Outlander (2014) s07e07 Episode Script

A Practical Guide For Time-Travelers

[CLAIRE] Previously
I need to get this into my
"Hitchhiker's Guide to Time Travel."
Wait a minute.
That's what you're calling it?
- Well, I'm glad you enjoyed the class.
- Oh, I loved it.
I was actually really looking forward
to reading the reverend's old hymnal.
I'm Colonel Daniel Morgan,
Commander Morgan's Rifles.
I'd like you to come with me.
The British are moving south.
A battle is coming.
The battle of Saratoga.
I cannot tell you how sorry I am
to have failed at this mission.
No doubt an opportunity
for redemption will present itself.
I will be ready when it does, sir.
[ROGER] Buck Mackenzie had me hanged.
[JAMIE] Roger
[ROGER] Can you hear anything?
It sings.
She can hear it too.
Do you know what happened
to all the biscuits and crisps?
It was the Nuckelavee.
[ROGER] What the hell
do you think you're doing?
[CLAIRE] Dear Bree,
we're camped near
Bemis Heights, New York,
outside of Saratoga.
Your father has accepted
a new commission
as colonel in Daniel Morgan's
Rifle Corps.
You can imagine how I'm feeling,
a strange mixture of fragile optimism
and a troubling sense of unease,
knowing what I do know,
and yet, still uncertain
about what exactly might be
in store for us.
There is so much to tell you, Bree,
but perhaps the most important
thing since I last wrote
is that I crossed paths with
your brother at Ticonderoga.
I'd been captured.
I'm safe now,
thanks to your father and Ian,
but that was when I met William.
It lifted my heart to see him again,
that the sight of him
made my heart bleed for you.
I miss you, darling.
[ROGER] Bree! Brianna!
[ROGER] Let me do the talking.
[BRIANNA] Who the hell is this?
Allow me to introduce the Nuckelavee,
also known as
William Buccleigh MacKenzie.
Your servant, Madam.
[SINGER] Sing me a song ♪
Of a lass that is gone ♪
Say, could that lass ♪
Be I? ♪
Merry of soul ♪
She sailed on a day ♪
Over the sea ♪
To Skye ♪
Billow and breeze ♪
Islands and seas ♪
Mountains of rain and sun ♪
All that was good ♪
All that was fair ♪
All that was me ♪
Is gone ♪
Sing me a song ♪
Of a lass that is gone ♪
Say, could that lass ♪
Be I? ♪
Merry of soul ♪
She sailed on a day ♪
Over the sea ♪
To Skye ♪
Sing me a song ♪
Of a lass that is gone ♪
Say, could that lass ♪
Be I? ♪
[BUCK] After Alamance,
I was ruined financially.
My wife, Morag,
had a brother in Inverness
who'd done well for himself,
and he wrote that
he might have need of a clerk.
And since I'd been a lawyer,
we came to Glasgow
and made our way north.
We were nearing Inverness
when we heard a strange noise.
It was like a hive of bees.
I thought I'd lose my mind from it.
'Twas as though
it was coming from my bones.
'Twas at Craigh na Dun.
I'm thinking the two of ye know it.
Well, Morag stayed with the bairns
while I went to see what it was.
And here I am.
I found my way to the town,
along the road,
with those great,
roaring carriages goin' by me.
But how did you come
to be at Lallybroch?
Well, I saw you
entering a shop in Inverness.
Ye're the only ones who might
know what's happening to me.
If you were looking for answers,
what were you doing lurking about,
scaring our children?
Only a fool would walk up to yer door
and not expect to be met wi' yer wrath.
You survived being hanged, after all,
because of me, and ye're here.
I didna ken who
or what I was dealin' with.
[WILLIAM] Move aside.
[SIMON] Gentlemen,
I am glad we're able to meet.
The Rebels are burning crops
as they retreat
and destroying bridges
- Finally, some champagne.
- [SIMON] as they cross.
- Promising, at least.
- Shh.
As with every gain comes a loss.
And the soldiers
we don't lose in battle,
we lose to desertion.
It's a disgrace.
- Lily-livered is what they are.
- Cowards.
[GRANT] Though I must confess,
it comes as little surprise.
You must find a way
to bring your men in line,
General Riedesel.
It's not only Hessians
deserting, Colonel Grant.
- I assure you.
- [BURGOYNE] Enough.
It will not matter.
We will be met
with reinforcements in Albany.
General Howe's men are marching
as we speak.
Our combined forces will bring
this rebellion to a close.
Provided we reach Albany unimpeded, sir.
We haven't enough horses
to pull our artillery and supplies.
[GRANT] Meanwhile, the Continental army
grows steadily, and they're encamped
between us and our target.
But gentlemen,
they are afraid of open confrontation.
[SIMON] Which is where
we shall find them,
in open ground,
drawing upon our strengths
field artillery.
God help them when we do.
Well said, General Fraser.
This is the last push, gentlemen.
[BURGOYNE] And we will prevail.
As we always do.
God save the king.
[ALL] God save the king.
[CLERKE] General Burgoyne.
A messenger arrived with word.
From General Howe.
If you do not have a seat at this table,
make your exit swift.
Captain Richardson.
To more pressing matters.
How shall I cook my turkey?
Do you have one to cook?
No, but I've sent one of my scouts off
in search of game bird, so
Ever the optimist.
what are my odds?
Wish me luck.
We don't need luck, Sandy.
British army's finest.
Here we go again.
Very, very good.
My horse is impressed.
You won't catch me wasting
any of this on my horse,
no matter how noble a steed.
Captain Clerke.
Excuse me, gentlemen.
I must find Mrs. Lind right away.
I have it on good authority
that Mrs. Lind
is the general's mistress.
If she's being summoned this early,
it can't be good.
No, I'm afraid it's not.
Lieutenant Lord Ellesmere.
General Howe will not be
meeting us in Albany after all.
He intends to take Philadelphia.
The American forces are already
poised for battle, sir.
Exactly right.
And General Fraser has charged me
with urgent dispatches,
appeals to General Clinton
in New York City
to create any diversion
in favor our Army's approach to Albany.
And as those requests are
to be sent out in duplicate,
General Fraser has granted me permission
for you to act as my second.
Our victory cannot come too soon.
General Burgoyne intends
an attack in three days' time.
You will miss it.
Mother of God, it's tasty,
but it sticks in yer craw.
D'ye feed this to yer bairns?
Jeremiah's my son's name as well.
Is that not strange?
Where is yer wee lad and yer wee lassie?
Christ, they'll be back soon.
So you'd better hurry up
with your story.
My employer in North Carolina
turned out for the Regulation,
so I went too.
Morag and the bairn stayed with me
in a small camp
where the next fellow she meets is you.
Did she not tell you who I was?
That I helped her on the ship?
Even so,
a man doesna coorie
intae another man's wife
when her husband
is no' but 10 feet away.
He was trying to warn you.
While hiding his yellow cockade?
Why would a militia man do that?
[ROGER] Because
Morag is my five, maybe six times
I forget the number
That makes you my grandda.
My son was named Jeremiah after my da,
who was named for his grandda,
who was named for your son.
There there may be one or two
Jeremiahs missing
along the way.
We're family.
Ye wouldna have anythin'
stronger than coffee, would ye?
[BRIANNA] Do you take a little water?
If it was the rotgut I drank in America,
I'd throw it down.
Whiskey worth drinking,
a little water opens the flavor.
But ye ken that, don't ye?
Though ye're not Scottish.
Well I am, on my father's side.
His name is
was James Fraser, of Broch Tuarach.
Are you another, then?
Like your husband and me.
Another whatever it is?
Did you find the family tree?
What year was it that you came through?
The year of our Lord, 1778.
Oh, God, Roger.
It's Fiona and the kids.
Can you
No, it's Rob Cameron.
Jesus Christ.
I told him he could come
for dinner sometime.
- I didn't think he'd just show up.
- What?
[ROGER] Who doesn't call first?
You can't stay in here.
You'll have to hide.
Not a sound.
Impressive place.
Oh, we like it.
Have I come at a bad time?
No. No, not at all.
We were just, um,
taking advantage
of the children being out
- to do some tidying up.
- it's a madhouse in there.
- [ROB] Oh.
It's uh, stuff everywhere.
We're renovating. You know how it is.
Hope the missus likes
a nice bottle of red.
[ROGER] I like a nice bottle of red.
Uh, well, come in.
Thank you.
After you.
Watch that chair.
- Hey, Gov.
- Hey.
[ROB] Ah.
I see youse got started without me.
Well, as I said, it's, uh
it's a madhouse in here sometimes.
Got to have a wee drop
of the old water of life
- when you can.
- [ROB] Right.
And I thought you said you were
the cook around here, huh?
Mm, you're out of luck.
It's Bree's turn tonight.
Just pretend you like it.
That's what I do.
Oh, really?
[ROGER] Well, um
- Sláinte.
- [BRIANNA] Sláinte.
- Cheers to you both.
- Sláinte.
- Good stuff, huh?
- Mm.
Oh, by the way, I'd love to have a look
at your father's old hymnals,
you know, seeing as, um,
I didn't get a chance in your class,
if it's, you know,
- not too much trouble.
- No.
Well, let's do that right now.
- This way.
- This way?
Well, I've got some more
that I collected
from various travelers, peddlers,
historical research.
This is a treasure trove.
Uh, do you mind if I copy
a few of these down?
Be my guest.
Lovely to keep the history alive.
I I'm just gonna pop through
and see if Bree needs a hand.
- Aye?
- Good man.
He'll be occupied for a while, I think,
long enough to get rid
of our other surprise guest.
[BRIANNA] In here, honey.
- [MANDY] We're home.
- Hi.
Look what I got at school.
Oh, hey, the Tufty Club!
I was a member of the Tufty Club
when I was your age.
Hey, you.
Oh, and it is damn near impossible
to read your power feed notes.
Are you writing on the same paper bag
you bring your lunch to work in?
- [ROB] Uh, no. No.
- Never thought about it?
- [ROB] Never thought about it.
But I'll make sure to take
my sandwiches out first.
And you should just be grateful
you don't have to decipher
Andy or Craig's chicken scratch.
And you don't even want to know
what they're having for lunch.
I definitely don't.
I kind of do.
Can three men really lift up
a huge turbine?
Aren't they heavy?
Oh, they're massive.
You see, us three men,
we man the machines,
these multi-ton overhead cranes
that lift the turbines
out of their nests.
You know, first of all,
to get down there,
we have to go through the
The tunnels!
Will you take me to see them,
Mama? Please?
Oh, you know, honey,
the tunnels are not best suited
for children.
Well, some people might've said
the same thing about women.
And they'd be wrong.
[BRIANNA] All right, you two.
If you're all done,
you can get ready for bed.
Can we watch some telly first?
[ROGER] Uh, just for a wee while.
Take your sister out to the caravan.
See you, Rob.
- Good night, sweetie.
- Night, big guy.
[BRIANNA] Oh, and speaking of lunch,
do you guys never eat in the cafeteria?
[ROB] Never.
- [BRIANNA] Why?
- Rule number one thank you
don't eat in the cafeteria.
That's a terrible rule.
I would die for Glenda's profiteroles.
[ROB] That was a one-time thing.
Trust me, as soon as you're gone,
back to flapjacks
and bread and butter pudding.
Oh, um, did you get Craig's note
about the rotor on the second turbine?
- Yes.
- He thinks that's why
the, um the power feed
is reading low.
I think the problem might be
a damaged blade,
or there's something stuck
in the wicket gate.
Oh, well, whatever you say, Gov, eh?
[BRIANNA] We'll schedule
a repair for next week.
[ROB] Well, you can count on
me, Craig, and Andy.
Consider us your three musketeers.
Well, that was wonderful.
Thank you so much.
And, um, compliments to the chef, eh?
[CHUCKLES] Well, we should
do it again sometime.
Mm, you know what would be
perfection right now, though?
Just another wee dram, eh?
[JAMIE] Brought ye a present, Sassenach.
What is it?
Geese or ducks this time?
It's a book.
- [CLAIRE] A book?
- [JAMIE] Aye.
Words printed on paper.
Ye'll recall the sort of thing.
Found it on the edge of the creek.
Dropped in flight, I expect.
I hadna realized,
but, uh, ye need spectacles.
[SCOFFS] That's nonsense.
I can see perfectly well.
Well, then read this.
How am I supposed to read that?
It's terribly small type.
It's 12-point Caslon.
I will say, the
the leading's terrible.
The gutters are half
of what they should be.
And even so,
ye need spectacles, a nighean.
We'll be blind as bats
before this war is over.
Please tell me
you're able to see well enough
to shoot straight.
[JAMIE] Dinna fash, Sassenach.
I can shoot straight
wi' my eyes closed, hmm?
Which is a good thing.
We're bein mustered for battle
in three days' time.
I dinna suppose
there's a spectacle-maker
this side of Philadelphia,
but when we get back to Scotland,
I will buy ye a tortoiseshell
pair for every day
and a pair wi' gold rims for Sundays.
You don't expect me to start
reading the Bible with them?
No, but a a wee prayer
for me tonight couldna hurt.
You'll come back to me.
You always do.
And if you don't,
I'll come looking for you.
I ken ye will, Sassenach.
Still waiting for your scout
to return with that turkey?
He'll have eaten the bird
himself by now.
What I wouldn't give for dinner
at the Beefsteak Club.
General Fraser.
- May we be of service to you?
- No.
I've come with no request.
Please fill your stomachs.
I ken they've been empty for some time.
Our dinner is not quite up to
General Burgoyne's standards,
I imagine.
We're lacking good claret and music.
We have to find a way
to keep our spirits up.
I find my spirits are lifted here
around the fire with my men.
And so it shall be on the battlefield,
standing side by side
with my fellow soldiers.
Spirits up! Glory is afoot!
[SANDY] Now's your chance, William.
- [WILLIAM] General Fraser
- [SIMON] Good.
- [WILLIAM] a moment, please.
- [SIMON] Secure that wheel.
I cannot help thinking
that I should be here,
standing side by side with these men.
- [SIMON] Mm-hmm.
- With you.
Respectfully, sir,
I know I can be of more use
on the battlefield
than in carrying dispatches.
You told General Burgoyne
that we are at a crucial point
in this war.
- I am no errand boy.
I am a true soldier.
And with your permission, General,
I'd like to remain here with the army.
[SIMON] Hmm.
I canna fault ye yer courage,
foolhardy as it may be.
You'll be needing it,
if you're to stay and fight.
If that's what you really want.
I shall tell Captain Richardson
to find himself another messenger.
Ah, it was so nice to sit at a table
with a proper family, you know?
Do you not have suppers
with your sister and wee Bobby?
Oh, aye. Aye.
They're great, but uh
I was married once.
Lovely French girl, but
well, let's just say it
wasn't a match made in heaven.
She divorced me a couple years ago.
Uh, took my son back to France.
Her family has money,
and uh, well, I don't.
And uh, turns out
the more expensive lawyer wins
in these things, so
It's tough being separated from family.
[ROB] Aye. Aye.
Anyway, um, thank you for everything.
Oh, um, I was gonna take Bobby
to the pictures tomorrow night.
I don't know
if Jemmy would like to join us.
I mean, he can spend the night
at Bobby's if he'd like.
Yeah, he'd love that.
Uh, good night, then.
- [ROGER] Drive safe.
- [ROB] Cheers now.
[BRIANNA] You didn't lock it?
I didn't think I'd have to.
The flight is nine seconds
- in advance of
- [JEMMY] His name's Blake.
He's an astronaut
500 years in the future
and has lots of adventures.
You're "Buck." Daddy's "Roger."
[PERSON 1 ON TV] Space time
position will be precisely
If my Latin serves me,
that must mean "star traveler."
[PERSON 1 ON TV] Confirmed.
[BUCK] Is that what we're called?
[PERSON 2 ON TV] That was it!
Go on. You've got it.
What are you waiting for?
I'm not sure. It's risky.
[PERSON 2 ON TV] Make the move.
You'll wipe her out.
We found the Nuckelavee, Da.
- And you're related!
- Aye.
And I apologized.
He's not really that scary, Mummy.
How has he already gotten Jem
and Mandy to be on his side?
Ah, he has his own wee Jeremiah, so
Now, he must be missing his children.
He's had a rough go of it, eh?
Why don't we let him sleep
in the house tonight?
I can't exactly send him back
to the dovecote, can I?
The man in there is not
the enemy I met at Alamance.
[CHUCKLES] He's Cousin Buck.
And he knows that now too.
We'll make up the couch
in the dining room.
[ROGER] Okay.
Kids are in the trailer with us anyway.
But I do not want him
hanging around the house
when we're not there.
I well, I can't take him
to the school with me tomorrow.
Can you take him to work with you?
[SIGHS] I I guess, but on Saturday
On Saturday, I'll take him
back to the stones.
I promise.
So you've already forgiven him?
I did right after
I beat him into the ground.
Hang on. I thought that was
'cause he scared the kids.
Oh, a few of those punches
were for me too.
Either way, it felt good.
It must be unsettling
to see things so changed.
'Tis that.
And yet
there is much that hasna changed.
Up there.
As they always were.
And yet, all the people are gone.
All of them.
she was wi' child.
My children are all dead.
When you first came through
and and you realized
what had happened,
why didn't you go back
into the circle then?
I canna say I realized straight
away what had happened.
But I kent it was somethin' terrible
and that the stones were to do wi' it,
so I was wary of them.
But you didn't even try?
For the sake of your family?
What were you thinking about
when you first came through?
Was there anything in particular?
Why have ye brought me here?
I ken ye want to keep an eye on me
when ye're away from home.
Is there somethin' still botherin' ye?
Yeah, I want to know why you're here.
You do want to go back
to Morag and Jeremiah, don't you?
Can you help me do that?
That ring you're wearing,
the gemstone is missing
because of the journey you made.
For some reason, you need one to travel.
If we can find you another gem,
you'll be able to go back again.
And if you think of your family,
it should steer you toward them.
[ROB] Hi, Gov.
Uh, this is Buck MacKenzie,
Roger's cousin.
- He's visiting.
- Oh.
Buck, this is Rob Cameron.
Pleased to meet you.
Um, is it okay if I pick Jem up at 5:00?
- The film starts at 6:00.
- [BRIANNA] Sure.
- Yeah, that sounds perfect.
- [ROB] Great.
I'll see you then.
Well, uh
enjoy the view.
Smilin' a bit too much
in yer direction, methinks.
All right.
That's how people
treat each other these days.
It's called kindness.
You might give it a try.
I'm only sayin', I'm no fool.
What are you doing in here?
Of all the things I've seen
Have you been inside one?
A few times.
Aye, we flew home from America in one
after going through the stones
on Ocracoke.
My Jeremiah would love this.
Well, that's one of Jem's favorites,
but uh, maybe you could
take it back with you,
if he's willing to part with it.
That Mr. Cameron I met today,
he's trouble.
He's got a hot eye for your wife.
[CHUCKLES] You think
everyone has a hot eye,
which is why I ended up
with a noose around my neck.
Any other man in my time
would ha' thought the same.
A man is born knowin'
when someone is preyin' on their woman.
Well, you were wrong.
And this isn't your time.
I only thought I should tell ye.
There's something I should tell you,
I think.
I did find the MacKenzie family tree.
And, uh, I didn't know
whether to tell you
because I I don't even know
if it's correct.
But I saw the year of your death.
Do you want to know?
But I'd like ye to tell me anyway.
It was marked as 1778
which could mean
that you never make it back
to your own time,
and because of that,
your family presumed you were dead.
So it could be wrong.
I do make it back, and
There is that too.
[BRIANNA] When we were
at the dam, I kind of got
the feeling he doesn't want to go back.
Well, I didn't advise him
one way or the other.
I just thought he should know
about the year of his death.
There were things
he thought I should know too.
he thinks Rob Cameron has
a "hot eye" for you.
Well, that's ridiculous.
[COLLINS] I can feel it coming ♪
We've had dinner with him.
You know what he's like.
A wee bit flirty.
I've been waiting For this moment ♪
For all my life ♪
Oh, Lord ♪
Can you feel it coming ♪
In the air tonight ♪
Rob's just a lonely divorcé.
All the more reason
to be pining after you.
I'm his boss.
I think he takes
a little too much pleasure
in calling you Gov.
[COLLINS] How could I ever forget ♪
Roger MacKenzie
are you feeling a wee bit territorial?
[COLLINS] The last time we ever met ♪
What if I am, hmm?
Why you keep this silence up ♪
I know the modern man isn't
supposed to be possessive
[COLLINS] The hurt doesn't show ♪
but what if tonight
I'm feeling a little more primal?
[COLLINS] I can feel it coming ♪
In the air tonight ♪
Oh, Lord ♪
Well, I've been waiting
For this moment ♪
For all my life ♪
Oh, Lord ♪
- [COLLINS] I can feel it ♪
In the air tonight oh, Lord ♪
Oh, Lord ♪
Well, I've been waiting
For this moment ♪
For all my life ♪
Oh, Lord ♪
I can feel it coming ♪
In the air tonight ♪
Oh, Lord ♪
And I've been waiting
for this moment ♪
For all my life ♪
Oh, Lord ♪
I can feel it in the air
Tonight, oh, Lord ♪
Well, I've been waiting
For this moment ♪
All my life ♪
Oh, Lord, oh, Lord ♪
I can feel it in the air ♪
Tonight, oh, Lord ♪
Oh, Lord, oh, Lord ♪
I've been waiting ♪
[IAN] Who are you, then?
What's happening?
Ian captured a British deserter.
Said we're going to muster 1,500 men
to test the strength of our left wing.
Burgoyne's leading the charge again.
Will ye kiss me, Claire?
[WILLIAM] Fix bayonets.
Company, prepare to fix bayonets!
Who do you think has a better bosom?
Mrs. Lind or the baroness?
I'd prefer not to comment
on such a vulgar topic.
This is it, Hammond.
[SANDY] Oh, I see. Evading the question.
You have an eye for someone.
What's her name?
It is unlikely
I will ever see her again.
It won't matter if you tell me
her name, then, will it?
It's Rachel, but she's
[SIMON] Artillery!
Lieutenant Hammond!
- Get up.
- [SIMON] Artillery!
[GENERAL] Go! Fire!
Rifles, ready!
Infantry, advance!
[GENERAL] On me!
Forward march!
Lord Ellesmere, to your men!
To your men!
[SHUSHING] Baby shh. It's okay.
Jemmy's gone! He's gone!
Hey, Jemmy's fine.
He's just gone to stay
with his friend Bobby tonight.
He'll be home tomorrow.
No, he's gone!
He's not here.
It's okay, baby.
He's just at Bobby's.
No, he's not here.
What do you mean by
"not here," sweetheart?
He's not here with me.
Their connection.
Hush now, sweetheart. Hush.
Tell me, what made you wake up?
Did you have a bad dream?
There were stones. They screamed at me.
And then what happened, a leannan?
Did you go close to the stones?
Not me. Jem.
That bad man took him.
- [ROGER] I'll check with Buck.
- I'll call Bobby's mom.
Come on, sweetie.
It's gonna be all right.
All right, come on.
[BUCK] What in the name
of the Blessed Virgin
is all this racket?
[ROGER] Mandy's had a nightmare.
You haven't seen Jem, have you?
He's with Cameron, is he not?
Roger! It was Rob.
Jem isn't with Bobby.
I just spoke to his mom.
And there was no movie.
There was no sleepover.
Rob lives across the street from her.
I made her go look, and his car is gone.
The letters.
Oh, someone disturbed the box
in the study.
I saw it just now.
He's read the letters.
Why the devil should this trusdair
take your son to the stones?
He read my guide
for time travel by accident.
He pretended to think it was something
I'd made up for fun, but he knew.
He knew.
And then he read those letters.
Bloody hell!
This Cameron, he's one like us then?
I don't know.
I don't bloody know.
There are others, though?
Well, uh
Well, my mother-in-law,
an Indian I met in the Colonies, and
oh, God, Geillis Duncan.
Geillis bloody Duncan.
Oh, shit.
I wrote about her belief in
the need for a blood sacrifice
to travel.
Oh, shit. Christ.
Why did I write that down?
- Here.
Quickly. Okay.
It's a torch. Come on.
[BUCK] Roger.
[SOLDIER GRUNTS] Ah, through mud.
To fight in mud.
Thick in the mud.
To bury the muddy dead.
Let's have this over with.
- [SOLDIER] Aye.
- It's deep enough, God damn it!
Keep digging.
It's deep enough, I tell you.
And I tell you it is not!
Pick up your shovels, all of you.
These men died bravely.
And we did not retrieve
their bodies from the field
only to see them pulled
out of shallow graves
and devoured in the night.
We dig deeper.
The British army
has weathered the storm,
as we knew we would.
Best army in the world.
The victory and the glory is ours.
[ALL] Huzzah!
Lieutenant Gruenwald,
we barely held ground.
And yet, here we stand.
[SIMON] If General Burgoyne
can convince us
that we are victorious,
then we have prevailed.
Lieutenant Hammond is dead.
[SIMON] An honorable death.
[WILLIAM] And I lived to tell the tale.
"They send forth men to battle,
but no such men return,"
so says Aeschylus.
You're a different man now.
"They send forth men to battle,
but no such men return.
"And home, to claim their welcome,
come the ashes in an urn."
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