One Piece (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Eat at Baratie!

Did you just call that guy Grandpa?
Hoist the yard!
Batten down the hatches!
Raise the mizzenmast, men!
Prepare to board.
Our ship is ready to sail.
What's the meaning of this?
Grandpa, it's my first ship.
How do you expect to be a Marine
when you're wasting your time on this?
I don't want to be a Marine.
I'm a pirate!
Grandpa, don't!
Stop! It's my ship!
Your training begins today.
But first
Let me go!
No, let me go! I'm a pirate!
Hit the deck!
Everybody okay?
I think so.
No. Not okay. Not even close to okay.
Usopp, fire back at them!
Or how about we sail away
as fast as we can?
Run from the Marines?
No. Never!
Nami, trim the the sail thing.
Let's sink their ship.
We don't have time.
They're stealing our wind.
If they pull up alongside us,
we're finished.
- You're the navigator. Do something.
- Zoro, sheet in and hard to port!
- You know how to load a cannon?
- Yeah, of course.
I've loaded thousands of 'em.
Uh, this must be a different model
than I'm used to.
- Which way is port?
- The left!
Usopp, load the cannon in the barrel.
Light the fuse.
Then get the hell out of the way!
- Ooh. Ooh. Oh.
- Usopp!
- What the
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Oh man.
We've got a clear view of their hull, sir.
Permission to fire?
No kill shots.
I want these pirates taken alive.
Give me that.
Pirate vessel,
by order of the Marines,
lower your sails
and submit to my authority.
All right, you brat. Have it your way.
Not bad, boy.
Not bad.
That was amazing.
- You saved us!
- You didn't tell me you could do that.
I didn't know I could.
Yeah! Ah!
Nami, get us out of here.
On it.
Let's disappear.
- How's the ship look?
- Broken railing.
Minor damage. Could've been a lot worse.
- Could've been better.
- Can't see the Marines anywhere.
Can't see anything in this soup.
What we need is a place to lay low,
wait out any reinforcements
they send after us.
My charts are useless in this fog.
What did Luffy say?
He's on the bow. He hasn't said anything
since we hightailed it.
Well, somebody needs to talk to him.
About this and that other thing.
- What other thing?
- Oh, gee, I wonder.
The vice-admiral-of-the-Marines-
is-my-grandfather thing.
Oh, that.
Yeah, I don't really
know the guy that well.
Doesn't seem like a big deal.
You're his first mate. Kind of seems like
that falls under your job description,
Hey, how you doing?
Great. But my hat took a couple of hits
during the battle.
About the battle, you wanna talk about it?
Okay, good talk.
He seems fine to me.
Did you even ask him?
You guys smell that?
Smell what?
There's something on the breeze.
Smells like butter.
Soy sauce.
And meat.
I can't smell anything.
- Think he has brain damage?
- I think that every day.
Look, Luffy,
playing follow the smell is fun and all,
but we really got to get out of this fog.
I know, but I smell food,
which means that there's
someone somewhere cooking.
Five degrees starboard!
No! No! Three degrees back to port.
Add food to the equation
and suddenly he knows how to navigate.
What is that?
Is that land?
Can't be. There aren't any Islands
anywhere near here.
What's a baratie?
Everyone's going to that fish ship.
That smell.
I think this place is a restaurant.
Then I know what we're gonna do next.
Disguise the ship
so the Marines can't find us?
Sail back to Syrup Village
where it's safe?
Let's eat!
That fish better have a bar.
Welcome to Baratie. How can I help you?
- Hi! Where do we eat?
- Do you have a reservation, sir?
- Do we need one?
- We're very full today.
I could put you on the waiting list.
It's three weeks out.
Maybe you want to check your book again.
You wouldn't want to turn away
the future King of the Pirates, would you?
And who is that, sir?
Monkey D. Luffy.
Perhaps you've heard of him?
Well, in that case, we'll find a table.
Yeah! I knew it.
In three weeks.
You'll have to excuse them.
They're idiots.
Of course.
- Right this way, ma'am.
- See? Works every time.
I'd be happy
to check your swords for you, sir.
I got this.
Very good.
Here are your menus.
Your waiter will be with you shortly.
I wonder what kind of food they have here.
- Get a move on. You're slowing the line.
- Gotta wait for the sauce to cool.
- I didn't see this on tonight's menu.
- It's called imagination, Patty.
- Wouldn't expect you to understand.
- Wanna take this outside?
Are you asking me to dance?
'Cause I kind of had
my eye on that blonde at table eight.
You better keep your eye on the menu.
Whatever the hell that is,
boss man ain't gonna like it.
Order up!
Aye, aye, aye, aye.
- What the hell is this?
- I call it a True Bluefin Sauté.
It's elephant tuna, seared asparagus,
in a sweet soy reduction.
- Is that so?
- Yeah.
Well, I call it crap.
The day Baratie serves a dish like that,
little eggplant,
is the day that hell freezes over.
If I gotta sling
one more prime rib medium-well,
I am going to drop dead of boredom,
you old shitbag!
- It's what we serve.
- It's an insult to the meat.
You don't like cooking our menu? Fine.
'Cause I'll be more than delighted
to give you other work elsewhere.
In fact, you are off the line.
Now get out there and wait tables. Move!
I am saying, this here is my table.
Close to the kitchen
so I can smell the beef.
Maybe you ought to try a table outside.
Right now, the only thing I smell is you.
Now, now, gentlemen.
You know the rules here.
We don't waste food,
and there is no fighting at Baratie.
This ain't gonna be a fight.
I'm just going to kill him.
Like to see you try.
I'd like to pour you each a glass
of Ithürzburger Stein. On the house.
Okay, I'll have that drink.
- After he apologizes for his bad manners.
- Over my dead body.
Good fighter.
No cause for alarm, folks.
Please enjoy your meals.
Hi, welcome to our shitty restaurant
where the only thing
worse than the ambience is the food.
My name is Sanji. What can I get for you?
- One of everything, please.
- Any drinks?
One of our signature cocktails
to help you choke down your meal?
Giving us the hard sell, huh?
Apologies, madam, I didn't see you there.
Would you care for an apéritif to start?
We have several
rare Micqueot vintages in stock.
Or perhaps you'd like a glass of Umeshu?
You know, something sweet
for someone sweet.
- Something wrong with your eye?
- Just blinded by your beauty.
Waiter, can I get a beer
and something for my friends?
- Two beers. I usually have three, but
- And a milk.
Three beers and a milk.
And, uh, for madam?
Still, sparkling, mineral?
With ice or without? Cubed or crushed?
Regular water in a regular glass. Thanks.
Right away.
- What?
- Nothing.
Madam. Forgive my rude behavior, madam.
Would madam prefer her water
in a crystal glass,
or would a golden bowl
be more madam's style?
Nami's got a boyfriend.
You guys are the worst.
Damage report?
We're making progress, sir,
but the ship needs repairs.
We've got to shore up the yard,
reinforce the
- How long till we sail?
- At least a day. Maybe two.
Sir, the 77th Marine Branch
is running training exercises nearby.
- They could be here in a few hours.
- No.
We don't need their help.
If we delay,
we might lose track of Luffy entirely.
No SOS calls.
We'll handle this problem on our own.
Mihawk, did I catch you
in the middle of something?
Just killing some time.
What can I do for you, Vice-Admiral?
I've a request for you.
One that suits your particular talents.
Who's the quarry?
A young upstart named Luffy.
Fancies himself a pirate.
Doesn't sound like much of a challenge.
Oh no, no, no.
Don't underestimate this one.
He's a wild card.
One moment.
That's enough!
I'm afraid it's time I ended this.
You've killed my men, destroyed my fleet.
Why are you after me?
You woke me from my nap.
Then allow me to make it permanent!
Such a disappointing final gambit.
Apologies, Vice-Admiral.
You've piqued my interest.
Where am I headed?
East Blue. Sambas region.
And, Mihawk,
bring him alive by any means necessary.
I can't eat another bite.
But it's so good.
- Oh man, you said it.
- I'm not gonna be hungry for a week.
- Should we order dessert?
- I already got mine.
That reminds me. We should do a toast.
Come on. Grab your glasses.
To the best crew sailing on the sea
and to our victory! Yeah!
No, I'm sorry.
What victory exactly?
Against the Marines.
Our very first battle and we crushed them.
I don't know how many naval battles
you guys have been part of
- Two dozen, at least.
- But that was a disaster.
We were unprepared, uncoordinated.
By all rights,
we should be at the bottom of the sea.
We're not though. Luffy saved us.
Are we really going to ignore
the elephant in the room right now?
You didn't think to mention
your grandfather was a Marine?
And not just any Marine, a vice-admiral!
Don't know about you.
I didn't sign up for that.
You raided a Marine base.
Of course that'll make you a target.
If I stole the map,
no one would've known I was there,
as opposed to wrecking
a base commander's office.
Your bill, sir.
Thank you, my good man.
No, sir. Thank you.
I'm not saying it's good
that the Marines are on our tail,
but we showed them
that they can't just roll over us.
This crew, our crew, can handle anything.
Who the hell is Monkey D. Luffy?
You seem to be confused
about the rules of the house,
but Baratie doesn't offer credit.
You eat, you pay.
I think you're confused.
The meal has already been paid for.
I just haven't given you the money yet.
Yeah, and how's that?
You can add it to my treasure tab.
And what, pray tell, is that?
I may not look like a big deal yet,
but you're talking
with the future King of the Pirates.
And as soon as I find the One Piece,
I'm gonna come back,
pay this bill in full,
and with interest.
I got a better idea.
I need a drink.
Yeah. Now you're talking.
You, Mr. Future-King-of-the-Pirates,
are gonna be my new chore boy.
You're gonna pay off your debt
washing dishes.
- All of these?
- For starters.
You gotta remember.
The meal you had with your friends?
That's one year's worth of dishes.
I'd get a move on if I was you.
Second service is in one hour.
- Oy, oy. What do you think you're doing?
- Come on, old man. Enough's enough.
Put the jacket back on, little eggplant.
You're not done with your shift yet.
Let me back on the line or I walk.
You can walk back into the ocean
for all I care.
Cook another meal like that in my kitchen,
it's going right where the last one did.
You can kick me out of the kitchen
all you like. I'll never be a waiter.
That's fine by me. You sure as hell are
never gonna be a cook in my restaurant.
Have you got it?
Pace yourself.
I don't even think there's liquor in this.
It tastes just like candy.
Last time I said that,
I woke up face down under a table.
That glass have gold on the bottom
or what?
- Hmm?
- You haven't stopped staring at it.
You seriously don't think
what Luffy did is messed up?
Yeah. He should've told us.
But in case you didn't notice,
we've been making enemies
everywhere we go.
Psycho clowns, killer butlers.
What's a vice-admiral gonna do to us?
No, you don't get it.
I can't get caught. Not when I'm so close
Uh, who's ready for another drink?
My treat.
My favorite kind of drink.
Let me get your second-best bottle of rum.
- Anything else?
- Yeah.
If I wanted to secure passage to
the Conomi Islands, who would I talk to?
Uh, that'd be me.
It'll cost you.
- Six thousand.
- I have Berry.
Need room for your friends too?
No. Just me.
I'm at slip 22.
Be ready to sail at dawn.
I know I'm going to regret this,
but what's wrong?
What you said back at Syrup Village
about Garp
- I'm starting to think you might be right.
- What is it, my birthday?
Of course I'm right.
You ever hear of anyone called Mihawk?
Best swordsman in the world?
Better with a blade
than anyone in living history?
- One of the Seven Warlords of the Seas?
- Warlords?
Years ago, there were
these seven incredibly powerful pirates,
each one worse than the next.
They ruled the seas,
terrorizing everyone they came across.
The World Government
could've gone after them,
but that would've meant an all-out war.
They realized it'd be more useful
to keep them close, as allies.
So they struck a deal to work together.
Why would the Marines
need to work with pirates?
To do the things
they didn't want tied back to them.
In exchange,
the Warlords were given free rein.
To do pirate stuff?
Illegal pirate stuff?
Koby, you may know how to tie a knot,
but you don't know shit
about how the world works.
Hey, chore boy,
how's that dish pile coming along?
Never seems to get any smaller.
The old man's a real piece of work.
- Bet you regret giving him that IOU.
- I don't really do regret.
- No point in looking back.
- Lucky you.
Sometimes, when I try to look ahead,
all I see is back.
- How long you been a waiter?
- Not a waiter. I'm a cook.
Best one in the East Blue.
Not that it matters.
As long as the old man's in charge,
I'm banned from the line.
- But that meal you cooked was incredible.
- The True Bluefin Sauté?
- Yeah.
- You tried it?
Yeah, of course I did.
I couldn't help myself.
I didn't think the food here
could get any better.
You know, you're a really good cook.
- Eh.
- Why is Zeff making you wait tables?
'Cause he's jealous.
I should be running this place,
but the old man's so stubborn,
it'll never happen.
So that's your dream.
To be head chef of the Baratie.
So you love to cook.
You just don't want to cook here?
There's, um, this place
where you can find ingredients
from all four seas.
East Blue, West Blue, North, and South.
They call it the All Blue.
Nobody knows where it is, but
there's fish there
that have never been seen.
You know, rare seaweeds.
Spices that have never been tasted.
It is a cook's paradise,
and I'm gonna find it one day.
That's my dream.
If you want to cook, you should cook.
Don't let some stubborn old man
get in the way of your dream.
Stand up to him.
Tell him what you want.
It's more complicated than that.
I don't really do complicated either.
Help me.
Help me.
- Are you okay?
- I'm so hungry. Please.
Okay, you got it, man. How does
some corned-beef fried rice sound?
- What do you think you're doing?
- At Baratie, everyone eats.
Who's gonna pay for that?
This is a business.
We can't give handouts to every
down-on-his-luck pirate that washes up.
If a man is hungry, I feed him.
- Zeff kicked you off the line.
- I don't see the old man here. Do you?
Your funeral.
I was drifting out there for a week.
You saved my life tonight.
You're not only a good cook.
You're a good guy.
If Zeff doesn't appreciate you,
you should join my crew.
I'm serious. For real.
Sorry, chore boy. I've already got a job.
But you're not happy here.
And we're gonna need a great cook
if we're gonna find the One Piece.
The One Piece?
Yeah, I'm gonna find it
and become King of the Pirates.
We were searching for it too.
I was part of a mighty pirate armada.
Our captain was hell-bent
on finding Gold Roger's treasure, but
the Grand Line was his undoing.
We lost 50 ships and 5,000 men.
I was the only survivor.
Save yourself.
Forget you ever heard of the One Piece.
He does have a certain grace about him.
Like a frantic, uncoordinated
- Sea slug.
- That's it.
That's what he's like.
Look at him.
Like he doesn't have a care in the world.
What are you carrying around
that's so heavy?
- You have no idea.
- I bet I do.
I bet I know more about you
than you do about me.
- Yeah, right. You're an open book.
- Care to prove it?
I guess something about you, you drink.
You guess something about me, I drink.
Go ahead.
Tell me all about myself.
I bet you grew up in a big city,
running schemes,
hanging out in swanky bars like this one.
- You must be thirsty.
- You're saying I'm wrong?
I grew up in a small village.
Barely a village.
Just a handful of houses
in the center of a tangerine grove.
- Your turn.
- Okay.
But I had you read
all the way back in Orange Town.
I'll bet you didn't have any friends
as a kid.
I had friends.
Swords don't count.
I had one friend.
Hell, one more than I had.
Should I come back later, sir?
No, no.
I'm almost done here.
What is it, cadet?
Is it true
you're sending Dracule Mihawk after Luffy?
That's a nasty habit,
listening at doorways.
I heard what I heard, sir.
It seems there are different rules
for different pirates.
And the ocean is blue.
- Is there anything else?
- It's just
I signed an oath to protect people,
to treat everyone equally under the law.
And if that's not the case
maybe I'm not meant to be a Marine.
Have a seat, son.
I joined the Marines over 50 years ago.
A green recruit like yourself.
I came in with simple ideals,
but I had to adapt,
because the world is not a simple place.
The same set of laws
do not apply to everyone.
But that's not fair.
No, it's not.
But you have to decide
if you can live with that.
I could've been fleet admiral by now,
but I always turned down the promotion.
Do you know why?
Because I'd have to do things their way.
I'd lose my freedom.
Do you understand?
Yes, sir.
The world is not fair.
But the Marines are all that are standing
between order and anarchy.
So, let me ask you
can you live with that?
I think so.
That uniform.
It's starting to fit you after all.
And then they aimed
their biggest, baddest cannons at us.
But I wasn't scared,
being that I'm the best shot
in the East Blue.
So I fired at 'em.
And again.
And again.
Boom, boom, boom.
Down goes their yard.
Marines dead in the water.
All thanks to the great Captain Usopp.
you're the captain?
Well, technically, no.
But I did distract them so that Luffy,
who's, like, the official captain,
could bounce that ball back. Boom.
I should very much like
to meet this Luffy.
Heck, come meet the whole crew.
Guys, meet my new best friend.
- What did you say your name was again?
- Which one of you is Monkey D. Luffy?
Who wants to know?
You're Dracule Mihawk.
I have business with your captain.
If you know what's good for you,
you'll hand him over.
We don't know anyone named Luffy.
Right, Zoro?
I've been following your career
since I was a child.
- It's an honor to finally meet you, sir.
- Thank you.
Which is why it pains me
to inform you that tomorrow
you're going to die.
Wait, what?
I, Roronoa Zoro, challenge you to a duel
to the death.
I've never heard of you.
They call me the Demon Pirate Hunter.
But my lifelong dream
is to best you in single combat
and become
the greatest swordsman in the world.
You're serious.
Accept my challenge.
You'll see how serious I am.
Very well.
Tomorrow at dawn.
And when I'm done with you, pirate hunter,
I'll take your captain.
What the hell did you just do?
Right, are we done yet?
You're lousy at it.
But at least you do as you're told
in this kitchen.
If you think Sanji's gonna give up
on his dream because of you,
then forget it.
- Excuse me?
- You heard me.
You may have banned him from the line,
but you can't stop him from cooking.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah, really.
This starving pirate washed up earlier,
and you know what Sanji did?
He cooked for him,
right here in your kitchen,
because your rules matter less to him
than making sure a hungry man got fed.
He did that, did he?
What a good kid.
Luffy, we've got a problem.
Maybe you can convince him
to call it off.
- I won't do that.
- Did you see the size of that guy's sword?
- He will slice you into sashimi.
- What's going on?
I'll tell you what's going on.
Your big, bad Marine grandpa
sent a Warlord of the Sea to bring you in,
and instead of
getting the hell out of here,
Zoro challenged him to a duel.
Which he accepted.
You are a fly to him.
Something to be swatted and forgotten.
- Not if I win.
- You're not going to.
- You don't know that.
- Guys, guys, maybe we need more drinks.
Tell your first mate
he'll get himself killed.
Tell your navigator to butt out.
Maybe this isn't such a great idea, Zoro.
When you met me tied up on that cross,
what did I say?
"What makes you think
I wanna play pirates?"
- No, the other thing.
- "I kill your kind for a living"?
No. Come
That you made a promise to someone
a long time ago
to be the world's greatest swordsman.
The only way to do that is to beat Mihawk
in a duel and take his title.
I intend to do just that.
Even if you die in the process?
Will you please do something?
It's his dream, Nami.
I can't get in the way
of somebody's dream.
What's it gonna take, huh?
You want me to say you're the best?
You're the best. Okay?
You're the best I've ever seen,
but you are not better than him.
And if you fight him tomorrow,
you're going to lose.
Why do you give a shit?
Because you're my friend, you idiot.
You said it yourself.
You don't have any friends.
coming aboard?
Monkey D. Luffy.
I'm surprised the Marines would require
my services for such a small package.
- Though I do like your hat.
- Enough.
Let's begin.
What is that? I'm here for a sword fight.
I don't hunt rabbits with a cannon.
I'm no rabbit.
That remains to be seen.
Got you on the run, huh?
You're strong.
But fighting isn't all about strength.
Stop talking and fight.
You're like a little frog
croaking in a well.
Croak. Croak. Croak.
One of us will become the world's
greatest swordsman to ever live.
Why don't you retreat?
I can't
or my dream will be lost forever.
You're brave. I'll give you that.
So I'll do you the honor
of killing you with Yoru.
That's more like it.
Come on.
You're defeated.
Why do you persist?
Wounds on the back
are a swordsman's greatest shame.
Monkey D. Luffy,
what's your goal?
I'm going to become
the King of the Pirates.
King of the Pirates, hey?
That's a much more treacherous path
than even defeating me.
I don't care.
It's what I'm going to do.
Maybe you will at that.
This world could use
a few more wild cards.
Roronoa Zoro,
it's too soon for you to die.
Grow strong and come find me.
I'll be waiting.
He's losing so much blood.
He's gonna be okay.
Hey, Zoro, can you hear me?
He said it's too soon for you to die.
If I fail to become
the world's greatest swordsman
you'll be disappointed.
You could never fail me.
From now
until I beat him.
To become the greatest swordsman
I will never lose again!
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