Orphan Black: Echoes (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

Unless You Trusted Someone

- Hello?
- Who the hell is Jules?
Uh, what? Jules?
Josh, did you rebuild the printer?
Wha Who, who said I did that?
Josh, did you print out a
16-year-old version of my dead wife?
I-I-I can't, it's not even
Oh my God. You did, didn't you?
I am coming to your house.
Don't bother. I moved.
He, uh, he is a scientist.
We came up together.
He helped me make you.
But I can take it from here.
We have to get to Darros.
Josh is our way to do that.
He'll know what he's using
the printer for.
Well, does Josh have
a partner or a friend?
Josh has a sick cat.
The vet.
The vet. They will know
where he lives now.
Gillespie Veterinary Clinic,
Dewar Animal Hospital
That's the one. Dewar.
They don't open until tomorrow at 7:00.
I'll I'll meet you there.
Why should I trust you?
Lucy, I made you.
I'm responsible for you and
for whoever else is out there.
And I can't just walk away from that.
Okay. I'll see you in the morning.
All right.
Wes had this for some reason.
Jules, everything
you just told me, it's crazy.
But I believe you.
I'm going to call the Darros
Foundation first thing tomorrow.
I think they'll have some answers.
Paul Darros?
As in the Darros Logistics
that owns your bank?
Yes. He oversaw your placement with us.
He had heard that we were
looking to adopt again.
And one day, we got a call
saying that there was
this great kid who needed a home.
The foundation wanted to sponsor you,
but they wanted to remain anonymous.
They wanted you to feel
like a normal kid.
Mission not accomplished.
I'm going to go get Wes,
and then we'll all go someplace safe.
Did you get my voicemail?
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
I need you to come with me, kiddo.
- Come on.
- No way.
Give me your phone.
Dr. Teller? What's what's going on?
Jules is being removed from your care.
James can fill you in on the details.
- What?
- Neva, I am so sorry
- Come on. Now.
- How could you do it?
Step out of the car. This is
a court order. Now! Let's go.
How could you?
- No! Stop!
- Mom?
- Stop!
- Stand back please.
Just wait!
You're not taking her!
If you make a scene,
I promise you'll be sorry.
Get in.
Stop! Wait!
No, no, no, no, no, no! No!
I didn't think you'd be back
from your trip till tomorrow.
I'm home.
Remember the Alleman grant
that Katherine wrote?
- Yeah.
- Anyway, we got it.
So I flew back early
to celebrate with the team.
I'm glad you're home.
- Hey.
- Hey. What's up?
I know you said you
didn't want to talk about
this anymore after what happened, but
there's a lot of data in this
more recent scan of Eleanor.
- It's super, super high-res.
- No.
I told you. I am destroying the machine.
Kira, come on.
- That was a lot of work.
- Yeah.
And look what happened.
Look what we did.
I know. We needed more detail.
And we have it.
It's here.
If we use that scan, she will
still develop Alzheimer's
in two years. I can't do it again.
That's why we chose the younger scan.
But did you read that new
study out of Wake Forest?
That drug is really promising.
It can delay the onset of symptoms.
Maybe it can buy you a few years
to improve the neuron
transplant treatment.
She'd remember you.
And Lucas.
Please Josh, just leave me alone.
It's your decision.
I just I know how much
she means to you.
Are you ready?
Do you know where you are?
Wha what do you mean?
I'm at home.
Yeah. You, uh you had a spill.
- A spill?
- Yeah, at the pool.
We ran a CAT, and, uh,
you had a pretty severe concussion.
You might feel like
you've lost some time,
but you know that that's normal.
It'll take a minute
to get back up to speed.
We'll work on it together.
Crappy hospital soap.
Morning, Officer.
Was I speeding?
Hey, crazy morning.
Rain check?
Yeah, I uh
I got a crazy morning too.
Yeah, I've gotta go to Chemplicate.
Since when does the boss
go to the chemical wholesaler
- in the morning this early?
- Uh, there's a new VP.
Wants to show me
some new products apparently.
Blah, blah, blah. I'll uh
I'll see you later, though.
Good morning, Jules.
It's six a.m. Eastern Standard Time.
The temperature is
54 degrees Fahrenheit.
Can you let me out?
Please speak or
enter your five-digit passcode.
Access denied.
Please try again.
Go to hell.
Take the bad times ♪
You were trying to escape.
- Wow, you really are a genius.
- I apologise.
They shouldn't have locked you in here,
and I'm gonna make sure
that doesn't happen again.
How'd you sleep?
Look, uh
I'm not gonna play games with you
'cause you're too smart, Jules.
I printed you.
Why the hell did you do that?
You know, let's not take on
too much right now
because you've been through a
very traumatic experience and
You're the one who traumatised me!
Sending your fake cops to kidnap me?
Having Pam brainwash me into
thinking my parents were dead?
What do you want with me?
You won't even answer my questions!
I will. When you're ready.
I'm ready now.
Tell me why you printed me.
Tell me who I am.
Tell me!
If you need anything to eat,
uh read, grow, anything,
just ask the nearest person.
Everyone here is a resource.
Do you like your room?
My room?
Are you insane?
It's your favourite colour.
Access granted. Bye, Paul.
You can leave whenever you like.
What's in there?
Yeah not yet.
- So I'm free to go?
- Hmm.
Got too close to the sonic field.
Where did it go?
The sound.
It, uh, stops when you move away.
It works like a fence.
It goes around the whole property.
Did I pass out?
I don't know. Did you?
You're helpful.
I'm Xander.
I work here.
I was about to harvest the matsutakes
and found you like this.
Do you have a phone?
Uh, they're not allowed here.
The boss doesn't want anything
to mess with our whole
"off the grid" thing.
Matsutakes can only be cultivated
with coniferous trees.
Our proprietary blend
of Japanese red pine mulch.
That terrarium is a simulation
of a forest in Hokkaido.
- You grow things?
- Sometimes.
We should, uh, probably get
you some help with that knee.
So how bad is it?
The Alzheimer's that I have
coming my way in 20 years.
Do you know that what you did was wrong?
You know I haven't had a single
night's peace since you left.
Well, you said you'd spent
all this time looking for me.
What were you gonna do
when you found me?
I wanted to make sure that you knew
who you were supposed to be.
Now I want to make sure it never
happens to anybody else.
I still haven't heard back from Jules.
I'm starting to freak out a bit.
Mrs. Tartakovich?
I hope Jennipurr's stomach gets better.
Thanks for the rush on these.
You'd think my husband
would be on it, right?
- Mm. Men.
- Yeah, men.
Damn. It's a P.O. box.
So, guess we're going
to the post office.
They won't just give us
his home address.
That's the whole point of a P.O. box.
If you ask the right person,
they will tell you anything.
We have to at least try.
Oh, I have to go home.
We're not done.
No This is urgent.
Fine. I'll talk to Jack
about the P.O. box.
What is all this?
People make stuff here.
May I?
Try not to move.
And just like that.
How does that work?
I don't know, but it works fast.
Don't touch that!
A giant rock.
I think it was gonna be a rocket.
It's made of graphene.
The guy that worked on it
said it was the lightest
material known to man.
But graphene's super rare.
Well, nothing's rare here.
Franklinia alatamaha.
I've read about this plant.
It's supposed to be extinct.
How are you guys growing this?
Someone found a fossil of a Franklinia
on some rock in Georgia.
Mr. Darros had it flown up here
There she is, like she never left.
What is this place?
Like, really?
Mr. Darros wants to make
the world a better place.
So he sponsors different
scientists, brings them here,
and they can really do
some amazing work.
How long have you worked here?
- Few years.
- You like him?
Mr. Darros? He's been good to me.
You wanna see something I worked on?
Hey. Tea?
I'll pass on tea.
I want something cold instead.
Really? But it's gonna be a long night.
Caffeine might help.
Dinner with Lucas's new lady friend?
Did you forget?
You know what? I did.
Actually looking forward to it.
- Oh my God. Why?
- Lucas.
Our Lucas is bringing home
a girl he's known for a week?
Sounds like he's finally gonna get laid.
Oh, God.
El, why would you put
that thought in my head?
Who crawled up your butt
while I was gone?
And more importantly,
when is she leaving?
How was Chemplicate?
Oh, yeah. It was, uh, it was fine.
We're not gonna go with any
of their new products.
They're too expensive.
Sure you don't want tea?
Leave it on the counter.
I'll drink it later.
- All right, well, don't forget.
- Yes, ma'am.
Check this out.
Whole thing is made of,
and runs on, mycelium.
No battery.
Just mushrooms.
They've got a few of these
on Mars right now.
This is wild.
Who made this?
Um, she's from Nigeria.
I don't know her last name.
I just helped her forage the mushrooms.
Wait Grace Taiwo?
You know her?
She's the greatest living botanist.
Mr. Darros is very particular.
Pretty cool, huh?
Listen, Xander.
I need to get home.
Can you help me get out of here?
Uh, what do you mean?
Could you turn off the sound field?
I'm sorry, I I can't.
I'd lose my job.
Yeah, okay.
Thanks for the Band-Aid.
Even if you made it past
the sound field,
there's still 20 miles
to the nearest road.
And there's these crazy woods
that you have to go through,
and there's bears. It's not safe.
Then you'd better help me.
Wait up.
Wow, that's a whole lot.
She says it's everything she knows.
Who I was supposed to be.
How she made me.
And she's rich?
And pushy.
But, uh, you I mean, future you
you marry her, right?
Eleanor did. Not me.
Listen. Look at me.
You and Charlie are the only two people
in the whole world that matter to me.
I just want us to be together and safe.
But this guy who's been hunting me,
the only way to get him to stop
is to find out what
he's doing with this machine.
And why he printed Jules.
So, three people.
Me. Charlie. And Jules.
- Jack.
- I get it.
I just We can't stay here
forever, you know?
I'm trying. I just
There's this other guy, uh, he
might know where the printer is.
He's, he's been really
hard to track down.
- All I have is a P.O. box.
- Civilian?
- Yeah.
- I'll check it out for you.
Thank you.
Yeah. Um, I'm trying to pick my major.
Right now it's a tossup.
Divinity studies or pre-med.
So I took this class,
they call it God and Science.
It was so fascinating.
It's one of the hardest
classes they offer.
- But Rhona got an A.
- Good for you.
An egghead. You'll fit in here.
Mom? Your food okay?
Yeah, yeah, sorry.
- Long day.
- Oh.
- So, God and science
- Mm-hmm.
Well, it sounds like
you already made up your mind.
And anybody who entertains
theology as a framework
for science doesn't believe in science.
So, uh, I'd go with
Divinity Studies if I were you.
It's late. Is that work?
Uh, it's, uh, it's Derrick.
He He wants to know
if we wanna go and see a movie.
Um, Derrick is my bio-dad.
- Mm.
- Yeah, we're all friends.
So, turns out you can
choose your family.
Well, to be fair,
it wasn't exactly a rigorous
selection process.
We picked the smartest and
the least terrible man we knew.
I, uh, I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to trash theology.
I just just hate God.
- Mom!
- Hm?
What the hell has gotten into you?
- You're being a dick.
- No, it's okay, Lucas.
No, it's not. I'm sorry.
Kira's just out of sorts lately.
Wow. Wow, okay.
Can't you two ever just be normal?
Rhona. I am so sorry.
No, don't be.
I'm just grateful to be here.
Family is hard.
I only have my mom, and she's not
Well, let's just say I preferred my dad.
But he died when I was five. So
But I really appreciate you
having me at your family table,
even if it's hard.
We're glad you're here.
Access granted.
Don't be long.
We need to be quick.
Security checks his office every hour.
The clicker for the sound field
is in here somewhere.
Weird move, Captain Planet.
Don't touch that.
What is it?
I got the clicker.
I was awful to that poor girl.
You weren't at your nicest.
It's your
You still going to the store?
Yeah, I am going to make you
get me more candy.
Have you been having sex
with someone else?
It's definitely not
It's just sex.
I don't know if that helps
you feel better or not.
I don't know.
Please say something, Kira.
I want you to be happy.
And if having
sex with someone
that isn't me makes you happy then I
- What's going on with you?
- Nothing. Nothing is going on.
Then ask me why.
Ask me why I'm having sex
with someone else.
- Maybe I don't want to know.
- Well, maybe you should.
Or haven't you noticed what's
going on in your own marriage?
Well, we're okay.
No, Kira. We're not okay.
We haven't been okay for a while.
It's like, it's like one day,
you are riding my ass
about drinking tea!
And the next,
you're falling all over yourself
to do whatever it is that I want!
You're needy all the time.
And now, you're fine.
You're fine with me
sleeping with other people!
What is wrong?
Are you depressed or something?
No, no, I'm not depressed.
Then, get mad at me! Yell at me!
What is it?
I look at you, and I see you
looking back at me,
and it's like you think
I'm gonna leave you.
I don't know what changed.
I don't know what happened to us.
It's me.
It's me.
I changed.
Pullin' a night shift?
Uh, gotta harvest the matsutakes.
I like to do it when the air's cool.
Ah. Hey, you got any 12-6-6 back there?
No, lotto numbers. Yes.
The orchids for those turtles
are high maintenance.
Uh, lemme check.
- Well?
- Sorry.
Don't have it on me.
But there should be some back
in my maintenance shed.
You know where that is?
Yeah, all right, thanks.
- Hey.
- 4121 Blue Bell Lane.
- You're sure?
- Yes, I'm sure.
This is military-grade intel.
And you'll meet me there?
I have to go check on Jules.
You can handle Josh alone, right?
Josh? Sure. Sure, I can handle Josh.
That's the sonic field:
parametric speakers
all along the property.
Hundreds of them.
This disables the sound field
for five minutes.
The speakers will turn green,
then you'll know you're safe.
So you've gotta hustle.
Never seen a hustle like mine, trust me.
And I know this is like
sticking your neck out.
So thanks.
Good luck out there.
No. No.
Come on.
No. Please?
I need to get out of here!
Xander! Answer me!
They reset the frequencies
every so often. It's not
I don't know if there's
anything else I can do.
Maybe maybe it's a sign.
You're supposed to be here.
Please just, just leave me alone.
- But you won't know
- Get away from me!
Here's a flashlight.
Josh, you want me to start knocking
on your neighbour's' doors? Josh!
- Josh, Josh, move it!
- Ouch. Stop. That hurts.
Hey, Jennipurr. Do you have any idea
what your daddy has been up to recently?
Please don't bring her into this!
And don't be mad at me!
Why on earth would I possibly
be mad at you, Josh?
Are you leaving town?
This isn't gonna end well, Kira.
Where are you going? Hey!
How could you do this?
You have put our tech
into the hands
of a delusional billionaire!
This whole thing started
because you wanted
to print your dead wife.
We had many long conversations
about the ethics of what we did.
And we did it.
And I am not saying
that the outcome was right,
but Darros, Josh?
He is not doing it
for the right reasons!
I would not leave you
in times of trouble ♪
We never could have come this far ♪
I took the good times ♪
I'll take the bad times ♪
I'll take you just the way you are ♪
Sorry, Xander, your music break is over.
Let's resume your lesson.
My backstory.
Well, I come from a very humble place.
There wasn't a lot for me there,
so I had to go out
and get what I wanted.
My backstory.
Well, I come from a humble place,
so there wasn't a lot for me there.
Uh, I had to go out
and get what I wanted, right?
Sorry, Xander,
your dialect is not accurate.
Please adjust and try again.
I had to
Go out and get what I wanted, right?
Um, I worked hard, overcame a lot.
Did you give him the lens specs?
Of course not. I made him one lens.
Only one.
What what's he doing
with the printer?
It's life extension.
Classic stupid-rich-people shit.
So he's printed himself.
Are you him?
Are you a printout of Darros?
Darros is my prime.
He printed me because he wanted
to live another generation,
and I'm gonna carry on his legacy.
Darros is a narcissistic prick!
What about Jules?
Why did you print her?
For the money.
Darros paid me millions
to rebuild the machine.
I thought it would make me happy.
But I'm not happy.
Josh, we made a mistake with Lucy.
A horrible mistake.
And I am trying to help her.
But you, you knowingly printed a kid.
A child with no memory!
And she has no idea who she is.
What do you think it feels like
to feel like no one?
I don't know.
It must feel bad.
What about me?
Who's my prime?
- I don't know.
- You do.
Who am I?
I didn't know about you until today.
I thought I was the only one.
Darros wanted you to see this place.
But we knew you wouldn't have
an open mind about it unless
Unless what?
Unless you trusted someone.
I'm done here!
Just to be real with you,
there's no way out of here.
He owns you.
It's so dark. That we're here like this.
You were my hero.
I really thought we were
gonna be together forever.
I loved working with you.
I respected you so much.
You were my whole concept
for what it meant
to be a good scientist.
But somewhere we lost our way.
I wish we could take it back.
But Darros won't let us. He owns us.
No, we
Please, Josh, we can figure it out.
No, we can't.
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