One Day (2024) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11

["Save Tonight"
by Eagle-Eye Cherry playing]
Go on and close the curtains ♪
'Cause all we need is candlelight ♪
- ['90s rock continues on stereo]
- Didn't you used to be on the telly?
[clicks tongue]
- Back in the mists of time, yeah.
- [man] Yeah, what was it called?
Largin' It, or something?
Yep, that was one of them. Any coffee?
You used to go out with Suki Meadows.
Uh, yeah, just a double espresso.
I mean, she's everywhere these days,
isn't she?
[machine whirring]
What was it like, then?
Going out with her?
Uh, quite loud, sometimes. But fun.
What happened to you, then, mate? [scoffs]
Dunno. Still trying to work that one out.
Cool. Can you get that for me?
Lord, I wish it wasn't so ♪
Save tonight ♪
And fight the break of dawn ♪
Come tomorrow ♪
- ["Secret Smile" by Semisonic playing]
- Hello. What are you doing here?
I wanted to catch you
in a hairnet, but I see I'm too late.
No, you gotta get here before 6:00 a.m.
for that privilege.
Got a meeting round the corner,
so I thought I'd pop in.
Marketing. [chuckles] Apparently,
it's not enough to write a book.
People have to buy it as well.
Any coffee? I've I've got better.
No. No, thanks.
Well, you've gotta get something.
Otherwise, I'll eject you
from the premises.
[chuckles] Where's Callum?
Oh, he only descends to the shop floor
on special occasions.
So, how is it?
Yeah. I mean, like, you know,
I'm the oldest person here.
People born in the '80s
are telling me what to do,
but it's it's interesting, you know.
- Only complaint is the music.
- What's wrong with it?
Oh, same four tracks
from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.,
day in, day out. It's agony.
Aside from that, yeah, it's really good.
And it's good with Callum.
I mean, he likes me to be grateful,
and I am, so that's all right.
And just as long as I express that
once a day or once an hour.
- Hey, you.
- Hey.
- [Callum] We've got a VIP guest.
- [chuckles]
How are you, Judy Blume?
And what bollocks
has this one been talking?
Oh, he was just saying he's loving it.
Yeah. He's particularly enjoying
the playlist.
[laughs] It's shite, isn't it?
But it does the job.
Get them in, get them out.
On which, Topsy and Tim,
can you have your playdate later?
Well, it's just, I need your help.
["Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying"
by Belle and Sebastian playing]
Oh, get me away from here, I'm dying ♪
Play me a song to set me free ♪
Nobody writes 'em like they used to ♪
So it may as well be me ♪
Here on my own now, after hours
Here on my ♪
- [song ends]
- [tools whirring]
[keys jangle]
[Dexter] Hello.
[baby mewling]
[softly] Hello, Jazz.
[grunts] What kind of day have you had?
I wish you wouldn't call her that.
She is Jasmine.
She's not Jazz, Jazzy,
Jazzmatazz, which is just awful, Dexter.
Jazz Mayhew.
It sounds like some saxophonist
in some lesbian funk band. Jazz.
Well, if you're gonna name her Jasmine,
she's going to get called Jazz.
I didn't name her. We named her.
It's gonna happen.
I'm just saying I don't like it.
Fine. I'll change the way
I talk to my daughter.
Good. I'd like that.
[power tools whirring]
[quietly] Sorry.
It's just been an awful day.
[crying] I just can't bear it
anymore, Dexter.
It's the noise and the dust.
You You said you wanted to renovate.
Is that a helpful comment right now?
Noise and dust, all day.
And no sleep, ever. She won't nap.
She's awake half the night,
and I'm so shattered.
And it's making me feel awful.
And I swear, if I have to walk around
that bloody park again, I'm gonna scream.
I I I walk around the lake,
and then, oh, around the lake,
and then over to the swings,
and then around the lake again.
Mommy says I should
just go there for a few weeks
and just get some R&R.
Well then, why don't you?
Because to be honest,
I can't bear the questions.
"What's he doing?
What's the long-term plan?"
- "Do you need more money?"
- [grunts]
Working's better than not working, surely?
Don't be defensive, Dexter.
Then why do you
have to tell them anything?
Let alone everything.
We're a close family.
[clicks tongue] They can tell.
Tell what?
[Jasmine crying]
I'm just gonna cancel tonight.
No, don't cancel. You've been
looking forward to it for weeks.
Well, I'm not really in the mood,
to be honest. A hen night.
- I'm a bit old for hen nights.
- That's rubbish.
- And I worry.
- About what?
- Leaving us on our own?
- Not worry, exactly.
[chuckling] Well,
I'm 33 years old, Sylvie.
I've been in a house by myself before.
Anyway, I won't be alone,
because I'll have Jazz here
to look after me.
We'll be fine, won't we, Jazz?
Mine. Jas Jasmine.
[Jasmine fussing]
So put her down around seven, okay?
- Fine.
- There's plenty of formula.
And I've pureed the veggies.
They're in the fridge.
In the fridge, yeah.
And if she won't take that,
there's ready-made jars in the cupboard,
but they are only for emergencies, okay?
Can I give her crisps?
I can give her crisps, can't I?
Just brush off the salt.
Oh, for God's sake, Dexter.
- [Jasmine cries]
- Ooh.
You look amazing, by the way.
- [kisses] Don't look, Jasmine.
- [sighs]
Stop it, Dex.
That's my taxi.
Um, look, if there's an emergency,
then call my mobile.
[Dexter in playful voice] "Mama."
"Where you going, Mama?
Don't leave me with this clown."
["Trash" by Suede playing]
Maybe it's our cheapness ♪
Or maybe, maybe
It's the times we've had ♪
The lazy days
And the crazes and the fads ♪
Maybe it's our sweetness ♪
- But we're trash ♪
- [singing along] Trash ♪
You and me ♪
We're the litter on the breeze ♪
We're the lovers on the streets ♪
Just trash ♪
- ["She Bangs the Drums" playing]
- I hear my needle hit the groove ♪
And spiral through another day ♪
I hear my song begin to say ♪
- ["Protection" by Massive Attack playing]
- Just the way you found her? ♪
I stand in front of you ♪
I'll take the force of the blow ♪
Protection ♪
I stand in front of you ♪
I'll take the force of the blow ♪
Protection ♪
She's a girl ♪
- [song ends]
- [dogs barking]
[bottles clink]
["Waterloo Sunset" by The Kinks playing]
- [Dexter] Guess what I just found?
- How many guesses am I allowed?
None. Remember that mixtape
you made for me when I was traveling?
Uh, vaguely. I couldn't give you
the track listing, though.
Well, listen. Listen to the track listing.
Actually, do you know what?
Just come over.
No. I'm I'm at Tilly's, remember?
Shit, of course. The the dinner party.
Mm, well, it's not a party.
And there's certainly
no evidence of any dinner.
Come over.
No. No more babies.
I mean, Jazz is a very nice example
of one, but no.
I need intelligent, adult conversation,
and something to eat.
- [sighs] And I need a kebab.
- [snores] Kebab?
Ah, can you get one for me too? Pop it
on the District line with a little note.
Chicken or lamb?
- Lamb.
- Lamb.
Okay. I gotta go, Dex.
I will call you tomorrow. Bye.
Bye, Em.
- Tills.
- Mixed doner with chips and salad.
No onion.
- No onion for me too, please.
- No onion.
Oh, and can you get some chili sauce?
And some ice cream. It's good for my milk.
[sighs] Okay. Yeah.
Uh, Gray?
Can't take him to the kebab shop.
- No.
- [baby fusses]
Thank you.
Hey. Aww.
- Here you go.
- Hmm?
Oh God.
- Oh.
- [chuckles]
I feel nothing.
- Sniff his head.
- What? No.
Sniff his head. I demand it.
- It's like the back of a watch strap.
- Yeah. [laughs]
- Oh, did I say garlic mayo?
- Uh, no.
Oh, for God
- Where's my phone?
- Oh, poor Graham.
Oh, poor Graham.
Well, I expelled that child from my body
while he sat there reading the NME.
- [laughs]
- [Emma] Hello.
[baby coos, fusses]
[Emma] I don't know what to say to you,
but you are quite nice.
[gentle music playing]
[Jasmine crying]
Come on.
- ["Rebel without a Pause" playing]
- The rhythm, the rebel ♪
I'm lowering my level, the hard rhymer ♪
Were you never been, I'm in
You want stylin'? ♪
You know it's time again
D, the enemy, tellin' you to hear it ♪
They praised the music, this time they ♪
[line ringing]
Bum Rush, the sound, I made a year ago ♪
I guess you know
You guess I'm just a radical ♪
Not on sabbatical
Yes, to make it critical ♪
The only part your body
Should be partyin' to ♪
Panther power on the hour ♪
- [rap blasting over phone]
- What's that?
Oh, that is
- Uh, it's just some music.
- [turns off]
Jasmine and I were having a little party.
She's still awake?
She She wasn't, but, uh
she is now.
What have you been up to?
Nothing much.
Just, you know,
hanging out, watching telly.
How about you? Uh having fun?
It's okay.
Everyone's off their faces, of course.
Except you.
I'm too exhausted to get drunk.
Where are you? It's very quiet.
I'm in my hotel room.
I'm just going to have a lie down
and then go back for the next wave.
How's Jasmine?
Jasmine is smiling,
aren't you, sweetheart?
Look, it's Mommy on the phone.
Hello, Jasmine. Can you hear me?
It's Mommy.
Go on. Say something.
Uh, it's me again.
Obviously. [chuckles]
But you're managing.
Of course.
Did you ever doubt me?
[sighs] Well, you should, um
just get back to your party.
I probably should.
Good night.
Night, Dexter.
Wait, uh, Sylvie? Sylvie?
[takes a deep breath] Um
I just want to say
I'm working on it.
- On what?
- All of it.
The The whole
husband-father-provider thing.
I'm I'm working on it.
- Dexter.
- I am.
And, uh the house will get built,
and Jasmine will sleep.
And And it'll all get better.
Okay? I promise, Sylv. It will.
[gentle music playing]
We're just feeling our way.
That's all.
[sniffles] Um
Okay, well,
have a really nice time.
See you tomorrow.
I love you.
You too.
[cell phone beeps]
[gentle music fades]
[man] All okay?
Oh, you know. Not really.
I'm sure he's fine.
He sounded strange.
Maybe I should go home.
Come on.
He's fine.
Try and forget about it.
- Do you want another drink?
- No.
- Do you want to lie down?
- Callum!
For Chrissake, I've given the guy a job.
What else can I do?
Was that not enough?
Want me to take you home?
["Waterloo Sunset" resumes]
Dirty old river ♪
Must you keep rolling ♪
Flowing into the night? ♪
- People so busy, make me feel dizzy ♪
- [laughing]
Taxi light shines so bright ♪
- But I don't ♪
- Oh my God.
He's asleep! [sighs]
Need no friends ♪
As long as I gaze on ♪
Waterloo sunset ♪
I am in paradise ♪
La, la, la ♪
Every day
I look at the world from my window ♪
La, la, la ♪
But chilly, chilly is the evening time ♪
Waterloo sunset's fine ♪
Waterloo sunset's fine ♪
Terry meets Julie ♪
Waterloo station ♪
Every Friday night ♪
But I am so lazy ♪
Don't want to wander ♪
I stay at home at night ♪
But I don't ♪
Feel afraid ♪
As long as I gaze on ♪
Waterloo sunset, I am in paradise ♪
La, la, la ♪
Every day
I look at the world from my window ♪
- La, la, la ♪
- [song fades]
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