Once Upon a Time s05e05 Episode Script


Previously on "Once Upon a Time" Don't do it, Emma.
- How do you know my name? - I know many things.
And I'm here to tell you, leave the sword alone.
I would do anything for my kingdom.
Which is why I need you to drink this.
Your death will be the cornerstone of a great new kingdom.
We can't trust Arthur.
Pity your husband didn't listen when you tried to warn him.
Turns out David was right.
We can trust Arthur.
You could just set me free.
The only one who can get me that sword is you.
I-I can't.
_ Dark One? Dark One! Enough! I command you to stop! You destroyed her.
The only woman I ever loved.
And now I will destroy you.
My god.
I miss her.
You really think giving the dagger to Arthur is the best way to help Emma? We trust him.
Did you learn those big words at shepherd school? How do you know you can trust him? Because we're good judges of character.
And we would never act against Emma's best interest.
Is the dagger in there? Are you sure handing the one thing that can control your daughter over to Arthur is the right thing to do? Have you lost the power of comprehension? Hand over the da What are you doing? When did you get so liberal with dark magic? No choice.
Arthur has them under some kind of spell.
He wants them to bring him the dagger.
He wants to reunite it with Excalibur.
Unite it? It was once one blade.
It was broken in half a long, long time ago.
What happens when they're together? He wants to kill Merlin with it.
I don't have to tell you how bad that would be for all of us.
How do you know this? How do I know this isn't the darkness in you rearing its head? It's true.
We don't have a lot of time.
Arthur's expecting them soon.
He's the king.
So you want to take on all of Camelot? I want to free Merlin first.
Then I can help my parents and stop Arthur.
That's a great plan, but we have no idea how to get him out of the tree.
You already said it Dark magic.
You can't keep using it.
It's a risk I'm willing to take.
Careful, Emma.
I've been on that slippery slope.
You know where it got me.
All due respect I'm not you.
So he just vanished? Could it be magic? Uh, your squire did he wield such power? Not that I ever saw.
Well, there's no sign of tampering.
Then he must have lied about having the bean.
Must've hidden it on his person somewhere and used it to escape.
How could he be so selfish? We could all be home right now.
Desperate times.
Our people want so badly to return.
We must do something to raise their spirits.
The despair of being away that's what caused all this.
Who knows what else it can lead to? Well, you're right people need hope.
And as your hosts and leaders of this town, it is up to us to provide it.
What do you have in mind? How about a dance? A dance, huh? Looking for an excuse to ask your girlfriend out on a date? Girlfriend? What girlfriend? She's not my girlfriend.
Who's not your girlfriend? I think a dance is exactly what we need.
Henry, who's this girlfriend? Well, if it's dating tips you need, lad, I know my way around women.
Over your dead body.
Regina! Let's start planning.
I think it is time Storybrooke had a ball.
So, who is this girlfriend? What do you know about her? Belle.
What is it? It's, uh, it's Rumple.
What happened? He's missing.
Better eat up.
You're gonna need your strength if you're going to remove the sword.
I won't be able to do it now.
You should really just let me go.
I-I need to see Belle.
You're not going anywhere until you get me my sword.
Well, you have so much power.
W-w-why do you need Excalibur? Tell me, when you were the Dark One, did you advertise your plans? My plans were always hidden.
But my reasons were not.
Every time I used magic, I told myself it was all for my son to protect him.
How noble.
Despite my best intentions I still lost him.
I'm stronger than you were.
Well, that that really doesn't matter.
The more you justify what you're doing, the more you push them away.
And take it from me you will always lose the ones you love the most.
Yes, Dark One? Get him out of my sight.
Take him to the woods and begin.
How long do you think you can hold my heart and threaten me? As long as it takes me to get what I want.
But I'm thinking I can break your spell! Now take him to the woods and make me a hero.
First, we need to know how the potion you've been working on will react to my dark magic.
Bring me the vial.
I'm not doing a damn thing until you tell me how you knew David and Mary Margaret were under a spell.
We don't have time for this.
Make time.
I saw it in this A dreamcatcher.
Emma, this is dark magic.
I know.
These things catch more than dreams.
I know.
And you have to wave it over someone to capture a memory.
I don't.
This dark magic is stronger, more unpredictable than any magic I've ever used.
The image just appeared.
It showed me what Arthur did to them.
Look, it's gonna be okay.
The dreamcatcher also showed me a memory that's going to help us.
I saw him.
Merlin wept for the loss of the only woman he ever loved moments before the Dark One trapped him in the tree using one of his tears.
Emma, that's it.
Sometimes, spells are like snakebites.
You can make the antivenom with the venom.
If a tear of lost love trapped Merlin Then another one might be able to get him out.
So, what do you say? Let's go get ourselves a tear.
So, how long have you had Nicodemus? My mother gave him to me for my seventh birthday.
She was a champion rider.
But, um she passed away before I even learned to gallop.
My dad died before I really got the chance to know him.
There's just so much I wish I could tell him.
You know? Yes.
I do know.
I've never met anyone I could talk to about this before.
I should put Nico's saddle away.
I'll be right back.
What's that, lady Violet? If I pull Excalibur from this stone, I will be forever your hero? What is going on in here? You're one of those visitors, aren't you? From the other land.
Ah, yes.
You're the one who's been running around with my daughter.
Uh, Henry.
You're Violet's father? You may address me as "Sir Morgan.
" How old are you, boy? And no skills with a sword or a horse? What sort of squire are you? I'm I'm not a squire, sir.
I'm a writer.
A writer.
Tell me, boy when this kingdom is attacked by ogres, will you protect my daughter with your pen? Violet belongs with someone who will become a knight, a hero who understands this world someone like her.
Now get out of here before you cause any more damage.
Did you see my text? About the block party.
Oh, yes.
Um Everything okay? I'm afraid I'm not in the mood for parties.
My horse ran off this morning.
Oh oh, no.
Did you check the stables? He's gone.
My father's out right now trying to lure Nico with some pumpkin.
It's his favorite treat.
It's okay.
He'll come back.
The town isn't that big.
Maybe tonight will help you get your mind off of it.
Henry, I can't go dancing or go to a party or anything not while he's still out there.
I'm gonna find your horse, Violet.
And I know just the person to help.
Do you remember why I first brought you to Storybrooke? Of course Operation Cobra.
Bring back all the happy endings.
Well, your mission isn't over.
Henry, things are different now.
They don't have to be.
Show me that the mom I know is still in there somewhere.
She is.
This is me.
Then prove it.
Help me return my friend's happy ending.
Don't think about running.
With that limp, you wouldn't make it 10 feet.
Pick up the bloody sword and let's make a hero of you.
But I-I can barely stand, much less fight someone.
Now you can stand.
All a man needs is a sword and one good hand.
You've got both, so pick it up.
Look, t-this is useless.
If she wants me to pull Excalibur, then then let me try.
When I fail, she can move on.
When you fail, there's no moving on.
You turn to dust.
What do you care what happens to me? I don't! I care what happens to me! And my brothers and my kingdom none of which I can help while this goes on.
So whether you like it or not, you're going to get me home.
I can never be brave.
Me whole fate rests in a coward's hands.
It's really come to this? Yes, you will be.
You have to.
You have the wrong man.
Well, if words won't drive you, we'll have to figure another way, now, won't we? There has to be something.
And I'm gonna find it.
So, the horse likes pumpkin, huh? Yeah.
Violet's dad is out trying to lure it with some.
Back in my bail-bondsperson days, I caught a guy because he loved pizza, but I didn't walk around randomly holding a slice of pepperoni.
There is a better way.
I've missed this us.
Operation Cobra.
Me too.
So, tell me about you and Violet.
She's okay.
We like some of the same stuff.
Like what? I played her some music, and she was into it.
- What did you play? - Yaz.
- What song? - "Only You.
" Did your dad teach you that move? He said it always works.
Did with me.
He loved that song.
It's a good song.
Yeah, it is.
Let's get your girl's horse.
I have a good idea where to start.
Henry! Careful.
Hey Moms.
I was, uh getting in the Camelot spirit.
You know trying to understand this world.
By sword fighting? W-well, Sir Morgan, Violet's father, had a little advice for me to fit in.
That's all.
Trouble is, I'm not sure if I'm ever gonna be good at this knight stuff.
Well, if you're not, you're not, but changing so someone likes you never works.
I mean, I I liked your dad because he was always himself.
But but maybe, if I try, I could be something better than I am.
If you didn't change for the better, you wouldn't be with Robin.
But do you really think a girl from Camelot would be interested in someone who's just like every other boy around here? Remember when I told you about Daniel? Yeah.
Your first love.
And it wasn't because he tried to impress me by being like the others.
It was because he was so different So unique.
Henry, in Camelot, you're a mysterious stranger from an exotic land.
That's a good thing.
I think I can work with that.
I have to go make a few arrangements.
I think I might know where to get our missing ingredient to free Merlin.
From me.
All right, Regina.
This is going to be intense.
Last chance to back out.
I can take it.
Look into the circle.
So, this is your decision? This will make you happy? It already has.
Then who am I to stop you? Thank you, Mother.
If you want to have a life together, a family, then there's one important lesson I can impart on you.
It's what it means to be a parent.
You always have to do what's best for your children.
Mother! No! No! I'm sorry.
It was like it was happening all over again.
Got it.
Thank you.
I didn't know how things were for you.
I didn't know You could see it, too? I'm so sorry.
I don't understand how a mother could do something like that.
She thought it was for the best.
Henry says he's got Emma occupied.
You told Henry what we're doing? No, but he'll let us know when she's headed back.
Let's do this.
Oh! You okay? Protection spell.
It would appear she doesn't want you trespassing.
You want to try, Pirate? Well, I know she doesn't want me to.
She'd let Henry in.
Do you have anything of his on you? I do now.
Thank you, Henry.
You're our hero.
Looking from a window above It's like a story of love Came back only yesterday I'm moving farther away Want you near me All I needed was the love you gave Uh hi, m'lady.
I mean, uh, Violet.
I mean P-please sit down.
Thank you.
Sometimes when I think of her name When it's only a game I was really happy to get your note.
I was worried when you disappeared from the stables.
You were? Yes.
You wanted me to worry? Yes.
I mean, no.
I mean are you thirsty? Sure And all I ever knew Is that magic? No.
It's soda.
It's like a carnival in a can.
So, uh, this is Granny's.
It's pretty great.
She had some lasagna in the fridge that didn't go bad, so I was able to heat it up.
You really are from another world.
Is is that okay? Yeah, it's great.
So, I thought after dinner, we could watch a movie.
It's easier if I show you.
On my phone.
The screen's small, but here look.
If I'd known I was coming, I would've loaded more, but I brought "Commando" and "Harold and Maude.
" We'll do "Harold and Maude.
" It's a good date movie, I think.
A date? What's that? It's, uh Never mind.
Are you courting me? Uh Maybe.
Uh you're sweet.
But Oh, no.
I just don't think I feel the same way about you as you do me.
Your father told you what happened, didn't he? What? No.
I mean, yes, he did mention he met you, but no, that's not it.
He doesn't think I'm a hero.
Well, I am.
Henry, please Listen, I-i thought we were just spending time together as as friends.
And I liked it better that way.
I'm sorry.
There we go.
That'll do.
Mom, this is genius! Yeah, when the first curse ended, this Peter guy opened this place.
I wouldn't have known about it, but it got so many noise complaints.
Guess "Peter Peter" likes his parties.
Hadn't thought of it till you mentioned the pumpkins, though.
Violet wasn't kidding.
Look! Would you look at that.
Come on.
Careful, Henry.
I got this.
Mom, I guess you need to step back and let me handle this.
I didn't do anything.
You're the Dark One.
Now get back.
Henry It's okay.
I got it.
It's okay, Nicodemus.
Come here, boy.
It's okay, Nicodemus.
Come here, boy.
Come here.
Here you go.
There we go.
See? Told ya.
Now that you've got your girl's horse, don't you have a dance to get to? Now we know why she didn't want you down here.
I don't think she wants anyone to see this, and I think I know the reason why.
Take a gander.
Excalibur looks quite familiar.
The dagger.
It's the the same design, the same edges.
What the hell does she want with this? And with Gold.
What is she up to? Well, given our missing memories, I'd wager whatever it is, it's not good.
Let's take a better look at the damn thing and find out.
Stop! I can't believe I'm about to say this, but it could be booby-trapped.
You could get killed.
I didn't know you cared.
I don't.
But right now, you're useful ish.
He was here.
Rumple was here.
And now he's gone.
Let's try searching the rest of the house.
No time.
It's Henry.
She's on her way back.
What are you doing? What the hell is that? It's a dreamcatcher.
Baelfire gave her one similar to this a long time ago.
But this, it's different.
Wait a minute.
Why would she have it? Because they can be more than just objects of folklore.
When imbued with magic, they can be quite powerful.
I think I know how Emma took our memories.
Go on, Emma.
Do it.
Arthur could be here any second.
And now for the final ingredient the tear.
It should've worked.
It should have worked! Regina it's simple.
Your heartbreak wasn't strong enough.
What?! No, no, I know it was real.
But there's Robin now.
You've moved on.
You've healed.
Sorry I'm late.
Henry, are you okay? Yeah, I'm I'm fine.
No, you're not.
What happened? Henry? I don't want to talk about it.
You can tell us anything.
I tried doing what you said.
I tried acting like myself.
But she didn't want anything to do with me.
Violet's right.
In this world, I'll never be a hero.
You may not be a hero in her world But you will be in ours.
This'll work.
This tear.
Your tear, Henry.
It can free Merlin? You can save me, kid.
Stop! Stay away from the tree.
I won't ask twice.
You and your people have done nothing but lie to me ever since you got here.
You're no savior.
You're a fraud.
Go ahead.
Call me a fraud again.
I dare you.
We welcomed you, celebrated you.
And in return, you bring the Dark One into the heart of my kingdom, endangering all who live here.
Give me the dagger! You want it? Come and get it.
Now, Emma.
It's working! Charge! I've been waiting for you Emma.
And you The boy who would be king.
My great hope.
How you've disappointed me.
I disappointed you? You gave me false prophecies.
Sent me on an impossible quest! You ruined my life! Put it away, Arthur.
We both know that broken sword can't hurt me.
This is not finished.
She had Excalibur? Trapped in a stone in her basement.
Well, then we need to get it back at once.
It would be disastrous if the Dark One took possession of it.
That have anything to do with its striking resemblance to the Dark One dagger? How do you know about the dagger? I've spent a lifetime trying to end the Dark One's existence.
I know much about the dagger.
What I don't know about is your blade.
Care to enlighten us? Yes.
There's a reason they resemble each other.
They were forged as one weapon and then broken in two.
I've spent years trying to reunite them.
That's why you were so interested in the dagger when you arrived.
I apologize for not telling you sooner, but I had to make sure I could trust you.
The restored weapon has great power.
It can eradicate all dark magic forever.
- That's a good thing.
- Of course.
But in the wrong hands, it can also destroy all light magic.
That's their plan.
To snuff out the Light forever.
What happened in Camelot? How did Emma fall so far? Just try to have some fun tonight, okay? Henry.
Henry, you did it.
Well done, lad.
Well done.
Henry, this is my father, Sir Morgan.
Father, this is Henry.
You've made my daughter very happy.
We owe you a great deal of thanks.
It was nothing, sir.
Heroic and humble.
You're a good man, Henry.
You'll make a fine knight someday.
Thank you, sir.
Now, you two enjoy the festivities.
Thank you, Henry.
Glad to see the bears didn't get ya.
I-I I can't fight.
You won't fight.
Big difference.
You know, my father used to say, "if you want a lad to fight, give him something to fight for.
" W-what are you doing? Oh.
Reminding you what you have to fight for.
Where did you get that? Oh, means something to you, doesn't it? Oh! If you want it, you're gonna have to fight me for it.
Gahh! Oh! I see it's chipped, eh? Ohhh.
Must be fragile.
We wouldn't want to drop it, now, would we? No, please.
Please don't.
Ohh! So, what happened? Did your Belle see the yellow-bellied man you really are? I bet you she did, didn't she? Ooh! That had to sting! Oh! Did you feel that? Feel what? That swing right there! You weren't thinking of yourself or the limp.
You were thinking of her.
That was an act of true bravery.
Ready to try again? Eh? Eh? Good! Because we've got a long way to go before you're ready to take on Emma.
If Emma used this to rip our memories, maybe it can tell us what happened in Camelot.
Well, what are we waiting for? You're afraid of what you might see, aren't you? Emma clearly thought she had good reason for what she did.
Who knows what happened to us there? Well There's only one way to find out.
I'm Violet.
Are these Henry's memories? No.
No, I think it's that girl he has a crush on.
_ Violet.
Can you keep a secret? Of course.
Because Henry can never know about this.
Violet, listen.
You will get this back.
I just need your help first.
W-w-what do you need? I need the tear of a lost first love a fresh tear.
I need you to break Henry's heart.
Wha Henry.
That should do it.
We're so sorry.
If we would have known how bad Arthur was we never would have confronted him on our own.
It's okay.
I'm just glad Merlin could help.
Merlin? Y-you're Merlin? Expecting someone Older.
Well, let's just say that being a tree good for your skin.
Well, now that the Great Sorcerer is among us, maybe he'll tell us.
Can you do what your apprentice said? Can you free Emma from the darkness? Sure.
But with a caveat.
Darkness like this takes a hold of a person, find its way deep inside, where nobody else can see.
So if I am to free you from its grasp, I must know one thing.
Emma, is your heart truly ready to be free? Because it is as much up to you as me.
What the hell is going on? What are you doing? I'm here to see Henry.
You know that's not what I mean.
You took our memories, and now Gold.
What are you trying to do? Emma.
There is nothing you can't come back from if you just tell us.
What I'm doing is my business, but it's for the best.
Trust me.
I was starting to.
And, like Henry, I was seeing the good in you.
But I was wrong.
I thought you could be different.
I thought you could escape the darkness.
But then you had to go and rip a 13-year-old girl's heart out.
What? Now you're breaking and entering? Oh, no.
You don't get to be self-righteous with me.
Not after what you've done.
Henry saw what you did.
He's devastated.
I was trying to make it up to him.
Make it up to him? By reuniting a girl and her horse? Oh, let me guess.
You let the damn thing out in the first place.
You forget I have some experience with Dark Ones.
Everything's a manipulation.
It all would've been fine if you could've just helped yourself and stayed out of it.
Maybe you're the one causing pain.
Listen to you trying to justify everything.
If I'm the one on the moral high ground, you've fallen quite a ways, Ms.
Don't "Ms.
Swan" me.
We've been through too much.
You know I never would have done that to Henry if I didn't have good reason.
"Good reason.
" You know, that's exactly what my mother said to justify what she did to Daniel.
What I did in Camelot, I did to protect Henry.
She thought she was protecting me, too.
I didn't have a choice.
There's always a choice, Emma.
You've said that to me a thousand times.
We were running out of time.
It was the only way to free Merlin.
Merlin? Wait we freed Merlin in Camelot? But if that's true, why are you still the Dark One? This is a waste of time.
I want to see my son.
Well, I don't think he wants to see you.
Goodbye, Ms.