Outlander (2014) s02e09 Episode Script

Je Suis Prest

1 CLAIRE: Previously We will unite the clans, and I will lead you all to glory.
Charles has landed in Scotland, and he's gathering his army.
What will ye do, brother? Whatever I can to save Lallybroch, Scotland, and everything that we hold dear.
I need you to bring the men to Kingussie.
As ye say.
JAMIE: I'll meet you there in two weeks.
Colum, is Dougal with ye? 'Twas best for the clan that my brother remain at his own estate.
To save our clans, our country, we must band together.
Let's just go to Prince Charles with the men from Lallybroch.
I canna go to the prince a failure.
It's our duty to stand up for our country, Father.
I will fight, even if you will not.
Don't sit there gaping at me.
Go see to your men! I don't understand.
What will you say about your son fighting for the Jacobites? He's his own man, and that will protect me if the British should win.
Sing me a song Of a lass that is gone Say, could that lass Be I? Merry of soul She sailed on a day Over the sea To Skye Billow and breeze Islands and seas Mountains of rain and sun All that was good All that was fair All that was me Is gone Sing me a song Of a lass that is gone Say, could that lass Be I? Merry of soul She sailed on a day Over the sea To Skye CLAIRE: We left Beaufort Castle 100 strong and traveled towards Crieff to join forces with Murtagh and the Lallybroch Frasers.
But our numbers dwindled along the way.
Many who resented being ordered by Lord Lovat from their families and farms deserted our ranks.
We'd sent Young Simon to persuade them to return with the promise of land when the war was over.
It gave them something to fight for, to die for.
If it went according to plan, all would meet up in Perth to join the prince's army.
Pardon me if I forego the wee jig that I had planned in honor of your arrival.
I woulda been gey pleased to foot it out five days ago.
Aye, aye.
It took us longer than foreseen coming through Corrieyairack.
Made me long for the days of raiding cattle.
(CHUCKLES) I didna think ye could talk that old bastard out of a loaf a bread, let alone men.
Not much to look at, are they? Apparently Lovat's kept his best men back at Beauly.
So you two have your work cut out for you.
We need to keep a watch.
30-odd tried to desert near Kingussie.
Wee Simon's gone to bring them back into the fold.
Oh, the Younger's with us? Aye, but no with his father's blessing.
Lord Lovat remains neutral.
Ah, that's the weasel I ken well.
- Wee drink to warm you up.
- Thank you.
Milady! Milord! - Ah.
- Oh.
- Fergus, laddie ye look fit.
Murtagh's been looking after you well, then? No, no, no, no, no, no.
It's been horrible.
He forced me to mend his socks and to fetch his meals.
Hey, I'm just tryna educate the lad on the finer points on traveling in the Highlands.
All right, children.
(SOMBER MUSIC) (MAN SINGING IN GAELIC) (LIVELY MUSIC) (SIGHS) I'll have a word with the ladies try and get them to make as many bannocks as possible today.
Mistress Claire I washed my mouth out with whiskey, in preparation for a big buss from you, eh? - Angus! Oh! - (SPEAKING GAELIC) Good to see some things haven't changed.
- Mwah.
- Aw.
It's been ower long, Claire.
Whoo! (LAUGHS) Indeed it has, Rupert.
Well, where's Willie? Something happened? - Tell them.
- The lad He went and got himself married - (SIGHS) - To an Irish lass.
Sailed off to America with the bride's family.
We'll no mention that traitorous bastard's name again.
You know, marriage could do you all some good.
Have ye no welcome for yer beloved uncle? Dougal! Ah.
- You look well, lad - Aye.
Despite the misfortunes ye've suffered.
Never felt more fit.
Ah, and the Lady Broch Tuarach a vision of true loveliness.
Well, it wouldn't be Scotland without you, Dougal.
Colum change his mind, then? Is the Clan MacKenzie to join the cause? Colum's mind is his own.
It's no concern of mine.
We are here to pledge our hearts and swords to the glorious cause.
What, just the three of you? Well, ya didna question the lads' strength in numbers when they stormed Wentworth Prison, in the very teeth of over 200 redcoats.
- It was 400, actually.
- More likely 500.
Oh, lad when I heard you joined the Jacobite cause, I was so proud.
It was as if my own son was taking his first steps as a man.
Now, I know that you and I have had our differences in the past, but I have been waiting for the day when we would fight together on the same side.
It is our time.
For glory for Scotland.
Then I welcome yer heart.
- Aye.
- And yer sword.
All of you Sorely needed.
You can aid me in training the other men.
Aye, it should be a simple enough matter.
They've showed their worth just by joining.
Their hearts are larger and stronger than ten redcoats.
Maybe so, but they're no ready for combat as they stand.
Have plenty of time to teach that on the march.
Well, they dinna march.
They walk, they stroll, they caper about, but they dinna march.
They'll need to learn before they join the prince's army.
They're still just cotters, tacksmen, smiths.
Most havena even held a weapon, let alone used one in a fight.
Now, this is good ground to train upon.
So I've decided to stay here for a time.
Yer mind's set, then? Aye.
Good to see you looking so braw, Dougal.
All right.
(INHALES DEEPLY) We'll make a fine group of Highland soldiers.
No time to waste.
(UPBEAT MUSIC) James Fraser taught me these drills himself.
And believe me, I am going to teach them to you, and you are going to learn them.
Now, form lines two.
When you hear this (BAGPIPE MUSIC) Two lines, one directly next to the other.
Put yer toes there.
Get in line.
Get in line! Kincaid, move yer arse.
Do ye think the enemy's gonna fouter away waiting for ye to gather? And when do we get proper weapons, huh? First, you learn where to stand.
Then you'll learn how to move.
And if you can manage the particulars of that, we'll put a sword in your hand and teach ye to kill redcoats.
But until then, form up! What are you laughing at, bastard? When you hear this - (BAGPIPE MUSIC) - You will face left.
Face left.
Yer own left! What is the matter with you? Have ye got shite in your ears? Attention! (SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY) MURTAGH: Pay attention to me.
File left.
Quick, march.
(SOFT MUSIC) (WOODEN WEAPONS CLACKING) MAN: Ya, wee Fergus, get the ball! MAN: Okay, Fergus, show us what you got.
- Oh! Oh, oh! - Oh ROSS: Kincaid, ye swing like a big lass and not a very bonnie one.
All right.
(GRUNTING) - Give that a swing.
- There you go.
Right, yeah, yeah.
You just want to knock it out of the park.
- All right? - Okay.
No need to get riled, Mistress Claire.
We were just playing.
I asked you to get water for Milord, did I not? - Yes, but I was just - I don't care.
Just come with me.
Keep your distance.
(SHOUTS) Remember, these are well-trained, disciplined soldiers.
Come here, come here.
Scottish broadsword.
Ye aim for the shoulders if ye're trying to take his head off, like that.
Even every highly trained soldier has a weakness.
Halt! You there, I said "halt"! Come left! (GRUNTS) When ye're coming short distance, ye see that bastard's throat, and ye stab it.
Right, control.
Throat, down scrape, aye.
And then you smash 'em in the face! You ought to practice till it's in ye.
(LAUGHS) The men are coming along nicely.
We should push on, join the prince with due haste.
We must make a show of our allegiance.
I don't know who ye're surveying, but if we meet the British now, you can count on one of two things.
We get butchered in the field or have our necks stretched.
Ye have the prince's ear, no? I ken Charles Stuart well enough.
Aye, good, because more clans are joining our cause every day.
And their leaders are jockeying for position within his inner council.
We have more pressing concerns than worrying about securing a seat at the prince's table.
I'll no send these cotters into battle until they're well-trained and disciplined.
Jesus H.
Roosevelt Christ.
It's not exactly Delmonico steak, is it? Ma'am? Well, that's what we think you Yanks have for chow every day Giant steaks, baked potatoes drowned in butter, tomatoes the size of cricket balls, and vats and vats of chocolate ice cream.
- Don't I wish.
- (CHUCKLES) We just get K-rations, pretending to be real food.
(CHUCKLES) We call it "shit on a shingle.
" Sorry, ma'am.
That's quite all right.
I'm Claire Randall, by the way.
Corporal Caleb Grant, that's Private Max Lucas.
Nice to meet you.
Airborne? Separated from your unit? Yes, ma'am, ever since D-day.
There's quite a lot of that going around.
Where are you both from? Texarkana, Arkansas.
Yonkers, New York.
How about you? I'm from well, all over, really.
I'm not sure where home is, to be honest.
Anywhere but here, that's for sure.
Ma'am, can I ask you a question? What kind of food is this trying to be? (CHUCKLES) Well, that, Private Lucas, is trying to be black pudding, though you would probably call it sausage.
Then what do you call what we call pudding? Pudding.
The British and Americans Two people separated by a common language.
George Bernard Shaw.
That's right.
My mama's Irish.
She said he's one of the great Irish writers of all time.
Pop says he's a Communist.
(MEN CHUCKLING) (GROANS) You all right, lass? Ye've been very quiet these past few days.
(SIGHS) I'm fine.
(SCOFFS) There's just so much to do, to prepare for.
(METAL CLANKS) (SOMBER MUSIC) (THUNDER RUMBLES) "Je suis prest" "I am ready.
" I'm sorry.
Sorry? Sorry for bringing you here.
I want you to know, whatever happens, we're gonna get through this.
I'll make sure you're safe.
(SIGHS) I'm fine, Jamie really.
MURTAGH: About face.
Together! By the left, quick! March! Halt! Halt! About face! Together, you clots, together! By the left! Quick! March! (SPEAKING GAELIC) Halt! Halt! Now! Foolishness and games That's what ye're thinking.
No reason to learn to strut and ponce about like the redcoats.
(LIGHT LAUGHTER) We're Scotsmen.
We're brave, and we're strong, and we have God on our side, so why should we waste time with all this shite? - (LIGHT LAUGHTER) - Aye.
I was like-minded.
Then I went to France, and I became a soldier.
I saw what a modern, well-trained army can do.
Oh, it's a pretty sight at first Seeing them all marching together in their neat rows and columns, music playing, banners waving.
(CHUCKLES) So pretty, you want to smile.
I laughed, too, the first time.
(LIGHT LAUGHTER) Then they fired the first volley.
First, you see the flash of metal in the Sun.
Together, as one, an entire line of men raise their muskets, aim, and let loose.
The musket balls come tearing across the field like a sheet of metal rain, cutting down men left and right without mercy.
Sound of gunfire Rolling thunder across the hills.
By the time the last of it fades, the second volley is already on its way.
I realized it takes more than courage to beat an army like that.
It takes discipline.
It takes a well-trained soldier an army of soldiers.
Now, if we have the discipline to stand together, to march together, and to fight together, then by God, I ken we will win together.
- Stand! - Halt! - Come on! - (LAUGHTER) Hey! That's how you beat the redcoats, eh? With a Highland charge! Ye take them by surprise, and ye put terror in their hearts.
MURTAGH: Get back in line! Back in line now.
Was only five of us.
Aye, imagine 1,000 of us screaming, descending on the pretty redcoats lined up in a row.
(CHUCKLES) They'll run like chickens.
We would need surprise for the charge to work.
I doubt we'll be that lucky.
(SPITS) Dismissed, all of you.
Dismissed! Move it! Bloody sheep.
A word with ye, Uncle.
Listen, lad, I ken ye're trying to do what ye think is best, but I was teaching men to fight while you were still sucking your mother's tit, God rest her.
So I think I know a wee bit more about this than you do.
No, you don't.
I ken what these men will face, and I know how to prepare them for it.
You don't.
And these are my men, my clan.
They'll answer to me and no one else.
What exactly is it ye're trying to say, lad? I've been tolerant with ye before now because I respect you because you're my uncle.
But if you choose to fight with Clan Fraser, then you'll respect my orders without objection.
If you can't abide to these terms, take yer men and be on yer way.
A-as you say.
(SERIOUS MUSIC) (SIGHS, SNIFFS) I've been giving some thought to Jamie's situation.
He's struggling needs help.
But you know Jamie.
He's too proud to ask.
Well, if you spoke to him, mm, made him realize that I can help, if only he'd let me Why would I do that? Because of our agreement The one we made in the cave at Glen Rowan Cross.
I'll wager ye never told him about that, did ye? About my generous offer to ye? To look after ye as yer husband? And yer promise to me to be my bride if he died? My husband and I share everything.
He knows about your offer and he knows why I was forced to make the decision I did.
And he took no issue with it? None.
Well, he, uh He is a better man than I.
Truer words have never been spoken.
I can see that ye still bear a grudge.
Let's get one thing clear, Dougal MacKenzie.
If I ever thought of you, then I might hold a grudge for all the things that you've done to me.
But I don't.
Why? Because of your affliction Your inability to be selfless because you suffer from narcissism.
If you don't know what that is, then let me tell you.
The term comes from Greek mythology.
Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection in a pool of water and died rather than pull himself away to eat.
Your ego and your self-gratification drive your desires.
You want King James restored to the throne, but not for Scotland.
For your own selfishness.
So, please stop trying to convince everyone of your patriotism.
It's tedious.
I'm not sure that you'll grasp the meaning of this either, but I'll try my damnedest.
Fuck yourself.
All right, then.
Oh, Claire.
Perhaps you're right about me.
I do.
I do love my reflection.
But make no mistake, lass.
I love Scotland more.
And I would give everything, everything I have or ever will have, including my life, to see a Stuart back on the throne.
(SERIOUS MUSIC) (SPEAKING GAELIC) He's no your friend, okay? Fight him! Halt! - Excellent.
To the ground.
- Up, protect your head here.
Come on, mean it! Good grip, down to the ground.
(GRUNTING) I am starting to feel proud.
That's it! Good.
Fire! MAN: Good.
Reload! They canna seem to grasp how to load properly.
Aye, and a British trooper can get off three shots a minute.
We must teach 'em to be better.
Have ye noticed Claire's been out of sorts lately? One day she seems fine, in good spirits, and the next there's barely any life in her.
I canna figure it out.
I can see she's not been herself.
Claire doesn't usually beat around the bush.
She speaks her mind, whether you want to hear it or not.
I asked.
She claims she's fine.
It's gonna take a bit more than asking to pry it out of her.
Come on, you two.
Take aim! Fire! (GUNSHOTS) Got something growing between yer toes there.
Nay, just everyday filth.
(SIGHS) This is unacceptable.
You could easily get trench foot.
If you intend to use these feet to march, then you need to take better care of them.
Well, I'll bear it.
- Bear it? - Mm-hmm.
Trench foot can lead to gangrene, which can lead to amputation.
I've seen it happen.
Are you completely idiotic? Is that what you want? It's a rhetorical question.
Take off your other boot.
Take it off.
It's just Come on, it's just (LAUGHING) Come on! So, in summation, make sure to dry your boots.
Don't go to sleep in your socks.
If your feet begin to swell, then coat them in foot powder and let them air-dry.
Move your legs, wiggle your toes, anything to get the blood flowing.
Are you listening? (LAUGHING) Did you hear what I fucking said? Aye, I heard ye.
(INTENSE MUSIC) (GUNFIRE) So she says to me, "Oh, ye'll be expecting me to open my legs.
" I says, "No, I'll just kick you on the pot like everybody else.
Easy, lads.
It's just a pack of new recruits.
How do ten men just walk into the camp without so much as a challenge from the sentries? I just smiled and waved, and they let me pass.
Who was on watch? - Ross and Kincaid.
- Bring them to me.
Post new guards in their place.
Jamie, did ye no hear? I brought volunteers for our cause.
- Volunteers? - Aye.
Here of yer own free will, are ye? Prepared to bleed, are ye? Prepared to leave your families and your homes for months, maybe years? This isn't a war where you risk no more than your lives in battle.
No, no, this is treason.
If we fail, then all those that support the Stuarts are likely to end up on a scaffold.
They're true Scots.
Every man prepared to fight and die for their true king.
I much prefer they fight and live for their king.
I'm James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser.
I command this army.
If you do not wish to be here, then it is my order that you leave now and return to your homes.
None will think less of you and no harm will follow.
The rest of you are dismissed.
Oh, the rest of us, he says.
(SERIOUS MUSIC) I thought you agreed to follow orders.
Mm, when did ye order me not to recruit new men? We must conscript as we travel.
We need every able-bodied man in Scotland if we're to win this war.
I'll not reave another clan's men.
And I'll not force a man to risk dying for something he doesna believe in.
You and I can make them believe.
No we cannot.
Half of Lovat's men already deserted at the first opportunity.
A man that fights for his own beliefs is worth ten that are forced to fight for someone else's.
What fine words.
You know, all I hear is talk and talk and more talk about fighting and, uh, war and being a soldier, but I don't see any action.
It's because they're not ready for action.
They need more training.
Oh, and a braw job of ye're doing of that, eh? I just led ten armed men into yer camp.
Ye did.
And it will no happen again.
- And what's to prevent it? - You are.
You and your men are now in charge of sentry duty for the entire encampment.
And that is an order.
MURTAGH: Get in there! Go on, then! Get in there! You put the entire encampment in jeopardy.
But we need more men.
And you'll be punished for your carelessness in the morning.
Until then, ye're relieved of your duty and under arrest.
Post a guard over them for the night.
We canna abide carelessness.
Ross and Kincaid were neglect in their duties, allowing ten strangers into the camp last night.
For that, they'll receive six lashes apiece.
Good, wide stance.
In the crick of your shoulder.
That's it.
That's good.
Wait for my command! MURTAGH: Make sure you check your range.
- Take a deep breath.
- You'll be a killing wall.
- Relax.
- Again! - One! - Fire! (MAN SHOUTS) Reload! (BREATHING HEAVILY) Appreciate you letting us hitch a ride, ma'am.
I just hope you find the rest of your unit.
The food at our field hospital makes that chow hall look like a banquet.
(GUNFIRE) PRIVATE LUCAS: Oh, Lord! Help me! - (COUGHING) - Oh, oh, please! (GROANS) Corporal? Shh.
PRIVATE LUCAS: Help me! - Where's Private Lucas? - Help me! Other side of the road somewhere.
I know.
But they'll see us as soon as we try to cross the road.
I'll go.
I'm a woman.
They won't be able to stop me.
You won't get 5 yards.
PRIVATE LUCAS: Oh, God! Help me! (MAN SHOUTING IN GERMAN) I can see the Krauts on the left.
I'll try to circle around to the right, see if I can find a way across.
Stay put.
I'll be back for you.
- Shut up.
- Mama.
(EXPLOSION) MAN: Ma'am, ma'am, are you okay? Can you hear me? Ma'am.
Come on.
What the hell are you doing down here all alone? Are you okay? PRIVATE LUCAS: Please, Mama! Ma'am.
(SOBBING SOFTLY) There's nothing you could have done.
I should have tried to get him.
If you had, you would be dead, just like the soldier, the corporal.
I know that because I told myself the same thing right after it happened.
And I just closed the door on that night, walked away and I haven't looked back ever since, until now.
Now I look at Ross and Kincaid and all the others being turned into soldiers, being trained, putting up a brave front.
All I can hear is Max Lucas crying out for his mother in the dead of night.
And for two years I've tried to stop this war from coming.
Now that it's here, I'm not sure I'm ready to go to war again.
You don't have to.
You fought your war.
We'll fight this one without you.
I'll have Ross and Fergus take you home to Lallybroch.
- No.
- Claire.
I can't do that either.
Listen to me.
If I if I go back, then it will just be like lying in that ditch again, helpless and powerless to move, like a dragonfly in amber except this time it will be worse, because I'll know that the people out there dying alone are people I know People I love.
I can't do that, Jamie.
I won't lie in that ditch again.
I can't be helpless and alone ever again.
Do you hear me? I hear ye.
I promise whatever happens, you'll never be alone again.
I'm going to hold you to that, James Fraser.
You have my word Claire Fraser.
I'm 16! 16 or 60, he just made a very credible attempt at cutting my throat.
Who are ye, laddie? Hmm? And why are ye creeping around at night? Addressed to a British officer.
He's a spy.
I'm no spy! I saw the light of your fires, and when I came to investigate, I recognized you as Red Jamie The unprincipled and traitorous rebel.
Not a spy, but conveying with a British officer.
Who do you march with? Huh? (GRUNTS, WHIMPERS) Oh, is your arm broken? I thought I heard something snap.
(SCREAMS) I'm quite prepared to die.
Is that so? Well I'm afraid I'm not prepared to kill ye just yet.
Who do ye march with? I want their number (EXHALES DEEPLY) And direction of travel.
There's nothing you can do that will make me talk.
Scottish barbarian.
Leave him alone, you you sadist.
I resisted your advances earlier, but if you let the boy go free, then I will surrender myself to you, you pig.
Pig? You may be indifferent to your own welfare, but perhaps ye have some concern for this English lady's honor.
- Let her go! - Oh! I could, or I could ravish her, huh? Right before yer eyes, huh? (SCREAMS) And then then give her to my men to do with what they will, huh? - (SCREAMS) - Oh! Sassenach.
(GRUNTING, STRUGGLING) All right! Release the lady, and I will tell you whatever you wish.
Hold her (GRUNTS) Until the boy answers my questions.
My name is William Grey, second son of Viscount Melton.
And what of the troops you're with? 200 infantry, traveling to Dunbar to join General Cope's army.
And I'll warn you We have heavy armament.
16 carriage-mounted cannon, mortars and muskets, and a company of 30 cavalry.
Much obliged for the warning.
And where are these men ye speak of, presently? (GASPING) Encamped some 3 miles to the west.
Take this man in the direction he says the camp lies.
If the information he gave us proves true, tie him to a tree one mile from the camp.
His friends will find him there tomorrow.
If what he told us is not true Then cut his throat.
I give you your life.
I hope you use it well.
I owe you my life.
I should greatly prefer not to, but since you have forced the gift upon me, I must regard it as a debt of honor.
I should hope to discharge that debt in the future, and once it is discharged, I will kill you.
- (CHUCKLES) - Then I must hope, sir that we do not meet again.
A Grey does not forget an obligation, sir.
Who was on watch? My men.
Canna let the guilty go unpunished.
Dougal's men let the boy get through the lines.
We canna continue with this carelessness Not from anyone.
That includes me.
What are ye doing, lad? It was our unshielded fires that drew the lad to us.
(SERIOUS MUSIC) Murtagh, if you'll oblige me.
Six lashes for our unshielded fires a dozen more for my carelessness.
After that, we'll take care of those British troops Master Grey so kindly warned us about.
(WHIP CRACKS) (WHIP CRACKS) (WHIP CRACKS) So what are ye plannin'? We're to slip into the British camp, see what trouble we can make.
A braw idea.
Not you.
You'll remain here Sentry duty.
We still have a camp to protect.
(SCOFFS) I stay behind, like some wretched Like some wretched soldier who's been given an order by his commander.
That's exactly what you'll do.
Then that's what I'll do.
Good luck to ye.
- Awake, are ye? - I am now.
How's your back? Ahh, nae bother.
(SIGHS) What are these? - Trophies of war.
- Christ, Jamie.
I didna have time to wash.
Where have you been? Commando raid.
(CHUCKLES) Commando? Is that the right word? Yes.
- You went to the British camp.
- Aye.
- Did you go by yourself? - No.
I couldn't leave my men out of all the fun, could I? We had a very profitable night Cotter pins from the cannon carriages.
We couldn't take the cannon, but they'll no go far with no wheels.
Couldn't they fashion another cotter pin from something else? Aye, they could.
But the hell a lot of good it'll do them if they canna find wheels to put them in.
Our success tonight was because of your selflessness, Claire.
It led the lad to confess his camp's location.
It'll save lives.
Because a hell of a lot of good 16 gallopers will do General Cope stuck out in the woods.
(CHUCKLES) You should get dressed.
That's not what I expected you to say.
As much as I want you, Sassenach, best be off.
The British camp will be waking soon.
(SIGHS) (MAN SINGING IN GAELIC) Dougal MacKenzie Do the honor.
Ride ahead and announce our presence to His Royal Highness, Prince Charles Edward Stuart.
As you say.
No turning back now, Sassenach.
I would say not.
"Je suis prest.
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