One Child (2014) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

(Pop music playing) (Man talking indistinctly) (Man laughing) (Indistinct chatter) (Music continues) (Laughing) (Whooping) (All laughing) (Techno music playing) (Laughing) (Groans) (Pop music playing) (All cheering) (Whistling) (Sniffing) (Music fades) (Girl shouting) (Man shouting) (Men arguing) (Sighs) (Engine revving) (Tires screeching) Hey! Don't be a pussy! - Relax yourself, please.
- Hey! Go home! (Groans) And take your stupid car with you.
(Laughing) Stupid boy.
(Glass shatters) (Groaning) (Gasping) (Man shouting indistinctly) Come on! - Call an ambulance! - Come on, man! (Gasping) (Men yelling) (Horn tooting) - - Ajun: Hmm.
(Door closes) - - (Engine starting) (Keyboard clicking) (Computer beeps) (Beeps) (Sighs) - - (Keyboard clicking) (Sighs) (People chattering) - Hi, Mei.
- Hi, you all right? Hi, I'll be there in a minute.
- (Keyboard clicking) - (Ringing) Hello, this is Qianyi.
Thank you for calling me.
What is this about? I have a message from your mother.
Your mother here in Guangzhou.
Mei, are you there? Hello? I don't know any mother in Guangzhou.
- You were adopted.
Yes? - Yes.
I am talking about your mother, who had you adopted.
I am a friend of hers.
What message? She needs your help.
What do you mean? Her son, your brother is in trouble.
What brother? His name is Ajun.
He was born after your adoption.
An African man was killed in the street in my city.
And your brother was arrested for the crime.
Arrested and convicted.
I am journalist for a newspaper here, City News.
I reported on the case.
And your brother was not involved.
He was just a witness.
Mei? Yes? Can you come here? To Guangzhou? - Yes.
- What can I do? Because you are from England, it will help us.
And you can stay in my apartment.
And I will get everything you need.
Your mother is desperate to see you.
Is she there? Is she with you? No, she's in her home and I am in my apartment.
We have appealed against your brother's sentence.
What is his sentence? One moment.
I can organize everything once you are here.
All you have to do, is get your flight and your visa.
But tell no one.
Just tell people you're meeting your mother.
This is most important.
Don't worry, Mei.
I will take care of you.
You will be safe.
I promise.
I will send you the link to my report on his case.
But it will tell you nothing of what really happened.
We will reveal the truth at the appeal.
Trust me, Mei.
You were adopted from the Guangzhou orphanage on 16th of April, 1992.
Yes? Yes.
Your adoption number is 2- 9- 8- 5.
Yes? Yes.
And you have a wax burn mark, right side.
I have a birthmark there.
You mother told me it is a burn mark.
She made it, before you went into the orphanage, in order to identify you, in the hope that she would see you again.
(Sighs) Please read my report.
(Sighs) (Sighs heavily) (Birds chirping) Bobby! Hi! Mom? Dad? There you are.
Jim Aw, how was your journey? - It was fine.
- Oh, you look well.
- No, you don't.
You don't look well.
You look tired.
- Mom! - Are you working too hard? - No! - Are you sure? - Mom, I'm just No more than anyone else.
All right.
I hope so.
- Where's dad? - Busy with his book.
He's scratching himself again.
(Whispers) Which means he's got to an important bit.
Jim! Mei's here.
- Hello Mei! - Hi dad.
- Be with you in a moment.
- There.
Maybe, I am a bit tired.
Oh! Nice, quiet weekend.
- I'll take my bag upstairs.
- All right.
What would you like to drink? Tea, please.
Thank you.
Hello, Mei.
I'm sorry, sweetheart.
I just reached a point where I couldn't possibly stop.
That's okay.
What's the book? - It's a re-interpretation of the Peloponnesian War.
- Oh.
Katherine: For which no publisher will show the slightest interest.
I'm sure they will, dad.
(Sighs) (Chuckles) It's lovely to see you.
Lovely, lovely, lovely.
My tutor thinks I can get a posting in San Diego.
The astrophysics center.
Hey! That would be something.
That certainly would.
- He's promised to see what he can do for me.
- That's marvelous.
Their facilities are amazing.
Oh! Congratulations! And I've had a message from China.
From my birth mother.
Not from her directly, but from a woman contacting me on her behalf.
Oh, that'll be a scam.
No, it's not, dad.
She wants to see me.
- Who does? Your birth mother? - Yes.
- Mei, this has to be a scam.
- No, it's not.
There was a scam only last year.
Do you remember in the newsletter? I know, but this isn't.
The woman I spoke to, had the day of my adoption, - and my adoption number.
- People can find that out.
And she asked me if I had a burn mark, where I have it.
- Oh that's a birth mark, Mei.
- She said, it's not.
She said it's a burn mark.
That my birth mother had marked me before she abandoned me, in the hope of If she were to ever see me again.
And your birth father? Do you know anything? He died 11 years ago, apparently.
Oh, that's terrible.
How did she know where to find you? She already had the day she put me in the orphanage.
And the name the orphanage gave me.
The rest of the information she got from there.
And what do you know about her? She lives in Guangzhou.
That's really, all I know.
Did she say why she wants to see you? Because because, I suppose she's been searching for me.
What do you want to do? Well, now that she has made contact - You want to go and meet her? - Yes, I do.
Well I think if you want to meet her - You should go.
- Is that all right? Yes.
I won't go if you don't We'd already put some money aside for you, should you ever want to make that - journey.
- Yes, we did.
Do you want one of us to go with you? No, she doesn't want one of us, chaperoning her around like a 12-year old.
No, of course.
But, you certainly have our blessing, Mei.
Yes, you do.
You don't have to worry about that.
It's important for you to go.
It was always in our mind, for you to do this.
(Sighs) And we must make sure that you get a lovely hotel.
We'll be in charge of that.
So you, stay in contact.
Yes, 'cause we're gonna want to know everything.
Not that we want to interfere, of course.
I will call you everyday.
- Oh.
- Well, here we are.
No more wondering who she might be.
- Yes, she must take some photographs.
- I will.
You're sure you're gonna be all right, going on your own? We should call the adoption group.
- Good idea.
Why not? - They'll have lots of good advice.
When are you thinking you might want to go? I've finished my course work for this term, so It seems like the best time is now.
(Sighs) Come on.
(Speaking Chinese) - Thank you.
- Thank you.
(Indistinct chatter) - Qianyi? - Mei? Hello.
I am very pleased to meet you.
Oh, you speak Mandarin? Only a little.
I've been practicing that.
Is this where she lives? In the village, yes.
Further in.
(People yelling) Is this the first time that you have been here? Uh, my mom and dad brought me here when I was 10, but I don't remember much.
Most of the city was not built then.
Almost there.
Is there any way I can see her, before she sees me? I don't think that is going to be possible.
Her home is very small.
(Door creaking) (Door closes) (Speaking Chinese) Take off your shoes.
(Speaking Chinese) (Speaking Chinese) I was telling her about where you live in England.
That your home is in your village.
That you're studying astronomy.
She's very surprised by that.
(Laughs) Um (Laughs nervously) (Speaking Chinese) She wants to thank you, for coming here and helping her.
We managed get hold of Ajun's case documents.
She wants you to see them.
These are the statements of the witnesses.
(Speaking Chinese) They all say the same thing.
That your brother killed the African.
Mei? Is this the only reason why I'm here? - No, it's - She's not even looking at me.
She feels ashamed.
Every statement is exactly the same, the same detail, the same lie.
You will have to be patient with her.
How many of these are there? Fifteen.
- Fifteen witnesses? - Yes.
The boy who killed the African, his three friends and 11 others.
How is that possible? (Speaking Chinese) This is Quan Chau Phong, the real killer.
(Speaking Chinese) And this is father, Quan Phong.
He owns factories in Dongguan.
He has 70,000 employees.
And he's a very powerful man.
(Speaking Chinese) This is Quan Phong's brother, the head of provincial security division.
Quan Shin, another very powerful man.
With men like this, everything is possible.
If a member of their family commits a crime, they will make sure something is arranged.
Their usual way out is to give money to the family of the victim, so the case never goes to court.
But in this situation, the Nigerian embassy demanded an arrest, and so someone had to be found to take Quan Chau Phong's place.
Your brother comes from a poor family and has no connections, so he was the obvious choice.
This Ajun's confession.
- He confessed? - He was forced to confess.
Mentally, physically, it is quite common.
This is the pronouncement of the court that he is guilty.
And this is the pronouncement of his sentence to death.
So what can I do? We can work on a plan.
But first, I suggest you get some rest.
What's she saying? She's begging you for help because there's no one to help her here.
(Speaking Chinese) She says that the appeal is to be heard, in the provincial Higher people's court in three weeks time, and if she's not successful, then they will execute her son.
But I don't know what I can do? What can I do? What can I tell her? - What's she saying now? - She's saying the same as before.
(Speaking Chinese) That there's no one else to help her.
There are only three weeks left.
And her son is all that she has in the world.
I don't feel well.
I'm sorry.
- We can go if you like.
- Yes, please.
I'd like to go.
Please, I'm sorry.
I will tell her you're tired from the flight.
Tell her whatever you like.
I need to go.
(Crying) - Mei! - She's not my mother.
- She's not my mother.
- She is your mother.
I know she's not because I don't feel it.
There's nothing between us.
She's a stranger to me.
Just a woman.
Any woman.
Didn't I prove to you that she is your mother? And even if she is, she doesn't want me.
She's only wanting to get her son out of prison.
She won't even look at me.
She's too ashamed to look at you, Mei.
Then why did she bring me back here? She didn't ask you to come back, I did.
I looked for you and I found you.
I was hoping that you might have connections.
- Me? - Your family, in government or in business.
My mother translates Russian novels.
My father writes about Greek history.
What connections do I have? I'm useless to her.
She doesn't even want me here.
This has been a terrible mistake.
She never wanted me to come back.
- Katherine: I don't understand that.
- Jim: Why did she invite you? Because her son is in prison and she wants me to get him out.
Her son? Yes.
- You didn't tell us she had a son.
- In prison for what? There was a fight outside a night club.
Jim: Why does she want you there for that? What can you do? - I don't know.
- It's difficult to understand.
- It doesn't make sense, Mei.
- I know.
I told you, I've made a terrible mistake.
Didn't you say you were an astrophysicist? - Why would she say that? - She's not a lawyer.
I know, she's not a lawyer.
I know you know, but they don't.
Mom, I think I need to come home.
Katherine: We can get you home, if you want to come home, but you need to leave now.
We can sort all that out but what I don't understand, Mei - is why - Do you want us to get you a ticket to fly back tomorrow? Why you weren't told of this trouble before you went out there? I was.
I was asked not to tell anyone.
Why in the heck not? I don't know.
Who told you not to tell? - That Queeny, Queeny, woman? What? - Qianyi, dad.
- Why would she tell you that? - I don't know.
I just (Sighs heavily) I'm okay, really.
I'm just upset.
Mei, what you like for us to do for you? - Jim: We can change your ticket.
- Would you like us to do that? - It's okay.
- Do you want us to come out there to you? You can't.
You need a visa.
Should we get you a contact out there? Someone who can support you? There's a woman at the adoption group.
Do you want me to call her? And Then there's the consulate, the British consulate.
No! It's okay.
It's just been very stressful seeing her, and a long day and (Sighs) I have jet lag.
I have a period.
And it was a mistake to do this, that's all.
The hotel will change my ticket.
I'll come home and forget this ever happened.
- Should we got out there? - Well, she did say, she was coming home.
(Sighing) We should have been more rigorous.
- What else could we have done? - Ask more questions.
The adoption board encouraged her, and off she went.
But of course, you're right.
- A brother in prison? - Whoa! Oh God! What she mustn't do now is get involved in anything, or anybody, while she's still out there.
- Did we tell her that? - Oh, no! - I don't know.
Did you? - I can't, I can't remember.
(Sighs) I'll call her.
(Cellphone ringing) - Yes? - It's Qianyi.
I was worrying about you.
I'm okay.
You want to go out and eat? I've already eaten.
The photograph she tried to give you.
Would you like to meet your brother, before you go? - Ajun? - Yes.
- In the prison? - Yes.
- Can I do that? - I have got you permission.
It was not easy, but a friend in the prison service fixed it up for us.
(Sighing) (Cellphone ringing) Sorry.
- Hi dad.
- Sweetheart! I forgot to tell you.
Very important.
Don't get involved in anything or anybody before you come home.
Katherine: Honey, you can't do anything to help anyone there.
So take your father's advice and come home.
(Sighs) Did you hear that? Yes.
If you start interfering with the way they do things, they won't like it.
Yes, dad.
- Does he know about me? - Yes.
Your mother told him, since he has been in prison, after we found you.
And? And he's very excited to learn that he has a sister.
And he's excited to see you.
All you have to do is, take this authorization, and give a little money to the guard taking you to the visiting room.
He's expecting it, and it will allow you to speak English.
Don't worry.
You'll be fine.
That is the Higher people's court, where we go for the appeal.
Where they will make a final decision.
(Speaking Chinese) (Beeping) (Door buzzes open) My sister! All this way from London.
(Shushing) We must speak quietly.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Cool city.
- It is.
- The coolest city? Yes.
It is a cool city.
I did not kill the African.
Please Sister, help me.
I did not kill him.
- I saw your mother and - Our mother? You meet her? Yesterday.
- I went to your home.
- Do you like her? Yeah.
She gave me this.
No! That is not a cool photo.
(Both laughing) She'll think this is cool.
She does.
She loves that photo.
(Laughs) That is funny.
She will be so, so happy that you're here.
Will you tell her that I'm always thinking about her? Yeah.
What do you study? Chinese? Astrophysics.
It's the planets.
And the night sky.
- Space.
- Yes.
- You look at the stars.
- Yes.
My friend Eddie says there is a comet coming.
And it will kill everyone.
It will destroy the world.
I don't think so.
December, the 21st.
That is not how to look at the stars.
When you see the stars in the sky, you must just look and wonder.
Just wonder and think Huge thoughts.
In three weeks, if no one speak for me, I will die.
It is another boy who killed the African.
It is not me.
I know.
I'll do everything I can for you.
Thank you, sister.
Thank you.
Speak to Tao.
He will tell you what happened.
- Speak to who? - My friend, Quan Tao.
Ask him to be a witness in the court for me.
- He's my best friend.
- Okay.
- I'll ask him.
- I was standing next to him when the African was killed.
I know him all my life.
He will tell the truth.
Has he not already made a statement? - No.
- Why not? Because they know he will protect me.
- Okay.
- And then talk to Eddie, the DJ.
He teaches me everything.
How to wear cool clothes, how to speak cool English.
He is so the cool man.
- (Mei laughs) - The coolest man in the world.
Has he not made a statement either? He made a statement.
But he was frightened into telling lies.
I know he wants to tell the truth.
Talk to him.
- Speak to Sam.
- Who's Sam? Samuel Abulu.
- Is he also a witness? - Yes.
- Where do I find him? - Little Africa.
Bieune trading, all the Africans are there.
Bieune trading.
They are my friends.
Chinese don't like them.
But they are cool people.
I'm the DJ assist.
So I'm like African now.
(Mei laughs) So you will talk to my friends for me? Yes, of course.
Of course, I will.
Thank you, sister.
Thank you.
I feel that you will free me.
I feel it in here.
So when I am free, can I go to London? Yes.
- And you will stay with me.
- I want to do that.
I want to be a DJ.
- A DJ in London.
- You will.
In my cell, there is a little window at the top.
I can see a star.
Every night, one star.
I can see it.
It is you, in the night.
Every night, looking at me.
I'm there, every night.
(Speaking Chinese) Please, talk to my lawyer.
- Save me from this.
- I will.
I'll get you free.
And I'll take you to London, and you'll stay with me.
And you will DJ, and I will show you the stars and the sky (Door closes) Anyone can see that he's innocent.
Anyone can see that.
This is why I had to find you.
I want to see his lawyer.
I have to advise you most strongly, not to get involved with these people.
You didn't see my brother kill Mr.
I said, what I saw.
Go away from here.
You will need to change the evidence of all the witnesses.
The only chance of success, is to be more ruthless than Quan Phong.
And if your friend out there thinks that God, please! Get this evidence.
And I will make everything else possible.
We will have your brother free.