Outlander (2014) s02e05 Episode Script

Untimely Resurrection

1 Previously Annalise I can guarantee the amount of 40,000 pounds to be made available to you.
If we can meet with Sandringham, convince him this is a bad investment.
What if we host a dinner for the duke? No, the duke will want to take the measure of the prince, decide if he's a man worth staking his fortune and his life on.
I've met someone I find most intriguing.
You're speaking of Alex Randall.
I couldn't help but fall in love.
I need to tell you something.
Jack Randall is alive.
Now I can be the one to end his life.
- Leave her alone! - Aah! Your Highness should not be subjected to such intemperance.
Let us depart.
Sing me a song Of a lass that is gone Say, could that lass Be I? Merry of soul She sailed on a day Over the sea To Skye Billow and breeze Islands and seas Mountains of rain and sun All that was good All that was fair All that was me Is gone Over the sea To Skye I hadn't noticed the noise of the clock before that evening, but in that moment, each annoying tick filled my head, reminding me that Jamie wasn't there.
After our dinner party disintegrated into a brawl, the gens d'armes had come and arrested everyone.
But it was all a misunderstanding.
Alex Randall hadn't raped Mary Hawkins, and Jamie had nothing to do with any of it.
Have you sat up all night long, then? I'm not the only one.
- He just fell asleep.
- Hmm.
Come on, laddie.
You did well guarding your mistress.
Duverney arrived and and ordered the Captain of the Guard to release us at once.
It's fortunate to have friends in high places.
Are you all right? Yes, we're fine now that you're home.
What about Murtagh and Alex? Murtagh's downstairs washing off the stench of a French prison.
Alex he didna fare so well.
Silas claims he saw Alex attack Mary.
His release will will require word from the lass herself.
We have to help him, Jamie.
You saw how he came to Mary's aid.
He's not his brother.
Can't the duke vouch for him? Sandringham will let Alex rot before he lifts a finger to help.
Now his secretary's been publicly disgraced.
He's already sent a dispatch to the Bastille releasing Alex from his service.
Well, hopefully he'll have the same opinion of Charles.
The duke was watching the prince during dinner.
I think he sees him for the the poor investment that he is.
Well, unfortunately, the prince left with St.
No good can come from that pairing.
I'll set Murtagh to follow St.
Germain see if there's anything amiss.
If St.
Germain is responsible for the attack, then we'll find out.
Can ye remember anything more about it? Just that they spoke French like aristocrats, wore fine clothes and shoes.
How did ye escape? They mistook me for some mythical creature named La Dame Blanche.
Fergus said it's some sorceress nonsense.
Have you heard of it? Yeah.
I may have once mentioned that that I was married to La Dame Blanche.
You did what? At Maison Elise.
Charles was pushing yet more trollops into my lap.
I wanted to stay true to you, but not appear unmanly.
And so calling your wife a witch was your best idea? After everything that happened at Cranesmuir? Now, there may have been a fair amount of drinking involved.
How many people heard you? Only a few, but I guess it was a good bit of gossip to share.
Oh, I suppose the assailants were customers at at Maison Elise.
Aye, and if we find them, they may lead us to St.
Heaven help him if he's responsible.
It's been a long night for all of us.
And all I wish for is for you to lay in my arms.
La Dame Blanche.
Monsieur, restock the Belle Rouge by the south wall.
Germain was easy enough to track, but I see nothing suspicious.
Did you learn anything at Maison Elise? A wench there told me of several customers members of a gang, masked men called "Les Disciples" aristocrats that prowl the streets in search of prey.
Claire did say the assailants were well-spoken and wore fine clothes.
- Aye.
And the way into this gang? A maidenhead.
Mary was a virgin, was she not? - Aye.
Ye look like a right clarty midden.
Go get some sleep, man.
What is it? I failed you.
I Ye did no such thing.
Ye gave me yer trust yer wife and yer child unborn to guard and that wee English lassie.
You were outmanned.
I canna forgive myself for what happened in that alley Or what could have happened.
Then you keep after him.
If St.
Germain is behind this then we need to connect him to the gang, Les Disciples.
I will lay just vengeance at your feet or be damned.
Claire! Uncle Silas allowed you in? No, he doesn't know I'm here.
I was able to convince your aunt it's important I give you a medical examination.
He refuses to let me out the house.
And he's insisting I l-leave Paris once I recover.
I was relieved to hear about Jamie and Murtagh being released.
But will you do me the favor of delivering this to the authorities at the Bastille? It's details of the attack explaining Alex's innocence.
I'll see it gets delivered at once.
T-thank you.
Alex is a good man with a kind heart.
You, of course, know of my fondness for him.
I understand.
Now how are you feeling? Ashamed.
Like I'm a different person now and I'll never be the same.
You have nothing to be ashamed of.
What happened was not your fault.
How are you feeling physically? I bled a bit, but it stopped.
That's normal.
And I brought you some herbs to help.
They're to be brewed in hot water.
And once the infusion cools, then you can apply it with a cloth.
Am I going to have a baby? No.
I don't believe so.
He your attacker He wasn't able to finish.
I'm so grateful for all you've done, Claire.
At least at least now they can't force me to marry that dreadful man, The Vicomte.
Uncle says he'd n-never take a soiled bride.
Well, good riddance.
You are far too pretty, not to mention sweet, to marry such a warty old man.
I-I just know that once Alex is freed, he'll return to me.
We're hoping to be married.
Marriage? When Mary mentioned Alex Randall at the hospital, I thought it nothing more than a young girl's crush.
If Alex and Mary were to wed, what would become of the lineage Mary and Jack Randall supposedly ensure? What becomes of Frank? Did I hold the key to Frank's existence in the palm of my hand? Could I simply release my grasp, dispose of the letter, and allow fate to carry out its plan? But how could I condemn Alex Randall to prison without the utmost certainty it would ensure Frank's existence? James, my good man.
Your Royal Highness.
The female haze that once clouded my mind has been lifted.
I have excellent news.
Open your finest bottle of Burgundy.
Uh is this to do with your investors? Make no mention of those scoundrels.
They have shown their true colors.
What if I were to tell you we were about to come into possession of 10,000 pounds Sterling? I'd say this is what we've been waiting for.
I have dispatched a letter to my father informing him of our good fortune.
Mark me, James, the king has led a dolorous life full of misfortune.
And now I stand poised to lay at his feet the world's most treasured gift The throne of Britain.
And, uh, who is it that offers such a prize? The Comte St.
He wishes to buy a large shipment of Portuguese Madeira.
However, the comte is short of funds and in desperate need of a business partner.
And what does the comte require? I've secured a bank loan to provide half the funds to buy the shipment.
Once we sell the wine, we'll earn ourselves a rich profit.
But not enough to finance an army.
But enough to begin securing ships, weapons, fighting men for our holy cause.
And when your friend Duverney hears what we will accomplish, he'll have proof for the king that it's a worthy investment.
And with French money, we will unite the clans, and I will lead you all to the gates of London and to glory.
Good news indeed.
Although the, uh the thought of a partnership with St.
Germain does leave me uneasy.
I am no fool, James.
I am well aware of his damnable reputation.
Well, you've heard he's said to dwell in heretical circles.
They talk of demonic rituals.
Rumor and innuendo.
I pay no more attention to that than I do to the rumors about your wife La Dame Blanche.
Germain is no lover of my cause, but he is a man of business.
And I have arranged for you to be the one to sell the wine.
Me? Oh, who better than you to secure the buyer and keep a wary eye on St.
Germain? Well, when are we to expect this shipment? Do not plague me with workmen's concerns.
I have arranged for you and St.
Germain to meet in Maison Elise to discuss particulars.
To the glorious day when the rightful king sits upon the British throne once more.
The glorious day.
I cannot fully express my gratitude to you for your help.
The Bastille was a frightening experience.
I'm sure it was.
Mary tells me of your plans to wed.
Isn't it wonderful? Of course.
However, I am concerned about your ability to find a new position in Paris now that the duke has discharged you from his service.
Beg your pardon.
You are unwell, Alex, and your condition has not improved with time.
Surely you wouldn't want Mary robbed of her youth playing nurse.
Of course not.
Mary's my friend, and she's young and impressionable.
My concern is for her well-being a concern I trust you share, but perhaps you should consider what kind of life it is you're offering her.
But of course.
Then you should set aside your feelings.
I fear traveling from city to city, seeking a new position, living a hand-to-mouth existence is well, it's not the future that Mary has envisioned for herself.
You have to think what's best for Mary.
Condemning Mary to a life of penury is something I wouldn't dream of.
I love her enough to want her to have the future she deserves.
She's going to be devastated, you know.
Yes, she will.
She loves you very much.
But in time, she will move on from this.
Thank you for your candor, Madame Fraser.
Mary is fortunate to have a friend as caring as you.
It broke my heart to break his.
Alex and Mary clearly loved one another, and I was robbing them of happiness.
But what choice did I have? I forced myself to focus on the evidence.
Mary Hawkins and Jonathan Randall were to have a child together.
I saw the proof of that with my own eyes.
Alex and Mary simply could not be for Frank's sake.
I don't wish to be joined together in business, nor do I wish to sit in your presence longer than is needed, so let's just get on with it, shall we? Since you brought up my wife, let me make this clear someone tried to poison her and attacked her in the street, then raped her friend.
My memory is as long as yours.
When I find the man responsible, he'll die a very slow and very painful death.
If this wine venture is successful and the prince manages to secure other investors, I have no doubt he'll set sail for Scotland straightaway.
Well, then it's simple: Charles must not get his hands on that money.
Somehow we have to find a way to dispose of that shipment before it's sold.
Maybe St.
Germain will do us a wee favor and bring in another ship infected with smallpox.
I ken that look, Sassenach.
I was merely joking about the smallpox.
Well, I'm not.
Ye happen to have a-a bottle of it amongst yer potions, do ye? No, not the actual disease.
But there are herbs that can be used to make it appear as though smallpox is present in St.
Germain's crew, convince everyone the shipment's tainted and have it destroyed.
Is such a thing even possible? I'm not sure.
I'll look into it tomorrow.
Well, don't forget we're due at the royal stables.
I agreed to help the duke with the purchase of a team of horses.
- Oh, that's tomorrow? - Aye.
You don't owe that man any favors, Jamie.
And neither do I wish to be the subject of his disfavor.
I've been waiting for a good time to surprise ye with this.
What is it? Sure.
Apostle spoons One for each of the 12 Apostles Christening gift for the bairn.
Well, where did you get them? Ah.
They've been passed down in my family for years.
I wrote to Jenny after we arrived to tell her our good news and to ask for the spoons for our wee bairn.
She said she was so full of excitement, she could hardly keep the quill steady in her hand.
I know it sounds ridiculous, but I can't help but wondering if I'll be any good at it Being a mother.
Of course you will.
Well, I'm a nurse.
I know how to deliver a baby, how to feed one, how to take care of one when it's ill, but that's not being a mother.
I only have a vague memory of my own mother nothing really to guide me.
What you don't ken, ye'll learn.
We'll learn together.
I do love you.
I love you too I do miss the smell of the stable.
That makes one of us.
Jamie, lad.
Ah, your glowing bride.
My dear, your condition only enhances your ravishing beauty.
Oh, I may be ill.
- Oh.
- It's not contagious.
But if you gentlemen will excuse me Aye, now there's a bonny lad.
Fair, strong back, straight-legged sound at the hip.
Aye, he's grand, Your Grace.
Well, let's take him.
I was very displeased to hear of your legal woes, especially after such a lovely dinner.
The Bastille, perish the thought.
This one dull in the eye and splints.
I wasn't at the Bastille for long, but other poor devils have been there for decades.
Ah, well, life can be harsh.
Madame Broch Tuarach Merci.
It may be some small consolation to you to know that your dinner party was not entirely wasted.
It allowed me to take the measure of your prince.
And what was your assessment? My considered opinion? He's an utter ass.
I'm sorry to hear yer opinion of the prince is such.
I imagine you are, especially since you seem to have pledged yourself to his service.
They claim they're three-year-olds, but oh, this one's seen a fair few seasons more.
Your knowledge astounds me.
But I wonder that someone who's such a good judge of horseflesh is such a poor judge of men.
I see the prince for what he is, but his father is the true king.
Nobly said.
Ah, now here's a fine stallion well put together.
Oh, it's magnificent.
My word.
But I must see a few more.
I'm a man who cherishes options.
Don't you? Tell me, you have lived in Scotland.
Do you find life there to be simpler? In some ways.
Not in others.
The politics and manipulations among the clans and lads can sometimes rival even the intrigues of Versailles.
James was never a man for intrigue at least not in those days.
He was direct, honest, simple.
I wouldn't call Jamie simple.
Not today.
Now he's a man of business of politics Like all the others.
It saddens me to think of him like that.
He's still Jamie.
I doubt he will ever lose sight of who he truly is at heart.
When I knew him, he was impulsive, headstrong.
He still is.
Ah, but when I knew him, he was a boy.
You've turned him into a man.
Speaking of men, there's a rather dashing one over there staring at us.
He seems quite taken with you.
Claire? I take it you two are acquainted? Yes.
Yes, we are.
Are you in discomfort, Captain? I met with an accident some time ago.
I'm sorry, Annalise.
Suddenly I'm feeling very unwell.
I-I should go.
I will call for your husband.
No, it's not necessary.
Jamie? He's here? Where? You should go.
If he sees you, he will cut your throat.
That would be a lethal mistake.
Drawing a sword in the presence of the king is punishable by death.
This is unbelievable.
The fates are toying with us now, setting our feet on seemingly divergent paths that still somehow converge in the most unlikely of places.
Get out of my way.
Claire, surely you of all people can step outside the passions of the moment and appreciate the sublime preposterousness of a universe that would guide us to a meeting at the French court.
Let go of me.
The king? Fuck the king.
You will forgive the rudeness of these children, Captain.
The French language is not easily mastered by the English.
I took no offense, sire.
Oh, but perhaps the king himself has offended you, Madame Fraser? The king admires your uniform, Captain so seldom seen at this court.
Such bold colors as befit the brave soldiers of your sovereign.
A pity that your countrymen are usually too busy slaughtering each other to exchange such pleasantries.
Uh, speaking as a soldier of many years, Your Majesty, I must say that I find war preferable to politics.
At least in war, you know your enemies.
Hmm, the king finds some truth in what you say.
However, we hope your affection for carnage does not ultimately prove fatal for you.
You and the Captain are friends, Madame? We are acquainted.
Hmm, does that not present difficulty with your husband? He is, after all, a proud Scottish warrior and great supporter of my cousin's rightful claim to the British throne.
Or perhaps you have not met Lord Broch Tuarach? Captain Randall and I have met several times, Your Majesty.
Are you well, Captain? Very well, sir.
Thank you.
I hear you had a an unfortunate encounter with some sheep, was it? Uh, cattle, actually.
Ah, but now you've quite recovered.
I still have a little difficulty getting out of bed on cold mornings.
Really? I understand the weather here in Paris is to be quite warm all week.
You need to have no concern for my health, then.
Delighted to hear it.
Tell us, Captain why are you here? I am, in fact, here on an errand of mercy to aid my brother.
Your Majesty, until recently, my brother was in the employ of the duke of Sandringham.
I have come here to ask His Grace to reconsider his position.
Perhaps you should beg.
Uh, beg, Your Majesty? Yes.
On your knees.
To ask such a favor of a man like the duke would not be possible.
To beg him, however, that is a different matter.
On your knees.
Not now.
You English are so literal.
Of course.
You may retire as well, Lord Broch Tuarach.
The king gives you leave to rise.
It would be a shame to stain such pretty britches.
Are you really unwell, Sassenach? Is it the bairn? No, I'm fine.
You sure? Yes, I just wanted us to get away All right.
Wait here.
What just happened? I challenged him to a duel, and he accepted.
He said he owed me a death.
- It's a great day, laddie.
- Is it? Oh, you have no idea.
Fetch Murtagh at once.
Yes, milord.
I'll arrange the particulars with his second.
As the challenged, Randall selects the weapons.
And what if it's pistols? What then? He'll not take pistols.
It's too quick, too far apart.
He'll want to look me in the eye.
Aye, but don't err in judging the man's skills.
You don't become Captain of Dragoons unless you know how to handle a blade.
There won't be any duel.
Randall is locked away in the Bastille.
On what charge? I swore an accusation against him that he was the one who attacked Mary and me.
Christ, woman, what have ye done? - Murtagh, please.
- Have you lost your mind? Swearing a false charge? They won't be able to hold him for long, and I'll say I must have been mistaken.
But it's long enough to get you to listen to me.
Jamie, you can't go through with this.
Why would you do such a thing, Claire? Because dueling is outlawed in France.
And if you're caught, you could spend the rest of your life behind bars or worse.
I won't risk that.
You are about to become a father.
You have to think of me and your child.
No, there are places in the city where the gens d'armes are not present.
He won't get caught.
I'll see to it.
Murtagh, will you please leave? This is between Jamie and me.
You gave me a gift, Claire when you told me Randall was alive.
A gift knowing I'd be the one to end that bastard's life.
Now I claim that gift.
Please, listen to me, Jamie.
You can't kill Randall.
There's no reason.
Because of Frank.
Frank? If you kill Randall now, then Frank he won't be born.
W-what do you mean? Remember I told you once that Frank showed me his family tree and on it was the name Jack Randall? Aye.
He married Mary Hawkins.
Together they're supposed to have a child, and that child is Frank's ancestor.
But if you kill Randall before the child is born, then it would be as if you're killing Frank too.
And he won't exist, and he must exist.
It's part of the future.
I thought we were here to change the future.
Frank's innocent in all of this.
You can't kill an innocent man.
"Innocent"? He's committed no crime against either of us.
For that, Jack Randall should live? I-I can stand a lot, more than most.
I've proven as much.
But must I bear everyone's weakness? May I not have my own? You of all people canna expect that of me, Claire.
You were there.
You saw what he did to me.
- A delay, a delay is all I ask.
- No.
No, you have your choice him or me? I canna live while Randall lives.
If you wilna allow me to kill him, then kill me now yerself.
One year.
One year.
T-the Then the child, Randall's, it will be conceived by then, and after that, I swear I swear I will help you bleed him myself.
You owe me that much, James Fraser.
I've saved your life, not once, but twice.
You owe me a life.
I see.
And now you claim your debt.
I can't make you see reason any other way.
God, Claire.
You'd stop me taking vengeance on the man that made me play his whore The man that lived in my nightmares and in our bed Who almost drove me to take my own life.
I'm a man of honor.
I pay my debts.
So tell me now, is that what you're asking of me? To pay you with the life of Black Jack Randall? Yes.
A year Not one day more.
Do not touch me.

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