Ozark (2017) s01e06 Episode Script

Book of Ruth

1 - [hammering.]
- [saw whirring.]
[tires squeal.]
[tires screeching.]
Get the fuck away from me.
- [Ash.]
Get up.
- Get the fuck away from me! - Get the fuck up! - What's your problem? - Get the - [man grunts.]
Okay, all right! Get in the truck! [all grunting.]
- Get in the fucking truck.
Get - [grunting.]
I'm not doing the swim team this year.
What? You love swim team.
Not here.
But you haven't even given it a try.
You haven't done it here.
- [Charlotte.]
Mom! - Charlotte [Charlotte.]
Mom! Isn't that Dad's bike up there? Where is he? Just stay in the car.
Stay in the car.
Marty? [dials.]
[crickets chirping ringtone.]
Marty! Welcome to our home, Martin Byrde.
In 1929 power company stole our land, flooded us out.
Snells fled up the mountains, and started all over again.
Trouble is, ain't much grows up here.
Doesn't matter how much you turn the soil.
It's the water.
So the crop had to change.
Do you know what'll grow almost anywhere the sun shine, Martin? Let me tell you.
Sandy soil and drought, they don't care.
But then, you came along - [Marty.]
I think, um I - You think? - Yeah [grunts.]
- You think? You know, the problem we have here is one of power.
And you seem to think you've got more of it than you do.
Now, in these parts, power comes from time.
And our family, we got a history older than anything.
So if you think that you can talk us out of getting what we want with your pretty little words then you have not yet understood the purpose of this tour.
[gasps, coughing.]
You are a threat to my colony, Martin Byrde.
You have disturbed the ecology of our delicate little system, interrupted the back end of our operation when you took over the club, and now you have destroyed our very means of distribution.
- I don't see how I could've possibly - The church, Martin.
The preacher.
We need the preacher on the water.
Certain members in his congregation are in our employ.
The lake is under patrol, his service less so.
Now, you pull that pigeon out of the water and suddenly our resellers are on land and much more likely to be pulled over.
And that will not do.
Cease all construction on the church.
I can do that next month.
Uh [panting.]
but right now my employer would be very upset There's a photo on a table in your living room, your family on a cable car in San Francisco.
Another one at Myrtle Beach.
Across from the couch, there's a window you keep open mostly at night, not 15 feet from your boy's bedroom, up the hall on the right.
And your girl's just after that.
And yours, Byrde, is at the very end.
Your toothbrush is blue.
We know all about you, Martin.
We know you work for someone dangerous and perhaps we can't touch you or else we risk retaliation.
We also know that you left Chicago quicker than a heartbeat.
So, personally, I'm inclined to believe that you're on the outs with your employer and us taking care of you might be doing him a favor.
So if this little tour hasn't done the trick, then we will enforce our demands in a more roundabout way, by our backup plan.
Pastor Mason Young and his lovely, pregnant wife Gracie June.
The construction will never finish.
That's the game.
Okay? And your pastor can stay on the water indefinitely.
Does that work? We don't want another nail.
We don't want another screw in those two acres.
We see so much as a cross goin' up and we will cut that baby out with a paring knife.
- Marty! - Dad? Marty? Call the Blue Cat, see if he's there.
[grunts softly.]
Rachel hasn't seen Dad all day.
Okay, kids, I need you to go to your room right now! - [Charlotte.]
I'm calling 911.
- No, no.
Charlotte? Charlotte, please, honey, just go to your room, all right? [Panting.]
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
He's here.
He's here, Mom.
I don't know what kind of shape the bike's in.
He just came out of nowhere and he just kept going.
He might not have realized he hit me.
Hey, honey.
I'm okay.
I'm here now.
I'm okay.
Oh, my God, your leg.
Yeah, it's gross, but, uh, you know, fortunately, Sue Ellen, uh, Todd's wife, was passing by - Yeah? - and she gave me a ride home.
- Oh, good.
- Which was really nice of her.
But we beat you.
What's that? [Jonah.]
But we beat you here.
You weren't there when we passed, so you must have already been with Mrs.
But we beat you here.
- Um Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
Uh, right.
Yeah, no, she got lost on the way here, and I wasn't paying attention.
- We're just glad you're all right.
- [sighs.]
Lord help you if you eat all my Pringles.
What do you got, like, a date? Shut it, Wy.
You look nice.
[chains jangling.]
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
Hi, Daddy.
I mean, what the fuck kind of place is this? You know? Those people? They're gonna cut a human out of another human? Not if we do what they want.
You know, they've been in this house.
- They know which windows we keep open.
- What? They know the photos that we have, the color of my toothbrush.
What the fuck are they doing inside our house? Casing us.
What do you think? The good news is that we're safe because they're hedging that I'm untouchable, but bad news is I'm not.
But they think you are? - Yeah.
For now.
- Okay.
I mean, Wendy, they they had a gun at my back.
Another one on my head.
Seen too many fucking guns the last three months.
- Seen too much blood - The kids are safe.
You and I are safe.
- But we have to fix this.
- I know.
Every time I check the money, there's less of it.
The stacks are half of what they were a month ago.
So move on 'em.
That cash isn't worth the paper it's printed on if I don't know how to clean it.
You're the smartest person this side of the Mississippi.
Anything you don't know yet, you'll figure.
- It's just, I don't I - It's just what? - [sighs.]
- Just you never done it before? Huh.
First times can be fun, you know.
There's a tingle that happens right before you do it.
Do you ever watch those nature shows? The cheetahs and the gazelles and It's natural selection, Ruth.
A moron's a different species than you and me.
We got a right to take 'em out.
This guy he's a downright numbskull for leaving that shit under his bed to begin with.
You agree? - You agree? - Yeah, I agree.
I think you're right.
A lot of accidents happen on the lake.
Look for opportunity.
Find the scenario you can control and you do what nature intended.
You'll be fine, Ruthie.
You got me inside you.
[male announcer chattering on TV.]
Check this.
Holy shit.
Good? [stammers.]
You could sell this.
- Serious? - Mm-hmm! I mean, you got the eyes in the exact right spot.
You tapered the edges.
Guys would spend five or six bucks for that.
Some suckers, a lot more.
Well, they they could buy a factory fly for 30 cents, do the job just fine.
- [chuckles.]
- Why they buy that? Because rich people are always looking for new ways to spend their money.
- Okay.
- Hey.
Listen I've been thinking about opening a shop down here for a while now.
Bait and tackle.
Sell two-handed rods, waders [sighs.]
all kinds of gear.
Hand-tied flies like this.
What would you say about coming in with me on this? You and me in business? Why not? We'd be stuck.
- So? - [chuckles.]
No, man.
I mean, we'd need we'd need capital.
It'd cost a lot up front.
It doesn't have to be a big place.
We could operate in cash, so we don't have to pay credit card fees.
Still, all that inventory, the rent What about that guy your niece works with? Byrde? - Yeah, get him to invest.
- Not him.
Why not? He seems to be throwing down on a lot of places.
I mean, he just Actually, you know you know what? Hmm? [sighs.]
Real soon I might, uh, have some of my own money to put into this thing.
[Petty stammers.]
God, never use your own money on a venture.
Business manager, he told me that, once, in a Starbucks.
Byrde, he's better.
We could make a business plan get Ruth to make an introduction.
Hmm? Come on.
Come on with me.
- [chuckling.]
Hmm? - Get back.
Stop it.
Oh, no, no, no.
- [sniffles.]
- All right.
All right? I mean, we can we can go to Splitz tomorrow.
Talk to my niece.
It turns out that the lot isn't zoned for a religious establishment.
- Mason? - Yeah? You're gonna get your church.
I promise.
We're gonna sort this out.
But until then, there just can't be any more construction, okay? Not by you, or me, or the crew.
No one.
Good news is that you can get right back out on the water preaching the good word.
"Everything is difficult before it is easy.
" [Charlotte.]
I finished it this morning.
Oh, Right.
Figured you'd want it back in your private library.
Wouldn't believe the late fees they charge.
I haven't seen you around.
You know, uh work.
- Hey, Wyatt.
- Yeah? Got some fiberglass work on the Lucas boat.
Oh, hey.
- Hi.
- Yeah.
Dad, just give me a second.
All right.
Hey, well, it was, uh it was really good to see you.
Oh, yeah, Charlotte.
FT party is this weekend.
- What's that? - Fuck the Tourists.
It's a big locals' thing.
Celebrates the end of summer.
Uh Sounds cool, I guess.
You know, I Not your scene.
Just Sorry.
All right, hand me that patch kit.
It's not you, you know.
- What? - That girl She just doesn't know who she is yet.
I mean, without the church, we're back to the Blue Cat and the club, and I just I don't know if those two can handle the rest of it, you know? [Wendy.]
You'll make it work.
Yeah, what if I can't? What then? We run.
We put the kids in the car, and we run.
You know, we do need money.
We do.
We need money.
We need clean money in our name.
All of our personal assets are wrapped up in that goddamn bulldozed house and the church lot.
- We're fucked.
- Okay.
- Look, you just focus on Del's money - Yeah.
- and I'll worry about ours.
Okay? - Yeah.
Good luck.
This has been the best quarter you've had in seven years, Sam.
- [Sam chuckles.]
- Your sales, they're up 43% from last August.
I mean, while the regional comps, they're down 6%.
I mean, and the only real difference you've made in your in your business model, over the last year, is me.
Well, my mom puts in the extra time, too, though.
Sam, I have to redo everything she does.
I know, but she still puts in the time.
I deserve a bonus.
These cookies are awful.
Did you bake these? Eugenia, would you mind terribly if if we just finished up here? Yes, I would.
We're about to open.
Wendy, go ahead.
What were you gonna say? Since I've been working with you, you've been able to increase your commission from 5 to 7%.
Now, I did some math.
And you've been able to have an additional earnings of $192,000.
I think it's only fair that I should request a bonus beyond my hourly, that will align my total compensation with my value.
- [scoffs.]
- Okay.
What are we talking? Half your increase in income.
Half? [Wendy.]
And, you know, if you don't agree, I thank you for everything, and you know, I'll just go I'll go right on over to, uh, to Lakeview Realty.
- I'll see what they can offer me.
- No.
Mom, just Okay.
I'll give you 10,000.
That coupled with my salary will be a little less than a third of your additional profits, give or take.
- Take.
With you.
- Okay.
This hussy comes in here, bats her eyes and gets your money gone faster than a toupee in a hurricane.
You know, I think I'll just go on and do it, finally.
Change my will.
Give my money to the ASPCA.
Save a stray cat, since that's what you're doing.
Mom [sighs.]
Goddamn it.
And you take care of the open house today.
Mom? - [rock music playing.]
- [overlapping chatter.]
Yeah, listen, Ruth, I'm gonna be coming by tomorrow afternoon with my contractor.
We're gonna reroof the club and we're gonna do a little work in the employees' lounge.
We just redid the employee lounge.
I'm gonna need a ride afterwards.
They need They need another van to help expedite the work, so I'm just gonna leave them mine.
A ride? Yeah.
Sometime in the afternoon.
I'm not sure when.
Uh, yeah, I I can give you a ride.
Thank you.
[knocking on door.]
- [Marty.]
- Hey.
How you doing? There are, like, a dozen staff members outside, all dying to buy you a beer, and you're stuck in your cave - with your worried face.
- Yeah.
You are the worst at celebrating.
Uh, well, listen, we gotta recarpet the rooms, and I've already placed the order, so I'm just waiting to hear if we can, uh, take delivery next week.
We're fully booked next week.
We've got three open suites, so I was just gonna rotate guests as they come, and we'll do the regular rooms first, then we'll do the cabins afterwards.
Why don't we just wait till the off-season? Better to do it now.
'Cause they upcharge in the off-season.
Everybody does their renovations then.
Sound good? [quiet, gentle laugh.]
[rock music continues in distance.]
You know I like this place again? - [thuds.]
- [chuckles.]
And I mean for, like the first time since my grandma died.
You know how I I told you not to get my hopes up? [chuckles.]
Well, they're up.
- Yeah? - They're up.
Okay, well there's a drink with your name on it.
- Thank you.
I'll be up there in a bit.
- Okay.
[door closes.]
Byrde swooping in.
Your kids are in there killing towel heads to heavy metal.
I couldn't hear myself fart.
You know what, Buddy? If it isn't too inconvenient would you shut up? So I can drown my stress in quiet.
- What's itching your crotch? - Shh, shh, shh.
Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
Why'd you move here? I dealt with unions back in Detroit.
And politicians.
There was a bit of trouble.
Came here.
For the Magic Dragon.
What kind of trouble? I killed Jimmy Hoffa.
- [chortling.]
- [laughs.]
Ah, fuck! [coughs and grunts.]
[continues grunting.]
Oh, fuckin' thing - [oxygen hissing.]
- [sniffles and grunts.]
Gonna tell me why you came here? Nope.
[Buddy grunts.]
- [sighs.]
- I was in politics once.
In Chicago.
Obama's second state legislature campaign.
I was good at it.
Goddamn it.
I was really I was really good at it.
I just loved everything he stood for.
What we were all trying to do together.
I quit after Charlotte was born.
Childcare was more than my paycheck, so And now, here I am.
In Nowhere, Missouri.
And Obama's Obama.
Well, he seems like a smart enough guy.
Not that I'd ever vote for a Muslim.
[Wendy chuckles.]
Jesus Christ.
[Buddy coughs.]
Hey, how's that heart? Oh, it's fucking great.
There's a package for you.
Left it on the counter.
It came this afternoon.
[Buddy grunts.]
What are you doing sitting alone in the dark? Wendy? Del sent us something.
[electricity crackles.]
We got a business plan and everything.
We got other shit in motion, moron.
Or did your thick head just forget? I ain't the one who forgot! Way you been sitting on shit, looks like you're the one who lost sight of the goal.
Can you give us just one sec? - No problem.
- Thank you.
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
It's about opportunity.
And without opportunity, you get caught.
And guess what? I got my hands on some good goddamn opportunity this afternoon.
So fuck off.
Bullshit, you do.
What? [scoffs.]
No way.
'Cause you don't got a plan! His dock.
Okay? I'm rigging it to light him up.
I'm gonna give him a ride home, and watch him burn.
Perfect accident.
And if you wanna take that chunk for your payday, and open a bait shop - And tackle.
- then you go right on.
In the meantime, shut your fucknugget mouth and get the hell out.
[door opens, closes.]
What the hell was that about? Fucking bitch, that's what.
Come on.
She's an entitled piece of shit is all.
Fuck! [inhales deeply.]
Russ, what was she talking about in there? What is in motion? Let's just say Marty Byrde isn't gonna be investing in much anymore.
And what does that mean? If you and Ruth are planning on doing something, I wanna know about it.
Especially if it has to do with Hey, would you look at me? Hey! Don't go doing something that's gonna get your ass thrown in jail.
I just fucking found you.
Hey, Anna.
Uh, have you had the chance to look over the handbook? You have any questions? Uh, you know, no, I haven't opened it yet.
Busy few days, huh? - [chuckles.]
- Yeah.
Well, listen, my friends and I are getting some fries on the deck if you want to join us later, maybe.
Um [Zach.]
Naperthrill! Um, I have a thing to do tonight, so I can't.
Well, next time.
So, Zach that invite to Party Cove still good? We're going now.
- Give me five minutes.
- Okay.
["Waiting For You" playing.]
Thought we were beautiful for a second Gave you all control I regret it 'Cause on and on and on You let me fall [inaudible.]
Told you I'd give it all in a minute Found it unusual when you didn't So I'll just wait right here Until you do And I'll just be waiting for you - And I'll just be waiting for you - [cheering.]
[cheering, chattering.]
- [Zach.]
Whoo! - [laughs.]
Uh, I'll just pick you up with the boat, okay? [Marty.]
No, I'll just call Wendy.
I'm sure she can get rid of Sam early and come get me.
It's not a big deal.
I'm on my way.
Meet me at the strip dock.
- Are you sure? - Yeah.
- [switch clicks.]
- [electricity buzzing.]
- ["Black Beatles" playing.]
- Smoke in the air, binge drinking They lose it when The DJ drops the needle Getting so cold I'm not blinkin' What in the world was I thinkin'? New day, new money to be made There is nothin' to explain - It's right there on the left.
- Thanks.
[exhales sharply.]
Beer? I'll take yours.
- You are - What? How old are you? Old enough to drink that beer? Nope.
You sure this is okay? That girl is a real crowd-pleaser Small world All her friends know me Young bull livin' like an old geezer Quick release the cash Watch it fall slowly Frat girls still tryin' to get even Haters mad for whatever reason [no audible sounds.]
[Marty speaking indistinctly.]
You know, I'm not I'm not sure what her what her schedule is, you know? She'll probably be, um, out and about doing something.
Um but somebody should be here around 4:00.
Um, and if not, maybe just put the keys on the you know, on the tire or something like that.
Just on the top of the, um wheel well.
That'd be great.
So, that that works, right? Ruth? - Hello? - Hmm? Can you drop off the van tomorrow? Yeah.
Thank you.
Thanks for the ride.
Oh, and, you know, you've been great at the club.
Thank you.
- Thanks.
- G'night.
[crickets chirping ringtone.]
Yeah, the files are all delivered.
Uh You should be ready to start tomorrow [continues indistinctly.]
- [scoffs softly.]
- [twig snaps.]
You on a rabbit hunt? - [gun cocks.]
- Whoa, whoa.
Didn't mean to bother.
No, I understand.
I get it.
Yeah, it's, uh I really, really, really appreciate it.
Okay? Uh, let's I guess we'll talk in a day or two? Okay.
Thank you so much.
We're getting the carpet by Tuesday.
So [chuckles.]
Where does that leave us? Close.
Very, very close.
That's 16,000 square feet at 69 cents a foot, billed as 32,000 square feet at $8.
75 a foot.
That's $270,000 clean.
The employee locker rooms and the office renovation, that's another $150,000.
And the cabin kitchenettes is at least another $75,000, maybe 80.
All of that is [chuckles.]
Yeah, it's more than close.
That's We're gonna make it.
We're making it.
We're gonna make it.
We're gonna make it.
We're gonna make it.
We're gonna make it.
We're okay.
All right? We're gonna make it.
[Wendy moans softly.]
[breathing heavily.]
[Marty grunts.]
[breathing heavily.]
- [slapping.]
- [grunts softly.]
[rock music playing on radio.]
What the fuck? - [Boyd.]
- [Ruth.]
Did you fuck with my shit? - [Russ.]
The hell you talking about? - [Ruth.]
The dock.
What dock? [Sniffles.]
I rigged it this afternoon.
Thirty fucking minutes later, unrigged.
Marty Byrde steps out safe, sound, not at all electrocuted! You wanna tell me what the fuck happened? [chuckles.]
Oh, shit, you were gonna do it today? - Shut up, Boyd.
- [chuckles.]
Russ, you're the only other person on this fucking planet who knew what I intended.
The fuck are you accusing me of? Hey, maybe you just didn't rig it right, Ruth.
Yeah? Why don't I rig our dock right now and throw you in? Hmm? Then you can tell me if I rigged it right, fuck! Cunt! - Stand back, little girl.
- Fuck off! You unrigged that dock, Russ, huh? Huh? You do it? 'Cause someone fucking fixed that thing.
And I'm sure as shit it wasn't a chipmunk! Why don't you take your tampon outta your ear and listen to Boyd when he says you must have fucked it up? - Russ - Huh? No.
You pussed out, latchkey! You pussed out! The fact is, you ain't nothing but a Jheri-curled nancy just using mind games to fucking buy more time.
Fact is we should have never let a little bitch do a man's job.
[Wendy pours coffee.]
Ruth's gonna return the van this afternoon, so I'm gonna take Buddy's car to work.
Last night, um Yeah? When you You've never done that before.
I thought you'd like it.
What's that supposed to mean? - What does it mean? - Why would you think I would like that? After all these years, you Uh I thought you did.
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
[car starts outside.]
[laptop trills.]
[laptop trills.]
[indistinct chatter.]
Charlie, cop a squat.
Fries? No, thanks.
Have you seen Zach? [Leah.]
He's pulling his boat out today.
- Pulling it out? - Yep.
Done for the season.
He has, like, some work thing over Labor Day, so [Wyatt.]
Pulled her out before he left for Chicago this morning.
He didn't tell you? Heard you two were at Party Cove the other night.
You know, they always leave, Charlotte.
That's the difference between us and them.
And you guess you're one of us now.
[soft sob.]
[knocking on door.]
Thank you for returning her.
- [Ruth.]
No problem.
- Oh, Jesus Christ, Ruth.
No, I'm fine.
- Come in here.
- I gotta get back to the club.
It'll just take a minute.
Come on.
[Ruth sighs.]
Yeah, just just wait right here.
I'll be right back.
Is this a boy? Is it someone at home? It's gonna sting.
- Okay.
- [grunts and sighs.]
- [sharp inhale.]
- Okay.
- One more.
- [inhales sharply.]
Ow, ow.
I tripped.
I tripped once.
Very long time ago.
And then I tripped again.
And then, the third time I told myself I would never go down that trail again.
Too many obstacles.
Charlotte? I thought you were going to brunch.
- Canceled.
- [stammers.]
I gotta get.
Just wait.
Wait, one second.
Okay, now call me if you need anything.
- Thanks.
- Mm-hmm.
Uh Okay, bye.
[door opens.]
[door closes.]
Whatever happened to my toy chest? - [Wendy.]
They lost it.
- How? Sometimes, things just get lost.
I hate it here.
- [sighs.]
- I know.
[door opens.]
What's going on? Oh, well, I was worried about you.
You know, you were so stressed.
Wanted to know what was going on.
- Rachel - What did you know that I didn't? And I, uh And I open up the books here And, um, well, they are pristine.
I mean, really, they're beautiful.
- Rachel - They're also bullshit.
I mean, there is a charge here for June 12th.
June 12th, where you ordered 25 air conditioners.
Now, the thing is, we only installed four, Marty.
And I thought, "Well, that must be a mistake.
" Right? That's gotta be a mistake.
" Which is strange for Pleats, but fine.
That happens.
And then I saw the burger patty order, and the snack bar invoice.
I mean, there's an estimate here for the swim dock that is ten times higher than any sane human would pay unless sane human was was making the swim dock - out of Carrara fucking marble.
- Rachel There is enough carpeting here for the for the goddamn Mall of America.
I mean, the wiring - There's wiring we've never done.
- I know what's on the papers.
- The liquor invoice.
I - I know what's there.
I don't know what the fuck it is that you are doing here, but it sure as hell ain't legal.
Let me explain it.
It's very simple.
You lied to me.
I know I did.
For a good reason.
This whole summer, it's all been camera angles like the photo with the fucking fish.
- Look Rachel.
- None of this is real.
Everything is working just fine.
- This can all be explained.
- I need you to leave my property.
I can't leave.
I'm not leaving.
I have a target I need to hit.
I need you to go now.
I have a target I need to hit.
I need some more time.
I need until the fall.
Listen to me.
I work for somebody Stop fucking around with the paper.
- Marty, I need you to go now.
- I know.
I heard you.
I work for somebody, and if I don't hit my target, there's gonna be men that are gonna come here, that are gonna kill me.
They're gonna kill my wife and kill my kids.
Well, I can't help you with that.
- You better help me with that.
- No, I cannot.
I'm talking about my life, my family's life.
- I need you to go now! - Listen to me.
Let me explain to you the situation.
- I'll tell you everything.
- I'm gonna call the police.
Trust me, you're not gonna call shit.
You're not gonna tell - Marty, go, now! - Put the fucking phone down! Put the phone down, and let me finish telling you what all of this is about.
I'm talk Put the fucking phone down! [door opens, slams shut.]
[Darlene laughing.]
Boss, there's something you gotta see.
Call Wendy.
[automated voice.]
I'm sorry, Martin, I do not understand.
Fucking piece of shit.
Call Wendy.
Calling Wendy Byrde.
- [tires screech.]
- [phone line ringing.]
[Wendy on voicemail.]
Hi, this is Wendy.
Leave me a message.
[voicemail beeps.]
They put up a cross.
Jesus fuck! They put up a cross.

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