Outlander (2014) s06e07 Episode Script

Sticks and Stones

1 - Previously - I wonder where the sin-eater is.
No one's seen him in a while.
Mama! I came and touched him, and then he took me.
She's with child by someone and no by me.
I've seen the scars on your naked body.
I suppose you could take the bastard for yer wife to rear.
Get out.
Do you believe me about Malva? Yes.
I think we should set Evan up with Lizzie.
If he can get past Josiah and Kezzie Beardsley, that is.
Lonely, are ye? I'm here.
You come near me or my husband again, and I will fucking kill you.
Oh, no! I'm standing before you today to tell you that the devil is real.
They say he comes in the guise of an angel.
But he spoke to me in the guise of a man.
Seduced me.
I lost my innocence.
It was stolen.
Taken by someone I trusted.
Who made promises.
Who was supposed to be kind to me.
My baby will be a bastard in your eyes.
But I hope you can see it in your hearts to treat us kindly.
Sing me a song ♪ Of a lad that is gone ♪ Say, could that lad ♪ Be I? ♪ Merry of soul ♪ He sailed on a day ♪ Over the sea ♪ To Skye ♪ Billow and breeze ♪ Islands and seas ♪ Mountains of rain and sun ♪ All that was good ♪ All that was fair ♪ All that was me ♪ Is gone ♪ Sing me a song ♪ Of a lass that is gone ♪ Say, could that lass ♪ Be I? ♪ Merry of soul ♪ She sailed on a day ♪ Over the sea ♪ To Skye ♪ You didn't see anyone at all? No.
Doesn't make sense.
Ye must have seen something.
Or someone.
I was busy in the surgery.
Thought I saw Malva coming towards the house.
She may have knocked, but And you didn't answer the door? Why did you go outside then? With a knife? It's a pruning knife, for God's sake.
I was going to the garden.
What are ye implying, lad? Yer wife stands before us up to her elbows in blood.
I don't think we're implying anything.
I told you.
By the time I found Malva, whoever did this, they were gone.
She was already dead.
But I had to try and save the baby.
You believe me, don't you? Was it swift? I want to hear it from a healer's lips.
How long would it have taken for her to die? If you're asking me if she suffered, then Tell me.
How long? With the cut to her throat it would have been quick.
No time to pray for forgiveness, then.
A short prayer that would have made her right with God.
We'll bury them out in the woods.
We will not.
Can't bury a whore and an illegitimate child beside God-fearing men and women.
- She was yer daughter.
- He was yer bastard son.
He is not.
Whoever he belongs to, we'll see Malva and yer wee grandson lain to rest properly.
Please, Mr.
What? And have the angels weeping and demons rejoicing that a sinner has been buried in holy ground? Over my dead body.
Over mine.
If Malva and the bairn are to be buried on my ground, at the Ridge, it'll be after her funeral, in a consecrated grave.
Have I made myself clear? What are we gonna stand up and say about her, eh? That Malva Christie was full of life and light, that there was fire in her eyes.
And when I held her tiny baby, I felt that same light in him.
But the state of the body.
I'll take care of her.
We'll gather at the Meeting House in a few days.
My son-in-law will lead the service.
You said it was medicine, but it's not.
It's of the devil.
You're of the devil.
Plucked up the courage to kill this one yourself, did you? Ha.
I mean, you best pull yourself together.
We don't want Jamie coming rushin' in here to save you.
'Cause you know something? He can't save you from yourself.
Wouldn't blame you if there's none left.
I think I'll have one as well.
Did you find anything? No.
Ian's still out searchin'.
He'll warn Roger, Bree, the settlers.
The Beardsleys should be wi' him by now too.
Pray to God he finds something.
Who would do something like this? Where's that Lizzie to answer the door? Mr.
Crombie is out on the back porch to see you.
He's been poking about the garden.
What shall I tell him? Must've spoken with Tom.
Well, I hope ye have an answer for me.
There'll be others asking what's happened as well.
I told him to come back later.
But he was muttering about wantin' to see the dead lass for himself.
- No.
- There's no need.
Malva has suffered enough indignity.
What about the rest of us? To live wi' such a scandal! Blessed Mary.
I knew she was trouble from the first moment I laid eyes on her.
You must have seen it too, Mistress.
I never thought anything.
After that dreadful accusation and her confessin' to all and sundry in the meetin' place that it was Mr.
Fraser's bairn she was carryin'.
You must've hated her guts.
That's enough.
The dead canna speak for themselves.
It's the livin' we must watch.
Shall I show Mr.
Crombie in? Tell him to wait for us outside.
I don't want anyone else to see me like this.
Dinna fash, mo nighean.
I'll speak wi' Hiram.
Find out why he's come.
Thank you again, for comin' by, Hiram.
I'll be sure to ask Roger to read from Mr.
Christie's Bible durin' the service.
I'll never forget Mr.
Christie's face when he told me.
And Allan.
- Poor lad.
- Aye.
It's a terrible shock for us all.
Was it, then? Speak plainly.
If you're to make unfounded accusations on my doorstep, you'll do it in no uncertain terms.
You sinned in the eyes of the Lord.
Did yer wife forgive ye for lyin' wi' a flowered-face Scottish lass? Now, Mr.
Fraser, let every man be swift to hear and slow to anger.
Are we all to suffer on the Ridge because ye regret marryin' a jealous English woman with a sharp tongue and even sharper knives? Did yer wife forgive Malva? If you value yer life, choose yer next words wisely, Mr.
So, what, you thought Hiram Crombie'd come lookin' to beg for a cup of sugar? He just about has the measure o' you.
And he won't be shy about telling his friends.
You're selfish.
That's what you are.
You took the life of an innocent young girl to protect that husband of yours, didn't you? When you swore to do no harm.
Not as if you haven't done that before, though, is it? The lying, the loveless marriage, leaving when you should have stayed, staying when you should have gone.
I should go see Tom and Allan soon.
I feel I should be comfortin' them in their hour of need.
Don't worry.
They probably need some time alone with their grief.
And I doubt they'll be expecting you.
You know you're not the minister.
Da, is there anything we can do? I think it's yer turn to pacify Mrs.
And what is it now, lass? Obadiah Henderson at the door askin' about Mr.
I did say he wasna here, but What have you been up to, Lizzie? Mrs.
Bug was lookin' for you earlier - and worried about you.
- I was just out feedin' the horses.
But I came back to the house as soon as I heard the terrible news.
I don't want you going out alone.
Dinna ken who's about.
I'll go with you.
Come on then, Roger Mac.
Why is Murray roaming 'round like the damn Spanish Inquisition? What right does he have, eh? Ye know he hit me a few months ago.
Gave me a black eye because of Malva.
I understand how upset you must be.
My condolences, Mr.
It's a terrible thing for everyone who knew Miss Christie.
I offer my deepest sympathies to her family.
You don't need to offer me yer condolences.
I only mean that I know that you were friends.
Perhaps more? And what are ye suggesting? You think I had something to do with this? Is that what ye told Murray? And you have the gall to say that to me in front of him? Mr.
MacKenzie's no suggesting.
Askin' is all.
Everyone on the Ridge has questions about you and yer wife.
Is it true she cut the baby out of Malva's belly before she slit her throat? Or was it the other way around? I'm glad to have you on the Ridge, Mr.
Henderson, but But what, Mr.
Fraser? Are you goin' to threaten me? Same way ye threatened Mr.
Crombie? I saw you with Malva.
As you know.
I hadn't seen her.
Not for some time.
I told yer nephew the same thing.
And he better not forget it, unless he wants a black eye in return.
I'll keep that in mind.
Good day to ye, Mr.
Maybe Murray ought to start askin' questions a little closer to home.
I'm sorry I lied about feedin' you earlier, Gideon.
Do you forgive me? Lizzie.
Have you seen the Beardsleys anywhere? Uncle Jamie wanted them to come help me search the Ridge, but I couldna find them.
Uh, well, not really.
Uh, but they should be home by now, I think.
Is there somethin' ye're no telling me? Surely, you couldna think that they 'Tis only that I dinna want them to be in any trouble.
What trouble could they be in? I-I dinna ken what you're hiding, but ye have to tell me the truth.
Uncle Jamie's gonna be askin' why they weren't with me.
Lizzie, if you know something or saw something It's hard to imagine anyone on the Ridge doin' such a terrible thing.
Some cold potatoes and butter.
Uh, shall I set a plate for Mistress Fraser? Thank you, Lizzie.
Nah, she's upstairs, restin'.
We canna rule out anyone.
Except Obadiah already knew that I knew about them.
So, unless someone else disapproved of their relations Well, I think we know it wasna the sin-eater.
Not a pretty sight when I found him.
Poor man.
Must ha' died all alone in his hut.
Sorry to hear that.
I hope the Beardsleys helped you bury him decently.
Um, no, but well, they thought it best to conduct a search of their own, in another part of the woods.
That's prudent.
Cover more ground that way.
I wonder what the sin-eater died of.
Looked as if he must ha' passed away in his sleep.
But the strange thing was that his finger bones were missin' on one of his hands.
His finger bones? You sure? Aye.
I wonder if it has anything to do with that love charm we found.
Ye think it was a jealous woman who made it and killed Malva? Circumstantial evidence might point towards it, but provin' it beyond a reasonable doubt? Where's Perry Mason when you need him, eh? Aye, I know.
Where do we start? It's not as if we can report it to police, or report this matter to anyone.
Who's Perry Mason? He's a lawyer from our time.
He defends the falsely-accused.
I think the question he'd be asking is who would've had the means, motive, and the opportunity? Me.
Ye didna do it.
Why do ye even suggest such a thing, Sassenach? I have this feeling.
You know, when you leave the house and you think you've left the oven on.
I mean, a candle burning.
You know you probably haven't.
You've never done it before, but what if this is the time that you did, and this is the time the house burns down, and you just can't shake the thought.
What are ye sayin'? When I saw Malva coming towards the house, I I took some Ether and then I I had a lie down.
Christ, Sassenach, you put yerself to sleep? Just a little bit.
I I didn't want to talk to her.
But I have this half-remembered dream.
It's a nightmare, really.
Malva was banging at the door and then all of a sudden, she was inside the surgery.
She shook me awake and and I lost my temper, and I I threatened her.
What if it wasn't a dream? What if I did do it? Yer mind's playin' tricks on you.
Ye didna harm her.
You're not capable.
But you heard what Roger said.
About who had the means and the motive and the opportunity.
If you look at it from the outside, well, I had all three, and everyone thinks it's me.
So what if they do? Doesna matter what they think.
Whoever it was, we'll find them.
We'll keep lookin'.
We never say that we're "only human" when we've done something good or worthy of praise.
Instead, it's what we tell ourselves to excuse our mistakes.
An effort, perhaps, to convince ourselves that the person we see looking back at us in the mirror really isn't so bad.
But who was I now? What was I now? Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp.
Mistress Fraser.
"Murderess" suits best.
Aunty Claire, Uncle Jamie.
There's something I must tell you.
Is it to do with Malva? It's Lizzie.
She's with child.
Is it yers? - Uh, no, Uncle.
- Then who? Who debauched her? Give me his name.
Beardsley? Which of them was it? She doesn't know which one is the father.
You mean both of them? I'll have the two of them in.
Find out the truth of it.
Christ! If word of this spreads I'm sorry, Uncle.
I couldna say anythin' at dinner.
Didna want to embarrass Lizzie.
But wi' folks speculatin' about Malva being killed because she was unwed and wi' child, I thought ye should know.
I'll speak to her.
I'll see one of them wed to Lizzie or both Beardsleys dead at her feet.
How's the sermon coming? It's comin'.
Ah, you've done more work than me.
I just don't feel up to it, with everything that's happened.
- And now - What? Jemmy just told me he heard Mr.
Bug telling Mrs.
Bug that all murdered people turn into ghosts.
And it's really frightened him.
The old fool.
But does Jemmy even really know what that means? Just tell him that there's nothin' to be afraid of and to say a prayer if he thinks he's seen a ghost.
I did.
And then he asked me if that would stop his granny turning him into a ghost too.
Who told him that? Who said it was Claire? The fisherfolk, apparently.
How far along are you? Few months or so, maybe.
And is he right? Both the Beardsleys? Well I swear I hadna done it before, Mistress.
I mean, I'd maybe come close a time Lizzie.
Ye see, it all started when you and Mr.
Fraser were away.
The Malaria came back, and I could feel the fever comin' for me.
My blood runnin' hot an' cold.
My teeth were clackin' so hard together I thought they'd break.
And then the Beardsley lads arrived with my gallberry ointment.
And I said that they must rub it all over.
And then one of the lads said that he might spoil his shirt.
So I said perhaps better to take it off.
I see.
Then, well One thing led to another.
Both of them at once? I didn't mean to.
I mean, I did, but Elizabeth Wemyss, I'm not sure it's possible to engage in sexual relations with two men without meaning to.
Or do you mean you thought it was one twin and then they fooled you? No, Mistress.
Oh, ye mustn't think that Jo or Kezzie could do such a thing.
It was my choice.
I swear.
That's a relief, I suppose.
But I had to ask.
I felt safe wi' arms around me.
I remember openin' my eyes and seein' a chest before my face.
Dark curlies all 'round his paps, wee and brown and wrinkled like raisins.
Oh, they're identical everywhere, if ye take my meanin'.
I ken well enough what I was doing.
But we were slippery wi' the ointment, and naked under the quilts.
And it happened.
- And kept on happening.
- Aye.
More than once with each of them since then.
It feels so nice, Mistress.
That may be, and I'm glad you're enjoying yourself, but I ken it seems strange.
And I suppose I ought to have said something or done something, but I couldna think what.
And really, it didna seem wrong at all.
Lizzie, you're risking a huge scandal.
If Hiram Crombie, for one, if he found out, he'd stone you for fornication.
Why? It's no harmin' anyone.
And it's no one's business but ours.
Everything that happens here is everyone's business.
You know that.
And now you're with child.
'Tis a miracle, is it not? Have the three of you worked out a plan at least? There's only going to be one thing to do in Mr.
Fraser's books, and that's to marry.
You can't have both.
Doesn't work that way.
But we've been so happy.
Well, if both the Beardsleys are still alive after Mr.
Fraser finds them, he may take matters into his own hands and solve that problem for you.
Has Ian returned yet? No.
Bug! A moment, if ye please.
Somehow or other, Jemmy has got it into his head that there are some souls wi' a lot of unfinished business here on the Ridge.
Oh, the wee scamp heard that, did he? Aye, and he's terrified.
If you could be a bit more careful around him, please.
Well, that's life for you.
Ye canna shelter the lad from such things forever.
In fact, there's a sow to be slaughtered if ye need bacon before Mrs.
Bug and I take the whisky up to River Run.
I'd ask you to help, but, um but I dinna want to spoil yer lunch.
Carry on, Mr.
Roger Mac, come wi' me.
Havena seen the Beardsleys, have ye? No, why? Ah, never mind.
Noticed ye didn't want yer sandwiches either.
Ye're not hungry? Probably sounds ridiculous to you, but in the future, there are some who are opposed to eatin' animals altogether.
Aye, Claire told me.
Ye gonna tell me ye joined their ranks? No.
I don't know why I struggle so much with the thought of all that sort of thing, when we both know that I've Killed a man? God alone is yer judge, Roger Mac.
What I did to that Brownsville man isn't it the same as what happened to Malva? No.
But "thou shalt not kill" Does no good to quote "thou shalt not kill.
" In Greek and Hebrew scriptures, the word "murder" is used.
Malva was murdered.
Makes me wonder where God is in all of this.
And where I stand.
How can I preach to others when I can see that ye want to take care of them, the folk here.
It's the last thing I thought of, growin' up in a minister's house.
It's the burying and christening and Maybe just bein' able to help.
Even by listening and prayin'.
I don't think there's a minister coming.
Someone has to do it.
I'm thinkin' it's me.
I have eyes to see it, lad.
I'd have to see about gettin' ordained.
There might be a way to do it quickly, but you know what's comin' the war.
It's already here, in fact.
As a wise man once told me, there's always a war comin'.
Which is why I haven't told Brianna yet.
Don't want her to think me a coward.
Ye think she would? I've fought alongside a priest before.
Now, granted, he wasna much of a swordsman.
I couldn't fight with an army, I don't think.
But I could take up arms to defend those in need.
And that is enough for me.
Yer wife she has eyes too.
You led Malva astray with your meddlin'.
Always meddlin'.
You bring pain to everyone around you.
Your daughter, she got a good taste of it when she came back here.
To save you.
Stop it.
Just stop it.
Finding herself in a dark room in the back of a tavern with a baby in her belly that she never planned to have.
And look at Lizzie.
She can't even tell you who the father of her child is.
How are you gonna make that right, Claire? Aren't you the clever one, Dr.
Rawlings Mrs.
Beauchamp, Madam Fraser.
Beautiful lies.
I believe that you have secrets, Claire.
Now you're gonna be in an abyss.
I smell the vapors of hell.
Dwell in darkness, madam.
Darkness is where I belong.
You've seen men die before.
You can come out now, Claire they say I'm a witch.
- Witch.
- We know what happens - to witches, don't we, Malva? - If I had a lady - to sleep - Help with the militia.
Her cold, dark feelings.
Consequences More lies.
I will slit her throat, I swear.
Ye havena told the truth about yerself.
- Your beautiful lies.
- You trespass You only have yourself to blame for this.
We're goin' to a funeral, Sassenach, not to stand trial.
You really believe that? We're going to meet my prospective jurors.
Stand trial in the court of public opinion.
Well, that's what it is, opinion.
I'll no dignify any rumors wi' a response.
And what is it ye say to the bairns? "Sticks and stones may break my bones, - but names'll never hurt me.
" - Hmm.
I never did care much for what people thought.
But this Anyone wants to say anythin' to you, they'll have to say it to me first.
Who among us is not a sinner? Malva was a daughter, a sister, and a friend.
She might never have been called "mother" or "wife," but those are not the things by which to judge someone's worth.
God most certainly does not.
It doesn't matter who we are, nor what we've done, or what has been done to us.
God forgives.
Lord, You alone are our judge.
We commend Malva's soul to Your care.
Please stand before we go outside to lay Malva's body and that of her baby boy to rest.
Not him.
You put that down! They're dead because of you.
Allan! May I remind you that we stand before God.
You bastards.
Ye took my sister from me.
And yet you still get to live yer perfect, happy little lives, as if nothing's happened.
Ye'll need to be wed.
The sooner the better.
Which one of them is it to be then, lass? I I canna I I dinna want to choose.
I love them both.
It's no a matter of who you love, now.
Ye've a child in yer belly.
Nothing matters but doin' right by it.
Doesna mean painting his mother a whore.
- I'm not a whore.
- I didna say ye were.
But others will when word gets around what ye've been up to, lass.
Spreadin' yer legs for two men and wed to neither.
Now wi' a bairn, and ye canna name its father.
I can name him.
His name will be Beardsley.
Ye dinna understand.
They're one soul in two bodies.
If ye care about the fate of that soul, ye'll have those two bodies standing before me, imminently.
Now, where are they? Please, Mr.
Are we goin' to do it here in the stables? Christ was born in a manger.
It was good enough for Him.
Since ye canna choose amongst yourselves, short straw weds her.
- But Mr.
Fraser, sir - Well, but Go on.
Take her hand.
Now, do you swear before these witnesses ye'll take Elizabeth Wemyss to be yer wife? I do.
And do you, ye wee besom, accept Keziah Beardsley You are Keziah? Ye'll take him to be yer husband? Aye, I will.
Ye're handfast.
When we find a priest, it'll be properly blessed.
Until then, ye'll speak to no one of this.
No one must know.
You understand me? Well, that's it? Aye.
And you, better you leave tomorrow.
Dinna come back until the child is born.
Makes me so sad some won't believe Malva's baby is in heaven because he wasn't baptized.
Do you think he is? As a father, I'd say I want to believe it with all my heart.
As a minister, I'm not certain.
But I want to find out.
I'm glad you're more husband than minister, then.
But what if it's my callin' here, Bree? What if I want to make the preachin' official? I get the same thrill as I do when I teach, only I feel it stirrin' something in my soul.
And you're so good at it.
I get it.
I do.
What would that mean for our family? I suppose that's why I'm asking.
I could at least find out what it would take to be ordained.
Roger, you were raised by a minister.
We both know what it's like to have parents constantly on duty, called away at all hours.
Mama would leave at the drop of a hat when her patients needed her, and we really suffered because of it.
Looks like things turned out all right from where I'm sitting.
I swear to you, Bree, whatever I'm called to do, I was called to be your husband and a father first.
Whatever I do will not be at the price of my family.
You really want this, don't you? Just think how amazing it would be if I could baptize our child myself.
I heard there's a Presbytery in Edenton.
Well, I suppose we have some time until the baby comes.
Is that a yes? People crying at our kitchen table day and night? What would I even serve them? I'm not that good at baking.
Oh, and, um, I'm Catholic.
Mm, that last one throws a spanner in things.
If only my father-in-law had reminded me at some point.
I knew about the bacon.
But you don't think your flock would mind? You wouldn't need me to convert? If they have a problem with it, they can go to hell.
Let's just hope that you have a more diplomatic line ready when the time comes.
We'll start packing tomorrow and leave soon as we can.
Going to go get a cup of tea.
What? Cup of tea makes everything right with the world.
A truth acknowledged by every English person that's ever lived.
Thank the Lord I'm Scottish.
Why do I get the feeling that you're avoiding me, Mrs.
Beardsley? Does Josiah really have to go away? Mr.
Fraser has made his decision.
What with everything that's going on on the Ridge I'm sorry.
I was going to tell ye.
The day Malva died.
I knocked at the door, but it was locked.
You knocked at the door? Banged and banged.
And you're sure it was that morning? Aye.
Did I do somethin' wrong, Mistress? No.
I'm very glad you told me.
But I didn't do it.
That doesn't change a damn thing.
You think you can get rid of me? - This is not over, Claire.
- No.
The girl may not have died by your hand, but you led her to her grave.
Sure as the sun rises.
I didn't do it.
I didn't do it.
- I didn't do it.
- "I didn't do it.
" That doesn't absolve you of your guilt.
Not for this.
Not for any of it.
Sassenach? What is it? No, don't.
You won't believe me.
It feels like I'm going crazy.
For the first time in my life, I I don't recognize myself.
There's a there's a part of me, a darkness.
I can't bear for you to see me like this.
I didn't kill Malva.
But what if What if I would've had? For us? Ye didna.
But what if a part of me wanted to? We all have a darkness inside us, Sassenach.
But I I feel like this is possessing me.
It's eating away at me.
I hear voices.
Lionel Brown.
And I see him.
And he's he's taunting me.
And and the only thing that drowns him out is taking Ether.
I've tried for so long just to compartmentalize everything.
It's it's been the only way that I've I've known how to cope.
And you just, you put things in in neat little boxes.
There's there's Frank, and my patients, and and grief, and the past, the present, you.
But now, it's like the floodgates have just opened.
And and it's not just Malva, it's it's all of it.
It's my fault.
Because I changed things.
Brianna's attack and And and Roger being sold into slavery, everything since Since I first came to this time, and it's all because of my selfishness.
Because I desperately wanted to be with you.
Ye think Bree feels that way? She wouldna've been born.
What about Roger? Your selfishness has given him a wife and a son.
If we hadna gone to France, found Fergus, he wouldna have Marsali.
So although there is pain, your selfishness has brought so much to so many.
Without you, our whole world crumbles into dust.
But what if I What if I can't make this voice stop? Not without the Ether? What if there's no magic words that are gonna make it right? And I feel like I'll never get better.
After Wentworth, you found me.
In the dark.
I let you into my mind, into my soul.
Let me do the same.
Dinna lock me out.
Let me join you.
I canna do that when you When ye put yerself to sleep.
We have to face this together.
Claire, dinna sentence yerself to crimes that no one is chargin' ye with.
If you're selfish, let me be accused of the same crime.
And I dinna care what the right or wrong of it may be, so long as you are here wi' me.
If it's a sin that you chose me, then I will go to the devil himself and bless him for temptin' you to it.
I would.
I'd do it all again, and more, to be with you.
You want me to do what? You want me to marry you? You want me to marry you now? Um to who? It's me and Jo.
If you'd be so kind.
Kezzie's come to be witness.
Ye don't want a priest to do it? Lizzie, are you in trouble? I'm with child.
We want to be married before the babe comes.
But it may be a while before we find a priest.
Oh, my God, Lizzie.
Are you happy? We love each other so very much.
We want to do right by each other.
The Frasers told us ye were leavin' for Edenton in the mornin'.
Go on.
Do it for them.
It won't be a marriage exactly.
But you can be handfast, I suppose.
Thank you, Mr.
- Thank you, sir.
- Thank you, sir.
Just let me put my britches on.
I'm not conducting my first weddin' bare-arsed.
Lizzie! Hey, Jemmy.
I didn't have a chance to give this to Lizzie when she and Josiah were handfast.
Can you give it to her for me? Just a little something as a wedding gift.
Josiah? What do you mean? Roger married them last night.
Wait, she didn't she tell you? What? Well, Jamie handfasted Lizzie and Kezzie the other day.
Did you really? God help me, I did.
But if she's handfast with Kezzie too, - I suppose it isn't exactly valid as such.
- Ready? It's certainly as valid as the handfasting I did.
I'll have a word wi' them.
All three of them, I swear.
God help 'em.
It's an unholy trinity, certainly.
What can I say? The Lord works in mysterious ways.
I'll tell them that marriage is a serious undertaking.
Requires patience, sacrifice Monogamy.
Maybe they should've started with that.
It was Kezzie first, and Kezzie she'll stay wed to.
That's all that anyone on the Ridge needs to know.
Fraser, we've come for your wife.
Well, ye can be on yer way then.
Now, see there, you're wrong.
We've come to arrest her for the murder of Malva Christie.

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