Outlander (2014) s04e03 Episode Script

The False Bride

1 Previously I've been agonizing over to whom I shall leave my beloved River Run.
I've decided to name my nephew Jamie as my heir.
I can't own slaves, Jamie.
There is another way to become a landowner.
We could reconsider Governor Tryon's offer.
We wouldna have to own slaves.
Live on our own terms.
My friend John Quincy Myers is visiting.
What are they like The Indians? Some can be friendly.
Some you'd do well to steer clear of.
Roger, what are you doing in town? I found him.
You can go to Jamie.
Brianna needs someone to talk to, and you're the only one who understands.
- He's a good one.
- I know.
- Well, ho.
- Hey.
Since when do ye stop playing when ye see me? Ah, just messing around.
- It was lovely.
- Thank you.
Well congratulations on your new home.
Salt, for life's tears.
May they always be happy ones.
May ye have flavor in your life.
You'll need a toast, of course.
Let's crack it open.
Uh, hey, it'll do among friends, eh? Mmm.
May the roof above never fall in, and may we below never fall out.
Here's to honest men and bonnie lasses.
Well I better get going.
Roger's headed to America for a Scottish festival.
Ye're leaving Scotland to go to a Scottish festival? I was invited to play.
- And? - And Roger's courting a lass in America.
She's studying engineering at MIT in Boston.
Ernie, be a dear and let the removal men know where to place the furniture.
- I'll see Roger off.
- Good-bye, Roger.
- Bye.
- Good luck.
Thank you.
Well When is the last time you saw Brianna? She visited me at Oxford during our summer break, and we spent Christmas together again in Boston, but it's been a while.
We write and have the occasional telephone call, but, uh well, with my teaching and her studies Ye have to tell her.
Tell her what? I may not read tea leaves like my grannie But I can see ye're in love with her.
- Uh - Now go get her.
Thanks, Fi.
I'll see you.
I suppose there's no changing yer mind.
We must leave.
I wanted so badly for ye to stay.
I thought perhaps, in time, ye would begin to love River Run as I do and accept the ways that are different here.
I'm sorry, Auntie.
I'll only be master to my own soul.
Where will ye go, Nephew? Well, we'll keep to the plan we had before we arrived Take Ian back to Wilmington.
He'll board a ship home, and and we'll travel west toward the mountains.
I heard there's a-a town with a great number of Scottish settlers there.
Woolam's Creek.
Claire can practice her healing.
I can find work as a printer.
Now And I'll return this.
- Ye may keep it.
- No.
I insist.
I'll no accept what I didna earn.
Dinna let yer pride stand in the way of your family's security.
Ulysses will ready some horses for you and a wagon to carry provisions.
That will get ye where ye're going.
And he will provide ye with a rifle and some pistols as well.
I'm grateful.
And one last thing These were yer mother's.
I ken she would want ye to have them.
I'll treasure them.
No good comes grieving over what is already lost, but what I wouldna give to look upon yer face just once.
I already told ye no.
I made a promise to yer parents to see you home safe.
Ye belong wi' them.
'Twas a promise you shouldna have made.
I didna belong to anyone.
Ye're too young to be on yer own.
I'll not be on my own.
I'll be with you and Auntie Claire.
Ye're going home.
Do you not recall that ye sailed to France when ye were younger than I am now? By the time ye were my age, ye were fighting a war.
It may have been a war, but the country was civilized.
There are savages here and dangers we dinna yet ken.
"Dangers we dinna yet ken"? And what of those I do ken The dangers I've already faced? I've been set upon by pirates twice, kidnapped, thrown into a pit, sailed through a hurricane.
Before we came here, I saw things through the eyes of a boy.
But the things I've seen have changed me.
I'm no the same lad ye kent in Scotland.
I'm a man, free to call the place I choose home.
I'll not stand in yer way any longer.
I'll write yer mother and father.
Hey, a man writes his own letter.
Word of my decision to stay in America will come from me.
Go write yer letter, then.
We leave today.
I've come to say good-bye.
What happened last night I wish it had been different.
So do I.
I ken we're not of like mind, but I admire a woman of conviction.
My blindness doesna prevent me from seeing how much you love my nephew.
It doesn't prevent you from much, as far as I can tell.
You're doing him a great disservice, ye ken.
I beg your pardon? You're his reason he wouldna accept my offer.
You've a good deal of influence on him, and he's blinded by his passion for you.
If you truly loved Jamie as much as ye say ye do, you'd want him to be the man he was born to be, to have the things he lost in Scotland, the chance to be a laird.
You haven't seen Jamie since he was a boy, and you've known us together all of a few days.
You know nothing about me or my husband.
I ken that my nephew's no ordinary man.
To allow him to squander his talents behind a printer's counter It would be a dreadful shame.
Thank you again for your hospitality.
Clarence is as strong and friendly and And loud a mule as ever God made.
I appreciate it, Ulysses.
He'll serve us well.
Ye'll find some oatcakes and salted meat for the journey among yer belongings, Mistress Claire.
Thank you, Phaedre.
Uncle Jamie, Auntie Claire, this is John Quincy Myers.
Pleased to meet you.
I'm told it's thanks to you we'll not be traveling with a foul-smelling hound amongst us.
- Indeed.
- What are you doing here? Your Auntie Jocasta tells me you're traveling west to Woolam's Creek.
As it so happens, I'm going that way myself.
I'd be happy to guide you into the Blue Ridge.
That would be most useful.
Thank you, Mr.
Your nephew bids you farewell, Mistress.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Uh - It's good to see you.
- You too.
- How was your flight? - Ah.
I mean, hopefully your car handles turbulence better than that airplane.
I guess we'll find out.
North Carolina, here we come.
These are the best chips I've ever had.
Um, you're in America.
Call them French fries.
Of course, aye, 'cause that makes perfect sense.
I can take another shift if you want.
Oh, I don't mind.
I will have more of that chocolate malt, though.
All right, your turn.
The minister's cat is an androgynous cat.
The minister's cat is an alagrugous cat.
Alagrugous Grim or woebegone.
All right.
The minister's cat is a brindled cat.
The minister's cat is a bonnie cat.
All right, that's a draw.
The minister's cat is a coccydynious cat.
- A cat with a wide backside? - No.
A cat that's a pain in the ass.
All right, then The minister's cat is a camstairy cat.
What? You're pretty.
Even though you have ketchup on your cheek.
"Pretty"? You missed it.
- Here.
- I mean "dashing cat" would've made sense for our game.
"Devilishly handsome cat" would be a worthy term.
Shut up and kiss me.
Christ! You could've run me right off the road, lass.
That mountain there the Scots of the region gather there in the autumn to trade after the harvest's in.
I-I'm sure you'd find yourselves at home there.
This area once belonged to the Tuscarora, but you won't see them anymore.
The land mostly belongs to Cherokee now.
Cherokee are great warriors, no? They fight well and fight with honor.
And they do what they must to guard their lands from whoever has a mind to take 'em.
Dinna blame 'em.
It's justice for them.
Their way of maintaining nvwadohiyadv, harmony on Earth.
Ye speak Cherokee yourself, Mr.
Myers? Oh, a bit.
Myers has spent time with many an Indian woman.
Oh, I don't recall as I put a number on it.
Cherokee women choose who they marry and, before that, who they bed with.
I love this land.
I must part with you tomorrow and make my way to a trading house some ways north of here.
I have tobacco for the Indians, and they'll have deerskins for me.
Myers has been kind enough to ask me to go with him.
Well, you have nothing to fear.
The Indians who come to trade with the settlers are very civil.
We'll take the wagon and meet you at Woolam's Creek.
How long have you lived in these mountains, Mr.
Myers? You seem to know them well.
These mountains are old friends to me.
And those who dwell around them near enough so, too.
Not to worry, mistress, the lad will be safe.
I promise you both.
All right, just dinna get yer heids scalped.
Uncle Jamie, thank you.
Go help him with the horses, lad.
Come, Rollo.
And we'll be at Woolam's Creek soon enough.
It's all right.
I rather enjoy being under the stars.
Are ye sure ye wouldna rather go to a place ye're more familiar with? Boston, say, or someplace we can start anew? Boston? That would hardly be starting anew Not for me at least.
I've already had a life there.
And besides, it it'll be dangerous there soon.
The tensions will be rising.
That's where the Revolution starts.
I want us to make a home together a place that's ours.
So she could have her own choice of work? Well, yes.
In my time, women had more choices than ever.
And what was Brianna's choice? Before I left, she hadn't made one yet.
You know, it's funny.
I've always known what I wanted to be.
It was clear as far back as I can remember.
Ye were born to be a healer, then.
I suppose I was.
To be honest, I I worried that Brianna couldn't find something she was passionate about.
You know, she'd try something and get bored and move on.
In this time, you're more likely to take up your family's work and be thankful for that.
Well, she tried studying history like Frank, but then she gave that up.
She never wanted to be a-a doctor like you? No.
No, Frank and Brianna, they well, they spent more time together.
I suppose they had a stronger bond.
I think that's why she chose history in the first place.
She wanted to please him.
Dinna fash.
She'll find her way.
Ye're always telling me how sharp-witted she is.
Yes, she is.
But there'll never be a day I don't worry about her.
There's a storm coming.
We'll abide in a tavern when we reach the town until we have enough coin to put a roof over our heads.
Or perhaps a quaint brothel.
Will ye hold that over me forever, Sassenach? Not forever.
Huh? Huh.
- You love working with horses.
- Ye asking or purely making an observation? An observation.
And printing? Canna say I loved it.
Was good at it.
Kept my mind agile and my body in good strength, too.
Will it be enough for you now? I mean, you were also a smuggler and a seditionist.
A man should be settled at my age, you know? Besides I thought you said ye wanted to live in a town in the backcountry? - Ye said we'd be safer.
- I did.
I just don't want you making this decision because you think it's what I want.
There's a-a phrase that becomes important in America The "pursuit of happiness.
" Ah.
Ye dinna think I can be happy unless I'm a criminal? I was an outlaw when first we met and an outlaw when you returned.
If it was only me, I would live as one again.
And when I was auld, I would lie under a tree and let the wolves gnaw at my bones, but it's not just me.
It's you And Ian Fergus, Marsali.
You understand? I would lay the world at your feet, Claire but I have nothing to give you.
The storm's upon us.
We'll make camp here.
Shh, shh, shh.
- Stupid mule.
- I'll go get him.
Claire, he'll no go far.
In that case, he'll be easy to find.
Registration for the Calling of the Clans can be found at booth five.
Daily dancing lessons will take place from noon till 3:00.
My mother always said men in kilts were irresistible.
She was right.
Well, you look lovely yourself.
Smile for the camera.
Hey, look, cotton candy! Don't forget that the burning of the stag will take place tomorrow night.
I had no idea there were so many Scots in North Carolina.
They said it was settled by them in the 18th century.
I hope it's not upsetting for you being here.
No, no.
I just it does make me think of my mother.
I wonder if she ever made it back, found Jamie, if she's happy.
I like to believe she did.
Scottish shortbread is now available for purchase at the marketplace.
Hey, I've always wanted to have my portrait done.
Ooh, that makes one of us.
So what clan? I don't have a clan I mean, I guess I'm a Fraser.
But my boyfriend's a MacKenzie.
So then how about a drawing of the two of you? We've got a MacKenzie tartan you can wear.
Yeah, sounds great.
Two MacKenzie tartans.
Come on, we don't have a single picture of us together.
Well, you better focus on my good side.
The haggis-eating contest will begin in 15 minutes In tent one.
Well, that looks like fun.
The cèilidh dance? Aye, it's good fun.
It's a bit tricky, though.
"Try your hand and feet at cèilidh dancing.
Live a long and happy life.
" Or die trying.
- Let's do it.
- Aye.
You want to be next? - Uh, sure.
- Well, you done it before? Never, but he has.
He'll be a good partner, then.
Grab his hand and spin for 16 beats.
Like this.
- And - Like this.
Claire! Claire! Clarence! Where are you? Easy, boy, easy.
Damn it.
Where am I? Now for something a little different.
I once loved a lass I loved her sae weel I hated all others That spoke of her ill But now she's rewarded me well For my love For she's gone to be wed to another I saw my love Sit down to dine As I sat down beside her I poured out her wine And I drank to the lassie That should have been mine For now She is wed to another The men o' the forest Ask it o' me How many strawberries Grow in the south sea? And I answer them a' With a tear in my e'e How many ships sail In the forest? Mmm-mm-mm Mmm-mm-mmm Mmm, mmm Mmm I still can't believe what a great musician you are.
What other talents have you been keeping from me? I'll never tell.
Well Well, good night, Brianna.
Remember, if you need anything, my cabin's, like It's right here, so Wait, I I bought you something while you were getting ready to perform.
"A Home from Home: Scottish Settlers in Colonial America.
" Thank you.
I figured you already know about the Scots in Scotland And your favorite beverage, Mountain Moonshine.
How did you get that? It's a dry county.
I asked around.
Shall we? Maybe just a wee dram.
His eyes are following me.
I know.
It's creepy.
I'll have to put something over his face before I go to bed.
He's pretty canty-looking for a deer on the worst day of his life.
You're half the deer you used to be Christ.
Well, you're a sneaky one.
What? What's the matter? I want this to be perfect.
It is perfect.
Come here.
- What's this? - Open it.
"Je t'aime un peu, beaucoup, passionnément, pas du tout.
" "I love you a little, a lot, passionately, not at all"? Ah, it's from a French children's rhyme.
They recite it when they're picking the petals from a flower.
I mean, it was It was, uh It was just supposed to be a present, but you're right.
This this is perfect.
This whole weekend's been perfect.
I want you, Brianna.
I cannot say it more plainly than that.
I love you.
Will you marry me? Roger, this is very fast.
Aye Aye, I mean, we can have as long an engagement as ye'd like.
I just just I want I want you to say yes.
I want to give ye my name.
I want When the MacKenzies stand at the Calling of the Clans tomorrow For you to stand by my side, knowing one day you'll be my wife.
I want to have a home with you.
I want to have a home big enough for four or five wee MacKenzies, a couple of dogs Roger, Roger, stop.
I'm not ready for this.
All right, well Nae bother.
Roger What in God's name are you playing at? You said you wanted me.
I want you, too.
Don't you know that? Oh, ye don't want to marry me, but you'll fuck me? You don't have to use that language.
Oh, you can suggest such a thing, but I cannot say the word? If all I wanted was to have my way with you, I would have had ye on your back a dozen times last summer.
If you don't care enough to marry me Then I don't care enough to have ye in my bed.
- That makes no sense.
- Well, neither do you! Roger, you can't just spring a proposal on me.
I have school, an apartment.
I haven't even thought about kids.
Well, then what d'ye mean by making me such an offer A nice Catholic girl? - I thought you were a virgin.
- I am.
What the hell does that have to do with it? Don't tell me you haven't had girls.
- I know you have.
- Aye, I have.
Then you're a hypocrite.
What, because I didn't want to marry them? No, because you'll have sex with a woman, but you'll only marry a virgin? It's 1970.
No one I know is saving themselves for marriage.
So I'm old-fashioned! You're missing the point! The point is The point is, I didn't love them.
I love you, damn it.
But you don't love me.
I didn't say that.
You didn't have to.
Jamie! Claire? Claire! Claire? Easy.
Easy now.
Claire! Did this belong to you? Jamie? Jamie.
Jamie, thank Go Who are you? What do you want? Mind if I join you? - Yeah, I didn't mean to - Look, I'm really I really hate the way we left things.
Me too.
Have you changed your mind? No.
I can't do this pretend everything's I don't even know what.
Look, I never said marriage was out of the question.
That's enthusiastic.
My mother married the man she loved, but later found her true soul mate.
So, what, you're waiting for someone better to come along? - Is that it? - No.
- That is not what I'm saying.
- What are you saying? That maybe I don't believe in marriage at all.
Let the Calling of the Clans begin.
Clan Stewart.
The Stewarts are here! Clan Gordon.
The Gordons are here! Clan Macdonald.
- Roger? - Macdonalds are here.
Clan Craig.
Brianna, I'll have you all or not at all.
The Craigs are here! Clan Sutherland.
Here you should have this back.
The Sutherlands are here.
No, keep it.
It was a gift.
And Clan MacKenzie.
The MacKenzies are here! Let's burn the stag! Tulach Ard! Claire? Oh, Christ.
- Are you hurt? - No.
I'm just so glad I found you.
Oh, ye're the one that was lost, Sassenach.
I'm just glad you had your wits to come back here.
Back here? What do you mean? I've never been here before.
What about those? How did you get those? They were here by the stream, side by side.
I wondered why you'd just gone off in your stocking feet.
Did you see anybody nearby or or anything? No.
No, just your horse.
And I had a devil of a time tracking you through the woods in the storm.
And once it abated, I I followed yer footprints here.
Me too.
I've never seen this stream before.
And those are my boots, but I I didn't walk here in them.
Then who did? I saw an Indian or well, a ghost of an Indian.
A ghost? I found this skull.
I think it's his.
I think he used my boots to lead me Us here.
I suppose we should be grateful to whatever spirit brought us back together.
Jamie, those things you said yesterday about having nothing to give me Oh, dinna fash, Sassenach.
Ye had a harrowing night.
You should wash.
Get some rest, mm? Oh, my God.
- What is it? - Do you see this? It's a silver filling Something that won't be invented for another 100 years.
So he was He has to be someone like me, someone who's traveled through time.
Who were you? - Jamie, look.
- Aye? Strawberries.
I havena seen any for a long time.
The emblem of the Fraser clan.
Harking back to Monsieur Freselière.
- Hmm.
- Came across from France took hold of land in the Scottish highlands.
Freselière? Mister Strawberry? Well, he grew them, did he? Or was he just fond of eating them? This might be the most beautiful land I've ever seen.
It's hard to take your eyes off it.
It's good land, no doubt about it.
Now that, meadow below would do for a few animals, and and the land near the river could be cleared for crops.
I know that look on your face, Jamie Fraser.
You're in love.
A good man would choose a safer path.
And we intended to live in the town, not here in the wilderness wi' nothing.
But what it is to feel the need of a place.
But we'd have to accept Governor Tryon's offer and deal with the Devil.
We both ken it.
For so long, I've I've dreamt of you and I having a home together, a place of our own.
Do ye trust me, Claire? With my life.
And with your heart? Always.
Then this will be our home.
And we'll call it Fraser's Ridge.

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