Orange Is the New Black s06e01 Episode Script

Who Knows Better Than I

1 Shh, shh, shh The driver on the bus Goes shh, shh, shh All through the town The driver on the bus Goes shh, shh, shh Shh, shh, shh Shh, shh, shh The driver on the bus Goes shh, shh, shh All through the town Don't say a word! If you tell them, they'll hurt you or something like that.
And then, we will be in big trouble.
I saw nothing.
I made my bed.
Did you see that? I made my bed.
Can I watch TV now? Nope.
May I watch TV now? Yes! Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you Wow! I bet you're wondering how a nice pooch like me ended up in a joint like this.
Huh? Well, when I was but a pup, I was, as they say, interfered with by my uncle.
Uncle Peter.
Hey, knock-knock.
I said, knock-knock! Oh! Who's there? - Pizza.
- Pizza who? Pete's a really sick guy! Maybe it was my mother's fault, you know.
A classic narcissist.
How many narcissists does it take to screw in a light bulb? Just one! Well, you see, she holds the light bulb and the whole world revolves around her! Is this thing on? I'm not really a fan of modern dance.
Somebody gonna tell me when to stop? Stop! And there they are.
One-eyed Julius, King of Diamonds.
Alexander, our great King of Clubs.
How did you do that? Kind King David wears his Spade suit.
And finally, Charlie.
He's all heart, right? But Charlie's also got another nickname.
You ever hear of the Suicide King? That's our pal Charlie over here.
See, if you look closely Can someone zoom in over here? Looks like he's stabbing himself in the head, don't it? Poor Charlie.
Not so sharp.
Or is he? And pairs is better than high cards, right? Okay, boys and girls.
It's your favorite Soviet clown, Ryzhevolosyy! And everything is just fine! Yay! What could be bad? We have all of our friends with us here.
We defeated a monster, and he's gonna be in big trouble for all his monster meaniness, isn't he? - Yeah! - Mmm-hmm.
Don't be like the mean monster, boys and girls.
Be a good friend and a good son or daughter.
And remember, it doesn't matter how we got here, as long as we're together.
Did you hear that? Who could it be? Why, it's Denial, the crocodile.
Hello, Denial.
I don't like crocodiles.
They have 24 sharp teeth and they don't even chew their food.
They tear it apart and swallow big hunka chunks.
Bacon comes from this part of the pig.
- Where is Alex? - No! It's pork belly! Gosh! This religion boasts the greatest number of adherents in the Northern part of Africa.
Where is Alex? What is Zulu? Sorry.
The correct response is, "What is Islam?" Oh! Right! Let's go again.
The Fonz may have been the coolest guy around, but a lot of sand has fallen through the hourglass - since he last appeared on television.
- Where is Alex? I'm here, bitch! Well, this is certainly the fight we've all been waiting for.
These two have been training since - How long would you say, Bob? - Their whole lives, Drew.
They are ready to settle some scores in the ring here tonight, let me tell ya.
There's the bell.
Here we go.
Secret Secret agent.
A secret agent on a secret mission A secret agent slides into position I'm secret agent smooth And I'm secret agent sly And I spy what I spy With my secret agent eye We do what we do And we don't ask permission A secret agent on a secret mission Secret Secret agent Secret Secret agent Come on.
Time to take a walk.
Excuse me, can you tell me how we got here? 'Cause if I can figure that out, then we can all go home.
In one ear, out the other.
Door closes.
Window opens.
Knock three times on the window if you want me.
Twice on the pipe and Move, or we'll help you move.
Now, inmate.
Oh, poop.
We got a Dutch act in 101.
I'll get it.
Young, we got an inmate down in 101.
Where are we going? We're going where we're going.
So I followed the Martian.
I followed the Martian.
Try to find us.
Maybe we're hiding behind an asteroid cluster.
Ollie, Ollie, oxygen free! This was a prison riot, not a fucking preschool play.
A man is dead.
- Hey! Language! - Are you fucking kidding me? Excuse me.
I have to ask that you please address my client in a non-combative fashion.
Your client is malingering.
Over here! No! No, no! Over here! Over here! He said "fucking.
" People in suits shouldn't say that.
- Right, Mommy? - Right.
This is bullshit.
I have a statement right here from a licensed mental health professional that stresses the importance of Ms.
Warren's matriculating into Gen Pop.
She does not fare well in isolation.
Thank you, Mommy, for getting that statement.
This past week in Administrative Segregation has clearly contributed to her current condition.
Gurin, no one fares well in isolation.
But that is where she's gonna fucking stay if she doesn't cooperate.
I agreed to see her first as a favor, but I am not buying this act.
My client is being as cooperative as she's currently capable of being.
Let me tell you what cooperation looks like.
It looks like clear information.
It looks like she better cut the fucking act and tell me what went on if she doesn't want to face life in prison.
No, I don't I don't want to face that.
I don't want to face that, elbow that! I don't want to collarbone that! I don't want to shoulder, earlobe, belly button, handicap Suzanne, please.
Try to concentrate.
It's really important.
Can you do that? - I - You can do this, Suzanne.
Come on.
Deep breaths.
Deep breaths.
Try to remember.
Try to remember.
Try to remember.
Try to remember.
Try to remember.
On the ground now! Everybody, on the ground with your hands behind your head! Shut the fuck up! Okay, okay.
Wait! Wait! Ow! Quick.
Come here.
We're playing hide and seek.
You don't want to give away our hiding space, right? - Right here.
Get up.
- Come on.
Alex? Alex! Let's go.
Let's move.
I forgot my pencil.
A Palomino Blackwing Pearl.
The graphite core of the Pearl is softer than the graphite in the Palomino 602, but firmer than the graphite in the Palomino Blackwing.
I'm enjoying this pencil, but I didn't bring it today, or it fell out of my pocket.
Why are you standing on one foot? It's important to work on your balance as you age.
Why? I'm not sure.
But it's really important.
I read it.
Oh, hey, you missed some excitement here this morning.
Inmate in 101 tried to go home in a box.
- Did she live? - Yeah, I spotted her in time.
- I'm kind of a hero on this one.
- Probably not to her.
What was her name? I should get her in case she learns from her mistakes.
I'm not helping you.
Suicide's worth 14 points! I'm keeping her for myself.
I wish we were playing already.
All this stuff's going on, we haven't even done the draft yet.
Attempted suicide is worth seven.
Stuff will still be going on after the draft.
And this gives us time to suss out intel on all the newbies.
Some of them are getting phone time today.
We can listen in.
Only one of us can take them.
It should be me.
Why? 'Cause if it's me, I'll share intel.
I'm not so sure about you.
Fantasy Inmate brings out the worst in you.
That's so not fair.
I'm working hard on not judging myself.
I invite you to join me on this journey.
Daya? I think they broke a rib today.
Maybe they'll let up when you're in Gen Pop.
I think it'll be a while before we go to Gen Pop.
They'll wait at least 'til the investigations and trials and everything are over.
Well, who told you that? One of the goons might have talked about it while he was kicking me in the stomach.
You think there's another Ad Seg in here? How should I fuckin' know? Where is everybody? I mean, don't you think it's weird we're the only people in here? Everybody probably got shipped out to other prisons.
Ain't none of us ever going back to Minimum.
Do you think that Alex got shipped out? Jesus! You're like a broken record.
I don't know where your freakin' girlfriend is.
Is that all you could think about? Yeah, it's top of my mind these days.
Start thinkin' how you're gonna save your ass.
From what? They only brought a few of us in here.
We're the focus group.
They're gonna focus on blaming our asses for the riots.
Stop fucking crying, Natoli.
And pick up your side.
Let's get him down, then we'll have a discussion.
Turn it around.
It's gotta look like he was facing off with them.
- Who is that? - I don't know.
We got down here, right? And he was He was what? Being held captive.
By that bunch? Come on.
We met him in the hallway.
He came with us to storm.
They were armed for battle.
Where's that belt? Here.
Here it is.
Holy fuck, there's a gun.
Praise Jesus, someone's on our side.
Give me.
Oh! His face is full of pepper bullets.
Not "bullet" bullets.
Remind me for the investigation to request Styvver as our coroner.
Really important that we get Andy Styvver.
Got that? Gotcha.
All we need is a story everyone can get behind, and we're coming out of this looking like heroes of the day.
So, one of the ladies, the old lady, maybe one of the black ones, she's shooting wild.
She's not leaving here without blood on her hands.
And, so, this guy this guy wants to play hero 'cause sooner or later, she's gonna hit one of us.
So, he goes in to tackle her.
They're struggling over the gun.
And the gun goes off! Hits him right in the face.
Down he goes.
At the same time, it's dark, it's chaos.
We know someone's shooting and Natoli, in an earnest attempt to disarm the shooter, tries to let off a round of pepper into the ceiling.
But as he pulls the trigger, another one of the crazy bitches hits the barrel of the gun down, trying to stop him.
But it's too late.
The bullets go into the big guy, who's already met his maker.
And whose fault is that? The crazy, rioting, murdering cunts.
Fuck you.
They killed one of ours in cold blood.
Let's get the fuck outta here.
Hopefully, Bladt and Rein have found our last two.
Come on.
We gotta go.
I don't remember that happening.
What the man said? I don't remember that.
Well, that's 'cause it ain't true.
Don't know what went on, but they tryin' to pin this shit on us.
I don't like it.
I don't like Okay, Suzanne.
You gotta shut the fuck up, you hear me? You wanna end up like him? Then you gotta pull your shit together.
All right? All right.
They're looking for us.
And we gotta let them find us.
All right? Far away from here.
We were never here.
You hear me? Ah, ah, ah, ah.
- You wanna see home again? - Clear.
We were not here, and we didn't see shit.
I don't know what to say! I don't know what to say! There's the story, then there's the other story, then there's the up-until story, then there's the after story, there's the Time Hump story and the Three Bears and the Empire State Building which has 102 stories, but if you throw a penny off of it, it'll go through someone's skull, and they'd be dead.
In a box, in the dirt, no light, no breath, dead! All right, enough, Bellamy.
This woman is a victim of the riot, not a perpetrator.
What you're doing here is wildly unethical.
- It's unethical to ask questions? - She's clearly unstable at this time.
So she should be committed to Psych, is what you're telling me.
What I'm telling you is, if you expect any answers, her medical routine needs to be re-established.
She needs to be released into Gen Pop.
And once she's stabilized, she can be called back in for questioning.
I'll agree to a Psych eval.
You couldn't have said that in the first place? - I'm paid by the hour.
- You're Kidding.
Where's your sense of humor? You're gonna share what you hear, right? I promise.
Okay? I'll tell you all the juicy details.
- I don't like that word.
- What word? The "J" one.
It's so wet.
I never thought about it that way.
You're right.
Hellman, get me Chapman, Mendoza, Jefferson and Nichols.
Phone time, Jefferson.
- Don't got no one to call.
- No? Aw Poor you.
Let's go.
Leave me alone.
What? I didn't quite catch that.
I don't want trouble.
I still didn't hear you.
You should get your fat ass up off the bed, walk over to me, and say what you need to say.
Hurry up.
Look, I just wanna Still can't hear you.
Get closer.
Ah! What the fuzz was that, Greg? Oh, she came after me.
What was I supposed to do, you know? Guess she still ain't got the riot out of her system.
She's gonna pass on the phone call, by the way.
Cheese and rice! Bring me the other three, please.
And if Jefferson isn't coming, grab Hayes.
Sir, yes, sir.
Not funny, Hellman.
Gloria, have you heard anything Hey! You talk on the phones, not to each other.
I see you communicating, - I'm marching you back.
Got me? - Yeah.
Yeah, you tryin' to ruin it for everybody, Chapman? What's the matter with you? Chapman, phone one, Mendoza, two, Nichols, three, Hayes, four.
You got ten minutes, ladies.
Make 'em count.
Oh, and speak clearly.
These phones are sometimes hard for people to hear.
Lourdes! Oh, my God, I can't believe I got you on the first try! Where are you? Are you at the hospital? Yeah, Les Nichols' office, please? Yes, I will hold.
Yeah, it's his daughter.
No, no, not Sammi.
Who the fuck is Sammi? It's Nicky.
Rabbi Tatelbaum! Hi.
It's your girl, Tova! Your favorite convert.
Big black girl from prison? Yeah, right.
Right! I don't know where Alex is.
Dad, you know who Alex is.
I'm in Max.
Maximum Security.
It's the prison below the camp with the real prisoners.
My baby.
It's so good to hear your voice.
Hey, you sound so sleepy.
Did I wake you up? What drugs they got you on? I guess he doesn't advertise it, but I am, in fact, the fruit of his loins and I really need to talk to him, like, uh, right now, 'cause I'm kinda dealing with a time issue.
And if he doesn't want to talk to me, just tell him it's an emergency, and he fucking owes me for abandoning me to the quixotic mercies of my cunt mother.
Yes, I will hold.
Why you crying? Mad at you? Yeah, you damn right.
But it didn't sound like a fight, it sounded like a ambush.
It's your bad seed calling from hell.
What are they saying about us in the news? Inmate casual Inmate casualty? Did they give a name or any information about the inmate? So go to a computer and look it up.
Okay, go to Chrome.
I mean, the Fox is fine, too.
Yeah, whatever.
Look, I need an attorney.
And I'm actually innocent this time.
I know, strange but true.
Unnamed inmate is not a name.
Can you click on another article? Please, Dad, it's important.
I'm being what they call implicated.
And I need a lawyer.
Why you think? 'Cause our people make the best shysters.
I got you.
All right.
Shyster is off the acceptable list.
I got you.
I will.
I will be needing, um, a lawyer.
As a figurehead amongst the chosen, I figured you know a good attorney, you know, that could, um help a sister out.
Lourdes, I don't know if I'm still getting out this summer.
There might be extra charges from this fucking riot.
Pray for me.
And pray that the lawyer they assign me ain't shit.
Rabbi, you rule.
Okay, wrap it up.
Phone time's over.
Thank you.
Thank you.
That'd be great.
All right, look Thanks, we'll talk later.
We're engaged.
Dad? Dad? Hey! Hey, I know you.
I know her.
We go way back.
You messed up the self-harm, huh? That's too bad, man.
You gotta take your opportunities when they come.
Ooh, I know her, too.
Hey! This is like old home week around here.
Hey! Do you have periods of dullness or periods of very creative thinking? Have trouble sitting still? Feel the need to pace? - Holy polar bear! - A, not at all.
B, just a little.
C, somewhat.
Periods of dullness or periods of very creative thinking? This is something new The Casper slide part two Featuring the platinum band And this time We're gonna get funky Funky Everybody, clap your hands Clap, clap, clap, clap your hands Clap, clap, clap, clap your hands All right now Any problem with sleeping too much or trouble with your sleep? Take it back now, y'all One hop this time Right foot, let's stomp Left foot, let's stomp Cha, cha, real smooth Turn it out To the left Take it back now, y'all One hop this time One hop this time Right foot, two stomps Left foot, two stomps Slide to the left Slide to the right Criss cross, criss cross Let's go to work Ms.
Warren, you understand the questions I'm asking you? - Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
- Suzanne.
You need to pay attention to the doctor.
Warren, from what I'm seeing right now, I feel that you may need to remain in Psych.
Can you go down low? All the way to the floor? How low can you go? Suzanne, do you hear what she's saying to you? You have to tell her you're not crazy.
You just need your medicine.
What? Tell her you need your medication.
Oh, I need my medication! I'm not crazy.
I just need my medication.
I've been off of it for too long, and I'm reacting to that.
I'm not crazy.
I am chemically imbalanced.
I don't need to be institutionalized if I am properly medicated.
Charlie Brown Hop it out now One more time We'll get your meds in order, then take it from there.
- I'd also like to give you a shot.
- Oh, no.
It's a fast acting anti-psychotic that should give you some relief until the pills can build up in your system again.
Oh, no.
I don't like shots.
Do the shot, honey.
It's important.
We need you better.
Be brave.
Suzanne? Fine.
Okay! Get out while you can! If it were up to me, you'd never see daylight.
So, enjoy your rec time, Guard Killer.
I'll be back for you in an hour.
What's this for? It's a token of appreciation.
For what? Are you kiddin' me? You're a folk hero 'round here.
You took out one of theirs.
Shows me you got spirit.
I like a little lady with guts.
I'm gonna take the Snickers or whatever, 'cause I'm, like, fucking starving, and I like Snickers.
That don't mean I like you.
You don't know me.
Not yet.
Just so you know Daddy likes blondes, so you're not his type.
Well, he's not really a he, so she's not my type.
Don't worry your pretty dyed blonde head about it.
Now, how about you go get your exercise by walking away from me? I got candy to eat.
Ad Seg inmates, this is your official rec time.
You will walk the perimeter of this multi-purpose room for exactly 45 minutes, keeping a space of at least two feet between you.
You will walk briskly, as this is your exercise, but you will not run.
I repeat, you will not run.
When either Garza or me sees an inmate running, we tend to react in unpleasant ways.
Part of the training.
If your pace is faster than the person in front of you, and you would like to pass, you pass on the left by saying the word "passing" loudly and clearly.
Everybody got that? Okay.
Let's go.
Let's go! Move out.
On your left.
Hey, Flo-Jo, you're breaking your knees.
Speed walking only.
- Passing.
- Passing.
- Move! - Hey! What's going on? Break it up! Break it up! - Get the fuck off! - Let's go, break it up! Get the fuck off me! I'm gonna kill you! I think these two need to cool down.
Don't you, Garza? Hey! Fuck! You had enough? Oh, no, no.
I think they can use a little bit more.
Turn the fuck around! Fucking shit! What are you doing? Yo.
What is this? You see, we don't like our inmates fighting.
No, we do not.
Tends to disrupt the harmony of this place.
No peace, no justice.
What are you gonna do to us? It's not what we're gonna do to you.
It's what you're gonna do to each other.
- Did you say kiss? - Fucking Do it.
I said, kiss.
Really kiss.
With your tongue.
You see, we see you not taking this serious, we know you're really not makin' up, and then we might have to take more drastic action.
So kiss like you fuckin' mean it.
Fucking shit.
There we go.
Now we're making up.
- Beautiful thing, man.
- Isn't it? Beautiful fuckin' thing.
Oh Never knew you to skip a meal, Taystee.
Traded uniforms, huh? Not that I didn't rock my outfit at Storky's, but I think I look better in blue.
- You look all right.
- Can't say the same about you.
Man Lot of fucked up shit's gone down since Storky's.
- You should've stayed on the path, T.
- I know what's my fault and what ain't.
Don't mean you're no better 'cause shit happened to break your way.
I'm here, you there.
Please, man.
You was servin' fries left and right, not ringin' 'em up.
Pocketing the money.
I never said shit.
So don't you go thinkin' you ain't like me 'cause 'cause of anything but luck.
That was different.
We were kids.
All right.
Well, you think what you want.
Storky's was a long time ago, and anyway, that shit don't fuckin' matter.
You there, and I'm here.
Maybe Maybe we was on the same team back in the day, but now you on the team that killed my friend and beat on me.
Bitch, I came in here to be nice to you.
And you wanna talk about teams? Your team killed two players on mine.
You wanna act all surprised when you get beat? What'd you think was gonna happen? Wait.
Two guards? What are you talking about? I think you know.
I'll see you round the way.
Eat your fuckin' food, inmate.
This is supposed to attach to something.
You sure? Maybe it's supposed to go all the way around and attach to itself? Well, that's impossible.
It's fuzzy.
Fuzzy can't stick to fuzzy.
It's all loops.
It needs the rough part that's all hooks.
Listen, is all this really necessary? It's protocol after an attempted suicide.
- And we have to follow protocol.
- Right.
You know, if you're feeling bad, I just read this book that was really inspiring, it's called Make Your Bed, written by this Navy guy.
It's all about simple acts with powerful consequences and stacking habits.
It could help you step back into life.
This isn't gonna work without the missing pieces.
Sure it will.
Oh! We'll just, uh tie the knot here.
See? - Is that holding you in? - Sure.
Ooh! Another good book is The Happiness Project.
You and your self-help books.
You got a problem with me trying to improve myself? Don't they all just basically say the same thing? Be grateful.
Be mindful.
Blah, blah, blah.
It's not that simple.
Isn't it, though? I don't think you're one to comment.
I think that's good.
She can still scratch herself.
Give me one of the Right.
The gloves.
Ow! There we go.
What was that? - Badison's back.
- Oh, boy.
Oh, no, no, no.
Keep walking.
Keep walking.
Shit! You know this is total bullshit.
You know that, right? She attacked me.
Never noticed those hands before.
Excuse me.
There's only one bed here, I was wondering if we could - So strong, too.
- Suck it, Murphy.
Look at you.
What happened to your head? What happened to your arm? Oh, this? Some bitch attacked me for no reason.
Some wicked crazy bitches up in here.
They're scared I'm gonna kick her ass until she's inside out.
Uh, Murphy, by the way, but most people call me Badison.
- 'Cause my first name's Madison.
- And you're bad.
Not really.
I was just drawn that way.
Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Never mind.
You're one of the riot ladies, huh? What was that like? Was it, like, was it crazy in there? It was a mixed bag.
I can imagine.
Anyhow Bed.
You know, I'm injured.
So, uh So I should probably take the No fucking way.
It's been kind of a stressful day.
You know? Think I'm gonna take a nap.
Good idea.
Wait a minute, I didn't get your name.
It's Red.
Oh Yeah, I can see that.
'Cause What's left up there, it's kind of reddish.
I get it.
It's nice to meet you, Red.
Even though you got a cold heart.
Flores, Chapman, Murphy, Reznikov.
Shower time.
Were you in medical? - What? - Medical.
The arm? Yeah.
Did you see a girl in there with long black hair? Glasses? Except, I'm not sure she still has glasses.
Kinda pale, tall.
I don't know.
There's always people in there.
Badison, shut it.
I'm meetin' my new neighbors.
It's only polite.
Since when you been polite? No talking.
So, did you see her? I don't know.
Maybe you should go down there and check for yourself.
I'll just walk down to medical and say Judas Priest.
Yeah, we got an injury down in Ad Seg showers.
She's breathin' but took a hard spill, and hit her head and her face.
She's takin' a nap on the tiles.
Can somebody bring a wheelchair? I saw what you did.
What? She wanted to go to medical and find her friend.
Now she's goin' to medical.
She owes me one, if you ask me.
Got the tooth.
Part of it, anyway.
Looks like it kind of cracked off at an angle.
Here, I'll take it.
What are you waiting for? It's shower time.
Get your clothes off, take your showers.
We'll deal with Sleeping Beauty.
At least it happened where it's easy to hose off the tiles.
- Ow, ow, ow - I wanna facilitate Hey, excuse me.
Huh? Oh Is this all of medical, or is there another wing? Sure.
Neurology is right down the hall past the gift shop.
You're making a joke.
I am.
This is it, sweetheart.
And you should be grateful you're here.
Usually, people get turfed back to their cells when it's full up, no matter how bad off they are, but a lady died this morning, had your bed, so you got some luck going.
- Someone died here? - Mmm-hmm.
What did she look like? No.
I don't want to know.
You kinda don't.
I don't wanna know.
I wasn't paying attention.
I suppose I'm preoccupied.
I mean, I knew you smelled wrong, but I should have clocked you as poison faster.
That was my bad-ison.
But I'm awake now.
And I may look old, and I may look scalped, but I have enough fight left to fucking end you if you mess with my family.
Look who's growlin' like a mama cat.
Like I said, I was just doin' her a favor.
I think you're readin' it wrong.
- I don't think so.
- Well, you got your opinion, and I got mine.
You know what else I got? A lot of time.
A lot of time under my belt down here with the big girls.
You think you're tough comin' from the summer camp up the hill? But I seen you.
You're all cookies.
And you get in here, and sooner or later, but mostly sooner you crumble.
That's fine.
You don't need to know how strong my girls are.
We have the strength of family.
We have the strength of having faced a demon and triumphed.
We have iron wills.
We have patience.
We have sharp minds and deep reserves of power.
And fucking nothing to lose.
You all sound terrific.
Great speech.
That was very compelling.
You're still cookies.
This is fucking ridiculous.
They could be anywhere.
You wanna try that poké place for lunch? The one that just opened downtown? Some of the guys say it's good.
They put wasabi peas in for crunch.
Is that them? Bingo.
Up! Get up! How did we miss these two? - Paiz probably swept this wing.
- Paiz.
On your feet.
Now, inmates! Holy shit.
They're deaf.
- Seriously? - Yeah, look.
They're hand talking.
You need to stand up and come with us.
This prison has been evacuated.
They got deaf people in here? I wonder what they did.
Don't be ableist.
Deaf people can crime like anybody.
Rein, when did you get so PC? I'm dating this woman who went to Oberlin.
So - She hot? - Yeah, ridiculous.
Amazing tits.
And they're real, 'cause, you know, Oberlin.
- I can't go back there.
I can't.
- No.
- Where's Alex? - I can't do it.
Shouldn't she be on this bus? She should be.
Did you see Alex? Did they take her out? Well, this is very, very bad.
- No talking.
- Wait.
We're missing someone.
Another inmate is supposed to be on this bus.
Everyone who's supposed to be on is on.
Now keep quiet.
Listen to me.
We all need to get on the same page.
We need to have our story straight.
One story.
What story is that? We were not resisting.
We were held hostage by Piscatella.
And that's why we were down there.
Pass it on.
- You got that? - That and some spit in my ear.
Say it don't spray it, Roja.
Fuck, I think they split my kneecap.
Hey, Suzanne.
I need to know you understand the story we gotta tell.
But it's not true.
That's right.
Because the true story is our secret.
You can't tell anybody.
It's just for us.
I don't like secrets.
They make my stomach hurt.
We will tell them that Piscatella held us hostage.
That's it.
Pass it on.
Tell them that Piscatella held us hostage.
But you like stories, right? Everybody likes stories.
They They make us feel good.
Don't you want to make people feel good? Like with the Time Hump.
Hmm? Not all that was true, but everybody loved it.
Well, that was somewhat true.
Like, the touch-touch teleporter.
And Frizzy Sprockets was based on my mommy's friend Tamara.
You wanna see your mama's friend, Tamara, ever again, then stick with the story I'm tellin' you.
- Tamara hit me once.
- Fuck Tamara.
Suzanne, I'm tellin' you, this is our story and you gonna get it right, you hear me? - Now, I ain't foolin' around.
- Okay.
We'll use this story or they gonna kill us.
They're gonna kill us dead, Suzanne.
In a box, in the dirt, no light, no breath, dead.
You want that? - No.
I do not want that.
- No.
No, you don't.
No, you don't.
- Now tell the story back to me.
- Okay.
Cindy and I were in the closet, sleeping.
We did not go to the pool or see anything.
We don't know anything.
- Piscatella? - We don't know anything.
Thank you.
- It won't matter.
- If it comes up, say it anyway.
We're going to tell them Piscatella kept us hostage.
- That's not the story - What? That's not the story I learned! You need to shut up and turn around! Okay, that's it! One inmate per row! I'm so conf Everybody spread out! Move it! Listen.
Suzanne, listen.
We have our story.
- We have our secrets.
- Yes.
I'm countin' on you, Suzanne.
You hear? I'm countin' on you? The closet.
The closet.
The closet.
The closet.
The closet.
The closet.
Ah! Those are so good.
I read an article that said French fries take years off your life.
But I'm not gonna think about that right now.
I am going to think about birds.
How you feeling, Suzanne? You think you might be ready to talk to us some more? Kind of sleepy.
Medicines make me sleepy.
Where'd Mommy go? She's seeing her invisible mother? No, she's not seeing her mother.
That's the point.
I thought she was here.
But I guess she wasn't.
- Can I lie down? - After we talk.
Were you in the basement room? - Pool.
- What? It was an abandoned pool.
Right, okay.
Were you in the pool when the CERT team stormed? Um It's all right, Suzanne.
You're not in any trouble.
He only wants to hear your story.
Story? Yes.
The story.
The story.
I was with Cindy.
In the room? Pool.
Pool, room.
Were you there? No.
Then where were you? With Cindy.
With Cindy in the closet around the corner.
We were there the whole time.
We ain't see shit.
How do you know the room the CERT team entered was a pool, as you keep insisting? The bus! See, the ladies was talking about it on the bus.
Cindy and me, what, we were feeling a little left out, but that's okay, 'cause it sounded like shit got crazy down there.
And I got enough crazy, you know? I don't need any more.
- But - My client gave her statement, and she's cooperated freely and clearly, Mr.
We're done for now.
So I can go home now? Wait, this isn't home.
This is not home.
It is now.