Ordinary Joe (2021) s01e02 Episode Script


1 Previously, on "Ordinary Joe" It's only natural to wonder what if.
This is yours.
I'm Joe.
I'm Amy, and what is it that you want to do? I'm gonna be the next Billy Joel.
What if I asked out that girl I just met? It's good to be home! - I am broken.
- No, you're not, you're not.
You're not broken.
You're perfect.
We're gonna try again, okay? - So tell me about you.
- I was pregnant.
It was yours.
I put him up for adoption.
I'm gonna find him, and I'm gonna meet him.
What if I married my best friend? Divorce papers, Jen? And you have 40 days to respond.
I just want my best friend back.
- I got 40 days to convince you.
- 38.
What if I followed in my father's footsteps? Stop.
Police drop it! And my hero.
And Joe's father, Christopher Kimbreau, was a true hero, as well.
Your dad would be proud of you.
So you ever get that feeling that one choice could change your whole life? I got it.
Kid's still eating his Cocoa Puffs? - Yeah.
- Come on.
Get dressed.
- I am dressed.
- No.
In your class As, dummy.
Police commissioner wants to see you.
The commissioner.
What's up with that? Please.
Not another press conference.
You're good PR right now, pretty boy.
How does it feel to be famous? Come on.
Let's go.
I'll wait for you outside.
Good morning.
What's all this? An apology for acting like a jerk last night.
I was kind of a jerk too.
Well, then where's my breakfast? You're so sweet.
How was the reunion last night? Was it actually fun, or did Uncle Frank sneak you out after your set? Uh, no, I mingled.
You mingled? Hmm.
Who did you talk to? Your old girlfriend Jenny? Yeah.
We actually talked for a few minutes.
- How is she? - She's good, you know.
She's married.
Has twins.
Partner in her law firm.
Um Yeah, you know, but you don't care about any of this.
You just want to know how my new song turned out.
How did it turn out? Can I get a private show? - Okay.
- Okay.
Try wiggling your toes just a little bit.
Let me know if you feel any pain.
Listen, you're gonna get there.
Sergeant told me that the bullet didn't hit my spine.
Why can't I feel my legs? Why can't I feel my legs? There's a ton of kinetic energy when a bullet hits.
It creates literal shockwaves.
It could be a contusion to your spinal column.
It could be swelling of the soft tissue around it.
- Don't worry.
- Will I be able to walk again? Be patient.
It can take over a year for nerves to regenerate.
Hey, Dad.
How's it going? - Good morning.
Good morning.
- Morning.
- Hey.
- Can you butter his toast? - Yeah.
- Thanks.
- Okay.
I'll see you Friday.
- Oh, yeah.
Hey, Jen, we should probably talk, right? I want to.
It's just I'm really running late.
- Yes.
- Okay? - Yeah, of course.
- Okay.
- Bye, Mom.
- Love you.
Love you too.
Dad, do you know what week this is? Yeah.
First week of football, baby.
Saturday is September 11th.
It's the 20th anniversary, and we just learned in school that there's this big commemoration for the families every year at Ground Zero, and I think we should go.
Yeah, um Saturday is actually Mom's day, bud, so, um, yeah, ask her if she can take you.
Want more juice? All this for a photo op? It isn't a press conference, kid.
It's a promotion Detective Kimbreau.
What? I wanted it to happen this week, because it's a big one for our department and for you.
This way, you can wear a detective badge at the 9/11 Commemoration.
Thank you.
This is an honor.
Your dad's watching.
You know that.
Ooh hoo Ooh hoo I'm still landin' I'm still landin' When I touch down upon the ground I know I'll be okay And if I'm done with navigatin' Through to ya Almost there, but look how far I've come The days and nights of in-betweens The future closer than it seems Weaving in and out this crazy planet Unbuckle me, I'm free I'm finally landin' This time I do believe I'm finally landin' This is everything.
More mature.
Maybe you could play it at the Commemoration.
Is that your passive-aggressive way - of asking me to play this year? - Not me.
The 9/11 Museum.
They ask me every year if you'll come.
I'm just passing the message along.
Well tell them I pay my respects privately.
It's the 20th anniversary, Joe.
- We can talk about it - Hey.
Look at this.
Somebody filmed you at the reunion last night.
- Let me see that.
- Over 3 million views already.
I like it.
What if we did like a whole stripped-down, underplay thing? - Just me and the acoustic.
- Love.
What would that look like onstage? I don't know.
Let's talk to the team.
Maybe a new look to go with the new sound.
Set it up.
I'm gonna talk to my uncle for a second.
- Sure thing.
- Hey.
Something you don't want to say in front of Kokoro? - Should I be worried? - No.
Look, can you, uh, can you do me a favor? Can you find a missing person for me? Yeah.
Actually do it all the time when I was on the force.
Who is it? My son.
Feels a little loose.
Tailor can take that in.
You like the color, Joey? That's the important thing.
Wish I could just wear a T-shirt.
To your confirmation? Your mother would have a heart attack.
I think it looks good, like you belong on Wall Street or something.
So listen.
I have to give you your gift early.
There's a time component.
Open it.
- Giants tickets? - Season opener.
It's in Denver this year, so I got us a flight.
A nice hotel by the stadium.
The works.
So, you like the dark gray better - or the pinstripes? - I don't know.
- Dad? - It's not my confirmation.
That's the point of this whole thing, right? You're becoming a man, and a man makes his own decisions.
In my many years of politics Maybe too many.
In my many years of politics, maybe too many, I have never I'm sorry, so it's never? There he is.
I'd bust out the champagne, but I'm not sure - he's old enough to drink.
- Is that a clip-on tie? - Ha ha ha.
- He's gonna run circles around you two when I'm done training him.
That's your desk.
You're my TO? That a problem? I don't want anyone thinking this is a nepotism thing.
You want to work with one of those two idiots? All right.
Come on.
We gotta interview a suspect.
Let me get settled.
I'll meet you in the box.
Suspect's not here.
He's at the hospital.
It's that dirtbag you shot.
You're driving.
Let's go.
- What's the update? - On what? On you and Jenny macking it on the dance floor last night.
- We were not.
- No.
I saw that too, okay? It did not look like you were politely discussing the terms of your divorce.
Well, maybe more the terms of their make-up sex.
Things are better.
I mean, she's not about to renew our wedding vows, but Hey, it's okay.
It's a process, right? - Yeah.
- So what is your next move? - Sleep.
- No, no.
You gotta use this momentum, man.
Do something crazy romantic.
Ooh, why don't you surprise her at work - and take her to lunch? - Yes.
And don't screw this up, okay? Goodbye.
I don't know.
Are you kidding? It's like Clint Eastwood sharpshooter had sex with Keith Richards and made Joe Kimbreau.
It screams stripped-down, acoustic Maybe something that screams a little less.
Give us five.
Guys? So I just got off the phone with my guy, and he says it's possible to find your kid, but it could take a while, and he's charging a lot of money.
- I don't care about money.
- No.
I know, but what's the plan here? I mean, so you find the kid.
Then what? He's got parents.
It's not like you can adopt him.
I could meet him.
I could talk to him, who knows? Maybe he plays piano.
I'm sure Amy would love to come to his recital.
- Hey.
- All right, listen.
Closed adoptions ain't what they used to be, but the biological mother writes an email, the adoption agency'll give her the info.
- It's that easy? - Might be a trip to the Department of Social Services, but Jenny's willing to help you out, yeah.
It's that easy.
It could happen today.
Well, find out Amy's schedule.
I'll go see Jenny when she's busy.
All right.
It's your marriage.
My marriage is fine.
So did you hook up with that ex-girlfriend your mom was asking about? What's her name, Jenny? Yeah.
Are you monitoring my social life now? - No.
I just - It's none of your business.
You're 32 years old.
You've never had a serious girlfriend.
- That's not true.
- You date girls you find on your phone.
I don't want you to spend the rest of your life alone.
My life only has purpose if I have a wife and kids? - Is that what you're saying? - No.
But maybe.
Look, the reason I don't want to put anyone through what I watched my mom go through.
Well, your dad would want you to be happy, okay? - That's what I'm saying.
- Yeah.
- We say the same thing.
- Jenny.
Why aren't you at home asleep? Pulling an all-nighter.
Or a day-er I guess.
Wanted to take you on a picnic.
Unless you already got plans? No.
I mean, we were gonna grab a bite.
Yeah, but they're not plans.
It's just, uh, sustenance, but we can do that tomorrow.
Enjoy your picnic.
Bye, Barrett.
Good to see you.
So Central Park.
So how was, uh, Chris' first day today? He was nervous to go back.
I think because the kids don't see the wheelchair on the computer, but they all embraced him.
He's good.
That's such a relief.
Oh, that reminds me.
Chris texted and said he wants to go to the 9/11 Commemoration.
Hey, if you want, we can swap days on Saturday.
I can't take him anyway.
I got work, so My dad could happily make a call and get you the day off.
- I can talk to him, if you want.
- You don't have to do that.
What's going on, Joe? First you tell Chris you can't take him because it's my day, and then you tell me it's 'cause you have to work.
- You know I don't go to that.
- I know.
That's fine.
- It's just lying to Chris? - I didn't lie.
- I just, you know - It wasn't honest.
I don't want to make it into a whole thing.
Well, that is the problem.
That's always the problem.
It's like you have this default position to always avoid, and if we're really gonna fix things, honesty is more important than picnics.
All right.
All right.
So sorry to hear the news.
- How you feeling? - Okay.
Parkinson's is progressive, so my kids are worried, but let's talk about how we're going to transition to you taking over.
You know, we haven't, uh, fully decided.
Really? - Yeah.
- Well, one thing that we did want to get your take on is the day-to-day.
You know, what it's really like.
Amy works so hard already I just I can't imagine what it'll be like when she actually takes office.
You're worried about the district stealing your lady.
We're just trying to envision, you know, starting a family in the middle of all this.
- Well, Joe is.
- Oh.
Well, um, there are no rules against serving in Congress and having babies.
I promise that you can have both, if that's what you decide to do.
- You know, just - Why don't we talk about it? Is it okay if I get back to you before the weekend? - Yeah, of course.
- Okay.
How many guys their first interview ever is someone they shot? Oh, you're not doing the interview.
- What? - Conflict of interest.
Like you said, you shot him.
Technically, you can't even really be part of this case.
I don't even want this guy to see ya.
Whoa, whoa.
Why'd you even bring me along, if I can't go in there? I didn't say you couldn't go in there.
I said he can't see you.
If he doesn't know you're there, there's no conflict, right? So just listen in.
He says anything hinky, you let me know.
Frank Kimbreau.
How you feeling, Mr.
Coleman? NYPD better get out of my room.
I want to know why you shot a congressman.
I've been waiting days for this.
Let you heal up a little bit.
Cooler heads.
You want to get inside my head? You can't.
Bobby Diaz knows what he did.
- Ask him what he did.
- I will.
But right now I'm talking to you.
It's vengeance.
You hear me? Guy thinks that there's no price to pay, but you destroy my family you pay.
Eye for an eye, and I will finish the job just as soon as I can get up out of here.
Code yellow to 3-1.
Code yellow, 3-1.
Bobby Diaz knows what he did! - Joe.
- Hey.
- What are you even - Mom, who is it? Oh, hello.
You look like Joe Kimbreau.
Can I tell you a secret? I actually am Joe Kimbreau.
Oh, we just watched your new song on TikTok.
Oh, you did? What did you think? I liked it, but Megan said that "Soldier On" was way better.
I love that one.
But why are you at our house? Kind of wondering the same thing.
- Yeah.
- Megan, Lindsey.
- It's, uh you're - Joe.
Nice to meet you.
- Joe.
- Darren.
My husband.
Jenny said she saw you at the - Reunion.
- She didn't tell me you were coming over.
I didn't make enough food.
No, no.
I didn't come to crash your dinner.
I was actually just hoping that I could talk to you for a minute.
- Yeah, sure.
- Hey can we real quick.
Can we maybe get a picture with the twins? - Oh, yeah.
- Is that okay? - Of course.
- Yeah.
All right.
You probably have to do this 100 times a day.
No it's right over here good? Yeah.
This is great.
- Ready girls? - Let's get close, everybody.
Let's do it.
- Cheese.
- Cheese.
Hey, um, listen, Chris I know I told you that I couldn't take you to the 9/11 Commemoration 'cause it's Mom's day, but the truth is, buddy, she's happy to switch.
I've just actually never gone.
How come? I don't know.
You know, I know it's a national monument, and it means so much to everyone, but, uh, to me it's just the place where Grandpa died.
And I don't like being reminded of that day.
Can you understand that? Yeah.
I guess.
I found a way to get a hold of the kid, but I need your help.
- What are you talking about? - Look, I know you said that it isn't possible to find him, but it is.
- Joe - Jenny, the laws have changed.
Look, if I can just get the adoptive parents' names, then I can find him.
Joe, no.
What? I'm sorry, you're probably not used to hearing that word.
It's my son.
Our son.
Yeah, and those are my daughters, and that is my husband.
My family doesn't need me reopening the biggest wound in my entire life.
Darren doesn't know anything about any of this.
You will not have to see him.
You won't have to be in his life at all.
Well, what does your wife think of this? I haven't told her.
Well, shouldn't that tell you something? Jenny, I need this.
I don't think beaming into this kid's life is gonna do anything good for anyone.
So why would you tell me about him if you are so against me going to find him? I don't know.
Maybe I I wanted to offload some of the pain and guilt I have been carrying around for a decade.
Well, it worked.
I did some research on the shooter.
Turns out he was orphaned as a kid.
You're looking into a thing you don't even need to be looking into.
Joe always did the extra credit.
All right.
How's your first day as a detective? It was good.
Other than the fact my TO is an ass.
- Oh, it's on now.
- Yeah.
They can come in soft.
Somebody's gotta toughen 'em up.
Not too tough.
I like my sweet Joe.
- Hey, who wants wine? - Oh, me.
I wish.
In four months, I'm having all of it.
How long into this meal do we have to go before we're allowed to ask about that girl we saw you leaving the reunion with? - Um never.
- Her name's Amy.
Um, how come I'm the only one at this table - who doesn't know about this? - No, I don't know either.
Frank never tells me anything.
Well, it runs in the family.
- So tell us already.
- Tell you what? - Tell us! - Tell us! - Bring it.
- Okay.
All right.
Her name's Amy.
I bumped into her at graduation - Oh! - And we had a little moment.
- I remember her.
- Yeah.
we got caught up.
Had a drink.
It was nice.
That's it? Don't be a creep.
Your wife's here.
So did you hook up or what? We did not.
Thank you for asking.
Oh, good, Joe.
Sex on a first date means you're disposable.
- What's this now? - So you gonna see her again? I tried calling her.
She didn't pick up.
- You leave a message? - Ma, she sees the number.
People don't leave messages anymore.
That's not true.
I leave messages.
- Young people.
Normal people.
- Hey, come on.
Be respectful.
You should call her again.
This could be a good thing, Joe.
And we don't want you blowing it off, like you always do.
- "We"? - Yes "we.
" Come on, Joe.
When the one that got away actually comes back I mean, come on.
Most people don't get that chance.
What are you Sorry to barge in.
It's just, um, you said you were district attorney when I ran into you, at the reunion.
Assistant, but, yeah.
What's, uh what's going on? I need some help with a case I'm working on.
I just made detective, like, literally this week.
Well, congrats.
Who'd you pull as a TO? You're gonna laugh.
Uncle Frank.
- No! - Yeah.
Good old Uncle Frank.
The reason why you stood me up at graduation.
You still remember that? Of course I remember.
Uh, so I've been looking into this guy who tried to assassinate Congressman Diaz.
He said the reason that he did it is that the congressman destroyed his family.
But I looked into it, and this guy doesn't have any family.
Think he's angling for 40.
15? That's what Uncle Frank thinks, but I don't know.
I think he's wrong.
The guy sounded like he meant it, and everyone has family somewhere, right? Hmm.
I'll see what I can dig up.
Thanks, Jen.
Dad, can I have my iPad? No you cannot have your iPad on a school night.
Go to sleep.
- Love you.
- I love you, Mom.
- Love you, Dad.
- Love you, too, buddy.
So you're gonna be working with this guy now, huh? It's one case, Ray.
Joe came to me and asked for a favor.
- We're old buddies.
- Old buddies.
I would say that the father of your son is more than an old buddy.
I'm sorry you're upset, but We agreed.
Back in law school, before Lucas was even born, that we were gonna raise him with me as his father.
We are.
I don't want him to know about Joe.
- He isn't going to.
- And I don't want Joe - to know about him.
- I haven't said anything.
But you were thinking about it.
Well, of course I am.
Of course I am.
When I saw Joe at the reunion I mean, the man has the right to know that the carries the gene of a neuromuscular disease that his own future children could be affected by.
I mean, I wish I had known.
Not that I would have done anything differently, but I could have been prepared emotionally.
It's a recessive gene.
There's over a 99% chance that Joe's future children will be fine.
I was a stats major, remember? But if Joe finds out that he's Lucas' dad, the chances of that messing with our life somehow are way, way higher.
I know.
I know.
Work good? Fine, yeah.
You and Jenny? Good.
You upset about something, or is mumbling one-word sentences your new thing? - 'Cause it's fun, but - I'm sorry, Mom.
I just I got a lot on my mind.
- Like what? - I don't know.
Like divorce papers.
Hey, are you going to the Commemoration? Of course.
You think you could take Chris? He's asking to go this year.
Why don't you take him? Ma, you know I don't do that.
I know.
You don't go, and that's okay.
Everyone grieves in their own way, but now that your own son is asking? Maybe it's a good time for you to reconsider, huh? We rehearsed after school, and the band sounded real tight.
Yeah? What does that mean? It means we're good, Mr.
It's mostly Joe honestly.
He's really good.
Like really, really good.
Like special.
Anyway, we've all been talking, and I don't want to let my bandmates down, so I want to do the Battle of the Bands instead of going to Giants game again.
Battle of the wha Are you kidding me? This is a brand-new stadium.
Season opener.
You don't want to miss this.
You said I'm a man now, right? And a man makes his own decisions.
Don't look at me for help.
This is your thing.
Using my own words against me.
When you're right you're right.
It is your decision, Joey.
And if you don't want to go, we don't have to go.
I'll give the tickets to Uncle Frank.
Thanks, Dad.
Joey, you okay? You know, I lost my appetite.
I'm gonna head home.
Joey, come on.
It's Jenny's night.
What, you're gonna sulk alone? - Sorry.
- Would you talk to me? You can't keep avoiding the hard things in life.
I've tried.
Just take Chris to the Commemoration, okay? Marge Gardner.
Grady Garrett.
Philip Gilbert.
Erin Green.
Thomas Tice.
Nicole Hogan.
Christian Jumadi Johnson and Rachel Kennedy.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Why do you do this to yourself every year? I'm just doing my best.
You know what? Why don't we go? We'll just get in the car and go.
We'll stand in the back.
We'll be anonymous.
How many years in a row do we have to have this conversation? Dad.
Hey, little man.
I, uh, thought I'd see for myself what this whole thing's about.
We've been practicing how to say the names all morning.
What do you mean? Well, you know how family members go up and read about 100 names each.
Well, this year I, uh, arranged to go up with Chris.
That was nice of you.
Thanks, Mom.
Hey, I know your dad hasn't practiced, but you can take my place, if you want.
Oh, I don't think so.
You can hold my hand, if you're nervous.
How can you say no to that? Carlos Perez.
- Carson May.
- I don't know how she does it.
- Strong woman, your mother.
- Chinami Sato.
Yeah, I don't get it.
The idea that he could be down there somewhere.
I don't ever want to go.
I was at a goddamn football game in Denver.
Try having that on your conscience.
And NYPD Officer Christopher Kimbreau, my husband.
I almost forgot.
What? Are you proposing? Just open it, wise-ass.
Congratulations, Detective.
How'd you do that? I got my ways.
You were supposed to get it the other morning, but I underestimated the bureaucratic red tape to getting your old man's badge number un-retired.
Chinami Sato.
Caro Fatah.
Carlos Perez.
Carson May.
Brooke Jackman.
Chen Wu.
Christopher Ciafardini.
Christopher Slattery.
Look outside.
Something's happening! Did your dad still go to the game in Denver without you? No.
He went to work.
And NYPD Officer Christopher Kimbreau.
My father.
He was also my grandfather.
I never got to meet him, but I know he was a hero.
And I want to thank my dad for giving me his name.
I'll try and live up to it.
You were so great up there.
I'm so proud.
You pronounced every name perfectly.
Thanks, Grandma.
- Hey.
- Yeah.
I'm proud of you too.
I should have gone to that football game.
I was stupid.
It was a selfish decision.
It is not your fault.
20 years is a long time.
Stop, Joe.
It was the first big decision I ever made.
It's not your fault, okay? Stop, Joe.
Your new congressman friend helped me cut through all the red tape to get that thing.
Actually was your new congressman friend's friend.
She did all the legwork.
I think you might know her.
- Her name's Amy something.
- Are you serious? She wanted me to tell you to call her when you finally got the badge.
She said she'll pick up this time.
I mean, I am so terrible with keeping secrets, and I didn't want to ruin the surprise with your badge.
But I promise the next time you call, text, - or whatever, I will pick up.
- Now, look who's here.
- New York's newest.
- Yo.
I heard you went squad on us, man.
Is it true? Course he did.
He got his uncle to be his rabbi.
You playing for us, or you too big for all that now? Not tonight, fellows, okay? I'm with someone.
- What are they talking about? - I play piano sometimes.
Well, if you still play, I would love to hear it.
- Tonight? Now? - Yeah.
- Show me what you got.
- Two beers.
Hey, can I get your ear on something? I was toying with this chorus, and - Yeah.
- What's all this? Bobby and the team are coming over to make a final push to get me to run.
So you're really doing this? Yeah.
You know I've been thinking.
A lot.
I've realized I just don't want to get pregnant.
Hey, just I don't want to start a family right now.
I feel that we've tried, you know, and the universe, my body, God is just telling me that this isn't for me right now, you know? Go this other way.
And I want to listen to that.
And I want you to go with me.
Is this a permanent thing? I just don't feel that my life is incomplete if I don't have kids.
Is that okay? I guess it has to be.
I'm playing for Amy, not you clowns, so don't listen.
What are you gonna play? Just yesterday morning They let me know you were gone Suzanne, the plans they made put an end to you I walked out this morning, and I wrote down this song - I just can't remember - Hey, Joe, it's, uh, Jenny Banks here.
Listen, I found something strange on your guy, Wayne Coleman.
He actually gave a pretty large campaign contribution to Bobby Diaz a couple years back, so from supporter to shooter.
I think your instincts are right here.
There's something going on.
Call me.
I've seen fire, and I've seen rain I've seen sunny days that I thought would never end I've seen lonely times when I could not find a friend But I always thought that I'd see you again - You got it.
- What? The grant I told you to apply for, like six months ago.
The partners just decided you're gonna - finish your law degree.
- Oh, my God! - Told you! - But they've never picked - a paralegal before.
- Well, it's the least they can do they've been underpaying you for a decade.
- Thank you so much.
- Hey, you did it.
Well, I'm sure that you helped.
So, uh, how does it work? Do I take classes at night and work part time? That might be hard, since you'll be living in Atlanta.
Grant's for Warren University.
Founder of the firm went there.
Oh, so I'd have to move.
You only have a year left.
You gotta do it, Jenny.
Can't keep postponing your dream.
Would you look down upon me Jesus You gotta help me make a stand You just gotta see me through another day Can I ask you something? Would it be too forward of me to ask you out on the next date? No.
I got backstage passes to Billy Joel at the Garden.
- What? - One of the perks of working with a congressman.
I would love to.
- He's, like, my favorite.
- I know.
I remember.
- You do? - Yeah.
I told you.
I've thought about that time that we met.
A lot.
I've seen lonely times When I could not find a friend But I always thought that I'd see you Signing my life away.
Why not, right? The lawyers will start the vetting process.
- Congratulations, Amy.
- Thank you.
So how was your date? Did you stay up to ask me that? Maybe.
So? - Oh, good.
- Good night, Mom.
Hey, Uncle Frank.
It's me.
Listen, I know you think it's a bad idea, but I don't care.
I want to find my son.
I've seen lonely times When I could not find a friend But I always thought that I'd see you, baby One more time again I didn't know that you can get away tonight.
Well, I just really missed you, and I wanted to see you.
- Can I, uh, can I come in? - Yeah, come in.

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