P-Valley (2020) s01e02 Episode Script


1 Last week on P-Valley, y'all Mercedes' last dance.
Took you long enough.
Well, 25 retirement age for a stripper nowadays.
Who gonna take over your Sunday night set? You in a hole that deep for a refinancing loan? I thought you liked a little easy money.
I do.
I'm just wonderin' why all these Mexican niggas here.
What's a girl have to do to work here? You can start tomorrow if you want.
Is this one empt Slow your roll, high yellow.
I ain't gone yet.
Can't believe I even let you hide your booty money in the church building fund.
You sure weren't complainin' when I put that booty money in y'all account so y'all could apply for that loan.
It's Hailey.
That's my name.
Well, I lays motherfuckers out.
That's why they call me Little Murder.
I got somethin' that'll murder you.
Freaks come out at night ♪ The freaks come out at night ♪ The freaks come out at night ♪ The freaks come out at night ♪ Discos don't open till after dark ♪ And it ain't till 12:00 till the party really starts ♪ And I always had to be home by 10:00 ♪ Right before the fun was about to begin ♪ Crowds of people lined up inside and out ♪ Just for one reason, to rock the house ♪ But in the daytime ♪ Mistress told me master's been a very, very bad boy.
She caught me.
She caught me with my hand in the cookie jar.
Ohh How that cookie taste? So good, my hand got lost all up in it.
So you gonna lose a hand or a foot tonight.
Oh, please.
Master Cedes, I need my hands.
Master Cedes knows no mercy.
I said a hand or a foot.
You don't want me to pick.
Shall I pick? The freaks come out at night ♪ I finna pick.
Put it where they won't see.
The freaks come out ♪ The freaks come out at night ♪ Yeah.
Whoa, damn, girl! Let me give you a better view.
Yeah, yeah.
Come on, girl.
I'ma need you to focus.
Yeah, focus.
Let's get weird ♪ Why not get weird? Let's get weird ♪ Welcome to Fantasy Fridays.
I see bitches dressed as pimps and these niggas dressed as hos, but it don't matter as long as you throw that green on the floor! Fuckin' on a scammin' ass, rich-ass nigga ♪ Same group of bitches, ain't no adding to the picture ♪ Drop a couple racks, watch this ass get bigger ♪ Drinkin' on liquor, and I'm lookin' at your nigga ♪ Y'all keep throwin' cash, they keep throwin' ass! Fake-ass shoes match that fake-ass gold ♪ I'm the realest bitch ever to you snake-ass hos ♪ Act up, you can get snatched up ♪ Act up, you can get snatched up ♪ Act up, you can get snatched up ♪ Dirty-ass nails, baby girl, you need to back up ♪ It's Yung Miami and I came to run my sack up ♪ Tired-ass hos on my page tryna track us ♪ Brand-new chain, City Girls goin' platinum ♪ I ain't fightin' with no random, period ♪ You bitches weak, is you serious? ♪ I let him taste the pussy, now he actin' all delirious ♪ Uncle Clifford! Fantasy Friday's lit, as usual.
Mm-hmm well, you know how we do it down here in Pussy Valley.
Ooh, we ain't repressed like them heifers on the hill.
Always a pleasure, Uncle Clifford.
Oh, the pleasure's all mine, Corbin.
Come here.
Bye, Corbin.
Act up, you get snatched up ♪ Act you, you can get snatched up ♪ He bring the whip? - You know he did.
- Mm.
Mo' money, mo' problems.
Yeah, I'd have problems, too, if I was that light and still couldn't pass.
All that yellow wasted.
Girl, if you don't take your colored struck ass on somewhere Mm-hmm.
Hey, baller, ah Ah, ah, skrrr-skrrr! Now, look, I done already let you work a week without gettin' paperwork started, but I'ma need to see ID now.
I prefer to be paid under the table like Maite.
Ooh, bitch, do I look like Wesley Snipes to you? I don't know how she did that shit, but Maite got them papers straight, mm-kay? Rule number 54, we don't do tax evasion.
Everybody work up in here independent contract, even them ones with felonies.
Oh, since when does a brothel need paperwork on its whores? Ooh, nah-nah-nah-nah.
Rule number 67, contrary to Chucalissa belief, ain't no hos in this house.
So Mercedes and Keyshawn just twerk up in the Paradise Room, then, huh? Only girls been here a Mississippi minute know what really go on up in that room right there.
And with no ID, your ass ain't gon' last here another second.
- Uncle Clifford, please - Do what you gotta do, boo.
But if you wanna twerk it up in here tomorrow, I'ma need to see some ID.
Okay, Summer's Eve? Hmm.
Bad bitch, come hop on ♪ We take off, go all night long ♪ Pull up, take your man ♪ Put that shit all in my song ♪ God damn.
Toy, you need to lay off them suicide wings.
No, Maite, you need to get some Money House Blessing air fresheners, 'cause that's the only thing that can deal with Toy's stank.
- Bitch, whatever.
- Fuck you.
Bitch, hold this shit.
One week later, and this bitch still changing in the stalls? Like, what she got to be ashamed about? Well, I ain't gon' have to worry with it after a while, 'cause come few more weeks, and I's gone, bitches! Whoo! Let's go make this money! Hey.
Hey! Settle down now.
I'm gonna send y'all asses back to chewing them checks.
See how your money like that.
Bank these Mexican niggas bringing in ain't gon' be enough, man.
Big L, just calm.
When your boy Duffy stopping by to pick up his Oxy? Next few days, he said.
Interstate from Houston still flooded, so he gotta take the back way.
Well, you a good one for helping him out.
Maybe you throw a extra stack on it.
Half pay for this here.
What'd I tell you about opening my motherfucking mail, Big L? Hell, somebody need to.
It say if we don't pay up in 30 days, they gonna have our asses kissing asphalt.
No, hey, Big L, don't don't you worry about all that.
Shit gonna be handled before they try to kick us out of here.
'Sides, look, we got some extra skrilla rollin' in here tomorrow.
The Pynk Annual Soap Down about to make it rain and sleet up in this bitch.
Ain't enough cars to wash in all of Chucalissa can help us stack all that paper.
All money add up, Big L.
Hell, we done been through worse.
Notice of default now.
Foreclosure next.
This the worstest it done been, Clifford.
Nigga, just count.
I just know a nigga with two charges ain't got nowhere else to go, so please handle that.
For all of us.
Mm, mm, mm.
- Think you pretty slick.
- Ooh! Jesus.
God damn it.
Ain't nobody about to pop no slugs up in you, man.
Lil nigga? How the fuck you get in my car? Don't worry about all that.
You lookin' for some stacks, I ain't got nothing on me.
Nigga, if this the end, let it be that, then.
I slid you beaucoup bank 'cause you said you would play my shit.
Don't try to split my wig 'cause Cedes ain't wanna bop to that slaw.
You gotta make something these bitches wanna twerk to.
I thought you had control over your stable.
On top of that, the skreets say Mercedes your bottom bitch, so what that say about you? That every bitch got a choice in this game.
- Is that right? - Mm-hmm.
I tried to give you a choice, but you ain't want the D.
Probably couldn't take that shit no way.
Quit flodgin'.
Your shit ain't that big.
My shit big But my future bigger.
You got potential, but you ain't ready yet.
You pumpin' out your first thoughts, and I need your 27th.
Nigga, ain't nobody got time to be thinkin' no 27 thoughts.
Well, you better if you want to get these skreets whisperin'.
They whisper enough.
I'm finna take y'all to a place that's real special to my heart.
You ain't never been down here in the dirty, dirty.
Come with me.
Hey, Cedes.
Oh, Mane, I ain't even see you.
Okay, let's go! I heard about your last dance coming up.
Hey, you know I'ma be there to see you.
How the hell you gon' come, Mane? Don't get hemmed up on 5-0 on account of me.
No, got me a fat boy babysitting my ankle bracelet for a squirrel sandwich.
Now, by hook or by crook, I'm gonna be there to see that finale.
I'll believe it when I see it.
Black & Mild, come on, boy.
Come on.
I know you're declining my calls 'cause it's doing that "triple click before it go to voice mail" thing.
Anyhow, where you at? You were supposed to be here two hours ago to drop off your tithe.
Don't make me come up Yes? Time to practice your solo, Patrice.
You mean "Sister Woodbine.
" Mm.
Patrice Woodbine.
About to blow the house down.
Well, you know how I do, Pastor Gilfield.
Sang so pretty, sinners come up off they last penny, come offering times.
Speaking of, I thought you was gonna get another one of your daughter's contributions today.
She just gave her offering.
Bank say they ain't gon' give us that loan lessen we come up with at least a 20% down payment, now.
I could do some extra sick and shut-in visits.
Can you just talk to your daughter? With a voice like yours, you don't need to be doing no offering song.
You need a pulpit.
I think I might just have to try you out on that pulpit one Sunday service.
That would be nice.
I hope you can see better.
Sorry, ma'am, my computer just froze.
FEMA system know it keep on crashin'.
Ooh, there it go.
That name again? Lakeisha Savage.
Uh, no record of anyone by that name having been identified yet.
What about Salita Parson? I'm sorry.
Her body was identified.
She's been officially listed as deceased.
One more.
Um Montavious Hill.
Uh, FEMA doesn't have anyone on record with that name having been identified yet either.
That's good, right? Means there's hope he's still out there.
- Thanks.
- Can I help you with Pick some! Excuse me? Most folks visiting always want to take some home.
Instead of taking that picture, you should go on ahead and pick some.
Make a better souvenir.
I'm good.
Look, I know we're waitin', but, uh why don't we go ahead and get started? Just be needin' your John Hancocks.
- You want our what? - Signature, you douche.
Why didn't he just say that, then? Wayne, sign here.
Wyatt, sign here.
That it? That's it.
What? Corbin just text, say he ain't coming.
Don't tell me he's still on that leasing bullshit.
Hell if I know.
It don't matter anyhow.
Lawyer said all he needed was our signatures to transfer the deed to the casino.
Actually, Promised Land can't start until we have the signatory of all owners, and according to the will filed by the county clerk, well The brother from another mother strikes again.
- Ain't this some shit? - Now, Wyatt, hold that horse now.
No way! He got He got the nerve to look a $6 million gift horse in the mouth? I swear, his brain's just as scrambled Hey, i-if you want I can talk to him.
Impress upon him how advantageous this bid is.
Between me and you, the Kyle family is the only family getting this price per acreage.
This'll be a historical sale for Nonconnah County.
And a historical commission for the man who seals the deal, huh? I'm just sayin'.
He might benefit from a more objective view.
I could answer any lingering questions, talk him through it.
Somebody better.
'Cause he don't want me to.
Watkins, yeah, I think we'll take you up on that kind offer of yorn.
Well, if he's not in the house, presumably, where am I to find him? Tonight? He'll be right over there, blowing Daddy's hard-earned money on pussy and Jameson.
Uh, I don't know how I'ma drop it like it's hot on this asphalt, Miss Cedes.
You could fry a roly-poly on this sucka.
Like, are we really gon' be practicing in this parking lot? Hush it.
Coach Cedes got the sparkling can.
Y'all right, it's too doggone hot out here, so let me get to it, then.
I brought y'all out here so I could be the first one to tell y'all.
This time next week, y'all gon' be practicing inside this new building right here, the new home of the Chucalissa Challengers.
This gon' be our gym? Miss Mercedes, like, for real, for real? Yep, yep.
Now, make sure y'all get y'all uniform orders in by the end of the next week, so we can get - Shake that booty! - Whoo! - Bounce that booty! - Hey.
- Come give me that booty! - Get your ass from back round here! Get back in line.
Gym couldn't come fast enough.
This your girl M-I, crooked-letter, crooked-letter, I, crooked-letter, crooked letter, I, humpback, humpback, I, ay! Beatin' up the Gram for the Pynk Annual Soap Down.
We doin' it all.
Detailin', oil changes, ha! Pulled-pork sandwiches.
The electric slide.
All proceeds go to a bitch pockets.
Holla! East side, east side ♪ Hey, Trinity, y'all better come over here and help wash these hoopties, now.
Holla! We take cash, EBT, mm, Bitcoins, too.
That made my filling hurt.
Whoo! Heyo.
Ha ha! See that? Don't come for me unless I send for you.
- Ah, we'll see.
We'll see.
- Mm-hmm.
Say you gettin' money, man, we ain't seen nothin' ♪ What trap guy wants his Escalade detailed? It don't matter, long as he dropping 50 bones.
Hell, yeah, and I keep a bad bitch around ♪ It is on and poppin' out here.
This nigga got some nerve.
- Mm-mm.
- Don't do it.
I'ma play the game how it goes ♪ And I don't need to steal for the work ♪ I can outlaw hurt ♪ I am not cheap dirt ♪ Mm.
You the new mayor secretary? Mm? How you take dic tation, you know, with them nails? - Forget you, Clifford.
- Come on, now.
Let's get these pictures.
Throw 'em up.
Throw that shit up.
Now, y'all make sure to hashtag us, now.
Soap down.
Hey, now.
Come on, Clifford, come over here, take a real picture.
Now, you can't take a real picture standing all the way over there.
- Come on, now.
- I ain't vote for you.
Your customers sure did.
That's 'cause I wasn't runnin'.
Don't you know? I'm the mayor of Pussy Valley.
Yeah, well, you may be the mayor of Pussy Valley, but you are not the mayor of Chucalissa.
True that.
True that, but your voters like titties with they tequila.
So why you wanna come and make things hard on us small-business owners is just beyond me.
Well, if you want to sell sell all that hard liquor, all you gotta do is get your girls to cover up.
What kind of titty bar ain't got no motherfuckin' titties, Tydell Ruffin? Hey, the kind that's gonna get itself closed if it don't follow my laws.
Hey, now.
Hey, man.
Now, if I want to, I could call the sheriff and just have him come down here and shut this car wash down on account of that little new nuisance law, and you really don't want to deal with that fine on top of the noise violation and the sanitation citation, and you know that little thing you got going on Mm-mm, mm-mm.
- Mm-kay? - Mm-kay.
Let's not call the law and just shut the whole thing down then.
Right, yeah, that's all I'm saying.
Besides, you still need to get your Escalade detailed.
- Yeah, we gon' do that.
- Mm-hmm.
All right.
Mercedes, Autumn.
I want this Escalade so clean, I'd fuck it.
I need X, I need Os ♪ I need bikes for the shows ♪ Girl, come on.
On his knees to propose ♪ 'Cause he trip when I tip ♪ When I tip on my toes ♪ Gotta grip when I grip ♪ I just snatch ♪ Hand me some of that Mr.
These niggas lucky I likes to do a good job.
Help! Somebody help me! I couldn't get out! What's wrong with you? - What's wrong? - I couldn't get out.
It's okay.
Shh, shh, shh.
Shh, shh, shh.
Catch your breath.
Somebody get this girl some water to drink.
I don't need any fucking water! Mercedes locked me inside! Bitch, no, I ain't.
I ain't did nothing.
Yes, you did! You locked the door! Shh, shh, shh.
- Hey, hey.
Hey, hey.
- The door was on child lock.
That shit best be free.
Hear me? Mm-hmm.
Mercedes, take this child on home for the night.
- I'm all right.
- No.
Cedes'll take you home.
She'll take you home.
Take you home.
Come on.
Come on.
You want me to come up? I said I was fine.
I'm just trying to extend some Southern hospitality.
Gotta walk a bitch all the way to her door.
I'm fine.
You ain't gon' offer a bitch a glass of red drink or something? I don't do Kool-Aid.
I guess you don't do curtains neither.
This bitch stay perpetrating it like she some kind of slave queen.
Bitch bad news like newspapers on her windows.
She better get her some Venetians.
You all hear that? I done told your ass I need them coins for my wedding, man! What? Nigga, who gon' marry you? My mama said every pot has its own damn lid.
My lid is my lady Lalidia.
You check your ass, then, on to Lalidia, then, 'cause don't nobody need you, 'cause your hot wings giving everybody gas, anyway.
And look, you better give me back them - Clifford! - Give me them.
And I'm coming back for my damn lids.
- You all right? - Nigga got the nerve to quit on me mid-shift 'cause I ain't give his monkey ass a raise hell, I can't.
Don't worry about him.
'Cause the trinity gonna take care of everybody hunger tonight.
- Ah! - Uh-huh.
And what about the next night and the night after that? Hmm? You over here.
You jumping ship, Cap'n.
Soon I'm gonna be the only one that's just left here in this stinking sinking ship all by myself.
It's just Hey.
Rule 24.
No crying at The Pynk.
Now, look at the OG knowin' all the penal code and shit.
She right, though.
She right.
Come on.
Let's just go make this money.
Yeah? All right.
All right, bitches, let's go, let's go.
Whoo! Come on, Cedes.
I get high, I get high ♪ I get high, I get high, I get high ♪ Why you so damn heavy-handed? That's my grandmama recipe.
Is that why she dead? If you paid the damn cook, you wouldn't have to worry about how I fry my chicken, man.
Hey, yo, that baby shower table is still waitin' on that lemon pepper wing.
Nigga, cook.
Hey, yo, Cliff, come listen to this.
Nigga, is you stalking me? Yeah, shorty, listen to this here.
New song, huh? This ish sound like most slaw.
Oh, man, you stay flodgin'.
What the boss is better, but that production, mm-mm.
Where the kick at? You know, the boom, g-gat, g-gat.
You need to holler at DJ Neva Scared.
He get more bump in his bathroom.
Oh, nigga, you is breaking my heart.
You need to learn how to take criticism if you want to be on top.
- Like you? - What? You ain't know? I got the best shake junt round these here parts.
Nigga, you the only, and you still struggling.
Who been saying that? You ain't got no hookah.
There's no money gun.
Your motherfuckin' wings give everybody gas.
My nigga say one of your girls farted on his lap last night.
Oh, damn it, Toy.
So what else you don't like about my fine establishment, ASAP Nobody? Oh, so you want nobody opinion now.
Well, the wings need to be pan-seared lock in the flavor and then bake 'em in cannabis butter, get these niggas out here lit.
Make 'em throw them stacks, hmm? Man, this big-belly bitch out here about to riot over her wings, now.
Learn me somethin', then, young un.
Uh, no, I Think about it, Corbin.
The Kyle family will be the only family in all of Nonconnah County to net north of 6 million for the sale of y'all's land.
You want a lap dance next? Uh no.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Aw, what's a little business without pleasure? Business.
Look at Mr.
Gettin' all hankty on me.
Hey, can you excuse us for a minute, sugar? It's important that you understand all the particulars.
Particulars or not, I ain't signing.
Now, you show me a deal to lease our land, well, that'll get my attention.
Gin and tonic.
Pop quiz, shark.
Which fish out here workin' these rough waters tonight? Armani suit sittin' with the regular.
Hey, that a girl.
Give this one some water.
To drink.
I can't believe I do this shit sober.
Yo, let me get a hit of that Aquafina.
I need to go pump.
My titties about to explode.
When is you getting your titties back? Well, I kind of, like, like breast-feeding.
Keeps 'em out of Derrick's mouth, so, hey.
Why you up here nursing these drinks? Y'all better go chase them stacks over there.
See, LaTiffany, that's why you ain't no stripper.
You always be ridin' the wrong lap.
That geeky-ass nigga ain't spending no paper.
Mercedes, like, how you be knowin' this stuff? One man in the club, looking to spend money.
Two men in the club, lookin' to make money.
Let the men focus on they business.
Do you know how much we could get, leasing versus selling? But y'all promised us the land.
I ain't promise nothing.
Hey, Andre.
You want a dance? Well, shit.
I thought you said you ain't been here before.
- I haven't.
- Well, how she know your name, then? Well, that'll be our little secret.
Hey, baby.
What your name is? Uh, Mercedes, you late to the party.
This one here already know our friend name.
Is that right? Well, you look like a Andre.
Did you tell her my No, I'm just clairvoyant up in this bitch.
If I know your name, best believe I know what you gonna like.
Follow me to VIP, and we can get it poppin', boo.
Bottles too.
What you sippin' on tonight? Brown liquor? Or white? Uh I'll try the white liquor tonight.
Some niggas can't handle them a Melanin Monroe.
Hey, where that cash at? ♪ I stack it like Tetris ♪ Real gutta bitch ♪ Real plugs and connections ♪ First I make him eat it till he lockjaw ♪ Give it to 'em good ♪ Knock a nigga's socks off, uh ♪ I run it up, they busy running they mouth ♪ I'm a real-ass, rich-ass bitch from the South ♪ Look like rookie know how to draw blood from a turnip.
I got big rocks jumpin' out my brand-new Patek watch ♪ Ice, ice, baby, uh-huh ♪ I got a whole lot ♪ Nigga, you's a nobody ♪ You ain't got no bodies ♪ These niggas, they know 'bout it ♪ These niggas know 'bout me ♪ Step up on the scene ♪ Something in these wings.
Everything all slow-motion, like.
All the asses just move in slow-mo up in here.
I saw how you looked at me when you first sit down.
You weren't what I was expecting.
Wayne and Wyatt, they're sons of the missus.
I'm the son of the maid, but this bastard about to make a few million.
That's more than most folks in Chucalissa make in two lifetimes.
Yeah, true that.
But I ain't interested in making a little one-off, one million, 'cause that's what it be after taxes.
I'm interested in making 10 million, and if we actually lease our land to the casino, that's what we could make over the long haul.
I'm just here to facilitate a sale, not negotiate a lease.
Man, I know them casino folks might not be too happy with Corbin Kyle holding up the gravy train, but what if I made leasing worth your while, Andre? What you talking 'bout? You ever knew you deserve more than what the world is willing to give you, Andre? I'm familiar with the feeling.
Well, all my life they never claimed me as a Kyle.
I had the name, but I never got the benefits.
That is, until our daddy died.
They say I was lucky to get on this ship.
But, hell, they always say that.
They about right, though.
But me and you both know they owe us.
At least I know they owe me, and I'm gonna keep this pipeline flowing for me and for a brother.
We're not brothers.
Hey, man, we some kinfolk.
All skinfolk ain't kinfolk.
Well blood ain't thicker than water round these here parts, but I can make it rain for a friend.
You introduce me to the right folk, you get me that lease for the Kyle farms, well, let's just say I'd be very grateful.
I'm not for sale.
Man, that ain't a bribe.
That's reparations.
White folks call it a kickback.
- All right, man.
- Hey.
Mayor Ruffin's done more for less.
Hey, think on it.
Hey, new girl.
You a regular lap-dancing sassy.
What's your name? Autumn.
Autumn Night.
Autumn Night.
You know what to do up in the champagne room? 'Cause I'm gonna need you to take my partner on up in there.
Oh, no, that that won't be necessary.
Man, ain't nothin' necessary till it is.
You, uh, take good care of him for me, now, will you? Ride's on me.
'Cause I don't gotta ask my niggas ♪ You know they gon' slide ♪ I just put some ♪ Motherfuckin' Forgis on my ride ♪ I just put some motherfuckin' diamonds ♪ I followed every rule you done told me.
Never broke one.
Live by the first one.
Let that stage be your stepping stone Not your tombstone.
And number two.
Always know where the exit's at up in this bitch, 'cause you never know when you got to turn a window to a door.
So when you gon' tell 'em? That you in trouble? Bitch, take your third eye on somewhere.
I'ma be a'ight.
How much you need? I don't need nothing from you.
I need you to go on and go about your business.
Bitch how much you need? You got 55 stacks? How you gon' get yourself out of this one, Uncle Clifford? By learning to follow my own damn rules.
I put my hands up on your hip ♪ And when I dip, you dip, we dip ♪ Boy, this pussy got that wet, wet ♪ Got that drip, that drip, that drip ♪ I fuck your hair up and tomorrow ♪ Give you something for your beautician ♪ See, tonight is gon' get crazy ♪ 'Cause that Henny I've been sipping ♪ And you dance up in the mirror ♪ I hope that you like that on the dick ♪ Baby, I'ma get on top, and I'ma ride it to the tip ♪ I put my lips up on the ones that's by your neck ♪ And on your hips ♪ Ooh, it taste like Aquafina ♪ Baby, go on and take a sip ♪ Hey, I got that splash ♪ I got that drip, baby, I got that water ♪ Sit down.
On the couch.
No, no, no.
Over there.
I can't touch you when I'm so far away.
I don't need to be touched right now.
Too good for a lap dance and too good for a kickback.
You heard that, huh? Couldn't help but overhear.
He's chatty, that one.
Well, I'm certainly not too good for a lap dance.
A kickback that's another story.
Well, I'm glad to know you got such low standards for your lap and not your bank account.
How have you been, Hailey? I'm beginning to regret I told you that.
Well, let's start over, pretend we never met.
I put my hands up on your hip ♪ And when I dip, you dip, we dip ♪ Boy, this pussy got that wet, wet ♪ Did it hurt? That drip, that drip ♪ I fuck your hair up ♪ And tomorrow give you ♪ Something for your beautician ♪ No.
I didn't feel a thing.
Mine hurt.
I hope that you like that on the dick ♪ Baby, I'ma get on top ♪ And I'ma ride it to the tip ♪ I put my lips up on the ones ♪ That's on your neck and on your hips ♪ Ooh, it taste like Aquafina, baby ♪ Stings sometimes, even still today.
What happened? I was born with my heart outside my chest.
Shut the front door.
No, true story.
Why you make it so complicated? ♪ I wanna know what that feels like.
Have your heart beatin' outside your chest like that.
No different from having a child, I reckon.
Time's up, Andre.
I know it isn't any of my business, but if you do end up taking that cut, make sure you protect yourself.
Protect myself? You can run your money through a shell company.
That way, your identity's protected.
Incorporate in Delaware They got the best double shell protections in the country.
Just so you know.
Thanks for the advice.
I know you won't leave me hanging ♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪ Hey.
We smoke, we smoke ♪ If you ever need anything There's more where that came from ♪ That's all I'm saying ♪ It's me and you, and we makin' arrangements ♪ Me and you, me and you, me and you ♪ It's you and me, and we makin' arrangements ♪ You and me, you and me, you and me ♪ - Right.
- Yeah.
I got you vibing this weekend ♪ And don't forget.
VIP got raised to 15% cut.
Don't try to run me, heifers.
I am burning ♪ I bet y'all gon' miss this A1 booty bringin' in all this bank, though! All this Oh, and 150 off of this.
So you mean to tell me this geeky-ass nigga gave you a whole G.
I guess he wasn't just interested in business, per your observation.
Well, the type of pleasure you slangin' out bad for our business.
Givin' these niggas a taste ruins the fantasy.
You're one to talk.
Bitch, I ain't never had to lower my morals never one time for none of these niggas.
Hey, you better cool all that nastiness down now.
- Come on, now.
Come on.
- Trick.
Hooch on.
Go on, catch y'all share rides.
You just be tryin' to make these bitches feel bad.
My money on Mercedes.
You ain't got no goddamn money.
Bring your ass on.
Come on.
Next time cheat me.
Don't do all that in front of these heifers.
I won't do it again.
Don't you owe me somethin'? You don't look like no Lakeisha Savage.
- Well, that's my name.
- Okay, Scorpio.
Your birthday right around the corner.
What kind of cake you like? Um chocolate.
- You's a liar.
- I do like chocolate.
But ain't no Scorpios born in May.
This ain't you.
You lyin' 'bout this.
You're tryin' to lie about how you got that money, too.
All I did was talk.
For $1,000? That regular was tryin' to bribe this lawyer for a better deal for that casino that's coming.
The Andre dude got all offended, turned the money down, passed it on to me.
Just a lucky night, I guess.
There's a casino coming to Chucalissa? You don't know.
I know, I just ain't know that it was happening right now and and Corbin was, uh - Is.
- Selling Leasin'? Heifer, just tell me what you know.
No, it ain't any of your business like it ain't any of mine.
Oh, slow your roll, 24 Savage.
Now, that boy he was sitting with he ain't take that bribe.
Why? Ask him yourself.
Andre Watkins, Esquire.
I don't need to talk to him not when I got somebody else it seem he like talking to.
Now, I'ma need you to use them lips.
And I'll leave it up to you to decide which set you gon' use.
You are not my pimp.
Oh, but I am your employer with a fake-ass ID in my hand.
Now, unless you don't want me to call the sheriff and let him know about the little fraud game you probably running, I suggest you do as I say.
You right.
You did get lucky tonight.
'Cause you surely ain't gon' stack a G in one night slangin' burgers or manning the layaway over at Marshall's.
And this little DIY haircut you done gave yourself is proof enough you need this job.
You don't know what the fuck I need.
I know you need to give me some motherfuckin' answers.
Now, I'ma hold on to this.
And you bring me back some tea.
Uncle Clifford's ears is awful, awful thirsty.
Now, why you ain't reply to my texts? You were supposed to meet me at the church to pass off the tithes.
I've been calling you all day.
I'ma need those 20 stacks I let y'all hold come end of the week.
What you mean by that? I ain't stutter.
You said you wanted to let me stash it there until the bank approved y'all little loan.
I did that.
I upheld my part of the bargain.
Did they approve it? We still waitin' on it.
Well, I can only wait till next week, so So you finally want your little coins back, huh? Yeah.
You gon' get my change back.
All 20 stacks.
When you gonna put them shelves up, Andre? Yeah, I'ma put the shelves up when I get back, ba Babe, hold on a second.
Hello? May I speak to Mr.
Andre Watkins? This is he.
Who is this? Hailey.
Hold on.
Babe, I have to call you back.
I've been playing phone tag with Bill down in Bora Bora for a minute now, and he finally done caught up with me, so - Oh, he did? - Yeah.
- He keeping his promise? - Yeah.
Y'all almost done, right? - Yep.
- Okay.
Well, let me get off this phone so you can take care - of this business.
- Good night, babe.
Bye, babe.
Well, this is, uh unexpected.
You don't mind me calling you this late, do you? I don't sleep, so Neither do I.
What, you don't like to dream? Hmm, I don't like to have nightmares.
I hear that.
Did that really happen to you when you were a kid? Somethin' must've been in them wings.
I'm a little ashamed I said that, but, uh yeah.
That's me.
You all right? Mm Where your hands, Andre? Uh where are yours? I think you know where.
Hey, yo, let me hit you on FaceTime.
Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
- I want you to use your imagination.
- I want to see you.
Oh, but I bet you got a big imagination.
And I want you to use it on me.
Yo, don't bust yet.
I'm waiting for you to get on up inside Are you there yet? Yeah.
Oh, I'ma need you to go slow, Andre.
Is that how you like it? That's how most girls like it when they want it to last all night.
I ain't got all night.
You're gonna make me cum.
Oh, stop.
I'ma need you to go slower than that.
How does it feel? Good.
How do I taste? Yes.
I'ma need you to go faster now, Andre.
Almost there Almost.
Almost there Fuck, yeah.
Hailey Mm.
My, my.
Oh, boy.
Ooh! This little nigga? I ain't that old.

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