Once Upon a Time s07e20 Episode Script

Is This Henry Mills?

Previously on "Once Upon A Time" I got something for you.
It's a family thing.
It's for our travels.
I was clear that when I came back to the Heights, it was to get that dagger.
- I've missed you so much.
- [LAUGHS] [GRUNTS] Papa, no! The curse didn't break.
ELOISE: If you won't help cast the spell for me, do it to save your father.
Don't do it, Tilly.
You are my father.
And that's why I have to do this.
[THUNDER CRASHING] It didn't work! Lucy, what are you talking about? What didn't work? True.
My mom and Henry kissed.
But Henry's poisoned.
Not anymore.
I found all the pieces of the Glass Slipper and Mr.
Samdi cured him.
But doesn't matter we're still - [THUNDER CRASHES] - cursed.
I don't know about cursed, but those clouds aren't a great sign.
They're not clouds.
It's a re-birth.
The balance of nature is shifting, Regina.
We're on the precipice of a great extinction one that man cannot crawl back from.
So you're wiping out humanity with a rainstorm? [SCOFFS] How biblical.
Oh, it's going to be much worse than that.
But I'm here to offer you salvation.
You were once the Eighth Witch.
Join me now and your family will be spared.
Sorry, but I'm not really a joiner.
You may have brought us here, but this is my home now.
And I protect my own.
With what magic? Your son couldn't break my curse.
Do you think that was an accident? What did you do to Henry? I didn't have to do anything.
Did you ever notice how human children have a nasty way of growing up? An adult's belief is a lot less potent.
You don't know Henry.
He has the heart The heart of the Truest Believer.
Yes, I know.
But your Henry also has more pain than you know.
His belief is gone and there's nothing you can do to bring it back.
[THUNDER CRASHES] YOUNG HENRY: Do we really have to do this now, Mom? REGINA: Come on, it's your last first day of school.
- [SIGHS] - Just give me this, and you'll never have to do it again.
[SIGHS] Okay.
REGINA: Henry? Wait.
You forgot your lunch.
Seriously? I haven't used a lunch box since fifth grade.
Oh, just open it.
[SIGHS] No way.
[KEY RATTLES] Henry, I know you think I treat you like a child, but Well, you're not my little boy anymore.
And next year you'll need this car to drive across town to Storybrooke College.
This is, uh, great.
[CHUCKLES] What is it, Henry? It's just I'm not sure if SBC is the right move for me since it's not a move at all.
It's still in Storybrooke.
Well, what's wrong with that? Storybrooke's your home.
But I'm the only kid that wasn't whisked here from the Enchanted Forest.
I'm from the real world.
Maybe I should get out there and consider other options.
Other options.
Thanks, Mom.
I'll bring her home without a scratch.
[BIRDS CHIRPING] [CAR DOOR CLOSES] [ENGINE STARTS] [SIGHS] [THUNDER CRASHES] [KNOCKING LIGHTLY] I'm sorry, I don't remember ordering a traitor with a side of betrayal.
Lucy told me about Gothel's visit.
Yes, well, then you know she has magic and we don't.
I'm trying to harness what I can from that storm so I can at least go a round or two with her.
Perhaps this could be of some assistance.
I managed to distill a dusting of memory potion from Nick's blood.
Lucy told me what Gothel said about Henry's belief.
And you think if he remembers who he is, he'll believe again The kiss will work.
The curse will break.
We will have our magic back.
Just a few days ago you screwed over your own grandson to save yourself.
Why be a team player now? I'm beginning to realize I may never get back to Belle.
So perhaps I should help the family I do have here.
Look, I-I'm sorry for what I did.
I didn't mean to hurt Henry.
Let me fix this.
Let me help you before it's too late.
What's too late? What's happening? [CHANTING CONTINUES] [WHOOSH] What the bloody hell was that? She's been gifted.
When a member has completed her task given all that she has, she is rewarded with a place in the Eternal Grove.
What about you? Will you be rewarded as handsomely? They are the chosen ones.
I will be spared but not rewarded.
[SIGHS] But you will find the worst [GROANS] Oh! [METAL FITTINGS CLICK] Tilly, we have to get out of here now before that witch comes back.
I can't do that.
I'm to be with Mother.
The hell you are.
[GROANS] [STRAINED] What the hell? [GROANS] Tilly, what are you doing? I don't know what's happening, but I will come back for you.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] I will save you.
You're stripping the threads.
- Sorry.
- [SCOFFS] Look kid, I'm happy to let you borrow my tools, but you got to respect the machine.
This is vintage Curse-Era Classic.
Hey, Granny would you mind picking us up a few grilled-cheese sandwiches - for lunch? - Glad to.
No one should be doing auto maintenance on an empty stomach.
So I-I may have hit a curb and dinged the passenger door.
Oh, Henry, do you know what I put this car through? [CHUCKLES] Scratches are a part of life.
Look, I I've been thinking, and maybe your future is outside Storybrooke.
Mom I thought you didn't want me to leave home? Oh, I don't.
[CHUCKLES] But being a parent also means learning to let go.
Really? Henry, I just want you to be happy.
And even if happiness means a rowing crew in Ithaca.
Or a chess club in Boston.
Or studying film in Los Angeles.
Whatever you want.
[CHUCKLES] Even California.
Thanks, Mom.
That's a nice surprise.
What are you doing here? Well, I haven't seen my favorite customer in a while.
I want to make sure you're eating, all right? Ohh.
Ohh, grilled cheese.
- [CHUCKLES] - Nice.
Can I get you anything? Water? Whisky? Coffee's fine.
[SIGHS] [THUNDER RUMBLES] So, uh what's with the bags? Oh.
I'm taking Jacinda and Lucy to Bainbridge Island this weekend.
Jacinda kinda has a thing for that place.
So the rumors are true.
Yeah, Jacinda and I are definitely, officially some sort of thing.
Well, that's great, Henry.
All right, here you go.
A cup of Mills' finest.
[MUGS CLINK] Roni, everything okay? It didn't work.
[SIGHS] Gothel was right.
Gothel? What are you talking about? [SCOFFS] Is this about the fairy tale stuff? Did Lucy send you here? Because she and I already had a talk This doesn't have anything to do with Lucy.
Henry, something bad is happening here.
I need your help.
Bad, like a curse? Roni, we are not fairy tale characters.
Why else would you have kissed Jacinda? Because I am in love with her.
Well, the glass slipper how do you explain that? I don't know, a coincidence, a sign maybe to get over ourselves and just kiss.
And we did.
And the only thing that it broke was my delusion that I need to be somebody else to be happy.
No, but a part of you wanted to believe.
Or else what's all this? Nick was a psychopath.
And I admit it, I went deep down into the rabbit hole.
But I was wrong.
You're rationalizing away your belief like an adult.
I am an adult.
Roni, why do you care so much about this? Because this isn't like you, Henry.
Don't you want to believe? I do believe in real Henry and real Jacinda and our real future.
Listen to me, I am done searching for answers in some imaginary past.
Want to put that phone down and help me pack? I think it's gonna rain.
Maybe we shouldn't go tonight.
Jay! I found that extra bag.
I forget it was in the trunk holding spare tees Seriously? How long are you guys gonna be gone? Bainbridge at this time of year? Got to be prepared for any weather.
Like apocalyptic storms.
Yeah, it is pretty nasty out there.
Not you, too.
Why is everyone on edge today? I still haven't heard from Drew.
It's not like him to go MIA.
Um, Did Drew ever use this bag? Yeah.
Why? I think I might know who you should talk to.
The shady businessman? Why? He also deals in tarot cards.
I've, uh, seen him around Roni's.
Well, it looks like I will be paying Mr.
Samdi a visit.
Wait, I'm coming with you.
Luce, keep packing.
[SIGHS] [THUNDER RUMBLING] [SIREN WAILING] [RECEIVER THUNKS] Where the hell have you been? I need you to tell me what the hell is going on in this town.
I just spent the night tied up in the bowels of the city.
And I saw things.
All right? So either I'm going crazy, or Eloise Gardner drugged me, or Magic is real.
All of it.
Everything you read in Henry Mills' book.
We are all from another realm.
Eloise is a witch named Gothel, and what you saw her doing was magic.
Now, if you want proof, I imagine anything I have to offer pales in comparison to what you witnessed last night.
Yeah, you're right.
What I witnessed last night strains reason.
But so does what you are saying now.
The choice is simple madness or take a leap of faith.
Believe your eyes.
Believe me.
I'm not mad.
I know.
She said Eloise said that Tilly is my daughter.
And you felt a connection to her from the moment you met.
A connection that's troubled you ever since.
- Isn't that right? - Aye.
And my heart when I got near her, it was like I was being stabbed by a million knives.
Gothel poisoned your heart as a punishment to keep you and your daughter separate.
Now that she's bringing magic back, I guess the poison must have activated again.
That must be why I couldn't rescue her.
Rescue her from what? I I don't know.
So the coven is locked in a ritual and Tilly is, too.
They have her under some kind of spell.
Well, maybe we can break it.
Get her out of there.
- How? - Follow me.
I have an idea.
Hey if what you say is true who was am I in this other place? [CHUCKLES] All you need to know right now is you're a survivor.
[THUNDER RUMBLES] Hey, Detectives.
Nasty out there, isn't it? Can I get you something hot to drink? Well, unfortunately it's only gonna get worse.
And we need you to come with us.
What? Why? [GASPS] Is this about the overdue parking tickets? No, you're fine.
This is about Tilly.
She's in trouble.
We need your help.
What kind of trouble? Tilly and I were on a case, and she was taken by some bad people.
And to make matters worse, she's in one of her states.
You think I can help get through to her? You may be the only one that can help her.
Look, we really don't have a lot of time, she's in real danger.
[SIGHS] Is that Yes.
This is where Henry's belief went to die.
This is where he thinks his family is.
You're not gonna dig them up to prove him wrong are you? No.
Then why are we here? Because there are other ways of waking people up.
The Storybook.
Of Of course.
When Emma touched it, she believed.
And maybe if Henry touches the second storybook, it might have the same effect.
[SIGHS] I've looked everywhere for it.
I haven't seen it since my step-grandma showed it to me.
Victoria knew how powerful that book is.
And if anyone wanted it, you'd have to pry it from her cold, dead hands.
[GASPS] You think the storybook is in there? Why do you think I kept my vault in a cemetery? When you have secrets that powerful, you take them to the grave.
So we're just gonna dig it up? Not we me.
Your mission is to get your father to the bar.
Henry was always the one who made the rest of us believe.
Today we're gonna return the favor.
[DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] [FOOTSTEPS] You missed a great fundraiser.
Looks like we'll finally be able to rebuild the athletic club after that old Snow Monster incident.
[CHUCKLES] What are those? You got into Madison B.
, USC, Wesleyan, Bard.
You got into every school you applied to.
I am so proud.
Thanks, Mom.
I'll call Emma and get her to rally everybody at Granny's so you can break the good news in person.
Maybe maybe we could wait a sec to tell everyone.
What's wrong? It's just In the entrance essays, the Henry Mills I was writing about wasn't really me.
What are you talking about? I couldn't write about the time I got kidnapped to Neverland.
Or how I met my first girlfriend in Camelot.
I even had to lie about my own home.
I read those essays.
They were exceptionally well written.
That's not the point.
They didn't accept the real Henry Mills.
And i-if I go out there and keep lying, I won't be me anymore.
Maybe I'm better off just staying at home.
Mom what do I do? I wish I can tell you to stay here and never grow up.
But you're already grown up.
And the only person who can tell you what to do is you.
[THUNDER RUMBLES] What's this? Lucy, where's your mom? Jacinda isn't coming.
I asked Lucy to bring you here.
Henry, there's something I need to show you.
This is Book Two.
The story of us.
Really, Roni? We've already been through this.
Henry, I know you don't want to believe.
But I need you to.
Just touch the book, and then you'll remember everything.
You want me to touch the book, okay.
See? [STORYBOOK THUNKS] Nothing's changed.
I'm still me Henry Mills Failed author and five-star Swyft driver.
- [SOBS] - Lucy, wait! Henry.
Just What is going on with you today? You don't really believe all this stuff, do you? This isn't a fake photo.
I looked into it A real Regina Mills adopted a Henry Mills in Boston.
These are the adoption papers.
[SIGHS] It's my signature.
I'm Regina.
It's all true, Henry.
I am your mother.
No, you are not my mother.
I don't have a mother.
No one gave me a home.
I made my own home, and it went up in flames, Roni.
And all I am trying to do right now is just move on, and you won't let me.
Why? Because I need you! Okay, fine.
You know what? I'll play along.
Say my book is real where are all the real heroes, then? Where is Snow? Where is Charming? Where is Emma? W-Where are these heroes to save the day? Doesn't everybody always find each other? You can't find someone if you don't know they're missing.
What the hell does that even mean? Gothel's curse didn't just bring us to a Land Without Magic.
It brought us back in time.
Henry you grew up.
You left home.
You went on amazing adventures.
But Gothel brought you, and all of us, back to this specific time.
Which means, right now, I'm technically still in Storybrooke, and so are you.
Roni, listen to me.
This has to stop.
I'm not your hero.
You didn't adopt a son.
I am not that little kid.
Yes, you are.
You just stopped believing in yourself.
Don't you get it? No one wants to believe that this is real more than I do.
Because if this is real, that means that the pain that I carry around every single day doesn't exist.
But it is still right there.
So no, I am not your boy wonder.
I am just a sad grown man who couldn't even save his own family.
Henry, I get it.
I had thought it was just the curse, but your pain is real.
Because the day we were cursed, you couldn't save your family.
You were kidnapped, and you're still blaming yourself for it.
But the difference between what you believe and what I believe is that I know you can still save us.
Because we're right here.
We've always been with you.
I just need you to remember that.
Bye, Roni.
[DOOR SLAMS] You okay, luv? My hands are shaking.
There's a good chance that you're gonna see something unusual.
Just know that you're not mad.
All right? Okay.
It's okay.
I once went to an ayahuasca ceremony in Iquitos.
I can handle this.
Hey, Tilly.
It's me, Margot.
Look, there are a lot of people who are really worried about you.
But I know you're just having one of your bad days.
But if you come with me, maybe we can turn it into a good one.
Hm? What do you say? No.
[WHISPERING INDISTINCTLY] We have to get to Tilly.
Aah! What the hell's going on? Last night, I saw this.
They were turning into trees.
The spell is almost complete.
- Tilly, stop! - Don't do any more, Tilly! [THUNDER CRASHES] [THUNDER CRASHING] What the hell are you doing in here? Business hours are over.
I don't know what kind of "business" you are running here, but I have a feeling it has more to do than backing Beignet Wars.
And I have a feeling you know something about Drew.
We found this in his bag, and my daughter says it belongs to you.
I know you tried to manipulate him before.
Where is Drew? Since you asked so politely you need only look behind that door.
Drew! Now that you've found him, why don't you sit down and join him? And why the hell would we do that? Ohh! Oh, my Because I can be very convincing.
Now in the closet, both of you.
- Lucy, please.
Just li - No! You could believe, you just don't want to! It doesn't work that way.
Okay? You may not understand now, but you will when you're older.
I wish you could remember what it was like to be a kid To to believe I wish you never grew up! [SIGHS] Okay.
I guess we're not going to the island tonight.
I'll call your mom.
[SIGHS] - - [SIGHS] Really? [TELEPHONE RINGING] [LINE RINGING] - [RINGING CONTINUES] - I got it, Mom! Hello? My name's Henry.
You can't eat that.
It's poison.
You can make them love you.
I love you, Henry.
I love you, too.
[ HORSE NEIGHING] I'm willing to take a risk, Henry.
Hello? Who's calling? Is this Henry Mills? Yeah.
Who's this? Uh I'm, uh I'm just a friend of your mother's.
Oh, you must be calling about the graduation party.
Yeah, we moved it.
We're meeting at Granny's now.
It's my uh, your graduation? Yep.
Sure is.
Are you a friend of my mom's from work or something? Should I go get her? Oh, no, no, no.
I just called to congratulate you.
Well, thanks.
So what's next? To be honest You're having doubts.
I told my mom is was because I didn't want to lie about who I am.
But, um it's hard letting go of this place.
Believe me, I know.
Um, can I give you a piece of advice? Advice someone gave me a long time ago at my graduation? Sure.
Home isn't a place.
It's the people in it.
[VOICE BREAKING] And they will always be with you.
Who'd you say this was again? Just someone who believes in you.
Henry! We're gonna be late.
REGINA: Hold on, Mom.
I'm sorry.
I-I got to go.
Have fun at your party, kid.
And when you're opening your gifts, make sure you don't miss the tiny one that fell behind your dresser.
You are gonna want that one.
You remember.
But but how? I remember that call.
I always remembered it.
It was so weird.
Because it was me.
I'll explain everything.
Okay? But right now I need to help my mom.
[FIRE CRACKLES] You know, I thought you'd bring more to the fight than a piece of dead wood.
I've got nothin' left to lose.
So let's do this.
[SIGHS] Thank you for saying you wanted to leave early.
I could not handle another one of Grumpy's "To all the Curses I've Known Before" toasts.
Yeah I was starting to think that wasn't hot chocolate in his mug.
[LAUGHS] You seem different.
What's changed? Mom, I wasn't entirely honest with you or myself about why I couldn't pick a college.
Really? When you told me that you were ready to let me go, I realized I wasn't ready to leave.
Storybrooke is the only home I've ever known.
And change is hard.
And the unknown is scary.
But now it's not? Oh, no.
Still terrifying.
But I know now that home isn't a place.
It's the people you love.
And even when I'm not in Storybrooke, Storybrooke will always be with me.
Well, it sounds like you made your decision.
What's the lucky school? Let me guess B.
? No, USC.
Madison? [CHUCKLING] It's Madison, isn't it? You've always loved cheese Why don't we talk about it tomorrow? G'night, Mom.
[THUNDER CRASHES] That's the problem with humans.
They don't know when to let go.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] Letting go has never been my thing.
[BLOWS] [THUNDER CRASHES] Mom! Hold on, Mom.
I got you.
I got you.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I'm with you.
I got you.
Mom? Mom I'm sorry it took me so long, but I'm here.
I remember.
I finally remember everything.
Please come back to me, Mom.
[SOBBING] Come back.
I love you.
[WHOOSH] Welcome back Captain Hook.
Robin! Tower Girl.
[BOTH CHUCKLING SOFTLY] I told you we'd always know each other.
You did it.
You broke the curse.
[WIND HOWLING] I'm sorry it took me so long to get here.
Oh, Henry.
I'm just glad to have you back.
And my magic.
It's not enough, Regina.
WEAVER: Maybe.
But perhaps your daughter's magic will be.
My daughter's with me now, Dark One.
Come here, Tilly.
She was never with you.
And now she's gonna be the one who stops you.
What? No.
I can't fight her.
She's a monster.
She's too strong.
Not half as strong as you, Alice.
Papa, please.
I know you're afraid.
You're hurting yourself.
You're growing weak.
No, I'm finally growing strong.
You make me stronger.
Yet every step you take, your heart grows weaker.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] You can do this.
I'm here with you.
And so am I.
Don't be a fool.
Join your mother and defend your home.
You are not my mother.
You want to ruin me the way the world ruined you.
But I'm not like you.
I'm not an outcast.
I'm not an orphan or a street rat or some crazy girl who's lost her way.
You chose hate.
But I choose love.
[CRACKING] [GROANING] I'm sorry your life twisted into something you never meant it to.
I promise I will do better.
For everyone.
Farewell, Gothel.
[CRASHING] Don't move, Facilier.
Princess Tiana, I presume.
It's Queen to you.
Now that's the kick-ass queen I remember.
Naveen! I'm so sorry I couldn't save you before.
Better late than never.
[EXHALES SOFTLY] Ella! Where are you running off to? To find my family.
You were right I did stop believing in myself.
I guess I got a little dinged up along the way, and I couldn't recognize who I was anymore.
I know.
Scratches are a part of life.
I remember that now.
I remember everything you taught me.
YOUNG HENRY: Dear Mom, this is the personal essay I wanted to send, but couldn't.
It's titled "Once Upon A Time.
" And it's the story of us.
Sometimes, you have to leave home.
And you've been there for so long, you don't know who or what you'll be outside of it.
But then you realize every experience, every trial, every moment has shaped you.
And you take that place with you no matter where you go next.
I'm lucky.
I have an incredible home.
You won't find it on a map.
But in it, you will find magic.
You find love hope and something to believe in.
You'll find a family that fights for one another, who never gives up on each other.
And even when they're separated by curse or distance or time they find each other.
They always find each other.
I wish the world could know the story of my family how it was all true how every moment of it happened.
And you may think this is just a story.
But that's the thing about stories.
They're more than words.
They live inside of us.
They make us who we are.
And as long as someone believes that there will always be magic.
I thought I'd lost you.
I've tried, Belle, but I don't think I'm gonna find my way home to you now.
No, I don't think that you will Dark One.
How nice of you to pay me a visit.
How dare you take what's mine! [WHOOSH] Remember, you're not the only one with magic anymore.
[COUGHS, LAUGHS] That's what I thought.
You're a shadow of your former self.
It's sad.
Trying to get back to your beloved has made you the worst version of you.
[GROANS] [BODY THUDS] Well, I find that really insulting.
I mean, I'm the worst version of me.
[CACKLES] Hello, Dearie! Did you really think a wish realm could hold me? Now, then it's time you and I got better acquainted.