One Child (2014) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

It is another boy who killed the African.
It is not me.
Quan Chau Phong, the real killer.
And this is his father, Quan Phong.
These are the two men, who have framed your brother.
The maid told me a girl is waiting for me.
From England? London? Yes.
Tea or coffee? - No, thank you.
- Juice? I'm okay.
Thank you.
Please sit down.
Do I know you? I'm Li Jun's sister.
The boy accused of killing the African at Space nightclub.
I was adopted as a baby.
Li Jun's mother Our mother called me in England to say that he was in prison here.
The court has rejected his appeal, and now he's going to be executed.
And that's why I'm here.
Why here? To see what you can do.
What I can do? I've been told that, you'd got into an argument with the man who died.
And that your father and your uncle fixed it, so that my brother was to be blamed for He can't be executed for something he didn't commit.
It can't happen.
It can't be allowed.
The case against him has to be dropped.
What do you do in London? I'm a student.
Where do you live? Chelsea? Park Lane? - Kensington? - Finsbury.
It's, um it's just a district.
Are you married? No.
About my brother Well, it is usual to pay family to stop the case going to court.
But then our jury and government wanted someone convicted.
I know, but if you were in my brother's situation? Or my situation? What would you want to happen? I will ask my father.
- Ask your father? - Yeah, I will talk to him.
You'll ask him about my brother? Sure.
Come and have some breakfast.
What will your father say? Come inside.
Keep me company.
Oh, do you mind? I always swim before breakfast.
No, you carry on.
So, you'll ask your father to arrange my brother's freedom? - Sure.
- How? If his appeal has already been rejected? Well, there is always something to be done.
Even at the last minute.
Did she bring the right tea? Yes, it's lovely.
Thank you.
The water's perfect.
A swim in the morning, everyone should do it.
At the moment, I'm in international business in Hong Kong.
But I want to do this in London now.
Hong Kong is so boring.
- I've never been there.
- It's so, so boring.
My father is buying a house in Knightsbridge.
So maybe I shall live there.
We can be good friends.
We can go to the clubs together.
- What will you ask him? - What? What will you say to your father? I'll tell him that I've met this beautiful girl from London, and she's the sister of Li Jun.
And this girl is going to be my friend.
So, you know, we have to do something.
That's it.
- And he will? - Of course.
What I tell him, he does.
Ah, swimming costumes.
In case you want to swim later.
How cool that you've come to my door.
Does she live here? Who? The girl in your pool? Ah, no! She lives in New York.
She's just staying for a few days.
Is she your girlfriend? No, I don't have a girlfriend.
She's my sister.
Oh Older or One year older.
Was that allowed, with the one child policy? I don't know.
Who cares? Do you know the Midnight Cats? - Midnight Cats? - Yeah.
The best club in Guangzhou.
- You don't know it? - No.
Well, come tonight.
Be my guest.
I will show you how you can really have a good time here.
Do you wanna come home with me? I would love to, but it won't feel right, until my brother's free.
Then we can do whatever we want, together.
My name's Li Mei.
I have an appointment with Mr.
Quan Phong.
Just a moment.
Come right through.
I am very touched and moved by your concern for your brother.
And I have great respect for your honoring of your family.
For my brother, I would do the same.
That's very kind of you.
And I'm very grateful to you.
So I am offering you a solution.
It is possible that there has been a mix-up in the identity of the man who killed the African.
The chief of police has also agreed, it is possible.
We must ensure that we send only the guilty, - into the execution chamber.
- Yes, sir.
The witnesses, in particular, the Africans are not reliable.
It is easy for them to mistake one Chinese boy for another.
The waiter, Quan Tao.
He looks very much like your brother.
Quan Tao, from the club? It is easy for the Africans to make this mistake.
To mix them up.
My brother's friend? I have suggested this to the chief of police.
And he is in agreement about how the witnesses may realize an error in their identification.
Is there some other way, some It is all in the hands of the chief of police.
Let us give him the opportunity to do his work.
Do I call him? Can I, can I think about it? I will give you 30 minutes.
If you do not come back to me by 11 o'clock, I will not be here for you.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Can you petition the judge? Huh? Which judge? A judge who talked to me.
I don't understand.
Which judge talked to you, Ajun? The judge from the Supreme Court.
It is in Beijing.
He talked to me.
Yes, we can do that.
We'll do that.
He asked me if I have a lawyer.
I said, "yes.
" - She is she is - Cheng Hua.
- Cheng Hua? - Yes.
But he said she was in prison for corruption.
He said they are bad people.
Who are bad people? Cheng Hua? Yes.
He said there is too much corruption in the provinces.
And it has to be stopped.
But didn't you tell him that it's Quan Phong, and his family who are corrupt, not Cheng Hua? He didn't believe me.
He said he saw the evidence at the first trial.
And my confession.
But the chief of police, he forced me to confess.
Please don't let them kill me.
I don't want to say goodbye.
- - Ajun! We'll petition the judge! Mei! I can't see you right now.
I told you not to come here.
I have to go.
You stay here, and talk to us.
- I have a taxi waiting.
- Just stay and talk, okay? - I have to go to Beijing.
- You can't.
You don't understand the trouble you are in.
Trouble I'm in? I don't care about that.
Anderson has said your friends have been arrested.
All of them! And he said that the Chinese authorities will come for you if you do not leave the country.
I don't care what Anderson says.
I'll miss my train.
I wanna know why you're going to Beijing.
I'm trying to save my brother's life.
Mei! Mei! Ajun.
- - - I speak a little English.
- Thank you.
Your mother is asking my father to save her son.
But my father just writes petitions for people to hand in, at the gate.
He is telling her that it is a waste of time for her because the petition will not be seen for months.
This woman has been living in the alley across the road for 18 years with a petition.
You need a lawyer expert in death penalty reviews.
They are in the smart part of the city.
He is only a lawyer for the poor people.
Does he know the name of any of these lawyers? He is giving your mother an address of a firm that can help you.
Ask him for the number and I'll call them right now.
This looks promising.
- Hello.
- Nice to meet you.
Sit down, please.
These are all the documents for Ajun' case.
I have called the court in Guangzhou.
They executed your brother this morning.
I will tell your mother now.
Who else has been released? Only me.
- I didn't mean to accuse you.
- No, it's okay.
It's complicated here.
When your mother first told me about you, I thought, "yes, something is possible.
" I was hoping that you would have connections that would help and save Ajun.
I was prepared to try anything.
But you're right.
We had other reasons as well to try and save him.
We were wanting to use his case as an example.
Not use him, but we thought that if we could win this one Two of the most powerful men in the city would be exposed and brought down.
The effect of that would have gone all the way through the system.
We got our calculation wrong.
We had too much hope.
I'm so sorry.
I can't go home and leave you here.
I promised him.
All I wanted to know is that she loved me.
And she does love you.
She always has.
Like you.
Thank you.
They have finally released Cheng Hua.
- They have? - Yes.
But they have taken away her lawyer's license.
- For how long? - I don't think she'll get it back.
- Do I tell the New York Times? - Yes, she wants that.
She has nothing to lose now.
So what will she do? We'll campaign for her, and an international company will help? I'll do what I can.
I saw your mother last week.
How is she? I'm wanting to send her a few things, but I'm worried she won't get them.
Just little things, you know.
- Well, send them to me.
- Can I? Sure.
You can always send things to her through me.
That'll be great.
Thank you.
Thank you, Qianyi.