Outsiders (2016) s02e12 Episode Script

What Must Be Done

1 Previously on Outsiders What's that? The end of your career.
G'WIN: We're going on this run.
We're only gonna take back what's owed us, water and flour, that's all.
- What are you doing here? - They dropped poison from the air above onto our fields.
- Yeah, Houghton, go ahead.
- DISPATCH: Armed robbery - in progress.
- It's your people, isn't it? Put your hands up, Farrells.
(gunshots) (grunts) SALLY-ANN: Was counting the money from the fight last night and something ain't right.
Butch is out, and I'm handling Hasil's stuff from now on.
Saw him today, man who killed Breece.
You're under arrest for the murder of Breece Dobbs.
Could've shot him dead right there.
- But you didn't.
- Drop your gun, Wade! BIG FOSTER: I'm walking away now, Sheriff.
(engine revs) MEYERS: Those samples, they're only gonna prove you wrong.
HAYLIE: When those results come back, you're gonna be going to jail.
I tried.
- (phone rings) - Yeah? Elon? (breathing heavily) Elon! (engine running, then sputtering) (panting) It's dead.
Looks like we're walking.
(panting) You all right? Yeah.
(spits) We should get moving.
(country blues music playing) The dawn is up, there's fire on the mountain They'll have to answer for their crooked claim The hollows they'll surround them And they'll go running back To the wretched realm they came Nor will the dogs of hell refrain And the land Will suffer those who came.
(indistinct conversations) (helicopter blades whirring) Now, the ligature marks on the neck are consistent with the, uh, bathrobe that was removed from the scene.
Petechiae on the forehead and under the eyelids, congestion.
Her arms and legs are scratched up pretty good, too, but, uh, that occurred prior to the time of death.
It's, uh it's pretty straightforward.
She just hung herself in her hotel bathroom? Yeah, it looks that way.
I haven't finished my full exam, but so far, I see nothing to suggest anything other than suicide.
I don't get it.
I mean, I saw her two days before, and she told me she never felt better.
Yeah, well, I guess, uh, "never better" means something different to everybody, doesn't it? (sighs) (Houghton sighs) Find anything? Hell of a suicide note.
- HOUGHTON: That's it? - Yeah.
You find any of those, like, little Mason jars? The type of things people drink shine from? No, nothing like that.
Got her phone.
- It's got a lock on it? - Yeah.
(softly): Yeah.
Just go.
MEYERS: Haylie Grimes' death was a shock to all of us.
She was as tough and dedicated as they come.
The situation in Blackburg was stressful, I'm sure, but I understand that she was also dealing with family issues Haylie was a friend, so, please, cut the bullshit.
Meyers, I think I speak for both Don and the lieutenant governor when I say there are some very real concerns about how things have unfolded in Blackburg on your watch.
We got ourselves a goddamn train wreck down there, huh, Matt? You know I love you, I know you, I respect you, but gee whiz, I've lost track of the number of ways that you've dicked this thing up.
A $2 million fence that couldn't keep a rabbit out, thank God we dumped that.
Got a bunch of citizens scared out of their minds by some outlaw hillbillies, running around, doing whatever they damn well please including breaking each other out of prison, shooting an off-duty cop.
We're also concerned about the recent Internet security issues.
SHAW: Yeah, don't even get me started on that Internet crap.
Holy Mary, Mother of God.
I mean, all these folks around here already think that we're all in bed together, they don't need to hear the springs squeaking.
May I speak? I take full responsibility for the situation in Blackburg.
And I would like to tender my resignation, effective immediately.
What? You are now free to send your guard units up Shay Mountain and arrest and imprison every Farrell man, woman and child, because they've made it clear they're not going - without a fight.
- Come on, Matt.
You know as well as I do how that's gonna go over in the governor's office with an election year coming around the corner.
Yes, I do.
Nobody wants the state of Kentucky up on that mountain.
Heck, half the county supports the Farrells, they think they're the last free people in America.
I think it's time to request federal support.
Oh, come on, Matt, damn it, you know that Washington does not have a dog in this fight.
Not yet.
But if I am somehow allowed to continue in my failure, there is a plan in place that would force Washington's hand.
- Which is what, exactly? - Wait, whoa.
Son, you don't want to ask questions you might not want the answer to.
So y-you have a plan.
I do.
PORTER: Eric Steven Thompson, not Gordon Jerrod, correct? No? How about Timothy Aldrich? Wanted for bombing the offices of Heartland Energy, Parmelee, South Dakota, May 1, 2015? Killed some poor schmuck, working overtime chasing a promotion.
Look, if I'm being charged with something, can you at least tell me what it is? Yeah, that's not exactly our line of work.
But by all means, keep playing dumb.
Because the people who will charge you for murder, among other things, they're only a phone call away.
Or not.
All depends on your willingness to play ball.
Parmelee was a mistake.
That building was supposed to be empty.
PORTER: See? That wasn't so hard.
First step in coming to Jesus is to admit that you done wrong.
TECH: It's clean.
What do you want from me? Making friends seems to be a talent of yours and right now that's very valuable to me, and to you, as it turns out.
PORTER: So, Gordo, what do you say? Want to make some new friends? Hi.
(groans softly) (gun cocks) Beautiful day, isn't it? BIG FOSTER: Well, well, well, well.
Lookie here.
You are a lost little lamb indeed, ain't you? PHIL'UP: No, he's more wolf than lamb, if you ask me.
Seems he came up the morning side trails.
You're intruding on Farrell land, our land.
Now you're not from these parts, so we'll spare the mistake.
Oh, I'm not here by mistake.
My name is Gordon Jerrod.
And like you, I'm no friend of big coal.
In fact, I've been fighting them for years.
What's your purpose here? To warn you.
You made yourself heard.
People know what One Planet is doing up here, they're poisoning your food, your water, and people are angry.
- Oh, well, then good.
- GORDON: Yeah, it would be good, - but then you shot a cop.
- Oh, that ain't true.
We didn't shoot no one, especially not no cop.
Besides, we-we was shot at first.
Now, look, it's all the reason they needed.
A National Guard regiment arrived yesterday.
And One Planet is coming up here to end this once and for all.
You know that granite wall just south of here? - Yeah, The Drop.
- Yeah.
Well, they're gonna blow that all to hell.
A load of dynamite arrived yesterday.
The coal company is keeping it stored at a construction site, just outside of town.
They're gonna carve a path for their troops, their machines, whatever they want.
How soon? Soon.
"Soon," he says.
What's that mean? Two weeks? Two days? If they blow up The Drop, what's to stop 'em? Nothing.
That's what.
- He's right.
- PHIL'UP: I say we fight.
I was born on this mountain and I'll die on this mountain.
We can't take on no army.
Okay, we got old and young among us.
We've only got supplies to carry us through the winter, not to take on a fight that we can't win.
LIL FOSTER: All right, but if he's telling the truth, they got dynamite.
Maybe just go steal it.
That'd buy us some time.
Go see if this lostie is telling the truth.
But don't take your eyes off him, not for a second.
- You understand? - BIG FOSTER: I understand.
See right there? That green and red pod right there? Inside there, 280 sticks, 190 gram cylinders, Dyno Nobel, all top grade.
I have the code to unlock it.
We got to take out the security cameras, we got to figure out what to do about the guards and their dogs.
And we got to do it soon.
Saturday night no workers, only two guards.
We ain't got to worry about them dogs.
Yeah, them guards ain't no concern, either.
Yeah, well, don't be so sure.
They brought in their own guys, professional security contractors.
These aren't mall rent-a-cops.
Seems like you know all there is to know.
Well, I stole every secret they have.
Well, maybe you got a secret or two of your own.
Hmm? Maybe at the end of this, the law will be waiting for us down there and that's your plan? That sound about right? Look, if you don't trust me, that's fine.
That's your choice.
But the fact is, there's dynamite in there, and they're gonna use it.
LIL FOSTER: All right, listen to me, lowlander.
I'll die before I go back into one of their jail cells and I'll take you with me.
You understand that? Yeah.
(music playing low in background) (kissing) (low rumbling) (rattling) (vehicles approaching) Hasil, just come back.
(sighs) Get back here.
All this new law in town.
Just ain't no end to it.
I just can't figure it.
I mean, going on a run for flour and for water.
We do without plenty up on that mountain, but the Farrells, they ain't ever lacked for food.
What do you think happened? I don't know.
(sighs) One thing's for sure.
We brought hellfire down on ourselves this time.
Well, then I guess we just got to stay in bed for a few days.
What happens when we run out of money? I mean, with all this law around, how am I supposed to fight, smarty-pants? That's for me to worry about.
- (scoffs) - I'm your manager now, remember? Mm.
(vehicles approaching) (helicopter blades whirring) (door bells jingle) - What's this? - An address.
One of the early draws cancelled.
You wanted your man in the major leagues, there you go.
Bigger crowds, bigger money.
Tennessee? - Is that a problem? - No.
Hasil sure can't fight around here anymore.
Shit, darling, nobody can.
There's a goddamn uniform on every corner.
(clears throat) That ought to be a good one, though.
Like I said, big leagues.
Look, these ain't no farm boys or barroom brawlers.
Your man best bring his "A" game, or you best bring a shovel.
Did she seem, um, angry? Um, more than usual? Depressed, anything like that? Often, we find that the people might be making some sort of final arrangements, or maybe, uh, even saying good-bye, but it might not have seemed like much at the time.
Uh, no.
HOUGHTON: No? All right, well, it might be an idea if I could have a look at her e-mails - for the last couple of weeks.
- May I ask why? Um, yeah, I'm just checking off the boxes.
Has there been a crime committed? Because we would require a warrant for anything on a company server.
Yeah, okay.
Um, I suppose it'd be the same thing for a cell phone? If it was one the company paid for, yes.
And again, unless there is reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing, not sure why that would be necessary.
Okay, well, uh oh, I almost forgot.
Um, I need to ask you about those jars that she had.
- Jars? - You remember, she came in the office, she had those two old Mason jars with her? I mean, we-we talked about it at the time.
Uh, honestly, Sheriff, I-I don't recall her having any jars.
I'm-I'm sorry.
(beeps) (sighs) (grunts) (sighs) (sniffs, spits) Pepper.
(door bells jingle) There he is.
HOUGHTON: Hey, Donnie.
How's it going, Sheriff? - Uh, yeah, okay.
- Come on back.
I say you're in luck.
If this was eight dot five, we'd be in deep shit, but it's a dot four, so we are cooking with gas.
Now, the first thing that you're gonna do is ask Siri, "What time is it?" All right? - Yeah.
- That's gonna open up your time zones, all right? Then, you're gonna create an entirely new time zone.
- Donnie - Any one'll do.
All right? Then you're gonna share that and that's gonna open up your contacts.
Ah, hell, I'll do it for you.
GORDON: (sighs) Take it easy, fellas.
- Well? - Pack your things.
Head back down the way you came.
Yeah, I though she'd cut you off at the knees.
Guess I was right.
You really don't get what's at stake here, do you? Oh, no, what we get we get a whole lot of noise coming from you.
Most of it lies, you ask me.
So, take your cute little campsite and get the hell out of here.
GORDON: Listen, you want to know the truth? - Yeah.
- Fine.
It's not just the coal company that's after me.
I'm wanted in town.
They're trying to pin some murder on me right now, but it's not true.
(grunts) Go on.
Keep talking.
Yeah, maybe, um maybe, uh, loosen that snake tongue of yours up if I cut a fork in it.
So what do you think about that? If I would have told you the truth, you would have never believed me about the dynamite.
- Just listen to me.
- Yeah.
- Okay? - Uh-huh.
I want to show you something.
See that? That's what they want to do to your mountain.
All right? And this is the equipment they're gonna use to do it.
Now, bringing this up here, it ain't gonna be cheap.
It's gonna cost them dearly.
But I say, let's make it cost more.
Let's not just steal the dynamite, let's use it on that.
For a murderer, you know a lot about who they are and what they're doing, don't you? The coal company is threatening to take me to the FBI unless I came up here and I get information about your people.
But I'm not gonna do that because I want to take them down just as bad as you do.
So that was your plan the whole time.
Get us to help you and then leave us to suffer for it? I need your help, yeah.
But it's them that's gonna suffer.
Look, you don't have to like me Oh, we don't.
but we got to work on this together.
Because in the end, we both want the same thing.
And what's that? To save this mountain.
I don't like it.
They could be biding their time down there, waiting for him to lead us right to them.
Well, maybe, but it don't change anything.
What are all them new machines for and all that law? No, they're coming, and they're coming hard.
Everything we have done has come back on us tenfold.
And now you want to trust an outsider to lead us down a path that's gonna bring an army up here.
LIL FOSTER: What else we gonna do? Just wait for them to come on up here and blast us all to hell? That ain't no plan.
That's suicide.
No, I'm with him.
We we steal that dynamite.
I'm not gonna order you as Bren'in.
Okay, I'm gonna ask you.
Don't lead us down this path.
It will destroy us.
(sighs) (door opens, closes) (knocking "shave and a haircut") You lost? I wanted to offer up my apologies.
What I done was wrong.
It ain't right to cheat no one especially a friend.
So, anyways, there it is.
That's my sorry.
You said it.
It ain't just that.
I don't have many friends, and-and I'm gonna make this right with y'all.
There's got to be something I can do.
Give us your car.
To have? No.
Just to borrow tomorrow night.
Yeah, I heard you're, uh, fighting at the Mill, hmm? That's right.
Yeah, uh, you know, I-I know I screwed up on the manager thing.
I just want to know if you, uh, still need a cornerman.
You know anybody? (chuckles) (Butch laughs) - Oh.
Oh, my man.
- (laughs) - Okay, what am I looking at here? - These flakes here are polychlorinated dibenzo p-dioxin.
- PDPD for short.
- HOUGHTON: Yeah, listen, it's been a while since my last chemistry lesson, so what's that mean? Basically, it's an enhanced version of Agent Orange.
What are you talking about, Agent Orange? You mean like in Vietnam? Yeah, except this stuff's been modified to absorb through the plant root system in addition to its defoliant properties, and it'll stay active in soil for a decade.
- Are you serious? - Yeah.
It's nasty stuff.
Where'd you get it? It's a, uh, it's an open investigation.
Listen, I need you to send me these original samples soon as you're done with them, okay? And, uh, get me the lab results.
This dynamite I know you think it foolish, but it has to be done.
And I come to ask your blessing on it.
(scoffs) What for? You're gonna steal it anyway, ain't that right? If there is a path to glory paved with fury and strife, you're bound to walk it, ain't you? No, you're wrong.
Ain't none of this to glory myself.
This is for the future of this clan.
It's for you and me and all that's come to us.
Then you're wasting your time.
There ain't nothing left between us anymore, Foster, - not a single thing.
- What do you mean "nothing"? That child, it may not be my seed but it is still my blood.
After all I've done for you, you owe me that respect.
All you done is what suited you since the day you came back up here.
All right, now, you listen to me.
I am your husband.
And I have fought for you.
I have honored you.
I have defended you.
I'd have died for you and I would again.
I know you would've, Foster but only because it's easier than living for me.
What we have, it wasn't born out of love.
It was born out of fear, mine and yours, and it was never meant for this world.
All right, G'winveer - I release you from our union.
- No.
- No.
No, no, no! You can't, you can't.
- Three times spoken.
You can't, you can't just release me.
- It's not our way.
- Three times spoken.
Three times to tear our bond asunder.
- No.
- Ayn-tei thee aih.
All right, all right.
What have you done, huh? What've you done? Nothing but hide behind that Oak, blind to all the danger.
- Ayn-tei thee aih.
- All right? And you are weak! You hear me? You are nothing without me standing behind you! - Ayn-tei thee aih.
- No! No! No! - (softly): No.
- It's done.
(softly): No.
It's done.
HOUGHTON: Cause of death is asphyxiation by strangulation, - manner of death, suicide.
- Mm-hmm.
What's this? What's this up here? Subdural hematoma just above the occipital ridge.
It's a, it's a bump on the back of the head.
Some swelling, a small laceration, half inch.
How long that'd happen before she died? I'd say a few minutes before the actual time of death, that's my estimate.
A few minutes? I mean, how'd she manage that? Well, she hung herself in the shower, Wade.
It's a tight space.
She would've convulsed.
You know, muscle activity can last as long as eight minutes, sometimes more.
It's consistent with the manner of death.
(grunting) Come on.
25, 26.
Come on, man, 27, push it.
(grunting) Look, check it out.
That's the guy.
Now, you see that little (karate yell) - move he does there? - Yeah.
That's, like, his signature move.
So, what you think? Well, I think if I was you, I'd I'd bet on the other fella.
(Butch chuckles) (dog barking) (grunts) LIL FOSTER: There's houndsbane in it.
Won't kill them, will it? No, just knock 'em out.
All right.
Let's go.
(dog barks) GORDON: Okay, there they are.
Now, when those cameras go down, they're gonna come running.
Sure you still got the eyes for this, old man? Mm.
You just watch me.
- Ged-gedyah.
- Ged-gedyah.
Looks like the lights are out.
GUARD 2: Yeah, both of them.
Maybe they shorted or something.
GUARD 1: Yeah Check it out.
- Hey, hey! Looking for us?! - Stop right there.
(beeping) Nice.
Garcia, Kowalski, come in.
You guys copy? Put that by the door.
Wire, blasting caps.
Take this.
(chuckles) Good old-fashioned pyro fuse.
(dog whines softly) (clattering) You inside.
Come out right now.
Hands over your head.
Hands where I can see them now! All right! All right, don't shoot! I'm coming out! All right, I'm coming out.
Don't shoot! Okay, okay.
Okay, look, you got to help me, please.
GUARD: On your knees, right there.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Okay, look I was camping and they kidnapped me.
There's one of them still inside.
- Stay right there.
You don't move.
- Okay.
(gun cocks) Be careful.
He's got a gun.
(grunts) (grunts) LIL FOSTER: Y'all take care of those two guards? Yeah, of course we did.
What the hell happened? I thought you said there was only two.
Guess I was wrong.
But I fixed it.
Trust me now? (indistinct conversations) (excited shouting) ANNOUNCER (over P.
): Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to present to you tonight our challenger.
He's the hillbilly hero, Hasil Farrell! (crowd cheering) Hasil, baby.
ANNOUNCER: And his opponent, all the way from the streets of Accra, Ghana, Francois "The Hyena" Achebe! (crowd cheering) REFEREE: Are you ready? Are you ready? Let's do this! (bell clangs) BUTCH: Come on, Hasil, block, block, block, block! Come on, get in there and fight! Let's go! Come on, get up! Come on, Hasil! (both straining) MAN: Go on, choke him out! REFEREE: Stop, stop, stop! Come on! Get up! Illegal strike! Illegal half strike to the back of the head.
Get back to your corner.
Back to your corner.
(distorted crowd cheering) REFEREE (echoing): Subtract one point! One point deduction! Stay back.
Stay back in your corner.
Stay back.
(distorted breathing) (crowd cheering) REFEREE: You can't hit to the back of the head.
Stay there.
Are you okay to continue? Are you ready? Are you ready? Come on, let's do this! (grunting) (Hasil groans) (bell clangs) (echoing): Come on, Hasil.
REFEREE (distorted): Hold still.
Hold still.
You're all right.
Hold still.
That's $11,280.
(chuckles) Count it, if you guys got the time.
- I lost, Butch.
- Yeah, I know you lost.
But I did what you said.
I bet on the other guy.
(clicks tongue, chuckles) All right, party people, I'm out.
I'll see y'all tomorrow.
- Thank you.
- Yes, sir.
Baby, we can get a car.
We can get a new apartment.
We can get a TV, we We can do whatever we want.
That's good.
Hey, what's wrong? In the cage when I was laying there the whole world was spinning around me, and that's when I saw my kin.
They were all looking at me.
Just standing there, looking at me, like they needed me.
Go to them.
No, I can't do that.
I can't just leave you.
(groans) It's not safe.
I don't I don't know what's going on up there.
- Hasil - (groans softly) that's why you got to go.
I'll be right here waiting for you when you get back.
I'm gonna get ready for bed.
See you soon.
(kisses) I love you.
You know that, right? I love you, too, Hasil Farrell.
(sighs) (sighs) All right.
Are we clear on the setup? Blasting caps go in the sticks.
Wire connects the caps to the electronic detonator box.
Yeah, we got it.
All right, then.
I'm gonna head back down.
Still don't like it, him runnin' off, leavin' us with the bag.
Should I have killed those guards? Would that have earned your trust? I told you, I'd die to save this mountain.
Question is: would you? BIG FOSTER: Hey.
Murderer, take a good look around.
Our people been dying for this mountain before you were a twinkle in your daddy's eye.
Don't you ever forget that.
- Ged-gedyah.
- Ged-gedyah.
Let's go.
MEYERS: You helped them steal it, seriously wounding three security contractors, one of whom you hospitalized.
Look, I did what I had to do.
I gained the Farrells' trust.
Do you know where they're storing it, at least? No.
But I know it's up there.
You think this is acceptable? You were supposed to bring us information.
Perhaps you've forgotten how easy it would be for me to feed you to the wolves of the FBI.
What does handing me over to the FBI do for you, besides getting me hauled off? Look, the way I see it, you have one option here, convince the Feds to take 100% responsibility of this.
Catching the Farrells stealing some dynamite it's gonna get you nowhere.
Catching the Farrells in a terrorist act, attempting to blow up the offices of One Planet now, that's a guarantee.
And you can deliver that? I can.
And I will.
Man, you just put a knife right in the Farrells' backs, didn't you? How does a bleeding heart like you live with something like that? Because I don't give a shit about the Farrells.
That's why.
Or any of us.
Humanity is an evolutionary mistake.
We are a toxic virus that has been killing this planet for years.
The only thing I care about is this Earth.
This beautiful, perfect Earth.
That's all.
Well, when that mountain's getting blown into pea gravel and hauled away in trucks, I'll remember you said that.
(quiet clucking) Foster, not now, okay? - It's done.
- This won't take long.
I come to tell you, 'fore you hear it from others, that I went against your word.
We took from our enemy what they would have used against us.
I didn't have to hear it from anyone.
I know what you did.
I did what had to be done.
I offer no sorrys for it.
When I come back up this mountain, I had one mind: to gain your trust and earn your love.
I failed.
And I know that now.
But I learned something since then.
I learned the true reason that I was brought back up here.
'Cause you ain't equal to that Oak.
Not in these times.
And I am no longer bound by your orders.
You are no Bren'in to me.
You'll be the death of this ancient clan, Foster Farrell VI, and destroyer of this sacred mountain.
I love you, G'Winveer, and I always will.
Know that.
But this ain't about love anymore.
We are at war.
And it is a war that I intend to win.