Ookami to Koushinryou (Spice and Wolf) (2008) s01e07 Episode Script

Wolf and a Tail of Happiness

1 I had lost my way during my journey.
Only my soul was wandering, while I stood still.
But right now, I'm walking to a distant place.
That's right, ever since I met you on this road.
The travellers witnessed the song, the forbidden song, And I became attached to it as I heard it alone with you.
If the world I saw in my dreams exists somewhere, Let's go search for it, beyond the winds.
Whether it's a freezing dawn, A dry midday, A shivering night, or the ends of the Earth, let's go and see it.
How many did you eat? Seventeen.
No, eighteen.
No, maybe nineteen? And how much is left? Forget about it.
It's just for reference.
You already know it.
Just in case, you see.
Eighty Eighty what? Eighty-one! I-I just have to eat them, right? Right? Are you even able to eat them all? I can! I'm Horo the Wise from Yoitsu! You don't need to be so obstinate.
Who is? What's the truth? It's the truth.
What's the real truth? It's the real truth! What's the real, real, real truth? It's the real, real, real truth! The truth is, I'm already tired of them.
I'd think so.
Even if they're your favorite food, you had twenty yesterday and almost as many today.
But But I'll show you I can eat them all! Well, don't get so worked up.
You may be tired of fresh apples, but there are several ways to eat them.
And what exactly are these "severals ways to eat them?" D-Don't ridicule me! I've never heard of apples being baked before! You've seriously never eaten apple pie? Such a thing really exists? Yeah, you bake it in a pan with dough.
And if you do that, it becomes chewy This isn't a good way of explaining it, but it's like it's slowly rotting.
But just like how something about to rot is good, baked apples are very good.
When you eat fresh apples, they moisten your dry throat.
But baked apples are so sweet that they make your throat dry.
But I'm sure you're tired of sweet food.
So, we'll have a change of pace for dinner and have salted meat or fish.
Which would you like? Meat! And who was it just now who looked like they couldn't eat any more? It's a different story if it's meat.
Come on! I'm really counting on you with the apples.
Don't worry.
I have confidence I can eat them all after hearing your story! Well, I have some business too, so let's go.
Yeah! I changed the mood so that you wouldn't get tired of me, either.
You're inedible.
Did you want me to say that I'm delicious? Yeah.
Wolf and Blessed Tail Ah, well Ah, it's that.
How should I say it? You You really do look like a nun, though.
Right, it's convenient for traveling, isn't it? I guess.
People are as strange as ever, being so particular about whether to wear all these different clothes or not.
There are times when it's convenient for wolves to wear sheep's clothing too, right? You're right.
If I wore rabbit's fur, I'm sure you'd fall into my trap instantly.
In that case, I'll carry around some apples so that I'll get caught in a trap.
I even forgot about apples as well.
And so! In your case, you look too much like a nun, so there are times when it'd be inconvenient.
Like when? No matter how much a nun may have fallen, they wouldn't drink beer in the middle of the day.
I'm quite the nun, then.
A nun wouldn't say that either.
Well, excuse me, sir.
Seriously though, there will be places where dressing as a nun would be a bad idea once we head north.
So what should we do? So, ah Well, it'd be a safe idea for you to have a set of clothes like a city girl's.
Let's go and buy some before we eat, then.
If we're held back by business, our meal won't be as good.
Th-Thank you, I didn't have to waste time explaining.
Were you thinking I'd say we should eat and drink first? I won't get distracted by food that easily! I wonder about that.
I was being considerate for you, and you bought it so easily.
You came up with such an exaggerated reason just to buy a set of clothes.
Did you think I wouldn't notice? Well, I'll hold back and let you buy me some clothes.
It's going to be a cold, cold winter, after all.
You can hold back a little more, you know.
Wh-What's wrong? I have no money.
You No, that's not what I meant.
I'm saying I don't have small change.
Better too big than too small, as they say.
So you just need to use that money.
There's also the saying about cutting a rabbit with a meat cleaver.
If I used this money at a clothes store, I can't imagine how displeased they'd be.
I see.
But are gold coins really worth so much? Of course.
For example, the current Rumione gold coin is worth thirty-five Thoreni silver coins.
If you live humbly, one silver coin can last you seven days.
And it's worth thirty-five times that.
That's quite something.
However! The store said that these clothes are worth two gold coins.
Unlike apples, wouldn't clothes be something you'd buy with gold coins? If that were true, most of the people in the city would be naked.
I'm sure the merchant who sold those clothes must've been quite worried about if you'd even pay.
Were these that expensive? Of course.
So choose some shabby-looking clothes when we buy them.
I'm Horo the Wise from Yoitsu! If I wear something shabby, it'll hurt my pride! They say that if you are truly beautiful, then anything should look good on you.
But still, to the money exchange, huh? Oh, we're going to exchange money? Then we're going to that bridge, right? Hey, come on! Hurry up and walk.
I want to drink some beer soon.
Rumione, you say? Today's market price for it is thirty-four Thoreni silver coins on the dot.
And the handling charge? Ten Liuto coins, or thirty Trie coins.
I'll pay in Liuto coins.
Well then Oh, please be careful.
If you drop them, they'll belong to whoever picks it up off the street.
What? I'm the customer.
Leave the gold coin there, I'm busy right now.
Even though you're not even treating your precious customers properly? Of course! It's more important that this precious little lady doesn't drop any coins.
Isn't that right? My, that makes me happy.
But, dear sir.
What is it? There are just too many coins for my hand to hold.
That's why my hand is there, Horo.
My, but we can't do this.
You won't be able to use your precious hands.
Not at all, I will gladly use my hands so that these coins won't fall from your hands.
It does not trouble me in any way.
That is because you are like a warm feeling in my chest that cannot be held with both arms, and there's no doubt that you'll accept it all! Weiz! Did you forget the basics of being a money exchanger? Silver in a bag, gold in a chest.
You should be holding on to crude copper coins in your hands! Geez.
Keeping such a good girl to yourself is an act against God.
Haven't you heard the passage that says to share what bread you can offer? You want me to share? I won't share with you on top of the money exchanging fee, though.
I either give you everything or nothing.
If that happens, then she'll come with the debt she owes me.
So, I believe that you need to show some level of determination.
I can't possibly place a price on you! Just how can you say that, you corrupt merchant! The scale in my heart is tilting back and forth right now.
But please, believe that it is not tilting because of the weight of gold coins.
Of course! Of course I believe you.
You really are a bad person, to touch a tilting scale with your hands.
Horo Come on, let's get going.
H-Hey, Lawrence.
You came to exchange some gold coins, so are you going shopping or something? That's right.
Prices seem like they're going to rise.
Since that's the case, the faster, the better.
Bye for now.
Do money exchangers even work when the sun sets? No, it's a rule that money exchangers who use scales after the sun sets are swindlers! And of course, I'm no swindler.
That's what he said.
Once I buy clothes, I'll be going to the tavern early.
You can come if you want when you're done working.
Of course, my brother! It's the usual tavern, right? It's scary to be drunk at a tavern I don't know.
All right! It'll be soon! I'll really be there soon! It was as interesting as I thought.
It'll be troublesome later if you get him too serious.
Troublesome? He'll follow you.
You're already following me.
I played around knowing that, unlike you two.
It's fun teasing you, but I want to play with some smart males sometimes.
You both knew I was playing, though.
So could you not act so serious? I'll start blushing instead, you know.
Well, that Weiz fellow is more of an eloquent talker than you, though.
I've lived for a long time, but I've never met anyone like him, whose words I cannot trust at all.
I'm sure you, who lives in the business world, would understand this, right? Yeah.
If it were beneficial for me, I'd lie as much as needed.
It won't work on me, though.
All right, let's go shopping for clothes.
Hey! You've missed your chance two times to grasp the blessing God granted.
If you don't grasp it next time, the tail of blessing might run away.
Hey, what do you mean? Hey, Horo! Wait for me! That one right there is forty Liuto.
It's quite durable for that price.
I'm heading north, so could you find something that's cheap and warm for the two us? What is your budget? Two Thoreni coins.
Please leave it to me.
A set of robes, two blankets And would something like this be fine? Let's see Just as you can see, I'm a merchant.
On my travels, I became friends with the Milone Company here.
Oh? With Mr.
Milone? Right, so that's why I may come several times a year from now on.
Oh, is that so? Then let me add another blanket along with this robe.
Of course, they've been smoked, so I guarantee that they'll repel bugs for two years.
Didn't we come to buy clothes for me? That's right.
Are you telling me to wear that? If you can get away from the cold with just that robe, then it should be okay.
If you're angry because I used your enemy, then say so.
I'm Horo the Wise.
I'm smart and I have a good business sense, but my nose is sharp too! The day I wear that, my nose will turn up! I thought having you suffer a bit might fix that twisted personality of yours.
Don't get angry.
I'll let you in on the secret later.
Excuse me, sir.
Do you have any nice clothes for women? Clothes for women? Something that won't cause much trouble in northern cities, something about her size.
Very well, please wait a moment.
How about this? It's a court attendant's dress that was bought from a certain store, though.
I don't want something that gaudy.
It doesn't suit you? I want something simpler and easy to change into.
Then Sir, how about that? Yes? I see! You're quite the person, to have laid your eyes on this.
These articles were once worn by a certain noble.
Just look, the seams are sewn neatly, and it won't tear so easily.
What you should really be looking at is this walnut-colored cap.
Once you wear this over your shoulder, and wear this specially tailored triangular cap just like the servants at this noble's house, you'll become a city girl immediately! A rabbit? Doesn't it make you want to eat it? I like this! How much is it? For the two of them, let's see Ten Thoreni coins.
No, how about nine coins? Very well.
In deference to the beautiful lady here, I'll make it eight coins.
Well, then How about someone cute, such as myself, were to wear these to open your heart? Would you make it seven coins? V-Very well, I'll let you have it for seven coins.
Thank you.
Excuse me then.
What do you think? Wonderful! One Thoreni coin is not even enough for this! Were these clothes too expensive? No, seven coins for those is quite good.
You still had enough confidence to drive the price down? If I had gotten similar clothes like the ones you're carrying over your shoulder, I thought it would have been okay for being a tenth of these.
I actually thought it would've cost more, so don't worry.
As long as you hold back on drinking later, you'll make up for the seven coins right away.
I won't drink that much! But still, the way you forcefully bargained with him was really cheap.
No matter how great a merchant may be, they wouldn't be able to stand up to that.
All males are idiots, after all.
What are you going to do with that? Take it with you to the tavern? No, not at all.
But the inn isn't this way.
Yeah, I won't be leaving it at the inn either.
I'm going to sell these at a different clothes shop.
We can buy some clothes for the cold when we head a bit more north.
You're going to sell them? There's no point in keeping them if we're not going to use them, right? That's true, but will they sell high? I'm not sure.
Gaining a profit would be difficult.
I'll probably have a bit of a loss.
You're still going to sell them if you have a loss? You don't understand why? Hold on, I'm thinking now.
Shall I tell you the secret? I won't ask you to tell me! But if you want to say it, then go ahead.
Still, it's nothing great, and you were more amazing back there.
This bunch of clothes is worth two coins.
For example, let's say we sell these at a different store for half the price.
I'd have a loss of one coin.
But, let's think of it a different way.
A different way? Yes, everyone would think that the robe you're wearing is high-grade, right? Robe It's safe to say that a person wearing that wouldn't ever go to a shop like that.
That's why that shop keeper actually wanted to have a good relation with me, who brought you.
Now then, if it were you, what would you do? I'd sell things cheap to leave a good impression.
That's right.
And what would lead from that? That store lost a bit off these.
And they lost quite a bit off yours.
We bought these near-ragged clothes for two coins.
However, there is a huge gap between the two prices.
And what would lead from that? If we think about the difference, there is a huge profit gained.
Well done.
What a cheap trick.
A completely cheap trick! That trick? Fool! I'm amazed you even thought of that.
That's called business sense.
But yours beat mine.
Your shallow thinking can't beat my planning.
You said it now.
You think you can win? Well, if you're confident about it, maybe you could show me your skills when we go drinking.
When we go drinking? Could you buy me at a high price? Sure, I'll buy you.
But the payment will be in apples.
You're pretty tough too.
If you bake me, I might become a bit sweeter.
You're pretty well baked already.
I can't eat a baked male that's too sweet.
What about you, then? Do you want to have a bite and see for yourself? I'll think about it.
You grasped it properly the third time.
Seven apples on the witch's tree With seven seeds to plant inside of me In spring time I grew a magic song Then skipping along, I sang the song to everyone I look at the world through apple eyes And cut myself a slice of sunshine pie I danced with the peanuts for the flies Till someone had told me To say hello for every good-bye Saw some sugar stars I'll put them in a jar And we'll wish around the world Oh we'll wish around the world I'm a little wolf inside a cart You say, And off I go from June to May Oh we'll wish around the world Let's wish around the world Next, Wolf and Righteous Scale Next, Wolf and Righteous Scale