One Day (2024) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13

[softly] Em.
Hey. Em.
- ["Flowers" playing on alarm]
- [gasps]
Oh my God. Turn it off. Turn it off!
I'll bring you flowers ♪
I'll make your day ♪
- [song ends]
- [groaning] Oh my God.
Every morning,
like this massive electric shock.
I like it.
It's like waking up in a nightclub.
What's wrong with the weather forecast
I've been thinking.
I think you should give up your flat.
Move in.
Dex, are you asking me
to be your flatmate?
Emma, will you be my flatmate?
Okay, I'll think about it.
["Up with People" by Lambchop playing]
- You'll do it soon?
- Why? Are you gonna get someone else in?
I can't if you're always here.
Not always. Five nights.
I want you here every night.
That's the point.
I know, but living together
- We said we weren't gonna do that.
- [sighs]
[Dexter] We lived together in Paris.
Yeah. But that was last century.
And Paris.
- What? You don't like the flat?
- No, I love it.
It's just such a bachelor pad.
You know, all your old flames.
- A long time ago.
- Yeah, but they're ghosts, Dexter.
They're unhappy spirits.
But if you move in, you'll drive them out.
You can bring your books and your desk.
Your postcards and your candles.
It'll be ours.
Okay. But we said
we were going to be independent.
Isn't it exhausting,
pretending like it's not what we want?
- You know it'll be harder to have affairs?
- Oh, come on.
- That's what hotels are for.
- Shut up. [laughs]
Yeah, baby of the soul ♪
So you'll think about it?
I'm thinking.
I'm thinking about it right now.
Come on, undone ♪
Come on, undone ♪
We are doing ♪
[chuckles] We really need to leave.
- Mm. He can wait ten minutes.
- Oh.
Ten minutes?
Up our lives today ♪
Today ♪
Okay, let's go.
- Up our lives today ♪
- Today ♪
Oh, Em. Why do I feel
like I'm seeing my bank manager?
You'll be fine.
Just tell him. Don't ask him.
- Hiya. Sorry we're late.
- [Emma] Hi.
Sorry, Dad.
It was my fault.
- I refuse to believe that.
- It was both of us really.
- Shall we?
- [Emma and Dexter] Yep.
It was a wet fish shop before.
That's why it's got that slight, um
- But that'll go.
- What happened to the fish shop?
It went out of business.
But the area's changing.
The footfall's good,
especially with a match day crowd.
What are you planning?
What are you planning?
Uh, well, it's
it's sort of a Parisian deli and café.
Boulangerie, fromagerie. All all artisan.
You, uh, might miss the match day crowd.
But there's lots of families.
Nice community.
There's nowhere else like it.
Yeah. And with some secondhand furniture
and good coffee.
- Tables on the street in the summer.
- You need permission for that.
A table and chairs license
from the local authority.
I've already checked. I think we'd get it.
It's all It's all here.
The business plan.
It's all laid out for the next two years.
- [chuckles] For you.
- [Stephen] Ooh.
- It's much the same as the first one.
- Well, I loved the first one.
It's nice to read something
that's not about Stalingrad.
Oh, that's book three.
- Yeah.
- [chuckles]
Well, I'll wolf it down.
Thank you.
- Emma, be honest with me
- I think it's a very good idea.
- But it's not your idea.
- It doesn't have to be.
I know it's a lot of money
It's his money. She left it to him.
He can do what he wants.
[Emma] Hmm.
It's less about the money.
I'd just rather no more blind alleys.
- Is he up to it?
- I absolutely believe he is.
Well, if it means
he'll never appear on television again
- [laughs]
- Then it's money well spent.
[door closes]
What do you think?
I think it's going to be very nice.
- "Café Belleville."
- "Café de Belleville."
"Café Paris."
"Boulangerie de Paris."
"Le Petit Boulangerie Parisien."
But how will people know it's French?
- [scoffs]
- [laughs]
- Is it a bad idea?
- Mm.
No, it's not. It's the opposite.
[sighs] Am I just gonna lose it all?
You will not. It might even be a success.
Especially if you keep
saying "boulangerie" like that. [scoffs]
That's how you say it. "Boulangerie."
[correcting pronunciation] Boulangerie.
Imagine you're booing someone's lingerie.
Which is probably something
you've actually done. No?
- Probably.
- [both laugh]
- What I haven't done is run a business.
- Oh my God. And you will excel.
I absolutely know it.
I might even put some money in too,
once I stop paying rent.
[mellow music playing on stereo]
[music ends]
Do you think we're rushing into this?
[both laugh]
[Dexter grunts]
[Emma sighs]
[announcer on radio] It's 15th July.
It is St. Swithin's Day, and great news.
It is a gorgeous day out there.
Blue skies, the lot.
Come on, get up. Enjoy it. This will help.
It's Gene and "Olympian."
I worry the wedding's too big.
It's 50 guests. That's that's very small.
I also worry it's too small.
We've pissed off so many people.
They understand.
It's more of a party.
How many were at yours?
Oh God. Three hundred?
- I'm not doing that again.
- [chuckles]
Except you sort of are.
Anyway, it was a beautiful wedding.
It was very nice of you to come.
I had a lovely day.
In fact,
I think it might have been
the happiest day of my life.
[Dexter chuckles]
All the double-decker buses
and the peacocks and the horses.
Oh God. The horses.
- [Dexter] It's gonna be more intimate.
- Intimate and cheaper.
Let's hope so.
Right, better go open up.
I'd forgotten about the horses.
Now I want horses!
[Dexter] I'm going to try and get back
in time for Jasmine.
Sylvie's dropping her off. So, be nice.
I'm always nice.
I thought maybe afterwards
we could all go out and get a pizza,
or a movie.
- Did you read this?
- No. I mean, I glanced.
- It's a first draft.
- Okay. I barely read it.
Well, yeah. It's not even a draft.
It's basically just notes.
It's not even proper sentences.
It's not going to be all,
"Thanks caterers and bridesmaids good."
I understand. A work in progress.
But it's all right?
Don't have any notes.
- I'll see you later.
- Bye.
[Dexter] Hmm?
"We grew up together." I liked that.
["Once Around the Block"
by Badly Drawn Boy playing]
You quiver like a candle on fire ♪
I'm putting you out ♪
Maybe tonight
We could be the last shout ♪
And I'm fascinated by your style ♪
Your beauty will last for a while ♪
Did this used to be a fishmonger's?
Long time ago.
- Not now, though?
- No.
On the inside, there's nothin' to give ♪
I'm infatuated ♪
Hi. Hello. Sorry. I'm so sorry, Sylvie.
- I thought you'd forgotten about us.
- Oh God, no. No. I was swimming.
And I got bored, actually.
It's so boring. [chuckles, sighs]
Anyway, it's lovely to see you.
Hi, Jasmine.
Why don't you go on in?
And I will be with you soon.
[Sylvie] Bye, darling.
Oh well.
Oh, she plays the violin now?
Yes. That's the main reason
we're leaving the country.
- Where are you going?
- Sharm-El-Sheik, Egypt.
Callum wants to go scuba diving.
- Sharm. That's amazing.
- Have you been?
No. No, but I've been, um
I've been snorkeling.
Well, we're going scuba diving.
Yeah, with the air tanks.
Well, yeah, that's even better.
Mm. So, Dexter's
He's at the café.
But don't worry. He'll be back soon.
I wasn't worrying. Um
Look, I I just wanted to say that, um
The wedding.
It's very, very kind of you to invite me.
It's very generous.
I hope you don't mind, but
I'm I'm gonna sit that one out.
No, I understand. I'lll I'll tell Dex.
Like, I'm sure
it's going to be a lovely day.
Jasmine is thrilled.
Well, it's more of a party.
It's not a big deal. [chuckles]
I think it is.
Callum likes to get to the airport
nine hours before.
If I don't harpoon him,
it'll be a miracle.
Um, make sure
she doesn't get to bed too late.
And love to Dexter.
I I really am so happy for both of you.
Thank you.
[softly] Bye.
[struggling to play
"Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"]
That's beautiful.
I never used to like that song, but now
Shall I play it again?
No. Let's wait for your dad to get home.
So, what shall we do now?
Shall we do some painting?
I mean, the first ten minutes,
I'm this model stepmom.
I'm like, "Let's make coil pots.
Let's learn origami."
And then I'm shattered.
And she's delightful, but she can't spell.
She wrote, "I love you, Emma"
and spelt love with a "U."
Fuck's sake.
I hope you picked her up on it.
Mm. Well, let's just say
she won't be doing that again.
[Tilly groans]
What was that?
[exhales] Oh, just a living thing
kicking me from the inside of my body.
That's what they're like.
That's why I couldn't do it.
Oh. Yeah.
Dex is back. Gotta go. Gotta pretend
we've been painting or something.
Okay, bye.
[Dexter grunts]
Hello, little thing.
What have you guys been doing today?
[struggling to play
"Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"]
- Yay!
- Whoo!
[Emma] Whoo!
["Magic in the Air" playing]
We laughed so much ♪
Then we cried ♪
[Emma] Mm.
- That is so tasty.
- That was great.
- [phone rings]
- I'd like another one, please.
I'd like one too.
[call connects]
Yeah. Hi, Mom.
Yeah, she is. She's here. What
Yeah, one sec.
[clears throat] Jasmine, it's for you.
We're playing cafés. What would you like?
[both laugh]
So you're just very talented.
How she made me ♪
- Your feet are weird.
- Leave them alone.
I can't. I'm compelled.
This one doesn't even have a toenail.
Where's the toenail?
I lost it in a brawl.
She's completely out.
Mm, I should hope so, after all that gin.
- I'll move her.
- No, no, that's fine. Not yet.
Leave her there.
[Dexter] Hmm?
I think I'd like a baby now.
Well, not now. Soon.
Let's do that.
What about you?
I was just waiting for you.
[announcer on radio] The rain is
on the way, ladies and gentlemen.
You better pack a mac.
It's gonna be heavy.
It's gonna be horrible,
and it's 15th July.
Some more bad news. St. Swithin's Day.
So there goes the summer.
Walking 'round the room ♪
Singing "Stormy Weather" ♪
Did you hear that?
[Emma grunts]
- Em?
- Hmm? I'm sleeping.
Well, it's the same room
But everything's different ♪
You can fight the sleep
But not the dream ♪
- [song ends]
- I'm getting fat.
- [Emma] No, you're not.
- I am. Look.
Oh, stop eating so much cheese, then.
- I thought you said I wasn't getting fat.
- If you feel you are, then you are.
And I don't eat too much cheese.
It's just my metabolism slowing down.
So come swimming with me, then.
I've got no time, have I?
God, I'm a mess.
Nonsense. [spits]
- You've got beautiful breasts.
- [chuckles]
- [grunts]
- [growls, kisses]
we need to see this house.
I know, but I've already arranged it,
and we've sold this place now.
- So we really need to find somewhere.
- Yeah, fine.
Something wrong?
I'm not pregnant.
[clicks tongue]
Okay, did you did you do a test?
I didn't need to.
I was late. That's all.
Okay, well,
it's still early days.
Yes? We'll try again.
[quietly] Yeah.
[Dexter sighs]
Afghanistan's a mess.
Hmm. [clicks tongue]
- Is that it?
- Well, I don't know enough about it.
- Well, you could.
- I'm sure I could.
Perhaps I'm too stupid.
Where'd that come from?
I didn't say anything like that.
I'm not always up-to-date
with global politics.
I'm not always interested. Surely
it's better to be honest than pretending?
- You think I'm pretending?
- Everyone else was, back in the day. Yeah.
- That's what put me off.
- Well, I wasn't.
I know. You were always protesting
or boycotting something.
Couldn't have a KitKat
without you saying I was wrong.
- Okay. That's an exaggeration.
- I was bored.
Most of the time, I was bored.
And confused, and ignorant.
And wondering why we couldn't
talk about something else.
Like, I don't know,
family or music or sex or something.
- People.
- Politics is people.
What does that mean?
That's just something to say.
- We talked about a lot of things.
- Yeah. Changing the world, I remember.
Everyone was saying
the exact same thing. Everyone.
Same as they do now.
Except now it's it's Blair and Bush.
- And then we move on to house prices.
- You talk about house prices too.
- Oh, I know I do, and I bore myself.
- Do I bore you?
- Clearly that is not what I said.
- Do I, though?
Of course not.
Let's just change the subject.
You know what? Let's not even do that.
- It's different for you.
- Why?
You know why.
I just worry we've left it too late.
Well, we've been trying for a year.
- A year's not long.
- A year is long.
Longer than it used to be.
[clicks tongue] Well then, we'll
redouble our efforts.
Well, if you put it like that.
I wasn't so bad, was I?
Mm. No. No, you were great.
Me, on the other hand
But do you miss it?
God, no.
This is better, definitely.
And I love this. Our life. Me and you.
I just, I miss getting excited
about songs and books and people.
Well, there are other things
to get excited about.
What if I told you that this place
we're going to see has a breakfast bar?
- A breakfast bar?
- Mm-hmm.
- Like a bar, but for
- But for breakfast.
[Emma] Mm.
- I could be happy with a breakfast bar.
- Mm. We should look once.
- Check it's not a normal bar.
- Yeah, I suppose so.
I'll cheer up by tonight.
I love you.
We'll try again.
Or we'll go and see someone.
Get some tests. All right?
["Asleep in the Back" by Elbow playing]
Were ♪
[indistinct chatter]
You ♪
Crushed? ♪
Some more tea for you, sir? Yeah.
Did ♪
I ♪
Rush? ♪
[Emma] We just had a stupid argument,
and now we're both fed up and snappy.
Oh, hon, you've only just started.
Yeah. That's what Dex said.
- But you're still having lots of sex?
- Yes.
What position, mainly?
- Is that relevant?
- No.
I'm just really curious.
I have to live vicariously
because I can never do that again.
I swear, if Graham even looks at me.
God, I love it when you guys fight.
- Ooh. Trouble in paradise.
- [baby fusses]
Fucking yes.
I do. I mean, it just means you have
a normal, ordinary relationship, you know?
You can't always
be waltzing around in Paris.
Sometimes it's just normal,
boring, real life.
I've gotta go. I'm leaking.
Love you, Em.
Yeah. I love you too.
I have to leave now, look at a house.
Do you know how to cash up?
- Of course.
- Okay, and I'm sorry.
The pramercise ladies come in around four.
They don't mean it.
It's just the adrenaline.
They will be disappointed not to see you.
I hear you're a local celebrity.
Uh, well, I mean,
define "celebrity." [chuckles]
Ex-celebrity, maybe.
I'm just a human being, Maddy.
Don't forget the lights
and the shutters, okay?
Do we have an old umbrella?
- Uh, yeah.
- [clicks tongue]
- ["Satellite of Love 2004" playing]
- Satellite's gone up to the skies ♪
Uh, just to say I'll text you the address.
Also, it's St. Swithin's Day.
"If on St. Swithin's Day it doth rain,
something, something will
remain again."
- Satellite of love ♪
- Anyway.
I'll make dinner. We'll watch a film,
so you can read at the same time.
I don't know why I'm telling you this.
I'm gonna see you in a minute.
I just love you. That's all.
- See you soon.
- [call disconnects]
Hi there. I've got the address,
and, uh, I just wanted to say
I keep thinking
about what you said this morning,
about the breakfast bar.
Just the concept of it.
High stools, boiled eggs.
I'm getting soaked.
I might be about five minutes late.
I watched it for a little while ♪
[Emma] Also, sorry for being
so fed up this morning.
The main thing I meant to say,
and I know you know this,
the main thing is I love you too.
Very much.
Satellite ♪
[horn blares]
[music cuts out]
[Emma] So, there you go.
Lucky you.
And that's everything.
That's all there is.
Um, I'll see you soon.
Bye, my love.
["Show" by Beth Gibbons
& Rustin Man playing]
Let the show begin ♪
[shuddering softly]
It's a sorry sight ♪
Let it all deceive ♪
Now I'm ♪
Pains in me ♪
That I've never found ♪
Let the show begin ♪
Let the clouds roll ♪
There's a life ♪
To be found ♪
In this world ♪
And now I see ♪
- It's all but a game ♪
- [song fades]
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