Outlander (2014) s04e05 Episode Script


Previously 10,000 acres of His Majesty's land at your disposal.
Regulators are stirring up trouble in the piedmont.
Pitching themselves against my tax collectors.
Can your sheriffs not discourage them from taking matters into their own hands? Some have proven to be dishonest.
This will be a sign to all who pass that they're entering Fraser's Ridge.
The Cherokee gave you a warning.
My family and I wish to live peacefully.
Join us.
That is how you will be known to our people.
This is Adawehi.
She's a healer.
A very powerful healer.
Brianna, Claire found Jamie.
- She went to Scotland.
- Why? To visit her mother.
For the mother.
Ah Tea.
Thank you.
This will be very useful for Petronella.
I, uh I have a daughter, but she lives far, far away.
- Mm-hm? - Where's my hat? I don't know.
Where did you last see it? If I kenned that, I'd be wearing it.
It's worn, anyway.
You should get a new one in Woolam's Creek make a good impression on prospective tenants.
Offering land without charge.
Dinna see how the hat on my head'll come into it.
Can you reach the jerky? Aye.
That's the last of it.
Well, there's more in the storeroom, if you get back before I do.
Dinna ken if I envy you or not.
Mistress Mueller's a fine cook, but Eh.
Having to tolerate Gerhard Clarence is less stubborn and has more sense.
I'm sure I can tolerate him long enough to deliver his grandchild.
- The sow had your hat, Uncle Jamie.
- Christ.
Nearly lost a finger trying to save it.
If I do return before you, Sassenach, I might eat that vicious beast.
Come on.
The sooner we go, the sooner we'll be home, and I love bacon.
If you would, attach that to the horse, please.
- Thank you.
- Aye, Auntie.
If the bairn does come sooner than you expect, you're sure you'll not wish me to return? I've been alone here before.
Doesn't make it any easier, leaving ye.
What is it? Has Brianna a birthmark on her neck? Yes.
She does, but I don't remember mentioning it to you.
I saw it in a dream last night.
A wee brown mark shaped like a diamond.
It's behind her left ear.
I haven't thought about that in a very long time.
It's always hidden Behind her hair.
I kissed her there.
Did the driver wait for her, or see where she went? Uh, the log only says it was a one-way fare to Craigh Na Dun, ten days ago.
There's not much up there.
Uh, perhaps she was meeting someone.
Can you tell me where he picked her up? Baird's Bed and Breakfast.
8:00 in the morning.
Thank you for your help.
Uh, Miss.
Miss Baird.
I'm Roger Wakefield.
I think, um, my girlfriend may have been a guest of yours about ten or so days ago.
Aye, the American.
Ah, reminded me a bit of Ali McGraw.
- Sweet girl.
- Right.
It's a bit urgent.
Was she Uh, how long did she stay? Oh, um, just Just a few days.
And did she leave anything behind? Clothes or books or I No.
Um no, nothing.
Nothing? Thank you.
I I was hoping I would find something.
Wakefield, um, wait.
Two seconds.
She asked me to wait a year before sending it to ye, but, well, since ye're here now, and, well, I I can see she broke yer heart.
Oh, look, ye're a fine-looking lad.
Go and find yerself a good Scottish lass.
Thank you.
Yes, perhaps I should.
Thank you.
Myers spoke of a dozen or so Scottish families residing here.
And the offer of 100 acres is likely to attract a fair number of tenants.
Oh, thank you.
It'll be good to have the company of families again.
Neighbors close by.
Maybe we'll attract a man wi' a a talent for chess.
And a bonnie daughter, or two.
Ye need but one, lad.
Place these in the shops and the tavern, and encourage any Scots you may meet to attend our meeting tomorrow.
I'm off to find a Graham MacNeil.
How may I help you? Good day to you, mistress.
Very good day indeed.
I'm here to see Mr.
I'm told he's the silversmith here in town.
He's away in Cross Creek at present.
Do you expect him home soon? Not today.
Well, uh, Is there another man familiar with the trade hereabouts? Something very particular I wish to have made.
No one with my husband's talents.
Thank you for your time.
Oh, yes.
Here we go.
Well done, Mistress Claire.
Had the baby not arrived so soon, I might have learnt the entire song.
We say she looks like her papa.
May he rest in peace.
Do you have grandchild, Frau Klara? No, no, not yet.
Then you will share mine.
It'll it'll be hard work, as the land's never been cultivated, but any man choosing to settle wi' me will receive 100 acres.
That's a very impressive offer.
And no rent until the land yields a good harvest.
After that, you'll pay no more than one ha'penny per acre per annum, in lieu of all demands, to me.
A ha'penny for 100 acres? No rent? Good luck to you, Mr.
Ye're a farmer.
Ken it by yer hands.
Do ye no want 100 acres for yerself and yer family? Again, I thank ye, but no.
And you? Tempting as it may be, I've found employment at the cooper's shop.
It'd be unwise to leave now.
Did six farmers just refuse the offer of land given without charge? There's no sense in it.
Bryan, is it? My father's name was Brian.
You ken Broch Tuarach? No, I'm from Banffshire.
Banffshire? Aye.
Were you imprisoned? Tilbury Fort.
Fought with Farquharson's regiment.
Farquharson's? Then ye were to my left, Bryan.
It pains me to refuse ye.
Then why did ye? Some of us here have spent years cultivating land, only to have it taxed when it became plentiful.
We must all pay our taxes.
Aye, our fair share, but the governor's tax collectors came, hand out, time and again.
When we didna have the funds to pay, they seized horses, livestock, tools, anything worth a penny.
It's the cause of my taking up residence in town.
Same for most of the men here.
And all of ye lost yer farms to taxes? We gave them up.
Better that than to continue lining the pockets of Tryon's dishonest tax collectors.
There's a meeting soon, if ye're interested.
Herr Mueller.
How's the baby? She's healthy and beautiful and ready to meet her opa, and her I I don't know the word for "uncle" in German.
- Onkel.
- Ah.
Thank you, Frau Klara.
Aye, you're very welcome, Herr Mueller.
You have a wonderful family.
I shall be sad to leave.
You're always welcome here.
Thank you.
I'll be back in a couple of weeks to visit Petronella and the baby, and you may send for me if you need anything.
- Danke.
- Mm.
And Herr Fraser will be home when you return? I expect him back in a few days.
But come, let's meet your enkelin.
We've chosen a name.
Baby Klara.
Baby Klara? I'm so honored.
Thank you, Petronella.
Cross Creek.
Well, what is it? What's the matter? Savages.
They steal our water for their horses.
Water from the creek? Is that all? The Indians they mean you no harm.
Herr Mueller, I know these people.
Why not let them just drink and then be on their way? They have no reason to set foot on my land! Tommy, come.
Stay! Herr Mueller! Herr Mueller, please! Leave, please.
The horses need water.
I will shoot! No! No! Stop.
Go back in the house, Frau Klara! Tawodi, I am Claire Fraser.
I am ganakti, like Adawehi.
- Wife of bear-killer? - Yes.
Please, don't shoot.
Herr Mueller and his son They are good men.
We do not expect to see you with I came to deliver a baby.
Herr Mueller, please, put down your musket so we can talk.
Herr Mueller, please.
Herr Mueller is just trying to protect his land.
Water belongs to no one.
You're right, but he doesn't see it that way.
Please, can you take the horses to To another part of the creek? To keep peace? I go, only because you are friends to Adawehi.
Thank you.
Thank you.
What is he doing? No, no! He He is just giving a blessing for the water.
It's just a blessing.
Look, they are leaving.
They're leaving.
Here we go.
Here, Clarence.
I got something for you.
Here, boy.
Come on, lady.
Time for breakfast.
You have no idea you're just a Christmas pork chop, do you? Rollo.
It's our house.
It's not for you.
Good morning, ladies.
Come on.
Tie it down tight.
That's it.
Three gatherings.
And no tenants to show for it.
Will Tryon demand the return of the land if we canna find anyone to settle with us? He willna have to.
Canna pay the tax on 10,000 acres myself.
But I can offer protection to our tenants from paying these illegal taxes or having their land seized.
How? The tax collectors will come to me, will they no? 'Tis my land, after all.
And when they do, you'll refuse to pay? Oh, I'll pay.
A fair tax, and nothing more.
The bit's broken.
We'll need to get it mended before we can travel.
Find a blacksmith.
Dinna take no for an answer.
Good day, sir.
- I was hoping for a - My day is done.
I'm tired.
It's a wee task.
Just a broken bit.
Can ye mend it? - I suppose ye didna hear me.
- I did.
But I wonder if you could make an exception for a fellow Scot? I'd be here all night by that logic.
No, no more for me today.
Yer business will have to wait.
We have three days' travel ahead of us.
My uncle will have my guts for garters if I dinna have this mended.
What'll it cost to keep you another hour? Ye canna pay it lad.
Away with ye.
Ten shillings.
11? 12? That's robbery! If ye canna pay, then leave me be.
Old Mr.
MacNeil hasn't come home yet.
No word when he might return? If ye'd care to wait inside, I'll serve ye a hearty piece of pie.
A very kind offer, but my wife is expecting me home soon.
I'd wager she's a good cook.
All right, lad.
Any luck with the silversmith, eh? No.
Pray nothing else hinders our return home.
Feared we'd have to stay another night.
I did too.
That blacksmith was a tough old coot.
Had to offer more than I thought.
How much? 15 shillings.
Did I hear ye right? Ye paid 15 shillings for a bit? 15 additional.
Whoa! I paid him 21 shillings in all.
That was my entire purse.
He was leaving for the day.
It was the only thing to keep him.
What the devil's the meaning of charging a lad 21 shillings for a bit? Blacksmith! I'm speaking to ye.
Murtagh? Thank the Lord.
Oh! Oh! Uncle, ye ken this old coot? Aye.
I never thought I'd lay eyes on ye again.
How? W-what brought ye here? I came in search of settlers.
I have land three days north.
This is Jenny's son, Ian.
Ian, this is Murtagh.
My godfather.
Fine lad.
Drives a hard bargain.
Uncle Jamie told me all about yer adventures together.
So much to tell you.
And I want to hear every word.
Now, who are you calling an old coot, eh? Come on.
There you go.
Pastor Gottfried.
What are you doing here? Frau Mueller sent me.
Well, is everything all right? Tommy, Petronella, and the baby died.
What? I gave them last rites this morning.
How? The measle.
Measles? But But they were healthy when I left them last week.
I-is anyone else sick? Frau Mueller? I'll get my things and come to them, along with No! N-no, madam.
Herr Mueller is not ill.
He is How do you say? Uh, uh Insane.
Frau Mueller worries he blames you for their deaths and is seeking revenge.
Blames me? What do you mean? Herr Mueller believes you let the Indians curse their water.
I told him, that was a blessing.
He does not see it that way.
I must find him before he does something regretful.
Y-you cannot stay here, madam.
Is there somewhere you can go that is safe? My husband will be home soon, and I have my rifle.
I'll be all right.
God be with you, Frau Fraser.
And with you.
Aye, 12 years, just a short distance from Woolam's Creek.
Was it dreadful, being indentured? Aye, lad.
Master Barker was no an easy man to live with, disposed as he was to violent outbursts.
More than once, I considered severing his neck.
Why did you no? The rich old bastard died, and his widow agreed to sell me the smithy.
I reckon she wouldna have done so if I'd have murdered him.
So he taught you blacksmithing? Aye.
I mastered all order of smithery.
Silversmithing as well? I can manage a bit.
Can I ask a favor of ye? This was Ellen's, no? Aye.
A surprise for his wife.
Married again, did ye? Well Fetch yerself another ale, lad.
I don't have any He has all our money.
Take it, lad.
Keep it.
Claire Claire came back to me.
After 20 years.
Some days, I still canna believe it myself.
Oh lad! - And she's here? - Aye.
Aye, she's home, in the cabin on Fraser's Ridge.
And yer bairn? A daughter, Brianna.
I've never seen her, but she's well, living in Boston in the year 1971.
Oh Old enough to have children of her own? That she is, but she hasna had any yet, as far as we know.
Brianna's at university.
Women in the future are entitled to a great deal more than they are now.
Well, any daughter of yours will be a canny lass.
Will you Will ye return to Fraser's Ridge wi' us? We have need of a blacksmith with talents such as yer own.
I have my forge here to think of.
We'll build ye one.
10,000 acre settlement will have need of it.
10,000 acres? Governor Tryon must think highly of you.
I'm mindful he's no well-liked around here.
We have had trouble finding tenants because of it.
Tryon's taxes have left many hereabouts aggrieved.
You'll no find many Scots in Woolam's Creek willing to settle on land granted by him.
Some of his sheriffs are corrupt, sure enough.
Doesna mean the men should give up, and many Scots have prospered here in North Carolina.
Come to Fraser's Ridge.
We'll work together, like we always did.
I canna go, mo charaid.
I have work here.
Grave work.
Come wi' me to the forge here.
We'll weigh what's to be done with yer silver.
Afterwards, I'll take ye to a meeting.
What is it, boy? Huh? It's just the wind.
I'll find ye later.
Bryan, glad you could make it.
Tonight, we drink to the tax collectors.
- What? - To the tax collectors? They didna take Harry's horse, nor Rabbie's cow, nor Johnnie's wagon from him.
No, no, no.
Not taken.
Stolen from them, they were.
- Aye! - Stolen! Stolen from us! And what's stolen from one of us, is stolen from all of us! Aye! Aye! Wish yer tax collector and yer sheriff a fine supper, a good bottle, and soft bed tonight, lads For soon, soon, they will have no peace.
The day is coming! The day when we make plain our complaints and stand for what's right! Aye! We'll pay what we owe in taxes, but no a penny more, and no a penny less.
The corruption of the governor's sheriffs and tax collectors must end! Aye! The thieving bastards should pay! Raise a glass to them tonight, lads, each and every one, for tomorrow, and from now on, we stand together! Aye! Ye'll need yer courage.
A rifle or two couldna hurt, either.
- Aye! - Time is coming when we will march! Justice! Good man.
So, ye're a Regulator, then? And a leader, forbye? Ah, we dinna have leaders, lad.
I'm but an auld man who's been through it before.
Will ye join us? A gathering this size could well become violent.
We risk what we must for our beliefs.
But I've Claire to think of, and Young Ian.
And the land.
The grant came with my assurance that I would help quell any unrest.
I gave my word.
I canna in good conscience involve myself in this.
I won't join you, but, uh, I wilna try to stop ye, either.
I pray one day, ye come find us.
Klara! Frau Klara! I just want to talk! Rollo, get back.
What do you want? Frau Klara.
You're alive.
The measle I-I-I fear I come too late and it will take you too.
Thank you for your concern, but I'm well.
They are dead.
The baby They got the measle, and I'm so sorry.
I wish there was something that I could've done.
There was no use.
The curse was strong.
They die very fast.
Herr Mueller, measles is a disease.
It spreads from person to person.
Ja, it happened to me and my wife in Gunzburg.
We were sick for a week.
It's likely it traveled with you from Cross Creek No! Through no fault of your own.
Nell and baby die very quickly.
Too quickly.
But their bodies were weak after the birth.
They would've never survived the fever.
This is not what happened.
They die because of the curse.
The savages hate us and want our land.
It is them! They are supposed to die of the pox, not us! Not the one who Who believe in God.
No matter.
It is over now.
I take care of them for us and for you.
Baby Klara's doll Thank you.
She was their healer.
She was a witch, ja? There can be no curse without a witch.
All they wanted was some water! Water is everywhere! The creek, the lake, the stream.
They do not come to my land for water! The savages come to show that my land is theirs! Good-bye, Herr Mueller.
Good-bye, Frau Klara.
Rosewitha! Rosewitha! Oh! Sassenach! Oh, Jamie.
Oh, Jamie.
I'm so glad you're home.
What's wrong? Just hold me.
Murtagh! Jamie said you weren't coming! Is it really you? Well, it's not the boogie-woogie bugle boy.
I can't believe it! Ah, lass.
Well, you gonna invite me inside? Oh, come on.
Roger, if you're reading this, it means that I couldn't make it back.
I found out something terrible is going to happen to my mother and Jamie.
If I didn't try to go and help them, I would never have forgiven myself.
I need you to know that I cared about you very much.
Please don't try to follow me, Roger.
You once told me to think of my mother happily in the past, and that's how I want you to think of me.
Good-bye, Roger.

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