Our Girl (2014) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 OVER MEGAPHONE: 'Private Dawes.
Report to the OC.
' Relax, Dawes.
Bit cold out there, isn't it? Yes, sir.
Tater's, sir.
You'd better go and pack your sun cream, Dawes.
You're off to Afghan and it's 47 degrees.
'Battle casualty replacement.
' 'You've done well on your mission specific training 'so you've got tonight to say goodbye to your family.
' 'It's not going to be easy, Dawes.
' 'You're serving your country.
Do yourself proud.
' 'Brize Norton, 1100 hours tomorrow.
'You're to report to a Corporal Kinders 'and be attached to his section, under Captain James.
' 'First impressions are important.
Make the right one.
' Private Dawes? Yes, corporal.
Welcome to the Under Fives.
Right, Dawes, you are with 2 section.
Double in and join them.
Can it really take you massive cockwombles this long to get into your sections for a bloody photograph? What are you laughing at, medic? Cockwomble, sir.
For the benefit of our alleged new medic, who are we? ALL: The Under Fives, sir! And why d'you think we're called that, medic? ~ I don't know, sir.
~ Well, take a look.
They look young, sir? And every one of them is in my charge so if you can't cut it as our medic and part of the team I have no hesitation in lobbing you out of the plane.
~ Is that understood? ~ Yes, sir.
MUSIC: War Rages On by Alex Clare I love a medic, me.
Cos he's sick in the head He'll need you, poppet.
Pleased to make your acquaintance, darling.
I'm Mansfield Mike.
Although I'm not actually from Mansfield.
Yeah, he is! No, I'm not.
I'm from Derby, actually.
Well, if it ain't my 'Friday night round the back of the Indian ~ takeaway in Guildford.
' ~ Oh, bollocks.
We were bound to meet up again at some point.
That's the army for you.
~ Is that what you call me, "round the back of the Indian takeaway"? ~ Only for shorthand.
I was going to text you back but we weren't allowed phones at Catterick.
You got something on your chin Oh, it's just a bit of bullshit.
I bet you don't remember what they call me.
I do actually, it's in my phone.
Cos you look like one.
No, I don't, I'm bunk up material, me.
Could have had any of your section that night but I chose you.
Oh, I'm so proud(!) Listen, don't say anything to the others, yeah? You don't want me to tell the lads? What happened that night was just a one-off.
I was pissed out my nut.
So you don't want me to tell anyone? You better not.
First impressions and all that.
I dunno if I'm comfortable not telling my comrades the truth.
Well I'm one of your comrades now so you'd better not let me down.
I'll just say I was on my phase two, went to Pirbright for the rugby Met you and some girls and had a laugh Well, that's the truth.
Behind the takeaway.
No, don't you dare! Hey lads, mate of minecockney ALL: WAHEY! .
But all right.
Happy? Ecstatic, you Welsh wanker.
Hour outside Bastion.
All don your full protective clothing, including helmets.
Look at that.
Oh, my God.
They got a Costa Coffee.
They ain't even got one of them in Basildon have they, Baz? We got two, as it happens, because you know what they say? Baz Vegas is paradise! They got a Nando's? They best have a Nando's or I'm going home.
I love Nando's, man.
He wanted to get a Nando's tattoo when we was on basic! Don't tell everyone our secrets! God, look at the size of the sun! Loads bigger than the English sun.
I'm going to need more than my factor 50 out here, I tell ya that for nothing.
Left, right, left, right, left.
Left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left.
Left, right, left, right.
Section! Halt! Right turn! Platoon! Atten-tion! Welcome to Afghanistan.
You will be here at Camp Bastion for a few days assimilation.
And then you are to be deployed on a mission.
You have an excellent captain, on his fourth tour of Afghanistan.
So you will listen.
Follow his instructions to the letter.
Do well, apply yourselves and you'll have a good tour.
Bit out of your price range, eh, Mansfield? I don't know about you mate, but I booked the presidential suite.
Fellas! I'll be leading a PT session at 05.
Make sure you hydrate tonight and first thing in the morning.
Any of you helmets not on top form and giving me 100% will get my new regulation combat boot six lace holes up your arses.
Best recruit at Catterick, one pace forward.
Now, did you pass geography at school, Dawes? ~ No, sir.
~ No.
Did you, Smurf? Oh, yes, sir.
Then you can show our Doris where the female quarters are.
This is stags only.
Come on, Dawes.
Get your stuff together.
~ You think I can't manage me own kit? ~ Just trying to be nice.
Best recruit at Catterick.
What, the Captain say that to you every time he talks to you, does he? He loves me.
Everyone loves me.
I'm the life and soul, pal.
Dunno if I can put up with six months of your bollocks.
Are you really that pissed off that the captain likes me? Maybe I don't want that Rupert to like me.
Find your own quarters! What? He's a better person than you'll ever be.
Don't worry about Smurf.
Looking for the female quarters? Come on.
~ It's a bit bloody, hot innit? ~ You'll get used to it.
Dump your kit.
That bed's free next to mine.
~ I'm Molly by the way.
~ Jackie.
And you've arrived on a killer hot day.
It's like walking through treacle! ~ So you know Smurf, then? ~ I knew his twin brother.
~ He was killed on Herrick 15.
~ You're joking.
James was his captain too.
That's why Smurf won't hear a bad word about him.
I just called him a Rupert.
Smurf's brother Geraint got shot in the neck on patrol.
James crawled about 200 metres on his belly to get him and bring him back.
He weren't leaving him as a trophy for the Taliban.
He'd do the same for you.
Let's hope he don't have to.
We'll get something to eat later.
They got a Nando's? Pizza Hut any good? Got to be better than rations, eh? It'll be worth it, trust me.
~ Can't we just phone up for a delivery? ~ You can! Serious.
They got this little bloke that bombs around on a bike.
Be quicker just to grab one now, though.
You don't want to be eating junk food before a Captain James PT session! We're off to the healthy tent! Don't worry about me, mate.
I'll still be running ~ while you're breathing out your arse! ~ Obsessing about my arse again? Don't ask.
Merts bringing them in now.
All medical personnel report to the hospital.
~ Come on.
~ Me? You're medical, aren't you? Right, let's get him inside.
Molly, get on this stretcher.
Molly! Massive wound to lower back.
I need surgical access, if you could just let me know when that's happened.
We need blood stat.
~ Still losing blood.
~ Can we get a pelvic X-ray and a fast scan, please? We're clear for chest X-ray.
~ Come on, guys, focus.
We're losing him! ~ Sort yourself out.
SHE SIGHS (You all right, Moll?) (I really thought my training would kick in.
) (It will do.
Don't worry about it.
) (Will he make it? The marine.
) (Got a better chance here than anywhere else.
) (The state of him, Jackie.
) (Get some shut eye.
) (If only!) (It'll be all right.
) Private Dawes.
Private Dawes.
LAUGHTER, WOLF WHISTLE Well, I suppose we should be grateful you're not wearing your stilettos.
It's full kit, Dawes.
yes, sir.
Left, right, left, right.
Are we all acclimatizing to the conditions? ALL: SIR! Right, we're sprinting the last 50, go! Smurf, hit the deck now! Medic, man down! Left leg blown off below the knee, what you going to do? Come on, what are you going to do? You really going to let him bleed out while you gasp for air like a puffer fish? Come on, Dawes! This isn't Call of Duty on the PlayStation.
Someone stands on an IED, there's a life to save.
Get it? Come on, what are you going to do? Come on, Dawes! Smurf, get up.
Who are we? ALL: The Under Fives.
Who are we?! ALL: The Under Fives! Now get yourselves showered, now.
Double away! He could have died just then.
Now, please don't tell me we've got the only medic who can't stand the sight of blood.
Relax, lads! So, we're out of Bastion in the morning and heading to our special little Forward Operating Base.
This will be home for the immediate.
When we arrive at the village we will link up with a small tally of Afghan National Army.
There's a small Taliban cell destabilising the area.
~ Lovely(!) ~ Any questions? ALL: No, sir.
We need the locals to like us and, more importantly, to trust us.
Nobody let me down.
Right, our task on the ground is to support, assist and advise the Afghan National Army with patrols around the general area of the fob and facilitate the local children's safe passage to their school.
Sound easy? Lollipop men with guns.
Then get your head out of your arse, Dawes.
There is no such thing as an easy mission out here.
Right, you'll be flown out in your sections 0400 hours tomorrow.
So tonight I'll need you all to have seen the medic.
It's like speed dating, Dawes - one minute each and then you sod them off out of it.
Sit up! Lads.
Sort yourselves out.
You're in your own time now.
Ready, Dawes? Yes, corporal.
What's all that about? I cut myself shaving and I know how much you hate the sight of blood.
LAUGHTER FROM OUTSIDE Do you feel fit? Any injuries at all? ~ You can sit down.
~ Nah, best not.
Fit and well.
Shall I send the next person in? ~ Was there nothing ~ Nope.
See ya.
LAUGHTER Boys giving you a hard time? I just feel like I keep getting off on the wrong foot.
I keep saying the wrong things.
Have you seen the way that Captain James looks at me? We're all trying to prove ourselves.
You'll be fine, I promise you.
I proper froze in that hospital.
You'll be fine.
It takes time and Sounds like it was a nasty one.
I'm worried that I won't be able to cut it.
We're all worried we won't be able to cut it.
Anyone who says they're not is bullshitting.
Jackie told me about your brother, Geraint.
When the Taliban jackpotted him, James says he heard a cheer go up.
Sorry, Smurf.
I'm not being stupid or nothing, Molls but these people, the Taliban and that they're not like us.
They're heartless.
You'll be all right, mate.
They laughed as he lost his life out there.
He lost his life for our country, Moll.
Don't want him to have died in vain.
~ What does that mean? ~ It means I'm going to make sure he didn't die in vain.
You got piles, Smurf? Then you don't need to sit down, do you? You all right, fella? In case any of you were in any doubt, this is the real deal.
The next six months will define the rest of our lives.
There will be moments on this tour that you will never forget.
Both good and bad.
It's not about looking after number one, it's about looking after numbers 2 to 12 in your section.
That way you will always have 11 people watching your back.
that is why the British Army can never lose.
It's what separates us from the enemy.
This mission is about hearts and minds.
We want to leave this place in a better state than we find it.
Stay focused.
Stay alert.
Stay alive.
The day you are less than 100% focused .
is the day shit happens.
Hello, you.
Hearts and minds, Dawes? Bashira? Bashira? You don't want to be talking to the little bleeders.
Eh? Dickers.
Oh, they may look sweet and that when they're little but they all grow up with one aim to kill us.
I think she was just being friendly.
Straight back to tell some insurgent everything about us.
It's their way.
MUSIC: Fuel To Fire by Agnes Obel Water, boys? Oh, comedy boys.
All right, handsome? What happened, someone set fire to your face and beat it out with a golf shoe? What you going to do, shoot me? Oi.
What is all that about? That 10 Taliban was giving me the evils.
Behave, will you? He ain't Taliban, he's one of us.
Right then, boys.
First patrol.
All right, lads, all those years of trainingit's about this moment.
I hope there's contact.
Come on.
Let's be havin' ya.
Before the sun gets his hat on.
Captain Azizi, let's go.
The magazine of 30 rounds.
Load! ~ Hello, girl.
~ Hello, you.
There you go, little one.
You stay? Pen.
Pen! ~ How was that? ~ Thought there might be a bit moreaction, sir.
Were they watching us d'you reckon, sir? Without a doubt, Baz, after just one patrol you have become their ace of spades, the Taliban's most wanted man after Prince Harry.
My mum always tells me I look like Prince Harry.
LAUGHTER The kids will come up to you, but don't be distracted.
The ones on the bikes by the trees to the west could have been dickers.
What are they thinking, Dawes? That we're at our most vulnerable.
Why? We're finding our feet, we don't know the terrain.
2 Section going out again at 1300.
Everyone go get some scoff.
You not hungry, Dawes? I'm just going to wait for the ruck to die down, sir.
Sir Spit it out, Dawes.
It's just as a medic, I'm a bit worried that Smurf's in the right frame of mind.
Why's that? All that with his brother must have fragged with his head a bit.
He's an excellent soldier.
He knows what he's doing.
It's just that Well, he seemed a bit I dunno harsh, let's say, with an ANA bloke.
It's just a bit of early tour dick waving.
Always happens.
We're on tour! Looks like you're going to take off like ET.
Whoa, speaking of which! Pen, pen! Dawesy! We're all waiting at the gate.
No time to put your face on.
~ Can't see your pen-girl.
~ I've bought some with, just in case.
They can't even read or write so God knows why they need pens.
Maybe they want to learn to read and write.
It's mad how much we take for granted, innit? You're not gonna start getting all profound on me are you, Dawesy? No matter how cute they are when they're little, they'll still grow up to hate you.
But it doesn't have to be like that.
If we're nice to them, then Nice? Why, what you gonna be? GUNSHOTS Contact left! Contact left! Take cover! See what I mean, Molls? Those fuckers have spilt my family blood out there.
Did anyone see where that came from? I can't see anything.
Two went into the compound wall behind me.
Keep your heads fucking down.
Think it was from the compound ahead, Corporal.
I ain't got a skin what you're on about Smurf, I can't see nothing! You sure? They are saying they are targeting the female.
~ Well, they've got eyes on us, then, so keep down! ~ Come on, then, you mugs, let's have ya! Contact 200 metres ahead.
Four shots.
Single shooter, sir.
Have you got eyes on him? No, sir.
Interpreter says they're targeting the female.
Get back inside, now! Right, one at a time, fucking sprint back into base.
Rest of you, eyes on that far compound.
First man, go! They know there's a female medic here.
Move! Go! Moving.
~ Move.
~ Moving.
Dawes, you're next! I can't do it, Smurf.
~ Of course you can.
~ They're after me.
Well, they ain't gonna get you.
I'm gonna get them.
They see you come out of this ditch and the wankers will appear, at which point I blow their shitty heads off.
Now get up and run! I can't, Smurf.
Just leave without me.
Dawes! What are you pissing about at? Go! Just sorting the med kit! You've gotta go, Molly.
They'll shoot me.
No, they won't.
I'll shoot them.
I need you guys out of this ditch now! Contact ahead! I see the tosser! What the hell are you doing, Smurf? Get down now! Get down, Smurf, get down! Now, Molly, now.
Fucking run! Fucking run! No-one's coming out of there tonight.
Are you sure you saw something? I didn't see anything.
WHOOPING AND LAUGHING It was like Call of Duty for a minute there, boys.
Unbelievable! CHEERING ~ I wanna have another go at them, mate! ~ Come on! I haven't seen you run so fast since Dirty Doreen tried to grope you in Liquid! Do you see me proper run? You're only fast cos you run a mile before you buy a pint! I am never in my lifetime gonna be able to work at Foot Locker again, I am telling you now.
Have they got a Foot Locker in Mansfield? I'm from Derby, man! What have we just learnt?! WHAT have we just learnt?! Every time we step outside of this compound, we need to be totally alert.
I need you to have a look at my blisters.
Yes, sir.
What do you reckon? Well, they stink, sir, with all due respect.
HE LAUGHS His behaviour when he was unloading his weapon into that compound was reckless and unprofessional.
Who, sir? Well, maybe he was in the wrong frame of mind.
Did you see anyone, Dawes? He didn't eyeball anyone Say there were some children playing inside.
It doesn't bear thinking about.
Did you see an insurgent, Dawes? He's a good lad, sir He's got a lot of stuff he's dealing with.
You don't deal with it whilst you're carrying a lethal weapon.
He's all right.
He just saved my arse in that ditch.
I knew I didn't need new boots.
There was nothing wrong with my old ones.
They'll wear in.
Let me dress your blisters and you can get back to running us around the compound.
Let's see how good a medic you are, Dawes.
The nuts, sir.
~ Right, Fingers ~ Yes, sir.
Give that to Dangleberries.
Dawes, mail.
Come on! She likes a male, sir.
LAUGHING I was about to say has anyone noticed there's no grass in Afghan but I spoke too bloody soon.
Boss man, Major Beck on the net.
Right, Fingers, you take over.
And no arsing around.
I am the only one who is allowed to arse around? Sir.
Oh, Baz Vegas Smells like lavender, bro, and it's a man's handwriting Is there something you're not telling us, bro? It's sump oil, you dick! And it's my dad's writing! THEY LAUGH I know you've told the others that I'm some sort of dirty old slag.
If the cap fits Get out.
Get out or I will seriously kill you.
That is a shit thing to do, Smurf.
Now no-one can even look at me.
You brought it on yourself.
There's only two things I don't like about youyour face.
~ Going to James and stabbing me in the back! ~ It weren't like that.
You think I'm mad, out of control, a liability! He called me in and he sat me down Maybe anything I said was cos I was worried about you.
And I didn't say anything like that.
But you said something though! I saved your arse in that ditch out there.
Yeah, I know you did.
And now you've gone and ruined my entire tour.
Fuck you, Smurf.
You already have.
As you were, guys.
Right, listen in.
The proposed ANA check point will be here.
Based in an old compound that the Russians commandeered a few decades ago, so we'll be helping Captain Azizi and his men give it a bit of a Kirsty make-over.
Dried river bed below, and across from the river bed, we have what intel reliably inform us is a mine field.
Now they think they're old Russian mines, but nonetheless still quite capable of blowing your socks off.
Any questions? Is everything all right, Dawes? They're sending me to Coventry, sir.
Oooh That is worse than Helmand! Why are they doing that? Cos of what I said to you about Smurf.
I have to get everyone through this tour.
That's my job and nothing else matters.
Yes, sir.
And therefore I'm grateful to you.
Despite what they say, you did the right thing to tell me your concerns.
And for what it's worth, I think I make you right I'm a tad worried too.
Thanks, sir.
Glad to see they're cracking on.
What are they going to do when we pull out completely? That's not for us to worry about, Dawes.
We just do what we're told until we get back on that plane to Brize Norton.
This whole place is just gonna go "BOOM.
" I follow my orders and I trust those higher in the chain of command ~ to see the bigger picture.
~ Really? ~ Absolutely.
It's what we have to believe in and so I believe in it.
I suggest you do the same.
Mine fields to the west below the river bed! Be aware! Here you go.
What's your name? ~ How do you say 'What's your name' in Pashto? ~ Staa num tsa dhe.
Staa num tsazee.
GIRL GIGGLES ~ Have I said it wrong? ~ Staa num tsa dhe.
~ Staa num tsa dhe.
Zama num Bashira de.
~ What's she saying? ~ Her name.
~ Bashira.
That's a lovely name.
I'm Molly.
~ Molly.
~ How old are you, Bashira? HE TRANSLATES Oh, that's the best age.
Stay 11 for ever! Tell her that I've got a sister who's a similar age in London.
HE TRANSLATES Tell her that she can be my sister while I'm here if she wants.
HE TRANSLATES Relax, lads.
Make sure you're loaded up on water.
Dehydration's an absolute bitch out here.
Check your piss, make sure it's not too yellow.
Fingers, I want you to set up a kitchen.
Smurf, you're on latrine duty, set up an area.
~ Sir.
~ Well away from my kitchen, please.
And we need a spot to burn the silver shit bags.
Dawes, I want you to set up a treatment facility with an ANA medic.
And Captain Azizi? I'll need you to clear those kids away, right now.
That little wanker is a dicker.
What are you talking about? No, go on, say something, I dare you.
All right, I will say something.
That kid is spotting for the Taliban and reporting back.
~ She's just a kid, Smurf.
Chill out.
~ Yeah.
A kid who goes back and tells the Taliban exactly where we are.
What are you up to? I guess I'm lucky the army weren't called in to make sure I went to school in East Ham.
What, you didn't go? Could you tell? Still, don't need GCSE's out here, do you? It's a good job I ain't got any, then, sir.
GUNSHO Man down! Man down! What's happened? I dunno, Smurf saw something and went down the river bed, sir.
~ Across the river bed?! ~ Has anyone got eyes on? 200 metres.
Half left.
Beyond the bridge.
That's Smurf! It's a bloody mine-field!? What's he doing in a bloody minefield OVER RADIO: 'I've been shot! I'm pumping blood!' Smurf, what direction was your contact? 'I'm pumping blood!' He's got the vallon with him sir! He took it down with him, sir.
He needs a medic! I can get to him, sir.
I know my mine clearing drill.
No fucking way! Wait out! Sir, he's losing blood.
I can get to him.
Wait out.
Just cos I'm a female, sir, I don't want special treatment.
I'm the medic, I should go.
'I'm pissing blood! I can't stop it!' Dangleberries, Brains, with me now.
Move! Eyes out.
Let's go fellas, keep eyes on.
Has anyone seen the enemy? Can't see him! Molly! Molly! Stay calm, Smurf! Brains! Dangles! Smurf? Smurf?! It's pissing out of me! Smurf, I'm on my way.
Talk to me.
Alpha 3.
0 Bravo.
So far.
Over Stay calm, Smurf.
Where are you hit? Top of the leg! High! Groin! Can you get a tourniquet round it? I can't get it on, it's too high! Oh, fuck.
~ Smurf!? ~ You all right, Dawes? Talk to me, Smurf.
Nude-Nut, Fingers.
I want you covering them as they're moving.
~ Yes, Corporal! ~ Yes, Corporal! You're going to need a winch, there's nowhere to land.
I repeat, there is nowhere to land.
~ She ain't gonna make it.
~ Yes, she will, Fingers! We'll make sure of it.
Smurf!? ~ OVER RADIO: 'Come on Smurf, get up!' ~ Smurf? Talk to me, Smurf.
Smurf!? You all right, Dawes? Have you got eyes on Smurf? He's gone quiet.
Talk to her, Smurf.
Talk to her, Smurf! Come on, Smurf, you tit! ETA 30 seconds on the Mert, sir.
Smurf?! Smurf? Smurf? Smurf?! Dawes, have you got eyes on Smurf? Speak to me.
How is he? LOUD EXPLOSION Dawes! RADIO: Dawes! Moll? RADIO: Dawes! DAWES?! Molly? Can anyone see her? I've got eyes on.
She ain't moving, sir.
Contact explosion.
Wait out.
MUFFLED: Dawes? Dawes, Dawes, are you all right? Dawes, talk to me! I'm all right.
I'm all right, sir.
RADIO: She's all right! She's OK! RELIEVED LAUGHTER Come on, Moll! ~ She's all right! ~ Yes, Molly! I can't believe I've still got my legs.
RADIO: Just you Smurf, come on lad, come on.
Eyes on now, boys, eyes on.
Cover her! I see her.
I see her.
Moll, what's going on? Smurf? Smurf? Smurf.
Come on, Smurf.
Talk to me.
Smurf, come on, talk to me.
I've come to save you.
Come on, Smurf! Smurf, oi, Smurf! Stay with me, I'm gonna get you out of here.
Please, please don't die on me, you bell end.
~ Dawes, how is he? ~ Sir, I'm gonna need a helicopter, I'm losing him.
Just stay with me, Smurf.
Keep talking.
Keep making noises for me, yeah? GROANS That's it.
That's it, Smurf.
HELICOPTER ROTORS WHIRRING Sir, they can't land here, it's mined to buggery.
They're gonna drop a winch.
Secure him to the winch and they'll hoist him up.
I'm gonna have to go up with him, sir.
Absolutely no way.
Do you hear me!? There's a sniper out here and you'll be a sitting target dangling on the end of a fucking rope.
NO WAY! Sir, the tourniquet's not working.
If I take my fist out of his groin, he's gonna bleed out.
Lucky I got here when I did, eh? Come on, Smurf.
Dawes, do not go up on that winch, that is an order.
I can't hear a thing, can you? Am I gonna die? No.
If you die, they're all gonna think it's my fault.
That ain't gonna happen, all right, wanker? Go on, girl! Dawes, do not go up on that winch! That is an order.
Do you hear me?! ~ Dawes? ~ I doubt she can hear a thing under that helicopter.
She goes up with him, the sniper will pop her straightaway.
Sitting ducks, guys.
Dawes, what do you think you are doing?! Get off that winch now! That is an order! Dawes?! Oh, fuck.
Go on, Moll.
Yes, Molly! Yes, Molly! Dawesy! What she just did there was stupid beyond belief! She disobeyed a command and put her life in danger.
Fingers, cover them as they're moving up.
Rest of you, eyes on.
It was also fucking awesome.
Told you you'd live.
~ Shit.
~ What? I thought it was a dream.
That'll be the morphine.
Smurf, what the hell were you doing in the middle of a mine field? I saw someone I thought they were planting an IED.
~ It was that kid of yours.
~ Bashira? I went to take a look.
I thought there was a path that was clear Yeah, what happened? I looked along the path and, right at the other end, there was this insurgent pointing a rifle at my head.
Lucky he was a shit shot, then.
Got transport to take you to the helipad if you're quick.
Molls, I was a dickhead.
I'm telling you, I've learnt a big lesson.
Come here.
I'm gonna get myself better, I'm gonna come back to you.
Come back to me? To the platoon.
I'm gonna make it up to you, cos I owe you everything.
Yeah, you do, you nut-bar.
I'll never let you down again.
I'll always be there for you.
Let me down gently That's what I think I need But when you let me down gently Sir.
If you think you're going to win any plaudits for that ridiculous and foolhardy act, you are one 100% mistaken.
Yes, sir.
Sorry, sir.
That's what my commanding officer said to me when I went to retrieve Smurf's brother.
Sir? Having said that, did you hear me tell you not to go up on that winch? No, sir.
Then well done, Dawes.
Thank you, sir.
I'm not what Smurf said I was.
I didn't deserve that I know.
I might've slept with a few people that I regret We all have.
It's 2014, not 1914.
Don't let a bit of name calling put you off the task in hand.
You are an excellent medic, you're proving yourself.
MEN CHANT: She's one of the lads, she's one of the lads Molly Dawesy, she's one of the lads! CHEERING Thanks, you massive cockwombles! HE LAUGHS Heavily armed insurgents are controlling the area around the mountains and the village.
Who done this to your face, Bashira? Was it your dad? Something about her that smells a bit rotten.
You don't involve yourself in the lives of locals.
They must not become dependent on us in any way, do you understand? You must not go to the mountains tomorrow.
I think she's trying to warn me about something.
Either they're luring us in or something else is going to happen.
Remember, stay focused, stay alert, stay alive.
Down! RPG! What you doing?! Dawes! Get down now! And I will captivate you With everything I got To bring the best out in you One strength, one heart Is all you need tonight Tonight, tonight, tonight.