Once Upon a Time s07e17 Episode Script


1 Don't be shy.
I made these.
Just for you two.
We can't eat anymore.
Don't you know there are starving children in Arendelle? Now, mangi.
I need you to be plump and juicy for my Full Moon feast.
Keep eating, Gretel.
Hansel, I'm scared.
There's someone coming.
So the gingerbread rumors were true.
Might I suggest something stronger than licorice locks? The Wicked Witch.
I've heard stories about you.
Well, then you know that there were others that wore this necklace, whose powers were almost as strong as mine.
So I banished them from Oz, which is what I'm going to do to you.
Honestly, what you're doing is disgusting Even for a witch.
Miss, please, help us.
Before the Witch gets back up.
Quiet, Gretel.
Don't you know who she is? She's not gonna help us.
The boy is right.
She's gonna eat us.
Let go, you little brat! You can't leave without a treat.
Aah! Kelly, hey.
It's Chad.
I'm just calling 'cause it's our anniversary.
Look I can't pretend to know why you left, but I want to understand, Kelly.
And I made a reservation for tomorrow night at our place.
I miss you, Kel.
My heart is broken Look who's back from her nature walk.
How'd it go? Did you know that there are 12,000 different kinds of moss? It took me forever to find what I needed.
But I got it.
Now we can cure Henry and break this curse.
That's great, but there's just one problem.
Henry's not here.
He skipped town for some job interview in New York.
What? Why didn't you call me? I got distracted.
Seems I've got a secret admirer.
Margot found them outside the bar last night.
So the witch killer has moved on from coven members.
But why you? Who knows? But you know who didn't have these problems? Kelly.
I mean, yeah, he used organic deodorant and dabbled in freeganism.
I mean, eating rubbish was not my finest moment, but at least Kelly didn't kill a munchkin.
She was loved.
Chad's a good man, and he'd never choose Zelena.
This curse wasn't really a curse for you, was it? It was more like a vacation.
I don't mean to micromanage you making breakfast, but What? Ooh.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
Let me guess.
Writer boy's on your mind, not pancakes.
I did what you said I called Henry to tell him how I felt, but he didn't even text when he got to New York.
- Huh.
- Is it Henry? Yeah, it's him.
He's fine.
Well, what did he say? "J, sorry I haven't called.
Was focusing on the interview.
Went well! Tell you about it later.
Smiley face.
" Hmm.
I guess that's good.
A good interview does not mean he is moving to New York for forever, J.
Okay? So reply back now like an adult.
No more games.
- Bye, guys.
- Bye.
Winky face.
You know, even in the curse, Ella still digs you.
Please, do not hurt her.
Or me.
We can figure this all out.
I-I'm sorry I got your story wrong Hansel? It wasn't wrong.
It just wasn't mine.
You wrote a different Hansel.
My My story is darker.
But you still had a sister, didn't you? And she died.
I get it.
You needed something to help you cope.
When I wrote that book, I was dealing with the trauma of losing my own family.
That pain it's real.
Oh, it's very real.
All of it is.
Right, so let me help you.
And you will.
Because the person who hurt me the most Well, you're particularly familiar with her brand of wicked.
And you're gonna help me make her pay for what she did.
Hey, Rogers.
You're pals with that podcast guy, right? Henry Mills? Yeah.
Why? Patrolman found his car on the side of the road with a flat tire.
- Strange.
- Mm.
- I'll look into it.
Thank you.
- Yeah.
- Where did you get that? - I need to talk to Weaver.
Whatever you're gonna tell him, you can tell me.
I'm his partner.
I know who you are, Captain.
It's Detective Rogers.
And I hate to tell you this, but that box makes you a target in my case.
So it's true? My mom wasn't just overreacting? There really is a serial killer after her? I'm afraid it's a very real possibility.
I'll need you to answer some questions.
Why don't we go to the cafeteria? I can get you a cup of tea, and maybe we can talk there.
Of course.
Um, I actually just need to make a phone call first.
I'll be I'll be right there.
All right.
This way.
To what do I owe this displeasure? It's your lucky day.
Turns out I'm next on the Candy Killer's hit list.
Oh, are you? So how does it feel to finally be chosen before Regina? This isn't funny.
I know you and Captain Cursed have been tracking this maniac.
Do you know who he is? In Hyperion Heights? No.
But we do know who he was in the old country.
I should have known this wasn't just a witch thing.
So you two have history.
I did something terrible to Hansel.
Now my past is coming back to haunt me.
Well, I'll string a few words together for your eulogy.
Look, I know I deserve what's coming to me, okay, but my daughter doesn't.
I need your help.
And why would I help you? You can't just let me die.
Not if you ever want to be reunited with Belle.
So please.
Help me stop Hansel.
You're finally awake.
Who are you? Where the hell am I? Name's Ivo.
My necklace.
Where is it?! When I found you in the woods, you were almost frozen to death, and this was broken.
I mended the clasp.
May I? You're blind.
I am, yeah.
But I can see that you need care.
Uh, I don't know your name.
My name is Zelena.
Thank you for fixing my necklace.
But I really should be going.
I've got some unfinished business to attend to.
Whatever it is will have to wait until you feel better.
Uh, let's get you something to eat.
These chairs are beautiful.
Did you carve them yourself? I did.
I don't have much time for such hobbies now.
I spend my days searching for my two children.
I was looking for them when I found you.
I'm always telling Hansel to leave a trail of bread crumbs to find his way home.
He must've forgotten this time.
Hansel? And his sister Gretel.
Come, now.
Let's Let's have some soup.
I thought you might be thirsty.
Yeah, no.
I think I'll take my chances with dehydration.
You know, this reminds me of your 19th birthday.
We went to the Crimson Crow, and I bought you your first drink and your second and your third.
Oh, man, I wish you could remember.
We had so many adventures.
You mean when you were pretending to be Jack? Because of what happened to you and your sister when you were a kid.
I was so tired of being Hansel.
You know, carrying his scars.
So I picked a new name.
Jack was simple.
Jack had no past.
And then when we slayed all those giants and you decided I was Jack the Giant Killer.
And suddenly I I was a hero.
You gave me my second chance, Henry.
What changed? Your family's arrival complicated things for me.
I know you think your mom and your Aunt are good witches.
But all witches are bad.
God, I tried to suppress it as long I could.
I get it.
If witches destroyed my life, I'd want to get revenge, too.
So you believe me? You You think all this is real? I want to.
But you have to help me fill in the blanks.
The witch Did she burn you? Help me out.
Who Who is she? What, you haven't figured it out yet? It's your aunt Zelena.
The Wicked Witch.
I have an idea.
Untie me, okay, and I'll write down your story the right way this time.
And maybe since I'm the Author, I can fix things.
Henry, I know your tactics.
You You don't use the Author Power unless you absolutely have to.
And And you don't offer to use it unless you're trying to fool a villain.
But I'm not a villain.
I want to rid the world of evil, just like you.
Just I need you to remember that.
I think I know how.
Wha Tilly's good at drumming up business, but I gotta say, it is really nice having someone who knows their way around a fryer.
Well, compared to you, I am a mere mortal.
All righty, smooth operator.
Let's get on making another batch.
What can I say? People love your beignets.
Luckily, I always have extra batter in the fridge.
Uh, use that while I go get some more of my secret ingredient.
You got it, boss.
What are you doing here? Well, it sounds like you and Sabine are getting along famously.
I hope you're not forgetting why you're really here.
I won't deceive her.
She's a good person.
Don't forget why I woke you up, Prince Naveen.
You can pretend to be Drew all you want, but you still owe me a debt.
And I came to collect.
You can take the Dark One out of the pawnshop So what have you got down here for me, then? Shotgun? Crossbow? Samurai sword? I'm not giving you a gun because you don't need one.
What, so I'm supposed to fight a serial killer with a tchotchke? You're not going up against Hansel.
You're fighting your past.
And that requires a very different weapon.
My necklace.
How on Earth is this gonna help me? Kelly doesn't have magic.
The Wicked Witch I knew didn't need magic.
She found a way to survive even when it killed her.
And do you know how I know that? Because you're still here, annoying me.
Yeah, well, that Witch is the one that got me into this mess.
I'm tired of paying for her sins.
Well, make amends because she's a part of you whether you like it or not.
And that's how you're going to win this fight.
I suppose no matter how much we change, there's still this nasty, little piece of us we can't get rid of.
And we shouldn't because it's that piece that shows us how far we've come and how much we have to lose.
What are you doing out of bed? I smell smoke.
You've taken such good care of me, I wanted to cook for you this time.
You're sweet.
How about we do it together? First, you start with the kindling.
And then you nurture the flames.
Don't you just love how the flames dance? Oh.
I didn't mean It's okay.
I remember.
I can picture them in my mind when I feel the heat on my skin.
Just like I can picture you when I hear your voice.
What do you see? A passionate smile.
Feisty eyes.
And a fierce, beautiful heart.
No one's ever said that about me before.
Well, you clearly need more blind men in your life.
How did you lose your sight? It was a logging accident.
It must have been so traumatic.
It was a blessing in disguise.
Before the accident, I never paid much attention to my children.
But after, I-I got to know them in a way I never had before.
What I wouldn't give to hear their voices one more time.
I-Is everything all right? Yes.
It's just, um I think I've overstayed my welcome.
Please stay.
I like having you here.
I'm sorry.
I'll be back soon.
I just have to do something first.
Detective Rogers.
What's up? I was just wondering if you heard anything from Henry.
I'm worried.
His car was found abandoned with a flat tire, so I called the airline.
He never boarded the flight to New York.
But that's impossible.
He's He's there.
He texted me.
The interview went well.
Can I see those texts? Yeah, of course.
My phone's in my car.
How's Lucy been? She, uh she taken up edible arts and crafts? Oh, that? No.
Nick gave her that.
Found it.
See? Henry's fine.
Can you read this again and tell me if you see anything, anything that doesn't sound like Henry? J He's never called me that.
Who does? Just Sabine.
But she was right next to me when I got the text.
He called you that at Flynn's Barcade the other night.
Jacinda, does Nick have any, uh, scars on his arms? Yes, but he's very self-conscious about it.
I don't have time to explain.
I need you to go home.
Don't let anyone in, and don't answer your phone.
I think I know where Henry is.
Hey, listen, I thought about it.
And if this Zelena did what you said, let's take her to the cops.
You know, Henry, I used to be just like you.
One day I was Nick Music lawyer.
I'm taking a blood test, trying to save my daughter from some mysterious illness.
And then bam! All my memories came flooding back to me.
What happened? I don't know.
But it all came back into focus.
And it will for you, too.
This is all your dreams come true.
I wasn't the only one that took a blood test that day.
This says that That I am Lucy's father.
You're welcome.
That's That's a That's fake.
That That's forged.
Th There's an explanation for that.
'Fraid not, buddy.
This is straight from Dr.
Sage's office.
Oh, the doctor you killed? Why should I believe you? Because I was there when Lucy was born, okay? I remember the look on your face.
I've never seen Henry Mills look happier a day in his life! Let me guess, my Aunt Zelena was the midwife? No, she wasn't there.
But But she is here.
And you know her as Kelly.
Oh, Kelly? Right.
The spin instructor.
I'm pretty sure the only thing green about her is her kale juice.
She's also a witch, okay? You're not seeing the whole picture, Henry.
Yes, I am! Kelly is not a witch! She is a real woman from San Francisco! She's got a real daughter! She's got a real fiancé! Do not make her a part of your delusional fantasy! You know, man, for the Truest Believer, you really are a stubborn bastard.
I-I thought at least you would see what I'm trying to do.
I do see what you're trying to do, and I am not gonna help you kill somebody! Too late.
You've already given me exactly what I need.
You just don't know it yet.
I am sorry.
But I've been tied to enough trees with you to know these ropes won't hold.
What the hell are you doing back there? Looking for your baseball bat.
Oh, it's it's right by the ice bin.
Hey, don't worry.
I've got a full arsenal for us.
Weaver wasn't exactly ace in the weapon department.
Yes, but he is keeping your daughter safe.
I just got off the phone with him.
Margot's still at the station.
Thank you.
For standing by me.
You really think I'm going to let anyone kill my big sis but me? To surviving.
To putting the past behind you.
With a baseball bat.
Ooh! Ah! Felt good.
I can't believe how long it's been since Kelly had a drink and a good bar brawl.
Just because you're letting Zelena out to play doesn't mean you have to let go of Kelly.
We can be both.
Yeah, well, we'll see how much there is left of Kelly once Zelena has her reckoning with Hansel.
I am tired of playing candy crush with you.
I told you before, get out of Oz! Ohh! For the Wicked Witch, you're not so tough.
Are you quite finished? I'm about to be.
Aah! Aah! Aah! You You took my sight? I know someone who needs it more than you.
It's like I said There's only room for one witch around here.
And wicked always wins.
Hansel?! Hansel! Gretel! Oh.
Oh, no, no, no.
I'm too late.
Henry, are you okay? What? I'm okay.
Yeah, I'm okay.
I'm okay.
I'm fine.
But Nick he's He's after Kelly.
He's crazy.
He thinks she's a witch.
We need - We need to get to her before he does.
- Yeah, we will.
Well, she and her daughter should still be safe with Weaver.
Right now, we have to get out of here.
Come on.
Come on.
There you go.
Roni, can you get that? Roni's.
We're closed.
Kelly, it it's Chad.
Oh, God, I'm I'm I'm so sorry that I haven't called.
It's just I've been a bit tied up.
That's funny.
So is Chad.
If you ever want to see your precious Boo-Bear again, you will do exactly what I say.
What is it? Who was on the phone? It's It's Chad.
He's at the airport.
Do you mind picking him up and taking him somewhere safe? What? Absolutely not.
If I get him, I'm gonna put him in danger, too.
I can't risk that.
Look, Chad's innocent.
He knows nothing of our world, and he shouldn't have to pay for Zelena's mistakes.
Oh, come on.
Please don't fight me on this.
Just do it for me? Zelena, is that you? Yes.
There's something I need to tell you.
It's about your children.
Don't worry.
I already know.
They told me themselves.
We escaped.
Oh, thank goodness.
I thought you were child stew.
No, we're alive.
No thanks to you.
No more lies, Zelena.
How could you accept my hospitality when you knew my children were being held captive and tormented? No, it's not like that.
I was weak.
But as soon as I was strong, I went back for them.
You could have told me.
If I had told you, you would have gone to that house and the witch would have killed you.
You watched me search for them every night! Yes.
I'm wicked.
But I'm trying to be good.
There's no such thing as a good witch.
There could be.
Please, Ivo, all my life, people have treated me rotten.
You were the first person to see through the green To see the real me.
I took the witch's sight for you Just Just sprinkle this dust into your eyes, and your vision will be restored.
You'll have a second chance.
Please give me one, too.
No, no.
I don't need my sight to see who you truly are.
You're a monster! Now go! Get out of my house! Fine.
You don't want to see me? You won't see anything.
Aah! You witch! You don't deserve to walk away from this! Stupid child.
It's time you learned a lesson.
Aah! Father! You mess with a witch you get burned.
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.
I can fix everything, okay? No, she can't.
One thing you should know about your fiancée She burns everything she touches.
So Nick is Jack is Hansel.
Must be a bitch trying to keep track of your driver's licenses.
You know, it took me a while, and now here you are.
And it's time for you to pay for what you've done.
Chad's got nothing to do with this, okay? You've got me now.
Okay? Just let him go.
You know, I think we should let him know the truth about you.
Do you want to tell him or should I? Careful You remember what happened the last time we played this game.
You mean when you manipulated my father? And what about Gretel? She said she would never be that powerless again And so she became just like you.
And it killed her.
I didn't force her to make those choices.
And neither did you.
You can't go around killing people because of my bad mistakes.
Yeah, you're right.
It's time for me to just kill you.
Oh! I don't want to hurt you.
Yes, you do.
Do it.
Finish what you started all those years ago, witch.
I'm not that person anymore.
I've changed.
More or less.
Oh, my God.
Are you hurt? Just Just confused.
Who is Zelena? Let me untie you, and I'll introduce you to her.
The police are on their way.
They said to keep Nick handcuffed in the basement.
I'm not even going to ask why Roni has got those.
So, I'm guessing that guy wasn't an ER doctor and you weren't in a cycling accident? Is that what he told you to get you here? And all those things that he said about you? It's all true.
Before I met you, I was a different person.
And I hurt a lot of people.
I thought it was all behind me.
But every time I think I've moved past it, it all just comes crashing back.
But with you, I finally felt free from my past.
I was just Kelly.
Your Kelly.
- Kelly, I - It's okay.
You don't have to say anything.
I understand.
All this craziness, you know, it's it's It's not what you signed up for.
I won't make it hard for you.
When I gave you this ring, I signed up for everything, even the things I didn't know.
It's really bad.
But that guy Nick, he tried to kill you, and you had every opportunity to return the favor, but you didn't.
So whoever you were before, you're different now.
I love you The parts of you I know and the parts of you I don't.
Kelly and Zelena.
Would you just put this back on your finger now? Yes.
You're okay? Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
I knew you would be back! Looks like I'm putting another cup of cocoa on the stove.
Unless you're still trying to make that interview? You know I don't think that job's for me.
You could've just gotten the beignet from her.
They're exactly the same.
Not exactly.
You earned her trust, and she showed you how to make them, just like I asked you to, correct? Yes.
Trust is a powerful thing.
The breaking of that trust can be even more powerful.
Look, I don't know what this is about, and I don't care.
You got what you wanted.
The two of us? We're done.
We're done when I say we're done.
Don't make me remind you again.
It's nice to see that rock back where it belongs.
So I guess you and Chad? He knows almost everything at this point.
Minus the fairy tale bits.
And somehow, he still wants to be with me.
There's one thing I haven't told him yet.
What's that? That I have to stay here with you.
You need my help curing Henry and breaking the curse.
I'll manage.
You came when I needed you.
Kelly deserves a little happiness.
And so does Zelena.
So go on, you monkey.
You get on that bike and fly.
Why does that look like a goodbye hug? Hey, Margot.
I don't know what Detective Rogers told you, but there are some things I need to tell you about me.
I know all I need to know.
You do? You have a past.
Someone doesn't try to be that zen unless they're covering up for some shady crap they did.
So what was it? Spy? Assassin? A crime boss? Crime boss.
I knew it.
I promise it will make sense very soon.
What's going on? Chad and I are going back to San Francisco.
Do you want to come with us? Actually I'm kind of digging Hype Town now.
Really? I met someone I wouldn't mind sticking around for.
Well, I'm all for you making new friends.
Especially cute blond ones.
Okay, can we please not jinx this? It's still really early.
I'm gonna miss you.
Mom, seriously.
It's like a 90-minute flight.
Plus I'll see you in a couple months for the wedding.
You will.
Speaking of Here.
This is an old family heirloom.
I'd like for you to wear it as my maid of honor.
Really? Margot Any happiness I have, it all began with you.
I was wondering how long you guys would leave me in here.
But who are you? My lawyer? Actually, more of a patron.
Haven't you been wondering all this time who woke you up? You? But why? I knew about your witch agenda, and I thought you might take care of a few of them for me.
Especially one who's in competition with me for the Dark One's power.
I believe you know her as Mother Gothel.
Yeah, I know her.
She's my grand prize.
I want to make her suffer for what she did my sister.
You had your chance.
You could have had her whole coven.
But you got caught.
Listen, I-I can still help you.
Just use your dark magic, whatever, get me out of here, and I'll kill any witch you like.
Sorry, boy.
You're a wild card.
And I'm taking you out of the deck.