Ordinary Joe (2021) s01e08 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Ordinary Joe" Bobby was sleeping with his intern.
He paid her hush money, and I have the proof.
Why'd you have a meeting with Bobby Diaz at his office? Bobby Diaz was the District Attorney at the time, and he helped me make an Internal Affairs case against me go away.
Jesus, Frank.
I thought you quit.
You need to ask yourself, "Is this Amy girl worth destroying your own uncle who raised you?" You need to leave and that is not a request.
Take the check and go.
Uncle Frank? Just not feeling so good right now.
If I could get a couple of dollars I need help, Joe.
How about it? Huh? For our future congresswoman! Amy! Come here, Amy.
You're okay.
What's going on? No.
Bobby? Bobby! It's outrageous.
That's what all the newspeople are saying, and I agree.
Stop splatting milk everywhere.
- - You saw the picture.
They shoved a gun in a 6-year old boy's face, the government raided their house and sent the kid back to Cuba, but he wanted to stay here.
Mi corazón, don't worry.
That's not going to happen to you.
I know, but I still have to go to the protest.
He's from Cárdenas just like you.
Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
King was right about that, and so are you.
Does that mean I can go to the protest? - Of course.
- It's way too dangerous.
Maybe I don't have to go.
I thought you were outraged.
I am, but I don't want you guys to argue.
My Amy.
Listen to me, the most important thing you will ever do in your life is to raise your voice for what you believe in.
That's all your father and I were doing right now, and that's what you need to do at that protest today.
That's why we're all going, as a family.
Bobby! You're up already? You should be resting.
I benedicted, are you hungry? Thanks for benedicting, but I have to plan Bobby's funeral.
Well, wait, wait.
What? Why is that your job? Well, the DC office reached out to Regina, but she's focused on the kids.
A congressional ceremony is different than a regular funeral, but whatever, I'm fine.
This unit's the only one with this modular capacity.
I got the last tenants in here for a steal.
You actually remind me of them.
They signed a lease and within 6 months they were so successful they outgrew it.
Dude, we gotta take this.
Excuse me.
- Hey, is everything okay? - Hey.
Listen, um, do you remember my Uncle Frank? After the scene at the wedding, how could I forget? That's great, uh, because I have to ask you a huge favor.
Hello? You have 90 seconds to get presentable.
- They're coming.
- What? Jenny? - Hey.
- Hey.
Jenny just called me only to say that "they're coming.
" What's happening? Joe? It seems like turning in Bobby may have had more blowback than we thought.
That was not 90 seconds.
FBI! Ms.
Kindelán, I'm Special Agent Miller, FBI.
I've got a federal search warrant, please step aside.
- Thank you.
- Listen up, please.
I just found out that Bobby Diaz will lie in state at the Capitol Rotunda, but Bobby's always wanted to have a funeral here in his district, so we need to get this done by today before they move his body to DC.
Regina has a few requests, but I think we can handle most of it You all have Bobby's plans.
Um, what's going to happen to Bobby's congressional seat? The governor traditionally offers it to the widow.
- Dumb rule.
- It's fine.
- Any other questions? - Actually, I do.
Have the police figured out a motive? Well, they killed the assassin, so there's no way of asking, so we'll probably never find out.
- Any other questions? - Not really a question, just want to let you know that we're all here for you.
Thank you.
Is Amy okay? She just talked about the shooter like she was reading numbers at a board meeting.
She was shot, you know? Her mentor died.
It's a lot to process.
Arranging a dignitary's motorcade is a weird way to process.
I know.
I know.
I'm trying.
It Navigating grief isn't exactly - Your strong suit.
- Yeah.
What is it that you used to say when things got bad? How can I support you? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Thanks for doing this.
Look, it's none of my business, but it is my business.
Are you sure you want to help Uncle Frank out? You know he took a lot out of you last time.
Can you shh? Hey.
Here you go.
Good morning.
This is the third most comfortable couch - I ever slept on.
- Yeah.
Uncle Frank, you remember Amy, Eric's wife? Okay.
Listen, do you need to shower before I take you Where am I taking you? - Dad, I'm awake.
- Hey, bud.
- I got him.
I got him.
- Is that my godson? Yeah.
But, can I Who wants a piggyback ride? Frank! What happened to you? Nothing happened.
I have SMA.
Chris, this is my Uncle Frank.
I'm his uncle, but I'm your godfather.
You've gotten so big.
When you were a baby, I could hold you in one hand.
I've heard about you.
You started the fight at Mom and Dad's wedding.
After making a very moving speech.
Ain't that right, Amy? Yeah.
It was It was something.
Chris, you're gonna spend the day with Uncle Eric and I, okay? - Dad? - Hey.
Sorry about the last minute change, but guess what, tonight we set the clocks to fall back, so tomorrow is our 1-hour extra bonus party.
- Okay.
- Hey, I like your constellations.
Did your dad tell you I saw the moon landing live on TV? Even made an Apollo 11 cake.
We made an Apollo cake for my mom's birthday.
Mine was chocolate with raspberry letters.
Can your cake beat that? Yeah.
Our's had a chocolate Apollo and the vanilla Soyuz.
Well, that's very impressive.
Very impre Hey, you okay, Frank? Hey.
Are you okay? All right.
You know what? We'll we're gonna go this way.
Come here.
Traitor, huh? Yeah, that's the thanks I get.
Carved right in to my desk, and there's cameras everywhere and apparently no repercussions, so.
Well, let's unpack that.
Do you think you were disloyal? I was loyal to the oath just like my Uncle Frank taught me to be.
Interesting you bring up your uncle.
Did your uncle influence your decision to join law enforcement? He practically marched me in to the academy at gunpoint.
How do you feel about him being so forceful? You know, he was having a real rough time with my dad.
Um He was having a real rough time with survivor's guilt, and, uh, um, so this was a chance for me to help him.
What do you mean? Well, he just really got it together after I chose law enforcement, you know, and, um, I don't know, taking me under his wing, it healed him somehow.
Look, when I arrested Bobby Diaz, I was just meeting the standard that my Uncle Frank set for me.
I mean, you teach me how to do something, I do it, and then everyone gets mad.
I wish someone had told me, "Hey, guess what," the detective badge comes with all this BS because at least when I was a beat cop I was free to do what I wanted to do, to make decisions in the moment myself.
It sounds to me like you need a reset.
What do you mean a reset? Consider the new day a new start, just shake off what happened yesterday, and start again today as if it were your first day on the job.
It looks like we're out of time.
Clear to go back to active duty? Well, I'm heartened to hear you discuss your uncle so openly.
You've come a long way from bouncing your knee and stonewalling.
Now, look, let me just say, you did the right thing, Joe.
Don't let the old boys get you down.
Same time next week.
Give my clearance autho to your TO, and then reset.
Thanks, Doc.
Can you do me a favor and get this posted and have it sent out by the end of the day? - Yeah.
- Thank you.
Hey, seems like they got it handled.
- Do you want to get some food? - I can't right now.
Amy, how can I support you? I just need to focus on writing Bobby's eulogy.
Look, I was gonna save this, but, um maybe they can add a little sparkle to your day.
You really want to add sparkle to my day, I need you to learn the song that Regina wants you to sing at the ceremony.
Amy, it's the governor.
Governor Hawkins.
I understand.
No, of course.
Thank you.
Everything okay? Regina just declined the offer of honorary succession, so the governor just appointed me to Bobby's seat.
I'm a congresswoman.
The word dedicated is described Is defined as wholly committed Describing Congressman Diaz in one word is Hey, you disappeared.
Uh, yeah, I got a call from the hotel that we used as base camp on Halloween, they Housekeeping found this.
- They just found it? - The day after Halloween.
They saw the news, they realized whose it was.
It wasn't in Bobby's room though, it was in yours, on your bedside table.
Is the seating chart up to date? Y-yes.
Yeah, almost.
Keep me posted.
Just move the tour dates.
Cancel everything.
I don't care.
Kokoro, I need to be with my wife.
Thanks, Kokoro.
Oh, honey.
I'm so sorry.
How is she? I mean, she was named congresswoman today, Mom.
You should have seen her reaction.
She's She's been through trauma.
But she doesn't need to seem like she's traumatized.
I mean, she's handing out binders, - she's planning Bobby's eulogy.
- Mm.
I mean, what do I do with that? Well, busy heals a lot of ailments.
When your father died, I had been knitting a scarf for him.
Like, I had this turmeric colored yarn, it was beautiful and it was going to set off his eyes just right.
In the weeks after 9/11 we were waiting for confirmation whether he'd survived, I just kept knitting.
I couldn't bring myself to stop, even after we learned he was gone.
It was like if I stop knitting the scarf and he wasn't coming home to wear it Well, maybe he was never coming home for real.
So, I kept knitting.
Must have been a long scarf.
It's 9 feet long now.
Anyway, the point is, knitting to me was rational and everything Amy's doing is rational to her, so.
But one day, she's gonna break just like I did, and it took a whole village to get me through it.
And Amy's gonna need her village.
- Thanks, Mom.
- Mm-hmm.
Okay, 22 rows.
You're literally leveling up.
I'm going for that new record.
What's my next move, man? I don't know.
Sixth row on the left.
Okay, well, that would take down the whole tower.
- Is something wrong? - Why are dad and Uncle Frank taking so long? They're just making super sure that Uncle Frank is all right.
Because he was bleeding internally? We don't know that.
Or because he has an addiction? - Who told you that? - Nobody had to.
Grandma talks really loud on the phone.
Everyone knows that drugs and alcohol are bad for you, so why does Uncle Frank keep doing that stuff? Well, Uncle Frank is a You know how too much screen time isn't good for you? You get a headache and you start getting cranky, but you still do it anyways because you got to build your Roblox empire.
I guess I do that.
And when you do, you know how we still love you and help you feel better? That's what Dad's doing for Uncle Frank.
Thanks, Aunt Amy.
I bet you want to play Roblox now, don't you? You know me so well.
All right.
I'll help you set it up.
I'm impressed.
I did not know what to say.
I figured.
Based off your deer in headlights punim.
I think I'm pretty good with kids.
I know that we said that we were done with IVF but, you know, there's other options.
I've been wanting to say something, but I I wasn't sure if it was too soon or Me too, but it's not.
Wait, just so we're on the same page Did we just agree to adopt a kid? Just so we're on the same page.
Oh! In discussing the minutia of evidentiary inadmissibility of confessions, one must take in to consideration the totality of the circumstances surrounding that confession.
Excuse me.
It's admirable that your knowledge base is apparently so strong that this lecture is superfluous to you.
So, why don't you help the rest of us along by summarizing the determination of voluntariness standards.
I-I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to Why don't you stand so everyone can hear your summary? If there is an unreasonable delay after taking a suspect into custody No, after they're arraigned Which is it? Because your client is going to prison.
I'm sorry if I mucked up the day with your son.
It's fine.
All right, you're allergic to tetracycline and what else? Cats.
That's right.
And have you been hospitalized again in the last five years? What do you mean, again? I haven't been hospitalized at all.
Yes, you have, four years ago.
You showed up at Aunt at 7:00 a.
Meg's plastered and fell through the coffee table.
You don't remember that? You don't remember the stomach pump or the stitches? Right.
- Isn't this your day off? - Yeah, supposedly.
Um, Frank, you remember Jenny's dad? - Frank from the wedding.
- Yeah.
Hell of a speech.
Hell of a right hook.
Yeah, that bartender had it coming.
Anyway, um, he's been coughing up blood, so we're waiting on a hepatologist.
I don't need a liver doctor.
Lord all mighty, kid.
Don't you know coughing comes from your lungs? Yeah, I'll tell you what.
I got a few minutes.
Why don't you let me take a look at you? Hey.
I got cleared to come back to work.
Bully for you.
Tell your new TO.
- What? - I just found out I got suspended, pending an investigation.
- Are you kidding me? - I told you this is how guys like Bobby Diaz operate.
You go at him and then he comes at me.
- You made your choice.
- No.
I chose to be the kind of detective you always wanted me to be.
What you did was you rolled on the mayor's best friend and you embarrassed the force, detective.
Of course they're gonna make an example.
Oh, and tell your mom we're not coming for dinner.
I can't believe you don't know my number.
Just call me so that I can save it, please.
You've written it on your forearm for every protest since college.
I can't believe I wasted my entire morning buying a phone because the Feds took mine.
Look, the FEC doesn't play.
Uh, someone from work just texted, asking if I'm at lunch with this Amy? What is it? Oh, no.
What? Don't don't say that.
Do you want to see? Actually, no.
I'm good.
I stand by my husband, Bobby.
- Shut up.
- I believe this whole thing is the revenge of a woman scorned, my husband's former staffer and mistress, Amy Kindelán.
Oh, you're trending.
#Homewreckeramy, #amyscorned Okay, that one's a little inappropriate.
Oh, wow.
Bobby's got some diehard defenders.
I should have kept my feelings locked in a box.
This is what I get for doing the right thing.
That is what justice looks like.
That was amazing.
How many people do you think there was? I think it was a hell of a lot.
Hell of a lot of people to come together and say, "This will not stand.
" Why is Amy allowed to say hell? She's not.
Are we in trouble? Of course not.
We didn't do anything wrong.
Then why are they stopping us? This is authoritarian.
- Shh! - Mom said to raise our voices.
Mi corazón, what your mother said is true, but there are times, even when your feelings are justified, that you put them in a box inside you.
This is a box moment.
You understand? Mind coming with me, sir? Is there a problem? Someone set a Wendy's on fire down the block and you fit the description.
We're gonna be bringing you in for questioning.
Officer, I was at the protest with my family.
Thousands can vouch for me.
- I have my - Hands! - Hands, where I can see them.
- Dad! Daddy! Up against the car, right now.
- Daddy! - He didn't do anything.
Alcoholic hepatitis.
If your uncle doesn't stop drinking, the outcome could be fatal.
I better wear a crash helmet when I deliver that news.
Well, the man needs a fresh start and nothing delivers that sucker punch quite like a death sentence.
Listen, if you can get Frank to commit to sobriety, I could get him a spot at Ridge Garden Rehab Center.
I'm on the board, and I don't want you to worry about the cost.
I'm happy to foot the bill.
Thank you, but we cannot accept that.
How long are you gonna be mad at me for being a prick to you 10 years ago? Oh, I didn't realize you stopped.
It's been a It's been a long day.
No, no, no.
Don't don't apologize.
It's nice to see you shoot from the hip for once.
So you don't accept my help because I tried to buy you out of Jenny's life, right? This seems like a trap.
No, it's not.
I was afraid for my daughter back then, but everything you've done since, everything you're doing, so that Jenny can achieve her dream of becoming a lawyer, it's a Just showed me I was wrong.
And, once per decade, I stop being a prick for one day just to see if I can.
Thanks, Doug.
All right.
Professor? I wanted to apologize for earlier.
Well, thank you.
The best apology is your phone on silent.
Of course.
And I want you to know that I'm better than what you saw today.
I'm a working mom, a long distance working mom, actually, and, you know, it's a lot to juggle, and I short circuited.
Well, Ms.
Banks, you are not the only working mother in this program or in this room.
It looks like you're doing the best you can, but perhaps you should focus on parenting rather than falling short and making excuses.
I'm not making excuses.
I'm I'm saying that I can do both.
I can be a mom and a lawyer.
Well, good.
Then by now, I imagine you can summarize the determination of voluntariness standards for me.
Madeleine Albright said there's a special place in hell for women who don't help other women.
Maddy and I both went to Columbia.
One of us finished first in her class.
Bobby! Bobby! Amy.
Joe chartered a flight for us.
- Mom.
- Come here.
Oh, Mom.
Está bien mi corazón.
Está bien.
I don't know why you kept insisting you were okay.
- I would have come sooner.
- I can do my own dress.
I'm not talking about the dress.
I'm talking about how I had to hear it on the news that you got shot.
You didn't call me.
You started sobbing Because every time I stop I'm back at the shooting.
I can hear it in my head, okay? And I'm trying really hard to keep the feelings that I have about it inside a little box so that I can be the person that everybody needs me to be.
That thing your father told you about putting your feelings in a box, we learned the hard way.
When you lock your feelings inside, the people who love you are locked out.
I'm being harassed and I'm being stalked by reporters.
Someone put my address out on the internet, Joe, and my place was vandalized.
Do you have a place that you can stay? Yeah.
I'll be fine.
I just Honestly, was it even worth all this, turning Bobby in? Yes.
Our relationship is more about Bobby than it is about us.
I mean, if you really think about it, we barely know each other.
We need a reset.
Consider this new day a new start.
Yeah, it's something I learned about in therapy.
Anyway, um Hey, I'm Joe.
We went to Syracuse together.
I think we bumped in to each other at graduation.
What's your name? - Amy.
- Amy.
That's right.
So nice to see you again, Amy.
So what have you been doing the last 10 years, Joe? Oh, police officer.
- Mm.
- Mm.
And you? You know, just getting raided by the Feds.
- Wow.
- Nothing much.
Well, you'll have to tell me more about it.
- Mm-hmm.
- Look, I know this might be forward because we just met, but do you want to stay with me until it's safe to go home? I'd like that.
- It sounds rough.
- Oh, she was just so surly.
I mean, I should be acing criminal procedure, instead I'm getting bullied by some sentient amicus brief.
I-I don't really know what that means, but I do know that you are Jenny Banks, Syracuse valedictorian, head of the PTA four years in a row despite Liam's dad's attempt at a coup.
Oh, he really did try.
Yeah, and you destroyed him, okay? And that's the Jenny I fell in love with and she would never let some surly professor who doesn't even respect Madeleine Albright walk all over her.
You know what? This pep talk is working.
I am going to double down on studying.
Instead of sleeping in tomorrow, I'm gonna use that extra hour to study, and I am gonna be the best damn long distance working mom to ever walk the halls of this place.
What's going on with you? Uh Frank stopped by.
- What? - Don't worry, Chris is with Eric and Amy and there won't be any drunk dancing or piggyback rides, I promise.
- Thanks.
- Yeah, of course.
And get this, your dad said that he would send Frank to rehab if he's willing to get serious about it.
I'm assuming you turned him down.
Actually, I'm leaning towards accepting.
A truce? Have the planets aligned? Well, nothing sucker punches you in to a fresh start like an apology ten years overdue.
An apology and an offer, you sure it was my dad? I think so.
Now I just got to convince Frank.
All right, honestly, this could get bad.
You're looking at fatal liver failure.
Now, the good news is that it's reversible.
Okay, you quit drinking, you'll live.
You don't, you'll die.
I vote live.
Remind me what is it your son's got going on.
It's called spinal muscular atrophy.
He was diagnosed with it after you vanished.
Look, please stop evade Yeah, but is he Is he gonna be okay? Yeah.
He'll be fine.
He had spinal fusion surgery last year, that's the big hurdle.
- Maybe I should visit more.
- No.
Not if you don't quit drinking.
Look, I can help you.
I will help you.
I will take you to rehab.
Oh, my God.
As someone who loves you, it is so Ah, shut the hell up, Joe.
You don't know what you're talking about.
Oh, I don't know what I'm talking about? Look around the room.
Huh? Haven't you noticed that I'm the only one here? I hadn't called the family because Mom, Aunt Meg, Sarah, none of them would have come.
So on my day off, instead of spending it with my son, I have to help you.
I already buried my dad, and I will not I will not bury you next to him.
Well, the wrong man died that day.
I wasn't supposed to spend 9/11 at a football game.
I was supposed to be on duty, and my brother was supposed to be with you.
We promised each other that we'd help each other's families if the worst happened.
And then I failed you, and I failed him.
You weren't supposed to be at the game that day, you're right.
I was.
I chose not to go and my dad died because of it, so believe me when I say that you need to forgive yourself, get a fresh start, come back when you're sober, get to know us again, get to know Christopher, my Christopher.
You look so much like my brother.
All day I kept thinking about the Apollo.
And when I saw your boy, I just It's like I was six years old again, and we were watching the man walk on the moon, just me and my big brother.
I forgive you, Frank, but I can't save you.
I really hope that you can.
You deserve a fresh start.
I guess the day we fall back is as good a time as any.
Uncle Frank.
Oh, sorry.
It's funerals, you know? I know.
Let's go find our seats.
The day I graduated college I argued my way in to a meeting with State Attorney General Roberto Diaz.
When I got there, I pulled a list of policy proposals to prove to him why he should hire me, which he did not.
A month later, I got a call.
He created a role just for me.
On my first day, I asked why he took that chance.
And he pointed to this.
This watch belonged to Bobby's grandfather, Francisco.
This was the first thing that he bought after coming to the States, knowing that he achieved his family's dreams.
Bobby told me, "Abandoning your dreams is like "stealing your own future, and your future is dazzling.
" Tonight, at 2:00 a.
, we set back our clocks to mark the end of Daylight Savings Time, but this watch will remain as is so that in death Bobby can be as he was alive.
Always ahead of his time.
- It was beautiful.
- Thank you.
It was my honor.
But it did make me wonder, when exactly did you start sleeping with my husband? You did great.
- I-I dislike corn mazes - Okay.
Because I got lost in one when I was a little kid.
Duly noted.
No corn.
Um, hmm.
Dislike, don't hate me, but I kind of think that Billy Joel's lame.
What? It's dad rock.
I mean, when you told me that you wanted to be the next Billy Joel at graduation, I was like, "Okay, Piano Man, how old is this guy?" Wow.
Well, despite that bombshell, I am a sucker for a girl in llama pajamas.
Um I have one more dislike.
That's cheating.
It's not really a dislike.
It's, um I'm nervous about dating a cop.
Why? - Officer, this is a mistake.
- Gimme this hand.
This is a mistake.
You have the wrong person.
What's happening? Let him go! No, no, Amy.
Let go of him! So I have a record in Florida.
It's been expunged, but assaulting an officer, vandalism, and resisting an arrest.
I got a month of clean-up, but my dad got two years for a crime he didn't commit, and became unemployable, still can't vote.
While your uncle is on paid leave for a crime he admitted to.
See why there's a little mistrust with our boys in blue? I understand why you'd be nervous, but I'm not that kind of cop and I never would be.
I know.
I mean, I just I would have handled that totally differently and I miss that.
I miss responding to real people in the moment.
And doing it right.
Not just after the fact.
So is being a detective a dislike? I dislike being dismissed and obstructed every step of the way at my first investigation.
I like being beat cop better.
So then why don't you go in tomorrow and tell your boss that, get reassigned? And get demoted.
Well, not a demotion.
A reset.
A reset? Well, I never thought to advocate for myself in that way.
Well, start advocating for yourself, buddy, And you know what? Change your clock later so you're not late to work tomorrow.
Might as well change it now, that way we get an extra hour together.
Do not let your heart be troubled.
You believe in God, believe also in me.
My Father's house has many rooms Hey, what's up? Long day.
I'm worried about my friends.
That's 'cause you're a good one, and I'm worried about you.
I will come back Are you sure? We got coworkers around.
It's okay with me, if it's okay with you.
It's okay with me.
I know that, uh, I came here to play, not speak, but I've heard a lot today about what a statesman Bobby was.
But I also wanted to say that he was a great friend.
Especially to my wife, Amy, which I've always been grateful for.
Why be afraid If I'm not alone Life is never easy To rest in unknown Up to now for me it's been Regina, do you have a minute? I suppose you're gonna keep talking regardless of my response, so.
I'm sorry.
What happened between us was a one-time thing.
- Bobby loved you.
- Thank you.
But I think we both know he did not.
Still, that doesn't give you license to humiliate me.
Bobby only took that watch off to shower and have sex, and he shouldn't have been doing either of those things with you.
Yet, you felt the need to parade it at his funeral, an heirloom watch, that I would have liked to have given Bobby Jr.
, and you decided it should go in the ground.
Oh, Regina, I am so sorry.
Don't apologize again.
You've done enough.
It was a beautiful ceremony, and your husband sang my wedding song beautifully, and it must have felt good to stay busy.
So I've decided I should stay busy.
I've accepted the governor's nomination for succession, I'm taking Bobby's congressional seat.
Thank you.
My office will be in touch.
Part of the plan I'll be so much stronger Holding your hand I'm, uh, glad your parents could be your lifeline today, but I wish it would have been me.
- Joe.
- Which is selfish, I know.
I didn't know how to help you because I have been so checked out.
I want to start over.
No more secrets 'cause I'm worried.
I'm worried if we don't, it's The beginning of the end.
Look, it wasn't just you today, okay? I think at some level I was Avoiding you.
And if you really mean no secrets, then there's something I need to tell you.
When I thought you were having an affair with Jenny - I can't say sorry enough.
- Joe, I slept with Bobby.
Coming out of the dark I know the love that saved me You're sharing with me Joe.
Ever I stand on the rock of your love I have to tell you something.
Um I'm glad you came over.
Should we press it together? All right.
On three? One, two, three.
- - I finally see the light now And it's shining on me Shining on me Coming out of the dark I know the love that saved me You're sharing with Me Coming out of the dark
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