Outcast (2016) s02e07 Episode Script

Alone When It Comes

1 (theme music playing) (grunts) Only what you need.
I want you to grab clothes and a warm coat.
Use that kitty bag that Grandma gave you.
- It put it in your closet.
- I know.
Okay, you got ten minutes.
Hey! You need to lie down.
We should grab some food and water.
The cupboards are almost empty, but might as well clean 'em out.
- You just had surgery.
- I know.
Megan will be here soon, we'll take care of it.
Do you have gas in your car? I don't want to make too many stops.
Oh, shit.
- Hold on.
- (exhales) Hey! You didn't die on that operating table, but you damn well could have.
I didn't check out of that place just to lose you now.
I know.
I told you baby, that's not gonna happen, okay? But if we don't go now we could lose everything.
Those things, they're gonna come after me and they're gonna come after Amber.
Baby, what are you talking about? It's gone on too far at this point.
There's more of 'em than we thought.
And they're out in the open.
They're getting more and more brave.
They're not gonna let us be.
Who's coming after you? Sydney, Dr.
Half the damn town, we don't know but we gotta get outta here.
(door closes) (Sydney coughing) (footsteps approach) (Sydney coughing harder) Need a minute? I'm fine.
Open him up.
Don't really need to.
The neck trauma's pretty obvious.
What happened? It was an accident.
"An accident?" I think you'd be a little more careful with something so valuable.
Council is not gonna like this.
Get to work.
And what exactly am I supposed to find, Sydney, hmm? It's not physical, you know that.
Doesn't exist in them like an appendix.
Helen did something.
Bob Caldwell said she found a way to change them, amplify them.
We need to know how.
They're the key.
So that's why you kept this one for yourself, hmm? To see if you could change him.
How'd that work out? He's all we have since you let Kyle Barnes walk out of here.
- I'm not sure that's my mistake.
- Aren't you? Well, I guess we'll both have to answer to the Council.
They're convening today.
Oh, I'm sorry, I assumed you knew.
Maybe you were too busy with your little experiments.
They're getting impatient.
They're always impatient.
(scalpel squelches) Start cutting.
(door closes) All right, Firefly, in you go.
Throw this on the other side.
- Hey! We are going to a hospital.
- What? No Look, not here, I get it, there's something going on.
We'll go to Charleston, it's three hours away.
You'll be plenty safe.
Where the hell are you going? Christ, I'm amazed you're even standing.
- That's what I've been telling him.
- KYLE: Easy.
Fuckin' weirdo.
- God, I thought I lost you.
- I know.
I saw what you did.
The thing that came out of Chief Giles.
I know you did it for me, too.
Look, we gotta get out of here.
Let's go get Holly and leave.
Where you going? I don't know.
MEGAN: Wait.
Can it happen to me again? Or what about Holly? Will she be safe? I don't know.
KYLE: We need to leave now.
(engine starts) (heavy door creaks, slides) (door creaks) (wings flutter) MEGAN: I blamed you.
He was 13 years old, and he wouldn't go to the bathroom unless all the lights were already on.
'Cause the demons lived there.
In the bathroom? (scoffs) In the dark.
Said the Devil had been inside his mother, said you told him that.
My parents ate it up.
I said (chuckles) you were full of shit.
I hated you.
I hated you for fuckin' with his head.
I fucked with a lot of peoples' heads, Megan.
So, it's not the Devil? What is the Devil? The sum of our fears? Maybe whatever these things are we just needed to give them a name.
I don't give two shits what they're called.
I want to know what they do to people.
What if a piece of that thing is still inside of me? - Doesn't work like that.
- How the hell do you know? It didn't happen to you.
You have no idea how it works or how it feels.
No, I don't.
But I know some folks, who, uh kinda had a similar experience to you.
Are we going home, to our real house? No, baby, we gotta get off the grid.
Wyoming, Montana, some place we can be isolated.
Just you, me, and your mommy.
And no one around us will get hurt.
Like Uncle Mark.
The monsters like us.
Amber! They like you? They They call us beacons.
They say that we lead them here.
There's someone behind us.
So? They must have seen us leaving the hospital.
They know this is your car.
That's got to be one of 'em.
Baby, calm down, this is a public road.
I told you, they would come after us.
- (engine revving) - (mutters) Slow down.
You do not know what these things will do.
Kyle, stop.
(tires screech) Look, it's gone.
Slow down.
- No.
- Jesus.
What the hell are you doing? Look, these things will not stop, they will not give up.
They took Amber.
What, took her? What are you talking about? They kidnapped her, and locked her in a damn basement.
When? Why didn't you tell me? I didn't know how.
I'm sorry, it Look, I'm just trying to keep us safe right now.
Baby, you gotta trust me.
Hello? Anybody home? This is very Texas Chainsaw.
They were here, dozens of 'em.
Well, maybe they got tired of waiting.
(footsteps approach) You were at my house.
Doing my outreach.
I'm glad you took us up on it.
Sorry about your brother.
Kyle's okay.
Well, not okay, but Alive.
You said he died in surgery.
Well, let's just say, the doctor tried to keep him hidden from us.
Christ knows how many of the hospital staff were in on that one.
What's going on? What the fuck is happening? Why are all these people staring at me? They're just like you.
They've all been through the same thing you have.
GILES: Rosie, where are you? I got a call from the Reverend.
Kyle is okay, but things are getting bad, honey.
Call me or come home.
I love you.
- (door bell rings) - Mm.
- Hey, Chief.
- (sighs) Mr.
I'm supposed to take you down to the station.
It's about Evelyn Bailey.
Well, what about her? She's dead.
I'm sorry to hear that.
I'm afraid I don't know anything about it.
You didn't break into her house? Threaten her? Lock her up down at the junkyard? Now where would you hear something like that? Chief Nunez.
She told me to bring you in.
Unless you've got a warrant, I politely decline the invitation.
Sworn in this morning by a judge.
(engine turns off) Is this "off the grid"? Almost.
We just gotta get a new car.
One that they won't recognize.
Wait here.
- Hey, we're coming with you.
- I got it, okay? Look, I am not a doll you need to put on a shelf and protect, all right? You can let me in.
I will, okay? It's just this guy He's not good with strangers, and I'll be fine.
Just a minute, okay? All right.
(dog barking) Hello? Baby Barnes! I nearly gutted you like a fish, man.
What the hell are you doing here? I need a car.
A car? You got hundreds of 'em out there, one of 'em must run.
- This look like an Avis to you? - Look.
I got my daughter out there.
My wife, too, and I need to get them someplace else.
Those things might try to take 'em, use 'em against me.
Indeed they might! Something take a bite outta you? I'm fine, don't worry about it.
If you say so.
Jesus! What the hell happened? I got careless, but don't worry about it, I'm fine.
(chuckles) Hey.
Your old man thought about doing the same thing, you know? Taking you and your mother away from here.
Yeah, wouldn't that have been nice? Hell, he was worried that if he stuck around here they might come down on you like an avalanche.
I'm not gonna leave 'em here, Bob.
Not like he did.
You gonna help me or not? We're all set.
Come on, baby.
KYLE: Get your bag, baby.
(sighs) Tuna or egg salad? Tuna.
(paper bag rustles) (footsteps approach) Is this how you secure a murder suspect, Officer? It's the Chief.
Congratulations on that promotion.
You haven't asked for your phone call.
Seeing as how I actually haven't been booked or charged, I wouldn't know who to call.
Won't Rose be worried about you? Probably be glad not to have me underfoot.
You think you're one of the lucky ones.
You saw the other side, but Kyle Barnes snatched you back.
Now you're cured.
I didn't see shit.
But Rose? Well, maybe she's alone when it comes.
No children.
Husband not home.
No Outcast around.
Oh, and by the time you get out of here, it'll be too late.
You got a whole new homelife to look forward to.
(coughs) MAN: Sydney.
Always with the grand entrance.
Have a seat.
This meeting was unexpected.
Kyle Barnes slipped past you.
Now, I wasn't expecting that again.
And now we find Mayor Boyd's been shot dead.
Unexpected events, yes, but not without their takeaways.
Thank you, darling.
It seems Kyle Barnes and his daughter are not the only resources 'round Rome.
When Chief Giles received his traveler, you didn't question the suddenness of it? - The ferocity? - We all knew Barnes was there.
It was more than Kyle Barnes.
Much more.
I felt it.
I believe Helen DeVere was successful.
One of her group must have survived.
- That's a bit of a leap.
- There was a witness.
A man named Bob Caldwell.
Now, I would think, Sydney, more than anybody, would be mindful not to waste time chasing fantasies.
Caldwell saw Helen's work firsthand.
The way she was able to change the beacons.
She almost brought on the Merge.
How? I'm working on that.
We need to locate that survivor.
I hope you're close.
You know, kids my age don't have a lot of patience.
Tea? - Something stronger? - (chuckles) No.
Thank you.
I haven't been to church in a long long time.
Well, I mean, like you pointed out, it isn't much of a church.
So, what? More like AA? "Hi, my name is Megan, and I was possessed.
" (chuckles) Sure, if you like.
I'm not sure I'm ready to get up in front of a bunch of strangers, and tell 'em tell 'em what I've done.
You think you've done worse than they have? (clears throat) I personally don't remember what I did.
I mean, for some, it comes back in fits and starts.
You know, kinda like a bad dream? I actually found out from a police report.
I was 19 and I was living on the street.
With whatever guy could feed my drug habit.
Mom and Dad would have been real proud.
(chuckles) (sniffles) I guess his name was Justin.
Cops I mean, I I don't think they knew what to say.
They said it was PCP, or bath salts, or something.
I I basically took his face off with my teeth.
I guess that's pretty bad.
Spent years trying to learn how to forgive myself.
Then I realized I had nothing to be forgiven for.
It was never my fault.
And it wasn't yours either.
Are you sure about that? That we're (inhales) That there's no chance of us ever doing something awful again? That it didn't (shudders) change us forever? What happened to us was a miracle, Megan.
We drank in evil and we spat it back out.
If anything, we're stronger for it.
We are more ourselves than before.
(sighs) Do you have space for two? She's not like us, but I need to get my daughter.
(panting) (coughs violently) (footsteps approaching) You forgot your doggie bag.
What the hell was that? You were supposed to back me up.
- You'd think so, wouldn't you? - (continues coughing) We're all just praying for the Merge to come before we end up on our knees in a diner parking lot.
The thing is, Syd.
I've started to wonder if we're pursuing the wrong path entirely.
Ours is an immigrant saga.
We shouldn't be trying to remake our new homeland, we should embrace it.
Look around you, hmm? Smell the air.
Grease on grills, warm asphalt, cut grass, fresh water.
Everything every vessel unique.
These vessels are killing us.
Maybe they don't have to.
What are you saying? You have something for us? Something for me? You don't have shit, Park.
The Merge is our only hope.
By the way, I opened up your little beacon toy like you asked? Nothing there.
How long have you known? About demons, and beacons, and all this? Since my mom, I knew some.
Reverend always said it was the Devil.
The older I got that just didn't explain things.
And when it happened to me? How'd you explain it then? Would you believe me if I tried? What's that? It's just road construction.
KYLE: It could be them.
Or it could be construction.
Can't be too careful.
Hold on.
(tires screech) Oh, shit.
(engine revs) - Baby, you can't go through.
- I gotta do something.
Turn there, turn there! (engine revving, tires squealing) Shit.
We're just gonna get out and we're gonna go on foot.
(engine running) (coughing) (tires screeching) Hello? Rosie, are you here? ROSIE: Wasn't sure you'd come.
Of course I'd come.
You're one of us now.
I'm afraid not.
I lied to you.
A little taste of your own medicine.
(gun cocks) What is this, Rosie? Revenge? This is something that needs to be done.
Like calling an exterminator when you find a roach.
Go ahead.
If I'm dead, the others will just keep on coming.
Like roaches.
You just never - (gunshot) - (gasps) (grunts) (grunting) (screams) (yelps) No.
(screams) (body thuds) (panting) (footsteps approaching) She send you to collect me? TUTTLE: No, sir.
Was that really the Devil? That took you out there at the school? Make any difference to you one way or the other? You know, I had some trouble a-way's back.
Shit, you know.
You gave me a second chance.
Now, I found Jesus.
We're talking old-school Jesus.
The kind your buddy Anderson used to talk about.
Now, he set me straight.
And what about your Devil? Is he old-school too? Red tights, tail, and one of them three-pronged pig stickers? (chuckles) Well I reckon he's something different to everyone.
But he's out there.
Yes that's certain.
What are we gonna do about it? I don't know, but, uh (keys jingle) I trust you a whole hell of a lot more than I trust her.
(Sydney breathing heavily) Are you okay? I - I had an accident.
- Jesus, you're bleeding! Yeah, do you have a a cell phone I could use? No, reception's too spotty out here.
I'll I'll just take you to the hospital.
Well, no, I don't I don't wanna inconvenience you.
Call it my good deed for the day.
All right.
- (Sydney grunts) - Okay.
(groaning) - Okay? - Yeah.
All right.
ALLISON: I think if we just keep heading East we should make it out beyond the roadblock, and we can just take that road north to Summerville.
- Get a bus? - All right.
(exhales) (indistinct whispering) What the hell is going on? Shouldn't be down here, Reverend.
Who were you planning on keeping down here? It's just an extra dormitory.
You're fuckin' lying.
(coughs) Allison, hold on a sec.
(leaves rustling) Damn it.
Is it them? Yeah, come on, hurry.
(groaning) - You all right? - I'm fine.
ALLISON: Ow, baby! (Kyle breathing heavily) You.
What the hell is this, huh? Mr.
Where exactly do you think you're going? Saw your roadblock.
We were trying to get around.
It's dangerous out here, Mr.
That's what the barricades are for.
Your own protection.
Now, you are not setting a very good example for your daughter.
Rose? Rosie? - Where are you? - In here.
Dammit, Rosie.
Lord have mercy! Rosie, I been calling you all damn What happened? I messed up, Byron.
- Rosie.
- I messed up.
What happened? - Hey, is that your blood on you? - No.
Whose blood you got all over you? Kat.
She was my best friend, Byron, but I had to.
- I had to.
- Okay.
Rosie? You didn't do anything to Evelyn Bailey too, did you? Rosie.
Okay, baby.
- No, I had to.
- Okay.
I got ya, I got ya.
(sighs) What do you want from us? Oh, we don't want anything from you, Mrs.
We'll leave.
- We'll get in our car, and we'll go.
- You're in no condition.
We'll be fine.
(distant car horn beeping) (horn beeping) Get back.
(car horn beeps) Barnes, giddyup.
Move! BOB: Y'all wanna stay right where you are.
- C'mon, Daddy! - Get in the car.
Don't you even breathe! Kyle.
NUNEZ: Stop! Baby? I said stop! What about it, boy? Kyle.
- Go.
- Daddy! (grunting) Daddy! (sizzling, screaming) (sizzling) (yells, groans) (continues screaming) (sizzling, screaming) (gasping) (truck driving away) (breathing heavily) I see people going down All God's people going down And I should not be alone And I should be on my phone Yes, I should be on my phone Yes, I should be on my phone I'll go Where that apple goes I touch With an apple touch I see people Candy people