Onimusha (2023) s01e01 Episode Script


No wonder I felt cold.
That's enough.
That's two four six
Eight, nine, ten Eleven in total.
At three days per opponent
That means I get to borrow
the thing for thirty-three days.
That was our agreement, wasn't it?
No, you must wait here. Sorry.
Oh, come on
Is that it?
Quiet, please.
Don't worry about me, just take this.
So, this is it.
Let him have it.
The seal has been broken.
Many thanks. Much appreciated.
I trust you with it, knowing you're
capable of putting it to good use.
But I expect you to strictly adhere
to the thirty-three day deadline.
Well, of course. Have you ever
known me to be late for anything?
All the same, unforeseen
circumstances are a part of life, aren't
Therefore, just in case
something unexpected should come up
Kaizen here will accompany
you as my insurance agent.
Fine with me.
I'll carry it until you have need of it.
One moment.
Tell me, Miyamoto Musashi
What is it you plan to do, anyway?
Oh. Well I'm going
hunting Demon hunting.
Ah, you're back.
Thanks, I appreciate you waiting.
You found what you were looking for?
Yeah And I was able to borrow it.
- Huh?
- And what about this esteemed monk?
He's kind of a watchdog.
My name is Kaizen.
I will be accompanying you on
your journey. Don't mind me.
So, uh, has Musashi here told you where
we're going and what we're going to do
when we get there?
I've been told nothing.
Well then, we can explain the details
along the way. Sahei, you look after
Of course.
We need to get moving.
Gensai! We're leaving.
Traveling with a monk is
bad luck, everyone knows that.
It all started six months ago, in a
remote village in the territory we come
And where is that?
It might be better if you don't know.
Anyway, there was skirmish in the village.
A minor one, but since several people
were killed, our lord dispatched a scout
to investigate. This scout, Iemon, is
one of the most brilliant men in our
territory. Very clever.
That's why it's so troubling
that he's suddenly gone rogue.
He incited a rebellion and convinced the
villagers to join him. He and his
followers are camped there now.
Our lord sent a spy to the village, but
he was captured and returned to us maimed
and tortured. This set
our lord ablaze with fury.
But if he were to mobilize a large army,
it would become known to the shogun, and
he doesn't want that to happen.
That's why we've been sent to deal
with the situation and do it discreetly.
As it happens, we were lucky enough to
have the esteemed and famous Musashi
staying with us as a guest.
He's famous? I didn't
know Musashi was famous.
You've never heard of him before??
I have lived my whole
life within the temple walls.
Well then, I'll tell you.
He's a master swordsman
known throughout the land!
He's fought countless
duels and never been defeated!
His victories in the three battles
against the renowned Yoshioka brothers of
Kyoto were perhaps the
ultimate manifestation of his genius.
And then there was the time he defeated
Sasaski Kojiro, who was a genius, too,
except, of course, he fought with an oar,
not a sword. Oh, what a glorious victory
that was!
If you say so.
Most of those stories are just a
bunch of baloney from what I can tell.
He didn't come train with us at the
dojo the whole time he was with us.
True, but
What're you saying? That he was trying
to avoid meeting our teacher in a sparring
Well, in any case, he has been asked
by our lord to bring Iemon to heel.
And Matsuki Kensuke, our instructor in
swordsmanship, has been sent along to
assist him.
The rest of us have been sent along to act
as assistants to the assistant, you could
Ah. So in short
Your master wants this matter settled
quickly and quietly, so that no one starts
to think that he's losing control.
You don't mince words.
Even if Musashi is every bit as
skilled a swordsman as you say
You'll be heavily outnumbered.
We have Matsuki, too, and he can handle
a sword better than anyone else in our
territory. And Gensai was a senior
disciple of Iemon himself. They honed
their skills together.
And don't forget about us three. We
all trained with Matsuki, after all.
Despite how we look, we can
handle ourselves in a fight.
So you just hide behind us
and you'll be safe, holy man.
So Kaizen
There's one question that I think
all of us have been wanting to ask.
What is it you're carrying
inside that box of yours?
I don't know.
The box has been sealed since long
before I was born And I have never been
told what's inside. Nor
was it my place to ask.
Aren't you curious?
Before we left, my
master told me this much
Whatever it is inside that box, it's
used when dealing with beings that are
not human.
I miss you.
- I miss you
- I miss you
I miss you
That's the first time
I've heard your voice.
Are you planning to kill Iemon?
I'm not sure yet.
Iemon is a good man.
I'll decide that for myself.
We'll stop here. We
could all use some rest.
I honestly don't know how
much more of this I can take!
- Ow!! Sahei! What the devil is that?!
- Stop moving.
It's concentrated sake,
made by boiling it down.
When craftsmen and fishermen injure
themselves in their work, they use this to
prevent the wound from festering.
Festering couldn't feel any worse!
- Huh?
- Huh?
Is this mountain path really
the only way to the village?
It's the only way that isn't watched.
It will get easier once
we're past these rocks.
So you've been there? You've
visited this village before.
I've seen the map that you drew.
I'm familiar with the area.
In fact, I've traveled all over his
lordship's domain collecting medicinal
The medical arts are my specialty.
I'm sure that's the reason I'm here.
That and my mapmaking.
Certainly not for my swordsmanship.
I can't stop wondering why
Iemon would do such a thing
Let's see what the cards have to say
Hey, it's a woman! He's
being manipulated by a woman.
Your fortune-telling's accurate
only about half of the time, though.
Hey, half the time, that's pretty good!
But what could have made Iemon do
such a thing? That's the question.
Is there something I can
help you with, Musashi?
There is something I
wanted to ask you about.
This Iemon fellow, what kind of man is he?
They tell me that you were Iemon's
master since the time he was about ten or
How would you sum him up?
Well, the simplest way to put it is that
he is a man who has always been blessed
with great natural talents.
He excels in intelligence and courage,
and has powers of quick observation and a
real gift for innovative thinking.
His only problem really is that he had
the misfortune of being born in the wrong
As a penniless samurai from a poor rural
area, his remarkable talents go to waste.
Poor devil. If only he'd been born a few
decades earlier, he could have aimed
higher and perhaps achieved great things
That implies that he would've been better
off in the Sengoku period, is that what
you're saying?
Well, what do you think?
Another thing.
You were there that day, weren't you?
The day the spy was sent
back from the village.
Despite his wounds he was still alive.
It wasn't anything human that did that.
And you chose these men to
face an enemy like that?
This won't be some little skirmish, but
a battlefield where their lives are at
None of them has the stomach for
this kind of fight. Or the skills.
They're all disciples
of yours, aren't they?
Yes, they are.
That man called Gensai might be
somewhat capable, I guess But the others,
As their master, don't you think you
should send them back before it's too
What's so funny?
Sorry, it's that word
"Battlefield." It brings back memories.
Memories of Sekigahara!
You were You're saying you were there?
Yes, I've heard that you
were there as well, Musashi.
It was my first battle.
Yes. We all have our first battle.
A long time has gone by since then. The
world has changed and so have samurai.
It's true that the men I've brought
here may have a different degree of
swordsmanship than men
we've known in the past.
But then
Answer this for me.
All the years of honing your skills and
training your mind, what has it all gotten
for you in the end?
You've nothing to call your own except
a sword and memories of old battles.
Of course that's not to say
your skills aren't very useful.
You would hardly be with us on
this mission if that were the case.
Yeah, well, all I know is that I
was asked to come and I'm here.
As for the others, it's your
responsibility to look after them.
I have my own way of doing things.
Samurai They can't be trusted.
We're not far from the village now.
So Matsuki, what do you want to do?
We would never be able to
make it before nightfall.
And they know the terrain.
We're all tired, too.
We'll camp here and
move on in the morning.
We've made good speed
and you've all done well.
But tomorrow we will come
face to face with Iemon.
He was once a comrade someone you
knew someone you lived and trained with.
You must forget that now.
Focus on duty and fulfil
your duty as a samurai.
A moment's hesitation
might well get you killed.
Now, Sahei the map.
Yes, sir.
Oh, before that
There's just one thing I need
to clear up before tomorrow.
Don't you think it could
wait, Musashi? It's getting late
We've got some traitors among us.
What're you talking about?
I've been watching everyone during the
course of our journey It always pays to
observe before a battle.
I think I've figured it out.
We're a group of seven samurai.
And three of those samurai
are villains in disguise.
I'm not actually a samurai, though.
That's the most
ridiculous thing I've ever heard!
I don't know where you're getting this
idea from, but we've all known each other
for ten years.
There is no way we'd even
think of betraying Matsuki!
If we're gonna be suspicious of
anyone, it'd be you and that stupid monk!
My cards say that, too.
You're the ones to keep an eye on.
Roll up your sleeve and show us your am.
Whaa?? You have some
nerve to accuse Matsuki!
That symbol, I've seen it somewhere else.
On the body of the spy that
Iemon caught and sent back.
So why would you have it on your arm?
Stupid question.
Obviously, because I am the traitor!
Matsuki, what-what do you mean??
When did you first notice it?
When you were crouched down
in the river drinking water.
Wait -you're a
traitor? I don't believe it.
Indeed I am.
I don't get it. Why would you
Why would you take Iemon's side?
Because I listened to what he had to say.
And rather than live the rest of my life
as it is now, I'm convinced that living in
the world he's about to create
will be infinitely more interesting.
But enough talking.
I challenge you!
I accept.
You know, I feel almost
as if I must be dreaming.
That a mere country samurai
of no significance at all
Would be able to cross swords
with the legendary Miyamoto Musashi!
Clearly it's true, what Iemon told me.
Just by taking a step off the straight
and narrow path I have always forced
myself to follow, look how
interesting things have become all of a
I'm sure you must realize just how
difficult it is to resist the lure of
interesting things.
Matsuki This can't be.
Are we sure that's even really him?
He's like a whole different person.
I can't believe any of this is
happening! I've never seen that look on
his face before!
If you're gonna make this a
battlefield, don't expect me to hold back.
Yes, a battlefield!
We'll fight our own
little Sekigahara, right here!
Such skill Such swordsmanship
That was so interesting.
Matsuki, no!
- Matsuki!
- Matsuki!
Stay back!
This isn't over yet.
Your turn now whoever you are.
It's Gensai
You saw right through it Musashi.
- Gensai? No. That's not his voice.
- Is that Iemon?
Iemon?? What've you done?!
Good to see you, my old
friends. It's been too long.
It is Iemon who's speaking now!
It is indeed.
And yet, you yourself are
not actually here, are you?
Correct. I'm only borrowing
Gensai's tongue and body.
I'm guessing you did the same with that
spy, and used him to win over Matsuki.
Ah, you're just as
quick-witted as expected, Musashi.
I don't know what your plan is, but
you might as well come out of hiding
'Cuz if you're still there
when I arrive, it's over.
Aren't you a bold one, in words and
attitude. Very well, I will reveal myself.
Come, brother Gensai, let
us avenge Matsuki together.
Save a spot in the afterlife Your
disciple is about to join you there!
Musashi, are you all right??
Matsuki Matsuki help me!
It hurts! It hurts, Iemon!
Pain I've missed that I remember the
times when Matsuki would knock us both to
the ground.
That's right Those were good times
Don't worry No matter how
badly you're hurt, I will heal you.
Oh, I miss you so much, Iemon!
I miss you too my friend.
Don't anyone move!
Musashi is strong, Brother Gensai. You'll
need to weaken him significantly before
bringing him.
I will!
It's like a nightmare or something.
The nightmare is, if he goes
down it's gonna be us next.
- Samurai!
- Huh?
Distract him.
Just for a moment.
Now, Kaizen! Do it!
Are you all right?
The Oni Gauntlet!
The legendary gauntlet that seals the
power of the demons When it defeats
supernatural beings, it absorbs their
souls and gains even greater strength.
The Oni Gauntlet?
I've only ever heard
them tell stories about it.
I've never actually seen it.
Brother Gensai
In Nirvana In Nirvana, I
will be dreaming of you!
This thing comes in handy
but I sure as hell wouldn't
wanna have to use it every day
Treat it with respect!
From here on in
We're likely to find a lot more
monsters like that standing in our way.
Anyone who doesn't feel they're up to
it is welcome to leave any time tonight.
Whoever is still here when the
sun comes up, I'll take with me.
I'm tired. I'm going to get some sleep.
All of you, huh?
You're a strange bunch. Well, just don't
slow me down. And remember, I won't
protect you.
- That's fine. We don't need your
- Let's find something to eat.
Am I missing something? Isn't
there another traitor in the group?
Last night you said that there
were three villains amongst us.
You defeated only two of them so far.
That means there's another.
No, there isn't.
But you said
Seven samurai, three
villains, I heard you.
Every traitor is a villain but not
every villain is necessarily a traitor.
I knew if I said that, you'd all suspect
each other and no one would lay a hand on
That way, I'd be
guaranteed a good night's sleep.
- Huh?!
- Huh?!
So I guess that makes me
The third villain.
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