Orphan Black (2013) s05e02 Episode Script

Clutch of Greed

1 Your sisters, I know how they feel sometimes.
I spent a great deal of time and I lost a great deal of money searching for you Corkscrew through the back of a hand.
- Classic Siobhan.
- Now Ferdinand's pissed off.
Welcome to your revival.
Sustaining life off the grid since 1908.
How old is old P.
now? 170 last June.
Rachel is ramping up their agenda.
And this has something to do with it.
Whatever this place is, it's the answer.
Helena was out murdering God's creatures - and my husband abandoned me.
- They want a truce.
(moaning) Stick in belly.
We're gonna get you to the hospital, OK? You and I are going to cure us all.
It's a new day, Sarah.
- - (chimes) - Mummy? Wake up.
- Mmm - Just a little more - Mom - No monkey - You're gonna have to let go.
You need to listen to her.
(hushed): Kira! (moaning and grunting) Rachel.
(hushed): Ah, Jesus.
No! Hey! Not again! Hey! I know you can hear me! You bitch! Come in here! Hey! Rage, Sarah, rage.
- Let it all out.
- Where's Kira? I will kill you for this.
Siobhan already tried.
Don't worry, I was restrained from above.
Rachel's donned the velvet glove for you and yours.
- She wants to parley.
- Yeah? You wanna put her in here with me? Cage match? Can't wait (electronic beep) Hello, Sarah.
Ahem! As you can see, I'm at home, perfectly safe and sound.
Alison, what the hell is going on? Well, Helena and Donnie are lost in the barrens, but Rachel's very nice Neos have brought me home, and I'm, I'm back to my busy schedule.
Art is here too! I'm sorry, Sarah, there's no more wiggle room.
You can call it a truce, or whatever, but they gonna want you all to come on in.
What about Cosima? Yo, Sarah.
(clearing her throat) Apparently they're keen on me staying here.
Are you all right? No! I'm at Dyad, Cos, what about you? What about your cure? Rachel administered it to me herself.
My trial is underway.
- Are you serious? - Yeah.
If it proves efficacious on me, then I'm to expand treatment to all the Leda sisters.
Holy shit! Yeah, I think those were my exact words too.
(sighing): How how you Hey! Hey! Sounds like she's got work to do.
Cosima's on the mend.
Alison in her craft room.
Oh, Sarah, wouldn't you like to go home? Rachel is offering everything that's been taken from you.
So is Sarah Manning finally ready to behave? (theme music) (electronic ringing) The Board is assembling for you at one pm, Ma'am.
Thank you, Mr.
And Sarah is on her way up.
(dramatic musical rise) (electronic elevator bell) (sighing) So you've gone full Neo now, eh? - I'm not buying it.
- Why not? I saw you kill a Neo with a baseball bat.
Well, that was personal.
This is something else entirely.
She's ready.
Sarah Where's my daughter? She's here.
Milk or lemon? Kira.
As soon as we speak.
You've been asleep for some time.
Siobhan and I registered Kira back at school.
As soon as we're done here, you can go back to your old home together.
Felix is waiting.
Lemon on the side.
Cut the shit.
What are you after? Your cooperation with Kira.
We'd like to study her, here at Dy It will barely affect your lives.
Shove it up your bleached arse.
Regularly scheduled visits.
A low-impact, non-invasive study.
- Study of what? - Of her unique physiology.
- She's special, we both know that.
- She's a little girl.
Why? What are you looking for? Anything we find will of course be proprietary.
But she isn't.
She's yours.
We want a change an end to this war.
Who? You and that 170-year-old man? Yes.
Westmorland put me in charge.
Everything is different now.
He's real.
And, God willing, Cosima's cure works.
It's in all our best interest.
Hi, baby.
(sighing) You alright? - We're good, Sarah.
- Yeah Looking forward to being back in our own house.
Yeah, it's OK, Mum.
We're fine now.
You're not going along with this, are you? I am.
It's all down to you now, Sarah.
Please, Mum Hey Alison, it's Mum.
The kids are doing well here, but you know, they'd love to hear from you.
- (Beep) - I told you, Donnie hasn't called.
- I don't even know where he is.
- Alison, it's important we find him.
My hunch is he's with your prego sister.
Alison, Reverend Mike here.
We missed you at the Fall fair planning session, so Nona Walker's taken over as Coordinator.
- (Beep) - What? (machine): No more messages.
See? No Donnie, no Helena, and if you'll excuse me, I have to stop an insurrection at the church Fall fair.
You're not going anywhere.
Art, I have a thousand things to do.
Until they get back, you're gonna have to stay here.
So I'm just supposed to sit here like a bump on a log? You're crafty, aren't you? Come on, look at this shit.
Start your Christmas cards.
Knit a sweater.
(deep breath) The easier you make this for us the easier you make it on my new partner here.
Just ride it out, Alison.
But they better turn up soon.
(gloomy music and vacuum effect) (heart monitor beeping) (deep, laboured breath) (farting) Oh! Whoa! Hello, you're back! My babies Helena, the, ah the operation was good.
They removed the impaled object and you're gonna be fine.
Where is sestra Alison? I don't know.
I wish I could call and see, but - since she was taken by Neos - No, don't call.
I know.
You just need to relax and consider your babies.
One of them is hurt.
Yeah, well, there is a small issue with one of them Oh, we're awake! Good! What is what is wrong with my baby? It's gonna be fine.
But the stick did puncture the amniotic sac and sternum of one of the twins.
So, we're going to do another ultrasound.
The Neonatal specialist is on her way in.
- Neo? - That's not what you're thinking.
What are you thinking? - Nothing.
- OK then, why don't we pull down these sheets and have a look? No, no, no, it's OK.
She's a nurse.
Do you want me to do it? I'll do it.
I'll do it.
(musical peak) (indistinct chatter) Thanks.
Now what is that? I think this is seaweed.
They said that these are vitamins.
Everyone here takes them.
Uh hey, well, I don't think we will, OK? But maybe that's what makes P.
Westmorland live so long.
(coughing) Isn't your treatment working? Oh, it's not that fast.
You know the drill, it's a trial, right? Mm-hm.
Well I think you're gonna get better.
- Do you know that girl? - Mm-hm.
That's Aisha.
She's sick, but P.
is gonna cure her as well.
Yeah, he's so full of promises up there, isn't he? Do you think I can meet her? (door opening) - Uncle Felix! - I see you, hey.
Wanna go get your school stuff there, babe.
- OK.
- You're actually here - Yeah, I'm good - Aw touching.
Won't you choke on your own vomit.
Yeah, piss off.
I will, and I am.
Just as long as when the final bell tolls at school today, Rachel picks up Kira and takes her for her first Dyad visit.
The Principal is aware that Auntie Rachel shares a loose custody, due to, well you.
- Are we clear? - Yeah, we're clear.
- So, what the hell are we gon - Sh, sh, sh (starting the vacuum cleaner) They might be listening.
There's been eyes on the house all morning.
It's like we're in the bloody panopticon.
God, are you kidding me? What do we do? What, we're not gonna give Kira to them We know.
But my people are being watched too.
We haven't quite figured out an escape plan yet.
- I'm on it.
- What are you gonna do? Out the basement window, cross Beaslie's yard, - just avoid the end of the street - I know, I know! Who do you think invented sneaking out of this house? I did! (chuckle) You did, actually.
This time, you're gonna go out the front door with your daughter by the hand.
- Come on, let's go! - OK Off to school then, yeah? Yeah.
Uncle Felix says the trick on the first day of school is to find the biggest kid in the yard and hit him in the nose.
What?! What do you think? - No.
- Good, 'cause I don't want you stressing over anything, today, yeah? - Your only job is to have fun.
- I know.
And don't worry about me after school with Auntie Rachel.
Hey, no, no, no.
We don't call her "Auntie".
- But it's different now.
- Hey! Welcome back, Kira! I'm Mr.
Mitchell, Kira's homeroom teacher.
- Sarah, her mum.
- Sorry to hear about your car accident.
Yeah, it was a bitch.
- Come on.
- Bye Mum! Bye! - Do you have any Bunsen burners? - Bunsen burners? (indistinct conversations and foreboding music) Listen, we need you back on the Island.
We need you back with Susan.
But if you're gonna help us, Ira, it means you go against Rachel.
Rachel stabbed my Susan.
What can I do? For now you can wait upstairs, Scott and I are gonna be up in a couple of minutes.
- Yes.
- Hey, your mom's gonna be OK.
Thank you.
Clone phones, version 5.
End to end encryption, hopefully.
Me, S, Helena, Alison, Sarah we got extras here.
- We found M.
- Oh my God, you're joking.
Where did you find her? She contacted one of our Sarah Manning avatars.
We verified it.
It's her.
Where is she really, though? - Like, geographically? - Her last message was like, twenty minutes ago.
That's my loft.
(dramatic musical punch) (quick heartbeat and beeping monitor) Mrs.
Hendrix? I'm Doctor Slaight.
- What do you want? - I spoke with your surgeon.
He said he discussed a C-section with you? Depending on your baby's chest injury, I might still recommend that.
They are too young.
Let's have another look shall we? - (hushed): It's OK.
- It was that one, there.
Are you sure? I saw the previous images.
- I don't see it.
- What is problem? (Donnie): Yeah? Look, I'm gonna order a CA scan, but don't be alarmed.
(heartbeat and heart monitor beeping) Can I get a CAT scan for Mrs.
Hendrix? Come on, Doc.
You're freaking us out.
What's going on here? It's good news: the wound is no longer visible.
"No longer visible", what does that mean? Frankly, I'm not sure.
It's remarkable.
(indistinct conversations) So, Charlotte told me that, um, you met Mr.
He came and looked at me.
- When was that? - After the French Doctor.
She says Delphine was very nice.
Did, um, did he tell you what kind of cancer you have? Uh, Willem's tumour.
"Wilms'" tumour, right? Yeah.
You must be very tough.
(door opening) Cosima What are you doing? Uh we're doing school, what does it look like? Come with me.
He wants to see you.
(suspenseful transition music) I don't know what it all means either, but whoever the man behind the curtain is, he's put Rachel in charge, which means he's on my hit list.
- Are you sure we're safe? - No, but I have swept twice, there's no one listening.
(Sarah sighs.
) There must be records.
I mean, if you live that long We need to get digging.
(video call) - What's up? - Hi.
- What's wrong? - Sorry.
Um I found M.
She broke into my loft.
- M.
? - Hello, Sarah.
Shall we lose the slasher mask, please? Go on, it's alright.
She's your family, she needs to know.
I've been sick for a long time now, Sarah.
Oh my God.
Why didn't you tell us? Cosima's working on a treatment, right now, she she's testing it on herself.
(deep coughing) I know, Felix told me.
But listen, we've been watching Dyad and they're recruiting naive surrogates.
Rachel wants to restart human cloning.
Not to interrupt, but I I don't think you're safe there.
Rachel's people are watching the house and the school, not here.
, don't worry, alright? They think I'm with you.
Look, with your network down, M.
thinks that she might be able to get Sarah and Kira away.
Really? How? I've been hiding a long time, Sarah.
If you can get Kira out from under their surveillance, - then I can move you today.
- OK.
Hey, M.
? You're with us now.
Alright? And there's nobody who can help you more than our sister Cosima.
(coughing) P.
doesn't meet with just anyone.
- He told me you were special.
- Yeah, you talk to him a lot? Yeah, of course.
I live here.
Who are you, Mud? Don't be nervous.
I'll be waiting right out here.
(old song playing, man singing) Hello? Thinking of you (song louder now) (coughing) (song still going) (suspenseful music added) That tortoise belonged to Darwin himself.
She lived here 'til the ripe old age of 263.
A record.
Like mine.
(song still going) Wow! That's really you, in the picture? Please, sit.
Through Neolution science and my own genetics, I've lived a very long life.
Now perhaps we could work the same magic on you.
- (little chuckle) - Now, your results from last night were well, remarkable.
It appears you've developed very elegant immunostealthing vector.
Are these the transgene expression levels? Indeed.
- It appears effective.
- (clinking of glasses) Now how would you feel about continuing on with your work, after you've developed a cure for yourself and your sisters? Uh, well, where do you see my work going? Well, we follow the science.
Uh, no disrespect, but I know you created me, and I've no interest in being part of your collection.
So what the hell is the point of all of this? Conan Doyle penned a poem on the very subject.
You know, we delighted in theological satire back then.
Cheeky Arthur.
He imagined a debate between microscopic cheese mites trying to determine the origin of their chunk of cheese, whether it came down from above or rose from the platter below.
"They argued it long "and they argued it strong, "and I hear they are arguing it now.
"But of all the choice spirits "that lived in the cheese, not one of them thought of a cow.
" (little quiet chuckle) You'll have full access to the lab.
Go! Save Charlotte.
Save your sisters.
And perhaps one day, you'll cast your keen eyes in the direction of the cow.
(little chuckle) (deep breathing) When does it start to hurt? The goal isn't arousal.
It's transcendence.
I've been more aroused at high tea.
- Hit me.
- I need you to understand.
Westmorland has made me feel whole.
(emotionally): My whole life I've searched for my purpose.
You mean point-manning the genetic future of the human race? Yes.
It's why I exist.
Don't tell me you slept with him.
I'm not going to hit you, Ferdinand.
I don't need to anymore.
Then, we'll work.
(blowing off some air) I, uh, take it that your G-Men secured the scene, everything's kosher? Yes.
Kira's at school, Siobhan and her brood are back at the house.
You can call the car, they have it all in hand.
Well, I don't know what kind of help you surround yourself with anymore, but by all means, let's go and collect Kira.
You can be part of this change or you can be part of the past.
(monitors beeping) Helena, calm down, she's a Neo-Natal Doctor, not a Neo.
My babies are special like Kira.
They want our biologies.
You think the baby healed in, like, hours? Yes.
Like Sarah, I make miracle babies.
The doctor wants to cut it from my belly.
- Ah! - Ah! I have to go.
Jesus, Helena, where? I will tell you.
But on pain of your juicy heart devoured by Baba Yaga only Sarah can know where I hide.
(inaudible) - Seriously? - Sh, sh, sh OK, before your CAT Scan, are you familiar with an amniocentesis? - Needle.
- Uh, is that medically necessary? I'll explain everything to your wife, Mr.
Our staff would like to talk to you about her accident.
Standard stuff, just a few questions.
Sir? This way please.
Yeah, OK.
Um you'll be alright, "Alison?" (strange music and heart monitor beeping) Felix, make sure they get a good look at you.
Hello, bastards! So, we're going into M.
's underground? What does that look like? Well, we meet a driver, who takes you to another driver, and then another.
She knows what she's doing.
says that when you do this, the door closes behind you forever.
Sarah, you know that you and Kira can never come back? - What time is it? - Bell rings in two hours.
There must be at least a dozen men between here and the school.
But thanks to our misspent youth, I can get in and out via the basement, no problem.
When we do this, they're gonna down on you hard.
So you have to make sure that Mika is safe and stable.
Yeah, yeah, she's gonna drive herself to the lab, OK? And Scott will take care of her, good.
Sarah, look at this.
Something you'll enjoy it's from M.
Oh shit, she's hacked into Dyad's security cameras.
OK, you cow Let's go kidnap my daughter.
(dramatic musical peak) (indistinct voices of children) Is this what it's like to be a parent? How banal.
Well, you seem to have this in hand, I'm gonna watch from the other side of the building.
So, the trick to multiplying by 9 is the first digit is always one less, and then the second digit adds to 9.
OK so, you teach the class, I'm gonna kick back in the teachers' lounge with Call of Duty.
- (giggles) - (knocking) Kira? (intense music) Well, she's busting you out early, Kiki.
- See you tomorrow? - I hope so.
Thank you.
Good? Mom? Where are we going? We're making a break for it.
But until we're free, do call me Auntie Rachel.
Come on, faster.
Mom, are you sure this is a good idea? Yes.
I'm not letting Rachel take you back (bell ringing) OK, that is it, everyone.
Remember, your book reports are due Tuesday.
Who's got choir class? You two.
- Let's go! You're late! - (indistinct chatter) Where is Kira Manning? Uh Did you lose her? (suspenseful music) Shit.
No running! Excuse me.
There's a man who's following me, there.
Do you see him? Do you recognize that man? (indistinct voices) Hi.
Can I help you? I'm picking up my wife and daughter.
Blonde down the hall there? Right.
Could you come with me to the office, sir? - Shit.
- Hey! Sir! I'm gonna have to report you! (musical peak) - Hey! This way.
- Hey! (phone ringing) - Are you clear? - Yeah.
I lost the Neo and I'm out.
You good? Yeah.
Get to the rendez-vous.
Sarah, we got a problem.
didn't go to the lab, she hasn't moved from my place.
She'll be all right, Felix! No she won't! Sarah? OK, well I've got time to get her there.
Meet me at the pick-up.
- Alright? Just go.
- Sarah Go, go, go.
We need to draw some amniotic fluid from your womb.
So let's give you a local, OK? Don't worry, Mrs.
Hendrix, I've done hundreds of these.
Amnio is for genetic testing.
To collect DNA.
I have read books.
Then you also know that amnios check for infection.
Which in your case a tree branch puncture is a real concern.
- Do you understand? - (monitor beeping) Yes, I understand puncture.
(screaming in pain) Shh, shh, shh (moaning) Car keys.
(moaning) Shh (still moaning) - Is this gonna take long? - Obstetrics, Code White.
- Obstetrics, Code White.
- Let's go.
What's going on? (indistinct voices) Don't move.
Obstetrics, Code White.
Obstetrics, Code White.
(indistinct voices, and yelps) How could you let them slip out of the house? Ferdinand, pick up! Where are you? Why are you calling? Is something wrong? I'm coming to get you.
You're not giving up, M.
- No, no, no - Alright? - This isn't the plan.
- I'll take you to Scott.
- No, you're not.
- You'll be safe with him.
I'm too tired, Sarah.
You should not have come.
We're all tired, M.
, but we can't do this without each other.
- Wait, Sarah! - What? You were followed.
You have five seconds to hide.
(stressful music) (engine stopped) Sarah? Sarah! - M.
? It's Ferdinand.
- I know.
- They're watching you.
- You have to leave.
I can't.
I can't.
Go back to Kira.
I'm here now.
I'm not leaving without you.
Open up! (panting) - Sarah.
- Lock the door.
Get your stuff.
We need to go.
I told you; I'm too tired, Sarah.
I've been running my whole life.
I know you have.
So have I.
But we run on principle.
It's all we've got left.
(alarm from the computer) Shit shit! He's coming up! Get your stuff! - No, I'm not going.
- What? Give me your clothes.
I'll pretend to be you.
It's the only way.
No! There's no time! I will buy you time.
Time for Kira.
Mika, you can't do this - (hushed): you can't do this.
- Westmorland his story is the key to all of this.
But it doesn't add up.
Where did he build his power? What is he doing with it? He's hard to trace, hidden deep.
I have been trying to find him.
New privacy networks, cryptocurrency marketplaces, there's no data, there's not enough data, we need more data Mika, I just want to save my daughter, I know.
But this is bigger than that.
(Ferdinand): Sarah! Car keys.
End of the alley.
Thank you for trying, Sarah.
(panting) I wish it could have been different for us.
Me too.
- (hard impacts nearby) - Go! Go.
(two hard impacts) (other hard impact) (panting) (hard impact) (hard hitting and groaning) (opening and closing of doors) (hard impact and groan) Ah Been expecting me, Sarah? Sod off.
I wanted you to find me.
You have no idea the volcano that outfit is inspiring in me right now.
Turn around slowly.
Sit down.
- Let's talk about this.
- Oh, I think it's about time, Rachel, you started following my instructions, don't you? (groaning with effort) (other effort groan) - Veera Suominen.
- (gasping) Well, this is even better.
(car approaching) She's on her own.
What's going on, what happened? What happened to M.
? Nothing, babe, she's gonna be fine.
- She's not fine.
- Come on, come on.
You and I we're going in this van, here.
- No, I wanna go to school! - I know, I know, it's hard.
But we're gonna just we're gonna keep you safe.
I am safe! Kira - get in the car! - No.
Get in the car.
(with effort): You can't hurt me anymore.
Oh, pardon me, Rachel? After all those years I invested in you.
All that money, which is so fantastic, because you stole it from me, didn't you, Veera? This is like two revenge fantasies in one! I even get to finish Helsinki.
(snorting and spitting) - You can't hurt me anymore.
- Oh yes, I can.
You hurt me, Rachel.
(sobbing) - You hurt me! - (choking) - You've hurt me! - (cracking sound) - You've hurt me! - (moaning) You've hurt me! - (screams) - (loud and final cracking sound) (panting) (soft piano music) M.
is dead.
- Sarah - Just let me let me - She's not dead! - She's dead, I know it! You couldn't know that.
You can't know that.
- I don't feel her anymore! - Don't say that I want to know why I'm like this! - And I don't wanna go with you! - It's enough! - I'm going with Rachel! - No! That's enough! Let go! You wanna go with Rachel?! You heard her.
She wants to know why she's like this.
We can't run from it any longer.
(bittersweet music) (engine starting) (sobbing) Well, small mercies.
Thank you.
They've given themselves up back at the house.
I like to think in some small, heinous way I had something to do with that.
You disobeyed my orders.
You made a mockery of me.
Who are you now, exactly? It was all for you, Rachel.
Would you make sure the body is taken care of? And see Mr.
Chevalier out to the street.
(big breath) (big sigh) (birds chirping) Let's go.
Good luck on the island, Ira.
Thank you, Felix.
It's time.
(sad music) Kira (small sobs) I know it's been a sad day but we are going to take such good care of you.
(knocking) (foreboding music) (arming of gun) Jesus.
- I'm not a ghost.
- Yeah, I heard.
You're still the last person I expected on my doorstep.
Are you alone? Because I don't have much time and I don't know who to trust.
Neither do I.
But Sarah can't know I'm here.
This has to stay between us.
It's safer if they don't know we're communicating.
I'm listening.
I made the fair what it is today and I will not be side-lined by Nona Walker.
Well they said that you might do this, to try to undermine me.
Who said that? She thinks Rachel's gonna teach her who she is and I'm just this bitch who just says no.
I am Highland dancing later today.
- We have a search warrant.
- It's like our entire life is a lie.
(bagpipe music and crowd reaction)