Outlander (2014) s05e12 Episode Script

Never My Love

1 You asked me if there'll come a time When I grow tired of you Never, my love Never, my love You wonder if this heart of mine Will lose its desire for you Never, my love Never, my love What makes you think love will end When you know that my whole life depends I say we kill her, leave her for the beasts.
You know Fraser's got his hands full for a while.
The still Well that was you.
Well, aren't you the clever one Dr.
Rawlings? You never thought anyone'd find out about your little newspaper column, did you? Well, now you're gonna repent for your sin.
I was just trying to help.
Spreading dangerous ideas, what you mean telling women how to deceive their husbands, how to deny them their God-given rights, telling my wife to avoid my bed.
And I'm gonna take you to Brownsville, and you're gonna confess to the womenfolk there, and they're gonna see you for the charlatan that you are.
Never, my love Happy Thanksgiving, Uncle.
You fucking bastard! You're going to go to hell for this.
It's a curse! Hodge, you've done it now.
Don't touch that woman and don't draw her blood.
We did hear talk of her.
She's a conjure woman.
That's right.
You touch me again, and you'll all be dead by dawn! I said don't do it! She will kill us all! That's enough, both of you.
Just tie her up over there.
So where do you come from? You know where I come from.
You bloody kidnapped me.
Where did you come from before you settled here? Do you have clear night skies where you come from? I can't tell one star from another like some people can.
The Moon that's the same wherever you go.
Looks like a man on the moon staring back at us.
Well, her legs aren't tied.
Never, my love Never, my love What makes you think love will end You're shaking so hard, it's making my teeth rattle.
That depends On you You hungry? Go on.
My name is Tebbe.
You remember that.
Remember me was good to you.
You tell your spirits they don't hurt Tebbe.
He tried to help you.
Thank you, Tebbe.
Tebbe, how much longer before we reach Brownsville? Two days after we cross the creek.
We will swim the horses across.
You will come with me.
You shouldn't go with them.
Lionel Brown, Hodgepile They're all going to die and everyone with them.
You've heard of the water horses, the kelpies? They take you down, drown you, and eat you.
Yes, yes, but the water horse is my friend, and if-if you just W-When we're across the creek, you-you let me go.
It'll rise up and carry me away.
Just-just let go of me in the water, and I swear it won't cause you any harm.
Thank you.
- I'll take her across.
- No, no! I'm going with him! No! Never, my love Never, my love - No! - I said no! Jesus H.
Roosevelt Christ! You halfwits! She's cursed you again, Uncle.
She'll curse us all.
That's enough, Cuddy.
Not one more word out of you.
Not to them, not to me.
Not one more damn word.
Never, my love Never, my love Don't you stare at me.
I'll put you somewhere you can't stare! On your feet, bitch.
I'm gonna put some manners on you.
Yeah, yeah.
Never, my love But James is far better.
No, no, no, no, no.
It's got to be Ian.
Oh, we're thinking of something a bit more hip, like Ringo.
- Like Ringo.
- Everyone.
What if it's a wee girl? Jocasta's a lovely name.
We'll call her Jo.
Never, my love Never, my love Never, my love Does the name Ringo Starr mean anything to you? What? Does the name Ringo Starr mean anything to you? H-he's a drummer.
I knew you had to be.
I knew it.
I knew it.
I knew that advice from Dr.
Rawlings didn't come from anybody in this time.
I just never thought I'd find another one, not ever.
Please, untie me.
I can't.
You know what they're planning.
It's mostly just talk.
They think you're a witch.
They're scared to death of you.
I know you're not.
Who are you? You know who I am.
Who are you? My name's Wendigo Donner.
I traveled back with a group of American Indians from 1968.
Otter Tooth.
Robert Springer.
You know Bob? Where is he? He's dead.
How? The Mohawk.
- They killed him.
- That doesn't make sense.
- We came back to save them.
- Come on.
I'll tell you everything I know.
Just, please cut me loose.
Get two horses, and let's go.
Lionel, he'll He's crazy.
He'll kill me.
He'll kill both of us.
Okay? I need to get home.
I've been trying for too long.
I need gemstones.
I have gemstones.
I know where a stone circle is.
You cut me loose, I'll get you home.
Forget the horses.
Let's go now.
We need to wait.
We need to wait until they fall asleep.
Donner! What the hell you doing down there? Just making sure she's tied tight! Please, let's go.
I should've known what you were Before Dr.
Rawlings Jesus H.
Roosevelt Christ.
You don't act afraid of men.
Most of the women from now do.
You ought to act more afraid.
No, no.
With me With me With me Promised Cuddy here a little bit of fun.
- All right, Cuddy.
- He did.
Now listen up.
Shoot twixt the wind and the water.
Don't fight me.
Now, now Now, don't fight.
Hey, hey, d Hey, hush, hush.
Never, my love Don't! Hush now.
Hush now.
Hush now.
What, are you finished already? You are one sorry lobcock.
Oh, dear me, Cuddy.
I apologize about my nephew.
He's just a boy.
What does he know? But you, you being pretending to be a man Never, my love Table looks ready.
Checked on the turkey.
Oh, it gets bigger every year, as does our family.
What makes you think love will end When you know that my whole life depends Are my cousin and the professor here yet? Oh, they're on their way Delayed in the holiday rush.
First, I, uh I want to thank you all for being here today.
I'm grateful for my beautiful wife, blood of my blood, bone of my bone.
My heart was yours since I first saw ye.
Ye've held my soul in your two hands, kept it safe.
Not so high and mighty now, are we? Mm.
Who's next for a go with the hedge whore? Another wee Fraser on the way.
Hi! Happy Thanksgiving, Auntie.
I'm gonna make some extra plates with some more extra sweet potato for Jemmy.
Never, my love Dinna fash.
I'm sure Roger and Bree'll be here soon.
My love Roger and Bree are here.
Finally! Never, my love Never, my love Never, my love My love Mrs.
Fraser? Yes.
We're sorry to have to tell you this at Thanksgiving, but Mr.
and Mrs.
MacKenzie were killed in a car accident with their child.
The conditions on the highway were extremely treacherous.
A truck lost its brakes.
There was a collision involving Mr.
MacKenzie's vehicle.
No Paramedics arrived and worked to save him and his family, but, unfortunately, their injuries were fatal.
No I woke up! Mom, Da? Are ye all right? I just feel like I've been turned inside out.
We made it.
What the devil? Ye're back.
How? I-I don't know.
I was thinking about home.
So was I.
We can make camp here, or we can forge ahead.
Oh, let's make camp and rest.
We can surprise them tomorrow.
Roger, will you grab Jem? Da lit the cross.
Oh, God.
He said he wouldn't light it again unless Let's go.
I've packed some salted meats for you and the men, sir.
Thank you, Lizzie.
What happened? It it didn't work.
What is going on? On the way back, we saw the cross.
There's been an attack on the ridge.
They've taken your mother.
I think it was the Browns.
We're gonna get her back.
- I'm coming with you.
- No.
Brianna, it's too dangerous.
- Dad - You'll stay here with the rest of the men, guard the ridge.
I'd want to come.
I'm a fine shot.
Ye said so yerself.
It's not war.
It's for Mistress Claire.
Then I'm coming, too.
You called me at the gathering, at the fire.
Stand by my side, son of my house.
Did you mean that? Ye ken I did.
Well, I meant it, too.
There are times for men of peace and a time for men of blood.
I will stand by you.
Never, my love Never, my love You say you fear I'll change my mind That I won't require you Never, my love Never, my love - Never, my love - Never, my love How can you think love will end When I've asked you Claire! Claire! Claire! Claire! Claire! Claire! Never, my love Dinna be afraid.
Just the two of us now.
Claire! Claire! You are alive.
You are whole, mo nighean donn? There are some left still alive.
Will you have your vengeance upon them, Mistress? She's bound by an oath.
She may not kill, for her own life.
It is myself that kills for her.
And I.
And I, milady.
Who? How many? I don't know.
Kill them all.
It is done.
You see that they are dead.
Jamie, this one's alive.
Wait! Don't kill him yet.
It's Lionel.
There are questions.
Ask them now, or take him with us? I want to take Claire home.
We'll go on ahead.
You and Myers bring him with you.
Marsali? She's alive, Sassenach.
She and the baby.
Felt it kicking strong in her belly.
Geordie's dead.
Was there an Indian there? No.
Why do you ask? He was like me From the future.
Did he harm you? He didn't help me.
He's gone now Whoever he was.
I thought I saw Roger.
My mind is playing tricks on me.
Ye didna imagine it.
Roger, Bree, Jemmy They've come home.
I thought I'd never see you again.
Mom I'm home.
You have my hand, Mama, and my ear, if you need it.
The sight of you tears my heart fills me full of rage.
I feel I feel I must kill someone.
Is he still In the surgery, tied up.
The men gave him quite a beating.
I'll ask questions and have answers find out what they were planning.
Will you let him live? Is your oath so strong, then? I'm glad the others are dead.
I'm sorry that I am.
I don't want you to worry about me.
Ah, I'm just a little shaken.
- Claire, I ken what it feels like - No.
No, I have lived through a fucking world war and I have lost a child.
I lost two husbands.
I've been starved with an army, and I-I've been beaten, and I've been betrayed, and I've I've I've been imprisoned, and I will not I survived.
And this I am supposed to be shattered by this? Well, I won't be.
I won't Sorry.
I didn't mean to wake you.
How's Claire? Was she able to Was she able to To talk about it? No.
It's still so raw.
Though, to be honest, I don't know if she ever will.
Maybe she'll tell Da someday.
What a horrific combination of words for anyone to have to find within themselves And utter to another being.
You haven't asked me what happened.
Did your father tell you? No.
Brianna - I - Hey.
What's wrong? Will ye hear me? You know I will.
What is it? Listen to what I must tell you, and then please, God, tell me I have done right.
You don't have to tell me anything.
I do.
Will you put out the candle? I-I killed a man.
- Have mercy on me.
- Be quiet.
What do you think this is, if not mercy? Can you at least loosen my bonds? Quiet.
Don't let him kill me that husband of yours.
Marsali can you steep the comfrey - and prepare the syringe? - Aye.
Wasting good medicine on the likes of you.
I implore you, Mistress Fraser.
Please I will do you no harm.
What about a little bit of mercy on my poor old appetite? Ye'll take what ye get, when ye get it.
I always do.
You might want to watch your words.
I hardly think I need to worry about that, now, do I? Damn women.
I prefer my supper with a smile, thank you very much.
So, when you're good and ready And, you know if I'm not well treated, my brother he will come with his men, and he will slaughter you and burn the houses over your heads while you sleep.
Well we must make sure you return home hale and strong.
What's that for? I've been learning the art of healing.
Mistress Fraser has taught me well.
She took an oath to do no harm.
I have taken no such oath.
You hurt me.
You hurt my family.
You hurt my ma.
I'll watch you burn in hell before I let you harm another soul in this house.
Marsali? He thought me no better than the dirt under his boot.
A mere woman of no consequence.
What's done is done.
Will this Will-will he Is he Will he haunt me? Shh, shh, shh.
Mm, am I going to hell? Nothing to fear, lass.
Fraser's here.
Fraser? A band of men came upon my land.
They abducted and violated my wife.
I followed them killed them all.
I brought you your brother so you may bury him.
I thank you for that.
Lionel He reaped what he sowed.
And you did what you must.
As will I When the time comes.
I have lived through war and lost much.
I know what's worth a fight and what is not.
Honor and courage are matters of the bone.
And what a man will kill for, he'll sometimes die for, too.
A man's life springs from his woman's bones, and in her blood is his honor christened.
For the sake of love alone will I walk through fire again.
There was a time not so long ago that I wasn't sure we'd ever be walking up to this house again.
But here we are.
We always seem to be on the road less traveled.
Nothing is ever easy.
"I shall be telling this with a sigh somewhere ages and ages hence.
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I? I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.
" Show-off.
We certainly have tried to take a few different roads.
Are you disappointed? No.
We wanted the stones to take us home, and they did.
That post is crooked.
Is that all? - I'll mend it now.
- No.
We'll wait until tomorrow.
Let's just enjoy this ordinary day.
Oh, who knows how much longer we'll have this peace, knowing what's coming? Aye.
Aye, the Revolution.
The bravest are surely those with the clearest vision of what is before them Glory, danger alike Yet notwithstanding, go out to meet it.
That was Thucydides who said that, not me.
Well, you'd know all about that, wouldn't you? Ah, it's only brave when there's a choice ye must make.
Well, we'll meet it the best we can.
I love you.
When the day shall come that we do part If my last words are not "I love you," ye ken it's because I didna have time.
Ye're a brave wee thing.
Am I? Aye.
How do you feel? Safe.
Sing me a song Of a lass that is gone Say, could that lass Be I? Merry of soul She sailed on a day Over the sea To Skye Billow and breeze Islands and seas Mountains of rain and sun All that was good All that was fair All that was me Is gone Sing me a song Of a lass that is gone Say, could that lass Be I? Merry of soul She sailed on a day Over the sea To Skye
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