Outlander (2014) s01e10 Episode Script

By the Pricking of My Thumbs

Ripped By mstoll No.
Jamie! Wake up! Enough, damn it.
Come on, you lazy dog! Has my knock grown so feeble, or have yer marriage duties made ye sluggish? Mistress.
There must be good reason for this visit.
Aye, lad, there is.
The Duke of Sandringham has arrived to take counsel with the laird.
He's taken up residence in Merlewood House.
This is my chance, then.
Hell, the Duke has always been partial to me.
Some would say too much so.
I'm not about to offer up my hindquarters.
But His Grace wields a fair amount of power in court, and if so inclined, he could lift the price on my head.
Aye, it's worth the asking.
Though he's not a man to grant a favor lightly.
It's not a favor I'm asking.
I'm an innocent man seeking justice.
Justice, from the Duke of Sandringham? The name's familiar to ye? I've heard it before.
Jamie, if I tell you something, do you promise not to ask how I know? I told ye I'd never ask you for anything ye dinna wish to tell me.
Yes, I promise.
The Duke, you mustn't trust him.
You mean his fondness for other men? I ken all about that.
He visited here when I was 16 or so.
Very attentive to me he was, but that's as far as it went.
I wasn't aware.
That's not it.
The Duke is a close ally of Black Jack Randall.
Did Randall tell ye that? - You promised.
- I made no such pledge.
We'll both be respecting yer wishes on that account.
A friend of Jack Randall's can be no friend of yours.
Perhaps, before you approach the Duke, it might be worth having a word with Ned Gowan.
Get his advice in light of this information.
I'll talk to the lawyer.
But, Claire, ye must realize what this means.
This is my first real opportunity to gain a pardon.
I can finally return home to Lallybroch.
Take my rightful place as laird of Broch Tuarach.
And you can be my lady.
We'd be happy there, I know we would.
As do I.
Look, laddie, as it stands now, ye're wanted for murder.
Ye can deny this from now till Judgment Day, but it's yer word against Captain Randall.
And even with the Duke's backing, I fear that there is no way that a British judge will take yer word over that of one of His Majesty's officers.
Even if my words speak the truth? Truth or lies have very little to do with the law.
Then there's nothing to be done.
No, no, no, no, no.
Don't be so quick to surrender yer position.
You tell me the Duke has close ties to Black Jack? Well, if that's true, we may be able to prove to the Duke that friendship with such a villain is more dangerous than it's worth.
If ye have something on yer mind, Ned Gowan, then speak it.
I can draw up a petition of complaint, accusing Randall of crimes against the Scottish people, yer wife included, and of transgressing His Majesty's laws.
If you can convince the Duke of Sandringham to deliver that document to the Lord President of the Court of Session, that could lead to a court martial for Black Jack.
Or at the very least, a reassignment far from Scottish soil.
Court martial? Reassignment? Can they not just hang the bastard? Sweating out the rest of his military career in some West Indies hellhole would be a far greater punishment.
With Randall in disgrace, I believe I can take Jamie's case to court and win him a general pardon.
I just feel like a complete Here, let me help ye put it on.
It's so lovely.
I hate to dirty it.
Claire, do you see what my darling granddaughter here has stitched for me? Is it not the most beautiful thing ye ever laid eyes on? Mrs.
Fitz, would you mind giving us a few moments? Laoghaire and I have something to discuss.
Well, I can see by your face it's a serious matter.
Can I be of some help? No, thank you.
This is between Laoghaire and myself.
All right, then.
I'll be just outside if ye need me.
Come on, girls.
If ye have something to say, say it.
I have chores to tend to.
Look familiar? Why should it? Because you placed it under my bed.
What cause would I have to do such a thing? Look, I know you have deep feelings for Jamie, and that when tender regard is denied, it can be very hurtful, especially in one so young as yourself.
I even understand why your jealousy would be directed at me, even though I never conspired to take Jamie from you.
The truth is he was never yours to begin with.
That's a lie.
Jamie Fraser was and is mine.
And you did us both a wrong past bearing when you stole him away.
You're mistaken, child.
My poor Jamie, trapped in a loveless marriage, forced to share his bed with a cold English bitch.
He must have to get himself swine drunk every night before he can stand to plow your field.
I shouldn't have done that.
Aye, I did put that ill-wish 'neath yer bed in the hope it would make Jamie hate ye as much as I do.
He belongs with me, and one day, it will be so.
Well, I hope the price you paid wasn't too dear, because that will never happen.
Ye're wrong.
Ye're wrong about Jamie just as ye're wrong about yer friend Geillis.
It was she who sold me the ill-wish.
That surprises ye, doesn't it? Good.
Just stay away from me and my husband.
If you're looking for my wife, she's not here.
Wench never is when I need her.
Raw turnips never agree with me.
I could use some of my wife's tonic.
Oh! Stuff and nonsense! My sweet lamb, where are you? Here, fennel should give him some temporary relief.
Damn it all, Jeanie, bring me my chamber pot.
Go on, on you go! - I should be going.
- By Christ's heaven, you should! It be a full moon tonight.
Seek Mistress Duncan in the woods, north of the foothills in the hours before dawn.
Jeanie! The chamber pot, damn you! Release.
Goddess Earth Mother.
Open the gates.
I praise thee.
Rise from the fires.
You can come out now, Claire.
I thought I heard a rustling in the bushes.
But then again, I always like to imagine someone's watching me.
You could have joined me, you know.
But you English are a prudish people.
It's really quite nice, in spite of the chill.
Yes, you looked like you were enjoying yourself just fine.
'Twas the icy wind whispering over my nipples.
Makes them harden like acorns.
So I can see.
And you're pregnant.
Thank you.
It's been my own special secret for months now.
Not even Arthur knows.
You must be joking, surely.
How's that possible? I don't recall him ever seeing my unclothed body.
Certainly not in daylight.
I thought you two weren't having intimate relations.
We're not.
I have a lover.
Anyone I know? Aye.
Well, must I guess? It's Dougal MacKenzie.
I know what ye're thinking.
I'm married to another man.
A child would certainly be awkward.
The bairn won't be born for months yet.
Plenty of time for the summoning to prove fruitful.
Is that what I witnessed? A summoning, what, of some pagan spirit? Mother Nature, of course, to ask for our freedom, Dougal's and mine.
Claire, I must ask ye to keep my secrets.
Not tell anyone.
Not just about the child, about what you saw tonight.
I understand.
I knew ye would.
Come on, let's put out the fires.
I promise ye, Claire, if I'd known it was for you, I would have never sold Laoghaire the ill-wish.
Ye could do a lot worse to me if ye wanted, now that I've shared all my secrets with you.
Look, I have no wish to do you harm.
You're my friend.
The only one I've made since I've arrived here, in this part of Scotland.
I feel much the same.
If it wasn't for you and my darling Dougal Beautiful, is it not? Dougal gave you this? The Duke of Sandringham himself presented it to him for that slag of a wife, Maura.
A trinket like this would be wasted on the likes of her.
So he gave it to me.
Dougal's married? Aye.
But his wife has been holed up in that estate of theirs for years.
She's not one for public gatherings.
Don't blame her, she with such a homely countenance.
You say it was a present from the Duke? But I thought he came to see Colum? Hmm.
He meets with Colum, but it's Dougal he's fond of.
At first, I found it puzzling.
An English Lord, a friend of Black Jack Randall, on such good terms with a known Jacobite like Dougal MacKenzie.
But then I remembered something that Frank had said.
Your ancestor had a prominent and powerful man who could protect him from the censure of his superiors.
Yes, possibly.
It would had to have been someone high up in the hierarchy of the time to exert that kind of influence.
Oh, aye.
What about the Duke of Sandringham? - The Duke of Sandringham.
- Hold on.
Wasn't Sandringham a suspected Jacobite himself? Aye.
You know, I believe you're right.
Now, that's odd.
Odd indeed, but well worth keeping in mind.
What was that? Nothing.
No, listen, it's a baby.
Claire, that's a fairy hill.
That baby is no human child, that's a changeling.
What the hell are you talking about? When the fairies steal a human child away, they leave one of their own in its place.
You know it's a changeling because it doesn't thrive and grow.
- That's just superstitious nonsense.
- Claire! If ye leave a changeling out overnight in such a place, the wee folk will come and take it back and return the child they've stolen.
They won't, because it's not a changeling, it's just a sick child.
It might very well not survive a night out in the open.
I have to go.
You go yourself, then, and good luck to you.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Oh, you poor child.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I came up here, but I was too late.
The baby was already gone.
They just left it out here to die.
I know.
You've a kind heart, but ye've no idea what ye're dealing with.
Been looking all over for ye.
I met Geillis Duncan on the road.
She told me where ye were.
It's dangerous to be out here alone, Sassenach.
Don't tell me you believe in fairies and changelings and all that.
It's not about what I believe.
These people, they've never been more than a day's walk from the place they were born.
They hear no more of the world than what Father Bain tells them in the kirk on a Sunday.
And for the parents of that child, it might comfort them a bit to think it's the changeling that died.
And think of their own child, healthy and well, living forever with the fairies.
Take me home.
According to Ned, how did he put it? "Randall's repeated sexual provocation "of a high-born Englishwoman is a black mark impossible to erase.
" That's good, isn't it? Hmm.
Sign yer name, just below mine.
I know ye have yer doubts about Sandringham.
Well, I don't question the truth of them, but ye have to try, Claire.
For us.
For Lallybroch.
I suppose it will have to do.
Well, don't just sit there.
I'm sorry, madam, you were saying? Captain Jonathan Randall.
Yes, of course.
The petition of complaint.
By Christ, a petition of complaint against Captain Randall? Poppycock! I'm told that said Captain is one of the finest officers in the regiment.
Come Let me see this abominable document.
My husband will be presenting it to you later today.
So, Lord Broch Tuarach has sent you along to soften me up, to play on my well-known sympathies for the weaker sex? I can assure you, Your Grace, Jamie has no idea I'm here.
Nor would he approve if he did.
By my word.
He's picked a feisty wife.
I would expect nothing less of the lad.
Make no mistake, I am very fond of Jamie, but I'm afraid I must refuse this outrageous proposal.
Will you go away? I understand your reluctance.
To turn against one's friend is no easy thing.
Friend? I hardly know the man.
Even if it were so, what of it? An English nobleman befriending one of His Majesty's most valued officers, that's scarcely inimical to either of our reputations.
Look, my dear, you're a most alluring woman, and I'm sure you will bear Jamie many beautiful children, but my time is not my own these days.
So many goings-on.
I certainly have no time to review these libelous falsities.
That's very good.
Write that down, would you? "Libelous falsities.
" Forgive me, I'm thinking of writing a book.
Aphorisms of the Most Worthy and Most Witty, Clarence Marylebone III, Duke of Sandringham.
- Memorable.
- Now, then.
I believe you've said what you came to say? Before I go, there is one question I hope you'll answer.
How could I refuse just one question to so fair a lady? How much Jacobite gold did Dougal MacKenzie pass along to you? Madam, it's a dangerous thing to hurl slanderous charges with such reckless abandon.
They're only slanderous if untrue.
You determined to make me your enemy? On the contrary, I need you as my friend.
And I trust my friendship, no matter how lowly obtained, is preferable to a date with the gallows as a traitor to your King.
Has anyone ever told you, you have the most gorgeous neck? It holds your head so prettily.
I'd hate to see them parted.
Mark that.
I don't want to be over-hasty about Jamie.
I'm really so fond of him.
He's such a good lad, stout-hearted.
His grievances deserve to be heard.
To petitions of complaint.
I look forward to helping your husband to restore his good name.
Claire! Claire! The laird is asking for ye.
It's Dougal.
He's just learned that his wife's perished from a sudden illness and he's gone raging drunk.
Well, how? What happened? A fever it was.
The messenger said it consumed her in a day.
Burned her up as if by fire.
Well, what does Colum want me to do? Soothe the mad beast with one of those sedatives of yours.
Get back.
Get back! No! Did you bring some potion to muzzle this idiot? Yes.
Do you have something to put it in? Dire mischance the day she wedded me.
Poor lass.
It's my fault, all of it.
All my fault! Stay back! All of ye! Or I'll slice yer ears! Hey! Away.
Or I'll strike yer head from yer shoulders.
Easy, man.
I just I just seek to slake my thirst.
Ave, ave.
I'd drown my sorrows if I could.
This will quiet him down.
How're you going to get him to take it? What makes you think he'd refuse? Get off me! Come on! Hey! Come on! To the fair Maura! May God watch over her.
Not even a blind man would think she was bonnie, but she deserved better than me.
Hard-pressed to stand.
Don't be leaving him lying on the floor there.
Lift him up.
Watch over him.
I will deal with the sodden fool when he regains sobriety! Easy.
If ye drop him, I'll have yer balls.
Have you heard about Maura? Can you believe it? Yes, I've heard.
Though it doesn't put the same smile on my face, if that's what you're hoping.
It's a tragedy, no doubt.
God rest her soul.
But surely ye won't begrudge me a wee bit of celebration? After all, my prayers have been answered.
You don't really believe it had anything to do with that summoning of yours, do you? I don't know that it did, and I don't know that it did not.
And neither do you.
I know it's a coincidence.
A sad one and nothing more.
Believe what you will.
Now Dougal and I can be together.
I think your husband might have something to say about that.
What the hell are the MacDonalds doing visiting the Duke of Sandringham? I had no idea my acquaintanceship with Captain Randall was such common knowledge.
Well, know it we do.
And I have no doubt it's whispered about in Your Majesty's court as well.
Our Majesty's court, you mean, of course.
Leave us, Minou.
Damn that Randall! I must admit that shielding him from the consequences of his misdeeds sometimes feels like a full-time occupation.
And I loathe work.
But it will require a good deal of delicacy.
After all, I must damn the Captain without damning myself.
Of course.
It could be done.
However, Jamie, favors must be returned in kind.
If I scrub your back, I'd expect you to see that mine was equally spotless.
I've been challenged to a duel.
By the MacDonalds, you mean? Ah, you saw them leave the house, yes? Andrew MacDonald.
Some nonsense about an unpaid debt.
I've never been able to turn my back on a game of maw.
Pity I'm not better at it.
Anyway, this is an affair of honor.
Shots will be exchanged, but I understand no one will be hurt.
When the MacDonalds are involved, there's always a chance that blood will be spilt.
Yes, I know the MacDonalds and MacKenzies are sworn enemies, but this is not a clan matter.
I myself will be in the line of fire.
All that I require from Jamie is that he appears as my second.
Alas, my servants are chosen for their beauty, not their belligerence.
You, of course, contain within you a sublime combination of the two.
This is no good, Jamie.
This is a MacDonald matter.
You need to stay out of it.
You suggested I approach Sandringham in the first place.
I'd have kept my mouth shut if I knew he'd lead ye to the MacDonalds.
I'm not feeling blithe about it myself, but if I back out now, I lose my chance to return to Lallybroch a free man.
There will be other chances.
Can you swear to it? Better than the one afore me? Well, it's a risk I have to take.
Clan MacKenzie welcomes our longtime friend and ally, His Grace, the Duke of Sandringham.
It is our honor to share our bounty with him.
Always a pleasure to visit Clan MacKenzie! God bless Scotland! God bless the King.
They make quite the trio.
Aye, certainly.
Colum and the Duke appear to be in fine spirits.
Let me guess, this must be Mrs.
Fraser? Claire, allow me to introduce His Grace, the Duke of Sandringham.
An honor, madam.
Jamie, if you wouldn't mind getting me something to drink while the Duke and I get better acquainted? Of course.
Excuse me.
You bastard.
You had to get your pound of flesh, didn't you? Merely a quid pro quo.
You're familiar with the term? Simply means "this for that.
" Well, if anything happens to Jamie during your little duel, quid pro quo.
Your concern for your husband is commendable, but may I point out that it is I that will be faced with the disagreeable end of a pistol.
So you'd better hope that nothing happens to me, or this petition of your husband's will never reach London.
Help me turn him to his side.
I think he's choking! Put him back down.
I reluctantly searched the crowd for my friend.
However, what I found was anything but a grieving widow.
It was then I noticed traces of a peculiar odor.
Bitter almonds.
The same smell you'd find resulting from a dose of cyanide.
And I knew straightaway what had caused Arthur Duncan's sudden demise.
He'd been poisoned.
Gentlemen, upon my count, five paces, if ye please.
Mark yer places.
Combatants, take yer positions.
Combatants, you will fire upon the dropping of the handkerchief.
Are you ready? Aim your weapons.
Steady, steady.
Does the Duke of Sandringham offer his apology for non-payment of debt? I do.
And does Andrew MacDonald accept said apology? I do.
Jesus Christ Then this affair is concluded.
Let's drink to friendship.
Honor observed and restored.
- Honor is a poor substitute for coin.
- Aye.
I, for one, refuse to drink with mollies.
Off with ye, go and couple together like the filthy dogs ye are! Sir, order your boys to hold their tongues.
Let it go, lads.
Mind yer manners.
Father, the man rents a great house but canna pay an honest debt? Tell me, is the Duke's fat arse as comforting as a woman's cunny? Aye, is yours stretched like some crone's sagging teats? I said enough, ye whelps.
Come, come, Jamie, let's not descend to calling of names.
Aye, into the woods, you go.
To find a fallen log to bend each other over! Is it true the MacDonalds learn of love by rutting with their mother? Buggering sodomite! Alexander! So sorry, I'm so desperately sorry.
Nothing to be alarmed about.
Merely a scratch.
Do tell your wife it wasn't my fault.
And now, I'm afraid, I must be on my way.
A duel is one thing, a common brawl, quite another.
Concern yourself not.
I shall honor my side of the bargain.
'Tiss but one more scar, Sassenach.
Nothing worth brooding over.
And the Duke did take the petition.
That's cause for a bit of celebrating.
Now perhaps it is better to wait until closer to our leaving.
Ye're not normally a closed-mouth woman, Claire.
I expected noisier displeasure.
But quiet anger can be very effective.
Jamie, the laird is asking for you.
You will return to your home and attend to your wife's funeral.
And at home you will remain until I send for you.
Ye're exiling me.
- How long? - Until you come to your senses.
If you are even capable of such a thing.
Ye're asking me to do what I canna.
I'm not asking ye to do anything, you half-wit, I am ordering you! I will not spurn Geillis Duncan.
Oh, neither would her husband, and you see what she did to him! That bloated bastard's been dying for years.
By Christ, ye actually love the bitch.
Or ye're an even bigger numskull than I thought.
I do love her.
And with just cause.
Brother, she's carrying my child.
- Yer child? - Aye.
Yer child? What, need I tell ye how children are conceived? No, no, no, no, no.
It's Arthur Duncan's child.
Just as Hamish is my child.
And if ye think ye're going to be marrying that evil temptress, ye're very sadly mistaken, sadly so.
Ye will leave this castle today.
Angus, Rupert and this one, they will accompany you.
You haud yer gab.
You will speak when you are spoken to.
Now, on no account will ye stop and say goodbye to yer whore.
After the funeral, you and yer companions, ye can do whatever ye like.
Ye can drink and fornicate yerselves to oblivion, but you will do it on yer home ground, not mine.
Do ye not even have a nod to acknowledge the orders of yer laird? Jamie Fraser.
How dare you shed MacDonald blood without my approbation! I had no desire to cross swords with the MacDonalds, but the Duke of Sandringham requested that I accompany him as payment - for his aid in winning - l'm not interested in yer stories, yer plots, yer bloody wounds! - I'm sorry if I have disappointed ye.
- Disappointed me? No disrespect was intended.
But if you think so poorly of me, ye'll be pleased to ken I'll soon be returning to my home at Lallybroch.
In time, ye can do what ye want, but not until I give my permission.
Now, until then, ye'll stick close to my brother.
You see to it that he follows my orders in all matters.
And just so that I know that yer mind is focused on my wishes, ye'll leave that wife of yours here.
I see no reason Ye flap that tongue at me again, lad, I'll have it cut out at the root! Now go.
I hate that you're traveling with an open wound and I won't be there to tend to you.
No need to fret, lass, ye already packed me enough fresh bandages to cover me from face to feet.
Afore I go, I'll advise ye to stay well clear of Geillis Duncan.
Do you think Colum intends to punish her, too? His wrath will be aimed in her direction next.
Loveless or not, her marriage to the fiscal kept her safe.
With Arthur gone, there'll be no one to protect her from her own reputation.
Now with Dougal being sent away Aye.
There'll be no one to save her from Colum's ire.
Stay away from her, Claire.
Kiss your bride goodbye, Jamie.
The others await us.
I want to put some hard miles between me and my brother before nightfall.
These are dangerous times, mo nighean donn.
Be careful.
I will.
I said kiss her, dinna swallow her.
Come back to me, James Fraser.
As soon as I can.
I'm sorry, my dear.
Didn't mean to bother you.
Thought a wee bit of salve might help.
It's no bother.
I do wish you'd take more care around the ovens.
That's the second burn this week.
I'd call that a very good week.
Ooh, now.
Dinna fash yerself, it's not a permanent situation, ye ken.
Jamie will appease his laird best he can and be back in his good graces in no time.
In your arms, as well.
Thank you, Mrs.
Madam Fraser.
A letter has arrived for you, madam, from the village.
Geillis, I came as quickly as I could.
- Your letter.
- What letter? The one you sent.
'Twas not me who sent it.
Suspect someone's playing a prank on you, Claire.
I was just about to go downstairs to dinner.
Jeanie, ye can set the table for two.
Geillis, this is no prank.
I've no time for dinner and neither do you.
You must leave here now.
Leave? And go where? Wherever you choose.
I don't care.
Well, that's a comfort.
In that case, I'll remain here.
Geillis, drop the pretense.
I know you poisoned your husband and I'm not the only one.
What a thing to say, Claire.
It's positively cruel.
Not as cruel as Colum will be.
If you care for your baby, then you will pack some belongings and you will flee here.
We can argue the "why" of it later.
Your concern touches my heart, but it's misplaced.
Is it? Open up! - Who's there? - Open the door now! It's the warden.
Mistress? There are wardens here to see ye! Open this door now! Do not let her answer that door.
You can escape through the kitchen.
I'll see to the packing.
I'll meet you in the glade later tonight.
Flee my own house? Like a thief in the night? - I won't have it.
- Open this door now! This is official business! We demand to see Mistress Duncan right away.
- Open up! - Mistress! Dougal will never allow anything to happen to me.
To us.
Jeanie! Let them in! Geillis Duncan! He made me a promise.
Take us to your mistress.
The man loves me to death.
Geillis Duncan, ye're under arrest for witchcraft.
- Under whose orders? - Well, lookie here.
The other sorceress.
It's the thieves' hole for the both of ye.
What on earth have I done? You'll hear all about it at the trial.
Let's go.
Get your hands off me! Stop! Get off me! Ye'll not be casting any spells on us tonight.
Aye, ye're a feisty little witch, I'll give ye that.
Hah! Yah! Ripped By mstoll
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