Pacific Rim: The Black (2021) s02e07 Episode Script

Final Approach

1 Scout to Atlas.
Still tracking that Kaiju behind us.
Looks like it's gaining.
We outran one and beat another one down.
We got this.
Those were Category IIs.
This one's a Cat III, and it'll be tapping you on the shoulder in ten minutes.
Thanks, Mei.
Loa, any place for us to hide within ten minutes of here? Mountains or canyons.
Might I suggest doubling your pace? I'd laugh, but I know you're not joking.
I'm afraid you're getting our top speed, Loa.
We are in no condition to take on a Kaiju.
You do know that? Like we have a choice.
Oh, hey, here's an update.
The Kaiju just vanished off the scope.
I guess it retreated.
There's nothing else showing up, so we're clear to keep moving.
Or clear to take a break.
Boy, we're stopping to rest.
I'll come up and see you.
Aw, don't be worried.
It's all gonna be fine.
You will shrink back down, just like you did last time.
And if for some reason you don't, I love you either way.
You know, Loa, I keep trying to imagine that moment when I first see Sydney in the distance.
But I can't really picture it.
You had visited Sydney Base during your cadet orientation.
Yeah, I remember how it looks.
What I guess I'm saying is it doesn't feel like a real city.
Sydney existed five years ago.
Therefore, it is likely That's not what I mean either.
Sydney has been this place of peace, of safety.
A goal that's been out of reach for so long that it's kind of a myth.
I just can't see myself actually, finally, getting there.
You will get there.
I will ensure it.
Be careful, Loa.
Our hope is rubbing off on ya.
Well, I am overdue for maintenance.
Atlas, come in! The Kaiju's back! Right behind you.
It was underground! I know you wanna help, but stay back.
We got this.
Loa, Saber Chain.
Ground tremors.
Another Kaiju now emerging.
That is gonna come in handy.
I guess he is worth keeping around.
Anyway, scanner's clear.
But I'm sure we've got more on the way.
Break's over.
Look who wants to race.
He should be disqualified.
Kaiju blood is a known performance enhancer.
You know, between what the Sisters took away from him and what Apex gave back, the monster he has inside really seems to be muzzled.
You've been right about him all along, Hayley.
He wasn't gone.
Just lost.
I couldn't see it.
Thanks, Taylor.
Whoever made him, whatever the plans were for him, you changed it all.
You made the difference.
We all did.
And now I just hope his outside changes before we get to Sydney.
Looks like we're picking up some more.
A couple dozen, including smaller ones close behind.
- Probably Rippers.
- Got it.
With the child now working against us, bringing him home will prove more difficult.
Summon the Breacher.
I'm almost to the mountain pass.
You better catch up.
A Category VI is on an intercept course 30 minutes out.
Wicked Witch is bringing it.
Category VI? How big is that? Too big.
Even with Boy's help.
Loa, how far to Sydney Base? With our current speed, arrival will be in one hour.
It'll catch us by then.
Taylor, what'll we do? We need a plan.
Get Marshal Rask down here now.
Loa? Show us what Boy's looking at.
That dust cloud.
Probably kicked up by the Category VI.
Continue the run cycle through the mountain pass.
Sydney Base likely patrol the territory beyond.
- Loccent? - Sir.
An unidentified Jaeger and a Category II Kaiju.
They're about to emerge from the Sisters' territory.
What are those crazy crones up to now? - Dispatch the sentries.
- Yes, sir.
Six Jaegers on approach.
Looks like Sydney sent us a welcoming party.
Yes! Sydney Base is now in view.
You no longer have to imagine how it looks, Taylor.
Thank you, Loa.
You want the honors? Sydney Base.
This is Atlas Destroyer.
The Kaiju you see with us is not hostile.
Sydney Base, do you read? Come in, Sydney Base.
Our response, Marshal? Stand by.
Atlas Destroyer should have been detonated after the fall.
It was, sir.
This could be a ruse.
Scan for any other Kaiju activity.
Category VI on approach, leading a hoard of approximately two dozen.
Missiles incoming! Boy! Boy, no, no, no! Please, no! Proximity alert! Warning! Sydney Base, we are friendlies! Rangers Ford and Brina Travis are our parents.
We are fleeing the Sisters' territory.
Cease fire.
Warning! Chest rupture.
Massive system errors.
Hull pressure at catastrophic levels.
Loa, Saber Chain! You're braver than I thought, Mei.
After your many narrow escapes from our embrace, you still insist on crossing my path.
Only because you keep taking what doesn't belong to you.
That stops now.
I saw you abandon your fellow Riders during one of our Bogan raids.
You left them to die.
Well, the men anyway.
The women are still with us.
I I'm not that person anymore.
Yes, you are.
Leave the child to me, Mei.
This is not your fight.
It's theirs.
And they're losing it.
Boy? Atlas to Sydney Base, we need assistance! Atlas to Sydney Base! Communications are down.
They cannot hear us.
We we have to get up.
We have to get to the base.
Messiah, fear not.
Your disciples have liberated you once again.
Such crimes against the new order dictate the most severe of punishments.
Ending drift.
Loa! What are you doing? We can't give up.
Odds of survival are at 2%.
You said you don't give odds anymore.
But now, action must be taken.
My pilots will survive.
Ejection Protocol? You're not doing this.
Loa? T-minus 60 seconds to detonation.
Hayley, you have been the heart of this journey.
We would not have survived without you.
Loa, no.
Taylor, despite what you believe, through all of this, you have grown.
You have owned your mistakes.
And you have shown great leadership in getting us this far.
That is something a sister, a father, and even a dying mother could be proud of.
I know I am.
No, don't do this.
- No! - Loa! Loa! It has been an honor.
Loa! No! Ten, nine eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two one.
Boy! Boy.
I'm Taylor Travis.
And this is my sister, Hayley, Boy, and Mei.
The number of brave souls making it out of The Black grows fewer and fewer every year.
But from what I've seen, not one of them has worked harder to get here.
We have many questions.
Until then, welcome home.
Thank you, sir.
We wouldn't have made it without all the sacrifice of much braver souls than us.
And that includes our mother.
Sorry to hear that, son, Hayley.
Just know that you're all safe now.
Uh, about our father.
Is he here? - Dad? - Dad! I am so sorry.
I tried.
I tried to come back for you.
The PPDC won't let anyone in there.
It's been so It's okay, Dad.
We're together now.
With some changes to our family.
Papa gave me these when I became a Jaeger pilot.
I was gonna give them to you when you finished training.
I want you to hold on to them for me.
Until we get back.
Marshal? What can you tell me about Boy? We found him wandering the desert alone.
Tests confirmed what he really was.
A Kaiju.
A weapon.
We were still studying him when Meridian fell.
He's not a weapon, Marshal.
Not anymore.
Like everyone else in The Black, he emerged very changed from the way he went in.
Having you two make it out, even though she couldn't, is all your mother wanted.
She can rest now.

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