Outlander (2014) s05e07 Episode Script

The Ballad of Roger Mac

1 Previously Please, Isaiah, say you'll do right by me.
Morton's dishonored my daughter.
- They can't stay here.
- Ye'll leave at dawn.
The lass has smallpox.
Throw her overboard.
Please don't.
Have you lost your mind? And I'll do the same for any who show signs of a rash.
I can help keep you hidden.
- I dinna ken your name.
- Roger.
- Morag MacKenzie.
- I'm a MacKenzie as well.
I must admit, I have grown quite fond of North Carolina.
Pain me to leave it in chaos.
And farmers though we be, we've beat our plowshares into swords and are training for battle.
How many men do ye have? Go to it, lads.
The Regulators are disorganized.
No way prepared for war against the Crown.
I had hoped it wouldn't come to this, but it seems we're gonna have our war after all.
Sing me a song Of a lass that is gone Say, could that lass Be I? Merry of soul She sailed on a day Over the sea To Skye Billow and breeze Islands and seas Mountains of rain and sun Mountains of rain and sun All that was good All that was fair All that was me Is gone Sing me a song Of a lass that is gone Say, could that lass Be I? Merry of soul She sailed on a day Over the sea To Skye Sing me a song Of a lass That is gone Say, could that lass Be I? We went to Hillsborough ready for what outcome, we couldn't know.
But a good soldier is taught to be prepared, ready to fight, and ready to die if need be.
But what no one can prepare for is to face family in the time of war.
Drove she ducklings to the water Every morning, just at nine Hit her foot against a splinter Fell into the foaming brine Oh, my darling, oh, my darling Oh, my darling Clementine You are lost and gone forever Dreadful sorry, Clementine That's all for today, laddie.
Your da has to go.
But I promise I will be back to sing it again for you.
He never gets tired of that one.
I still wish you'd stayed at the Ridge.
I wanted to be as close to you as I could for as long as possible.
Lizzie, Jemmy, and I will be safe here in Hillsborough with the Sherstons.
I'd better get on the road.
The Colonel will be expecting me.
Come now, we'll get breakfast.
You know, if we were back in Oxford in our own time, we'd be making our lunchboxes and seeing each other off to work.
Now here I am seeing you off to war.
Come here.
I barely knew my father before he was killed in World War II.
And Jemmy is much younger than I was.
If I don't make it back Hey, that is not going to happen.
And while you are gone, I will tell him how brave his father is.
Maybe we'll be lucky.
Maybe Billy Tryon will come to his senses and work things out peacefully with these Regulators.
But just in case, you know all the words to "Clementine"? Yes, but I'm no singer, so you had better keep your promise to your son.
Good-bye, Roger Mac.
Good-bye, Mrs.
- Hmm? - Happy birthday, Colonel.
You taking stock? Something of the sort.
Well, I suppose I have a few hours left.
I was born at half-six.
I willna have lived a half-century until suppertime.
Do you expect to disintegrate much before then? Do you need me to fetch you a cane? Or a hearing trumpet? Hmm? I dinna suppose anything's likely to fall off before then.
As for the workings - Oh.
- Huh.
Well It all seems to be in perfect working order.
- Huh.
- There's nothing loose at all.
How did ye ken what I was doing? "Taking stock," as ye say.
I do it too before every birthday.
I like to reflect on the year past.
I think everybody does.
Just making sure that you're the same person as you were the day before.
Ye dinna see any marked changes, do ye, Sassenach? - Hmm? - No.
You're still you.
It struck me I've now lived longer than my father did.
Now this is a morning he never saw.
He died when he was 49.
I'm sure he'd be happy to know you're alive with children and grandchildren that love you.
Aye, mo chridhe.
The world and each day in it is a gift.
Whatever tomorrow brings, I'm grateful to see it.
And as for taking stock, I've all my teeth - Mm-hmm.
- None of my parts are missing, and my cock still stands up by itself in the morning.
Could be worse.
Happy birthday to you Happy birthday - To you - Oh.
Happy birthday, dear Colonel Happy Birthday To you General Gage was good enough to send two field pieces and six swivel guns from New York.
These insurgents wanted a fight, and they shall have one.
How many men do we have, Your Excellency? Uh, counting your company, Colonel Fraser, 1,068.
Colonel Moore will command the artillery, Colonel Leech, the infantry.
Captain Bullock's here with the cavalry.
They're camped around the river bend.
Uh, that's not accounting for General Waddell's brigade.
He's at Salisbury, awaiting the arrival of two wagonloads of gunpowder from Charleston.
The Regulators willna have artillery and munitions of this caliber.
They're mostly farmers with no military training.
Something they should be mindful to consider before provoking the Crown.
I trust your men are all in order, Colonel Fraser? Aye, they're ready, sir.
Well done, Colonel.
Captain MacKenzie.
Reporting for duty, sir.
Fall in.
Take one, pass 'em around.
It's to be fastened to yer coat or hat.
Other companies will have cockades as well.
It's the only way to tell militia from Regulator, so it's important ye wear it.
I'll have one of those.
Where's my Alicia? She with you? No, she's at home.
Her home was in Brownsville, not living in sin with you, you bastard Easy now, everyone.
Alicia made her decision.
It's her choice.
Why don't you stay out of this? Aye, it is a good life, and we're happy together.
What was good for her was to be with her family.
I should have killed you there and then, nailed your hide to the tavern door.
You shouldna be here.
Ye helped me once.
When I heard the troops were mustering, I wished to repay ye.
I see love hasn't softened yer hard head.
This man is willing to lay down his life.
I'll not turn him away.
If ye canna find it in yerselves to fight alongside him, ye may go.
There's a battle to fight.
This unpleasantness between us should be forgotten.
Attach this to yer coat.
I've gone shooting every day since we heard there might be a war.
Shooting wood blocks off a rail.
I shot eight possums last week.
War's not like hunting.
The deer and the possums are not trying to kill ye.
But Ma says the point of hunting is to kill something, and the point of going to war is to come back alive.
War is killing, that's that.
Think of anything less, think of yer own skin, then ye'll be dead by nightfall.
Ye canna waver.
Your Excellency! A verbal message from General Waddell.
Two wagonloads of munitions have been ambushed and destroyed, and the general's troops were forced to retreat by a large force of rebels led by Murtagh Fitzgibbons.
And the scouts report that the Regulators are across the creek.
Prepare the men.
We'll engage the enemy here.
I'll have my men ready themselves.
Did you see anything across the creek? Any sign of Murtagh? No.
No, but I did see Bryan Cranna and Lee Withers.
They were with Murtagh in Hillsborough during the riots.
Colonel, a minister come from the other side with a petition for the governor.
A minister? The Reverend Caldwell.
Reverend Caldwell I regret we meet again under such circumstances.
Your Excellency, Colonel Fraser.
Aye, a wedding is a-a more enjoyable occasion by far.
I come in hopes that we can settle this matter without bloodshed.
Pardon me, Reverend, if I disagree with the assertion that I have not "lent a kind ear to the just complaints of the people.
" I certainly do not consider His Majesty's subjects to be mere "toys" and their lives "matters to be trifled with.
" Still, nevertheless, I will do as they ask.
I will consider their grievances and convey my "candid and speedy response" by, um, noon tomorrow.
Thank you, sir.
I will convey your answer, and we will await your final response.
Order the men to remain under arms through the night.
Cavalry should keep their mounts bridled and saddled.
Your Excellency.
I'll draft a proclamation demanding their surrender.
Your Excellency, why not pursue a parley, as they ask? Their "petition for peace," Colonel Fraser, was nothing but demands.
It is I who will not be "trifled with.
" Perhaps at least we wait for reinforcements.
No, a bold stroke is needed.
To hesitate could mean defeat.
I am governor of this province, and I cannot tolerate such a blatant disregard for the law to be allowed to go unpunished.
I will not.
Their course is set.
So is mine.
Jemmy's asleep.
Thanks, Lizzie.
We're just so grateful for your hospitality.
Anything Mr.
Sherston and I can do for your Aunt Jocasta.
There's talk at the tavern.
The militia is preparing for battle.
The Regulators are across the Alamance Creek.
Where is that? I can show you on a map.
Southwest of Hillsborough is the Great Alamance Creek.
Alamance Something happened there.
I seem to remember Have you ever been there? No, it just the name sounds familiar.
They say the Indians named it and that it means "all man's land.
" Something definitely happened there.
Alamance So does God have an answer? I wasna calling on God.
I was calling on Dougal MacKenzie.
Dougal? Considering how things ended with us at Culloden why? He was a war chief.
Taught me everything I know.
And I made my peace with my uncle a long time ago.
Dougal will ken I did what I had to do for my men, for ye.
And I'll do it all again now.
I know you will.
Tryon's determined to fight.
I've seen that look before in men's eyes when they're beyond reason or compromise.
Will Dougal help, do you think? If he can.
We fought many times together, Dougal and I, hand to hand, back to back.
After all, blood is blood.
But there's someone else that you share blood with.
Murtagh and I fought back to back as well.
This time, we'll fight face to face.
No amount of prayer will help.
- Bree? - Aye.
I've come to warn you.
The fight happens here at the creek, and the militia will win.
How many lives are lost? I don't know numbers or details.
My professor said that some people consider this to be the spark of the American Revolution.
But the Regulators aren't trying to overthrow the Crown.
They aren't fighting for independence.
No, but they are rebelling against corruption and unfair taxes.
Ye're certain Tryon wins? Yes.
I must get a message to Murtagh then.
If he can be warned the Regulators are doomed to fail, then maybe he can convince his men to retreat and lives will be spared on both sides.
If we do stop this fight now, what if doesn't that mean the Revolutionary War won't happen? And America will never become America.
Ye say some people believe this is the spark.
Couldn't the spark alight from somewhere else? Yes, it could.
What matters are the men in my charge, the Regulators fighting for what they believe in, and my godfather.
I agree.
I'll deliver the message to Murtagh.
It's too dangerous.
I know, but I'm the only one that can do it.
He knows me.
He knows I'm from the future.
He'll believe it.
Yeah, all right.
Ye'll leave at nightfall.
Keep this in your pocket.
Then they willna see ye come from the other side.
And if ye're threatened Wave this and cry "truce" and tell them to fetch me.
Dinna say more until I come.
Belladonna, laudanum oil of juniper, pennyroyal, alcohol, and my secret weapon.
The penicillin.
If I'd had it at Prestonpans, imagine the lives I could have saved.
Maybe you'll save some today, and I'll stay and help.
It'll keep me from worrying.
Jamie assured us under the flag of truce, no one will trouble Roger.
Will the flag of truce really help him if he's still over there when the shooting starts? If the shooting starts.
Let's just hope he manages to convince Murtagh.
Tryon's left us no choice.
He's lied to us in the past! We canna submit to tyranny! - No! - Never! We're not resisting law and order.
We are fighting injustice! Tryon will regret the day that he chose to ignore our demands.
His blood will soak this ground! Now go.
Be ready for the morrow.
What the devil are ye doing here? I need to talk to you.
Murtagh, you're going to lose this battle.
Brianna saw the name "Alamance" on a map, and she remembered the Regulators lose.
- What? - Aye.
Jamie wanted you to know that the best thing that you can do is leave now, convince your men to disperse.
Christ, MacKenzie, ye saw the men.
Ye think they'll yield in this fight? I believe that they might, if you tell them to.
If you don't, they'll be slaughtered.
How many men does Tryon have? - More than a thousand.
- We have twice that number.
But Tryon has a trained militia.
You-you have farmers with knives and pitchforks.
And they're brave as lions.
They'll fight when the time comes.
Tryon has cannons, for Christ sakes.
Murtagh, most of your men have never even seen a cannon.
You have no officers, you have no cavalry, you have no artillery.
Listen to me, man.
You cannot win.
You do not win.
The history has been written.
Then I do fight.
How can I tell them to cast aside everything they've fought for, just give up? They'll not be giving up.
They'll be living to fight another day.
And if-if they wait If you wait, in a few years, we'll all be fighting on the same side.
Do ye ken how long a few years is to men who've lost everything? To those who style themselves Regulators In reply to your petition "I have been ever attentive "to the interests of your county and to every individual residing therein.
" - "I lament" - I lament the fatal necessity to which you have now reduced me by withdrawing yourselves from the mercy of the Crown "And the laws of your country.
" "I require you who are now assembled" To lay down your arms, surrender up your leaders, and submit yourselves to the leniency of the government.
"By accepting these terms within one hour, you will prevent an effusion of blood as you are at this time in a state of war and rebellion" Against your king, your country "And your laws.
" Signed, William Tryon.
I spoke wi' the men.
I tried to convince them But they willna turn back now.
This battle will happen.
Ye've done yer best here but it's for ye to return to yer own camp.
Leave now before it begins.
If your men won't, then I urge you No, Murtagh, I beg you time is running out.
Leave and save yourself.
For the love your godson bears you.
Mistress MacKenzie.
It's good to see you again.
Are you in good health, and your child, Jemmy? We're well, both of us.
Pleased to hear.
I've my own son now.
His name's Jemmy, Jeremiah, as well.
It was my father's name.
'Tis a fine, strong name.
I've thought of you now and then.
Oh, aye.
I do thank ye, Mr.
I'll not forget how ye saved us from that heartless sea captain.
MacKenzie, wait.
I've something I need to tell you.
Oh, I'm sorry, your laundry.
Oh! Mary and Bride! Did I hurt you? I'm sorry.
I've a thick skull, my ma always said.
I've a thick skull too, runs in my family.
Your husband, is he one of the Regulators? Aye, of course.
I'm with the militia.
The thing I wanted to tell you to warn you, the governor, he's serious.
He's brought troops.
He's brought cannon.
He means to put down this rebellion, do you understand? You must tell your husband, leave before anything happens.
Leave and go where? We have no home to go back to.
You're with child.
Look, I have to go, but Mistress MacKenzie, hear me.
If anything should happen, come to me.
I'll take care of you.
Your family's welcome on Fraser's Ridge.
Get away from my wife.
Captain MacKenzie! Anyone seen Roger Mac? No, I havena, Colonel.
Not hide nor hair of him, I'm afraid.
Been hours since I laid eyes on the captain.
Christ, where is he? Colonel Fraser! Governor.
I thought you'd cut a striking figure in this.
Sir? Well, you're one of my best officers.
I'm not gonna have you mistaken for an insurgent.
I appreciate the gesture, Your Excellency, but, uh, I dinna think it proper for me to wear such a garment.
You're much too humble, Colonel.
I know that you, more than most who will take this battlefield, are deserving of the privilege.
So please do me the honor.
Yes, a striking figure indeed.
Colonel Chadwick? Company! My apologies.
I swear I meant no disrespect.
No? Then what the hell d'ye think you were doing then, eh? I met Mistress MacKenzie aboard the Gloriana a year or two ago.
When I recognized her here, I thought to inquire as to the family's welfare.
- That's all.
- He met nae harm, William.
It was him who found me and Jemmy in the hold when we hid there.
He brought us food and water.
He cared for us that night when the sailors threw the sick ones into the sea.
Oh, aye? Who's this, Buck? That's what I mean to find out.
Ye go back with the women, Morag.
I'm gonna settle with this fella.
- But he hasna done anything! - Listen to me.
Ye think it's nothing when a man coories into ye in public like a common radge? - No! - Now I told ye to get back.
So go now.
William! Get away from me, woman! Get him up.
She's a MacKenzie.
I'm a MacKenzie.
We're blood.
That's why I was trying to help her.
What's this? Ye're with the militia, aren't ye? I came to warn you about Tryon.
Oh, so ye're a wife-stealer and a traitor, all tied up in a wee bundle, is it? Ah, slit his throat, I say, and good riddance.
A man who's sure of his wife needn't worry that someone else may try to steal her.
I'm sure of my own wife and have no need of yours.
Married, are ye? Well, yer wife must be ill-favored, surely, for ye to be sniffing after mine.
Or perhaps she put ye out of her bed because ye couldn't serve her decently.
You let me go, sir, and I'll not speak against you, for your wife's sake.
I dinna think ye well.
Speak against me, that is.
Jesus H.
Roosevelt Christ.
Tryon Insisted.
I imagine you weren't in a position to refuse.
There's no sign of Roger.
We dinna ken if he succeeded or havena heard, but the battle is upon us.
Company! Will ye wish me luck, then? I can't let you go without saying something.
I suppose "good luck" will do.
I love you, soldier.
"Good luck" will do.
"I love you" does so much better.
That obituary Bree brought us, I dinna ken if it's true.
But what I do ken is this.
There may come a day when you and I shall part again, but it willna be today.
We go in hard.
Protect ourselves.
We're not here to kill our brothers.
We're here to end this.
Put the fear of God in them, they'll retreat.
This doesna have to be a massacre.
Take prisoners, save souls.
Watch for MacKenzie.
Cannons! Fire! First line, fire! Fire! Ahh! Fire, God damn you! Fire on them or fire on me! Fire! Forward! Second rank, fire! Forward! Find cover! We fight as they do.
Myers, with me.
Come take his coat off and his waistcoat, and I'll come and reassess the wound.
Don't worry.
He was probably just on his way back and then joined the fight.
I just don't know which is worse: that he's missing or getting shot at.
Mistress Fraser.
Mistress Fraser.
Isaiah! Here.
Get him up here.
Let me see.
He's been shot through the lung from behind.
Isaiah, can you hear me? Tell Ally I love her.
You're not going to die on me, you hear? Baby comes next month.
And you'll be there.
Bree, get me the alcohol.
Ahh! Come! Come on! Come on, let's go.
Come on, help him.
Let's go, quick.
Ah! What's that ye're giving him? It'll help him heal.
I hope you didn't waste any good medicine on that coward.
He was running away like a scared rabbit when he was felled.
I wasna running away.
Ye saw what happened.
Powder burns were on his back.
So whoever shot him, shot him at close range.
No woman speaks to me like that.
What have you done? No.
Withers! Lee Withers! For God's sake, man, do ye not recognize me? I mean ye no harm.
Ye mean me nae harm, but ye wear the coat of my enemy.
And yer fellows, they-they kill wi'out mercy.
Withers, listen, I dinna want to shoot ye.
Bryan Cranna is dead.
I did what you said, Colonel.
I didna waver.
I released ye from yer oath.
Ye had no cause to save me.
Ye should ha' done as I asked.
I'd never betray yer mother No matter who asked.
Dinna be afraid It doesn't hurt a bit to die.
Help me.
Help me.
Help me! - Colonel, I-I think he's - Help me now! We'll take ye to Claire.
She'll ken what to do.
This way.
All will be well.
Claire! Save him! What do you need? What is it? Here.
Do what you must.
Heal him.
I'm sorry.
He's gone.
He canna be.
He canna.
Do something.
Save him! Take it back.
I dinna release ye from yer oath.
Ye canna leave me.
Ye canna leave me.
My friend.
Colonel Fraser.
Victory tastes sweet, does it not? They are finished.
We must celebrate this glorious day.
Is the slaughter of innocent men cause to celebrate? Not sure I take your meaning, Colonel.
I meant exactly what I said.
Now, I understand how difficult it must have been to engage your own countrymen.
But what we have accomplished here today will be written about in history.
Will it be written in history, sir, that ye killed and maimed and paid no heed to the destruction ye left? That you brought cannon upon your own citizens? No.
It'll say that ye put down rebellion preserved order, punished wickedness did justice in the king's name.
But ye and I both know what happened here.
There is the law and there is what is done.
What ye have done is kindle a war for the sake of your own glory.
I had no personal stake in this, no need to glorify my own exploits, as you put it.
None? So you have the governorship of New York.
I told you I told you I would not leave North Carolina in a state of disorder and rebellion.
Now I have done what I have done as a matter of duty.
And because you have done your duty as promised I am going to overlook your insolence.
I've paid my debt and I'm finished with my obligation to you and to the Crown.
You may have your coat back, sir.
Roger? Ah! Have you seen Captain MacKenzie? Have you seen Roger MacKenzie? Are you sure? Roger MacKenzie! Colonel.
What happened here? Why did ye hang these men? Regulator prisoners.
Tryon ordered their execution.
Have ye seen Captain MacKenzie of Fraser's Ridge? No, Colonel, I have not.
Have you seen Captain MacKenzie? Have you seen Captain MacKenzie? Have ye seen Captain MacKenzie? Roger? Bree.

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