Once Upon a Time s06e15 Episode Script

A Wondrous Place

Previously on "Once Upon a Time" Agrabah is in terrible danger.
I wish for you to take us to Agrabah.
We have to stop hiding things from each other.
I'm not the man she needs me to be.
I was hoping you might have room for one more.
- [Klaxon blaring] - We're submerging, Captain.
I didn't give that order.
But I did.
You okay, Dad? I don't know.
So Hook, he killed my father? Okay, that's a little tough to process.
I was hoping I wouldn't have to tell you.
Where the hell is Hook anyway? He didn't have the guts to come and tell me himself? There's more.
Hook he left town.
What? We had a big fight about him hiding this, and I told him if he wasn't ready to trust me, that that we shouldn't talk for a while, so I guess he wasn't ready, because Leroy saw him on the docks, and he got on the Nautilus and just sailed away.
Emma, I'm so sorry.
[Sighs] Thanks, Dad.
[Klaxon blaring] [Electrical crackling] [Indistinct shouting] Is everyone okay?! Nemo! You can let go.
I'm fine.
Hook: What the hell happened? We just portaled into another realm.
Usually we secure things first, but your friend gave us no warning.
I assure you Gideon is not my friend.
I have no idea why he wants me gone, but I have to get back to Emma.
We have to turn around.
We're headed back to Storybrooke.
That's not possible, brother.
Like hell it isn't.
Nemo just said that the Nautilus can travel between realms.
But to do that requires something we don't have Kraken's blood.
And Gideon used the last of it.
I'm sorry, Killian.
"Sorry" isn't good enough.
Emma's in danger.
She thinks that I've abandoned her.
I have to get back and tell her the truth.
Did you not hear the Captain? We have no Kraken's blood.
Well, you know who does? A Kraken! Nemo: You can't be serious.
I spent a lifetime running away from those beasts.
Then they won't know to expect us.
Gentlemen let's go hunting.
Are we done searching yet? You can ask the same question a hundred times and you will get the same answer we search until we find Agrabah.
We've been searching for days.
I'm hungry.
I'm cold.
And I'm really more built for the desert, you know? Let's just admit it the wish, it didn't work.
It might have worked.
It took us to an empty field in the middle of the Magic Forest.
Enchanted Forest.
I don't care what you call it.
Agrabah isn't here! [Panting] I guess what they say about wishes is true.
There's always a catch, always a price to pay.
I think it's time we go home.
In case you haven't been paying attention, I have no home! No.
I know.
I-I meant you can make a new one in Storybrooke.
I mean, it's not such a bad place.
They're nice people like, you know me.
[Chuckles] Jasmine.
I can't.
I'm sorry.
Come on, Princess.
How many times are you almost gonna kiss me? I mean, what are you so afraid of? [Scoffs] I'm not afraid.
And you have a very high opinion of yourself.
- Now, please, just, let's go.
- Jasmine, j Where did that come from? Um, from your pocket.
I never had that before.
The wish must have put it in there.
What's wrong? What is that? The price of the wish.
You were right.
The wish didn't give me Agrabah.
The wish gave me a reminder of how I failed Agrabah.
[Inhales, exhales sharply] And now I know what I have to do.
I give you the greatest crown jewel in Agrabah.
And for the lucky prince who marries my daughter, this shall be her dowry.
That is quite a prize indeed.
Do you mean me or the diamond? Does it matter? So you can all leave now.
There will be no engagement today.
[Sultan laughs] Jasmine, please.
I know you want to marry for love.
Shouldn't everyone? For a princess, duty comes first.
Jafar is threatening Agrabah.
We need a prince with an army.
We need a hero, and I already found one.
- His name is Aladdin.
- [Door opens] But Aladdin is a hero no longer.
He fought way too many battles, and now is broken.
And these spoiled little princes, well, they'll never fill his shoes.
And who is this, that would dare insult Prince Achmed?! Well, no one, really.
Just a bastard child from lower Agrabah who's always wondered what it would be like to be a prince.
[Vial shatters] - Aaaaaah! - [Onlookers gasp] [Laughs] Your father is right to marry you off.
But not to these cowards.
No I'm afraid the only way to save your kingdom is to marry me.
That will never happen.
Well, that is entirely your choice.
Either you marry me by sundown, or Agrabah will be destroyed.
Aladdin: This is why I live in the desert.
Too much water makes me nervous.
Just a little further.
Then I'll wish you free and dump this lamp so deep, it doesn't hurt anyone ever again.
I think this is far enough.
If the water gets rough, we're too far away from shore.
And, in case you've forgotten, we can't swim.
I'm not sure if that's fear talking or laziness.
Give me the oars.
Jasmine, duck.
Where?! Duck! What the hell is that?! I once read about it in a book, but I can't remember the name! Never mind! I don't care what it's called! Just hit it! [Both grunting] Aah! [Kraken growling] Captain Hook! Well, I guess there is good luck when you need it.
What are you doing in the Enchanted Forest? Trying to get the hell out of it.
Now climb aboard before you get yourselves killed.
I can't believe none of this was ever digitized.
Well, most of these files were created with Dark Curse technology, so Time to fix it.
If busywork helps, busywork it is.
It is not busywork.
It is necessary, and it beats chasing down dwarfs.
I've got just the thing to mend a broken heart.
Whatever spell that is, I don't want it.
I'm seriously not in the mood for magic.
Well, who said anything about magic? It's a 2-for-1 drink coupon at that new pub.
Aesop's Tables.
It'd be a shame to waste it.
Really? You think half-priced liquor is the way to go? I certainly do.
We need a ladies' night out.
Me, Emma and Snow.
Remember she's in a sleeping curse? She's at home asleep.
Well, she doesn't have to be asleep.
Oh, come on.
I just woke up.
I guess she doesn't have to be asleep.
I can't.
I'm about to go on patrol.
And shouldn't you be trying to break that curse? Well, I'm working on it, but I could use a break.
We all could.
[Sighs] I know you're hurting.
And I know you're trying to hide it because you're Emma.
But you can't just run from this.
I didn't run.
Hook ran.
So, there's nothing more to say.
The Kraken destroyed our starboard propeller.
Liam, take Martin and Harris and get on repairs.
Let's go.
Liam: You heard the captain.
Come on! Wonderful.
You both have made a bloody mess of this.
Have you got any idea how rare a Kraken is?! I need its blood to get back to Emma.
She's in danger.
And now now I've got no way of getting back home! Unless, of course Unless you lend me one of your wishes.
A wish won't get you back to Emma.
They never work how you want.
I mean, we never even found Agrabah.
So now we're all separated from home.
You got any idea who took yours? - We don't have a clue.
- Jafar.
What? It was Jafar.
- But you said with - I know what I said.
I should have told you the whole story, and I'm sorry.
Sorry's not the half of it.
If Jafar took Agrabah, why the hell aren't we looking for Jafar? Because I can't face him again! He ripped away everything that I cared about my home, my father, my people.
So forgive me if I'm afraid of him.
Hell, he scares me, too.
It doesn't matter.
We can't find Jafar any more than we can find Agrabah.
Actually that's not quite true, love.
Jafar he's a man with revenge in his heart, yes? Well, on this ship we have something to find such a man.
What about getting back to Storybrooke? This is my way back.
I've heard that Jafar is quite handy at traveling between realms.
And you think he's just gonna do you a favor? I think I'm pretty good at convincing people.
With any luck, we'll all get back home.
What do you say, Princess? Hey.
You have nothing to fear.
This time you won't have to face him alone.
Well, then perhaps Agrabah has found its hero at last.
[Rattling] [Video game plays over headphones] Mom.
You okay? Yeah.
I'm fine.
[Cellphone rings] [Beeps] Yeah? Okay.
I'm on my way.
[Beeps] Henry, can you take this out to the shed later? Yeah.
Whatever you want.
[Siren wails] [Wailing stops] Hey, I was called here about a fight? I'm assuming it was these guys? I've been here all day.
I didn't see any kind of fight, Sheriff.
Are you sure you got the right bar? Regina: She's sure.
Seriously? You two called in a fake fight? Fake fight.
Real friends.
We're worried about you, Emma.
You have to stop holding everything in.
Regina's so right.
Have you tried these drinks? They're supposedly "artisanal," which, I think, means "strong".
How many has she had? If you can believe it, that's her first.
I have a toddler and a sleeping curse at home.
I need this.
Misery, meet company.
- [Glasses clink] - O-kay.
Now, take a seat and tell us all about that no-good pirate.
Does it help? Staring into the sea? How long have you been watching me? Long enough to recognize that look.
And what look would that be? The look of someone who misses home.
[Sighs heavily] You know [Sighs] I never thought I'd live anywhere but the sea.
But you're right.
I do miss that patch of dirt we called home.
And every moment I stay here is killing me.
I'm sorry.
And the thoughts of the person that you love, not knowing how you truly feel It's the hardest thing in the world.
Never mind.
Forget I said that.
What's with you and Aladdin anyway? You don't think he's good enough for a princess? Actually, it's the other way around.
I've made some terrible mistakes, you know.
A princess has a duty to her people and I failed them.
So there's just no point in it.
After all that I've done I don't really deserve love.
You know, I used to think like that.
[Sniffs] And then I realized that hiding behind the guilt was the coward's answer.
Then I suppose I am a coward.
And maybe I always have been.
[Indistinct conversations] Thank you.
Hey! Thief! Come back here, you street rat! Aladdin? Is that you? Wait! [Panting] Give it back.
Now! No.
Please, I didn't know.
Too late.
Now I take my payment.
No, please! No, not [Panting] What kind of monster are you? Whoever she is, I don't think she's the monster here.
Princess Jasmine, I didn't mean Take this! Leave the necklace and get out of my sight! Are you all right? I thought you might want this.
So, does this give you your My legs.
And my voice, too, actually.
[Chuckles lightly] But that's a long story.
Thank you.
I'm Ariel.
Thank you for your help, but you didn't have to do all this.
Yes, I did.
Agrabah is my city, and I hate it when our guests are treated so poorly.
Well, that's very kind of you.
[Chuckles] Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a prince to find.
Did you just say you were looking for a prince? Yes.
Well, I-I accidentally fell in love with a human.
He said he was traveling to Agrabah, so here I am, a mermaid in the desert.
[Chuckles] And this human prince, does he have a human army? A navy.
Is that the same thing? That's close enough.
So I think there's a way that we can both help each other.
You're not afraid of heights, are you? If this is heights, then, yes, I'm afraid of them.
Why is this rug flying? It's a carpet.
A magic carpet.
It's clearly a rug, but whatever it is, put it down.
Not until we find your prince.
Over there.
There are caravans from all over the world.
If Eric's here, you can spot his flag.
There! That's it! He's here! Thank you.
No thanks needed.
Now let's go find your prince, and save my city.
[Clearing throat] Is Jasmine around? She is not.
Any idea where she is? Look, this harpoon is taking us to an island surrounded by a scary reef which may contain a very evil sorcerer.
Now, please, I need to concentrate.
Yeah, right.
Of course.
So when you talked to her earlier, did she say anything about me? I'm not a bloody matchmaker! For two people in love, you have terrible communication.
You think she's in love with me? I don't really care right now.
I really have to focus on getting us to where [Klaxon blaring] What was that? I have no idea.
We're nowhere near the reef yet.
What the devil is going on? The damage from the Kraken was worse than we thought.
The seal shaft exploded.
We're taking on water.
Then we suit up and abandon ship.
The dive room is already underwater.
We can't get to it.
You two can give up if you want, but I will not die in an underwater coffin when there's - an island there that we can go to.
- Enough! A captain knows when his vessel is lost.
So I suggest that you spend your last few moments in prayer or contemplation but not in conflict.
I have a better idea.
Oh, Jasmine, wait.
Be careful what you're asking for.
There's no time to be careful.
Genie, I wish for you to take us to that island.
You may die aboard the Nautilus someday, Captain, but not today! What are you looking at? I'm just trying to figure out what it'll take to get you to open up.
Open up what? I'm open.
Hook left.
It sucks.
How do you feel? Like it sucks.
But are you mad, sad? Do you feel like throwing things, or crying your eyes out? I don't know.
[Sighs] Neither, both, all of it.
I don't know.
And I thought I was tough to crack.
Hey! They're leaving without paying.
Do you ever not tattle? Do you have a problem with us? Yes, I do! Okay, all right, let's all just calm down.
How 'bout a wager - loser pays both tabs.
- [Emma sighs] Regina: Uh, so are you going to break this up? Emma: No.
I know you want me to open up, but I really think I'd rather be distracted, and this seems like an excellent distraction from you know, the thing that I would like to be distracted from.
[Knife hits dartboard] It worked! For once, a wish actually worked.
But I wonder what the price was.
Nemo: I know.
A captain's duty is to go down with his vessel, but here I stand, safe and dry thanks to your wish.
My crew and I will take our chances and salve the ship.
I understand.
I'd do the same for the Roger.
Goodbye, Captain.
And to you, Captain.
We never get much time, do we? Goodbye, brother.
'Til we meet again? Let's go find this Jafar.
Did not expect to find your father in an off-season tiki bar.
Do you want to lead the way, Princess? You go ahead.
[Exhales sharply] What is this place? It's like a museum.
Jasmine: Who needs this many corkscrews? Well, a broken cork could be tragic when it's really jammed in there.
I've seen this.
Jafar has something like this.
Then we're in his lair, for sure.
Watch out for traps.
Like that one? - Watch out! - [Gasps] [Sighs] I know whose place this is.
Ariel? Jasmine! Hook? Ariel? Aladdin: Who's Ariel? It is you.
I knew it the minute I saw the forks.
Oh, yeah.
Sorry about the booby trap.
Eric's away visiting some of his land-lubber friends, and, well, I like to protect my collection.
[Chuckles] Welcome to Hangman's Island.
Yeah, that was terrifyingly effective.
I'm Aladdin.
I'm guessing you know each other? Yes, in various ways.
Jasmine and I go back a long time.
And once again, I fear I need your help.
Well [Chuckles] that was an interesting thing I'll never do again.
Let's go get your prince and his navy.
Or we could just circle one more time.
What's wrong? He's right in there.
Jasmine we just had a single night at a party.
He won't remember me.
Your story a mermaid meets a prince at a ball.
It's like something out of Scheherazade.
And that kind of thing is always true love.
If you miss another chance with him, you'll regret it forever.
That sounds like the voice of bitter experience.
But there's nothing standing in the way for you.
Ariel I look at what you've already done and I'm amazed.
You come from a world that's all water.
And here you are, in the desert, being so incredibly strong.
You deserve whatever your heart is set on.
Now go get it! [Chuckles] Eric? [Sighs] My God! Ariel! [Chuckles] I thought you'd changed your mind about me.
No, I-I was just scared.
I'm a mermaid.
And I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but I am now.
And I hope that you can accept me for who I am or am around water.
[Chuckles lightly] Well this is me.
Of course I accept you.
I was bored with regular girls.
And I have a great love for your people especially poached with lemon and capers.
[Laughs evilly] Jafar! Ariel, this isn't Eric.
He's not your man, and he's not my hero.
But at it looks as though none are coming to your aid.
There is only one path to protecting Agrabah, and it leads you and me to the altar.
Although you might have thought of another way, but you've burned so much time searching for this hero, I'm afraid time has run out.
I promised you until sundown.
Take the next ten minutes, and let the rest of your hopes die out.
Ariel: This is the only thing in my collection that looks remotely Agraban.
Is it any help? Well, either Jafar is in there, or that bottle has its own score to settle.
He's a Genie now? Wow.
Aladdin: If he is a Genie, he's under the control of whomever summons him, which means finally some good luck.
Hook: Fine.
We'll tell him we'll set him free if he gives us what we want.
He can restore your city and send me back home, too.
All right.
That sounds [sighs] good, I suppose.
I can't believe I'm gonna face Jafar on purpose, but this is my duty.
And how can I lose, facing him with three heroes at my side? The way I'm counting, I see four, Jasmine.
I hope so.
[Bottle opens] [Whooshing] Master, your wish is my Oh, no.
Never mind.
Son of a fish.
You broke the Genie spell.
That I did, although I was imprisoned.
Thank you all for my freedom.
It's what allows me to do this.
Alone again, Princess.
I wonder if things will work out as badly for you as they did last time.
Any one of these tents could have a soldier in it, or a strong peasant with the heart of a hero.
If only I had more time.
Jasmine, we can do this together.
You just have to have the courage to say no.
I stole it from the tent.
I don't know what it is, but he had it, so I'm guessing it's magic.
Ariel this is a weapon.
I've seen how it works.
It's terrible.
Yes, terrible is good.
We can do this.
You can do this.
But I don't know if I can.
Jafar: It's time, Princess! I need an answer.
Yeah? Well, why don't Your friend is back in the sea where she belongs.
And since you won't marry me, I have no choice but to destroy Agrabah.
Wait! I'll marry you.
For the good of Agrabah I will be your wife.
Well how unexpected.
The crown jewel of Agrabah, freely given.
Remember this, Princess, for this is the moment you truly failed your people.
What are you talking about? You vain woman.
I never wanted to marry you.
And I never wanted to rule that grimy place.
The people of Agrabah loathe me.
They spit my name, call me bastard.
And so, I will wipe them off this Earth.
But I gave you that ring so you wouldn't harm Agrabah.
That was the arrangement.
But a true ruler knows when the other side is bluffing.
If you stayed strong, I never could have hurt Agrabah.
It's protected by an ancient magic directly tied to this very jewel.
I could never breach it.
Now, thanks to your weakness, I can.
Please! Don't destroy my home! Oh, it's not being destroyed, just taken beyond mankind's grasp.
[Wind howling] What more can you do to me? You've already taken everything from me.
You have a point there.
I have no more business with you.
I do have a score to settle with those who trapped me.
Well, then farewell, Princess.
Oh, next time, do bring better champions than [Chuckling] these.
A fish out of water? An ex-Savior? Did you really think you loved him? Oh, you should've seen him the way I did battle-broken and weeping.
He's a hero.
They all are.
And they think I'm one, too.
So tell me where's Agrabah?! Fine.
But only because the answer amuses me so.
Really how could you not see that it's practically at your fingertips? The ring.
Look close, Princess.
The first wish did work.
It took me to Agrabah after all.
And it is just as you left it, al-albeit rather smaller than is ideal for trade agreements.
Now, did your father never tell you your duties to your people? Because you have failed spectacularly to carry it out, and thus deserve nothing not the paltry love of an ex-Savior, nor the teeny-tiny prison of your people.
Now, give me the ring.
I deserve many things, and I will not let you keep any of them from me! Look familiar? [Gasps] [Laughs] Pathetic! Now, I'm going to take that ring, if you don't mind.
Aah! [Whooshing] Are you all right? Where's Jafar? Right here.
It's like you said.
I'm Jasmine of Agrabah, and now I know how to get my city back.
Can I get another drink? Bartender: You got it.
"The Dog and the Wolf," "The Fox and the Grapes.
" Best drinks in town original, crafted, locally sourced where possible.
I'd recommend the Ant and the Grasshopper.
So, you really are Aesop.
That's right.
What gave it away? [Laughs] How'd you end up a bartender? Well, [Chuckles] I prefer "mixologist.
" Um, but well, I tried writing my own story, but I never could.
It just kept coming out with talking animals and canned morals.
Then I went to the Land of Untold Stories, because at least everyone's story was untold.
You couldn't write your own story? Was it too complicated? Nah.
That simple, I guess.
"The Artist and His Wife" he loves her, she decides she doesn't love him back.
That's all there is.
Yeah I know what that feels like.
You lost someone, too? Someone I thought I knew.
He always said he was a survivor.
I thought that meant that he would stick through things no matter what, but really what it meant was that as things got tough, he just took off.
[Sighs] Oh, Emma.
Well, [Sighs] you guys got what you wanted.
[Inhales sharply] Regina, you got what you wanted.
[Chuckles] I didn't want it.
I know.
You were probably right.
[Inhales sharply] It's probably what I needed.
It's probably what I need to move on.
Sorry I couldn't help you get home.
Oh, I understand.
[Sighs] And if you, uh, really know how to get Agrabah back, then maybe somebody there can help me.
So where is it? In the jewel.
Really? Aladdin that's why it was in my pocket after I wished for it.
Oh, I can see my hovel from here.
Are you sure you don't want to use your last wish? You could bring it back.
If I were to use the last wish, I'd wish it to free Aladdin.
You should never have had to do this for me.
Jasmine, I'd do anything for you.
Thank you.
But I have a better idea.
My father used to tell me that duty had to come before love.
So I told myself that losing Agrabah meant that I could never have love until I won it back.
But when Jafar told me the same thing, I finally realized that the way to get Agrabah back was with the kind of magic that could break any curse.
Look what you did, Princess.
That is such a lovely ring.
Oh, now that the city's out of here, can I keep this? [Both chuckle] You did it.
You are a hero.
I'm free.
I'm free! [Both laughing] Now let me show you my world.
[Chuckles] You're a long way from your island.
Are you as stranded here as I am? No.
We're close to the Agraban Gulf.
Once I hit the water, I'll be home faster than you think.
And I'm sure you'll find someone here who can help you get back to Storybrooke, too.
I hope so.
I need to tell Emma what happened, warn her about Gideon.
Ah! I'm an oyster-head! I have something.
Mermaid magic it works across realms.
We can get a signal back to Storybrooke if there's anyone there who could pick it up.
A shell phone.
I have one like it at home.
Henry, I'm home.
I have to go pick up my car from Aesop's Tables tomorrow.
[Sighs] I told you to stick this stuff in the shed.
What? Oh, sorry.
I got it.
Never mind.
[Sighs] [Breathing raggedly] Hook: [Muffled] Emma.
What the hell? [Muffled] Emma.
[Static] Emma.
Em Emma.
Emma, are you there? I didn't mean to leave.
I was I was on my way back to you, and Gideon he sent me away.
I would never leave you.
Killian? Emma, he wanted me out of the way.
And I love you.
I don't know if you can hear me, but I'm trying to get home to you and I won't ever stop until I do.
I love you, too.
Killian Killian? Aesop: He can't hear you.
Not while I hold onto the tears of the Savior.
This is some powerful stuff.
You should be more careful where you leave it.
What are you doing here? You're not Aesop, are you? You're not even a bartender.
What now, Gideon? You try to kill me again? It didn't turn out very well for you last time.
Mm, indeed I made a terrible mistake, trying to steal the powers of the Savior.
But what I really need is for you to use those powers to help me.
You don't really have me in a helping mood right now, pal.
You sure about that? Because love makes us do things we never thought possible.
And so long as I have this, I can ensure there will be no portals between you and the man you love.
So I'm afraid the good Captain will have to stay right where he is until you help me out and earn my gratitude.
All right, I'm listening.
What the hell do I have to do? The one thing I never could kill the Black Fairy.