Outlander (2014) s06e02 Episode Script


1 Previously There's a face I never thought I'd see again.
Tom Christie.
This is my son, Allan, and my daughter, Malva.
You're not harboring one of those rebels, are ye? Ahh! It is between me and him.
I canna let him do it.
I'll be your Indian agent.
Well, I come from the future.
200 years from now.
And ye? You ken all this time, Uncle? Not many people would understand, so we kept it between ourselves.
A man must surely build a house for God before building a home for himself.
Aye, well, we don't have a church yet.
I've recreated anesthetic.
Well, it's called Ether.
And it sends you to sleep? Something deeper than sleep.
Osiyo, ginalii.
Osiyo, ginalii.
We want more guns.
Who doesna? Who indeed? You're here on King George's behalf.
You tell him this: we want more weapons Rifles, muskets, guns.
So what do you have to say on the matter? I say trade goods are certain.
Knives likely.
Guns are a different matter.
You must understand, the King may be hesitant to arm you against his own people.
You must understand that we can kill them without guns, if we want to.
Of course ye can.
But you are wise enough not to.
Not yet.
I like you, Bear-Killer.
You're a funny man.
Give it time.
Perhaps you have forgotten, the Cherokee have fought with the King before, and we may choose to fight with him again, if the time comes.
But that is a decision for another day, because our war is with those who cross the treaty line.
They build houses, plant crops, take game from our hunting grounds.
If the King cannot keep his people where they belong, how can he protest when we defend our land? So, Bear-Killer, you will tell the King these things? I'll consider it, certainly.
It's only that I canna promise it.
Thank you.
For your honestly, at least.
I hope you'll stay the night.
Sing me a song Of a lad that is gone Say, could that lad Be I? Merry of soul He sailed on a day Over the sea To Skye Billow and breeze Islands and seas Mountains of rain and sun - All that was good - All that was good All that was fair All that was me Is gone Sing me a song Of a lass that is gone Say, could that lass Be I? Merry of soul She sailed on a day Over the sea To Skye Does it hurt? Well, I shouldn't think so.
The wound has almost healed.
That should be back to normal in a week or two.
Then we can see about mending that right hand of yours.
Well, I've decided that I shall leave this hand as it is.
Why? If this infirmity be God's will, then so be it.
Is it God's will that your goat should injure her leg? 'Cause if so, then you should have left her to die instead of having me mend it.
Do you think God regards you as less deserving than your goat? Now, I shouldn't think so, given his famed regard for even the smallest of sparrows.
Then I'm sure you will be familiar with the letter from St.
Paul to Timothy in which he says "Let a woman learn in silence.
"I suffer not a woman to teach, "nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.
" Well, clearly, St.
Paul also met a woman he couldn't out-argue.
No, no, better to put a stopper on the entire sex than to win your point fairly.
The devil finds work for idle hands, Malva.
Be off with you.
You know, the truth of the matter is you're afraid.
Afraid? Yes.
You're afraid that I will hurt you.
Or that you'll lose what use you have left of this hand now.
But when I operate, I have a medicine called Ether, and that can put you to sleep, so you won't feel a thing, I promise.
Thank you.
But I've much to do today.
How's your back? Much better, Mistress Fraser.
The salve you gave me helped.
Only yesterday we were saying how remarkable it is that you're a physician, you being a lady.
- Weren't we, Allan? - Yes, we were.
Particularly when others might accuse such a woman of witchcraft and the like.
Well, if I should need to sharpen my broomstick or my surgeon's knives, Mr.
Christie, I'll come to you first.
He doesn't take the slightest bit of interest in the subject of healing, whereas I'm eager to learn.
Well, if you'd like to accompany me in the morning, my daughter Marsali's with child, and I'm going to examine her.
You might find it interesting.
Malva has duties to attend to at home.
Well, perhaps another time.
Hmm Ian? What is it, Uncle? There is a woman in my bed.
There's two of them, Uncle.
And the other one's waiting her turn.
Two of them? What do they think I am? Christ! No, Uncle, they dinna think ye're Him.
They ken ye're the King's agent.
Suppose they think it's an honor and a privilege to Madam, cease.
The two of you.
You're very beautiful, but, uh, I canna lie with you.
She says she wants to know why not.
Tell them I have an oath over me, and, well, I s I swore I've I've sworn fidelity to my wife.
They dinna seem to care so much.
Well, give them an excuse, and tell them to cover up.
I'll try.
But it is Mohawk I speak.
Hardly any Cherokee.
Well, try, please.
All right, all right.
Um Watali.
Uh, I-I told them that the, uh, the Creator came to you in a dream and instructed you that you mustn't lie with a woman until you've brought guns to Chief Bird.
Well, at least I hope I did.
Until I what? It's the best I could think of in a hurry, Uncle.
One of the lasses, well, she's disappointed, because you have a verra nice, um And the the other, she's a little more philosophical.
She says she might have borne ye children, but they might have had red hair, I think.
What's wrong with red hair? I gather it isna somethin' ye want yer bairn to be marked with, if ye can help it.
There's no danger of that happening now, is there? Thank you.
Ye'd be advised to stifle yer glee.
Avast, ye scoundrels! Into the wind we go! Your money or your life.
What are they doing out there? One day, 'tis highway robbers, the next it's sailors, or worse, pirates.
Give no quarter! I'll get it.
I did knock, but Oh, Malva, come in.
I wasn't expecting you.
I was able to finish all my chores.
Marsali, you don't mind, do you? I invited Miss Christie to come and observe.
Well, let this be a lesson to ye, lass.
If you do have the misfortune to marry, dinna let them touch ye, or else you'll end up like this.
Here, I'm examining the stomach to make sure the baby is in the right place.
With time and practice, you can feel when the baby is in the proper position Head down, towards the pelvis.
It seems to me the proper position would be out of my womb.
I agree with you.
But everything everything feels good.
Now I'm going to check Marsali's pulse.
And you do that by locating the blood vessel below the thumb.
Take your two fingers.
Feel the pulsing? Yes.
We can count that.
We count the heartbeat until the minute glass runs out.
And anywhere from 60 to 70, even up to 100 beats per minute is quite normal.
Quiet, Germain! Or I will smack your bottom so ye'll no' sit 'til the sabbath Malva, would you mind taking the children outside again for a bit? Of course, Mistress Fraser.
Come, children.
Let your ma rest.
I'm at my wit's end with him.
Where is Fergus? Shouldn't he be helping you? Oh, aye.
Believe me, Fergus is their first mate.
Is everything all right between the two of you? I've noticed some more bruising.
Ah, no, I fell is all.
Chasing after Germain, of course.
And you've had no spotting? Or bleeding, I mean.
But my head aches most days, and my feet feel as heavy as lead.
I have noticed some slight swelling in your ankles.
What does what does it mean? It's probably nothing.
But I do think you should come up to the big house and stay with us, so I can keep a closer eye on you.
Marsali I have to ask, for the sake of the baby where did those bruises come from? Did Fergus hurt you? It's no secret that he's been drinking more than usual lately.
It wasna his fault.
He did grab my arm only because I went after him wi' a posser.
I am cursed with my mother's temper, and it got the better of me.
So he was defending himself? Uh Just I was so tired of him being gone, being drunk.
If only we could get to the bottom of what's been troubling him.
I ken what's troubling him! He's ashamed, the fool.
He's taken a notion that he should have been there to defend us when what happened with that bastard, Lionel.
That wasn't his fault.
I've said that time and time again.
How could it be his fault when he wasna there? But he willna hear it.
He thinks I shouldna been there.
Look at me, going to pieces.
It was nothing compared to what happened to you.
I'm sorry.
I didna mean to upset ye.
It's, um oh, it's just I think I have a headache coming on, that's all.
Ooh, careful.
Whoa! What's that? White phosphorous.
Present from Lord John.
Isn't that explosive? No.
White phosphorous doesn't explode, but it does burst into flame the minute it's exposed to air.
That's why it's packed in water.
Is that all? Jemmy's with Lizzie, I hope.
I'm going to make matches.
I know how, in theory.
And I'll be careful, promise.
I just spoke to Tom Christie.
Hiram Crombie's mother-in-law died.
How sad.
I'm sure the journey here didn't help.
Hiram wants a quick funeral.
Tom's asked me to do it, since their minister's been delayed.
You know what you'll preach about? I have absolutely no idea.
I suppose I'll have to pray about it.
Well, hopefully it's just the once, before their minister arrives.
For now I think I'd better do this outside.
Sassenach! Claire! Welcome home, Mr.
Oh! Claire! You're back early.
How was your visit with the Cherokee? I missed you, Sassenach.
I must have ye.
What? Now? Aye.
Did I not tell ye I've missed ye? You just did.
Just so we're clear, why don't you show me exactly what you mean? Mm, you're smiling.
Nice, was it? Actually I was trying to rank your words "I like you," "I love you," "I worship you," "I must have my cock inside you" In terms of the relative sincerity.
Oh, I meant every word of it.
Especially the last one.
Especially the last one.
Mm, the flesh requires a bite to eat and a wee rest before I can think of doing it again, but the spirit is always willing.
You're lucky you're married to an auld man, Sassenach.
Or I'd have you on your knees with your ass in the air this minute.
Aw, I'm happy you missed me.
I missed you too.
I want to ask you something.
But uh every time I ask you about the future, the answer is Not to your liking? I can't promise anything, but go ahead.
In the coming war, do you remember from your books if the Cherokee side with the loyalists or the rebels? I'm sorry.
My knowledge of American history isn't that extensive.
Why? The war chief, Bird Who Sings in the Morning, has requested weapons.
And you're worried you might be arming a potential enemy.
Before I was appointed Indian agent, uh, I would not question what a man might need to defend himself.
But once again, I'm wrestling with my conscience.
And if you don't provide them with weapons, then Then they may decide to fight alongside the rebels.
With me.
If I do give them guns, they'll likely fight with the Crown.
So they'll lose either way.
Damned if you do and damned if you don't.
I know one thing.
Richard Brown would have made a terrible Indian agent.
But you I know that you'll do the right thing.
Major MacDonald's coming.
No rest for the weary.
They haven't always been keen to parlay with us.
Then again, they were with us in the Tuscarora wars, between 1711 and 1714.
Or was it 1715? Several prominent Cherokee visited King George II some 40 or so years ago.
And of course, they fought with us against the French.
That said there was that trouble with the Cherokee Rebellion in '58.
Forgive me for saying so, Major, but Oh, my apologies.
You asked one simple question about past allegiances, and I bored you half to death with my ramblings.
Well, sometimes we get a better idea of what's to come when we look at what's gone by.
But, as I was going to say, in speaking wi' them it seems they are undecided as to what they want.
And what do you think they want? It's more a question of what they don't want.
Settlers crossing the western boundary.
There's an expectation the Crown will intervene, take a more aggressive stance.
Are you suggesting that we send soldiers? Not soldiers.
Forgive me, Uncle.
But they did say what they wanted.
Ah, blast.
Have you a cat, Colonel? Oh, aye.
Yeah, wee Adso.
Hiding somewhere hereabouts.
The plight of the Indian Ugh! Wretched creatures.
I always seem to suffer in their presence.
- Indians? - Cats.
Although, some Indians as well.
Forgive me, I'm in need of some air.
Will you excuse me? Ugh.
Why did ye no' mention Chief Bird's request for weapons? Because I decided against it.
It's not your place to speak up in front of the major.
'Tis only that ye told the chief.
I promised him I'd consider his request, nothing more.
I spoke wi' yer Auntie about who the Cherokee will fight for in the coming war.
She couldna say wi' any certainty.
But she has knowledge of what will come to pass? The royal provinces will unite to become a new nation.
But they'll have no King.
Claire is certain of that.
Those loyal to the Crown will lose? Aye.
And us? Well, there will come a time when I will fight alongside the rebels.
They will win the war.
But I dinna ken which side the Cherokee will fight.
Do ye see? If Chief Bird acquires weapons, they may soon be pointed at us.
It would be a shame if our Indian neighbors became our enemies.
I'll stand by ye, Uncle.
I trust you'll keep to yourself what I've told ye.
And for those of us that have this knowledge of the future, it must inform our decisions.
Aye, Uncle Jamie.
You have it now too.
Take heed, it can be both a blessing and a curse.
Well, they've put that up fast.
Today we give thanks for the life of this woman.
A servant of God, faithful and true.
A fellow Scot that came to this colony but now stands before the Lord in Heaven.
Is she going to eat it? No, lad.
She's dead.
That's for the Sin-Eater.
"Sin-Eater"? God rest ye.
Let us pray.
O, God, our Heavenly Father, who art leading us through the changes of time to the rest and blessedness of eternity, be thou near to us now, to comfort - Grannie.
- and to uphold, - make us know - Shh.
and feel that Thy children are precious in Thy sight, and that they live evermore with Thee Grannie.
Do you need to go to the privy? No.
Oh, my Lord.
Roger, here.
Help me get her comfortable.
Christ, defend us.
Stay back.
She needs some air.
Is she possessed? Mrs.
Wilson? Can you hear me? Where wh where am I? You're in the church.
And your family is here with you.
Aye, mother.
I'm here.
I'm here.
What devilry is this? Pulse is weak.
It's an aortic aneurysm.
She's bleeding internally.
It's probably a slow leak.
Long enough for her to lose consciousness and feel cold to the touch.
She will live? Not for long.
Her aneurysm will rupture soon, and then she really will She has minutes, at most.
What sort of a funeral is this? Why, Hiram Crombie, ye shameless skinflint.
Have ye laid me out in a barn with nothing but a crust of bread and a drop o' wine for the Sin-Eater? "Skinflint"? And where is my good brooch I said I wanted to be buried with? Stole it for yer own, nae doubt.
Stole it? Have I not given you a home these past 20 years? Fed and clothed you as my own mother, put up with your wicked tongue? My tongue, wicked? Good people, enough.
I'll not have this.
It's not fitting, and I won't have it.
Wilson, do you not know that you stand before God? As do you.
I I'm afraid you're closer.
Your condition's temporary.
You are still bound for eternity.
It's best you try to compose your soul.
The Sin-Eater.
You're not dead.
What of it? Did not my son-in-law pay ye to eat my sins? Ye did pay him, Hiram.
Well, I'm not gonna pay him before he's done a job.
What sort of a way is that to be carrying on? I I brought the money.
I have it.
Well ye best be about your business, sir.
I give easement and rest to thee, and for thy peace, in Christ's name, I pawn my own soul.
I forgive ye, Hiram.
Ye've been a good lad.
I am not afraid.
"I am the resurrection and the Life, saith the Lord.
"He that believeth in me though he were dead, "yet shall he live.
"And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die.
" And sometimes, out of the flames Out of the flames comes a parrot, a parrot with a big sort of Thank you, Mrs.
This looks delicious.
'Tis a new recipe I'm trying for the neeps.
I'm not sure there's room in my belly for anything else.
Will Mr.
Fraser be joining us? No.
Er, he's at the still.
Of course he is.
Forgive me, my dear.
Uh, we have some exciting news.
Well, more Brianna than me.
You're with child.
Oh! I dinna envy ye, Bree, but I'm very happy for ye both.
A a toast! And get the whisky, Sassenach.
No, no.
Stop, no.
I'm not with child.
I was going to say that I have a surprise.
I've invented something.
Wee wee bit of flint, is it? Well, no, it's easier than flint.
They're called matches.
They're easier to light, it's faster, and they hold a flame.
You can take them with you and light a fire wherever you go.
Oh, never had trouble lighting a fire.
Putting one out, maybe.
Well, I'm sorry it's not the news you expected.
Not so.
Well done, a leannan.
These uh, matches will be very useful.
I think it's wonderful, darling, and I, for one, can't wait to use them.
Thank you.
Well done, you too, Roger, for your deft handling of Grannie Wilson's strange funeral.
So rousin' I hear ye woke the dead.
Well, Mr.
Christie must have been impressed, anyway.
He's asked if I might preach the sermon on Sunday.
As a lay minister, of course.
He did? Why doesn't Tom do it? Well, Tom's not a preacher.
Neither are you.
It's just temporary.
Maybe the reverend's up there watching me, proud.
There's any preaching to be done, I'd rather you do it than Tom Christie.
I've known him to stir up trouble with his beliefs.
I'll not have it on the Ridge.
I'm happy to fill in.
I was asked to never darken the doors of the church again.
What? Apparently, due to Mrs.
Wilson's rising from the dead, some of the new settlers think that I am a witch.
And that doesn't bother you? Well, it's not as if it's the first time I've heard it.
And besides, I've no intention of complying with their demands.
Especially since I'll be doing the preaching now.
- Hmm.
- Wouldn't want to miss that.
Oh! Ah! Ah! Marsali? Lord Almighty! Something feels wrong.
Claire, something feels different from before.
Here, help me get her to the surgery.
- Ah.
- Okay.
Seaweed? Laminaria.
You place it into the cervix, and it absorbs the moisture and forces it to open further.
To help the bairn along? I thought perhaps it was already on its way.
We had one contraction earlier.
The baby hasn't moved in hours.
What is it, Sassenach? Could be anything.
Things I'm completely unprepared to deal with here.
Now, I could perform a Caesarian to save the baby, but But not Marsali.
Where the hell is Fergus? I was hoping you would know.
Marsali said that he's feeling guilty about what happened with us, with the With the Browns.
Well, aye, he would.
Why? It's not his fault.
It makes no difference.
If Marsali should die or mischief come to the child, do ye think he'd not blame himself? Ye think I dinna curse myself every day for what happened to you? There's nothing either of you could have done to prevent it.
Besides, you came to our rescue.
You better find him quickly, or he may end up regretting this too.
I'll have Roger fetch him.
- Bree.
- I brought Malva.
Malva, thank you for coming.
If you're truly interested in helping me, then tonight's the night.
I'm pleased to be here, Mistress.
What in God's name are you playing at? Your wife's at the big house having your child.
Claire's with her.
She can take care of her.
I'd be in the way.
She wants you.
She needs you.
What can I do? I don't know what it is you can do, but she thinks there's something.
She's been crying out for you.
You'll regret it if you're not there, trust me.
Maybe not today, but there'll come a time where you'll look at your child and you'll- You'll never forgive yourself if you're not with Marsali on this blessed day.
Leave me alone, yeah? It's too late.
Bloody hell, Fergus.
Your wife is in harm's way.
I don't know what it is that has you in this state, but it doesn't matter.
Marsali needs you now.
So for tonight, pull yourself together and be the man that Marsali thinks you are The man that you promised her you'd be.
Even if you have to pretend.
And maybe when you see her, you won't have to.
Just give some time for the laminaria to do its work.
Thank you, Malva.
I'll make some tea.
Adso if I am to die don't be letting Mistress Fraser be doing any autopsies on me.
I dinna doubt yer skill, Claire.
But I ken ye well enough.
I ken what ye look like when you're worried.
D'ye think I could have some paper and some ink? Of course.
Why? I think it would be as well that I write to my mother.
- You're going to be all right.
- Mm-hmm.
And I will do everything in my power to make that so.
But if it will help put your mind at ease, - then of course.
- Mm-hmm.
Mon amour, I'm here now.
- How are you? - Better now.
The baby needs to come quickly.
Help me, mon cher.
I'm here for you.
I'm here.
I'm here.
I suppose you would not have heard of this, milady? But when the birth pangs are slow to start, suckling and massaging the woman's breasts encourages the womb to move.
I've heard of it before, but it's not quite the conventional method.
In the brothel, if les filles had a difficulty, another would do such service for her.
I've done it before.
It helps.
When Joan came.
I think I'll uh, give you both some privacy.
I think I'm gonna die.
You always think you'll die.
All women think it.
That's because a great many of them do.
Not you.
I'll not let you go.
You sure the lass is safe in there wi' him? Quite sure.
I dinna ken a man could have so much to do at this part.
Well Well huh.
That's what the wee bugger's up to, then, uh I'm gonna go for a walk.
There's some post needs sorting.
They're really Yes.
At first, I thought she was in pain.
But some women like it? They do.
Sinners, you mean? Whores? No.
No, I mean well when you love someone, well, you want to give them pleasure.
And they want to do the same for you.
You know, many women they enjoy it.
Just saying a prayer for the bairn.
Cousin? Can I ask you about the Cherokee? What about them? Uncle Jamie told me of the Revolution.
He spoke of a new country after the war.
The United States of America.
United? And the Indians will be a part of this nation? White people will tell them that they are, but no.
No, not not really.
They'll be forced to live in places far away from their ancestral homes.
But why? The Cherokee are strong.
Not strong enough.
Settlers have been coming and will continue to come, from all over the world.
They'll take what they want, and the Indians will suffer because of it.
I'm sorry.
Why are you apologizing? Because knowing what happens to them I'm responsible too.
The bairn's coming.
Now push.
That's it.
Not too hard.
The head's rather large.
Is that so? All right, and breathe.
That's it.
You ready to go again? One, two, three, and push! Well? Listen for yourself.
One last time.
One, two, three.
Push! Papa.
- Never again.
- No.
Fergus Fraser.
Bonsoir, Monsieur.
- Monsieur? - Monsieur.
Il est un nain.
What did he say? "Nain"? What does that mean? It means he's a dwarf.
But he's perfectly healthy.
Oh, he's beautiful.
Works like a charm.
Nobody cares.
Oh, come now.
What if Edison has said that? Edison was a man.
Apparently the only worthwhile thing I can do is get pregnant.
Is that really what's bothering ye? Or is it that we've been trying for a while now? Maybe it's just not the right time.
And seeing as we have decided to stay here for good, I guess I should be patient.
What are you doing here? Come in, lad.
Are you all right? You must be cold.
Come on.
Let's get you by the fire.
Is everything all right? I was out chasing rabbits.
I tried to make my way home, but must've got turned about in the dark.
Well, I was just going for a walk.
Why don't I show you the way? Your mother must be worried about you.
Get you home.
Aidan, would you like to see a marvel? A trick of sorts? Aye.
Watch the stick very closely.
How did you do that? It's a miracle.
It's not a miracle, lad.
It's science.
My wife made it.
She's a genius.
The fox pelts should fetch a good sum at Cross Creek.
Well, when ye take the whisky onward to River Run, be grateful if you'd see if my aunt has any letters for me.
Yer humble servant, sir.
Bread and sausage for the week, as requested.
Don't envy yer gut, Mr.
Bug, nor that one's nose.
We'd best be on our way, lad.
Be safe, Kezzie.
Hurry back.
You mean you'll miss me, Lizzie? A wee bit, perhaps.
But dinna let that go your head.
I'll try and keep your brother out of trouble.
I hope you're not the talkative one.
Chief Bird.
You're most welcome.
I'm glad of it.
Seeing as we gave you a warm welcome in our village.
Is there something we can do for you? Did you convey my request for guns to your King? I decided against it.
Why did you not convey my request? You must trust me.
It's for the best.
This is not the last you'll see of us, Bear-Killer.
Speak, lad.
Can tell you want to.
I canna agree with yer decision.
Despite what I told you before? Because of what you told me before.
I have a kinship with them.
And what of our kinship? You ken well my reasons.
You told me that my knowledge of what's to come must inform my choices.
So? Then that's my reasoning.
Brianna told me of the injustices the Indians will face.
If that is their fate, then they deserve every chance to protect themselves.
And if you willna help them, then I will.
And where do you expect to find guns for them? How will you pay for them? Dinna ken.
But I'll find a way.
Should we start calling you Atlas? You look like you've got the weight of the world on your shoulders.
Heaven and Earth and everything in between.
Well, whatever it is, I hope it's nothing too serious.
I'm not sure there's much ever put right in this world with gunpowder and bullets.
It seems one of the ways most favored by men.
You, um you were up at the fisherfolk camp this morning.
I was with Roger at Amy MacCallum's.
Building her a cabin.
Aye, I heard.
They're really making good progress over there.
Tom's nearly finished with the church.
They're working on a steeple now.
You don't seem too pleased.
The church in Tom Christie's hands can become a weapon of war.
What do you think? Thought ye were intending on building a cabin here.
I didna say anything before, out of respect for Mistress Wilson, but As I told your son-in-law, a man must build a house for God before he builds one for himself.
We've come a long way since Ardsmuir, Tom.
That place was enough to make any man lose faith, but I'm glad to see you've kept God first.
But well you willna have forgotten your Freemason's vow, will ye? Uh no.
Then let this be a meeting house.
Neither Protestant nor Catholic.
A place where every man, woman, and child may enter freely, with God in their hearts.
Every man, woman, and child.
My wife too, Tom.
And if I hear of anyone accusing her of witchcraft again I suppose you'll have me bring down the steeple, then.
It's a bonnie sight.
It should have a bell.
One that calls all to worship, or to their lessons.
As I said a meeting place.
Some windowpanes wouldna go amiss either.
Always good to have windowpanes on a meeting house.
The milk has turned.
I was going to make some butter.
Why haven't ye? It must have slipped my mind.
Mistress MacNeill brought us some ale, father.
Would you like some? I don't want ale.
I want milk.
"Come to a land of milk and honey," eh? What do I have? Nothing! It's because you're spending too much time with Mistress Fraser! You have the same dark soul as your mother! And you know what became of her.
Stand up! I won't ask you again, Malva.
I didn't do anything.
Lift your skirts.
Damn hand! Damn hand! Take that look off your face.
His name is Henri-Christian.
What was that you said? A sort of blessin'.
You call upon the wind to welcome him, the sky to give him shelter, and the water and the earth to yield him food.
I had a child.
Did ye? Believe me, cousin, your husband grieves, but he'll come back.
- What brings you here? - Uh My hand is worse.
It's, uh It's preventing me from writing.
And-and I have considered the matter and prayed upon it, and I understand now that God brought you to me for a reason.
I will undergo your operation.
Well, who am I to stand in the way of the Almighty's plans? But as I told you before, we need to let that left hand heal properly first.
- Aye.
- So come back then.
Who are you writing to? The governor.
So, you've decided to pass along Chief Bird's request for weapons? More than that.
I'm recommending we do as they ask.
Come what may? Hm.
I may have cause to regret it, but if Governor Martin sees fit, the Cherokee will have their guns, to do with them as they please.
I, uh I'll give the letter to Major MacDonald before he leaves.
What made you change your mind? Ian.
He, uh he had a child with his Mohawk wife.
He what? He told Marsali.
Dinna say more about it.
He fights for them because they are his family.
His allegiance is to them.
And my allegiance is to him.
Well, I think it's the right thing to do.
Come what may.

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