Outlaw s01e04 Episode Script

In Re: Curtis Farwell

On the panel tonight, the most talked-about man in America, the former Justice Cyrus Garza.
And he's joined by Patty Friedman of beltwayjunkie.
com so, leaving the Supreme court You've seen the op-eds? They say you have lost your mind.
Well, I think people are entitled to their own opinions.
Yeah, my opinion is that you are a turncoat.
The only thing I've turned on is a justice system that doesn't always do justice.
Is it because your resignation, in fact, gives liberals the court? Disappointing both sides is called independent thinking.
Are you considering running for president? Larry, the only thing he's running for has two legs and a skirt.
Hey, some of our most popular presidents have proved that you can do both.
Be honest, you quit to make money to pay back gambling debts.
I quit to make a difference.
You know, you ought to try it sometime.
It might take the edge off.
I was hot, so I took my clothes off.
Well, I guess I can live with that.
Claire Great timing, as always.
Getting in bed with you always backfires.
Can we maybe talk about this in the morning? That depends.
Are your pants on? Uh, for now.
Vidalin says he'll vote against the interests of my biggest clients unless I dump you.
Oh, Vidalin says a lot and does very little.
I wouldn't worry if I were you.
No, I'm not worried.
Because the one thing the senator loves, even more than he hates you, is money.
And you and I are gonna raise a boatload of it at the fundraiser we're throwing for his favorite charity this week.
I don't have a say in this, do I? You most certainly do not.
Now, do the girl a favor and try to remember her name.
Sorry chopper one caught the accident live.
Initial reports indicate it was caused by a steering problem in the Jupiter coupe.
The ninth such accident in recent months.
Dad! how is it possible that he gets more action than I do? Ha, wow.
Harvard, I don't even know where to begin with that one.
Well, you don't know that he's up there with someone.
Well, then why don't you go up and tell him that we're waiting to start? Yeah, you can whisper a sweet, "I'm a virgin" while you're at it.
Hey, anybody see a guy out front this morning? A guy? Yeah, he just drove off.
Looked like a bodyguard.
He was watching the house.
My vote is angry tea partier.
I'm going with cuckolded husband.
Justice Garza hasn't come down yet, so they think he's up there naked.
Eh, you know what? We don't wanna make Mereta cry, so let's just move on.
Okay, well the reason why I was late is because I spent the morning going through these submissions, which isn't even half of what we've been sent.
But I think I've found our next case.
I was just about to say the same thing.
Told you he was alone.
Rudman v.
Obama, sleepyhead.
The Internet journalist posted classified footage on his website.
My girlfriend's firm's working on that.
He's going to find whether bloggers get first amendment protection.
Look, everyone's watching us, and Rudman is not the case I want them to see us taking.
Okay, I'm cool with that.
Just tell me why.
'Cause I wanna take another case more.
There you are.
Oh Tissue? No.
Farwell? Mr.
Farwell, I'm Cyrus Garza.
This is my colleague, Al Druzinsky.
We're lawyers.
And we're here to help.
I was wondering if we could ask you a few questions about the accident.
You know, my father was in a car accident, and Well, I feel for your situation.
Here you go.
Okay, take your time.
It's okay.
We need to dig into Jupiter and need to set up a meeting with Warner Quinn.
He runs the coupe division.
Yeah, you mean me, right? I should set up a meeting, and since Quinn's in Detroit, I should also make your hotel reservation and be sure there's a mint on the pillow.
Okay, now this is why I don't have a wife.
Yeah, because you got me wearing the apron, man.
I can set up a meeting.
Cyrus, I know you gave up a lot for this.
Okay, I know that.
But so did I.
And part of that hell, most of that was thinking that we'd be partners.
We are partners.
Yes, sometimes we're partners.
But right now you're working on some type of psycho drama with your daddy-what are you talking about? We just left the guy we're representing and you brought up your dad, Cyrus! I was trying to connect-I know you feel guilty about what happened, but you shouldn't.
And you don't get to represent some blogger? Some blogger, really? Al, there've been eight accidents, four fatal.
The Nader attorney that I talked with the one that was begging us to take this case because Jupiter wouldn't give them the time of day says that all of the survivors who weren't bought off say the same thing- -They couldn't steer the damn car.
Hang on, you talked to a Ralph Nader attorney? You hate Ralph Nader.
No, last month, Congress watered down what was supposed to be the most important auto safety bill in decades why? I believe your exact words were, "he's a commie who wants to destroy America.
" Why? Because the auto industry spent $50 million to buy them off, just like Jupiter is trying to buy off its victims.
Everyone gets paid to keep quiet.
Which is why we can't.
Even if it means getting into bed with Ralph Nader.
Well, at least you can respect him in the morning, right, Cyrus? Al, it's an important case.
We win it, we save lives.
Not about dad.
And this won't take you someplace dark, raise any Garza demons? I just told you, we're partners.
I start feeling any demons tugging on me, I'll let you know.
No secrets.
You go ahead.
I need to call Claire.
Hey, okay, so listen, corner suite, tickets to the Tigers game.
Wow, you know, having a wife feels pretty good.
Love you too, honey.
Hey, it's Garza.
Yeah, you got any room for me? Hey.
So does Doc know you're here to play? Yeah, well, who says Doc has to know? Gentlemen.
Okay, this is too good.
"Jupiter-our community, our caring.
" Do you know that they have a credo? Found the names of the other accident victims, and you are in luck.
Looks like two of them live within driving distance.
Ooh, thanks.
They also have a lot of job opportunities.
You know, in case your love affair with Garza falls through.
I appreciate you getting back to me.
Yeah, well, when it doesn't and I'm the future Mrs.
Garza, and I fire you, looks like they're hiring an I.
That is the first funny thing you've said.
Great, they're gonna come right over.
And kinda genius.
Listen, I have a contact with the state police.
They wanna meet you and Eddie at the impound lot where they took Farwell's car, walk the two of you through the accident.
I just found these in the files the Nader folks sent over.
It's a recall notice for Jupiter coupes from last year.
The recall is due to steering rod malfunctions.
Farwell drove a coupe.
Except his was a 2008.
And Jupiter didn't recall anything here, only in Japan.
Maybe their American cars are better.
Wow, an American-made car better than a car made in Japan? Yeah, well Speaking of crappy cars, I've got a job interview in Detroit.
Ask Mereta, it was her idea.
I have no idea what she's talking about.
How's Claire? Uh, great.
I told her all about the case.
I'm good.
Excellent, because this one was for me.
And the other, you are not going to believe.
You know, I've got one of these in my office.
Took me about three hours to reel him in, you? Uh, took me four.
But then, I was 12, and I needed my dad's help.
Warner Quinn.
VP, Jupiter Avior.
Big fan.
Said he was in the neighborhood.
Yeah, I had to see some friends on the hill.
Thought I'd just stop by and, well, personally tell you how moved I was when you left the court to commit yourself to justice.
Really, it was very inspiring.
I also thought you should take a look at this.
And I'm not saying that we at Jupiter don't feel for Mr.
Farwell, but I think you'll agree that three DUIs and two stints in rehab probably contributed to this tragic accident.
It clearly puts his character into question.
You been to see Mr.
Farwell? No, no, I He's at St.
Michael's Hospital, room 441.
How about we talk about my commitment to justice after you've paid him a visit? Like I said, big fan.
See that right there? That's the tie rod.
It connects the front wheels to the steering system.
- It looks broken.
- It is.
And when that happens, you lose control over one of your tires.
That's terrifying.
Yeah, but not conclusive.
How do we prove that that's what caused the accident? Skid marks will show your left tire going one way, your right going another.
Thing is, when Al called, said you were coming, I pulled a report, thinking you'd want to see photos from the scene.
We'd love to.
You and me both.
They weren't there.
Thank you.
Where are you going? Beltway to look for skid marks.
At rush hour? I-I-I'm sorry, there might be skid marks out there, but I'm not gonna risk my life to find out.
Okay, well, would you rather do it at 4:00 in the morning when there's no traffic? No way I'm looking for tire tracks at 4:00 in the morning.
I'm a lawyer, not a state trooper, that's why I gotta get outta this job.
Get out of it? You turned down a clerkship with Justice Esposito to take it.
In a moment of madness.
Now that I've regained my sanity, I set up an interview with Saltman-Fink.
The firm that your girlfriend works at? Yeah, the one that offers first-year associates 150k and lets them litigate.
Ugh, I'd rather cross the beltway at rush hour than argue in court.
It's Garza.
And no, I haven't told him yet, so please no pillow talk.
Hi, Justice.
How'd it go with Al's contact? He says skid marks are the key.
Either there were no pictures taken at the scene, or the ones that were magically disappeared.
I saw the news report, Eddie.
Air traffic copter took video.
Okay, subpoena it.
Hi, Justine Brock? Yes? Hi, I'm Cyrus Garza.
This is my partner Al Druzinsky.
We're lawyers, and we're representing a gentleman who was hurt driving a Jupiter coupe.
We understand that you were involved in a similar accident.
Just had a few questions for you, ma'am.
I would, but I gotta get to work.
It'll only take about five minutes of your time, ma'am.
Brock? Ms.
Brock, we don't need nice ride.
Yeah, we hear you on that, but can you at least tell us if there was an issue with the steering? I told you.
I don't remember.
We stopped at your house first.
Workman over there says you're putting in a new pool.
I tried that.
Yeah, that too.
I'm so boned.
I gotta go.
Otis? Uh hi, I'm Jill.
I'm here to interview for the tech support job listed on your web site.
The woman up front told me to come see you.
But if now's a bad time, I can No! No, no, but the company's server crashed.
And since I can't fix it, I'm gonna be canned.
So you might wanna interview for a job with somebody who actually has one.
Maybe maybe I can take a look.
I don't see what difference that makes.
The difference is, well, see, a month ago, you were hanging with presidents, and today a postal worker wouldn't give you the time of day, man.
A postal worker with an $80,000 car.
Not to mention, a waiter with a pool.
And no one wants to talk.
'Cause Jupiter got to 'em first.
Call 911.
Oh, man.
Cyrus, wait.
Just wait.
911 emergency.
Yes, I'd like to report a break-in.
Some guard dog you turned out to be, rehnquist.
Okay, okay, let's take your bookie off the table.
Anybody else got a beef with you? Well, we got a case against Jupiter right now, but you know, there was a guy out front the other day, seemed like maybe he was watching the place.
White guy with a buzz.
Mean anything to you? No.
Did you get a make on the car? Plate? Nothing.
Didn't think much of it, soNothing.
You know, Detective, we've been through a lot here.
So if there's nothing else-if you think of anything - Sorry about the fish.
- Yeah.
Catch another one.
There's some guy sitting outside my house, and you don't say anything to me? Well, when I saw him you were upstairs with the reporter.
We thought it was a pissed-off husband.
All right, well, so much for no secrets.
Going forward, anything suspicious, we talk about it.
You have no idea why this place was broken into? I don't know.
But that buzz cut guy, I think he works for senator Vidalin, who did threaten me when I left the court.
What do you mean threatened you? Well, he barked about feeling betrayed, high school stuff.
But ever since then, that side of beef has been shadowing me.
Well, Cyrus, maybe it's Jupiter.
After all, they could've lined his pockets.
Maybe, I don't know.
But until we do, let's just keep this between us.
Yeah, yeah.
I could use some good news.
You near your computer? Uh, yeah, kind of.
Okay, I set up a secure website.
Go online, type in "ssl.
" You do? Yeah, part otter, part duck, part beaver.
- What's not to love? - Okay, I'm gonna put you on speaker.
You accessed Warner Quinn's email account? I know, I'm amazing.
You know, I wasn't on the Supreme court, but isn't this against the law? Not if you work for Jupiter.
And Quinn was emailing from employer-provided equipment.
You work for Jupiter now? Mm-hmm.
42,000 a year, plus benefits.
Okay, now click on the email with an attachment.
It's from the coupe division's annual retreat last month on mackinac island.
You're watching Quinn, right? Uh, yeah, yeah.
The mic caught this woman off-camera talking about Quinn.
Did you tell Quinn it wasn't safe? Yes.
And what did he say? Oh Hang on a second.
Hey buddy, how were the red hot chili peppers? Really? I'm so psyched.
Boring, boring, boring, boring, boring.
Bye, Paul! Now, the gold.
What did Quinn say? He said we never had this conversation.
I feel like going up to him and shoving one of his defective tie rods down his throat.
"Tie rod down his throat, " I love that line.
Okay, so who is she? No idea.
I went through the video three times, she never appears.
But at least she knows there was something wrong with the steering.
And this proves that Quinn did too.
Okay Uh, looks like we're gonna be joining you up in Detroit.
So that that's it? That's what you gathered us here for? To watch a video that proves absolutely nothing except that we at Jupiter throw a damn good party? Warner.
It also proves that someone at that retreat thought there was a tie rod defect.
Oh, please.
Could've put that woman's voice on the video yourself.
Well, as your corporation counsel knows, a jury probably won't see it that way.
This is ridiculous.
And I have work to do.
Let's hear what they have to say.
Well, we've prepared a settlement offer.
Three million for Mr.
Farwell, and an immediate recall of all coupes.
We should be suing them.
That video is company property.
We're gonna need a little time.
Our plane leaves in three hours.
Same as it took you to reel in your imaginary marlin.
So much for being a big fan.
Farwell Laurie, right? Hi, Cyrus Garza.
How's it going here? They say he'll probably be off the ventilator in a couple of days.
Oh, that's great.
So Jupiter countered.
They're offering $10 million.
Oh, my gosh.
But they didn't agree to the recall.
The offer is contingent on keeping the details of the accident secret.
You can't ever talk about it.
So they're not gonna fix the defect? Not if you accept their offer.
And if we don't? We go to court.
We prove that the accident was based on a defect that the company knew about.
What if we lose? I mean, we have hospital bills.
And dad, who knows when he's gonna go back to work.
I understand.
See, they've put your family in a terrible spot here.
You can do something to make sure that this never happens to anyone else.
I don't care about anyone else.
I care about my dad.
I get that.
But you you're in a position to save people's lives.
I understand.
I don't understand! The Farwells deserve the money, but you can't just let a company get away with murder.
That's not what we're doing, Mereta.
We are listening to our clients, which we are legally obligated to do.
You know what, lawyers are legally obligated I am going to tell everybody I know.
Uh, great.
Then we'll be disbarred.
Who broke the fish? We should be disbarred.
I mean, everybody knows that the cover-up is worse than the crime.
It's not a cover-up.
It's a secret settlement.
They're legal in 49 states.
Yeah, because every time a state senator tries passing legislation to ban them, he gets bought out by some corporate lobbyist.
The reason we have secret settlements is because they're a win-win.
In this case, Mr.
Farwell gets $10 million, Jupiter gets the secrecy it wants, and most importantly, an overburdened legal system has one less case to try.
Do you have anything to add? I do.
What Eddie's saying is that we should put the system before the individual.
Right? Which is exactly why you left the court.
Isn't that why you're here? Why we all are here? To prevent things like this? Hey.
Thanks for coming by.
You all right? You sounded pretty down when you called.
No, I'm good, I'm good.
It just was a tough day, so I need a little cheering up.
Oh, yeah.
Sit down.
Can I get you a drink? Yeah.
I'll take a beer if you have any.
You got it.
Settled a big case today.
So why the long face? As part of the settlement, the company gets to keep on making a defective product.
What company? Oh, you know, if I told you that it would be violating the terms of the settlement.
Cyrus, the public has a right to know.
Really? I missed that part of the bill of rights.
- Oh, come on, not for attributions? - Sorry.
- On background? - Nope.
- Off the record? - Off the record The beer is out back.
- Just give me a minute? - Sure.
Take your time! Here we go.
Now what can I do to cheer you up? Hmm? No worries.
I'm feeling better already.
So am I.
Man, if you don't get your ass outta bed Gotta say, not who I was expecting.
Know what I wasn't expecting? A call at 7:30 from Alison mills, telling me that Jupiter had pulled the offer.
And spare me the surprise, Cyrus.
It was your girlfriend who called mills to confirm some secret settlement which you, apparently, didn't think was so secret.
I invited this girl over, and I left something out, and she took it.
And given what's at stake I can live with that.
Well, hopefully Mr.
Farwell can too.
They just told me downstairs.
Laurie, I am-I'm so sorry for your loss.
Dad had a blood clot in his lung.
He was burned over 70% of his body, and he died of a blood clot.
Thank you for working out the settlement.
You know, it gave him such peace knowing that his family was taken care of.
Actually Jupiter pulled the offer.
I don't understand.
We had an agreement.
We did.
But somehow, a reporter got ahold of the settlement offer, and when the company found out, they reneged.
What does that mean? Well, we're gonna have to go to court.
Go to-go to court? But we could lose! We're not gonna lose.
If we lose, we get nothing! Just listen to me, please.
We are not going to lose.
We're going to win.
Okay, guys, so what have we got? I subpoenaed the chopper video, but so many cars piled up that you can't see the road.
SoNo skid marks.
Any other accident victims? Jupiter's got 'em signed, sealed, and delivered.
Well, that leaves us the woman in the Jupiter video.
Yeah, I got a list of everyone who attended the retreat.
There's over 400 names.
You can go through them with Eddie and Mereta.
Yeah, but even if they find her, she can't testify to what happened to Mr.
And now that he can't do that either, how do we prove our case? Looks like we have to prove it by calling his daughter.
Absolutely not.
What Mr.
Farwell told his daughter is hearsay.
Which is admissible under the excited utterance exception.
That exception is for comments made immediately after startling events.
I can't think of anything more startling than a head-on collision.
Farwell wasn't even conscious until 12 hours after the accident.
He communicated with his daughter as soon as he was able.
Allegedly communicated.
And since he's not here for us to cross-examine you feel there's prejudice, I get it.
But under the circumstances, I doubt Mr.
Farwell had formulated anything into a lie.
SoI'm going to allow her to be called.
We convene Friday at 10:00.
There you are.
I said 7:00.
Would you tell the senator that Justice Garza would like to speak with him? Things I do for love.
Oh, Patty, you're leaving so soon! Oh.
Cyrus, this girl is just fabulous.
Oh, I know.
We did the show together.
Oh, of course.
Of course, and this is her husband, Charlie.
He's in hedge funds, but don't tell anyone.
We should really be going.
I thought the show was great.
Well, your wife was tough on me.
Couple of times I had to beg for mercy.
Thank you for having us.
Charlie? Senator.
I'm told you've been playing a lot of golf.
Cut the crap, Claire told me you have something to say.
Only that I admire the way you shake people down to give to your charity.
I believe everyone here has some business before the committee you chair.
Including your boss.
I'll commit to raising $100,000 if you lay off Claire.
184 women attended the retreat.
And of those, 65 were working in some area related to product safety.
These 65.
But how do we even know that's where the woman in the video worked? We don't.
We don't know anything about her.
That's the problem.
Yeah, well whoever she is, she talks to her teenager like he's a six-year-old.
Check this out.
Hey, buddy, how were the red hot chili peppers? Really? I'm so psyched, you scored.
Mommy wants to hear all about it when she gets home.
Okay? Bye, Paul.
What if he is six? And scored at a red hot chili peppers concert? Lots of six-year-olds score on teams with names like the red hot chili peppers.
When I was six, I was on the yellow submarines.
Wow, you and I just really have nothing in common.
Um, uh The retreat was in September, right? Yeah.
Why? What are you doing? Soccer is played in the fall, right? I'm looking for an a.
with the name the red hot chili peppers in Detroit.
And nothing.
Jupiter's headquarters is in Detroit, but the coupe's manufactured in Camden.
Check that.
"Camden, red hot chili peppers, a.
" Roster.
Bill, Phil, Joe, Paul.
There's a-there's a Paul Phillips.
Phillips, Phillips, Phillips.
Athena Phillips, 635 arcadia way, Camden.
In your dreams, I'm kissing you right now.
Thank you.
Hey, there.
Is your mommy home? Can I help you? We're attorneys working on a product liability case against Jupiter Avior.
Well, it's about time somebody did.
Hey, Paulie, why don't you go inside, okay, buddy? We'd like to speak with your wife.
Athena passed away three months ago.
I'm so sorry.
We-we had no idea.
Jupiter killed her.
Yeah, sure I know what Athena told Quinn was unsafe.
Tie rods.
She told him a million times.
Did she leave any proof? Any reports, or findings, company documents? The week before she passed, Athena put all her papers in a box.
It seemed like she was spring cleaning.
And then I found out she'd given them to a lawyer, and gotten some kind of seal.
Like a protective order? All I know is I can't get them.
And I tried.
Her lawyer told me that they're sealed until Paul turns 18 And he's old enough to read them and understand what happened.
I'm so sorry, it's the justice.
Excuse me.
Yeah? I don't mean to pry or anything, but I noticed that you're not in any of the pictures.
And the fact that your wife seemed to exclude you from the papers just seems a little bit yeah, I had moved out of the house about a month before she died.
Killed herself.
I was the one that wanted the separation.
I was never a particularly good husband.
And Athena it was tough on her, you know? Yeah, so I guess you could say it wasn't only Jupiter that killed her.
Garza says we need to get a court order in order to unseal the box.
Which means you need to get it because I have a job interview.
What? No.
No, no, no, no, no relax, relax, relax.
Mereta, what's the big deal? I've read your briefs, they're amazing.
Yeah, I write my briefs.
I don't speak my briefs.
I'm terrified of public speaking.
Lots of people are scared of-I'm not scared.
That's right, I'm diagnosable.
I'm not doing this.
Well, you have to.
Drop me off at the train, and don't worry about Lucinda.
I'm sure if she needs another car she'll just steal one.
Farwell, did your dad tell you what happened the night of his accident? Yes.
Please describe that for the jury.
He told me he was driving home from my brother's when a truck suddenly slowed in front of him.
There was no time to stop, so he turned the steering wheel, trying to avoid a collision.
But the car didn't turn.
It just rammed into the truck in front of him.
Now was your dad placed on a ventilator after his accident? Yes.
So how could he tell you what happened? I'd ask him questions, and he'd write his answers.
Mostly yes or no.
With just yes or no answers, how was he able to give you such a detailed description of the accident? I asked him a million questions.
We pieced it together slowly.
He wanted me to know the truth.
Did your dad ever write something other than "yes" or "no"? Only once.
And when was that? When I asked him why the accident happened.
And what did he write then? He wrote "steering wheel.
" Nothing further.
First of all, Ms.
Farwell, let me say that I am so sorry for your loss.
The night of the accident, your father was driving home from your brother's house.
Why was he there? It was his grandson's birthday party.
And was there cake and ice cream? Yes.
Billy was turning six.
And did your father eat the cake and ice cream? I think so.
Yeah, we all did.
But wasn't your father a diabetic? Yes, but he controlled it with medication.
Really? Because The admitting nurse did find that his blood sugar levels were over 500.
Which is why they treated him with Insulin.
After he was admitted.
But before, while he was driving, she noted that his blood sugar level was so high that he was suffering from diabetic ketoacidosis.
And do you know what the symptoms of diabetic ketoacidosis include? No.
Sleepiness and confusion.
Isn't it possible that this tragedy had nothing to do with a steering wheel problem, but happened because your father was either too sleepy or too confused to react in time? My father told me what happened.
Right, he wrote all his answers down.
Yes, he did.
And did you keep the paper he allegedly wrote on? No, I didn't.
How convenient.
In clover versus Newark, the court held if documents are relevant to a prior-a prior-no, not a prior, a continuing a continuing or ongoing crime In clover versus Newark Of course, I admire Justice Garza.
But his firm isn't the place where I want to be right now.
If they're relevant to a crime, then the state's interest in unsealing them outweighs the attorney's fiduciary obligat fiduciary-fi-duc-i-ar-y obligation.
Fiduciary? Ugh.
It's more of a boutique firm, really.
It's, it's, uh hey, hey, how'd it go? I can't do it.
Just too intimidating.
Help me.
Oh, help me.
Please just say something, go.
Um, okay, okay.
Uh, okay.
This is, um-this is what I think.
I think I think that you need to forget about everybody else and just focus on you.
I I I don't think that that's helping me very much.
Well, I'm just getting started.
See what you're doing is you're forgetting who you are in the equation.
And you are this really strong, and independent, and beautiful woman.
So you just need to get in there and forget about the drama of the moment.
Don't get caught up in it, and just know that you're gonna be fine.
Franks? Hi, that's me.
You're gonna be better than fine.
You're gonna be great, okay? You really think so? Yeah, I do.
I gotta go.
Hi, sorry.
Big case.
Client's got me working 24-7.
Which is fine.
Great, actually, I love it.
Nice tie.
Thanks, this way.
Let's go.
Whew, okay.
You can do this, you can do this.
I did it.
I won.
I'm at the house, and thanks to you, I got the box.
Mereta was driving Lucinda's car.
So? So It could be buzz cut's after her, not you.
What'd the guy look like? I think it's the guy that Al saw.
Crew cut, crazy eyes I've never been so scared in my life.
He just came up out of nowhere, and he had something in his hand.
I mean, it could've been a gun, and I was alone.
Alone? Wh-where was Eddie? Eddie? Yeah.
Eddie Eddie's mom got really sick.
Yeah, so I took him to the train station.
You are the worst liar of all time, second only to Eddie.
You know that esposito clerkship he says he turned down? Yeah.
I checked that out.
He never got that job.
Okay, this doesn't make any sense.
We have Phillips on tape saying the coupe's unsafe, but then this report she signed in 2009 gives it a clean bill of health.
She obviously changed her mind since then, but we have no proof of that.
I think we do.
The plaintiff calls Warner Quinn.
Did you know Athena Phillips? Yes, she is my chief safety engineer.
In 2008, did Ms.
Phillips submit a safety report on the tie rods in the coupe? Yes, she did.
And what did it conclude? That they were perfectly safe.
Now, Mr.
Quinn, isn't it true that Ms.
Phillips gave you a preliminary report indicating that, in fact, there was a defect in the tie rod? What? No.
And that you pressured her into burying those findings and issuing a positive report? No, that's not true.
It's not true that she begged you to revise that report? No.
To go public with the tie rod defect and recall the coupe? Objection, no foundation.
Didn't she write you an email on September 23, 2009, saying, "re: Tie rod defect.
I must insist on publishing my original findings"? I have no idea.
I'm not surprised, since you didn't respond.
How about January 28, 2010? Do you remember that day? Not particularly, no.
A man died driving a coupe that day.
And after reports came out that the accident may have been caused by a tie rod defect, didn't Ms.
Phillips send you another email saying, "re: Tie rod defect.
We have to meet.
"It's not about me and my report anymore.
It's about the fact that people are dying"? I don't recall.
April 13, 2010, in "re: Tie rod defect.
I wish I hadn't agreed to whitewash my findings.
" You remember that one? No.
May 15, 2010, "re: Tie rod defect.
I should never have let you keep this quiet.
" May 28th, 2010, "re: Tie rod defect, please.
I'm begging you.
" June 2nd, 2010 this is after two more deaths.
Tie rod defect.
I can't take this anymore.
You must do something.
" She sent you 34 emails begging you to take the coupe off the market.
And you didn't respond to a single one because you didn't care.
But Athena Phillips did.
And one week after the final email, in her guilt, she took her own life.
Now, that's what happened, isn't it? I have no idea.
I didn't read her emails because she sent them after she had been fired.
Now, before I fired her, she said that the coupe was fine.
After I fired her, she said different.
And really, that's all those emails are.
It's just a it's a disgruntled ex-employee who would say anything to make the guy who fired her look bad.
Your honor, I have plaintiff's exhibit six.
And with court's permission, I'd like to read it into evidence.
What is it? Athena Phillips' suicide note.
Objection! At best, it's completely collateral.
At worst, it's a ghoulish look into an obviously troubled mind.
Yes, it was a very troubled mind.
And I want the jury to hear why.
I want them to hear what this woman was thinking about the day she put a bullet in her head.
I'll allow it.
"Dear Paul, luca, and Isaac, "by the time you read this, you will be big boys.
"But now, you're beautiful little angels.
"My angels.
"It's so hard for me to leave you, "but I am overwhelmed by what I've done.
"I've tried to fix it, but I can't, "and I can't live with that.
"I'm leaving some papers in this box "because one day I want you to know who I was.
"I did an unforgivable thing, "but I'm hoping, praying that if anyone can forgive me Maybe you can.
" Garza.
Let me start by saying that we are pleased with the verdict.
And while no amount of money can repair the loss Ms.
Farwell has suffered, $20 million in damages can start a pushback against secret settlements that allow big companies to get away with murder.
Now I never met Athena Phillips.
But perhaps some good has come from her tragedy.
We fully expect Jupiter to issue an immediate recall on all coupes.
And when they do, and people's lives are saved because of it, they'll have her to thank.
Can you tell us Seriously? You think he's hot? It's not that, I I-I think he's charismatic.
I don't know, he just cares.
Oh, speaking of caring How's your mom? Me? Fine.
That's what I thought.
All right, well, I'm gonna leave you two alone.
Oh, but be careful.
She's been watching Garza on tv.
I think she's in heat.
So how'd it go? You get the job? Last month, esposito.
This month, Saltman-fink.
Everywhere I go, it's the same response.
But you know, at the end of the day, I think it would be weird working with my girlfriend, so Yeah.
Yeah, definitely.
It'd be weird.
Plus, we got a great thing going on here.
And you're a huge part of that.
My own personal panic room.
I can't let you go.
I'd freak out.
What are you drinking? Dude! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Oh! You're gonna catch a bigger one, man.
I guarantee it.
But you gotta get going.
You're killing me, man.
All right, I hate to say this.
But you were right.
I keep wanting to put things back the way they were, and I can't.
I took this case thinking that it would make me feel better, that, uhSlay some of the demons there.
That's the thing with something like this, you you never feel better.
Yeah, you do.
Just takes time, man.
Let's get outta here.
Catch a fish.