Once Upon a Time s04e05 Episode Script

Breaking Glass

Previously on Once Upon A Time It's Marian.
He's honor-bound to stay with her.
Therefore I have to save her.
Why the hell are you following me? I'm starting to think maybe it wasn't just some curse that brought her to Storybrooke.
- Where is she? - She's gone.
Somewhere in here, there's got to be something on her.
There has to be a better strategy.
While we're reading files, my sister is out there somewhere.
We have to confront this Snow Queen.
Believe me, if I could, we would.
We have to find her first.
And, Elsa, we have to be careful.
This woman is tricky.
She seems to know both of us, and we don't remember anything about her.
And something tells me that that is not an accident.
You think she took our memories? I'm really good with names and faces.
It was my job.
She took 'em, all right.
The question is why.
We need to find out what the hell she's up to.
Paperwork, ahoy! Old city records from the Mayor's office, per your request.
Oi! Somebody's forgotten about me dinner! I had the bangers and mash.
You had the water and pop tart.
Somebody's already had a nibble.
I've had my shots.
That's a relief.
Now, I've served me time.
So, when will I be free? When I say so.
Well, I'm off to take Henry sailing, love.
Unless there's something else you want me to do here.
Make sure Henry wears his life vest, okay? Befriending the son to get in with the mum? Yep, no one will ever see through that.
Why don't you keep your thoughts to yourself, mate? Good bye.
Emma, look.
Why are there pictures of you mixed in with the city records? Let's just say, when Regina was mayor, she abused her power a bit.
She was looking for any reason to run me out of town.
It's the first time Henry and I went for hot cocoa.
When I walked him to school for the first time.
Emma? What is it? It's me and her.
And you still don't remember any of this? No, but I know someone who may.
The person who had the photos taken.
Please, tell me you found her.
And which "her" would that be? Snow White? Maid Marian? Emma Swan? It's so hard to keep track of Her Majesty's nemeses.
I'm not in the mood for games, Sidney.
I need to know where the Snow Queen is hiding.
If I can't unfreeze Marian myself, I'll force her to do it.
Haven't come across the Snow Queen yet, sorry to say.
Then you have a new task.
Find that Snow Queen.
Or you'll learn what sorry really feels like.
Yes, Your Majesty.
See? Belle's a natural.
She's got all the emergency numbers.
If anything happens, Neal will be okay.
I'm not worried about emergency numbers, David.
I'm nervous about leaving him at all.
Between the Curse and the Wicked Witch, we don't exactly have the best track record with our babies.
He is going to be fine.
And we need this time away.
You need it.
Hey, so, what do you say? You ready for our evening stroll? You okay? It's just the pictures.
Reminds me of when I first got here.
Regina and I hated each other.
Well, "hate" might be the wrong word.
But we did not mix.
But it seems like you've come a long way since then.
Yeah, but it looks like we're right back at it.
I just wish I could fix it.
You coming? I think this sounds like something you two should talk about alone.
You know, if things were getting better between you two before, maybe they can again.
Doubt it.
I screwed her over.
Once you screw someone over, there's no getting them back.
What makes you say that? Experience.
What you got there? I've been looking all over for you.
Just go with it.
Thanks for hanging on to that till I got us a cart.
You two girls are on your own? My parents are outside in the car.
They sent us to grab a few things.
That was about to get ugly.
No kidding! You know, the whole stuffing-things- under-your-shirt move never works.
You need one of these.
Lift some plastic, and you can buy whatever you want.
I'll remember that next time.
You're part of my cover now.
So, what do you say? You wanna go shopping? Wow.
That actually worked.
Hold on to your bag and run.
What? Why? Trust me.
Go! Go! Go! Hey! Come on, this way.
I'm Emma, by the way.
Thanks for the help.
You had my back.
And I got yours.
What an unpleasant surprise.
Unfortunately, I'm a little busy trying to save my true love's wife.
Or hadn't you heard? What do you know about these? It appears you and the Snow Queen are old friends.
Well, frenemies at best.
I have zero memories of this conversation.
I was hoping you might.
Sidney took these when you had him spying on me.
He didn't say anything about what's going on here, or why I was arguing with the Snow Queen? He never mentioned anything.
My guess, you skipped the tip jar.
I suppose I should talk to Sidney, then.
But no one seems to know where he is.
Have you seen him? I've been busy working on Marian, on the problem you created.
Guess I'll let you get back to it.
Any progress on thawing her out? It's no concern of yours.
It could be.
I know I'm not Sorceress of the Year, but if you want some extra juice to undo the spell, let me know.
Are you offering to help me? Despite everything, you've done a lot for me, Regina.
So, yeah.
You've had my back, and I want you to know that I have yours.
Swan, one thing's abundantly clear.
You've never had my back.
And you never will.
Elsa! Elsa! Elsa, help! Anna? Elsa! Help me! Elsa? Elsa! My Queen, I have news.
I have found the Snow Queen's lair.
Well, where is it? I think a little quid pro quo is in order.
Don't you? I'm growing tired of this glass prison.
Let's see if your information yields results.
Then we can discuss your freedom.
You expect me to give up my leverage before I receive anything in return? Do you think me an imbecile? I think I've trapped you in a mirror twice.
And if you find them too constricting, well, then, perhaps you'd like to return to your cell at the hospital.
Upon further reflection, it appears I don't have the leverage I thought.
Listen closely.
I will lead you to her.
And I need one of the good walkies, not one of the short-range things you let Henry play with.
It's a short hike to the bluffs, we'll be gone less than an hour.
With no cell reception.
I want to be sure Belle can reach us.
Or you're looking for a way out of this.
We are going on this hike.
And we shall be reachable.
This'll do it.
I'll call Belle.
Let her know where to find our walkie at home.
Now, she'll be able to reach us on our drive, our hike, if we fall through a portal to Asgard.
Wherever we are.
My hero.
Hang on.
What is it? You know that thief I told you about? The one that ran from the ice cream shop? Will Scarlet? Looks like he managed a jailbreak.
Come on, let's go.
Oh, you mean right now? Oh, come on.
It'll be like old times.
A prince and a princess on an adventure, but without the Evil Queen on our trail.
I'm walking due north.
Now what? Head past the toll bridge, then go east.
The Snow Queen isn't far.
Regina? What are you doing here? Elsa disappeared on me.
I think she went to go confront the Snow Queen on her own.
I'm afraid she's in trouble.
How about you? Nature walks your new thing? I intend to force the Snow Queen's hand.
Make her reverse the damage she's inflicted on Marian.
How do you even know where she is? Explaining my magic to a beginner is a waste of my time.
She's east of the toll bridge.
Well, I think we should stick together, then.
My best shot at finding Elsa is to go in the direction of the Snow Queen.
You don't mind the company, do you? Does it matter if I mind? If I say no, you'll just come anyway.
That sandwich isn't going anywhere, you know.
Sorry, it's just, where I come from, if you don't eat fast, the big kids would swipe things off your plate.
Was that around here? Boston.
Snuck out in the middle of the night and hopped a bus.
Why'd you leave? This little girl from my home, Cecilia, got adopted.
I watched her get in this station wagon with this perfect-looking couple.
That's when I realized no one was ever gonna look at me the way those parents looked at her.
I'm too old, I missed my chance.
There was no point in me staying another day, if I was just gonna keep feeling Invisible? I know what it's like.
To live someplace where it feels like no one cares about you, let alone understands you.
Were you in a home, too? That guy chasing you, is he from Social Services? Is he trying to take you back? Yeah.
What are you gonna do? See those houses over there? People use them in the summer, but now that it's fall, they'll be empty.
So I figured I'll pick the nicest one, and I'll crash there for a while.
Here's an idea.
Come with me.
Really? Why not? We'd be better off if we stuck together.
Anna! Anna! Elsa! Don't move! I'll be right there! Help! Please! I should be home with Neal, not chasing after some thief.
Let's just give it a little while longer.
We've been out for an hour.
That's longer than I've been away from the baby since he was born.
David, I think that's a pretty good start.
All right.
All right.
You're right.
You head home.
And I'll deal with this.
No, I'm probably wrong.
Oh, no, I'm not.
- Which Way? - Right.
ls this a locator spell? Shouldn't we be following some, like, floaty object or something? Oh, now you're a magic expert.
It's just in the past, there was a There are many enchantments you have yet to be exposed to.
If you bothered to study your craft, you'd know that.
I'm learning as I go.
It's not like there's a lot of online classes in this kind of thing.
But when you helped me, I seemed to learn pretty fast.
I don't have time for lessons.
I know.
You're busy.
So, you know, I think it's admirable, what you're doing.
Helping the wife of the man you love.
So, I've impressed you? Well, it makes it all worthwhile, then, doesn't it? Why are you doing that? I'm just trying to give you credit.
I'm trying to be nice.
And then, what? Complimenting my outfits? Giving me a makeover? Braiding my hair? Calling Robin Hood and hanging up? You're trying to win me over, so I can assuage your guilt for what you've done, but I won't.
Intentionally or not, Ms.
Swan, you brought Marian back.
You ruined my life, and there is no coming back from that.
Because I know you think you didn't mean to.
But you hurt someone.
So, do as I do.
Learn to live with it.
Welcome to my world.
Not too shabby, huh? I'm gonna beat you.
No, no, no, no, no.
Yes! Yes! No! - Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! - Game over.
Oh, I suck at this! Haven't you ever played before? No.
I've never lived in a place that could afford one of these.
You'll get the hang of it.
You hungry? Whoa! What happened? I don't know.
I've had this since I can remember.
I like to pretend it's some kind of symbol.
Like Harry Potter or something.
Like you're one of a kind.
Like you're special.
I know it's stupid.
No, it's not.
Then, you are special, too.
Hey, check this out! Let's promise to stay friends, okay? No matter what, there won't be anything we can't come back from.
For real.
For real.
Anna! Anna! Elsa.
I was so worried I'd never find you.
But I'm so glad you did.
You stay away from us.
It's okay, Anna.
I won't let her hurt you.
Where is Anna? What did you do? I'm sorry for all the theater, but she was never really here, sweetheart.
An icy illusion because I needed you.
For what? Look at yourself.
So much fear.
Imagine what you could do if you only learned to control it.
You had a chance to do so once, but you squandered it.
Fortunately for me, the more frightened you are, the stronger those chains will hold.
And that's all I need.
For now.
You out of my way.
I would tell you that everything is going to be fine.
That I won't hurt you.
But your worry, your fear, are exactly what's needed right now.
What are you gonna do? I'm going to build a snowman.
Where the bloody hell is it? Looking for something? Not really your concern, is it, lady? Maybe you should have made a map for whatever it is you're looking for.
I did make a map, thank you very much.
Did you lose it? No.
I didn't lose me map.
It's in me traveling sack, safe and sound.
But you're not traveling because you buried your sack and the map? Yes, okay.
I buried the map to find the sack in the sack I'm trying to find.
I screwed up.
Happens to the best of us.
Not really.
Well, it happens to the best of us when we have a touch too much to drink.
That I buy.
What's it to you, anyway? It's not like you're the sheriff.
Oh, no.
But I am the sheriff's wife.
You're married to the blonde? That's my daughter.
Other sheriff.
What now? You know, in your mug shot, you look taller.
And smarter.
Did the sheriff's wife just call me short and dumb? I mean, you're not even gonna try to run, are you? No.
Consider yourself lucky that I'm too knackered.
You didn't break out of jail.
I didn't? My husband let you go.
So I'd have a little victory.
Do a little tracking, put a criminal back behind bars, feel good about myself.
I bet that you didn't even do anything very serious.
I got drunk and broke into a library.
Oh! A boozy bookworm.
Oh, this is David.
This is so David.
Well, you can admit it.
This whole thing is an elaborate hoax.
What if I did admit it? I'll pardon you.
So, I'm supposed to believe that the sheriff's wife can give me my freedom.
- I'm also the Mayor.
- He did it.
I knew it! Looks like Elsa was here.
Thanks, Ms.
Please, continue to point out the obvious.
Then, obviously, we're not gonna step on it till we know it's safe.
It's safe.
Hey! You were saying? I don't know why I even bother.
Well, that makes two of us.
Now, hurry up.
I'd like to get to that Snow Queen before it's actually winter.
Something's not right.
Maybe your sparkly blue-dressed friend is closer than you think.
This is not Elsa.
Oh! The Snow Queen! She found us! Sidney.
Sidney? What does Sidney have to do with any of this? Regina, talk to me! What aren't you telling me? Hey.
Hey! Hey! There's someone in the house.
We need to go.
Lilith? Run! I got this.
Stay away! You're not taking us anywhere.
We're not going back into the system.
Sweetheart, what nonsense have you been telling this girl? What's going on? Who is this? Lily? Honey, tell her the truth.
I'm your father.
And you're coming home with me.
Your mother's worried sick.
Your father? You have a family? I thought you were like me.
You lied to me.
You said you didn't have a clue where Sidney was.
He was in your mirror the whole time? Maybe I did.
So what? I don't have to tell you everything I'm doing.
Nor do I, Your Majesty.
You led us here.
You're working for the Snow Queen? Traitor! I'm the traitor? I think Your Majesty should take a look in the mirror.
And as you contemplate what you've done, know that she has a present for you that I'd say is well-deserved.
Sidney! Regina? Save your moral judgments.
Look! Jump! I'm not afraid.
I'm not afraid.
You okay? Regina? I think we have a bigger problem.
So, we're all set? - Yup.
- Good.
Emma? Emma? Emma? Don't worry about my dad.
He's just pissed I used his Visa.
When this blows over, come find me.
We can run away together.
You tricked me.
I'm sorry.
I know I lied about my family, but everything else I said is true.
I hate my home.
I feel invisible there.
I'm just like you, I am.
I was an orphan, it's just they adopted me.
But it's not my home.
You promised.
Friends forever, no matter what.
Emma! Emma! Well, that's a problem.
Not helpful.
Try again.
I think We did it.
What a welcome visit, ladies.
Thank you for bringing me what I needed.
Give me back my mirror, you No.
Don't You want a fight? Fight me.
Well, done, Elsa.
You're losing your fear.
There's hope for you yet.
Let's just finish this now.
No need.
I have what I want.
Are you both okay? We are now.
Thank you.
Why didn't you tell me about Sidney? Because, despite what you wish, we're not partners.
I didn't ask you to tag along.
Well, I did.
And if you had told me, maybe you would have saved us some trouble.
Tell you what? That I threw Sidney in a mirror to help me kill Marian, but then I changed my mind? What's the point? You never would've believed me.
I know you too well, Swan.
So, stop trying to get me to forgive you, because it'll never happen.
Stop it! You two need to mend your differences, otherwise, Storybrooke doesn't stand a chance.
We never will.
For one simple reason.
I don't want to.
You're free.
As promised.
Thank you.
Now, what is it you wish me to do first, My Queen? I wish nothing from you.
I don't understand.
But the deal was It wasn't you that I wanted, Sidney.
It was the mirror itself.
You more than anyone should understand a mirror's importance.
Mirrors reflect our mood, our desire, our essence.
They are a temporary receptacle for some tiny fraction of our soul.
You have other mirrors.
I have many.
But none as important as this one.
For what I want to do, your former home should do quite nicely.
The person who trapped you in here imbued it with much dark magic.
My Queen, what are you planning? What I'm planning is to get what has been denied to me for too long.
What I deserve.
What's that? That's between me and Well, my reflection.
Enjoy your freedom, Sidney.
A word of advice.
Get a warm coat.
It's going to get a bit cooler around here.
So close.
Soon, I will have what I want.
A family that loves me.
I'm sorry I took off.
The Snow Queen tricked me.
She made it seem like Anna was here.
I thought I was chasing her.
I get it.
I'd do the same thing.
So, why did you let Regina just walk away? You heard her.
She wants nothing to do with me.
Maybe you shouldn't give up on her so soon.
It's like I said, once you screw someone over, there's no going back.
I don't believe that.
If there's one thing my sister taught me, you don't give up on people.
If someone's important to you, don't give up on them.
Even if they say hurtful things or send a giant snow monster to chase you away.
What do I have to do to get you to leave me alone, Swan? Go away.
I'm an idiot.
Finally, something we can agree on.
I'm an idiot because I've been down this road before.
Irritating me? Yes, you have.
No, when I was a kid.
Someone came into my life for a while, and I thought we were going to be best friends.
But this girl lied to me, and I pushed her away because of that lie, and she asked me to forgive her, but I never did.
It took some time, but I realized that was a mistake.
And I regretted the decision, but by then, it was too late.
The damage was already done.
I don't wanna make the same mistake again, Regina.
Living in Storybrooke, I've got my son and my parents, and I love them.
But they can't always understand me.
They don't know what it feels like to be rejected and misunderstood.
Not the way I do.
Not the way you do.
And somehow, that makes us I don't know, unique.
Or maybe even special.
I wasn't looking for you to assuage my guilt.
I was just looking for you to be my friend.
You thought we were friends? Crazy, right? But I thought it could be, that it was possible.
I'm not gonna stop trying.
Even if you still want to kill me.
Emma, wait.
I don't want to kill you.
See? That's a start.
I love you.
I love you, too.
How's Neal? He survive an hour with Belle? She was wonderful.
Took great care of him.
I caught the thief.
What? Will Scarlet.
I tracked him down.
That's amazing.
Where is he? Back in his cell? Eh, I pardoned him.
What? It's okay.
He admitted the whole thing.
He told me about how you let him escape, so I could track him.
- He told you that? - Don't be mad.
He tried to keep your secret.
But really, he's a terrible liar.
Not to mention, I am familiar with your tricks.
Your plan worked.
I feel more like myself again.
What's so funny? No, Mary Margaret, I couldn't be happier that you enjoyed yourself today, but I had nothing to do with it.
Of course you did.
I mean, the way Mmm-mmm.
He really did escape? Yeah.
And you really pardoned him.
What do we do now? Hope he doesn't pass out in another library? Look, if the outcome of his escape is that you found a part of yourself again, I'd say he earned that pardon.
Hello, love.
You seem vexed.
Like you could use a drink.
That's putting it lightly.
What's that? What's left of my childhood.
May I have the honor? Are you okay? I think so.
Swan? I haven't watched this since I recorded it, but some things happened today, made me think about the past.
Reflective today, are we? Hey.
Show me.
I'd love to know more about your beginnings.
Who's that lass? Just an old friend.
Hey, look what the new girl brought with her! Where's that? I don't really remember.
Maybe my next foster home? Blocked it out? An unpleasant time? I guess.
And who's that? Another friend? I don't remember any of this.
Give it back, Kevin.
The camera is Emma's, not yours Bloody hell.
ls that We respect property in this house, Emma.