Do it.
Ohh! Snow.
Snow, what's happening? You're okay.
Huh? We're both okay.
New York was awesome the pizza, the Yankees, my school.
Slow down.
I want to hear it all the entire year.
I found an apple tree in Central Park that looked exactly like the one by your office.
Of course, I didn't know that then, but now I do.
- And guess what.
- What? I got pretty good at math.
Pretty good.
Not Stephen Hawking good, but good.
What did I miss here? Nothing much.
Nothing that matters now.
Not even that guy that was kissing you? Let's stay focused on New York.
- Tell me about the pizza.
- Come on, mom.
Who is he? His name is Robin Hood.
Uh, we just started seeing each other.
Wait, Robin Hood? At your service.
Awesome! So, the curse is broken.
And the missing year things a bit rocky between us, yeah? For some reason.
Y you're so much more likeable here in Storybrooke.
Are you gonna tell me what Zelena was talking about? She said you failed her.
Don't listen to her.
Killian, what's going on? Were you working for her? The witch tried to back me into a corner.
I did everything I could to resist her plans.
So whose idea was it to kidnap Henry and stick him on a boat? It was mine.
I was trying to save him.
From what? What is she doing? She cursed me.
My lips, actually.
Your lips.
Why? She wants to steal your magic.
She thought I was the best way of doing that.
She knows what we all know that you can defeat her.
It should have been my decision to protect Henry.
Whether she forced your hand or not, it doesn't matter.
I can't trust you now.
How can I? She's right not to.
He's lied about more than just this.
You said you brought Emma to Storybrooke because you received a message from us with a memory potion.
Aye, what of it? We didn't send you any message.
Well, I got one! It's the truth! Somebody bloody well sent me the message! Who else would have an antidote? Who else would know where to find the Savior? Wolf's blood, dragon's scale.
I've tasted this brew before.
We're about to take an unplanned trip, my pet.
The curse is coming.
You failed, you failed.
You failed, you failed, you failed, - you failed, you failed, you fa - Don't be so dour.
What I need to do can be done from any land.
I will succeed in changing the past.
My spell will work.
But only if you remember it.
Which I will with this to keep my valuable recollections safe and sound.
Drink it, dump it out, sing it a song.
Your brains are still mine.
If you want to remember the loss of your son, so be it, but if you'd prefer to stumble about blind and stupid with the rest of them, be my guest.
Memories are pain.
Pain is strength.
For vengeance.
Aah! Aah! Ohh! We don't need to remember.
Emma does.
Find Killian Jones on the Jolly Roger.
Find Captain Hook.
Go! He really was a hero.
He was, Henry.
He didn't give a second thought to sacrificing himself for you for all of us.
Was it hard? Coming back to Storybrooke when you knew it would be dangerous? I mean, life in New York was pretty good.
It was better than good, but I had this voice stuck in my head that I couldn't shake.
Whose? Yours.
I knew how you would have voted on this.
- And you know what this means.
- Hmm? Operation Cobra is back on.
I'm not sure it ever ended.
Ohh! Hey.
- Mary Margaret! - Hey.
Deep breaths.
Take deep breaths.
- I'll get the truck.
- Mary Margaret, are you okay? It's the baby.
It's coming.