Outer Range (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

The Unknown

1 Has Royal been acting different lately? Different how? Like he's keeping secrets.
I saw him dispose the body.
Poor guy probably triggered some weird thing, - and your father just snapped! - I can handle this.
I confessed.
To protect everyone.
I found it.
Whoa! Is it death? It's all of time.
There's a pattern to everything happening here.
It gets clearer every day.
Stay away from my family Shut up! or I will kill you! Shut up! Stop, please.
Shoot the bucks.
Don't shoot the does.
You nailed it.
Perry! - That's two.
- Nice shot.
Dad! Perry's fighting.
He just coldcocked Trevor! - He just coldcocked my kid! - Where's Perry? Something's not right with that boy of yours, Royal, and it's not just him It's your whole - godforsaken family.
- Shut up! - Hey.
- You talk like that again, I'll cut that little tongue out of that little mouth with big, sharp scissors.
Perry! Perry! Perry! Hey.
You want to at least tell me why you hit him? I don't know why.
You just started beating on him for no reason? Sorry, I don't believe that.
- He must've - What's that What's that feeling? What? Getting angry? I don't know what to call it.
Is it me? No.
- It's, uh - What? I don't know what it is.
But it's not just you.
When I was a kid, I, uh Mm, it doesn't matter.
And you carried Trevor's body up the mountain all by yourself? No one in your family knew? No.
Do you know where Rebecca is? You know what happened to her? No.
I don't believe she's gone, though.
What do you mean? What do you mean by that, Perry? Maybe nothing is ever gone.
Bail's gonna be $500,000.
The accused must appear in court on the day and at the time specified, or the bond The deed to the Abbott Ranch at 3008 Warmn Creek Road Will be forfeited.
Is that clear? Oh Are you going to jail? I don't know.
Were you drunk when you when it happened? I was sober enough to know better.
He-he, um he said something about Mom.
What? That doesn't matter.
I should have walked away.
And I regret with every part of me that I didn't.
Did you What? Did I what? Do you know what happened to Mom? No.
I swear to you.
Oh, Amy.
Hey, you don't need to be doing that.
It feels good.
- You, uh, talk to Amy? - Yeah.
Yeah, she's gonna be okay.
You gonna be okay, too.
Listen, about last night, I'm sorry.
- I shouldn't have - It's all right.
It's all right.
I understand.
You and Rhett are off the hook now.
I can take what comes next.
I know you can.
You know, this this family, this land, this it's always been kind of like a dream to me, and I don't know, part of me, I guess, - figured one day I'd wake up and - Dad.
I need to know if you know something, anything, about Rebecca.
Whatever it is.
I don't know what happened to Rebecca.
I truly don't.
I don't believe you.
That is horseshit! You're telling me that Perry got Trevor up out of that parking lot, up the mountain, without Rhett or Royal's help? Without them even knowing? I didn't say I believe him, Luke.
All I'm saying is he confessed.
What about those four missing days you've been talking about? Hmm? The Abbotts had him somewhere alive.
I'm very much still investigating the situation.
Okay? I promise you, I will get to the bottom of all of it.
I keep telling you, I'm doing my best.
I think Trevor went to an uncreated part of the world.
I think that's where he was those four days.
Excuse my brother, Sheriff.
He's fucking insane with grief.
An uncreated part of the world? What do you mean by that, Billy? Dad told me once, when he was a kid, that he saw something impossible.
It terrified him.
A hole.
A hole in the world.
Maybe that's why he is the way he is.
I think I'd like to be with my brother, just the two of us now.
I'm not done with this.
I don't care why Dad is the way he is.
It doesn't matter.
I'm his son.
There's something you need to see.
There I go again.
I see the crystal visions.
I keep my visions to myself.
It's only me who wants to wrap around your dreams.
Have you any dreams you'd like to sell? Don't call me that.
Watch where you're fucking going! Hey, it's you again.
Is your brother here? How about your dad? Perry was arrested for killing Trevor Tillerson last night.
He didn't do it.
- Is he in jail? - Out on bail.
He'll be okay, Perry.
He will.
Fuck you.
Oh, my God.
Anything else I can get you? - Uh no.
- We're good.
This is as big as my thigh.
I knew you'd get him.
Boy, who would have thought? The Abbott boy.
Well done.
Well, there's, uh, still a few pieces to fit together, but thank you, Frank.
It was a team effort.
You got to wonder about that wife of his.
Right, um Sorry, we're in the middle of Oh, don't let me interrupt your family supper.
I-I just want to tell you that that same funny business is going on up at my place.
I can't say for sure what it is, but mastodons, evil teenagers - Give it a guess.
- What is he talking about? Just nothing.
Don't worry about it, honey.
Frank, if you don't mind, I'm I'll get out of your hair.
But I'm telling you, it's worth a little digging.
You never know what's coming down the pike.
You know? Well, thanks for letting me know.
Your mama's gonna beat the beans out of Trudy Cole for sheriff next month.
You know that.
He's right, you know.
I can't believe it.
All these white folks are gonna elect an NDN sheriff.
Hey, Frank? I'll come by later, check it out.
Oh, no.
My love must be a kind of blind love ♪ I can't see anyone but you ♪ Sha-bop, sha-bop ♪ Sha-bop, sha-bop The Abbotts put their property up as bail.
Sha-bop, sha-bop ♪ I think that ranch is gonna be yours.
I had a vision.
My dad's got this magic rock he's had for a long time.
So I took it.
And I crushed it up into a dust.
Then I ate the dust.
I only have eyes I had a vision of you.
And I was by your side.
And it felt like we were changing the world.
Like you were the leader over all of Mother Earth.
It was super cool.
So I'm thinking I want to follow you.
Sha-bop, sha-bop, but I can't see ♪ Was Royal in the vision? Mm-hmm.
I need you to stop him before he stops me.
Will you find him for me? I'll do whatever you want.
I don't know if ♪ We're in a garden ♪ Or on a crowded ♪ Will you be mine? Okay.
Sha-bop, sha-bop, you are here ♪ Sha-bop, sha-bop, and so am I ♪ Sha-bop, sha-bop Yeah? Yeah, okay.
Go by ♪ But they all ♪ Disappear ♪ From view ♪ Okay.
And I only have eyes ♪ For you ♪ Sha-bop, sha-bop ♪ Sha-bop, sha-bop ♪ Car trouble? Yeah.
Someone on their way? No, I don't have a phone.
Well, hop in.
I'll give you a ride.
No, I'll figure it out.
Ah, don't be a silly goose.
Get in.
Thanks for the ride.
You believe in God? I don't know what God is.
You don't have to know what something is to believe in it.
Well, I do.
You think it's the end? Or the beginning? What? The hole.
How'd you find it? Well, I felt it before she showed me.
From way down deep in my waters.
What are you gonna do with that? Where are you taking me? Never killed a human before.
Maybe you should get on your knees.
Billy, can we Shut up.
You threw my brother in that hole.
- I didn't kill your brother.
- No.
Your son did.
This isn't about that.
You tried to kill her.
Admit it.
Admit it.
- Tell me you tried to kill her.
- I tried to kill her.
Now say you're sorry.
Billy, whatever you think she is You don't know what she is! She's gonna change the world.
Don't you want the world to change, Royal? Say you're sorry for what you did.
For what I did? Ask for her forgiveness.
You need forgiveness before you die, Royal.
I'm gonna count down from five.
- Four.
- You're a child.
She's a child.
- I'm sorry! - For what? For everything! For all of it! For everything! You shoot me, then what? Hmm? Whatever comes next.
You need to leave her alone.
Do you understand? I think something bad's gonna happen to your granddaughter.
Good? Order number 27.
Your order's ready.
Can you promise me something? What? You got to help out Grandma and Grandpa.
And I'm happy you're gonna be here with them.
You know Mom never wanted to live on the ranch.
She wasn't happy there.
I know.
If she comes back and she wants to leave, can I go with her? Yeah.
Of course you can.
You're so beautiful.
- Oh, shoot.
- Oh.
You want anything else? Um Order number 30.
Your order's ready.
Some fries.
I want some fries.
- Some fries? - Mm-hmm.
You gonna dip it in the ice cream? No.
Yuck? All right.
I'll take the whole wallet.
You better get me some fries, too.
Somewhere on this land is an altar that has not been built yet, but I will build it.
Somewhere in the future is a portal to the past, and I will own it.
Somewhere in your heart is a hole, and I will fill it.
I am the Mother of Undying Time, and I will usher Her into the world with power and love and justice as a gatekeeper to the Unknown.
And I will be your shepherd in the night.
And I will be your shepherd in the night.
And I will be your shepherd in the night.
There's something you need to know about your dad.
All dancers, east side Are you ready? You ready? They are the future of Native America.
They are the Tiny Tot dancers.
Here we go.
Oh, my.
That's the way, Tiny Tot dancers.
That's the way.
I'm so proud of you.
You know that, right? You did it.
I didn't.
No, there's still there's there's something missing.
World-champion singers from Wind River, Wyoming, they are the Eagle Spirit Singers.
Let's make 'em dance, boys.
That's the way.
Look alive, dancers.
Calling all intertribal dancers.
Take it away.
That's the way.
Come on in, dancers.
Calling all dancers, all intertribal dancers.
Come on in, Grass dancers.
All ages, all categories.
Let's dance for the people.
It's a healing power.
The song, the drum.
That way, that way.
Dance for the people.
That's the way.
Shoo, shoo, shoo.
Ah, look alive, dancers.
Put your best foot forward.
That's the way.
Pick them up, pick them up, pick them up.
What the fuck are you doing? Luke! Get the fuck Huh? What, are you gonna fuck You're fucking Don't be a little bitch.
You gonna fucking sing now? Huh? Why do you sing, boy? Why do you fucking sing, boy? Frank? Frank? Let's go for a ride.
Did she tell you? How long have you known about it? I never told you why I ran away as a kid.
My dad and I were hunting.
It was an accident.
And I tried to get him home, but I couldn't do it.
When I got to the house, I saw my mother and sister.
I couldn't bring myself to tell them what I had done.
I wanted to disappear.
I wanted to disappear.
And when was that? I come back out, it was 1968.
And I found my way out here.
To the ranch.
The Abbotts took me in.
I never told anyone any of that.
Autumn knows.
How? She knows a lot of things.
She said that Rebecca's not gone.
That nothing's ever really gone.
That there's a plan.
What do you mean? It saved you.
This isn't that.
- It brought you here.
- Perry.
- Son, listen to me.
- She's right.
Listen to me.
Lis Son.
No! No! No!
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