Ookami to Koushinryou (Spice and Wolf) (2008) s01e11 Episode Script

Wolf and the Biggest Secret Scheme

1 I had lost my way during my journey.
Only my soul was wandering, while I stood still.
But right now, I'm walking to a distant place.
That's right, ever since I met you on this road.
The travellers witnessed the song, the forbidden song, And I became attached to it as I heard it alone with you.
If the world I saw in my dreams exists somewhere, Let's go search for it, beyond the winds.
Whether it's a freezing dawn, A dry midday, A shivering night, or the ends of the Earth, let's go and see it.
Enough already! Even a little is okay.
Thank you.
Wolf and the Great Plan You sure came back early.
Horo I'm sorry.
I was able to collect three Rumione.
There's forty-four Rumione left, but I can't do anything about it.
All I could think of was to take that money and go to a gambling den.
But I'm sure you have more talent for gambling than I do.
If it's not going to end well at this rate, then the person who uses it will be the winner.
It's not like anything will change, even if I gathered the three Rumione towards my debt.
Fool! Hurry up and come back! So, what are you going to do? Sorry, I dropped this from the window.
Give me a break.
Damn fool.
What do you mean, "Sorry?" What are you "sorry" about? What would you do if I took that money and ran away? I would've been fine with that.
Because of my mistake, I can't carry out the contract we made.
So, at the least, it should be enough for traveling expenses.
You're You're leaving me traveling expenses, you say? Y-Yeah.
I'm the one at fault, aren't I? If I weren't with you, you could've borrowed money! Why aren't you angry because of that? Why don't you blame me? You came with me because you were worried.
I can't possibly do- You damn fool! You! Watch out! You damn softy! Softy? Aren't you? I was selfish and followed you.
But that didn't work out, so you should be angry! But you just brush away my hand and immediately apologize.
That's how I am.
I did something I can't take back.
Something that I can't apologize enough for.
That's why I wanted to do what I could.
But if that backfired, I'm sorry.
Tell me one thing.
W-Why are you such a S-Softy? It's my personality I guess? Y-You fool! Your personality? Your personality, you say?! Isn't it a male's ability to know when to lie and charm?! You damn fool! S-Sorry! The truth is There are times where someone wants you to lie, and times when you say it, they just want to jump onto your face and pulverize it.
What time do you think it is now? The The latter.
I just can't believe it anymore.
You're an unbelievable softy.
Don't you think it'd be unfair to charm me in this situation? I'm shocked, if I say so myself.
Even so, I wanted you to say it.
That's why, once more! Why Are you such a softy? Because you're special.
Geez, what the heck are we doing? You're the one that made me do it! Well, it was a good rehearsal for you, right? But, you know Could you let me be angry next time? I'm happy that you care for me and all, but there are times when problems are solved more quickly when we yell and get angry at each other.
I got it.
So, exactly how much money is in that leather pouch? Three and two-sevenths Rumione.
So, there's forty-three and five-sevenths left of your debt.
I have a good plan.
What kind?! It'd be troublesome if you expected too much out of it.
Are you serious? Yes.
Normally, we'd be captured right away.
But there's one thing that can be made possible.
R-Really? I'm with you.
Do you have something important to say? I have to take that road this time? It's a bit out of place, but it should be fine if it's you.
With God's protection, haven't you been able to pass through them all? Yes.
But I've heard that mercenaries have been appearing in that area recently.
God will surely protect you.
There is nothing to be concerned about.
Yes You really are a wonderful shepherd.
We're very proud of you, too.
Smuggle? Don't tell me It's just what you're thinking.
You're being a fool, leave now.
There have been people in the past who have tried to smuggle using the same method.
They were all captured.
If you know, then there's nothing left to say.
People on the verge of bankruptcy often mistake reckless plans for perfect ones.
And that's what you're doing right now.
But what if there were a resourceful person we could fully trust to smuggle gold? If there's someone so resourceful, they wouldn't need to smuggle gold, they're already making enough profit.
That's just an empty theory.
What if the person is resourceful, but not making any profit at all? Not possible.
What kind of person would fall under that category? Skilled, can be found in this city, has a small salary, and also needs money.
This person is not satisfied with their employer, and has an indistinct bitterness towards them.
Their employer is the church.
Smuggling gold would be an act of defiance against them.
Not only would they gain money, but if we tempt them with being able to take revenge on the church, I'm sure they would come biting for the chance.
Plus, the chance of them betraying us is nearly zero.
If I were to tell you the name of this person, I'm sure you would understand.
Then why don't you two just smuggle gold yourselves? It's just odd to come to us, since your share of the profits would be lower.
Today is the last day to pay my debt.
Once the sun sets, I will be captured by the Trading Guild.
Also, this is all the money I have.
I want you to take this as insurance and believe in me.
And To suspend the debt collection, and to collects funds to invest in the smuggling of gold.
Do Do you have time to be hesitating? What'd you say? Hey.
It seems another one just left now.
My ears are especially good.
I can clearly hear whisperings.
They're making plans downstairs so that they can run away.
Oh, another one left.
At this rate, if the company continues to do nothing Stop! Mister Remerio, how about it? I'm sure you know the routes to sell smuggled gold.
The conditions aren't bad, so won't you join us in smuggling gold? Mister Remerio! Very well.
Let's do it.
May God watch over us.
Call in Liebert.
Now then, it's my turn next.
What do you mean? Don't tell me, is a good-natured person like you going to trick that girl? There are good-natured and pure people in this world.
You're pretty arrogant for someone who doesn't know a thing about females.
Didn't you corner Remerio during our negotiation earlier? I'll talk to her myself.
After all, it was me that got lost in greed and got a hold of those goods in decline.
I can't have you talking for me just because I feel depressed.
What? I thought I'd have you owe me one, and have you pay me back later.
Oh, that was close.
Hello! Lawrence and Horo? Meeting by chance in front of the church is no doubt the work of God! You can't trick anyone with that, even me.
There have been people recently who have been drinking the consecrated wine at the church.
I don't drink beer and I rarely ever touch wine.
So, um Yes, I actually came to request a job.
Really?! Really? Well, let's not stand around here and go to a stall.
To our reunion! So, you said you could go to Ramtra, right? Yes, I can.
Even while herding sheep? If there's not too many.
I want to request a particularly strange job this time.
Your pay will be twenty Rumione.
Of course, it won't be just a cheap document, it'll be in cash.
T-Twenty? Twenty? But there is danger, so that's your pay if you succeed.
If you fail, you won't get paid.
Your job would be to herd the sheep.
And, if possible, to bring them back safely.
We won't need any other skills except your skills as a shepherd.
It must be a very dangerous job.
Twenty Rumione is I won't deny it.
That's why I won't forcefully request it from you.
I don't mind if you think it over.
The cost to join the union, at the very most, is one Rumione, right? With twenty Rumione, you won't have to rent a house and you can work without worrying about living costs.
Eventually, you will be able to easily buy a license.
If that happens, you will be the female owner of Nora Tailors.
Do you intend to join this city's tailoring and accessories union, Nora? No, I was thinking of joining in a different city.
Is that so? The size of this city is charming, though, isn't it? It's hard to live in a city without your friends.
But, well, you don't want to be involved with the church anymore, right? T-That's not You work diligently, and you protect the sheep the church entrusts you, but no matter how hard you persist, they continue to doubt whether you are using pagan magic or not.
Am I right? And they are trying to reveal your true character by making you go to places where no other shepherd would dare go, while saying other shepherds have already taken the other lands.
I'm sure the priests will keep sending you off to dangerous lands until wolves or mercenaries attack you.
And they'll keep sending you off every day until they have proof that you're a pagan.
I was also in a very similar situation.
Let me say it clearly.
The church here is lower than pigs! And this is what we came up with.
We'll cause some trouble for the church, earn money, and go to a different city.
What do you think? What are you going to do? Smuggle gold.
No way But what can I possibly do? To pass through this city's strict gates, we will hide gold within the stomachs of the sheep.
Can I hear you out till the end? In cities influenced by the church, all gold has an absurdly high price.
And so, the best supplier is the pagan city, Ramtra.
However, by taking the safe road from Ramtra, there are too many people on it.
Additionally, that road is also the turf of many other shepherds.
So, I am able to take a road that is sparsely populated, which will also serve to keep suspicions about what I am doing low.
Plus, the road I take is the shortest distance between Ramtra and this city.
In addition, you have been treated terribly by the church in this city.
Therefore, this plan is also the perfect chance to show your resentment.
The church's greatest source of funds come from donations and the export and import of gold.
However, if we're found, a terrible punishment will await us.
And so, for your safety once the job finishes, you will need to leave the city.
And that is why The pay is twenty Rumione.
Please let me do it.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Um What is it? If it were a job from other people, I wouldn't accept.
I accepted because it was you, Lawrence.
How about you act more happy? It's going well, after all.
No matter the profit, there's no gamble worth putting one's life on the line.
Of course.
Plus, that speech emphasizing the profit was the same as swindling her.
It's common sense among merchants that the one to accept an unfavorable contract is the stupid one.
And look at the person we made a contract with.
She's a shepherd who doesn't know her right from her left.
Well, it's true that her smile did seem pure.
Geez You're a helpless softy.
That shepherd girl is not a prey that's meant to be chased and eaten.
She's a bold shepherd that jumped into a nest of wild beasts herself.
Perhaps she's wearing sheep's clothes, and might be another animal.
I don't really want to say it, but She's a shepherd that even I recognize.
You're not that bad.
Keep being a softy to a limit.
Well, anyway, it'll end in a way where all of us can laugh.
We have no choice but to work hard.
Really? I believe chuckling with just us two alone is more charming.
It certainly is charming, but I'd feel more relieved to laugh with everyone.
You're such a softy.
Is that bad? Not at all.
Boss Are we really going it do it? We have to do it.
We've got no choice.
We have to do it, Liebert! Seven apples on the witch's tree With seven seeds to plant inside of me In spring time I grew a magic song Then skipping along, I sang the song to everyone I look at the world through apple eyes And cut myself a slice of sunshine pie I danced with the peanuts for the flies Till someone had told me To say hello for every good-bye Saw some sugar stars I'll put them in a jar And we'll wish around the world Oh we'll wish around the world I'm a little wolf inside a cart You say, And off I go from June to May Oh we'll wish around the world Let's wish around the world Next, Wolf and Young Pack Next, Wolf and Young Pack