Ookami to Koushinryou (Spice and Wolf) (2008) s01e09 Episode Script

Wolf and the Shepherd's Lamb

1 I had lost my way during my journey.
Only my soul was wandering, while I stood still.
But right now, I'm walking to a distant place.
That's right, ever since I met you on this road.
The travellers witnessed the song, the forbidden song, And I became attached to it as I heard it alone with you.
If the world I saw in my dreams exists somewhere, Let's go search for it, beyond the winds.
Whether it's a freezing dawn, A dry midday, A shivering night, or the ends of the Earth, let's go and see it.
Palti, mis, tuero, moro.
Ru, spincio, tirato, cul.
Thank you.
No, thank you.
Thank you very much.
Well then Um Where did you hear about this road? Just the other day at Polson's Tavern.
Were there any rumors about wolves? Yes, I've heard some of those.
I only chose this road because I'm in a hurry.
Is that so? Um, is something wrong? Ah, no, um You can tell me.
Or do you need something? Could you hire me? Wolf and a Shepherds Lamb I'm a shepherd.
Aside from raising sheep, I can drive away wolves, too! If you hire me, I can protect you from the wolves on your journey! How about it? Enik.
Please wait for a bit, I'm going to ask my companion.
Skilled? If she's skilled as a shepherd, then it's worth giving her a try.
You were listening, weren't you? I'm here, though.
Well, having you is enough.
But there's never been the concept of having a shepherd as an escort.
It might become a new business, right? Human males are fine with any number of females.
I wasn't seduced by her charm.
In the first place, you're a lot cuter.
Well, you just made the passing mark.
So, how are her skills? Well, she's up there.
Perhaps you could be more specific? If it were me, I would hunt her sheep.
But she could surely handle normal wolves easily.
Is that so? She's rather skilled at handling dogs.
Troublesome shepherds must have a clever dog, and they must work in harmony.
I think she fulfills those two requirements.
She's young if you listen to her voice, but she's to be feared.
Right now, I might as well All right, thank you.
Are you really going to hire her? That's what I'd like to do.
If you hire her, that means she'll be traveling with us for a while, right? You don't want to? It's not that I don't want to.
It's only two days until we reach Rubinheigen, is that bad? It's not like it's bad.
Well, I'm sorry, but just bear with it for a while.
What do I have to bear with? Well, I'm saying Really, I simply want to test if a shepherd would be useful as an escort from wolves.
I don't mind, but wouldn't you be troubled? If we travel with others What would you do if they found out about me? I see.
You wanted me to say this, didn't you? "I just want it to be us two.
" Fool! Sorry.
Geez Well, it's only two days, I'm sure she won't find out.
Just do what you want.
Sorry for making you wait.
No um How does forty Trie for escorting us to Rubinheigen sound? If wolves actually attack, and we come out safe, we'll consider that an additional fee.
Is it too little? No, thank you.
No, thank you.
May I ask for your name? Ah, sorry.
I'm Nora Allent.
Enik! Have you been a shepherd for a long time now? No, only about four years.
I became a shepherd after picking him up.
That's surprising.
What about before that? In exchange for letting me stay at a monastery, I helped aid the poor.
While I aided them, I wondered to myself if I could also work.
It was fortunate that I met Enik.
It must be the reward of your daily prayers.
Yes, I can't help but think that it's the work of God that brought us together.
When I first met him, he was hurt and full of injuries.
From wolves? No, I think it was because of bandits.
He had this staff in his mouth, and he was sitting near the bottom of a hill.
I see.
I was surprised to find a shepherd offering to be an escort, though.
Shepherds wouldn't normally do this, right? No.
I just wanted to talk to someone.
I understand.
Moreover, I want to be a tailor.
That's why I need money.
I need a partner as well.
It's true that you might earn more by escorting merchants than by being a shepherd.
Disputes over land must be tough, too.
You're right, all safe places already have a shepherd.
There are only popular places and places full of wolves, right? Yes.
Wolves are troublesome.
They're also sly and tricky.
They might be listening from somewhere, so You're right.
Sorry for making you stop so early.
No, I know that shepherds sleep as early as possible, when the sun sets.
I have to look after them all night.
I always wonder to myself while looking at their wool, what kind of clothes will be made from them.
At any rate, your work ethic is great.
Truly splendid.
No, not really.
With your skill, they should have let you taken care of even more sheep.
No, even this many was a blessing from God.
I can't possibly take care of so many sheep.
Maybe they don't have good eyes.
How about switching employers? No, I couldn't do that.
Forgive me, as merchants are creatures that tend to think about the loss and gain of things.
Um Yes? Does changing employers happen often? If you don't like the conditions, it's normal to search for a new one.
Is that so? Sorry, but is your employer the church? It was just intuition.
A merchant's intuition, that is.
Yes, a priest from the church entrusted me with these sheep.
And on top of that, they care for me.
I take back what I said earlier.
Your pay may be minor, but as long as God doesn't abandon us, the church won't disappear.
So you won't lose your job, and you won't have any trouble finding food.
You're right.
You're right! But, well, it's not like God disallows having a side job.
Once we reach Rubinheigen, I'll ask a few merchants I know.
Whether they need a reliable escort, that is.
Really? Please do! What a tough job.
It's important to maintain my tail every day.
What? You're talking about that girl? Her name's Nora Allent.
Hey! Th-That's why I asked you first, didn't I? I can't even groom my tail in peace.
Is it hard for you to groom in the wagon? If I did that If you did that? You looked like you were having a lively conversation.
With Nora? Humans can't have a lively conversation with a dog, right? She wanted to talk, so there was no reason to refuse.
Plus, it's been a while since I was able to talk with a normal girl.
Did you not notice that she didn't like talking with you? Well, that's also possible.
If she simply fell for me right away, it would be boring without gradually growing fonder for each other.
How was that? I'm pretty good, huh? That doesn't suit you! It doesn't suit you at all! Do you have to laugh that much? Geez Have you had enough? That was quite the trump card you had.
Well, it's fine if it cleared up your mood.
Yeah, it's like I don't care anymore.
I guess it's a gift from that girl.
Good morning.
Ah, good job.
Thank you.
Thank you as always.
You saved us.
If it had been a regular inspection, it would've taken ten times longer to get through, even with a pass.
It's all because I work for the church.
Well then, here's your promised forty Trie.
But if I were to exchange this, it would be around forty-five Trie.
It's an investment from a greedy merchant.
Investment? If I could have a relationship with a skilled shepherd, I might be able to find some profitable wool for business.
Thank you.
We will be with the Rowen Trading Guild's firm for a while.
If you plan to head out to the fields with your sheep again, please come by.
I might be able to introduce you to some merchants who need an escort.
Thank you.
I should ask you, is the road that we took the only one you could escort people on? No, I can escort on Casraat, Polson, and Ramtra too.
Ramtra? That Ramtra? Yes.
Not the regular, long-winding route, right? Of course, I use the shortcut through the forest.
That eerie forest that even knights fear to approach? I'm completely fine with Enik.
Well, there's a good chance you'll have employers, then.
I'm counting on you.
Well then, the entrance for livestock is over there.
Well then.
Now we just have to pass through customs, and sell this armor you got for us at a high price at the Remerio Company.
We'll buy honey-preserved peaches with that money.
Well, we should hurry.
Hey, don't ignore me! Just give up on them being sold out.
There's a higher chance of their not being sold out.
I know.
Don't act sad if you don't get any.
I will, though.
Like I said! What's that? It was used to defend against enemies during war.
That hole is used to pour down boiling oil.
This city is strangely particular about defense.
Your pass, please.
You came from Polson? What's your cargo? Yes, twenty complete sets of armor.
Armor? From Polson? Yes.
Yes, I bought them from the Ratpearon Company.
Is something wrong? Well, it's fine.
So, will your tax payment be in cash or goods? Ah, in goods.
A wise decision.
Go over there, split the armor into groups, and hand it to them.
Is it that rare to be buying from Polson? No, not at all.
The opposite, actually.
Here you go.
You can go.
Government officials aren't likable everywhere you go.
Didn't you notice? That last government official laughed a bit through his nose.
After he looked at the mountain of armor, he was probably thinking you merchants shouldn't get too conceited just because you earned some money.
Well, it's okay.
We got into the town safely.
Let's leave the wagon at the inn and go to the street stalls.
Good morning.
Do you understand now? That was good! I'd like another cup! Okay, another beer, right? You're pretty strong, lady.
I'm just getting started! Looks like you got yourself an expensive girl.
Though I'm jealous since she's beautiful.
She'd be perfect if she didn't have a tail, though.
The beer is good, and additionally, it's a lively city, huh? You can't let your guard down since it's lively, though.
Just don't get into disputes with any knights or mercenaries.
It'll be troublesome.
Here you go.
I'll let you take care of it, then! So, where are we going now? The firm.
Hey, hey, there's some around your mouth.
Hey! Geez But Is there a point in taking me to that firm? It'd be dangerous to leave you alone.
I'm cute, after all.
That's not why.
You'd get drunk and expose your ears and tail! Well, I'd just bite onto you and run away from the city! I can jump over that wall.
I'm sure there was an old tale like that with a knight and maiden, right? The one where the knight embraces the maiden and runs away? Ah, that one! Well, that'd make a nice picture, but there's no romance in having a wolf like you bite onto me.
I refuse to do it! If you were the one that was captured, it wouldn't be worth saving you.
By the way What's this firm? Businesses tend to have accidents, and dangers follow them.
But it's not like no one will protect us.
Much like how a knight feels safe with his armor, we merchants protect each other.
Where we're heading is the original branch of the merchant organization.
It really is nostalgic! The buildings in my hometown were all like this.
It's nice that there are hometowns here and there.
Well, I'll go take care of business, so wait here.
What? Weren't you going to take me and boast to your colleagues about me? It'll be over quickly.
If you wait here obediently, I'll buy you some sweet bread.
Don't treat me like a kid! You don't want them? Of course I want them.
What'd you come here for, you terrible merchant? Coming at this time? Don't you have any motivation to earn money or something? Just become a thief already! Great merchants don't have a single speck of dirt on their shoes.
The only thing they dirty are their fingertips with black ink.
Running around the market all day is the mark of a third-rate merchant.
Am I not right? You're a better talker now.
Welcome back, my son! Please stop calling me son.
What are you saying? Everyone in the Rowen Trading Guild is like a son or daughter to me! Plus, I know you wet the bed when you were camping on your travels! I also know that you trembled and wet yourself in the mansion halls, when you stole the proceeds with your friends.
All right, I got it already! Did a traveling merchant named Lawrence come here? Lawrence? Not even a single rat has set foot in here.
I see.
Seven apples on the witch's tree With seven seeds to plant inside of me In spring time I grew a magic song Then skipping along, I sang the song to everyone I look at the world through apple eyes And cut myself a slice of sunshine pie I danced with the peanuts for the flies Till someone had told me To say hello for every good-bye Saw some sugar stars I'll put them in a jar And we'll wish around the world Oh we'll wish around the world I'm a little wolf inside a cart You say, And off I go from June to May Oh we'll wish around the world Let's wish around the world Next, Wolf and Swirling Conspiracy Next, Wolf and Swirling Conspiracy