One Dollar (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Cooper Shaw

1 Previously on 'One Dollar': Well, nice to meet you.
Uh have a great day.
DOROTHY: Lot of bruises.
Broken jaw.
She ran away from him, came here for help getting back on track.
DANNIE: This doesn't sound anything like him.
You don't know him, Dannie.
DOROTHY: You don't.
MARY:But you don't think he could've - had something to do with it? - Nobody's ever borrowed that bandana, so that blood is either mine, or it's Rickys.
[GROANING] Help! JAKE: Knowing what they know, they can probably kill me whenever they want.
BUD: We just won a contract with PennDO for the Monongahela Infrastructure Project.
Roads, bridges, whole deal.
SANDY: How is it that you thought I wouldn't find out? You are a hair away from losing everything.
Ten million in the red.
We're going to Texas.
He said if I saw you guys, to give you this.
TRASK: Walmart's store isn't open, and he doesn't seem to be around.
Do you know where we might find him? So now you owe me.
Bro, come on.
- Morning, Chief.
Care to tell us where you got all this stuff? I traded my Sea-Doo for it? [DOORBELL RINGS] Hello.
I'm selling sculptures to raise money for Space Camp.
Oh, goodness.
They are beautiful.
How much are they? Normally eight, but since the deadlines coming up and I haven't raised enough yet, six.
I'll take the dinosaur.
Solid choice.
Thank you.
And do you have change for a 20? Let me see.
I only have a couple of ones.
How about you keep the rest and well call it a tip? Thank you.
Enjoy Space Camp.
[WHEELS SQUEAK] Well, Walmart's sticking with his story that Rick came by after that night.
No one else saw Rick, though.
I haven't pressed him on it yet.
JAKE: Where was he all this time? At his brothers in Ohio.
In Ohio, huh? Yeah.
Well, I just don't get why he'd be, uh why Um yeah, I don't understand why he'd be lying unless, uh unless he was involved in the Seven Bloods.
And Ricks cell hasn't been used? No, not at all.
Look, do I have to take you downtown?! Oh, you gonna take me downtown, Magnum? Put your finger down.
You look ridiculous.
Look, just tell us where it all came from, and I promise this'll go a lot easier, okay? You serious? Yup, serious.
Fuck it.
All right.
I've been slinging dick for home furnishing and back pills.
Mostly back pills.
We need new information.
[SCOFFS] Hey, you can't take that.
Hey, I didn't steal that.
We can take anything we need to.
The warrant covers everything.
CHEWY: Yeah, including your painting of a burning train.
Burning? Jesus Christ, Chews.
Railroad riots.
Have you ever read a fucking history book? Nah, that one must have been colored in already.
Oh, well, you know, you got the union, so you're okay.
You tell them to stay the fuck out of my Roberto Clemente room.
The locked room in the back? - Yes.
- I need you to open that up for us.
Well, tough shit.
You ain't getting in there.
CHEWY: She's going wherever the fuck she wants.
- Fuck you! - I need you to open that up for us.
Ah, shit.
I got to go.
I'm gonna have to handle, uh, Walmart myself.
Huh? How's that feel? [DOORBELL RINGS] Uh hi.
I'm selling my sculptures to raise money for Space Camp, and I was hoping you could buy one.
Ah yeah.
I don't, uh No, I don't think so.
Sir, as a lower-income child with ambitions for space travel, I would really, really appreciate it if you would at least hear me out.
[SNIFFLES, CLEARS THROAT] All right, well, where where is your, uh, Space Camp? Washington.
Washington? No, it's not.
It's in Alabama.
You're scamming me.
Actually, I have to get to a cookout, so bye.
Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Hold on, hold on.
Hold on a second.
I'm not gonna turn you in.
[CLEARS THROAT] Come here.
Come here.
[BIRDS SINGING] I'm gonna give you some advice.
How much you charging for this stuff here? Eight dollars each.
What's it cost you to make it? About a dollar.
That's a good margin.
First of all, if you're gonna lie, do your research.
Your grift has to be airtight.
You're not selling sculptures.
You're selling your story.
If it's Space Camp, talk about why you love space.
You want to set yourself free, get off this hurtling nightmare.
Whatever it is, be specific, all right? Now, what are you really gonna use the money for? An Ivy League university.
What are you really gonna use the money for? Just toys and games and candy.
[LAUGHS] Yeah.
All right.
Yeah, don't say that.
Stick with the Space Camp thing.
And, you know, you're raising money yourself because? Whatever hard-luck thing you've got going in your life, right? Hmm? Sick mom.
Maybe she's dying.
Maybe she's dead.
Dad, uh Dad drinks too much.
Yeah, he got in trouble.
Maybe he's in prison, you know, he killed a guy.
[LAUGHING]: You know, whatever.
Dead mom, Dads gone.
[MUNCHING] Right? Whatever it is, you have to believe it, you have to feel it when you tell your story, okay? You get your story down, you're gonna do some real damage out there.
- You got it? - Mm-hmm.
All right.
Now, how much for the, uh for the sheep? [CLEARS THROAT] - The lamb? - Uh, lamb, sure.
I do two for $14.
[LAUGHS] Two for 12.
Give me the, uh, snake thingy and the puffy lamb.
Thing is, I don't have any change.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Nice try.
That would work for people who didn't have the right change.
This is a bargain.
La-la, la-la, la-la, la-la, la La-la, la, la-la, la-la La, la, la, la-la-la, la La, la-la, la-la, la-la La-la, la-la, la-la, la-la, la La-la, la, la-la Can't you see Mm I got to be me Yeah Ain't nobody Just like this, I got to be me Baby, hit or miss Sitting here All by myself By myself Trying to be Everybody else Everybody else Can't you see I I got to be me Got to be me Ain't nobody just like this [SONG FADES] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] All right, guys, I'm gonna head back there.
- See you, okay? - Yup.
I'll take that.
- [WOMAN LAUGHS] - Thanks.
WOMAN: So why not? Hey.
Oh, what can we do for you? Oh nothing.
Honestly, I'm okay.
Yeah, I was just trying to figure out what to tell Ricky about it all, you know? But you can't really talk to him until you have facts, right? Yeah, well, everybody in towns got their own version of it.
Not that it's anything I want Ricky to hear, you know? But didn't Rick come and stay with you the night before everything? - I saw him right out here.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, he did.
It was sweet, you know? He was sweet.
I mean, that's part of why I never believed it when they said that he just left, you know? I think, uh something bad happened.
- [SIGHS] - You know? I mean, don't get me wrong.
He has just left plenty of times, right, you know? But, uh this this is something different.
I'll grab you another beer.
Oh, thanks, Laila.
My dad says the "B" word, the "D" word and the "S" word in front of me all the time.
Both of my parents say the "F" word, but not to each other so much.
My dad says the "F" word at the TV.
But you do know what the "F" word stands for, right? Yeah.
I know what it means.
- Like, when people lay on each other? - Yeah.
Hey, there's Cooper.
Hi, Cooper.
- No! No, no, no no, no.
- Here you go, Terri.
Thank you, Laila.
I am not asking you - for anything else.
I - This is not a small thing to happen to you guys.
Let us help you.
Cesar is staying over with Cooper anyway.
Yeah, okay.
- Okay? - Okay.
Drink your Ba-Ba.
You having fun? So then Marys dad comes into town and stays with us for, like, three more days.
Yeah, well, we got my dad living with us right now.
- Ooh.
- [GROANS] I need Bud Carl to throw some of those extra hours my way.
CLARK: Did you talk to him about that? DANTE: Yeah, man, but I'm not the first on that list.
What, he hasn't given you any OT, even after you asked him? He says it's coming.
Well, you can ask him again right now.
Peekaboo! Hey, man, thanks for watching her.
You're a big help.
- Is she leaving? - Yeah, we got to go.
Come on.
Yeah, I got you.
Come on.
Thanks, guys.
[GRUNTS] [CRYING] I'm sorry.
[CRYING] I'm sorry.
- But we can investigate.
- No.
That is exactly my point.
You need to keep his mind off his dad.
But we can find him.
Coop, you got to listen to me for a minute, okay? He still doesn't know.
So if he brings up his dad, you say he's gone to look for work in Texas.
- Got me? - Got it.
Promise? Promise.
All right.
Go ahead.
Uh, it's Garrett.
Um, so, I'm, like, officially worried about you now.
Uh I-I'm gonna have, like, a lot more hours, so I-I could really use your help.
Uh, call me.
[PLAYFUL CHATTER] Why do you even care? You don't even think I should listen to what he has to say? I need to tell him that I'm quitting.
You need to call Child Services.
Didn't you hear those women? Men like that do not change.
- For Carrie, I mean.
- Oh, my God.
I mean, I got it at first.
Like, a cute working-class guy before you go off to college and find a real boyfriend, but Julie, can you stop with this catty rich girl shit? You're a rich girl.
You're at a fucking country club.
You you need to stop acting like babysitting for a mill worker makes you anything other than, like, a blue-collar tourist.
[SIGHS] He gave you the money? He gave me the money.
When? I don't know, man.
Come on, Ken.
Am I being a son of a bitch to you? Huh? I'm not.
So don't be a son of a bitch to me.
When did Rick give you the money? The next morning.
The next morning.
Why you? [CHUCKLES] Who else is he gonna give it to? We were best friends for years.
We had a business, Pete.
Why didn't he just give Terri the money himself? Like I said, we were old friends.
The way you keep old friends is not asking why they don't talk to their ex-wives.
- [KEYPAD BEEPING] - Uh-huh.
Sorry, Chief.
Uh, can I talk to you for a second? [EXHALES] Hey, come here for a sec.
So, the VIN don't match the license plate, which means the car we impounded belongs to his brother, Dan Fry.
So it's not his truck? - Yeah.
- Dan's is the truck that we searched the night of the murders.
Does the brother have Walmart's truck? Well, were finding that out now.
Good work.
Thanks, Chief.
I named him Hambone the Hamster, but my dad changed it to MC Hamster.
Can he sleep here with us? Sure, as long as he stays in his cage.
In you go, buddy.
CESAR: Hey, have you guys ever stayed up all night before? - No.
- Yeah.
- All the time.
- I do, too.
You guys want to? COOPER: What would your parents say? CESAR: My parents don't know.
Then why do you do it? Cause it's fun.
You have to do it to know.
- COOPER: Have you ever gotten caught? - Well, my dad caught me once.
What did you say? I told him he can suck a fart out of my butt.
COOPER: Ew! Gross! CLARK: Hey, Coop? Yeah? Yeah? You guys need to get to sleep, okay? This is your ten-minute warning for lights-out.
Everybody good in here? Ricky? You good? - You all right, buddy? - Yeah.
Cesar? Oh.
Yes, sir.
All right.
Let's all go brush our teeth, okay, everybody? Everybody go.
Brush em up.
Pearly whites.
Let's go.
So, what do you guys want to do tomorrow? - Make spears.
- Ricky's the guest.
He chooses.
- I'm the guest here, too.
- You choose.
I don't know how long I can stay, anyway.
You're staying all day, Ricky.
To make sure you don't think about your dad.
RICKY: Cause why? Because your dad is looking for work in Texas.
I don't think my dad's in Texas.
We can investigate.
We can be detectives and look for him.
I don't think were gonna find him.
But - Okay.
- Yes! Good night.
Night, guys.
[DOG BARKING IN DISTANCE] - [KNOCKING] - You never have a smile You're grouchy all the while I must be crazy - Devoting my time to you - [KNOCKING] You always tell me no When I say, "Come, let's go" I'm sorry.
I called a couple times, but nobody answered.
It's all right.
What's up? It's my day off, but the chief said I should fill you in on the case.
Come on in.
Walmart and his brother traded trucks.
That means we never actually checked Walmart's - for blood traces.
- Who's on that? Chewy.
Oh, and we got some new info from the Youngstown Police.
Apparently, Rick Mitchell was arrested last March.
- What for? - Trespassing.
But he wasn't charged.
They held him overnight, - and then let him go.
- Where'd he, uh where'd he trespass? A scrap steelyard.
The Ohio cops suspected he was planning to steal and resell, but the security guard caught them too early to know.
- "Them"? - He was busted with a guy named Grady Kovak, who used to live in Braden and worked at Carl Steel.
Well, has anybody been to Youngstown to check all this out? The Ohio cops wanted to follow up, and the chief said they're touchy about jurisdiction.
But it's not their case.
They'll get to it in a week at best.
- Probably longer.
- So, are you gonna go to Youngstown? Am I? Hell no.
Is that why you came here, to get me to go to Youngstown? Look, I got to watch what I do right now.
I'm, uh being a little more careful than usual.
Looks like I'll have to go on my own.
[EXHALES] You get caught in another state working a case off-book, - Pete'll murder you.
- My risk, my choice.
Look, you're just out of the academy.
You're black.
You get caught, they're not gonna let it slide.
When you were my age and they told you no, what'd you do? - What you think I did? - All right, then.
Does this look like a life you want to emulate? Huh? All right, say you do find something.
What then? Depends on what I find.
- See you.
- See you.
Don't go to Youngstown.
[CLICKING] You two know each other? [CHUCKLES SARCASTICALLY] What's up, fuckhead? No, don't-don't "what's up, fuckhead" me.
You couldn't cover? Cover what? They got my truck.
Your truck.
All my stuff.
And they said they're gonna give me eight to ten years for it.
Wait, they already talked to you? Fuck yes, man.
What do you think I'm talking about here? What did you tell them? Well, they wanted to know about Rick.
And what did you tell them about Rick? Well, I don't know anything about Rick, other than Rick is an asshole.
- Shut the fuck up about Rick, Dan.
- Oh, my God.
Here we go.
Oh, Rick.
Oh, Rick, you hung the fucking moon, didn't you? You know, he runs your ass out of business.
He did not run me out of business.
And it's not till after Rick is sick and tired of your stupid face that you lower yourself to go into business with your own fucking brother.
That's great.
That's really cool.
Excuse me! Can I move away from this asshole, please? Can I sit somewhere else? Great.
Thank you.
I pay taxes.
You know, Dan ten years I've been waiting on your dumb ass to tell me how jealous you are of him.
[CHUCKLES]: Jealous.
I am not jealous of that skimming piece of shit.
I'm just embarrassed that you couldn't see it.
And look at you now.
Your ass is in a snare, and you're sitting here protecting him again.
You need to shut your fucking hole.
You know what, but where you really fucked up is you pulled me into it this time.
And why would you even want to protect Rick - if he murdered seven people anyway - Motherfucker.
and sell your own brother down the river like a little Ow! Goddamn it! [GRUNTING] Goddamn! [PANTING] Hi.
Are we even? [SIGHS] [QUIETLY]: You stupid fuck.
I'm trying to explain to you, they don't give a shit about our fucking thievery, dumb-ass.
This is about something else.
Well, then what'd they arrest me for, huh? What did you tell them, Dan? What version did you tell them? What do you mean, - what version did I tell? - What version did you tell them? I told them the version that we always tell them.
CESAR: Aa - h! Fart! Ah, fart! Ah, fart! - Cesar! - What? You're obsessed with your butt.
I am not talking about my butt.
I'm saying "fart.
" Why are you so quiet around adults, but when it's just us, you're a chatterbox? You seriously think I'm a chatterbox? Yes.
My parents thought you were mute until the school play.
Are you going to yell at me all day, or are we going to find Rickys dad? Were on the trail right now.
When did you last see your dad? Bunch of days ago.
[SIGHS] This is so boring.
And where had he been before that? He goes away for work a lot.
Then he'll come back and fight my mom.
And then he'll go away again.
Like, fistfight your mom? No.
Well, - sometimes.
- Does he ever fistfight you? RICKY: No.
It's good that he doesn't fistfight you but still bad that he fistfights your mom.
She wins anyway, so Ah, fart! - COOPER: Cesar! - What? Will you please stop that? It's super annoying.
Why don't you just worry about your boyfriend Ricky and I'll just go home? He's not my boyfriend.
We're trying to solve a case here.
- Yeah, sure.
- We could go to the crime scene.
Do you know where that is? You think he's at the crime scene? No, cause then he'd be a bad guy.
Do you want him to be a bad guy? - No.
- Then it's a good thing he won't be at the crime scene.
Where was he when you last saw him? At my house, sitting in my living room.
Then he told me that he was gonna make a bunch of money, that me, my mom and him are gonna go out of the country.
And then what happened? Then he never came back, and the whole murder thing happened.
[TRAIN CLACKING, WHISTLE BLOWING] You know, we could go see my dad's friend Walmart.
He may have seen him.
CESAR: I don't know, guys.
My parents tell me to stay away from him.
I like him.
He's a little grumpy at first, but then he'll give you stuff, so that's all right in my book.
"Go see Walmart.
" Sounds like a plan to me.
Hi-yah! Yah! Yah! Yah! Yah! Seven Bloods.
So, Mr.
Fry, you were always the missing piece for us.
Reports of stolen goods all over Braden.
A yard full of goods at Walmart's but none of it matching the description.
But if you were doing the same thing over in Salem and wherever else, then, uh you boys were just trading trucks, right? We already had enough evidence to convict you both, but you also know something that we want to know, and you're the only one who can give it to us.
Pete, I'm sorry.
I never wanted it to go like this.
Certainly not like this.
Went straight into service out of school, just like you.
Worked more shit jobs than I can count.
Then one day, you wake up and you know, after ten years of breaking your goddamn back, you get laid off for no fucking reason.
So you got to pour everything you did save, end up, like, starting some little business.
And that tanks.
You know, not cause it wasn't working.
Because it was fucking working too good.
You know, cause big man don't like it when a little man does good, does he, cause that takes some profit out of his goddamn pocket.
They got every pipe tilted, so it rolls back to him, you know? Making it harder for me to get permits.
Making my fucking taxes higher than his.
Making it so any time somebody drops a nickel, it rolls right back in his fucking pocket so he can sit there and stare at it and do nothing with it, right? I mean, you tell me.
What-what am I supposed to do? I can go back to Pop.
[LAUGHS] Beg for an opportunity to break my fucking back for 30 years.
Or I can walk down to the bank, borrow a bunch of money I'll never be able to pay back.
But they like it that way, don't they? Or I can skate around the edges and steal, like I do.
Like we do.
Great speech.
This is this is all over.
Now, I'm just trying to help you here.
And I'm just trying to tell you that you are not walking out of this station today unless you tell me what I need to know about Rick.
So I will ask you again, and I'll ask you for the last fucking time.
Did you see Rick the morning after Seven Bloods? No.
I ain't seen Rick since the murders.
[EXHALES] Why'd you lie? Because, man, Terri and the kid.
I mean, it's my money.
You know, I just wanted her to feel like he was at least trying to still take care of him, you know? So you just kept it going? - Costing us all hours here.
- Sorry, man.
There's no way I could have known he was involved.
Guess we know now.
[DOORBELL RINGS] Good afternoon, ma'am.
Pennsylvania badge? Uh, yes.
Ma'am, I'm actually following up on a crime that was committed in Pennsylvania.
It involves a former tenant of yours, Rick Mitchell.
Local cops called me a bit ago.
Son of a bitch still owes me 50 bucks for the cleanup.
Just left everything.
Was anyone else staying with him? I try not to stick my nose in other people's business, but when someone's got a permanent guest, it's different.
Rick said the guy was just staying a couple nights, - but the guy kept coming back.
- Do you know his name? Don't know.
Big, corn-fed bastard.
That's him.
And I don't mean they were a couple.
We get the gays in here plenty, but not them two.
Did you happen to save anything when you cleared out his apartment? You're entitled to whatever you found, but it would help us if there were a toothbrush or comb; anything that wasn't laundered that belonged to Mr.
I would reimburse you for anything I took.
Hold on.
Jake Noveer.
I appreciate you taking a few minutes.
Yeah, well, I'm not used to getting calls from detectives.
I was curious about your interactions with Wilson Furlbee.
He's a business associate.
Why? Well, aren't his construction projects a little small for a firm as large as yours? Up to now, but he has some larger plans for the future.
Were any of those involving Bud Carl? Wilson came to me about underbidding Carl Steel for a project in state.
I didn't.
It was too late anyway.
Was it for the Monongahela Infrastructure Project? Yeah, a local construction company, Akin, got the bid, but they went with Chinese steel.
Let me ask you something.
Would a Chinese steel company like that - would they ever subcontract? - Maybe.
If the construction company makes a deal on the overall price, how the steel company gets their steel, that's their business.
Is there a chance they'd ever subcontract - from an American company? - No.
There's no way they could get it cheaper.
Thought my son might like it if Rick don't come back.
Very helpful, ma'am.
Thank you.
[SIGHS] So what do we do now? Go straight? I don't know, Danny.
Maybe you could fall back on that eight years of junior college, do something with that.
Well, times are tough if you're only armed with a hospitality degree, so I am fucked.
- What are you gonna do? - [SIGHS] I don't know, man.
I'm mostly just kind of stoked to not be sitting in jail right now, you know? Mm-hmm.
Listen, your truck's in impound till tomorrow.
What are you doing? You coming in, - am I taking you home, or what? - No, no.
Hey, uh, listen, I've, um I've been talking to some guys about a job.
What kind of job? A paper route.
What the fuck do you think? A heist-type thing.
Oh, a heist.
Just like that time you got high on ketamine and tried to talk me into robbing a hotel with them paintball guns? You know what, that is so unfair, because I was on drugs at the time.
- You're on drugs right now.
- Not on those drugs.
That's your answer? You're gonna you're gonna be a a straight-up, no-shit criminal now, huh? I am a no-shit criminal.
So are you.
No, Dan.
Let me explain something to you.
The reason my thing worked so long is because we took so little, nobody even noticed.
And even if they did notice, they didn't care.
Okay? God, just I need you to do this job with me.
I ain't doing shit with you! Please don't treat me like a goddamn kid, because I am not a kid.
I am an adult.
Those are kids.
- That's Ricks kid.
- What the fuck? Goddamn it.
- Hey, Ricky.
- Hey, Walmart.
What are you doing, buddy? We were looking for my dad.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
COOPER: We are detectives, and we are investigating because Ricky does not think his dad is in Texas.
Come here, buddy, I want to talk to you real quick.
What's going on? You sure you want to play this game? They're not pressuring you, are they? No.
I like them.
I'm having fun with them.
You sure? Yeah.
You guys got any hot leads? Dead ends so far, Chief.
DAN: You try fingerprints? Put out an APB? You could collect some fingernails.
You know, you could look around his bathroom for some DNA samples.
Run his plates.
You can also ask around places he hangs out.
Oh, were already planning on the DNA thing, but the other ideas sound good.
- Thanks.
- Yeah, well done, Watson.
Blow me.
Come on, gang.
Hey, you guys be careful, okay? See you, Rick.
- Hey, Walmart.
- Hey, buddy.
Is my dad a good guy or a bad guy? He's a good guy.
He's one of the best I know.
I deserve whatever happens to me, - but this was all my idea.
- Just stop.
You asked me if there was any way that you could help on your day off.
Remember? You begged me.
And I said that you could go update Jake.
I don't think I said anything about flashing your badge - outside our jurisdiction.
- I know I overstepped.
I'm just trying to do a good job, and I get a little ahead of myself sometimes.
Then that's not doing a good job is it? Causing shit like this? Not doing a good job.
I understand.
I'm so sorry, just Please don't take this out on Mr.
It wasn't his fault.
I He was trying to stop me, and I Of course it was his fault.
He used you.
You think he didn't know any better? [SCOFFS] He didn't go.
I insisted on going.
Well, no offense, but I know him better than that.
And you're not that persuasive.
I have to write you up.
That'll add a year to my field training.
That's absolutely right.
Chewy, I want to talk to you about taking on some more responsibility.
Now? You think we can climb it? No.
There's barbwire up there.
You're right.
Everyone, take one of these DNA testing strips.
Um, what's a DNA testing strip? DNA's something that drops off of you everywhere you go.
It sticks on to DNA testing strips so we can prove that Ricky's dad wasn't here.
You find anything, Captain? - Nope.
You guys? - RICKY: Nah.
- Nope.
- All right.
This was boring.
DNA reports back.
Got it.
Grady Kovak.
Now we've got two.
Now we know he was one of the Seven Bloods.
Somebody had to see him around town.
Find them.
Told you.
Where can we find more of your dads friends, Ricky? We could go to the bar where he plays darts.
Sometimes my mom will send me to get him.
Your mom would send you to a bar? Couple times.
My dad had an infidelity in Indianapolis.
What's an infidelity? Who knows? But they go to a counselor.
I had a brother, but he died before I was born.
Well, what was his name? Cooper.
They named me after him.
How did he die? I don't know.
But they still cry about him sometimes.
My parents cry a lot, too.
My parents don't seem to like anything.
They don't seem to get excited about anything, either.
What's this? Let me see.
[QUIETLY]: That's so gross.
Whoa, cool.
Don't touch it.
There's blood all over it.
This is a clue for the Seven Bloods murder.
We have to take this to the police station right now.
[OVER PHONE]: Akin Steel.
Richardson, thank you so much for taking my call.
This is Aaron Potts from the Pennsylvania Department of Public Works.
Oh, yes.
I was looking over your application for this Monongahela deal.
- Yes, sir.
- Listen, I don't know if it was a bad scan or a problem on our end, but could you give me the name of the steel company you contracted, and I'll just fill it in here? Oh, it's to be honest, I don't even know the right way to say it.
[CHUCKLING]: Oh, I know.
Well, let me just spell it.
X-I-A-N-D-E X-I-A-O-Q-I-U Iron and Steel Partners Company.
Got it.
I'll have that finished up in no time.
- Oh, great.
- Thanks for your help.
[CHUCKLES] Well, hi, guys.
We found a clue to the Seven Bloods murder.
Where'd you find this? On the fire road by the country club.
See, there's blood on it.
Will you put it through your machine and tell us whose blood it is? Absolutely.
Uh, can I get your name so I can contact you in case there's any connection? Cooper Shaw.
Cooper, that's cute.
Got it.
We'll wait.
Oh, well, we won't be able to get to this right away.
Uh, we'll have to send it to a lab.
But, uh, we'll call you when we find out.
You haven't even gotten my phone number.
[PHONE RINGING] Oh, were the police.
We know how to contact you.
- [PICKS UP PHONE] - Braden Police.
[SIGHS] Come on, guys.
[KNOCKING ON DOOR] Sup, Pete? Come on in.
You want a beer or something? What can I do you for? All right.
what'd I do now? [SIGHS] Every time.
Every time I trust you, it's a new lesson in why not to trust you.
You know she's not a real cop until her trainings over.
- You know she's not protected - Wait a minute, wait a minute.
You you're talking about Officer Douglas? You just got her training extended for an extra year.
Well, how is that my fault? - You told her to go.
- Yeah, she was going anyway.
An extra year of making shit money.
Right? Living with the threat of immediate dismissal Wait, wait.
You acting like you not in control of this.
Well, I am taking control of this, right here, right now.
- Good.
- Cause I've let this go on long enough.
Let you apply for that promotion.
- "Let"? See - Let you make detective.
See, this is the kind of bullshit you've been telling yourself for years.
That you let me succeed.
I succeeded on my own, and so will she.
"Succeeded"? You're a gumshoe in Bumfuck, PA, who can't hack it with the local police because you don't feel like we respect your brilliance.
Have you looked around here? I'm Sherlock fucking Holmes compared to Tom, fucking Chewy.
You say you got breaks.
I bet you did.
You say you gave me breaks? You didn't.
Not one, and now a young black cop makes one mistake, and you ain't giving her a break, either, huh? [SIGHS] Jake, that's not what we're talking about here.
You mentored her, and she's paying a big price because you don't let things go.
And you're not a victim.
Look I never asked for your praise.
I'm a big boy.
But I do deserve your respect.
Well, you earn respect when you play by the rules.
What you want is to be exempt from the rules.
For us to just, you know, look the other way.
As your friend, as someone who actually gives a shit about you, I'm asking you, please, just be done with this case, man.
For your own good.
For Tonys.
I mean, you saw how those guys smacked you around last time.
What are they gonna do next time? [DOOR OPENS] I'm sorry we didn't find your dad, Ricky.
You mean really or pretend? No, I mean, I'm actually sorry we didn't find him.
I was kind of hoping we would.
I thought we were all pretending he was still alive.
What do you mean? I saw on the TV that they found his blood.
After my mom fell asleep.
What did they say? Just that everyone thinks he's dead.
But people still pretend that he's alive to me.
My mom even pretends that he's alive to me.
That's what I thought we were doing here, too.
Aren't you sad? Yeah.
[TRAIN WHISTLE BLOWING] Did you guys have fun? Yeah.
What all did you guys do? You know, played games, explored.
Made some inventions.
You know, that kind of stuff.
Yeah? Ricky doing okay? Yeah.
I like Ricky.
He's nice.
Did he seem worried at all? No.
Uh, we tried to find his dad.
You did what? Maybe his dad is back from Texas.
Or-or something bad happened.
Maybe he didn't go to Texas.
Cooper, when we ask you not to do something, - we expect you - I know, I know.
It was just a game, and we didn't find his dad anyway.
[GASPS] But you know what we did find? [SIGHS] See, look.
There's blood on it.
This is a clue for the Seven Bloods murder.
Uh, where did you find this? On the road near where it all happened.
Oh, I know.
Could you guys take me to the police station? Maybe they'll listen to me if I have a grown-up with me.
You know, I think the police probably have enough on their hands as it is.
And if this were really a clue, I bet they would've found it already.
But it is a real clue.
Okay, um, it's really cute.
- It has mice on it.
- Yeah.
We could use it in MC Hamsters cage as a hamster duvet.
[LAUGHS] All right.
- Okay.
- All right.
Thank you, Coop.
So why don't you tell me about this Cesar kid? What's his whole deal? I think he's trying to impress me.