Pacific Rim: The Black (2021) s02e05 Episode Script

Mind, Body, Soul

1 [instrumental theme music playing.]
[Brina grunting.]
[heartbeat thumping.]
[Hayley gasps.]
[Brina groaning.]
Mom? Mom, it's okay.
You're safe.
What what Where You're with us, with your family.
[birds twittering.]
[Brina sighs.]
I'm so tired.
I can barely hold her back.
Who, Mom? Hold who back? The High Priestess.
She's not here.
Don't worry.
She is.
She's trying to break through.
But I I'm pushing against the door.
I I have to, or she'll see what I see.
Know what I know.
Do the best you can, Mom.
Oh, Hayley, look at you.
The strength I see in my little wildflower makes me so proud.
I get it from you.
[footsteps approaching.]
Mom? [Brina.]
What you must have gone through.
The sacrifices.
Mom, it's it's okay.
None of that matters.
We're restoring our family.
That's what's important.
We want to find Dad.
Can you tell us what happened to him? I don't know.
The Sisters, they kill the men.
I had to make sure they found only me.
But where did you see him last? - Mom? - Taylor, let her rest.
Dad was hurt.
We saw it on their Mayday message.
- Did he even make it out of Clayton? - He made it.
I'm sure he did.
He probably got to Sydney, but couldn't send a rescue team.
- We have no reason to believe that.
- We have no reason not to.
What? [chuckles softly.]
You sound like me.
You mean like you used to? You have no hope left, or you wouldn't have handed Boy over to those witches.
- It's not that simple.
- I'll help you understand.
You took away someone I loved.
You broke my heart.
And now, I don't trust you.
What I did was give up one of us to save all three.
Let's hope you never have to make that kind of decision.
I would have fought them.
I did what's best for us.
It's okay if you hate me for it.
[footsteps receding.]
[bird shrieks in distance.]
If I had any debt still owed to Shane, I just paid it.
Spyder, only dogs stay by their dead masters.
You're free of him.
Lots of people survived in The Black who wouldn't have without him.
You included.
I don't know if that's true.
Shane always said it took a certain breed of hard-ass to stay alive out here.
He fostered that in everyone who came into Bogan.
I didn't come into Bogan.
I was brought there.
And I certainly didn't ask for any lessons in hard-assery.
You didn't need any lessons in that, Mei.
You had raw talent.
Shane just gave you skills.
And people like me who aren't of that breed, he watched out for.
Do you have some place to go? [engine revving.]
Far from here.
Forget those kids, Mei.
You helped them get their mom back.
That's enough.
Now you've got your own family to find.
I'll help you.
Just hop on.
[engine revving.]
Surprised you're not outta here too.
Why is that? You don't usually pass up a chance to cut us loose.
It's about survival.
I stand a better chance with this Jaeger.
You don't believe that.
I do, now that you got some leverage back.
Leverage? The Sisters won't come at us if they care about her at all.
She's our ticket out.
They're gonna leave us alone anyway.
We made a trade.
Boy for our mother.
And in the bargain, Atlas won't tear up half their territory.
First Shane, now the Sisters.
I'm tired of people taking from us.
Hell yes, let's tear up half their territory! Boy is not theirs, and we are not leaving here without him! [sighs.]
[ominous music playing.]
[Sisters whispering.]
That we may be worthy.
That we may attend.
That we may serve with blood and be reborn in Ichor.
[High Priestess.]
Conceived by the gods, born of the earth, and now purified by the Sisterhood, our Messiah will rise anew to lead all Kaiju in triumph! [Sisters.]
So shall it be.
So shall it be.
So shall it be.
So shall it be.
[metallic roaring.]
Rickter? Rickter! [screeching.]
The hell? [screeching in distance.]
That thing's known as Apex.
And trust me, we don't want any part of it.
[metallic growling.]
It's seen us.
- Do not fire! - What are we waiting for? For it to leave us alone.
- Good.
It's on the move again.
- [gun fires.]
No! [exploding.]
You bloody drongo! Fire all weapons! [bullets ricocheting.]
[metal creaking.]
Stand down! Piss off! It's getting away! [gun fires.]
Just 'cause Shane's gone doesn't mean no one's in charge.
[Brina gasping, panting.]
Mom! You're safe.
We're here.
We have you.
We must leave.
Good advice.
Mom, we will.
With you and with Boy.
Hayley No, it's too late for the child.
They've started his transfusion.
What does that mean? Before he can rise as the Messiah, his mind and body must be cleansed.
Of you.
- [Hayley.]
We have to stop them! - We are not risking it.
No, no, no, no, no.
We cannot abandon him like Hayley, that is not fair.
You believe we shouldn't have left you in Shadow Basin.
I know that.
And I'm sorry.
We would have been stronger together, as a family.
Protecting you both was all that mattered to your father and me.
And that meant not keeping you with us.
We had to search for help, to be the ones to take the risk.
Mom, we know.
There was no one else.
It had to be you and Dad.
But knowing that didn't always help.
No, it didn't.
You said protecting us is all that mattered.
This is our family now.
You, me, Taylor, Boy, and Mei.
You're right.
You had to build a new family.
And you shouldn't have to leave any of them behind.
Really? Us four up against that whole sisterhood of cutthroats? We're running out of time.
If the High Priestess finishes the transfusion, there will be nothing of the child left to save.
We're in.
Aren't we? [sighs.]
[Ripper snarling.]
[gun clicking.]
- What is going on with you? - Nothing.
I'm fine.
As twisted as we thought those ladies were, they're worse.
They're paving the ground with human skulls.
Why would they do that? The path tread upon daily by the Sisters represents the fall of humanity.
And the dominance of our Their cause.
This is a mistake.
We shouldn't be here.
We shouldn't.
Mei, you take out Kaiju on a weekly basis, and you're letting monster nuns scare you? I've seen their raids.
What they do to men, the women.
People I knew are in that path.
- Mom? - Just keeping that door closed.
We'd better take care of this fast.
We will.
[Ripper growling.]
She's going back in.
How do we get past the Ripper? It knows me.
- I'll lure it inside and lock it up.
- We'll follow you.
The High Priestess will sense your presence.
This won't take me long.
[grunting, growling.]
In there.
- Damn it! Where is she? - Maybe she's in trouble.
- [shuddering.]
- [Taylor.]
We'd better get in there.
So shall it be.
Your will is our bidding.
Your carnage, our rite.
Your scions, our destiny.
So shall it be.
Chosen, our wait has ceased.
Come to us.
Lead us.
Rend, destroy, devour.
So shall it be.
Your will is our bidding.
Your carnage, our rite.
Your scions, our destiny.
So shall it be.
Chosen, our wait has ceased.
Come to us.
Lead us.
Rend, destroy, devour.
So shall it be.
For the glory of the beast.
In the service of the gods.
By the power of the Kaiju.
So shall it be.
[High Priestess.]
Open the door.
Let me in.
[Brina groans, sighs.]
- [indistinct whispering.]
- [eerie music playing.]
[High Priestess.]
Welcome back, Sister Brina.
My Priestess.
Hostiles are attempting to enter the temple.
[High Priestess.]
 Yes, I see.
I see it all.
[High Priestess.]
You have invited disorder into our family, Sister Brina.
It is you who must end it.
At once, High Priestess.
So shall it be.
Chosen, our wait has ceased.
Come to us.
Lead us.
Rend, destroy, devour.
So shall it be.
[Hayley gasps.]
- [Taylor.]
Hayley? - Hmm? - Get in the water.
- We lost her, Hayley.
Mom, fight back.
You are stronger than the High Priestess knows.
In the water.
[whimpering nervously.]
So shall it be.
Your will is our bidding.
Your carnage, our rite.
Your scions, our destiny.
So shall it be.
Chosen, our wait has ceased.
Come to us.
Lead us.
Rend, destroy, devour.
- [Boy gasps.]
- So shall it be.
[High Priestess.]
Sister Brina has failed in stopping the hostiles.
Find the Messiah! Kill his abductor.
- [Taylor screams, groans.]
- [Hayley.]
Mom, please! [Brina exclaiming fearfully.]
[gasping, sobbing.]
Mom, I'm all right.
I knew we hadn't lost you.
- [Mei.]
I got him! - [gasps.]
Time to get out of here! - [Taylor.]
Let's go! - [Hayley grunts.]
Get back to Atlas.
I'll stop the Rippers.
- What? No! - You're coming with us! Go! I'll be right behind you! - Two minutes, and I'm coming back for you.
- No.
We can't let her do this.
Hayley, come on! [Ripper snarling.]
- [chomps.]
- [grunts.]
[Brina grunts.]
[groans loudly.]
[groans, pants.]
- [gasps.]
- [growling.]
Make your move.
- [growling.]
- [grunts.]
- [grunting.]
- [screeches.]
- Mom! - She's hurt! [huffing.]
I'm fine.
Just help me up.
[Brina groans.]
There you go.
Mom, did we get him in time? I don't know.
It's okay.
You're okay.
Just rest.
Loa, any Kaiju coming at us? [Loa.]
Nothing? Why isn't she sending everything she's got at us? She will.
And that will include this child.
She believes he has been turned, and our true retribution will come upon his awakening.
[dramatic music playing.]
[instrumental theme music playing.]

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