Once Upon a Time s07e11 Episode Script

Secret Garden

Previously on "Once Upon a Time" I'd like you all to meet Lucy.
- I've missed you so much.
- [LAUGHS] [GRUNTS] Papa, no! Wait, Alice, no! [GASPS] Oh, no.
Gopples, out.
Don't even look at me.
And Lucy's in terrible danger.
Someone needs to pay for this.
[WATER BUBBLING] WOMAN: Rise up, Goddess.
Feel our flame.
Rise up, Goddess.
Take thy spear.
We raise our voices in your name.
Our faces bowed in fear.
Our faces bowed to you.
It's my mom.
Family's having dinner at Granny's, - - and she'll kill me if I skip out.
[SIGHS] Seriously? Come on.
Can't you just bail? We're almost done the spell.
We just need five more minutes.
We've been at it for hours, And you still can't make it work.
Your mom might be the Wicked Witch, but, Robin you got a ways to go in the magic department.
Enjoy your lasagna.
I'm doing this.
ZELENA: All right.
That's it.
Spell time's over.
Everyone out.
Now! Hello? We're going, too.
Oh, come on! Just let me finish this.
I worked really hard on it.
Absolutely not.
And how did you even get in this vault anyway? Aunt Regina gave me Grandma's spell book before she went for Henry.
Regina gave you a spell book? Yeah, because she's cool.
Not so uptight.
Yes, well, Regina isn't your mother, I am.
Yeah, I don't need a reminder.
You have got a lot to learn.
You're playing with fire! The only reason you think magic is dangerous is because you don't have it anymore.
We're going home.
And I'm taking your phone.
I'm 18.
You can't control me.
You're still in school, and I pay the bills, so yes, I do control you.
Take it.
But I'm going alone.
I've had enough "mothering" for one day for a lifetime.
[GRUNTS] [HIGH-PITCHED RINGING] [GASP] [WHOOSH] - - [LUCY CRIES, COOS] Hey, it's gonna be all right you will find your daughter.
You will have that happiness again.
Thank you for your faith.
[CRYING CONTINUES] [GIGGLES] I'm pretty sure she wants her mama.
- Huh? - She's a smart girl.
Oh, no, what's wrong? It's Mother Gothel.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] She took my daughter.
How are you? How's Lucy? She's, um She's stable, but she's not getting any better.
And me, I just There's nothing I can do to help.
So there's that.
Hey, don't give up.
Lucy needs you right now.
She needs your help.
Even if she can't ask for it.
I may not have known you long, but I can tell.
You're a believer, Henry.
Even if you don't know it.
Just like Lucy.
Well, thanks for the pep talk.
This must be so difficult [SIGHS] being so close to him, and he doesn't know who you are.
It is.
What exactly are we going to do? If we break the curse, Henry dies, and if we don't, Lucy does.
I don't know.
But I can tell you what we're not gonna go.
We are not gonna let either one of them die.
There's got to be a way to figure this out.
And we're gonna do it.
Wicked and Evil? No.
I hope you enjoyed your supper, but it's time to get moving.
I have someplace more comfortable to take you, someplace more like a real home.
I don't understand.
I-I just want to live with my mother.
I thought you might say that.
[WHIRRING] Mother! Are you all right? Has she hurt you? No, I'm fine! I-I'm just fine.
What have you done to her? Why is she bound? Monsters need to be locked up.
And your mother is quite the monster.
She poisoned Ella's mother, murdered a prince, and tried to rip out your dear sister's heart.
Oh, yes, and she murdered your father.
Is this true? Yes.
Yes, my love, but I did it for you, so that our family could be whole again.
And it's all in the past now.
Are you sure about that, Rapunzel? Why not tell her the best part? Why not tell her what you did to Ella's daughter? To Lucy? [SIGHS] To wake you, I I had to put her to sleep.
I'm so sorry.
The truth hurts, doesn't it? At least Anastasia found a better mother now.
Why, you [GROANS] [WHIRRING] [SIGHS] How does it feel, Mother? [SIGHS] To get everything you deserve? [SIGHS DEEPLY] Hello, darling.
It's your mother.
I don't know what the time is in Phuket, but can you call me when you get this, please? I've, uh I've had a big change, and I want to talk to you about it.
Plus, I want to know that you're safe.
And I really want to hear your voice.
So just please call me when you get this.
Okay? I love you.
ELOISE: Daughters can be so ungrateful, can't they? Why don't you tell her what you're really afraid of? Are you here to threaten me? Or Robin? Which is it? So I know how painful to make your beating.
You always did assume the worst in people.
Can't you see, I'm here to help you.
And your sister.
[CHUCKLES] Are you now? Yes, because witches working together, there's nothing more powerful.
Well, we don't have any power here.
Oh, but we do.
I've gained Anastasia's trust, and with that, her magic.
Now we can all do something wonderful together.
We can wake up Lucy without harming a hair on Henry's head.
And what's the catch? Yes, that There's just one teeny, tiny little thing you have to do for me first.
RONI: What the hell did she want? She offered me a deal.
She'll use the girl's magic to save Lucy's life.
In exchange for what? The Resurrection Amulet.
- What? - I know.
She wants us to bring it to the botanical garden greenhouse at midnight.
I hope you didn't agree to do that, did you? Because if you recall, using that thing comes with a great price.
Of course I agreed to the deal, but I'm not giving it to that dirty, hippie witch bitch.
Plus, if Gothel thinks that we're playing her game, maybe she'll stay off us while we look for said Amulet wherever it may be.
If we get our hands on it first, maybe we can find a way to use it without paying the price.
[CHUCKLING] How? In case you've forgotten, we're in a land without magic.
Well, either way, we need to keep it out of Gothel's hands.
She's clearly got plans for it.
And we don't ever want to find out what those are.
What do you mean, Robin was taken? I think the words are pretty self explanatory.
What isn't is how it was your fault.
- Well - Do you remember giving this highly dangerous, volatile book, that belonged to our one-time, highly-dangerous, volatile mother? Z-Zelena, she's young.
We all experimented.
There's nothing wrong with that.
Well, in this case, there was.
It appears Robin tried this spell right here.
It's a "summoning spell for Mother Nature.
" Of course, this book doesn't explain it's metaphors.
Mother Nature is an ancient pseudonym for Gothel.
A witch harmless in our realm because she exists here, in this one.
Gothel? What do you know about her? Didn't I just see you sheriff-ing with Emma? Oh, right, there's two of you.
All I know is that this Gothel took my daughter.
There were scorch marks outside Regina's vault, and she is nowhere to be found! Don't worry.
We will find her.
No, thanks.
You've done enough, "cool Aunt Regina.
" She doesn't need you to parent her, too.
That's my job.
You've got your perfect little family.
Let me deal with my dysfunctional one.
- Hey - Piss off, Nook.
- "Nook"? - Nook New Hook.
Apparently, both versions are as thick as wood.
- What do you want? - Simply put, to watch Gothel die slowly and painfully.
If you're going after her, I'm joining you.
That vile witch is the reason that me and my own daughter are separated.
Quite frankly, I don't give a bloody damn about you and yours.
And I don't give a damn that you don't give a damn.
That woman poisoned my heart.
So, you need a heart.
Perhaps, we should ask the Scarecrow to joins us and call it a day.
A parent is capable of doing anything to save their child.
But two? Let's work together.
The enemy of my enemy Is the Wicked Witch.
And she works alone.
Uh-huh, and how's that working out for you? Huh? Okay, Nook.
Let's hit the road.
I did as you asked.
Tilly's been fed with tea, jam, bread.
Now you're gonna tell me what the hell you meant when you said, "They are here".
Who is "they"? Well, I think it's tim you finally learned the truth about Eloise Gardener.
Enlighten me.
Eloise Gardener is a member of a dangerous cult.
That symbol you've been chasing that's their symbol.
That's why Eloise ran away all those years ago.
She was seduced into this cult, indoctrinated, rising through the ranks until she, eventually, became their leader.
Well, how did she end up in the clutches of Victoria Belfrey? Well, that's the thing.
Eloise was doing what was done to her Seducing others into the cult.
She took Belfrey's daughter.
Belfrey was just trying to get her back.
No, she has another a 14-year-old named Anastasia.
Eloise and their cult still have her.
This is uh this is a lot to believe.
Yeah, when the truth is a complicated companion, never quite behaving as you expect.
No, I'm sorry.
No, I don't I don't buy it.
I know a victim when I see one, and Eloise is textbook.
She's hurt and needs help.
She's not a cult leader.
You don't know her as well as you think.
You have to trust me.
I think I'm gonna have to trust my gut.
She is innocent.
And I'll prove it.
SAGE: Excuse me, Jacinda? Dr.
Sage did you find anything? I'm afraid not.
All her tests are inconclusive.
So, we now like to check family members for genetic matching, should an emergency arise and we need a donor.
It's just a simple blood test.
Won't take long.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
I'll do anything for her.
Head down the hall.
Nurse Clemmons is waiting.
Are you family? Do I have to be? No, it's just much more likely for us to find a match with a relative.
Maybe we'll get lucky.
Even if there's a tiny chance, I want to try.
Test me, too.
Where's a fairy godmother when you need one? [SIGHS] Stop complaining and be of some sort of use.
Why would I lift a finger to help you and your cause? Perhaps to rectify your own? Gothel stole your magic.
And in case you haven't noticed, people she puts in pits, she's probably done partnering with.
I've warned you not to let her out.
The mother in me wants to let you rot here so that warning haunts you for the rest of your numbered days.
Unfortunately, I have a daughter I actually care about who needs saving.
So if you're finally ready to listen, I think I can get us out of here.
By ruining your nails on that wall? Yes.
Why use manual labor when a Louboutin will do the trick? [WHIRRING] Gothel never can seem to keep me locked away for good.
Now let's help each other climb out of her, shall we? What have you done to my bar? [SCOFFS] Your bar? It used to have peanut shells and sawdust on the floor.
Yeah, it was a dump.
It was a dive, which is an honorable aesthetic.
Oh, my God, you re-finished the bar top.
Okay, I didn't bring you here for criticism.
Gothel thinks you have the Amulet.
And Victoria's been trying to buy this bar for as long as I can remember.
I'm starting to realize her interests go way beyond real estate.
So, stop worrying about the countertop and start searching.
HOOK: I think it's over here.
No, no.
[GROANS] I don't understand.
It should be right here.
Well, unless you're looking for the woodland home of a couple swirly chipmunks, I'd say your map's broken.
Well [SIGHS] treasure maps are notoriously cloudy, for good reason.
This one guides us to a curio shop frequented by witches.
Considering said shop is hidden far better than your temper [GRUNTING] you'd be well-advised to pipe down and let me focus.
[THUD] [CREAKING] Here she is.
Memento Mori.
[MECHANISM CLICKS] [DOOR CREAKS] MADAME LEOTA: Creepies and crawlies, toads in a pond.
Let there be music from regions beyond! [CLANGING] Wizards and witches, wherever you dwell, give us a hint, by ringing a bell! [BELL RINGS] Where is she? You dare interrupt my séance.
I am Madame Leota, maestro Medium.
Do I look like I give a damn? Miss me, did you? What did you do to my daughter? Give us the girl, and then we'll leave.
You and I will have our reckoning another day.
Leave? How? This chamber has no windows and no doors.
Which offers you this chilling challenge to find a way out.
[GRUNTS] Of course there's always my way.
Ugh! [GRUNTS] Stop! Mother, what are you doing here? I'm here to save you from the witch that kidnapped you.
Nobody kidnapped me! I ran away.
Why would you do something so idiotic? I am my own person, one you refuse to let me grow into.
I may not get my own daughter back today, Gothel.
But I'll be damned if I let you wrap your vines around another one.
Why should any of us decide her fate.
You put yourself in a position to learn everything your heart desires to know.
Now I put the power in your hands.
You can end your journey anytime you wish.
Choose now, which mother knows best.
Your journey is out that door.
Mine is here with her.
This isn't over.
Feels over to me.
[DRIZELLA SIGHS] [INHALES SHARPLY] I know we haven't always seen eye to eye.
But we accomplish great things when we're aligned.
Which is why I think we should end this petty feud.
We can defeat Gothel and save Anastasia together.
Of course.
Any kindness from you is about my sister.
I can't think of a single time where you looked at me and saw someone deserving of your love.
Well, perhaps, it's because you've never done anything to deserve it.
Here's one you missed.
Those lanterns that were your hope, the bastion that you put Anastasia on a pedestal for [VOICE BREAKING] they were my idea.
ELOISE: What do you think of our new home? Everything feels so upside down.
My mother, this strange world.
I didn't like it when I was in your situation, either.
I, too, displayed magic early.
Some were scared of me for it.
Some wanted to use me for my abilities.
Yet, no one seemed to let me take root.
So, after a very bumpy path, I finally met someone who helped me thrive.
Hide in the closet.
I won't let them take you, okay? Detective, you frightened me.
I was concerned when you didn't answer the door.
Uh Victoria's gone missing.
I was worried she'd come to harm you.
Always my white knight.
But I'm fine.
I'm doing much better thanks to the art therapy that the department set up for me.
You, um Are you alone? Oh, this just takes me back to a simpler time.
[CHUCKLES] Oh, God! Sorry.
Truth be told, enclosed spaces still bother me.
This is embarrassing, but would you walk me to my art therapy class? It starts soon.
- Yeah, of course.
- Thank you.
Like I said, always my white knight.
] [TELEPHONE RINGS IN DISTANCE] I know what you're thinking.
These thing'll kill ya.
Sage, any test results yet? As soon as I have something, I'll come to you.
So, who would Lucy say she is? Doctor Dolittle? Doctor Strange? More like, uh Dr-takes-her-sweet-time.
[CHUCKLES] It just doesn't even seem real.
Once second, I am cooking dinner for my little girl, and then, the next Did you? Oh, yeah.
I, uh took the blood test.
I know a match is one in a million, but I also know that I would've taken all the ones-in-a-millions I could get with my family.
How did you deal with losing them? Hey.
That won't happen to Lucy.
Lucy is gonna sit up in that bed.
She's gonna smile that perfect smile.
You're gonna give her a hug, and you're gonna take her home.
That's what's gonna happen.
Now are you gonna share that candy bar, or what? So, is Eloise Gardener as innocent as you thought? Did you find that unassailable proof you were searching for? Look, I-I don't know what's going here, but you were right about one thing.
That woman's hiding something, and I want to know what.
Well, perhaps it has something to do with this.
It's a list of gardens and greenhouses.
What is this? This is something to do with your crazy cult theory, doesn't it? If this is the cult I think it is, one of their most hallowed rituals involves a Sacred Orchid.
This may be our only chance to find them and stop them before someone gets hurt.
Gets hurt? What kind of ritual are you talking about here? Rituals that require sacrifices.
And you really think Eloise is capable of something that dark? I think you'll find people are rarely what they seem, Detective.
And your Eloise, most assuredly, is much more than you know.
Hey! Hey! Look, I can't rescue someone that doesn't want to be rescued.
Look, Robin is just a child, Zelena.
- Perhaps, given time - Listen, I don't need a parenting lesson from a pirate.
She only thinks she knows what's best.
Which is apparently more than me.
Regina was right.
I prevented Robin from finding herself, just like my father did to me.
You don't really believe that.
Gothel gave her all she wanted.
That woman abandoned her own daughter, and she'll have no hesitation running yours dry.
- You have to - What?! What can I do? I don't have magic! Robin needs her mother.
[SNIFFLES] You've got something much stronger than magic in you.
What's that? Love.
You've faced certain danger, armed only with that.
And it is love that makes you so daring, so brave, so utterly fearless.
You've got so much more to offer Robin.
Don't Don't tear that asunder now.
[VOICE BREAKING] So, what? I just turn around and Show her.
Show her how much she means to you.
[SIGHS] [SIGHS] Well, it's not back here.
It's not up front, either.
Well, perhaps we were wrong about the curse.
Maybe it left the Amulet somewhere else.
RONI: I almost forgot about that.
I took it down, but At least you kept it.
And if you stay, we can put it back up.
That'd be nice.
[GASP] What the hell? I thought we were having a moment.
We were, but The Amulet.
Did you know that was in there? Lucky guess.
Legend has it this arrow was enchanted to always hit its mark.
No way! Really? [SIGHS] This place is so cool.
Though, I did think there'd be more cauldrons.
Dear cauldrons are for amateurs.
[SCOFFS] Typical.
My mother has dozens of them just laying around.
Though, she mostly just uses them to pot plants now.
So pathetic.
You'll teach me to be 10 times the witch she was, won't you? Of course.
Just step up to the Sacred Orchid, and we can begin.
This looks intense.
It is.
But don't fret.
What's that? This is the Resurrection Amulet.
With it, one can resurrect a soul that has not yet fully surrendered to the other side.
Today, you and I are going to use it to bring my dear Leota back to the realm of the living.
I get to do a resurrection spell? Mm-hmm.
So, that do I have to do? Just stand right where you are.
And die! [GRUNTS] Aaaah! Why are you doing this to me? So, I was just a sacrifice.
I thought you were gonna teach me.
Teach you? You're a middling witch at best, cursed with more ambition than talent.
Leota is one of the most powerful beings in all the realms.
She's critical to my plan and a perfect choice for our coven.
And you get to restore her.
Isn't that beautiful? ZELENA: Stop! My daughter's life is not for sale.
HOOK: I already warned you, Witch.
You want to fight, I'll gladly give you one.
You know, I enjoyed our last tussle, Captain.
Take me instead.
I'll pay the price.
Just let her go.
You're aware she wants nothing to do with you? I don't care.
I'm her mother.
ROBIN: No! No, Mom.
This is my fault! I should pay the price.
[SOBBING] Robin, run far away from here.
Go! Go live your life.
[VOICE BREAKING] Mother, please! I love you.
I love you.
I love you so much.
I am so sorry.
HOOK: Release them, Witch.
I won't let you separate another parent from their child.
Keep turning up on my doorstep, Captain, and a girl might start to think you're sweet on her.
I know what you're thinking.
Is the arrow really enchanted or am I just that good? Though I may just be a middling witch, I seem to have a knack for this archery thing.
Do you want to find out? [GROANS] [BREATHING HEAVILY] Oh, my God.
You were gonna risk your life for me? That's insane! I am your mother.
It is my job to do insane things for you.
I'm so sorry I doubted you.
I'm so sorry I didn't support you.
But I will from now on, no matter what you want to do with your life.
All I really want to do right now is get out of here.
[CHUCKLES] Do you really think we're gonna be able to hack that thing? Even without magic? Maybe.
Best case, we wake up Lucy, no one dies.
Worse case, buy ourselves some time.
That's your problem, Regina.
Always wanting everything your way, but never willing to pay the price.
Actually, I think this is the worst case.
You did this.
How could you hurt that child? 'Cause I was desperate to save my own.
Surely, you of all people would understand that.
You cast a curse just to save your son.
And yet, you're absolved.
Regina, Evil Queen, does a dark thing for a good reason and everyone forgave you.
Because I'm not a monster.
Neither am I.
And when I turn that Amulet over to Gothel, and she wakes Lucy, everyone will know it.
Hand it over.
Don't do this, Victoria.
The cost of using that thing is too high.
You're a mother, Regina.
You know as well as I that when it comes to our children, there is no such thing.
What's going on? Shh, please don't be afraid of me.
Yes, don't be frightened.
I'm here.
And look who's I brought the secret ingredient.
I expected the Amulet, but I didn't expect you to be the one wrapped around it, Rapunzel.
I brought this to save Lucy's life.
I've always loved that little girl.
Thank you, Mother, for helping.
Wait, what are you doing? What does Anastasia have to do with this? Resurrection Amulet is the only tool that can wake the girl, But it's been rendered useless.
It's empty.
Luckily, Anastasia's magic may be strong enough to refill it and then we can once again, wield it's unparalleled power.
Shall we try? Just touch the middle of it.
That's it.
Stop! You're draining her! [GROANS] Good, Anastasia.
Go rest.
We'll hear nothing of what happens here.
Let's save the girl and be done with this.
I'll take Anastasia with me afterwards and you can keep that for your own purposes.
Why is Drizella here? Rapunzel, you, of all people, know that magic comes with a price.
And she's it.
How are you feeling? Alive but not really whole.
[SIGHS] That thing may not have taken my life, but I think it sucked out all my magic.
Luckily for you, it won't have to be permanent.
Your magic's in here.
Hold onto it, and I'll teach you how to use it.
Even without magic of my own, I still got some slick witch-y moves I can show you.
[INHALES DEEPLY] Yeah, well the truth is, I didn't love magic.
I just felt like I was supposed to.
It's, like, you were Beyoncé, and I'm Blue Ivy, and there's all these things that I'm supposed to be good at.
[CHUCKLES] But now there's something new I want to try.
Holding that bow and arrow felt really good.
And my name is Robin, my father, Robin Hood.
Maybe I take after him a little.
Well, you don't have to be Beyoncé.
Being Jay-Z is also quite respectable.
So, what are we gonna do now with this Amulet? I have no idea You take it.
You take the magic for yourself.
Right now? Yeah.
Come on.
Oh, that feels so much better.
Now I need to put this in a safe place.
A vessel like this, even when empty, could cause a great deal of harm in the wrong hands.
Price? What price? What is this?! What's going on?! Why did you bring me here?! The spell doesn't just need the Amulet to work.
It requires a a sacrifice.
ELOISE: To resurrect a life another must be taken in it's place.
Let the ritual begin.
This is your doing, isn't it, Mother? [GROANS] No, I swear.
I didn't know before Oh, please.
Save your words.
Don't pretend this isn't what you've always wanted.
No, stop.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] I can't let you take her.
You don't deserve this, Ivy.
I do.
[GRUNTS] If a life needs to be traded for Lucy's, then you take mine.
So be it.
Aaaah! [SCREAMS] Mother, what are you doing? Aaah! I thought you wanted me dead? [STRAINING] No.
[VOICE BREAKING] I'm so sorry I made you feel that.
Aaaaah! [GROANS] I spent so much lost time focused on one lost daughter that I I didn't see the one who was with me all of this time.
Nurse, something's happening.
[SOBBING] I didn't I didn't know.
I didn't know.
[WEAKLY] It's all right.
I love [EXHALES DEEPLY] Hey What are you guys looking at? [SIGHS] I didn't realize Kelly was a lock-picking ace.
Yeah, well, I think we need to have a little chat about the security of our bar.
] Oh, my God, look at them.
[CHUCKLES] What? How did that happen? It couldn't.
Unless Unless someone A life for a life.
What's happened? What the hell is this? My mother she saved me.
It was meant to be me.
Are you are you okay? I don't know.
All right, wait here.
I-I'll be right back.
WEAVER: She's dead.
I guess you were right about that cult.
I just would never have believed that people that evil would be operating right here.
And that being said, you are right about one thing.
It is evil.
And things around here are about to get very dark.