Outlander (2014) s03e07 Episode Script

Crème de Menthe

1 CLAIRE: Previously You live in a brothel? Is it because you're such a good customer? - Monsieur Malcolm.
- Madame Jeanne.
She keeps a a room for me 'cause I'm often abroad, attending to business.
Ian Murray, Mistress.
Are you Jenny and Ian Murray's son? Aye.
I'm your aunt Claire.
What exactly is the nature of your work with my husband? That would be a better question for Mr.
Do you want to tell me what it is that you do? JAMIE: I am a printer.
Printing seditious pamphlets is no that profitable.
What else have you been doing? A wee bit of smuggling on the side.
- CLAIRE: Smuggling what? - JAMIE: Whisky.
Seems a trifle light, Mr.
- (LIGHT THUD) - Who the hell are you? Get out now (CHOKING) WOMAN: Sing me a song Of a lass that is gone Say, could that lass Be I? Merry of soul She sailed on a day Over the sea To Skye Billow and breeze Islands and seas Mountains of rain and sun All that was good All that was fair All that was me Is gone Sing me a song Of a lass that is gone Say, could that lass Be I? Merry of soul She sailed on a day Over the sea To Skye (GASPING) (SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) - You come any closer, I'll - What? You'll what? (BELT THUDS) - (CLAIRE SCREAMS) - (MAN SHOUTS) Now I'm not even gonna bed you.
I'm just gonna kill you.
What the devil happened? (CLAIRE GASPS) Sassenach.
I was downstairs, and I came back.
I found him rummaging through your things.
He grabbed me, and I fought him off, but It all happened so quickly.
(MAN GROANING) He's breathing! Sassenach.
(WHEEZES) Sassenach, what are you thinking? I can't let him suffer.
I have to do something.
Why? He attacked you.
Because I'm a doctor.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC) An epidural hematoma.
I'm going to have to relieve the swelling.
(KNOCK ON DOOR) Aye? - Who is it? - FERGUS: Me, Milord.
I'm with Madame Jeanne.
Some of the ladies said they heard a struggle in your bed chamber.
(MELANCHOLY MUSIC) She was defending herself.
Please, help me get him on the bed.
- Who is he? - I don't know.
JAMIE: Sassenach let God take him.
I have to try and save him, Jamie.
You understand? Please.
- You have some whisky? - JAMIE: Aye.
Over there.
(GRUNTS) Ye said he was searching for something in the room.
Yes, your ledgers.
John Barton.
An exciseman.
This is very bad, Milord.
It seems Sir Percival is of the mind I'm not keeping to our agreement.
What agreement? He turns a blind eye to the sale of my illegal liquor in exchange for a large portion of the profit.
But our business pursuits have expanded beyond Edinburgh, and I havena apprised him of the matter.
You think he has word we've been trading as far as Dundee and Arbroath? Aye.
Yeah, maybe.
Just yesterday, he attempted to extort more money from me.
He must have employed this man to find out where I've stowed my hidden casks.
So he's a crooked agent of the Crown, then.
When this man doesna return, Sir Percival will come round looking for him.
That is quite a problem, Monsieur Malcolm, considering the casks Sir Percival is searching for are hidden in my basement.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC) Well, not for long.
No harm will befall you on my account.
You have my word.
Allow me to send one of my more discreet girls to put, um, everything in order right away.
- Merci, Madame.
- Please.
Ask her for some hot water and a basin, and I'll need some surgical implements.
A trephine.
Send her to the barber surgeon.
He'll have one.
- A what? - Whatever for? A drill to bore a hole in his skull.
I will see what I can do Madame Malcolm.
Thank you.
Gather the lads.
I'll inform them of events shortly.
I still have some time.
I'll need to go to the apothecary, get some laudanum and things.
Will you stay with him until I come back, in case he wakes? He doesn't deserve your mercy.
Maybe not.
Once he's recovered, you can turn him over to the authorities.
I ken ye've jes returned, so mebbe ye dinna recall the workings of the law in this time.
But all they'll see is that you were alone wi' a man that's not yer husband, in a brothel.
- I'm not a whore.
- Doesna matter.
The City Guard come here, they'll arrest you for having assaulted him.
I'll have to hurry.
Stubborn as always.
Well, do as you must.
I've casks to rid myself of.
I'll send a man up to watch over him while we're gone.
I admire a woman who values the sanctity of human life.
Then you can be the one to go up and keep an eye on him.
'Tis weak-minded if ye ask me.
Try kill a man, then heal him.
Only wish that we could kill him.
I've been wantin' to gut a filthy exciseman for years.
Well, Milady's always been a unique woman.
What about the print shop, Uncle Jamie? If Sir Percival sent men here, he may look there as well.
Eh, let him look.
I dinna keep casks at the shop.
Ah, but you do keep other items there.
Sir Percival doesna ken that, and he never will.
And no one will find a trace of the pamphlets.
They're well hidden.
Besides, movin' them now would be more dangerous than leavin' 'em be.
HAYES: Particularly now that ye're under Sir Percival's watchful gaze.
Which is why I'm entrusting you with the selling of the casks, wi'out delay, even if it means takin' a loss.
We canna risk them being discovered.
I wilna disappoint ye, Uncle Jamie.
That's why I tasked ye wi' it.
ARCHIE: Do ye have anything that might calm nerves? An auld wise woman said that mandrake root would do the trick.
HAUGH: Nae, I-I dinna keep that root.
Cause frightful symptoms, I'm afraid.
I'm so sorry I don't mean to be rude, but I have a situation that requires immediate attention.
- Please wait your turn, madam.
- Uh, but it's urgent.
So, too, is the health of my dear sister.
And what of hemlock? 'Tis said that it aids symptoms such as hers.
I'm an experienced healer.
I would be happy to treat your sister if you just allow me to go ahead of you.
Free of charge? In recognition of my generosity? Of course.
Thank you.
Uh, I'll need a bottle of laudanum, some ground yarrow root, and tormentil.
And please hurry, a man's life is at stake.
You seem to ken yer remedies.
What ails the poor man? Uh, it's a severe head wound.
My sister's condition relates to her head as well.
But 'tis more of a nervous complaint of sorts.
- That'll be 2 shillings, madam.
- Yes.
Thank you.
I have to go, but I can pay your sister a visit later.
Uh, I'd be grateful.
Uh, you can call on us at Henderson's in Carrubber's Close.
Uh uh, Campbell is the name.
Archibald and Margaret Campbell.
Thank you.
Och, McDaniel, ye're lookin' at 100 pounds' worth of fine brandy here.
French brandy, imported from Cognac itself.
It is a truly superior brandy.
You can charge more for that and make a braw profit.
I like ye, McDaniel, so I'll no be put off by yer paltry offering.
(SIGHS) I'll no go higher.
Without the Crown's seal, I'm the one taking all the risk possessing your contraband.
75 pounds, and you'll get three cask of the crème de menthe as well.
(UPBEAT MUSIC) What do ye say? I'm no a man to refuse liquors at no charge.
Ye have a bargain.
Ye're a good man.
Thank you.
I'll send up a few lads to give you a hand.
Quelle performance! You even managed to rid us of some of that crème de menthe.
Do you remember Auntie Claire all those years ago? I was no more than a boy, but I remember her well.
Well, what was she like? Spirited and incredibly brave.
Milady was fearless in the battles prior to Culloden.
She would heal men who'd been cut in half by swords, blown to pieces by cannon fire without flinching.
She saved many lives, though there were rumors.
What kind of rumors? That Milady took a few lives as well.
She's not a woman you want to cross, mon ami.
(SIGHS) If Auntie Claire was forced to kill men, likely they deserved it.
Even so, she has created a bit of a catastrophe, no? Aye.
(MAN YELLING) Hold his legs.
What are you doing? Well, the bastard woke and started making considerable noise.
He's having a lucid interval.
It happens with a brain injury.
You can't be rough with his head like that! Well, you ken a better way to keep him quiet? Yes.
(MUFFLED GROANING) - Remove the stock.
- (MAN YELLING) Remove it.
(MAN GROANS SOFTLY) Left pupil's dilated.
The pressure's building up inside the skull.
I'm going to have to operate immediately.
- Yi Tien Cho, untie him.
- Of course, Honorable Wife.
- (KNOCK ON DOOR) - Aye? - JEANNE: Monsieur Malcolm? - What is it? JEANNE: Sir Percival is here to see you.
(DRAMATIC MUSIC) I'll be down straightaway.
- (WOMEN MOANING) Here for a midday romp? I can assure you, Mr.
Malcolm, my interests today relate only to business.
Perhaps a quick taste after our business is concluded? Don't make me regret hiring you.
I'm here to search these premises at once.
And what cause have ye to do that? You are withholding from me, Mr.
I assure you, Sir Percival, there is nothing hidden in my establishment.
But don't take our word for it.
Ye're welcome to see for yourself.
Of course I am.
I certainly don't need your permission.
But the pressure on his brain will if I don't release it.
(WILLOUGHBY SIGHS) Well, don't just stand there! Search with me! Get over here.
Is that brandy? No, Sir Percival.
It's it's just water.
Oh, we have a leak.
It is why I cannot store anything of value down here.
There's nothing 'ere! PERCIVAL: How can we be sure? TOMPKINS: We've searched the whole basement.
PERCIVAL: I know you're up to something, Mr.
I'll be watching you! Christ.
I barely got rid of Sir Percival.
This ends now.
(MELANCHOLY MUSIC) Well, he's dead so you've got your wish.
Honorable Wife fought hard for his life.
Put best foot forward.
Well I'll no grieve for the man that tried to kill my wife.
Fetch Lesley and Hayes.
I'll need help moving the body.
'Tis better this way, Sassenach.
Ye tried, but God took him.
God has nothing to do with this.
I failed him.
If I'd been in a proper hospital or in Boston, I But ye're not in Boston.
I don't expect you to understand, but I've dedicated the last 14 years to respecting human life, to healing people without judgment.
(STIRRING MUSIC) I work hard.
I don't often lose a patient.
There'll be other chances to put your knowledge and skills to use.
Others to save.
Like ye did last time you came.
Suppose you're right.
I've caused you so much trouble.
Just dropped in out of the clear blue sky.
Put your livelihood, your life, in jeopardy.
You came thousands of miles and 200 years to find me.
I'm grateful that you are here, no matter the cost.
I would give up everything I have for us to be together again.
Don't ye see, uh Since you left, I I've been living in the shadows.
And then you walked into the print shop, and (CHUCKLES) It was as if the sun returned and cast out the darkness.
I have another patient to see.
I won't be long.
Patient? And who might that be? Margaret Campbell.
I met her brother at Haugh's, (STAMMERING) and I offered to examine her.
Ye dinna ken who these people are.
(GRUNTS) Ye canna go alone.
Fergus will escort you.
As you said, I've traveled thousands of miles and 200 years.
I can certainly manage to get across town alone.
Aye, but Sir Percival Sir Percival doesn't know who I am or Or what I've done to the man who worked for him.
You will return afterward? (CHUCKLES SOFTLY) Of course.
(ROUSING MUSIC) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) To a master salesman! Thanks to you, we made a handsome profit today.
- Ye think so? - Aye.
You have a natural gift when it comes to business, just like Milord.
(WOMAN LAUGHS) I've been meaning to ask ye.
Does French brandy really increase the firmness of a cock-stand? (LAUGHS) Well, in my experience, the result is quite the opposite, but all that matters is that I convinced the buyer that it does, non? Aye.
Ye had me convinced.
(YOUNG IAN CHUCKLES) We make a good pair.
Perhaps we should venture to open a business of our own one day.
There's money to be made in this city, and FERGUS: Ah.
Mademoiselle Brighid.
I see you watching her every time we're here.
She's enchanting, no? Bonny.
(LIGHTHEARTED MUSIC) What are you doing? Tonight is the night you do more than just look.
Well, I've never bedded a lass before.
Then this is your opportunity, brother.
(STAMMERING) Well, how old were you when Fifteen.
A ménage à trois.
- A what? - Two women and one moi.
It was a rather religious experience.
I dinna ken what to do.
(EXHALES DEEPLY) The art of seduction can be mastered thus.
First, you must look into her eyes and tell her how beautiful she is.
Second, offer her a drink, whatever her heart desires.
Simple enough.
And the pièce de résistance is perhaps the most important part.
What is it? Repeat one and two.
(CHUCKLES) (BRIGHID CHUCKLES) What can I fetch ye? Nothin'.
Nothing? Are ye sure? Yer friend jes beckoned me over.
Ye're the bonniest lass I've ever set eyes on.
Can I offer ye a drink? Whatever yer heart desires.
ARCHIE: I've brought someone to see you.
Will ye no look alive? We have a guest.
MARGARET: Can they come back later, Archie? I'm very tired.
It's no a client, Margaret.
It's a healer.
What have you given her? A few drops of laudanum, to keep her calm.
(GASPS LOUDLY) Gleep, gleep! Gleep, gleep! (EERIE MUSIC) D'ye hear 'em? D'ye hear the tree toads' lullaby? And the moon.
The moon be chokin' wi' blood.
Ye best be careful.
Abandawe will devour ye! Abandawe! Abandawe! - Abandawe! - Shh, shh, shh, shh.
(MOANING SOFTLY) Her pulse is strong.
But you shouldn't give her any more laudanum.
It's far too potent for daily use.
D'ye ken the meaning of what she said? No.
I'd be happy to translate her vision for a modest fee.
So you're fortune tellers.
Margaret's a seer but isn't able to articulate what she sees.
Without me to decipher the message, her visions are no more than raving gibberish.
Does she have trouble sleeping? ARCHIE: Aye.
Some nights she canna rest at all.
Nightmares plague her fiercely.
Does she ever sit still, unresponsive, - for long periods of time? - Oh, aye.
Starin' at the walls.
ARCHIE: When she's in such a state, I canna get her to talk, let alone move.
Campbell, from what I can discern, your sister isn't a seer.
She's suffering from a a mental disorder.
As I told ye earlier, Margaret's been soft in the head since she was a bairn.
Do you have any writing implements? Aye.
On the desk.
These are instructions for mistletoe tea.
Whenever Margaret is agitated, you can give her the tea with a few drops of tansy oil.
And, uh you can make a tea with valerian to help her sleep.
Are you sure simple teas are enough to keep her subdued? Well, why would you want to subdue her? Margaret has a great deal of curiosity when she has her wits about her.
She marches up to strangers.
She touches them and tells them things they didn't ask to hear.
It scares them something awful sometimes, putting me in a very difficult position.
Course, it's different when they come seeking her talents, because I can charge them then, you see.
And Margaret enjoys this work? Oh, aye.
It's the only way she can engage with people that doesna give them a fright.
I'd like to come see Margaret again tomorrow, if that would be all right.
That's very kind of ye, but we are departing for the West Indies.
West Indies? That would be an arduous journey for her.
That's why I need tonics.
I dinna want her carrying on during our long journey.
Sailors are a superstitious lot.
I canna risk them pitchin' my sister overboard, no when we have a wealthy client to administer to.
Well, when you get to the West Indies, make sure she eats plenty of fresh fruit.
And, please, no more laudanum.
No more laudanum.
Thank you for your help.
You're welcome.
And, uh, safe travels.
(MYSTERIOUS MUSIC) (DOOR OPENS) (BRIGHID LAUGHING) YOUNG IAN: I pass the day in pain When night returns I feel the smart And wish for thee in vain Ian, you're a terrible singer.
I'm starving cold While thou art warm Have pity, and incline I dinna think it could get any worse.
And grant me for a hap That charming petticoat Of thine (LAUGHING) (STIRRING MUSIC) (BRIGHID GIGGLING) Uh, what are ye doin'? Is this no how it's done? I thought ye worked out of a kittle-hoosie? Aye.
I've seen some of the whores do it like this.
Aye, but I'm no a whore tonight, am I? No.
You're, wi'out a doubt, the finest lass I've e'er set eyes on.
Tell me how you like it.
I'll do whatever ye want.
Lie down, and I'll show ye.
(LAUGHS) What have you done with the body? The lads hid it in a cask of crème de menthe stored along with the others at my warehouse.
Uh, there are worse places for one's eternal rest, Claire.
Won't someone look inside the cask sooner or later? Not for a long while.
Alcohol slows the decay.
Besides, it's not likely to be broached.
I've never seen a Scotsman drink crème de menthe.
Dinna fash, Sassenach.
'Twas no more than a wee bit of chaos.
Nothin' we haven't seen before.
Jamie Maybe we could find a place of our own.
And leave the brothel? (DISTANT LAUGHTER) Surely you don't expect us to make a home here.
Well, not forever, perhaps, but for now, we have everything we need, and there's no rent to pay.
Nearly every shilling I earn, I send to Lallybroch.
Well, I was thinking maybe I could make some money as a healer.
It felt good today to have a patient.
Perhaps I could work from the back of the print shop or open an establishment of my own.
We could build a happy life here in Edinburgh.
- (KNOCK ON DOOR) - JEANNE: Monsieur Malcolm? A gentleman named Ian Murray is here for you.
- I'll be down at once.
- Ian? Well, what's he doing here? Likely looking for Young Ian.
Dinna mention that you've seen him.
I'll explain later.
(CHUCKLES) (EMOTIONAL MUSIC) Claire? It's so good to see you.
It is you, lass.
- We thought you were - CLAIRE: I know.
I know what Jamie told you.
He thought I'd died in the aftermath of Culloden.
Jenny and I we grieved over ye for years.
Claire believed me to be dead as well.
It was a terrible misunderstanding that kept us apart.
Where on earth have ye been all this time? Boston.
I sailed there when I thought that Jamie had died.
I would have returned sooner, but I just recently discovered he was alive.
JAMIE: That's when she came back to find me.
And I'm more than happy she did.
(CHUCKLES) What brings you here? Uh, it's Young Ian.
He's run off again.
Have ye seen him? No.
He isna here.
- How long has the lad been gone? - Weeks.
And the last time my son ran away, he came to see you.
Are ye sure? I havena seen him.
Not since I sent him home with Fergus months ago.
Christ, Jamie.
Well, where else could he be? Jenny is woefully distressed.
What if he's been taken by a press gang? You know, if that were to happen, we'd never see him again.
Dinna fash.
The press gangs wilna be able to thole the lad.
They'll throw him off before they leave port.
I'm sure he'll appear.
Promise me, if he should turn up here, ye'll bring him straight home.
I will.
Let's not delay yer search any longer.
I'll see you out.
(EXHALES DEEPLY) Good-bye for now, Claire.
I hope to see you and Jenny very soon.
Claire must ha' taken yer news well.
I havena told her yet.
That's no somethin' ye want to hold on to for very long.
I'm waitin' for the proper time.
She's only jes arrived.
Ye might be waitin' forever, then.
All will be well.
Ye'll see.
Don't stop.
Did you no hear that? (LAUGHING) No.
- Well, what about you? - I'll be fine.
Run out the alley door and dinna turn back.
What are ye doing trespassing in my uncle's shop? You know very well what I'm doing here, boy.
Where are the casks? There are no casks, as you can see wi' your own eyes.
There's nothin' here.
Now get out! Hey, I know that you're party to your uncle's smugglin'.
Tell me, where is he hiding the liquor? YOUNG IAN: Aah! Oh, what have we here? Get away from there! (BOTH GRUNT) Hey.
Your uncle's been a busy man.
Betraying Sir Percival is one thing.
Inciting sedition Leave! Now! Stand down! Oh! Bloody hell.
(YELLING) (INTENSE MUSIC) TOMPKINS: Aah! Aah! (FLAMES CRACKLING) (GLASS SHATTERS) - (FLAMES ROARING) - (COUGHS) (COUGHING) (COUGHING) The years apart couldna erase the meaning behind that look.
Since when do you lie to your family? Couldna very well tell him the lad's been helpin' me wi' my smugglin', could I? You could have at least told him you've seen his son.
Ian and Jenny must be in agony.
Aye, but the lad's safe.
Safe? Uh, risking his neck, working for you without his parents' permission? I've tried to send him home twice, but he keeps coming back.
Uh, better he runs off to be wi' his uncle than to some godforsaken place surrounded by strangers.
On the streets of Aberdeen or Dundee.
But you could have told him.
Trust me, Claire.
Jenny and Ian dinna ken what's best for the lad.
I'm the only one teaching him the ways of the world.
This isn't about the ways of the world.
Young Ian ran away from home.
Of course Ian and Jenny want to know where he is.
And you just lied.
(SCOFFS) And you shouldna judge me for it.
Have you forgotten about all the deceptions we've colluded in? Yeah, we lied our way through Paris, did we not? Did we no just lie to Ian about where ye've been for the past 20 years? A white lie to conceal something that Ian can't possibly understand Oh, I didna realize lies had shades.
You have no idea what it's like to be a worried parent.
You're not the boy's father, Jamie.
I'm Brianna's father.
But I didna get to raise her, did I? (SOLEMN MUSIC) I didna have a say in how you and Frank brought her up, wearin' that That wretched thing ye call a bikini.
Even whores have the decency not to go paradin' about in the like.
CLAIRE: Christ.
I've forgotten how bloody rigid this century is.
Uh, a woman is either a Madonna or a whore.
So, if Frank and I had raised Brianna to be a criminal, taught her how to smuggle and and be a traitor, then you'd approve? At least her virtue wouldn't have been endangered.
(SCOFFS) Says the man living in a brothel.
I'll have you know that Frank was a wonderful father to Brianna.
Oh, was he, now? And was he a wonderful husband to you as well? What is that supposed to mean? You asked me did I fall in love with anyone else? Did you fall in love with him when you went back? No.
I cared for Frank very much, and I loved him, but that was before you.
- (KNOCK ON DOOR) - JEANNE: Monsieur Malcolm! (DOOR OPENS) There is a fire in Carfax Close.
Fire? The print shop.
What are you doing? Young Ian sleeps in the back! - CLAIRE: Jamie! - MAN: Make way! Make way! (DOOR CHIMES JINGLE) Move back! (FLAMES ROARING) (GRUNTS) (COUGHS) Ian.
I've got you.
- Uncle Jamie.
- It's all right, lad.
Where's Milord? He went inside to get Young Ian.
(COUGHING) (COUGHS) (FLAMES ROARING) Keep back, folks! (GRUNTING, PANTING) (GRUNTS) Keep back! We're doing our best! (WOOD CREAKING) (CROWD SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY) Move back there! (SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC) - There they are, there! - Jamie! CLAIRE: Oh, thank God.
(WOMAN SCREAMS) CLAIRE: Quick! Clear the way! And get him on the ground.
(SOLEMN MUSIC) MAN: Stay back! We're doing our best! (YOUNG IAN COUGHING HEAVILY) Are you all right? I think so.
But it isna me ye need to worry about.
A man with a blind eye broke into your print shop, Uncle.
What? He found yer pamphlets.
How? We started fighting.
He threw me against the panels, and they opened.
- (YOUNG IAN COUGHING) - All right, lad.
- Calm down.
- But he works for Sir Percival.
Milord, if he gives the material to Sir Percival, he'll be able to arrest you for more than smuggling.
(BREATHING HEAVILY) Sedition is far worse.
High treason is a capital crime.
Sir Percival arrests me, he'll be awarded a king's ransom.
(STAMMERING) I'm sorry, Uncle Jamie.
I tried to stop him.
Dinna fash, lad.
It wasna yer fault.
(BOTH COUGHING) What will you do, Milord? I'll leave with these two for Berwick tonight.
Jamie, you have to bring Young Ian home, to his parents where he'll be safe.
Aye, all right.
I'll take the lad home to Lallybroch.
Sir Percival will no be able to trace me there.
He only kens me as Alexander Malcolm of Edinburgh.
But first, I have some business to settle.
Yer profits from the sale of the casks, as well as what is owed to Lesley and Hayes.
Get it to them for me, will ye? - I will.
- And stay out of sight.
Likely there's a target on your back as well as mine.
JAMIE: Mon fils.
Here's yer share as well.
See if ye can intercept the man wi' the blind eye before he gets to Sir Percival.
Of course, Milord.
And tell Ned Gowan to bring news to Lallybroch in regardin' the That's it.
Matter I inquired after.
Perhaps there's a better place for you to take Milady.
Nae, dinna fash, lad.
Balriggan is miles away from Broch Mordha.
Milady does not yet know about your other wife? No.
Not yet.
Not yet.
I'll explain everything once Claire and Young Ian are safe.
I'll explain everything once Claire and Young Ian are safe.
Send word when ye can.
Send word when ye can.
- Aye.
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