Ookami to Koushinryou (Spice and Wolf) (2008) s01e13 Episode Script

Wolf and a New Beginning

1 I had lost my way during my journey.
Only my soul was wandering, while I stood still.
But right now, I'm walking to a distant place.
That's right, ever since I met you on this road.
The travellers witnessed the song, the forbidden song, And I became attached to it as I heard it alone with you.
If the world I saw in my dreams exists somewhere, Let's go search for it, beyond the winds.
Whether it's a freezing dawn, A dry midday, A shivering night, or the ends of the Earth, let's go and see it.
Wolf and New Journey I thought that we'd have a touching reunion, but you look terrible.
They betrayed us.
This was all I could protect.
Geez, you're such a fool.
Your face is swollen from being hit, you're covered with mud, and even your wrist is burnt.
And even with your foolish state, you protected my clothes with such devotion so they wouldn't become wet.
You're an unbelievable softy! You know I might have to kill people.
Horo I just wanted to hasten our plans, so that you and I could return to traveling without cares.
That's why I didn't fight with those arrogant youngsters, and settled it by mature means.
Don't tell me right before them, you Don't say it! That's fine, it was something that I decided on.
But this is my repayment? With your pathetic state, I just can't stand it! Let us go immediately to that Remerio man's place, and make him pay.
H-Hold on, first we have to deal with Liebert! And as fast as possible! If you have a satisfying reason, then tell me.
They're planning to kill Nora.
She has her partner, I'm sure she'll be fine.
She does, but there's a limit to how reckless they can be! If it were you What if it were me? If it were you, you could take care of a hundred armed men with ease! But I'd be a wolf during that time! And that girl is a shepherd! Even so, could you do it? I can't just abandon them, knowing that they'll be killed unjustly! Of course I'll pay you back.
How? If you can save Nora's life, I will pay you back to the best of your expectations.
I only have you! Horo! Taking off my clothes would be better, right? It'll be troublesome to prepare new ones for me.
So you'll do it? Under one condition, though.
No matter who it may be, I cannot guarantee their lives if they test my temper.
Will you acknowledge that? That's fine.
But I believe you.
You've become a smooth talker.
Geez What a troublesome traveling companion.
Do you have anything to say? Yeah.
You have a magnificent tail! That was somewhat monotonous, but very well.
Now, could you close your eyes for a bit? Come, get on.
You don't need to mind me.
If you fall, you'll be riding in my mouth! I won't let go even if I die- Hey.
What is it? I, um I actually really hate shepherds! Hearing that relieves me.
Whether this job fails or succeeds, Nora will stop being a shepherd.
I've decided on what I want! What is it? The best honey peaches there are! Be gentle the- Eh? Lawrence and Horo have? By the time we found them, we could barely tell it was them.
The two were piled together.
Nora! S-Sorry.
I'm fine.
No, it's really unfortunate.
We survivors should continue and do our best.
Are you ready? Yeah.
They're right over there.
We caught up to them already? Yes.
I don't see anyone, though.
They're quite well armed.
There are about twenty of them.
That many? Anyway, just leave it to me! Once I jump over them, I'll back away.
When I do, you jump off.
Don't get close! Protect the shepherd and sheep! Nora! So you're safe! Take the shepherd and run away! Run! Shepherd! Protect me! Enik.
Oh no Horo is serious! I promise you three hundred Rumione if you protect me! No! Enik! Enik! Wait! Nora! Um Yes? You're not a ghost, right? I'll let you in on the secret.
That wolf is Horo.
Horo? You didn't kill him? I did think of swallowing him, though.
It seems that my stomach likes gold.
I see.
This is it.
You bastards! Don't think you'll get away after doing- Good day, Mr.
I wasn't the one who betrayed you! Please believe me! I I This wolf is an agent of the almighty God.
Lying won't do you any good.
The payment you guys demanded was too much! If we had gone with the original plan, we'd pay off our debt, but there wouldn't be any profit! That's why Remerio told me to do something about it! You understand, don't you? You and I are merch- Don't treat me like you! Sorry for the commotion.
It's okay.
In brief, Remerio has betrayed us.
I heard they were planning to kill you, too.
I had a vague idea they would, but Now then, should we take the gold and run away? Let's see Even without smuggling, the gold Liebert bought amounts to 400 Rumione.
If we ignore the Remerio Company who betrayed us, we can live well-off for quite a while.
However, if it weren't for the Remerio Company's investments, we wouldn't have obtained this gold.
And if we take away this gold, they will no doubt go bankrupt and be thrown into the streets.
And so So, we'll Horo! We have to live after this! If we get revenge because we were betrayed, more vengeance will be waiting for us! Then I'll Don't say that you'll bite everyone to death who was involved! Using money stained with a person's blood to buy bread is a terrible feeling.
There are many ways to settle things! Don't you want to make the choice that'll lead us to tomorrow?! Horo, if you weren't there, I would probably be freezing to death now.
I'm also very thankful that you listened to my request.
However! Enough, do whatever pleases you.
Geez, my companion is so troublesome.
Sorry for the wait.
Eh? Ah, yes.
Just as I mentioned, this is my proposal.
Now, then What? Could you tell me how it really is? Whatever do you mean? Don't play dumb, you're not that virtuous of a person.
Please decide whether we take this gold into Rubinheigen or not, Nora.
I don't mind splitting half of what we took.
However, if we bring it and rely on some connections, we can make ten times the amount, or six thousand Rumione.
S-Six thousand? And with that much, we can also save the Remerio Company.
It can't be helped if you saw through me.
There wasn't enough gold.
It'll be impossible to get six hundred Rumione with that amount.
Only about one hundred at best.
After splitting half the share, you'd only be able to pay off your debt, and that'd be it.
So that means we won't see any profits unless we smuggle.
In reality, they were under the pressure of necessity.
They were only able to obtain a tenth of what they planned, one hundred Rumione, from scrounging up what they could.
They'd smuggle the gold they bought and thought it would be okay if they could get one thousand Rumione.
So they knew they didn't have enough to pay us to keep quiet from the start.
That's probably why they agreed to the proposal we brought.
Well, I understand their situation, but Is there something else? You didn't need to say it to the little girl like that.
Did I put on too much of an act? Is it something you need to burden yourself with? There's more that I want to say, but Get on.
You have to go to Remerio, right? Aren't you going? Business dealings have nothing to do with me.
Are you angry? If you don't pay attention, you'll fly off! F-Five hundred? That's right.
In the event that we succeed in smuggling, will you buy the gold at five hundred Rumione? T-That's impossible.
There's no way we could do that now.
Of course, you won't have to pay it in full.
You just need to write a promissory note and return it to us in small payments over ten years.
But five hundred is just too- You have made many fine acquaintances in this town with loading spots.
Five hundred Rumione over ten years will be nothing.
W-What are you I heard about this from Liebert.
Rather than taking flight in the night with these little assets, accepting our demands and rebuilding your store is more advantageous, of course.
Send your debts to the Rowen Trading Guild.
To the Guild? You may betray me, but if you betray the Trading Guild, that'll be the end of your days as a merchant.
I thought I wouldn't be able to see you anymore! Damn you for scaring me, you bastard! I-I can't breathe Geez, you're such an eccentric son! Now you can cut your ties with Remerio and turn their debt into money after ten years.
Just what did you do? I just traded some gold.
I can't really say it, though.
Well then, I'll buy thirty for now.
If your dealings succeed, I'll buy another hundred.
A hundred? I'm happy, so it's a big bonus! Thank you.
If I have that much, I might just joke around, say my apologies, and then pay off my debt.
You've become a great merchant.
All right, once we're done with the audit, we're going to drink until we drop! Eh, well My companion You're late.
So, what did you want to ask? I have two questions.
Two? First Just how much do you trust that girl? If she runs away with the gold now, we can still chase her.
Anticipating that, I don't trust Nora enough to hand her the gold.
Well, I thought it'd be something like that.
What's the other question? I'll answer whatever you ask.
I owe you a lot this time.
I want to Get some air.
Do you remember? When I was confronting the dog and the girl, whose name did you call? Blood got to my head, so I couldn't hear.
But I'm sure you called one of our names.
Does it worry you? Not really.
It doesn't worry me that much.
I called your name.
You're lying, aren't you? Yeah, I lied.
The truth is that I don't remember.
However! However? In that situation, I'm sure I called your name.
A conflict was about to begin, after all.
I'm sure I unconsciously chose to call your name.
That is because W-Wait! Okay, you can say it now.
That is because Your name is a bit shorter.
With Nora, you'd be able to tell right away if you said her name fast.
But with Horo, you can say it in an instant! The blood was going to your head, so you probably didn't hear it.
What do you think? I'm just overflowing with persuasi- Shut up! You called my name just because it's a bit shorter? You damn fool! I'm angry because you actually think that! If you had said that you called out that girl's name I would've scratched you with all I had! I'll give you another chance.
Try saying my name now.
Your name is better, after all.
Ah, I know.
I have to clear the false accusations.
He didn't fall for me.
He just realized my true self.
Is that so? You have a good partner.
He's more useful than this one.
Damn you.
Be happy, you two.