Only Murders in the Building (2021) s02e07 Episode Script

Flipping the Pieces

What do we know? Bunny was killed
with a knitting needle
and a knife.
What did happen that night?
It's all a blur.
Memory can contain
both objective reality
and subjective perception.
Everyone's just so
obsessed with my past.
My dad got me a jigsaw
puzzle when I was 4.
It was 1,000 pieces.
My DNA came back.
Half was clearly Mom,
but the other half was Greek.
I'm the only one who's been looking out
for your interest!
I have no life anymore!
Where is Detective Williams?
She's on maternity leave in Denver.
We're texting with the killer!
We tell him we'll put
the matchbook inside
a Stop and Shop bag in a trash can
outside Morningside Park.
- There's no getting rid of glitter.
- Fuck!
There goes our best chance
at clearing our names.
Yo! Bloody Mabel sighting
number two!
She just stabbed some dude!
My dad loved puzzles.
Especially the ones with lots of pieces
that could swallow up an entire weekend.
After he'd moved out,
the two of us got into this routine.
Every Sunday, we'd sit
around in our pajamas
and do a puzzle together.
How long do you think
it'll take us this time?
A thousand years.
Well, your mom comes to get you at 3:00,
so we're gonna have
to do better than that.
I'm kidding. This one's easy.
Oh, yeah? Well, what if
we do it without the box?
No pictures to help us.
Still easy.
What if we do it upside down
then? Just the shapes.
You think you can do it?
Of course, it's you!
No! Stay back, asshole!
What? What are you saying?
She stabbed him!
She fucking stabbed him!
Is that me?
Did I stab someone
Okay. Okay.
So, I-I checked out the
Pickle Diner, the subway stop,
the SoHo Forever 21 just
to be sure. She's nowhere.
I called all the hospitals.
The only Mabel I found
was 99 and had just died.
I'm worried about her, Oliver.
She hasn't answered any of my
calls or my text communications.
Nor mine. Which is extra concerning
'cause we're always texting.
The memes, Charles. You
should see the memes.
Oh great. Now we have
a baby to deal with.
Oh, it's not a baby.
It's my trainee.
Junior Detective Keith. You know what?
Actually, y'all will get along,
considering all you do is piss
your pants every 10 minutes.
I need to talk to you. I got questions.
Can I get you anything?
Nice accessory.
You steal jewelry from dead people,
and the state gives you an anklet.
Kind of poetic.
Did I really stab someone?
You should be a trauma
counselor, Theo. Really.
I don't know ASL.
No. Nothing.
It's just gone.
You can only get a
third of what I'm saying?
It always seems like people
can lip read more in movies.
Okay, I have to go.
Do you know where my bag is?
My bag.
It had a matchbook
with a bloody fingerprint on it.
No, no! Theo, th-that
was our biggest clue!
I don't I don't know what
you're saying! It has to be here!
Theo, I still don't know
ASL! Why am I even here?
She stabbed him!
She fucking stabbed him!
He took my bag? Why
Was it Glitter Guy?
The person on the train.
Glitter Guy. Did he have glitter on him?
Is that ASL for "glitter"?
That was kind of fun.
Is this his?
I need to get to Coney Island now.
Not to stab him again. Although,
I'm leaving my options open.
He has the matchbook,
and if he works there,
they have to have some
kind of record or photos.
No, no, no. I'm not letting you help me.
You killed Zoe,
and you let Oscar sit
in jail for 10 years.
So, what really happened
when Mabel went to get some
more champagne that night?
Aren't you supposed to be in Denver?
Were you aware of her violent past?
Because we heard you were
in Denver on maternity leave.
Goddammit, would y'all focus?
I was on a trip, as of last night,
and I cut the shit short because there's
something that's been bothering me.
It's been keeping me up at night.
- Let me guess, it was your baby?
- No!
It was you, dipshits!
I can't stop thinking
about this damn case,
and how you clearly know
things that you're not sharing.
Oh, okay.
So it's gonna be like that?
Because if you don't
clear some stuff up for me,
I have no choice but to agree
with a way less fuckin'
friendly Detective Kreps.
Two stabbings with knitting needles?
Come on, guys.
- That does not look good for your girl.
- Hold on.
Those are two unrelated incidents.
Bunny was killed with a
knife, not a knitting needle,
or did Detective Kreps
conveniently forget that?
There is no knife here!
And you won't find one
at Mabel's either.
And you can turn Oliver's place
upside down for all I care
because you'd be wasting your time!
Because Mabel didn't
do it! There you go.
Excuse me. I need
bathroom. I-I need
to go to the bathroom.
Ah! Open!
You damned
Passageway! Oh!
Yo, is he okay?
You know
I'm sure it's nothing.
He has an unorthodox diet.
So, you know what?
I'm just gonna go, uh, check on him.
Oh. Okay
Are you doing what I think you're doing?
Of course not!
What do you think I'm doing?
You're sneaking into your apartment
to get rid of the bloody knife
you should have gotten rid of ages ago!
It was only days ago.
- You still have the murder weapon?
- Hey,
buddy, if you don't like
the way I do my felonies,
you're welcome to commit some yourself.
Okay. Okay. I'm sorry.
I-I forgot.
- Forgot.
- I brought it with me to Jersey
because, well, Jersey
seems like the place you go
if you want to get rid
of incriminating evidence.
But then, I got distracted
by an even bigger emergency.
My son Will's production of Oz.
I mean, talk about a disaster.
- But here's the good news.
- Finally.
I saved the show.
It actually turned out pretty good.
Will is over the moon.
My boy. My probably boy.
Okay, when are those
damn DNA results coming?
- Jesus
- Refocus. Mabel.
Okay, right, yes. Okay. You know,
Mabel did want us to give the knife
to the cops when we first found it.
You want to give it to Williams?
Well, it doesn't have
Mabel's prints on it, right?
Unless the killer did
put her prints on it,
hoping we'd give it to the cops.
We need to get rid of it.
Unless the killer wants
us to get rid of it,
so that he can catch us in
the act of destroying evidence.
Is everything okay in there?
Oh, yes! Uh, sorry!
Uh, just a moment.
This turned out to be a two-man job.
So you have the knife.
- No knife.
- Stop it!
Do you understand the
definition of perjury?
I know what perjury is.
I did a production of 12 Angry Men once.
But with women. 12 Angry Women.
One of the sisters
from Hamilton was in it.
This was years before Hamilton.
I know what perjury is.
I don't.
Any information on who that guy
is. Something to jog my memory.
Yes, it's gone.
Have you ever been to Coney Island?
What'd you do for fun as a kid?
Ah, yes. The adventures of a
teenage grave-robber. Got it.
That's a new way.
How many people work here?
Shit, shit, shit, shit.
I need more time with these.
I've got to find this guy.
No! I'm not gonna calm down!
Either the killer is in these files,
or I'm some unhinged psychopath
who goes into fugue
states and stabs people.
Either way, a girl likes to
know these things about herself.
I need a minute.
Thank you.
You were just trying to help.
I'm sorry.
Okay. So,
you've never been to Coney Island,
but have you ever
played Whack-A-Mole?
Don't worry, I so get it.
Dad, The X-Files are sick.
You know what?
You shouldn't be watchi
No, no, wait! This is so awesome.
Your mother might
actually kill me for this.
I am sorry about today, though.
It's, uh, been a tough month.
This new schedule they
have me on is crazy.
It's okay. We can go
to the dumb zoo any time.
It is a good mystery, huh?
And a mystery is just
a puzzle, right, Mabel?
Okay. Six tries is not good.
That's called cheating.
What'd you get?
You know, I can't walk past the
front gate without seeing her body.
I can't walk past Tim's door without
seeing what he looked like on the floor.
Now, apparently, I'm the kind of person
that could stab someone on the
subway and not even remember.
Which means
I could also be the sort of person
to put a needle in the chest
of a defenseless old woman.
That's what's been scaring me.
It's something that I would do.
I just don't know if I did do it.
Maybe it's better that way.
I'm gonna go to the bathroom, and
then let's go back to the city.
When you say "knife,"
what exactly do you mean?
Alright, stop being dumbasses.
Ah, damn it.
What's wrong, Keefers? You okay?
Do you
Uh, what about You
want binky? You want binky?
No? Uh Oh!
Toy! You want a toy?
D-do you need a hand?
Nope. Got it.
My son Will used to get a tummy ache
after feeding.
You know, gas bubbles.
Are you familiar with A Chorus Line?
Excuse me?
Here, let me just Trust me on this.
Okay, we put this
down. This is the stage.
- And here, give him to me.
- What?
J-just trust me. Trust me.
I know what I'm doing.
Oh no!
Oh, no. Oh, no, look at this.
Bum bum bum ♪
One ♪
Singular sensation ♪
Every little step he takes ♪
Da da da da da da da da ♪
One smile ♪
And suddenly, nobody else ♪
Will do ♪
Oh, eureka!
And Joy is your new middle name!
Now, that made him happy.
Oh, yes, yes, yes.
There we go. Look at that.
And we fold up the stage.
I'm never gonna do that.
You have zero dignity.
My baby has zero dignity.
That's not happening.
Oh, you're going to try this.
I promise.
You'll do anything if you
think it will help your kid.
Having barely been a parent,
I can say that is true.
Which is where you are with your girl.
Guys, just so you know,
I am not trying to put her away.
Okay? So, if she's innocent,
you should help me out. I
just wanna solve this case.
Yeah. Okay.
We need to go to the bathroom.
You're not supposed to be here today.
But look what I got
us for trick-or-treat.
Mija, I told you. We're
not going trick-or-treating.
If you want to do a puzzle,
I got this new one
I don't wanna do another stupid puzzle!
You promised we'd go
as Mulder and Scully!
All you do anymore is
break your promises.
I know I do.
I wish I could keep them.
Especially for you.
This is so crazy! Look
what we just found
- behind the toilet.
- In the ceiling.
- In the ceiling.
- Behind the toilet.
Okay, I love cringe comedy,
but this is painful to watch.
The knife.
- Oh, is it?
- I get it.
You don't know where
this came from. I got you.
Whatever it is, you'll find it
doesn't have Mabel's prints on it.
- We hope.
- My prints are on the knife,
but that's just because it belongs to me
and it was stolen from my apartment
because we're being framed.
You must see that kind
of thing all the time.
The prints of my teenage
somewhat-stepdaughter Lucy
are on it, too, although
she is uninvolved.
Okay. Okay.
Got it. And thank you.
Seriously, thank you.
I'll let you know what I find.
Do I ♪
Really have to mention ♪
He's ♪
The ♪
One! ♪
Like I don't fucking know Chorus Line.
That's hilarious.
Oh! Come on!
We have to go. Get to the car, okay?
Oh, thank God!
Wait. Where's the matchbook?
Damn it! He has the matchbook!
Well, that seems about right.
They're at the diner.
Oh my God.
We need We need to
get back. Right now.
My dad died when I was 7.
They didn't tell me what
was really happening.
They wanted to protect me.
He said
he had to move out for work.
Six months later, he was dead.
Stomach cancer.
I knew something wasn't right,
but I was happy to play along.
I didn't know how to cope
with him dying, so I didn't.
Instead, I flipped the
pieces over in my mind
until I couldn't see the image anymore.
Just like he'd shown me.
That was when I lost my first memory.
And it's happened since.
If something was too
much or too difficult.
When I was afraid to
see what really happened
or what I had possibly done.
But, I have to flip the pieces now.
All of them.
Otherwise, I'll never
see the full picture.
No, no, no, no, no
It's not my fault.
I didn't stab her.
Well, thank you.
Was that right?
I was wrong about you.
And I don't know everything
that's going on with you,
but pushing things away?
It's never really worked for me.
- Hey!
- Oh, my God.
Thank you.
So, Charles
This isn't good, what I'm about to say,
When I found that Glitter Guy,
he had this on him.
Come on, Lucy, answer.
- Hey. Where are you?
- Lucy! Where are you?
- I'm at your place.
- Listen, you need
I came to see y
Lucy? Lucy!
Maybe the call dropped.
Oh, I know this.
We've got a blackout, people.
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