Once Upon a Time s07e09 Episode Script

One Little Tear

Previously on "Once Upon a Time" I did some digging today.
What makes you think I'd be interested in some thing that you dug up? Because I didn't dig up some thing.
- I dug up someone.
- Anastasia? I don't understand She's Perfectly preserved.
I've been trying my whole life to win your approval.
But now I realize I'm never going to get it because I'm not her.
You're most certainly not.
[HORSE WHINNIES] [THUNDER CRASHES] [HORSE WHINNIES] [COUGHS] Why'd you stop, Rapunzel? Because I found our family something to eat.
I'm sorry the burden falls to you to look after us all.
You're a brilliant tailor, Marcus.
Once I mend you, you'll stitch together the life we've always dreamed of our family.
Are you sure it's safe to go in there, Mama? The lanterns will connect us.
You'll see mine in there, and yours will guide me back to you here.
[THUNDER RUMBLES] Remember for my family, I'll always find a way.
[THUNDER CRASHES] [HORSE WHINNIES] [THUNDER CRASHES] [SCREAMS] Who dares trespass in Gothel's garden? I'll apologize for taking some food, but I won't apologize for trying to help my family.
My husband is sick.
My kids have gone two days without a bite.
Many people come here in an attempt to steal my magic.
And yet, here you are selflessly risking my ire for radishes It's rare to find a flower that can grow amongst the weeds of human nature.
I meant no disrespect.
I can work as payment, if that pleases you.
If your family is your be all and end all, what would you sacrifice to give them a better life? I would do anything.
Anything is something I can work with.
We have a deal.
[BAG THUDS] [THUNDER CRASHES] [GASPS] Aah! There is no way out of this tower.
I never agreed to this.
Oh, but you did.
You swore to pay any price for your family's happiness.
And there's a distinct difference between theirs and yours.
They'll come for me.
But they'll never find you.
Marcus! Help! Anastasia! Drizella! Help me! [DOOR BUZZER, LOCK DISENGAGES] Hmm.
Orange looks better on the women on that Netflix show.
My wardrobe has much in common with you, as my daughter.
In both cases, I'm stuck with what was thrust upon me.
Why are you here, Ivy? No, you're right.
That's enough small talk.
You have hidden something away from me.
A family heirloom, if you will.
You want Anastasia's body? Then I can do what you never could Wake my sister up.
You want the magic within her.
And once you get it, we both know what you plan to do with her.
[SCOFFS] You know, I learned negotiating from you.
I have control of all of your assets now.
You have no money, no lawyer, no Chanel.
Sharing Anastasia's whereabouts is the only way you can get out of here.
I don't need you to get me out of here.
I'll find her myself.
I have Gothel helping me now.
I bet you do.
You always did gravitate toward any mother figure you could.
And you always gravitated to the love of only one daughter.
Did someone not get enough hugs? Have fun in prison.
This isn't the first time someone's tried to lock me up.
Apparently, you've forgotten the lesson they learned.
When it comes to my family I always find a way.
LUCY: Mom, I'm so happy to be back here with you.
Yeah, me too.
Come on.
Got to grab your backpack for school.
And don't forget you got ballet after, okay? Actually, now that I'm back here for good, I was wondering if we could invite Henry over and share the good news with him.
Let's just see how, um we can get through day one, and then we can talk about it tomorrow, okay? Okay, Mom.
Kid's not gonna give up on this, huh? She keeps trying to "Parent Trap" you.
Real question is, when Lucy finally does trick you and Mr.
, uh Mixtape into some romantic spot, will there actually be any romance to play? [SIGHS] I don't know what to do about Henry.
I went to Roni's bar to see if we can try to figure things out.
I heard that he took off with her to San Francisco.
And what's he doing there? The bartender was very vague about the details.
He just said that Roni needed a ride.
- [DOOR CLOSES] - Ready to go.
Uh, you want to walk me? I'd love to, Lucy.
Not exactly Tiffany, but they are bracelets all the same.
I've missed our talks, Detective.
Did you enjoy the one with your daughter? To be honest, not since she was 4.
I only agreed to meet with her because I knew it would afford me the chance to speak with you.
Oh, well, I am flattered.
But given your current situation, you don't have very much to offer.
How could I forget your skill set always comes with a price? What are you getting at? I need help getting to my daughter.
The little brat was just here.
Not Ivy.
[QUIETLY] Nobody's here.
We're all alone.
Why pretend you're not concerned that Gothel is out of the tower? Now, you say that like I should understand what all your nonsense means.
[INHALES SHARPLY] Well, why don't you let me know when I do start making sense? All the knickknacks you've been collecting, that great love you're separated from, that dagger you can't seem to get rid of.
How is the search for The Guardian going? I have all the information you've long sought.
You help me today, and I'll gladly share it with you Rumplestiltskin.
I'd say you've got yourself a deal Rapunzel.
Be brave.
Lovely morning, Detective.
How are you out of jail? In a word determination.
I didn't get to be who I am sitting around, waiting for others to improve my odds.
And I didn't ask for a TED Talk.
I asked how you managed to sidestep your charges.
I'm afraid that honor goes to you.
You failed to get a warrant.
I had exigent circumstance.
There was immediate danger.
Judge didn't see it that way.
Don't you mean you made certain he didn't? You dress it up any way you want.
I know you're getting something out of this arrangement.
Come clean with it now, or I'll go dig it up myself.
I'd advise against that, Detective.
Or has ignoring me not done enough damage already? Congratulations.
You're a free woman.
Now, where's Anastasia? It does me no good to get to my daughter without the means to wake her.
You and I have a few stops to make.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] Uh Jacinda, there's a fugitive at the door for you.
What I am is a free woman in need of a manicure.
New evidence is coming to light that will show just who the villain is in all this.
And, uh, the first thing you do is come here about Lucy? Specifically about our long-standing agreement.
If you think that you are getting Lucy back I'm here to, quite literally, do the opposite.
I am removing all claims of custody and handing Lucy over to you.
Where's the catch? There is none.
I handed you that custody paperwork years ago in the hopes that you would tear it up and throw it back at me.
The fact that you signed Lucy over told me who you were as a person.
It was a test? One you failed.
And now one you've passed.
You reached out to Nick and wisely used Lucy's lawyer of a father to clear matters up.
I, for one, am glad he's back in your life.
I would have him thoroughly vet this.
I think he'll find it's on the up and up.
Forgive me, but, um, where is all this coming from? Being locked away from the world affords one the opportunity to think about what's most important, and the answer I found was Lucy's happiness.
I'm having her things sent over here, but she's rather fond of this little dolly.
I don't know what to say.
I do.
Family is worth fighting for.
I'm so very proud that you never gave up.
They're serving dessert in the parlor.
We should go in.
I can't give up on our mother, Drizella.
One of these lanterns could help guide her back to us.
It's been six years, Anastasia.
I know it's silly to believe, but something feels different about tonight.
My girls Mother? You're so grown up I saw the lanterns, and I knew it was you.
Rapunzel? I thought you were dead.
I searched for weeks.
All I found was your tattered cloak.
It was a trick.
A witch promised me you'd all thrive, but my side of the bargain required me to be locked away in a tower.
But the love of my family helped me survive all this time.
I'm so happy I'm finally back to share it with you.
Who is that, Father? Go back inside, Ella.
What does she mean, "Father"? She's my stepdaughter.
- I had no idea that - [FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] CECILIA: Marcus? This is my wife, Cecilia.
Now who might you be? Why is it you people work all your little lives in locked rooms only to re-create nature's greatness? It's air freshener.
Your mother's entanglement with Rumplestiltskin is going to prove meddlesome.
She can team up with all seven dwarves for all I care.
If we follow her, she will lead us to Anastasia.
It's a mistake to underestimate her.
Are you speaking from experience? Because in mine, she always takes the wrong path.
She made her choices, and now she'll have to deal with mine.
Looks like the kettle's run dry.
It's your company we came for, not the tea, Mother.
Right, Drizzy? Actually, I am thirsty.
Daddy! Hi, sweeties.
You ready to head back to the manor? I need to speak with your mother.
RAPUNZEL: I'm losing them, Marcus.
That isn't true.
The girls love you.
Anastasia doesn't stop talking about you.
Drizella slips further away every day.
You have to give it time.
She was so young when you left.
[CLEARS THROAT] I brought you something.
That's my old cloak.
I mended it.
You kept it all these years? Rapunzel had you not made that deal that stormy night, I'd likely be dead and our girls in the streets.
Our family owes all its happiness to you.
Do you still love me? Of course I do.
And our girls mean everything to me.
But so does Ella.
And Cecilia.
I have to go.
- [SIGHS] - [DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] You're too strong for tears.
If you're here to put me back in your tower I'm not.
In fact, I admire your resourcefulness in escaping.
I was surprised to find my family like this.
The deal was honored.
They sleep every night in their cozy manor.
And yet I, myself, may as well still be locked in your tower.
That was the deal.
You knew that I would escape eventually, didn't you? I had hopes.
Why? You proved pure enough to sacrifice yourself for your family's happiness.
And now I'm curious to see if you'll sacrifice someone else's for yours.
Just a little something I unearthed in Wonderland.
Squeeze it into Cecilia's drink when she least expects it.
You can make her go away.
You can have your family back.
Cecilia's an innocent in this.
I won't hurt her.
I'm not that person.
If you're truly who you believe yourself to be, then perhaps, over time, your path will bend towards happiness.
- If not - [WHOOSH] there's always my way.
Well? The paperwork's legit.
For real? Lucy's mine? Lucy's yours.
Belfrey conceded.
- Don't mess with me.
- It's true.
It's finally over.
[CHUCKLES] I-I wasn't I wasn't sure that it was the The right thing to call you, but I'm so glad I so glad I did.
Well, that smile is worth any work on my part.
I owe you my future life.
[CHUCKLING] Lucy Lucy and me both! Oh, my God! Whoa.
No, I, uh - I don't want to do this.
- Oh.
[CLEARS THROAT] I'm sorry.
I must must have, uh, misread the signs.
No, no.
I mean, yes.
B-But I-it's not about you.
I am I'm so grateful that you're back in our lives.
And I want you to have a relationship with Lucy.
[CHUCKLES] Me too.
- [SIGHS] - [DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] - [ALARM RINGING] - [KEYPAD BEEPS] [HOOK THUDS] [RINGING CONTINUES] What are you doing, Weaver? "Rollin' Bayou.
" Look at that.
The little lady's, uh, prettied up since her impound days.
Yep, she's nearly ready for the big ball.
So, did you just come here to compliment my work? Not just.
Uh, I have to follow up on the Cluck's fire.
That's weird.
Detective Weaver followed up the other day.
We're working different shifts.
I don't want to bother him on his day off.
Maybe you can just fill me in on what you told him.
He told me about the alley door that was jimmied with a knife.
I don't know.
He said they found it in a Dumpster.
He asked me if I recognized it.
Did you? No.
Believe me, I would remember a knife like that.
Can you describe it? Actually, I'll do you one better.
If I'm gonna be honest, it didn't exactly feel like the ideal item to jimmy a door with.
It was more like a something out of a Tim Burton movie.
Detective Weaver practically shoved it into my hands.
He kept asking if I felt anything.
What's this all about, anyway? I don't know.
But I'm gonna find out.
[ENGINE TURNS OFF] [GATE CREAKS] You know we're being followed, been with us since the police station.
I'm aware.
I'm not concerned.
There's a plan for those two.
I was rather expecting a body.
Glad I can still get one over on Rumplestiltskin.
- [PURSE UNZIPS] - You're planning a trip? No.
Inside here is all I need to awaken Anastasia.
You seem to be jumping through a lot of hoops to reunite with one daughter when the other waits just outside.
I had a son who thought as little of me as Ivy does of you.
But I never stopped trying to make things right with him.
Good for you.
My son Bae meant the world to me.
And I lost him.
[SIGHS] Don't compare your grief to mine.
You have no idea what I've been through.
Oh, but you see, Rapunzel I do.
And I know what it's like to seek reunion.
There are costs involved.
And wouldn't you have paid them? I did.
And then some.
Well, then, you know I can't stop.
Not now that I finally have a way.
If you have what you need, where's the information you promised me on The Guardian? Oh, you'll get it once Anastasia's awake.
And for the record, that girl out there hasn't been my daughter for a very long time.
You make the best lavender lemonade north of the bayou.
Marcus mentioned they were your favorite.
Well, as nice as they are, why are you working today? It's your daughter's birthday.
You should be celebrating.
Excuse me.
She's trying, you know.
I do.
[GIRLS LAUGHING] You see how well the girls get along? Maybe us parents should take a cue from them.
Marcus, she's looking after my two.
I'm not looking after hers.
I know you see it that way.
I'm alone here.
You're really not.
Our girls need you.
I gave Drizella a gift.
She didn't even smile.
Ohh! It's amazing, Mother! Thank you! Thank you! [GATE CREAKS] WEAVER: Well, well, well.
You certainly took your time.
Where's Victoria? Oh, your mother's long gone, princess.
Piece of advice Next time you want to tail someone, learn how to do it better first.
Come on.
Let's get out of here.
GOTHEL: Run ahead, Drizella.
Mother Gothel needs a moment.
Talk until the sun sets if you want.
That one speaks too much.
But she's really bought into your, um maternal routine.
Why is it you call yourself "Mother Gothel"? I mean, y-y-you're no mother to them.
And you're certainly no nun.
"Mother" means different things to different people.
I tend to their needs, as I can tend to yours.
[CHUCKLES] I'm fine, thanks.
Are you? Because life seems to have you glum nowadays.
I never thought I'd see a pout on the Dark One.
Nor love in his heart.
No, I suppose it's a time for firsts.
How is Belle, by the way? [STERNLY] Don't you dare say her name.
Ooh, that struck a nerve.
You know you're never getting back to her.
Not on your own.
But with me No, no.
I don't serve anyone.
There's nothing you can do to stop Belfrey from waking Anastasia now.
Rapunzel, Lady Tremaine, Victoria Belfrey, whatever role she's assuming today You neglected to ask her the cost of what she hopes to do.
Why is that? Well, you tell me.
Reawakening Belfrey's biddy is going to cost the loss of an innocent's belief.
If you want to tell me something, why don't you just say it? Do you have any idea where your great-granddaughter is right now? [LAUGHTER] Grandma? What are you doing here? My mom texted me.
Yes, I know.
I'm having your things sent over to her place, but I-I wanted to give you something myself.
I think I should probably go.
I have it right here.
[SIGHS] Is that? Yes.
You were right, Lucy.
[SIGHS] Fairy tales are real.
Henry's book was real.
Your family, your belief it's all real.
But you don't know the whole story.
Come now.
I'll tell you the rest.
So, wait, it's true? You're Rapunzel?! I thought you were Lady Tremaine, but Rapunzel, too?! Tremaine was Marcus' name.
I took it from him when we were married.
[CHUCKLING] My mom she is Cinderella.
I-I I knew it! I was right! Yes, and it's that unfettered belief that makes you so special.
You poisoned my mom's mom? The witch tricked me, Lucy.
She twisted the truth.
I was blinded by what was in my heart.
I needed my family to be together again.
You must understand that.
[SIGHS] So she died? No.
Gosh, no.
I could never hurt somebody like that, Lucy.
I knew the poison would only cause Ella's mother to flee.
What I didn't know was that Marcus would chase after her to Wonderland.
Eventually, he returned, and we were reunited as a family.
We even welcomed your mother in.
Unfortunately, the story didn't end there.
There were moments in the tower when all of this seemed so unlikely.
The three of them truly do seem like sisters.
I've been thinking a lot about how much you've done for our family.
[ICE CRACKING] Sacrifice is the ultimate form of love.
Hey, Ella.
It It's humbled me.
It's now my turn to show you just how much I value you.
[ICE CRACKING] [GASPS] He'll get her.
He'll get her.
[GASPS] - [COUGHING] - That's Ella.
Where's our daughter?! Where's Anastasia? She's I couldn't.
- I could only grab one.
Why are you showing me this? I need you to see how the world really is, even for the people in this book.
What are you talking about? I only ever did what the heroes you so often speak of would do.
I sacrificed everything for my family.
And the only thing I ever got in return was pain.
You were right, Lucy Fairy tales are real.
But sadly happy endings aren't.
Good people can get happy endings when they work at it.
My family's story is different.
I am your family.
No, you're not! My family's me, my mom, and Henry, and and we'll all be together.
I believe it.
Well, I believed it, too.
For far too long.
[SIGHS] And it's already too late, Lucy.
Henry means nothing to your mother.
Your story and mine we're the same.
Separated from those we love, willing to do anything to reunite.
But I'm back with my mom now.
And not Henry.
He left town.
He's gone.
And no matter how strongly you believed, you failed to make him stay.
When your beliefs betray you, you must let them go.
Lucy, it's time.
Let your belief go.
[SIGHS] You have to help her.
She fell through the ice.
She was trying to save someone.
What a terrible waste of a promising soul.
[WHOOSH] What are you doing? Locking in her last breath.
As long as it remains in her lungs, she hangs between life and death.
[SOBBING] Thank you.
She's my everything.
[SNIFFLES] Unfortunately, gratitude alone will not be enough to reawaken her.
This time, Anastasia's going into the tower.
What? She's done nothing wrong.
You still haven't realized.
This was never a punishment.
This was a test.
A test? For long, I've sought after a hero pure of heart The Guardian.
Someone incorruptible by evil, willing to sacrifice.
The tower.
The poison.
When you accepted suffering to save your family, I thought you had the potential to be The Guardian.
But you couldn't resist the temptation to harm an innocent.
Perhaps someone else in your bloodline will do better.
You put her in that tower, and I will scale it brick by brick if that's what it takes.
I'm sure you would.
But since your escape, I made a few improvements blood magic, to keep the next occupant entrapped.
Say goodbye to your little girl.
[GASPS, CHUCKLES] Looking for something? - No.
- Do it when they least expect.
Isn't that what you told me? No.
[GASPS] Don't worry, my dearest.
I promise I will bring you back.
[CAR DOOR CLOSES] - Any sign of her? - Not yet, sir.
But we found this here.
Are you sure you don't want us to reach out to her mother? That's the one place I know she won't be found.
[SIGHS] - Keep searching.
- Yes, sir.
And remember you report only to me on this matter.
I really don't have time for you right now.
Well, make time.
Who the hell are you looking for? This is my business, and, therefore, none of yours.
Says the guy questioning witnesses in my case.
I've been in your locker.
You have files on half of Hyperion Heights.
Now, I can't tell if you're a dirty cop or the best one I know.
One minute, you're speaking to me in riddles.
The next the next, you're shutting me out.
Yet I can't shake the feeling that there's something that you want to tell me, so spit it out! I'm looking for someone.
Much as you were with Eloise Gardener.
What does Belfrey have to do with that? I thought she could help me.
I was wrong.
Look, this is this is really hard to put into words.
But I've been separated from my wife Belle.
And I would do anything to get to her.
I don't know how else to put it.
But this all of this is in service to that.
That is the least believable thing you've ever said to me.
And yet and yet I believe it.
Just let me help you.
Yeah, okay.
So, what do we do now? Tonight.
Find Lucy.
JACINDA: Lucy! Lucy? What's wrong? [GASPS] Oh! No! Lucy! Lucy! Baby! Lucy, no, no, no! [BREATHING HEAVILY] Mother? What what happened? [CHUCKLES] I saved you.
Oh, my sweet Anastasia, I saved you! When it comes to my family, I always find a way.